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tv   [untitled]    January 17, 2013 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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daryn back to the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour startling new research suggests a major similarity between the human brain and the universe could help explain one of the greatest phenomenons of the last hundred years i'll tell you about it in tonight's geeky science and we all know whole foods for its wide range of organic foods and other environmentally conscious products but that you don't change store is serving up the heaping helping of fascism to explain in tonight's daily take. welcome to your take my take a live our phone lines are now open so if you want to share an opinion make a comment ask a question live on the air give us a shout to zero two nine zero four twenty one thirty four or so or first call or the night hall in oswego new york hey paul what's on your mind tonight. oh dear oh i think there is
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a really big can make you might do of the gun industry. that there is a huge shoemaking between conservative religious people and the gun industry and i think they're all going to go to court to get it to create wants to carry it right around the world as far as that goes between christian and muslim and other really did well so you're seeing this as a variation on the old praise the lord and pass the ammunition the you know you don't tell her she had her locally you know sure it wouldn't surprise me paul thank you for raising that and that's a that's a good that's a head scratcher i'm going to think on that but rick in boston hey rick thanks for watching what's on your mind a. couple things first definitely want to talk about the pump ocracy when it comes to the g.o.p. and gone but i'm curious so i think any intelligent viewer of our team wants to know why you don't focus since there's a lot of criticism of the american so. which definitely deserves it but why not
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turn the focus back to russia since you are basco base to talk about chechnya our freedom of journalists and all that why not discuss that as well rick thanks for the call i appreciate it but we're doing this show is america centric show i talk about american politics and so that's you know basically talking about any other politics douglas in henryetta oklahoma eight douglas what's on your mind. douglas. below. ok let's let's move on to do zhen in alexandria virginia. do. you want to oh i'm sorry i'm a mispronouncing so you. won't quit sure. i want to know a homework to. remember mark. and i want to know about marijuana
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i do not begin where i want to. well it's been decriminalized now in colorado and washington state and even pretty. well it's illegal in virginia it's illegal federally too as well john thanks a lot of call thanks for raising the topic i think that this is this is one of those issues that in the united states we go back and look at the original anti-drug laws and you know there is a real racist pieced to starting them back in the in the ots in the teens in the early parts of the twentieth century. in addition to that and along with prohibition what they did was basically created an industry this whole there's this whole anti-drug industry there are fueling the private prison industry there's there's you know in the end the fallout from this has been lots and lots of americans going to jail there's also the drug testing industry back in the seventy's i had a friend who was a chemist and he used to sell drug testing kits and. times magazine some people can
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check out their own you know that kind of thing and you know when the drug testing got really big in the eighty's he sold this company for millions of dollars because it's so profitable twenty five cents for the chemicals you sell it for thirty or forty dollars so anyhow that's that's my take on it the i think that it's silly the pot is criminalized nobody's ever died from an overdose of it and yet forty fifty thousand people a year die from alcohol bob in valley springs california a bob what's on your mind tonight my top. being a responsible gun owner and of course i am. truly a backer of the second amendment but also as a responsible gun owner can't we set up a federal government secured web site where i can register my serial numbers and to make it manufacture of my weapons to at least get a head start letting the government agency know what i have so they can actually help trace it why i'm. not certain but i believe that you could simply
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let your local police department know what the serial number is for your weapon or kind of weapon it is if you're concerned about it being stolen for example and used in a crime and be on the record that way thanks for the call and thanks for raising that my take on the whole gun thing is that a really simple way to deal with this is to deal with cars or excuse me with guns basically the same way we deal with cars back when cars first came in the marketplace they were unregulated we the first stop signs we had cars in the one in the one thousand watts the one nine hundred teens and the one nine hundred twenty s. and it wasn't until the one nine hundred thirty s. that we had in fact the mid one nine hundred thirty s. we had a federal national standard for stop signs and lights traffic lights and around that time we started saying ok the car has to be registered the driver has to be licensed we have to have to demonstrate that they are competent at it and because the cars can kill people and this didn't come until the forty's and fifty's the driver. have to have liability insurance and i'd say for guns let's register the
