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it's over in their mind for those who lived through these wars they don't have that luxury they have to relive them every day for the rest of their lives so let's stop sending them off to war and throwing them out of the bus when they get back. a little more of their ever seen anything like. something. i've long considered myself a media activist and journalist by pursuing my passion through grassroots mediums for almost a decade it's given me the opportunity to cross paths with many who are involved in the renaissance of the media revolution and one of the many people standing out as a vanguard for truth in the information war is a man named james corbett is a one man band being the quebec report and he gives cutting and critical analysis every day on the whole to toot of topics to talk about everything from the american education system to the middle east i'm joined now by james corbett editor
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webmaster writer producer and host of the corba report james thank you so much for coming on. we're. going to. so i want to start off by asking you about the trivia and the method which is i know what just something that i know that you practice can you talk about what the trivium is and why it's so important to learn. and also i mean that we. it's something that we're obviously we don't learn in our education system and i think we're intentionally dumbed down and not taught critical thinking and logic but i just wanted to get your take. well that's exactly the point i think because what we have here is a system of healing better spent thirty to be a boat build a world around us that is so basic and so albeit to most people when they hear about it that it's a wonder that it isn't taught in our schooling system and i think that is definitely on purpose basically wanted amounts to a system for finding out the who what where when and why of of. an
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event and then finding out how how that relates to the world around it and how we can communicate that to others and and it breaks down into three three steps or three processes finding the logic which is the details of an event finding the grammar which is how those different details go together and then the rhetoric is how you communicate to other people or to the outside world so basically i mean it's a very simple three step process for trying to to find out more about the world to find out how it works and then communicate that to others but that has been deliberately taken out of the education system over the past hundred fifty years at the very least since the prussian education system has come in to really undermined what we really used to think of as schooling and and it's really changed the way that we perceive the world in the way that we that we relate to the world and in terms of our education and i think you're exactly right it's part of a process of dumbing people down so that they don't have the ability to even reason
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about the world around them is an unfortunate james and you know everybody does curtail the dialogue that we should be having on it on a. different level really about these world events about the concept it seems like we're treated like little children from the establishment and it's tragic really fortunately there are people like you are really pushing this way of thinking this knowledge on to people and i hope that people pursue it continue to pursue the trivium and i want to get right into going off the trivium going out to just following kind of logic and and natural processes of the way that your mind things critically i saw this you tube video that you made that's called the nine eleven conspiracy theory it's been viewable two million times at this point i mean in this video you're mocking the term conspiracy theory used by the establishment of course and throwing it back in their faces talk about why you did this. well i think that's exactly the point because conspiracy theory as i talk about in my podcast quite a bit is just this term that's become this pavlovian conditioning technique and
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once that's thrown out we've all been trained to run away from whatever subject is being talked about so whether that be nine eleven truth or any other subjects that are uncomfortable to the establishment as long as you can just frame it when it's conspiracy theory then you can get people to stop taking a look at it so that was specifically what i was trying to do with my with my video there and to point out that in its in its most basic sense what they say happened on nine eleven is a conspiracy theory it's a theory about al qaeda and how they conspired to carry out the nine eleven attacks and it's a conspiracy theory that is full of holes and that hasn't really been proven or established in any regards and in fact has often been shown to be completely outrageously falls and the funny thing about the theory that they're trying to propound is that it is so ridiculous that once people actually know what that theory is it's own was difficult for people to to to look at that story with a street face and that's exactly why it came out as
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a type of comedic video yes i mean it's it's certainly got humor to it it's a sad humor but it's it's funny because it is such a ludicrous story that they expect us to believe about what happened on nine eleven right i mean i mean of course they are dry sarcasm really comes across as just i mean it's just it's very sad commentary that yes we're told these things we're expected to believe them without any questioning really whatsoever and you know even bush and cheney testify together i mean there's no hint things that you can go off of with everything before nine eleven and during the commission report and the cover up of the subsequent cover of let's talk about false flags that were just something that you also speak to quite a bit why is it that well documented historical accounts like the right stag fires like the gulf of tonkin why are there not more well known and historical account when people just talk about history. well precisely because that's the type of history that is dangerous for people to know about on
