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tv   [untitled]    January 17, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EST

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the french intervention in mali faces the consequences as more than thirty foreign workers kidnapped in retaliation at a gas field in neighboring algeria reportedly killed during a rescue mission. britain membership as the prime minister plays his hand to rein in brussels where business leaders warn of disaster if his bluff is called. speaks exclusively to the mastermind of the current public outrage in pakistan he promises a revolution which has nothing in common with the arab spring political reshuffle.
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the dream job made in china an american worker risks classified data for an easy life and facebook time by outsourcing his day's work to the east when it was called by chance. international news and comment online on screen around the world that this is. thirty five foreign hostages held captive at a gas field in algeria have reportedly been killed in the operation to free them fifteen of the captors are also thought to have died some people are apparently still being held the local media suggests algerian forces attacked a convoy of kidnappers and captives from the air with the complex on wednesday killing at least two of the staff and seizing dozens the hostage takers were demanding an end to the french led combat action against insurgents in neighboring
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mon. and that the operation has intensified french troops are now on the ground in support of the heavy air campaign against al qaeda linked groups also received it just tickles support from its nato allies while the e.u. is preparing to send hundreds of military personnel to train the mahdi army chief political analyst patrick henningsen i spoke to madeleine he says its business interests which france is actually trying to safeguard with its troops and air force. well in the mainstream media will tell you in the short term that the the islamic al qaeda in the islamic magreb is is to blame for this. with regards to the hostage situation or jury or what france and what your other news competitors are neglecting to tell the world is that the al qaeda in the islamic magreb is working closely with the libyan islamic fighting group for whom france itself intervened on behalf of the nato this intervention with the bombing in libya
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and their gallant raid of libya in two thousand and eleven so libya is becoming how kind of a playground and that is mostly down to western sponsored al-qaeda playground if you look back just in the last twelve months without any question without any really debate in foreign policy circles countries one of the united states the u.k. and france are now militarily active in the african theater what we're seeing is the world police here and what they're doing is protecting corporate interests in africa there's a british franco a gold mining industry in a country like malady. well earlier we spoke to u.k. based political analyst dan glazebrook and he says the french intervention is a result of failed western strategy in africa you see what happened since the execution of gadhafi and the destruction of libya is that the west armed and funded may quit. these death squads effectively in libya the flow of weapons and
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fighters. across the region which was again playing into the program of the west to destabilize the region and they ended up in northern mali the hope was that after libya algeria would form and this destabilization would spread to algeria and this hasn't happened the rebels have made their base in northern mali and now what we're seeing in recent weeks is that the insurgency is starting to spread south into southern mali so france and britain think no no no this is not the idea at all so now they're bombing mali to try and bomb the rebels back into algeria but i think what we're seeing with the attack the hostage taking as actually played into the west's hands on this is creating good propaganda for for the west to win over the support of their own populations and saying look at these look at these terrorists we have to do away with them we have to put more effort into the war is worth it because look at the alternative look at these crazy terrorists so if this
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hostage taking is creating that kind of propaganda we're going to see a lot more to justify a long drawn out intervention. and you can check out more opinions and analysis on the reasons and possible repercussions of that war of money on our web site at r.t. dot com and one of the experts we've been talking to believes that france is revealing an imperial approach to the region and that the african state will suffer the consequences well let us know what you think of this and other views we've got leave your feedback in the comments section of the website. britain's prime minister is using his nation's membership of the e.u. as bait as he looks to carve concessions out of brussels in
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a much hyped speech but the balancing act is hazardous euro skeptics fear that david cameron won't go far enough with his demands while euro kratz say he's gone too far already there are. risks upsetting everybody. when the prime minister first became leader of the conservative party he said the biggest problem was that they spent far too much of their time banging on about europe i see glad those days are over i. think countdowns as the prime minister prepares to deliver a landmark speech on europe but with warring factions in his own policy growing euro skeptic sentiment in the u.k. and his increasingly unimpressed european counterparts to pay and the pressure is on is he's struggling right now on this issue up till now i think he has he hasn't given a clear message a clear point on the. relationship with it i think has been for