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guns just like a car let's show proficiency for the user get a shooting license basically demonstrate you know how to use and store a weapon and require insurance liability insurance did in dubuque iowa a dad thanks for calling once on monday. about it to this so weapons thing you know we have our theory that we all over the united states you. know the health weapons that the people want but the thing is you have to check in to the armory when you're done you're in amman and you governors are going to have ranges right there yeah. yeah i agree with you and dan in an excellent point thank you for calling in making it in fact in the early days when we had militias particularly in the north in the south the militias were used mostly to suppress slave insurrections they were called slave patrols in fact there's a book by that title that chronicles the history of the militias in the south pre
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ratification of constitution in the north the militias were more to replace a standing army and there were local armories where people would keep their guns and switzerland does it right now and i would i would say that for example of somebody who wants to shoot an assault weapon they're not going to do that hunting they're going to be doing that and they're in the target range so let the target range on it let people rented or if you do own it you have to keep it there at a target range locked up in an appropriate gun case paul in napa california hey paul thanks for watching thanks for calling it's on your mind. i was wondering i could that the dems are bringing up single payer health care in the congress again and i wonder maybe uproots on it but if you could tell me what you know about that if it's true and what you think the benefits would be over the current national health care plan sure sure thanks a lot for the call bill there has been a proposal and. forgetting which which member of congress put it for. word but it
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was put forward today by a democrat in the today or yesterday by democrat house representatives no it was jan schakowsky was jan schakowsky from illinois who put it forward and in fact she called it the. the. public option deficit reduction plan and basically what it did is that allowed people to buy a public option insurance as well as health insurance i think it's a great idea i love jan schakowsky she's great frank in chicago last call what's up frank. you know our support of israel i'm absolutely there but doesn't anybody wake up and see that they're treating the problem. like they're not peace treated i mean maybe in that i don't i think that's what. your argument thanks for the call your argument starts to break down when you get into that kind of hyperbole but the fact of the matter is that in israel there is a very loud very public debate about israeli policy with regards to the west bank
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and the palestinians and gaza and we just generally don't have that debate here in the united states and i think it's unfortunate i think that it's it's not good for israel that we don't have to pay for your take my take a live thank you for all of your calls i didn't get your calls and i was called back next week. is the good the bad and the very very bad no genesis showily ugly the good stephanie miller miller a fellow progressive talk radio host and a friend of mine is bringing her sexy liberal comedy tour to our nation's capitol along with help from hal sparks and john fugelsang seventy has created a show filled with humor from the left and besides making audiences laugh out loud the show is also benefiting local charities here's a sample of a laugh. so you can expect. you know what here's
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a little free advice for caribou barbie. from another political candidate i would save a little that fox money for therapy for those kids ears seriously. did you see the big horrible color of the partridge family on crack bus tour this summer. so the big morrow colored bus with sarah pac on the side she was teasing reporters about whether she's running all across the country and the reporter took their picture and little piper eleven goes. for more information about the sexy liberal comedy tour go to sexy liberal dot com tickets are available at ticketmaster dot com or you can get them at the box office at warner theater in downtown d.c. i'll be there i hope you see you there too bad governor rick snyder of michigan snyder really loves to sell his state out to the highest bidder so it should come as no surprise that he signed a bill that allows a private prison in michigan with a troubled history to reopen geo group the owner of the currently bacon prison has
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been accused of enabling juvenile use riots and even deaths at its facility after michigan shut down the facility in two thousand and five due to complaints geo group spent millions of dollars to expand it even though there were no prisoners to fill it is now it looks like despite a laundry list of abuse allegations private prison company will again rake in the money all thanks to governor snyder and the very very ugly republican state leadership committee a nationwide republican group sent out a memo recently bragging about its victories in the two thousand and ten and two thousand and twelve elections and the role the jury mandarin played in them or in the memo quote drawing new district lines in states with the most redistricting activity presented the opportunity to solidify conservative policymaking at the state level and maintain a republican stronghold in the u.s. house of representatives for the next decade and of quote as we all know this plan worked pretty well for republicans they ended up with the. thirty three seat
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majority in the house even though they got fewer votes than the democrats did and it works so well that they're expanding their joy at their election rigging injury manner in efforts for the twenty sixteen election and that is very very appealing. coming up the c.e.o. of whole foods recently attack obamacare calling a promise sample of fascism well you were wrong about that like spoiled fascism really isn't and i'd still eat it. let me let me i want to know why don't you let me ask you a question from. here on this network is what we have in the bank we have our knives out. to do is this time it was just a bad thing never again here in a situation where b. and i didn't even talk about the mainland we.
