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tv   [untitled]    January 16, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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therefore in one thousand nine hundred two the reason was all clustered together and it happened again. the aftermath the many times uprising a high profile private sector initiative was formed to create rebuild. the six billion dollars investment program to find its goals as a long term systemic change the promise to create seventy four thousand new jobs within the rides over the next five years. at the same time a tentative troops between several crips and bloods. optimism for south teles war
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weary. just one year later but many south l.a. neighborhoods still in room. built quite close to still. the young generation of kids heard about this promise they momentarily got their hopes up they committed to this peace treaty and instead they learned that it was just another forked tongue promise of the made. if ale. we should have known what the future would be in other cities from here to baghdad. gang warfare would resume for the next fifteen years continue unchecked with almost no effective outside intervention. that would take me. out of the sails. because in
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a world. you don't exist. is just another day. this is my grandson his name was mark. is seventeen years old very promising young boy and in one thousand nine hundred sixty came here to los angeles to visit me. on you. to visit me he was here three weeks and he was shot. ten thirty in the morning walking across the street headed for the do i see a school. he didn't have gang. he didn't even know too much about the game as a matter of fact when i warned him about where to go and where not to go he said
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grandma. this is america. this is. where i was supposed to be free this is where we're supposed to be able to walk down any street we choose. and the next day dad doing what he. does is right. now.
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can you imagine a society where mothers are burying their children instead of their children burying their mothers.
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why. it's ok to cry and have to cry. i had to cry and all i need to do to keep gone. i have to cry because if i don't cry and i keep on an angle up to me. i may do some help people say oh you can get over it hell no we can't we just get through it just get through but never get over it if you don't take my dog eat it and walk close on my house you know you didn't you know repossessed my car my son was murdered he just didn't die he was murdered.
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so when i finally back to school i was always crying and it's the maven all the kids look around and they're like oh you know i did a ground are teary eyed even some of the boy and then i would ask him how many of you guys know somebody i'll go up father of three and a schoolmate who was murdered. and when it first after a question again three quarters of a class raised their hand i just broke down in tears. were.
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a recent comparison of twin psychological studies by the lancet and rand corporation indicates the children in south los angeles for exhibiting greater levels of post-traumatic stress disorder in children of a similar age in baghdad the war torn camp fire back. and if they don't get me. so is this what is youngsters what's going to happen you got another group of angry children another group of killers.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. could the company ever often. gone under left nothing to live. for precious children. in a home mom's rajiv's shoulders. leave it to god. on our.
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faults makes life complete. and a happy family. or self-expression. a public admiration. that seems so true to. one of the two major. child. motion. which brightened if you knew me the song from the finest impression is so. please please start on t.v. dot com. poll has.
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zero. zero zero zero. good street. you. wish i. was. able to stop misleading good. and. random and a little. if someone right now said what if you want your life to give you anything you want to
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. name one thing just what they. were before crips and bloods. to realize that a bios is against us. and if we all come together it. is going to be over for us so if the resources were here you're seeing these kids with their shoes going. now named no hope you're doing. a no man's land it's no hope people taking choices are going to college and think this might make them a choice here you're making a choice there's no choice is like you wait for somebody to come say manages to go navigate say. i did to gangbang in the stop an out the sets to getting shot to drive bys to get shot in drive bys to going to jail and all that right but have i had a chance or someone else tell me before you play and the day i was get this i've been gang man i haven't been to the county jails to several penitentiaries and back and
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forth to war as far as gun fights and stuff so mr section a gang bang is wonderful that is the lifestyle to live it's no lifestyle to live period your we war but gang bang is to be crippled blame for life your greatness we war. is a lie plus forty years yet ultimate reward again banging is death and you don't come back from that. if you. leave. the room. the. day the streets of south l.a. have given rise to a new sort of get determined to fight not simply for turf or colors but for the lives of the next generation. i work with about four or five hundred high risk you
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every month the first thing i do apologize to him because i have to lead they'll know my generation is build you miserable see i'll fifty one years old i've been two decades of this structure so we let them know that hey we have those roles just like you do iraq these peacemakers many of them former gang members have stepped out from behind the gods and are now standing between them literally risking their lives in the formation of street level gang intervention organization. privately funded receiving almost no support from either state or federal governments these grassroots movements are taking the first crucial steps towards stopping the cycle of gang violence. people who care want to see a better theory want to see a better country and we got a star game together and have a sit down so that we don't keep breeding generations a generation who only think that that's the way to go each team has.