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a number of factors whether it be the world economy whether be the economy or whether it be his own backbenchers so widely expected that the prime minister will pledge a major european treaty with vision included in that would be a clawing back house the british in key areas they need terms of purchase membership in the e.u. would then be put to the country's citizens in a referendum to the next general election he really painted himself into a corner where he's got to have a referendum after an election and he will try a skillful politician and. paper over the cracks to give a bit of them to them and say that we now are looking for europe to make a response to our proper requests that it will be a very. confident speech until you actually analyze it and you see that he's asking for the e.u. to behave in a way that there's not a hope in hell they will do that with
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a speech under such scrutiny maybe david coming to get some inspiration from the know the conservative leader he's relationship with the e.u. was often stray. to try to suppress mission and concentrate power of the center of a european kong would be highly damaging and would jeopardize the objectives to achieve in margaret thatcher's memorable speech she felt herself against the european superstate exercising and need dominance from brussels all yuri skeptics often forget is that margaret thatcher balance those warnings with a staunch defense of britain's place at the heart of. the truth is that these days and that speech will be a hard sell it's growing and. sentiment it's uncertain whether he'll even be able to the days within his a party rest of us sidelined for can't believe that this is going on this year for
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angry family squabble all out in the open i mean. the tory party would say much riding on this speech teach tries to please everyone think if you can the very real risk of pleasing no one. and say the time has come for the big speech delayed so many times already it's being nicknamed the tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow speech it's now expected you get some more surf. london or stay with r.t. this friday as we bring you our special coverage of david cameron's big speech on europe. in a few minutes we've got more on the u.k. bringing you analysis on why its economy is steadily losing ground to developing world powers love analysis expert opinion on that shortly. the first pakistan's government has yielded to the demands of a firebrand cleric in return for ending
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a mass sit in of tens of thousands of his supporters around parliament according to reports it was agreed that the pakistani parliament would be dissolved before march sixteenth election held in. ninety days well early hit issued the government with an ultimatum to start negotiating with him threatening further action the political chaos in the country is also deepened after the government clashed with a top called his order to arrest the prime minister over a corruption case was refused officials have accused the judiciary and the military of a conspiracy but he has talked exclusively to the protest leader who told us exactly what he means by a revolution. that this is the single nation single country in all muslim world and a nuclear capability and if the same situation continues there it would be a very big disaster if we could come to the level of collapse so our word of this market movement is anti corruption to educate our society from corruption and this is need of the whole muslim. and alternative world and developing muslim countries
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we have to get to the end of corruption and corrupt leaders. and you can see the whole exclusive interview with the protest leader in pakistan in about half an hour from now here in r.t. and now ahmed qurei she of deepak national forum lobbying group says that these protests herald the unraveling of the existing political system. what we're basically seeing is that the democratic system of the country is in the throes of the final stages of collapse collapse under it under the weight of its own corruption collapse under the weight of its own incompetence so it's a major development it's important to remember that these demonstrations may not lead immediately to change or immediate collapse the fall of the government itself but the process has a started it's a failed democratic system it's a small clique of elite politicians who are intermarried interrelated to each other through family marriages and so forth and they're divided in the using different
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parties to sort of divide the cake and of course indulge in massive corruption i think in the in the seventy year history of modern pakistan we've seen the most corrupt government ever in this short history of ours. well head to our dot com our web site for our poll on whether you think we're seeing something similar to the arab spring there in pakistan here are the options we're giving on the web site there is no spring yet this is a military plot to seize power or perhaps the option could be that western interests are at play here looking to overthrow the regime pakistanis maybe fed up with the endemic corruption in the political system or perhaps the protests will die out once the media frenzy has died out those are the options we've been giving you for you to comment on and to your opinion and so far we can see the results here on the screen the majority fifty three percent are saying that western powers are plotting to remove a friendly regime about
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a fifth there believe that mass protests are the result of pakistanis being totally fed up with corruption almost an equal number seventeen percent convinced that the protesters will soon get in and finally a small amount of so far eleven percent think it's the country's military striving to grab the reins of the government there in pakistan altie dot com to have your say it was good to hear from you and i'm going to be back with more news for you after this short break when the news continues this is o.t. live here in moscow. speak your language. program documentaries in spanish what matters to you. use the alternative angle of this story. here to. find out more visit.
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dot com.