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it's thursday over the last eighty years something really interesting has been happening all across the globe nine hundred thirty today there have been consistent increases in i.q.
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test scores all over the world it's pretty much the period of time that we've been measuring i q's and while many explanations have been proposed to help explain this phenomena which is known as the flynn effect none of really stuck well now thanks to a new study and surprising new information about the universe scientists and researchers may be a little closer to possibly explain the flynn effect according to a computer simulation run by a group of researchers the universe may be growing much like a giant human brain a study published in the journal nature's scientific reports suggests that some undiscovered fundamental law of physics may govern and explain the growth of various systems both large and small like the electrical fire in between neurons in the brain the growth of social networks and even the expansion of galaxies studies of the past have shown that brain circuits and the internet look very similar but despite the similarity nobody's been able to develop equations to predict how
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computer networks brain circuits or social networks will grow over time but using einstein's equations of relativity physicists researchers can retrace the universe's birth and growth since the big bang and see how it has expanded outward ever since so the team of researchers on the study decided to see if the universe is accelerating growth could give insight into the ways the brain circuits and social networks expand the team created a computer simulation brokedown the early universe of the smallest possible units or quanta of space time smaller than subatomic particles. the simulation link to all of quanta in a massive celestial network that were causally related as a simulation continued it added more and more and more units of space time to the history of the universe and as a result the network connections between matter in the galaxies also grew when the researchers compared the universe's history of growth to that of social networks
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and brain circuits they discovered that all of the networks expanded in very similar ways dimitry create a car of one of the lead researchers in the studies says that it is highly unlikely that to use his phrase the eerie similarity between networks as small as the brain and as large as the universe is just a coincidence he also says that quote for a physicist it's an immediate signal that there is some messina understanding of how nature works so what's the bottom line is it now appears highly likely that there's some yet to be discovered law that governs the way all networks grow regardless of their size. but let's revisit the flynn effect for a moment for decades the i.q. of the world's population has been consistently increasing and no one's been able to determine why what or for intelligence what if our consciousness was directly related to the universe what if is the human race what if the human
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race gets smarter as the universe grows larger and larger could it be possible that we're all part of one massive brain known as the universe and that our consciousness grows with time because it's an expression of the consciousness of the universe boggles the mind. this is the whole foods c.e.o. john mackey. and he doesn't know what a fascist is he talked to n.p.r. this week and he tried to express how much he hates obamacare you see back in two thousand and nine mackey hated obamacare so much that he called it socialism.
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but now in two thousand and thirteen mackey thinks obamacare is fascism as he said doggedly speaking obamacare is more like rush is socialism is where the government owns the means of production in fascism the government doesn't own the means of production but they do control it and that's what's happening with our health care programs and these reforms today maggie walked back his remarks saying he regrets using that word now because there's so much baggage attached to it but whether mackey meant to use that word or not it's about time someone injected the word fascism back into our political debate especially now that corporations wield more power today than they have in america since the robber baron era the one nine hundred eighty three american heritage dictionary defined fascism as a system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right typically through the merging of state and
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business leadership together with belligerent belligerent nationalism fascism originated in italy giovanni gentile who wrote for mussolini invented the term fascism and defined it in the encyclopedia italiana this way fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power in other words fascism is corporate government a libertarians wet dream it's a government in which the atlases of industry are given free rein to control the economy to control just how they're regulated to control how much they pay in taxes and control how much they pay their workers it should be noted here that ironically john mackey describes himself as a libertarian someone who wants to get government out of the way someone wants the corporations to perform the functions that many think should be the functions of government at least when it comes to economic affairs. in one. hundred eighty three
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most illini finally got his chance to bring fascism to fruition in italy he dissolved the italian parliament and replaced it with the camaro defy. sione forgive my terrible italian in english it means the chamber of the fascist corporations members of the chamber were not selected to represent particular regional constituencies like members of congress are here but instead to represent various aspects of italian industry and trade they were the corporate leaders of italy. imagine that if the house of representatives was dissolved and replaced by a council of america's most powerful c.e.o.'s you know the cokes the waltons the blank fines the diamonds the mackey's you get the picture actually is not too hard to imagine right but this system this form of government is what mussolini and gentile reducer defined as fascism as we know fascism was eventually defeated in
