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tv   [untitled]    January 15, 2013 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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love doesn't walk in south central. concepts of good will be more than thirty yards one of the longest one more than a disability. can always be someone else is ready to kill me because i'm aware of. the gulf be it until one of them make a movie you want to buy me born until you came. run away get out of the water i want to hear it over the past twenty years alone in l.a. county there's been over fifteen thousand game related that. if you had fifteen thousand people killing each other in any other country there would be diplomats there would be mediators that would go to the u.n. . weapon a good album born and raised and i'm
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a guy if. i didn't kill my death a destination show. in the southern portion of the richest city in the richest state in america is a cluster of neighborhoods the streets of new boulevards laid out in a grid between the concrete ribbons of freeway. two miles to the west is a pacific coast highway and the beach is that among. five most of the north pole day i drive in beverly hills. seven miles to the east to corner of hollywood by
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twenty five miles south those orange county and disneyland. surrounded by the california dream this region that's known legs. on its streets there up to the country's most violent outbreak of civil unrest not once twice it's also the home of america's two most infamous african-american gangs crips and bloods is bloody forty year feud has taken five times as many lives as the long running sectarian conflict in northern ireland it was devastating body count continues today. in south los angeles. life wasn't always this one. one two.
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in the one nine hundred fifty s. three friends from south l.a. ron byrd. grew up reaching for their piece of the american dream. the most significant thing was when i went to join the boy scouts good boy scouts of america. my mother takes me up to the scout to be good you're robert plant with the original blue if one thousand nine hundred thirty three to nine hundred eighty three parked in the neighborhood right there so i go up there to join the boy scouts my mother did not the scoutmaster. it was nice but he chose my mother well i don't know what some of the parents might object because it was a white truth. to say be prepared do a good turn daily the scout is is trustworthy loyal hope or friendly code just kind of be careful brave clean and reverent the that's the boy scouts of america bunch
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of races. with names like the business men to gladiators and slawson black teenagers begin forming their own st clement's returns to its. tune i'm neighborhood was situated in an area where we were assigned and designated to smallpox and sixty second to call slots and fox that's where the name comes from a jewish man. to. man to eat. sausage we've all been to what many consider to be a lady's first modern african. but we never called us selfish that was something that the city and the police would describe the scene we were clubs. with drew me to sloths and what's that they mirrored who i was and it made one feel like one had some status and you had an identity and identity
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that you didn't have anywhere else. the sense of family has a sense of acceptance you also have a way to wheel some power because now you've got numbers. in those days we give you a point. because you have to be here because everybody else in town knew but you know with. this occurred how good are those things you say these days why do you say i would be cheering here in atlanta we're back to the studio here to pure sideburns off. before we. just what we call wolf and oh you know i was going to hit this one scene and he does you know you looking for somebody to tell him i'm getting a phone. but it wasn't really about destroying somebody really just a competitive day and you know just competing with.
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just time and produce all the time. my mother. always said you know what did you do just i didn't do anything you know see people including parents could not believe that the man just stopped a lot of. young black men in this society have always been represented as the most threatening figures crossed. they're viewed as being people. will commit crimes. from one hundred fifty to one nine hundred sixty six the los angeles police department was commanded by chief william park.
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she parker ran a police department like a military unit and the people who boarded brought us were black residents that it was far. bigger and. not that hard to get your hand up and so the cops were treating these young black men as though they were enemies as though they were in warfare. i think it was an open secret that one of the tacit duties of the l.a.p.d. was to make sure people were in the right neighborhoods at the right time and alameda boulevard was the white curtain in l.a. you didn't cross alameda for no reason at all east of alameda these away areas linwood south gate you couldn't go there you had cops they didn't want you there and blacks that danes to cross the line were quickly put in place by police officers.
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one time i was walking down the street on seventy seventh and central and the man said hey you. heard that i can't walk you say you and they ran on the curb jumped out the car and say did you hear it's called you a shepherd say you but my name is not you so no get up against a wall in such a soul and it look like i've been robbed. as well out of the rubble and she looks just like you. know. so the idea was to create not only a segregated society but the idea that those of god. if you work in theory and should be treated as such. and after a while you begin to internalize this and you develop a deep seeded self hatred. because you see yourself as having almost no value.
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in a free society i'm walking down a street pole he's got the nerve to ask me where you go where you come you know he'll damn good as well going. i mean i'm danielle gamba is where it came from. where you go. people ask you what are you doing here you go anywhere they ask anybody else what they do and. you stop an ass going to but also in a society where you exist. got to step out of sand and you got the nerve to ask me that all day every day what do you think that does to me psychologically what does it tell me what message there might be and fear every day so you know understand it every day speed me a spoon for the hatred. every day that's my. spoonful of hatred. you see. pan it's just a question of when is this going to erupt and upon whom is it going to erupt i
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will attack myself am i going to tax my brother you understand i want to tax my own image you know i'm going to eventually attack the cause of my anger and my frustration. at seven pm on the sea level one thousand and sixty five in the corners of a hundred sixteenth an awful lot twenty one year old watts resident market fraud was pulled over by the california highway patrol on suspicion of drunk driving a root. traffic stop until police insisted on impounding fries despite being less than two blocks from school. mother. join the rapidly growing crowd with marquette grew increasingly belligerent what they felt was the heavy handed police response l.a.p.d. reinforcements are called in a scuffle broke out and his mother rena and brother ron were all taken into custody
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. the squad cars rolled away in the crowd continue to swell as word of the incident swept through the neighborhood when i woke up one hundred fifty to. quarter from the dark canyons what happened he said. we just got more and more it was a cumulative thing it was one racist two minute. wealthy british.
