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tv   [untitled]    January 20, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EST

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see anytime anywhere. durian hostage crisis fades halladay is reportedly rising to twenty five that's well it suggested that france's mali intervention which provoked the terrorist attack is actually a resource grabbing operation. hundreds of friends and supporters of internet freedom activist aaron swartz gathered for his memorial with his family maintaining the computer prodigy was driven to suicide by prosecutors and a looming trial against him. and as pakistan agrees to dissolve parliament and face a protest over corruption allegations in the capital archie talks to the man behind
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the anti-government uproar. it's five pm in moscow this is coming to live with me and he said no way we have the weekly for you this sunday and our top story algerian media is reporting that the number of hostages who died in the gas plant has risen to twenty five several foreign severely its civilians were among those killed when algerian forces stormed the site taken by islamist militants in revenge for the french intervention in neighboring mali and there are increasing fears the military campaign could backfire on paris well some analysts say there is more to it than the i meet than meets the eye as probably boyda now reports. we don't always but it's terrorism was about to overwhelm the friendly country the terrorism that threatens not just all
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of west africa but also the entire world. he's vowed that france weren't stop its intervention in mali until islamic extremism in the country is stamped out the military has announced that it's going to be sending more troops and potential set to exceed two hundred thousand the stated goal to help the government in bamako drive out his list insurgents before the francoise alarms talk of freedom and democracy critics say the french government you see as a for the military offensive could be linked to other elements u.a.d. of these fronts. many people say huge parts of it's a huge factor in its economy and it's something that not only mali but specifically niger and other neighboring parts where the tourist people reside. sits on top of almost every single light bulb in france runs on electricity generated by nuclear power power relies on a steady flow of here raney and so you don't have to be
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a nuclear physicist to figure out that to keep all these bright lights on the french government depends on a steady flow of the precious natural resource but molly says mr alarmed is no it's about power or money so that you know security this is nothing to do with any political issue from a different time if we are defending a government or business interests which government which business. some have their suspicions nationally supported the courage energy company. is about to finish the second largest ukrainian mining plant in the world next to mali every year the cars to be exact in this uranium is going to be very cheap there's a third world very cheap. france is playing a very dangerous game and after the french military offensive reportedly sparked
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a deadly hostage crisis in algeria lightbulbs are beginning to go off in the heads of ordinary citizens to pull out almost too much time for intervention if it is to fight terrorism but it's got to be for good reasons not the brits for raw materials that are in mali gas oil diamonds and gold. they don't think about democracy well we have made paris a huge target and france a target for terrorism. at least but with the prospect of untapped natural resources needed to keep fronts eliminated political analysts say that francois hollande promised to stop playing big products of former colonies isn't going to be fulfilled anytime soon playboy can see paris. well britain stepped forward to help the french intervention by providing cargo planes to transfer supplies to the war zone but journalism broadcaster neil clark
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says london stands against islamists is inconsistent. what's happened here is that david cameron who spent most of last year cheering on islamist rebels in syria has now taken the line that islamist rebels in mali of the biggest dangers to the world and we must intervene must help france regardless of the consequences to britain and i think it's a very misguided policy unfortunately the political elite in britain seem to be all behind his policy which is very disturbing but i think the public speaking for the public i think we're very concerned about what's going on we think back to twenty and then when it was david cameron and william hague people like this who were the loudest most aggressive cheerleaders will be deposing of colonel gadhafi who was the biggest work against al-qaeda in northern africa and now the very same people cameron in the hague are the ones saying we've got to get involved in the mali operation to try to put down al qaeda groups there and so there is a really consistency here real hypocrisy you know why is fighting ok africa is these are the biggest cause why should we play such an active role to talk to the
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one leader in northern africa who actually was it was a horrific it's ok. hundreds of people have gathered in new york to pay their respects to aaron swartz and i'm lying freedom activist who hanged himself last week the twenty six year old computer prodigy suicide came ahead of his trial for cyber crimes which could have resulted in him spending decades behind bars but this week federal prosecutors dropped the charges against swartz his family and friends blame the government for his death and the study of turkana reports of the crime downloading millions of academic papers in the public domain from a paid subscription database in the belief that they should be free. to essentially now too many books in the library the punishment facing thirty years behind bars and a million dollar fine if you're looking at a crime that essentially amounts to download p.d.'s to a hard drive. no person was harmed. there was no financial benefit murder