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he continues here on our t.v. watching you tube videos while picking up a good salary and getting good performance reviews the impossible dream for the world's desk jockeys apart from one enterprising american he secretly outsourced his day's work at multiple companies to china. com reports he almost got away with it. you may already know that outsourcing is very popular in american companies outsource manufacturing to places like china they outsource services including call centers to places like india american companies outsource jobs all the time but some americans took out sourcing to a whole new level by getting someone in china or elsewhere to work under their name and credentials one of america's largest broadband and telecommunications companies why is it most recently caught one software developer doing exactly that someone they refer to as baldpate a software consulting firm in china less than one fifth of his six figure salary to do his job bob gave them all the codes necessary to access the critical
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infrastructure company's internal system so while the chinese were ransacking the internal system of critical infrastructure company in the us bob devoted his work time to facebook reddit e-bay and cat videos seriously his browsing history revealed that's what filled bob's typical workday apparently bob had the same scam going across multiple companies earning several hundred thousand dollars a year and only paying the chinese consulting firm about fifty thousand annually at one of the companies he reportedly received excellent performance reviews for the last several years in a row even being hailed the best software developer in the building it was a sweet deal for bob which is apparently not his real name until the reason revealed the breach by accident when they received a request from a us company asking for help in understanding anomalistic to what he was witnessing in his private network an open and active connection from shane young china we here
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in the us constantly complain about chinese hackers but apparently with employees like bob when he texts. after a record year of west bank settlement israel looks to keep up the pace two hundred had to be built in occupied land the critics claim it's a move to upset palestine's attempts at statehood settlers say they're being used as pawns by their government. that story still to come but first the u.k.'s financial woes could well drag on for decades to come with it predicted to fall out of the top ten economies by twenty eight fifty and that's one head turning possibilities set out in a report on global growth by accounting giant price waterhouse coopers well professor of economics rodney shakespeare is with me now live here on r.t. to take a closer look at this now this report suggest professor that mexico and indonesia will have larger economies in the u.k. by twenty fifteen what is one of these countries doing that the u.k. is failing to do. u.k.
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first of all is part of the western system that believes that if you increase debt you can increase it more and more and of course you can't secondly it doesn't address the question of when the banks create money what is actually put towards it does not address questions of rich poor division it does not address the real. economy and the it never addresses the solution to the present situation which is that you can use your national bank to create interest free loans for the real economy if you use it for the spreading of the real economy so yes the u.k. is definitely going down relative to other countries indonesia is in fact indeed rising and that's about the one thing the report has managed to get right in all other respects the report is utterly preposterous taking a view over thirty three years i mean the intelligence agencies take ten fifteen
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years maximus their view. regards global warming the report hasn't even heard that or gusts institution the b.p. c meteorological office and now admits there's been no global warming for sixteen years there are plenty of factors in the situation but not carbon dioxide. records just likely ask you about ok you can't predict ahead thirty years so this report is nonsense but clearly is there something that the u.k. perhaps could do to remedy its course at the moment in order for that not to happen because obviously it seems to be a start prediction and could happen. oh yes the way forward is simply number one control of this outrageously out of control arrogant elitist financial institutions and you do that by a gradual rise to one hundred percent banking reserves nothing new in that is an old idea even mervyn king the present governor understands that and approves of it
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and then when you've controlled the banks because they're outrageously out of control you say let them lend their own money and interest and do what they like but to open up an interest free loan supply from the national bank that's the one thing mervyn king will not do and which the present government will not allow because it that smashes the power of the commercial banks all right open up a new interest free loan supply for the real economy and for the spreading to everybody what about the e.u. should the u.k. break away from the european union a lot of talk about that in london at the moment or would that be a massive mistake can afford to do that well the u.k. is not actually in the euro and those countries in the year like greece and portugal and spain and even france they are going to end up out of the euro there's no doubt about it u.k. should have a different relationship with it politically but thank god we're not in the euro shores so this politically do you think that relationship with the european union
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though should be changed or could britain be making a mistake by cutting off its ties altogether losing its membership. no the present european community structure is of elite history and has no longer taking any concern of the of the the political interests and reactions of the people surveyed up it's not just the u.k. it's the people of france is the people of poland it's the people of ireland until they were deceived it's all the peoples of europe they want a new relationship in the political structure professor thank you very much indeed thanks for joining us live there professor rodney shakespeare joining us live there in london. israel has issued two hundred tenders for new housing in the west bank a settlement watchdog group has issued a report saying the government is deliberately using construction in vital areas to undermine the creation of a palestinian state and many israeli settlers feel this isn't about giving them new
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homes any more. now the fact is wary about unpacking again he's already been forced to move twice first from the israeli settlement of in the sinai peninsula and then twenty three years later from the settlement of gaza in a move television hoped would inspire peace both times his government had encouraged him to put down roots in the settlements and both times his government forced him out is a good argument for the my government betrayed me it betrayed the people it sent to settle the land and build their lives there but that's a mistake a mistake that should be fixed that the first of even the thousands of other former gaza settlers need to fix their lives a group of them live here in central israel in small temporary structures they built with the own money some of the laws the government didn't do what it was supposed to do and didn't rehabilitate us we have no roof over our heads. so when prime minister benjamin netanyahu announces the approval of thousands of new sickly
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units the settler movement while police can't help but feel suspicious that they are merely being used as chess pieces in the government's political game. it's obvious to everyone that all of a sudden there is approval of big construction plans what does that mean that i'm supposed to vote for netanyahu or someone else i'd be happy rather to have a prime minister who approved construction in any part of israel. tamera range works for property development group in a neighborhood in east jerusalem that has passed the pre nine hundred sixty seven green line construction here is controversial but the waiting list of hopeful buyers is overflowing i think the government of little now realizes that most important for them now is to give the settlers what they want because the constituency of liquid part of the party is the far right and they're playing into their hands and unfortunately not in the hands of the general public interest.