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a wide scale and this is again exactly the type of thing that's deliberately kept out of the education system so that people are meant to sit there in history class mindlessly absorbing names and dates and faces and trying to memorize them for tests instead of learning some of the actual history that that is just absolutely astounding and and i don't know about other people over there but when i started to find this out for myself obviously long after i left the public education system i was absolutely floored by some of the things that i encountered for example the gulf of tonkin and other now admitted stage to terrorist attacks and this is again the type of thing that in certain circles is openly talked about in circles that kind of go beyond what is presented in most of the mainstream media so that for example recently on my podcast i was highlighting how i was a big new brzezinski jimmy carter's former national security advisor openly talks about things like false flag terrorist attacks and in fact with he was warning the senate armed services committee back in two thousand and seven about
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a possible staged terrorist attack to lead us to war with iran so so this is the type of thing that's openly discussed in certain circles but if you bring it up in mainstream dialogue again it's branded with this conspiracy theorist label so once again it's just a question of finding out about the real documentable verifiable history of this technique and how it's been used in the pans out unfortunate as that that you know decades later of course we find out the stuff about the gulf the talking heads like well that was that was so long ago i mean who cares just kind of brushed under the rug and even at the j.f.k. assassination i mean there are so many things that we don't know about yet are caging or just came out and said he doesn't believe the official narrative he thinks that it's completely impossible and fact his whole family thinks the warren commission is quote shoddy workmanship i mean these are things that unfortunately the truth eeks out so long after the events that it's just so unfortunate james and yes we should be talking to. in addressing the glaring reality of these things right now but let's talk about alternative media you've said yourself there are two
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types of alternative media there's the establishment alternative media and then there's kind of the other the other alternative media where how do you differentiate between them. well establishment alternative media is a media that is demonstrably quite a bit better better than the the mainstream media the establishment media per se but is ultimately funded by a lot of the same players behind the scenes and it goes back to to i think finding that being one of the key sources and when you have some of these these robber baron type family trusts that have been set up to to basically direct the society in certain ways when you have them funding some of these so-called alternative media outlets you start to encounter a lot of problems with with certain coverage and certain places that these these low lights won't go to for example nine eleven truth so so for example my colleague developments of boiling frogs post dot com has written extensively about this on
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her website and about some of the the ways that she has attempted to resist all of this and has refused to take any foundation funding or allow any of that because as she puts it basically as soon as you start allowing foundation funding it's through your website or through it through the media portal or whatever it may be that you're running they immediately demand to create a board of directors and to put certain people on that board to influence the decisions of what happens on that on that media platform from then on it's a drought cetera and as she points out she's seen it happen so many times time and again with the various organizations that she's been involved with that she definitely definitely doesn't want that to happen to her website or what's going on so i think broadly speaking we see this this differentiation between a true real independent grassroots viable alternative media that is not funded by the rockefeller's in the carnegie as in all of these and i know no sorry james we have to wrap it up we're running out of time but of course the i get into grants
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and everything for these media outlets and the bell is great and so is your your web site is excellent john corbett. from the corvette reporter really appreciate your time and money on. thank you andy. if you like me so far go to our youtube channel on youtube dot com plus breaking the subscribe to us to check us out on hulu as well hulu dot com fashion breaking the set and check out our facebook page at facebook dot com inside breaking the set if you want to know what i'm doing when i'm not on air follow me on twitter at abby martin so stay tuned to hear about the legacy of one of the most brilliant innovators of our time and sports next. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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a report on our. faults makes life complete. nose and a happy family. or self-expression. a culture shock. that seems so true. for an intimate. child. yesterday i gave a small tribute to one of the most brilliant and invaders of our time sadly took
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his own life at the young age of twenty six last weekend aaron swartz even though he wasn't a household name his contributions change the way we think and use the internet for that reason alone he deserves more of our attention tonight the tender age of fourteen swartz was already a computer genius and played a key role in developing our assessed software that revolutionized the way we aggregate news he then went on to help develop one of the most popular news ranking web sites you may know called read it later got bought leaving aaron with a substantial amount of money and the status of a legend among his internet peers now keep in mind this was all before he was even eighteen years old you know most teens who strike big would take the money and run but aaron clearly was never concerned with getting rich instead his passion led him to commit himself wholeheartedly the causes of internet freedom civil liberties and making information available to everyone who seeks it he was an integral part of organizing the campaign to prevent the passage of the stop online piracy act also