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world war two but just before the end of that war with the fascists on the ropes in germany and italy the vice president of the united states of that type henry wallace wrote an op ed for the new york times and in it he warned americans about the creeping dangers of fascism or corporate government here in america he defined the fascist says those who pay lip service to democracy in the common welfare in their insatiable greed for money and the power which money gives do not hesitate surreptitiously to have they the laws designed to safeguard the public from monopolistic extortion. that's a fascist than what's so different about those c.e.o.'s who decided to evade obamacare is mandate to provide health insurance for their employees guys like the new york city applebee's franchise owner zane turkle papa john c.e.o. john schneider and the executives at darden restaurants or what about the banks
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through. goldman sachs and knowingly evaded laws who knowingly sold investors crappy deals or who knowingly scammed entire cities in a bankruptcy who knowingly illegally foreclosed on thousands of americans through fraudulent robo signing they did this all in the name of short term profits and all in the name of pervert preserving their monopolistic too big to fail status either way evading laws meant to protect the public in order to pad your own pockets has become the name of the game in corporate america today wallace went on to write the american fascists are most easily recognized by their deliberate perversion of truth and fact their newspapers and propaganda carefully cultivate every fisher of disunity every crack in the common front against fascism. can anyone say fox news for the rest of the conservative media complex or those on the right who divide working people and turn them against each other makers versus takers or
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workers vs private sector workers white people versus brown people but wallace didn't stop there he continued about the fascists they use every opportunity to impugn democracy is this unfamiliar after months of republican efforts to disenfranchise large swaths of the electorate with voter suppression id laws and efforts to put restrictions on early voting and voter registration in largely democratic areas but what about republicans in pennsylvania and what they're doing right now they introduce legislation this week to rig the next presidential election by changing how electoral votes are counted in that state is a lot of democracy i'm going on around here wallace continues they demand free enterprise but they are the spokesman for a monopoly and vested interest their final objective which all their deceit is directed is to capture political power so that using the power of the state and the power of the market simultaneously they may keep the common man in utah. objection
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. we often hear of free enterprise from the likes of wall street big oil and the defense industry yet these are the same corporations who also lobby to keep generous taxpayer subsidies bailouts and no bid contracts in place that allow them to reign supreme over the markets that allow them to crush their smaller more independent competition and the common person suffers as a result wages as a percentage of g.d.p. are lower than they've ever been unionization rates are lower than they've ever done they've been in more than a half century here in the united states and yet corporate profits as a percentage of g.d.p. are higher than they've ever before been in american history. at the time wallace was writing this op ed he was confident that the fascists had been adequately held in check in america by the roosevelt administration franklin roosevelt and he wrote happily it can be said that as yet fascism has not captured
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a predominant place in the outlook of any american section class or religion but he went on to warn that in the future fascism quote fascism may be encountered in wall street main street or tobacco road some even suspect that they can detect incipient traces of it along the potomac. sure enough the bastions of fascism can be found on wall street and main street which used to be lined with local independent businesses now lined with predatory transnational giants and along the potomac we find politicians who are more than happy to do the bidding of their corporate overlords today in america were dangerously close to seeing wallace's fascistic this topik america coming to fruition we see the traces of it everywhere unfortunately too many americans just didn't have the word to define what's happening but thanks to john mackey and thanks to the foresight of vice president henry wallace we now have that right word. it's fascism. and that's the way it is
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tonight thursday january seventeenth two thousand and thirteen for more information and in stories we covered visit our website to tom harkin dot com free speech org. and if you missed any of tonight's show you can now watch it in h.d. on hulu hulu dot com slash the big picture also check out our two youtube links of thom hartmann dot com also there you can check out all the different ways you can send us your feedback and no forget democracy begins with you it's not a spectator sport you got to participate and there's lots and lots of ways to participate go to p.t. america doubt or the fact they got a gig coming up here this weekend here in washington d.c. progressive democrats with p.d. america. or move to amend or another great organization that's moving to bring democracy to. get out there and occupy something get out there and get active tag you're it suitable.
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for news today violence flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are today. absolutely.
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