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but could these new city units be bashed on in the future like what happened to the settlements in gaza and yes there is this amount of uncertainty but you know when we created this country when we established. four years ago there was even a greater level of concern and keep on the table we are thriving community for generation. that were born and we are here. and for as long as the governments on this side of the settlement abate they're staying at least for now but a showdown is inevitable israel says its settlements are an issue to be discussed during negotiations but palestinians say they won't hold peace talks while israel builds on land they want for a future state policy r.t. tel aviv well the settlements issue will of course be one of the main decision drivers when israelis had to the polls in less than a week for
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a snap parliamentary election join our team on voting day that's generally the twenty second for our special coverage on that. how will change with to run developed will settle that expansion isolate can there be peace with gaza what's next in relations with america will not in you know who survive his snuff election on january twenty second. israel decides on our team. a temper again from now that could lead to long lasting financial disaster. looming currency war criticizing japan for its drive towards devaluation of the yen as take you to boost exports that's just ahead. wealthy british.
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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with. the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report. good luck. to build a. mission to teach creation why it should care about humans. this is why you should care only.
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these continues here in the russia has warned the currency world war is looming for the global economy the consensus bought by japan's move to lower the value of the yen in pursuit of better exports causing massive chain reaction as other nations do the same. as the story. an economy not so far away actually the global economy is on the verge of a currency war allow me to paint a quick picture for you in japan where the newly elected prime minister has been pushing for a more aggressive central bank policy has been dropping the yen went down by eleven percent since december meanwhile in europe the euro is rising and that's right despite the debt and eurozone crisis austerity measures and so on the euro grew by seven percent in the last six months and experts say europe has fired the first shell e.u.
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financial authorities warn the rise of the euro is threatening the economy so it is possible it will be deliberately dropped meanwhile across the atlantic the united states has been printing blocks for the last five years to support markets but it also makes the dollar cheaper in washington has been looking over the shoulder at china which was the majority of u.s. foreign debt and beijing is also accused of holding back the u. one the reason why they do that is that one currency has dropped the export becomes cheaper making the country more competitive obviously that's not greeted with applause by its competitors other countries which we tallied by dropping the very currencies so it's like a domino effect and the last time a major currency war happened was during the great depression in the one nine hundred thirty s. which resulted in a slowdown of international trade and all was part of the lead up to world war two but that's not all if we explore to become cheaper imports become more expensive so ordinary citizens can buy a less imported goods and traveling abroad traveling abroad rather becomes more
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expensive that leads to public disapproval unrest and so on that's why russia which really cheers the g twenty is so worried and it's very likely you will see a major skirmish when the groups financial ministers meeting next month in moscow. well with currency wars recession and debt all rampant max and stacey getting worried coming up in the next hour because a report looks at the source of all the risk which is making the world economy so unstable. it is like getting hazardous out there lots of toxic derivatives nuclear meltdowns nine hundred micrograms of particulates and so thick you can hardly brave people something then you can barely stand living next to them though your lose through the risk who are still doing risk i've got an idea why don't we just remove all the risk from the world.


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