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known as sopa in fact he was a regular guest on our to america to talk about the issues of privacy and copyright actually had the great honor of interviewing aaron back in june about the mega upload shut down in the f.b.i. as attempt to seize its data i asked him about the government overreach in the case and whether or not people would ever get their data back here's what he had to say . i certainly hope so i mean it's completely ridiculous you know i mean it's an example of how ridiculous this entire case is you know the government claims that mega upload broke so all right ok that's a reasonable dispute to have you know the law it's very ambiguous very laws famously clear and so if they want to go to court and try to clarify the law i don't have an objection to that what's crazy is to say oh the law isn't clear you might be breaking it or we're going to do is throw you all in jail seize all the data shut down the entire website take all of your my. and then have a decision about whether what you did isn't legal or it's just crazy i mean you
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can't imagine any other business in the world being treated this way unfortunately aaron's words ring true in the case he was personally fighting at the time against the government because you see in july of two thousand and eleven swartz was arrested for allegedly targeting a store a journal storage that had digitized and sold scholarly articles at a high price to subscribers interestingly enough none of the money actually went to the authors of the articles and perhaps this is wise words targeted it and sought to release their articles for free which he did by hacking into an mit computer wiring closet but he never distributed the articles nor did intend to profit from them whatsoever in fact once he was arrested he returned everything he downloaded invalid never to use them they alleged victim in that case j.-star even told the federal government that they didn't want to see him prosecuted but despite those wishes the department of justice came down hard filing charges against aaron for multiple felonies some of the computer fraud and abuse act which carried decades in
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prison and about a million dollars in fines all to set an example for internet activists worldwide aaron had no malintent yet he knew that he just become another casualty in the two tiered justice system one in which the odds were heavily stacked against him and when faced with those odds and chose death over life in prison but his memory and accomplishments will forever live on. the death of aaron swartz sent shock waves around the internet community and today in chicago his friends and families laid him to rest while memorializing his greatest life accomplishments our very own man well a drop of a break in the set as the exclusive. relatives friends activists and several alternative voices arrived together on a somber note at central avenue synagogue in chicago. to pay their respects to an internet pioneer aaron swartz where at the age of twenty six took his own life
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swartz was co-founder of the online publication reddit and demand progress and was an influential figure in his own right a passionate activist and a web freedom fighter he rallied for an open and accessible internet a point his supporters have vowed that they'll continue to champion one of the most important to also creating more democratization is making things more transparent and so if we can make information more transparent it's obviously a success for everyone out there erin was facing allegations and indictment on thirteen counts including wire fraud and computer fraud psychologist and supporter dr jean backman who came to highland park to pay respect to aaron's family suggest that the behavior of federal prosecutors was nothing short of bullying if you look at the definition of terrorism it is to inspire terror and this man a young man and his family were literally terrorized by the prosecutors and the judicial discretion that let this case go forward and not stop despite the cold
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weather activists and supporters arrived by the dozens agreeing that aaron did pose a threat not to justice certainly not to national security but rather a threat to the status quo the idea that he was facing decades in jail is it's just disgusting absolutely appalling and and now we've lost a tremendously valuable and talented human being it's just it's so tragic rumors circulated of protests outside of the funeral the police on scene met only heavy hearted supporters here to bit a final goodbye and to remember erin for his work and activism he is a genius you know you put in on the steve jobs level you put him on the mark zuckerberg level you put him on a john lennon level you know he was a great kid with a good heart chinee to do something good for the world in chicago illinois when we put up
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a little party. now to talk more about aaron swartz his legacy and what the implications of his death may be i'm joined now by a break in to set producer manny rap low who's on the ground and chicago manny thanks so much for joining me thanks for having me having so many tell us about the funeral or what's been the reaction of people that you've been talking to. well you know with these sorts of events it's kind of very sad moment very somber occasion the funeral itself the services were very emotional. it's really interesting because we got a chance for the first time to see the type of person that erin really was firsthand accounts from the people that knew him best what we heard from from his girlfriend tara and was just examples of of the type of person he was described in this very kind of very selfless person someone whose whose goal in life was was really to change the world and to in a positive way it was accounts account after account of people just giving their eulogy and talking about the type of person that that aaron was also one thing that
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i found interesting was there was no shyness away from talking about aaron's work as an as an activist has a progressive thinker and also there was no shyness away from talking about his legal troubles the prosecution against him aaron's father at one point actually said that it wasn't aaron who committed suicide but the government that killed him and in fact it was his family does place a lot of blame on the federal prosecution that that was so that was so hard and just kind of went after aaron trying to in a way make an example out of him we're talking about thirty five federal charges against him facing possibly the the rest of his life and in prison and it was it was very. it was a very emotional setting but it was very inspiring at the same time the synagogue here right behind us where the funeral was held it was packed full of people but it was also outside of the of the synagogue as well the amount of supporters and specifically the amount of young people that turned out. both in support for the