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an alternative to that last one has to put in place that they want to see change and they've got to invest in that autonomy was. a. good thing my son told me one day was dead sh so you say i know how you get your money so i get my money so the second thirty people come up to give their wife stephanie give you money i say that right so he took off and off on his bike and they set me as a good thinking one day my son really i hate watching. i do what i do so if i still get to the wall grabbing whatever it is. he's going to do the same thing. right then i made a choice in my life what i was going to stick by their stick by us is mean and mean my label them against them meaning much kids so i chose to get them turned around a little bit. and i'm a coach role model proud parent. i'm living. i'm
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the one to prevent it my own self from going to different areas i've prevented it because my mentality and because of what i d. how i dress part here myself if i went to an area and i'm dressed in all red i'm looking for problems and i would be looking for problems i'd be looking for the guys in blue ivy look a bit of gaza look at me only lead to mean i'm ready to deal with this problem i'm ready so my anger i'm a sell by ignorance that i can get just as stupid as you. want to stop that mentality when i started dressing differently was started thinking differently i've increased my freedom to where i would go anywhere and when i get there and see certain individuals they will say what i ask it from over there. and we get hey i you don't and we can talk now and it's not a problem i go to everybody's neighborhood there's not a problem how do you. not. truly enjoy.
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the on the phone. from. we are at the marker saying we have the resources for the richest country on earth it is absolutely outrageous it is inexcusable that we have failed to meet the most elementary temps of what it make it's to be fellow citizens and build a community oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh. oh
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oh oh oh oh oh oh i'm changing gradient is to appear about people who love. best in bridge across the board. and understand that they are human and that gang members are human being. played. one thing you have to realize is open them up to be stamped like a shirt to see is made in america. i don't place else
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i'm a timeline. you know indonesia. in america. i mean if you take him to the best the in the french story please please let me. make it up the next attempt to claim. their place. within the m m m. m m well it looks.
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exactly. like the communists i was raised alone will be able. to step up to stop listening. to the government she claims but you know week to week a fellow can't expect a lot of us came up. to digital books. books you. see if you would like to receive shoulder season this is james trying to get his next season in. the polling bank
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ability mum. was going to pop the ability to play i was really just sat in a. nutshell explain the streets to. explain you never sleeps james. in a snow globe. right now ok it's hard to miss what julie's taking place in the sound that seems. to. be. some discussion which remains in the frame.
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for me to get into the more likely next case twenty one innings making the record three strikes takes place modern day usa even after this game came in a lot of play we just showed up in the cold i was trapped in a ball the brain trying to escape the shower with a camera to pitch the load the take a moment to speak chunks of l h twenty shrimp in this case complex you gotta eat you jack so the moment they want to fold when it's explosion in the street and exam results you know why i know i'm. gonna take these kind of strange things easily be able to keep the most name of the piece to keep coming to me
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saying these folks are going to be cut programs.
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yet another tragic shooting right on the streets of the capital is again cause to open the gun debate across the nation now all the talking heads are saying that you got to take away the guns to be safe well the problem is that the shooting happened right on the streets of the capital of a country where the guns have already been taken away paris france three kurdish women one of whom was a kurdish separatist party co-founder were shot dead at the scene of the crime was right outside of a cursed institute which leads the police to think that it was an assassination you see when it comes to terrorism drug cartels in the mafia you can make all the gun laws that you want but the bad guys will still have plenty of guns because they live outside the law al qaeda and mexican drug cartels don't go to the stores and patiently wait for their background checks to be done before they buy their guns taken away all the guns through legal means won't matter there will still be murder and there will still be armed thugs and terrorists but that's just my opinion.
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speak your language. programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you. keep these stories. true spanish find out more visit. dogs. live live live. live. live. live live live
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live . live live . live live. live
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. old mum older adult player a bloody. good speech. playing. her. i wish i. love. playing bomb inflame good. players play
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just simply get along and i'm a. lot of a little. peeved he says. six. deadly rivals some decades. it's a good fifteen thousand people killing each other in any other country there will
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be diplomats there would be a lot of. self imposed out costs from society i will check myself and my contacts my brother understand my gun tell em out. and my frustration. to. u.s. history.


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