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market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with. global financial headlines two kinds of reports. more news today. the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. fifty or one thousand watts residents are surging up and down.
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the about one am spike twenty nine arrests and sporadic reports of. the situation was assessed by the l.a.p.d. has been under control the let. go and. there's the morning dawn tense but relatively quiet. at two pm a meeting was called in a neighborhood rec center simply representatives from various community groups elected officials the l.a.p.d. the media. even mean from i think that we must stay off the streets i think the civil rights dr in america have demonstrated that well be that. the cutting through a call for order only the night before was raised by thousands in the street and i would take night if you like not i think this week the
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negro people down here. you should suck it up we know it's real and you can show it you greater than living it show that it doesn't work it doesn't destroy. take that beat. their parents are coming from places where black men are expected to step up the street and say yes to a twelve year old white boy. where black men are lynched with regularity. and so from their perspective los angeles looks wonderful they're certainly aware of the flaws but they recognize it's such an improvement their children very different perspective. we come along and we take you to.
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the. top and can americans again filled the streets. but this time over two hundred people and deputy sheriff talks. so here we are in a crowd at night one of. these in such disarray and with facing cops in the street . and they went to move to. see so when we moved. and so you're looking at one and. and your reading of people and the body language it says is going to build. in a fire from around. this own now. please. please
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let friday morning additional police were called in from all points of l.a. to squash what authorities were now termed a full scale life. led to the call of the right to look. we were don't. see it as guerrilla warfare but the reason that you can't say it is because of the so-called. intelligence of these predators and the. her little clip then what happens is that it becomes a big newspaper story which increases political pressure on the authorities to do something.
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illegal. and then it probably is sixteen thousand national guard. little national guard particulars on a really funny to engage in civilian crowd completely at least. at that point they point to the other which which was the iron fist the aren't. a this these leads to a virtual free fire zone where people could be shot. making. the wrong time at the wrong intersection. the claim by police is that these were looters that were refusing orders to go to. the autopsies clearly show people were shot in the back.
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one has to really question whether or not a human wife is worth all of your piece of gear. that is to say people were being killed for what can retrospect with the most trivial of offense it's. really been undermined anything because we're talking about desperate people we're talking about people who have nothing to see no hope. this is a criminal a los alamos blow with which we're confronted and that the only thing they understand is farce and. that's been the lun taboo. is that black people and other oppressed people in this country are never to use violence to achieve what it is they want. but this country uses violence whenever it chooses and then it legitimizes the
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violence. you say need a mass is my life is of no value how can your property and your society how can a civilization how can any of the more rules or any of the monuments how can any of it be of any value to me. when all it has on the door for me is a rejection of us i'm not on. i'm not allowed to touch not allowed to partake dissipate. all my life i was rejected before i was born and the most reject nothing is open to me. and every time i'm not on a door and get rejected takes a little something out of. the
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fact it took them a ship down from a barbecue trip down in the bay is a testament to the revolutionary spirit. and so there was this sense of we have taken a stand and to be it sent the message out to the world. it. is. the finger of the rebellion represented for us it was the real fix celebrate christmas from sixty five until about seventy one gang activity you know out of all time low because so many young people would join organizations like the student or the panther party. to. this growing black pride movement saw the development of dynamic african american
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organizations committed to instigate change from within. the former street fighters like byrd and ron now thought the power rather than other gangs were going along side groups like the black panthers and civic programs that range from free breakfast to neighborhood restoration to political activists. elite. athlete. this new black power structure quickly found itself in the crosshairs of government agencies like the f.b.i. . according to recently declassified documents f.b.i. director j. edgar hoover botched a covert counterintelligence operation against the black panthers. organization he described as the greatest threat to the internal security of the country.
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a turnaround is squashed goes. from his last an intent to chapter founder alpinist bunchy card and john hugs were gunned down at a u.c.l.a. black student meeting while black panther founders huey newton and bobby seale faced arrest and lift the jail sentence. in a few short years many of america's most influential. black leaders either been incarcerated . or sas. they ran him down and chased him down a kind of down a murdered everybody they could and made their body else either go to exile or to lock them up in a penitentiary and when all that was over with a new element rose the call of crips. you see.
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in the late one nine hundred sixty s. and the black top playgrounds of fremont high school emerged this new order led by south l.a. teenager raymond washington generally credited as the crips founding member. in response number of rival gangs formed an alliance calling themselves bloods moniker adopted by african-american soldiers serving in vietnam. the opposing armies now in place battle flags were raised blue for crips and red for bullets. exactly which set our neighborhood true first place and why we never be known. for the next four decades or encrypt and blood sets we carve the streets of south l.a. into a grid of rival territories. today
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these fractured communities are home to five generations of urban soldiers. really from well from. us this out is where we come from as a stall model kill or be killed. plus you go to any time they'd have to come across normandy you dot. com called vermont feel badly. wells gang banger while the mother would roll down the mountain you come the mother when you don't know nobody mother again you got. west side of this is blood on the inside of this is crips just around in a box you know me surrounded by insects this is created over twenty years ago to
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where the geographics in the neighborhoods have been separated by gang. certain streets certain alley certain stores certain schools certain parks or claim das turf. you can go it is guess it was guess no call. you can go to bed already because you were wrong neighborhood. little you got some of action when you fall and you would tell them you know hi from nowhere home you can all say but you got some of the action she just blow your head off just because we. on a. face where you for. me. the situation. man in other projects is me and i just want to go see me. how do you.
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see a story. you think you understand it and then. you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything. welcome to the big picture.
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