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work that aaron did getting their farewell and also kind of giving their condolences for aaron's family well thank you for sharing sure it is a very somber time and great to see so many people coming out and freezing cold temperatures to really show their support and love for aaron and his work they didn't of course the witch on going after him driving him to suicide you know i don't blame his dad for saying that because anything that would drive your child to kill himself is definitely nothing to take lightly manny let's talk about anonymous of course anonymous goes on the mit web site causes the mischief there you know doing some different things reactionary and that could you speak to what they've been doing and are planning to do you sure that's actually a very important point here i don't know if you heard rumors were circulating in the internet that the westboro baptist church would be protesting outside of outside of this funeral in the same way that they do for
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a lot of high profile funerals around the country at the end of the day i guess it was a little bit too cold for them to show up but i think that's for the best at the same time back to your question about anonymous not only how they've been doing this sort of hacking on an mit online i did hear that report as well as a sort of tribute for erin but the amount of organization that they put into kind of rallying people here in chicago to come out and counter protests in the event that the westboro baptist church did come out so to that end i think anonymous did play a significant role and i anticipate that they will continue to play a role in spreading aaron's message continuing to to kind of that online fight for online freedoms that aarons idea ideology sort of perpetuated so i anticipate to see anonymous continue to be a part of this and to continue to put pressure on the government as well as the big the big web thinkers out there right let's talk about the white house petition you
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know in light of. aaron's death there was a petition calling for his prosecutor the department justice prosecutor who is going down so hard on aaron to be removed from his position and it just reached the twenty five thousand mark which is now a necessity if the white house temp respond how do you think they're going to respond to this. i think you know that's a very good question i don't know how the how the white house is going to respond but you're right they just reached the threshold of twenty five thousand signatures to remove a federal prosecutor carmen ortiz and we'll just have to wait and see what the white house says i can only speak personally and be hopeful that president obama and the obama administration will take heed to this and to actually acknowledge this petition this year is actually and this administration's been criticized a lot for these petitions and the obama administration not being keen on answering these petitions but what we're seeing is an outpour of support for this and this
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petition specifically we're seeing people like him dot com all the way to folks like from for wiki leaks kind of spreading awareness about this petition and putting more pressure on the administration to really to really take notice and to do something about this federal prosecutor which again i have to mention aaron schwartz his family was suggesting that it was the prosecution in itself that had you know they place a lot of the blame for aaron's death on this federal prosecutor so we'll just have to wait and see what the with the obama administration says but you know again speaking personally i am hopeful that president obama will will address this and that his administration takes this seriously because this is something that really needs to change in this country is the way that we look at these internet laws and this archaic way of analyzing the work that these activists doing and how the judicial system sort of persecutes it's almost a witch hunt against these online activists so i think that the more people know about this the more i want to see outrage that they'll be and will actually see
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something. back from the management manny how can we how can we expect the person at the top of the two tiered justice system to really even take heed to this petition i mean he's overseen this of this which that we're talking about right now aaron is facing decades in prison exponentially more time than murderers and rapists of real hard criminals here and we have about thirty seconds left of why you think they're coming down on him so hard a prosecution not even j.-star wanted to move forward with. i think you know that's a very good point you know that's kind of the sense that i got like i said before there were a lot of supporters i mean we're talking you know several dozen supporters outside of of the synagogue kind of showing their support for aaron and that's the sense that i got i don't think anybody here was in disagreement that this was a disproportionate kind of persecution against against and like you said upwards of thirty years in prison a million dollar fine it was it was. it was a case of bullying really and at the end of the day the sense that i got from
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supporters out here and from parents family himself and some of the more high profile people speaking today was that was exactly that that this is to be made an example of regardless of whether or not what aaron did was illegal the way that the prosecution approached this was to make an example out of aaron and hopefully hopefully what we'll see is that more people will take notice that this injustice is going on and we can avoid this kind of thing in the future well unfortunately the odds are stacked against him as a teacher just as i'm on the wrong side manning or politic you so much for reporting from his funeral rest in peace and thanks. rest in peace and he'd never forget why aaron swartz death has moved so many of us to the core that's never stopped fighting for what he dedicated his entire life to stand up and protect the last bastion of true democracy the internet our right to privacy and free expression online. enough to do it and aaron swartz his honor.
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about humans and world this is why you should care only on the dog. hold it hold it. hold it hold. her mother. that he could speak. to. her. i wish i. could love him it's so good. for. her first speech. and. i come out front of
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