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received was punishment the result. twenty six year old web wizard aaron swartz takes his own life the idea that he was facing decades in jail is is just disgusting absolutely appalling and and now we've lost a tremendously valuable and talented human being while the plea bargain deal for only several months behind bars was reportedly a possible outcome the internet freedom crusader refused to be seen as a felon his family and supporters blame the prosecution's aggressive attempts to put swartz behind bars for his suicide this man a young man and his family were literally terrorized by the prosecutors and the judicial discretion that let this case go forward and not stop while authorities dubbed him a criminal supporter say he was a robin hood in the fight for freedom of information aaron swartz was
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a prodigy at fourteen he helped write the are assessed specific ation an online syndication system that allows users to consolidate feeds from numerous blog sites automatically instead of having to check each website individually the program is now part of the common vocabulary of the internet and is used on a daily basis for publishing news stories from all over the world critics say u.s. officials wanted aaron sent down to set an example he was going up against policy and he knew would but he thought he would be in the clear in the law because he was only spreading public domain documents instead swartz's case has made an example of how seriously the internet is regulated in the us the laws under which he was indicted did back to nine hundred eighty four many believe they're long outdated the prison sentences need to be relaxed especially for supposed crimes like this where there was no economic motive where there was no way for him to profit even if they said even if he did all the things that he did so they said new legislation
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dubbed aarons law has been proposed in the u.s. congress it's still unclear whether there will be any real change but what is clear is that it once again took a tragedy to galvanize national debate and party new york. friday pakistan's government and muslim cleric to hear contrie agreed to bring in and to the mass protests in islamabad tens of thousands of his supporters and to sit in against widespread corruption and unemployment at the contrary convince authorities to dissolve parliament in march and voting should take place within ninety days the government also agreed to discussions on the actual conference demand that the army help set up an inter-meeting ministration was rejected another sign of deepening political crisis was the government's face on the supreme court its order to arrest the prime minister over corruption allegations was dismissed felton and holly journalist and former pakistan air force officer says a change of power could be looming people are likening it to the square and so many
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other things but my personal feeling is that in all those uprisings there was not a single leader around home people could rally but over here they have in the shape of a llama the whole cadre but there have been actually two or three different theories about the background of this man some say that because of his canadian nationality and because of his longer stay in the west he may have been one motivated as well as funded by the west there is another theory but he may be a stooge of the military the fact is that whoever has launched this particular person has done his homework because the man has captured the spirit and imagination of a people who had the feeling that they were down drugged and they were neglected and they were driven against of all because of bad governance because of the peril of situation because of lack of energy lack of food and lack of jobs people are
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joining in flocks and even those who are double minded are now trying to make sure that it matters if history has to change of this country. countries anti government slogans driven by the discontent over corruption and fatah lecture all system including calls for that elusive clergy spoke exclusively to the protest leader who told us exactly what he means. when i say revolution we should keep in your mind in egypt in tunis in libya and all these countries there were military dictatorship for years and years for a long time. and the people stood up against that in iran there was when alkie rule of shan shah the people stood up against their. party stanek is bit different there is no one else rude neither monadic elul nor military dictatorship here is electoral authority and twenty billion is electoral dictatorship true democracy
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does not exist in this society neither in political field nor in social field nor in economical law democracy so this is the law lessness total chaos and anarchy in this country government is totally dysfunctional. saw this is the single nation single country in the whole muslim world having a nuclear capability and if the same situation continues that would be a very big disaster if we could come to the level of collapse so our this martin movement is anti corruption to educate our society from corruption and this is need of the whole muslim world the old third world and developing muslim countries the have to get rid of corruption and corrupt leaders. still to come in the program dwindling support as israelis are to head to the polls
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on tuesday to look into why the country's prime minister binyamin netanyahu is losing many of his former boaters. plus political opponents slam britain's prime minister david cameron for dodging the new issue as he yet again delays his long awaited speech on the u.k.'s future role within the union these stories and much more after this break. mission. critical should free in-store charge of free. range month free. three stooges free. download free born to morning video for your media project free media and on to our t.v. dot com. world. series
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technology innovations all the latest developments from around russia we've gone to the future or covered. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are old today. i. your authority live from moscow israel will elect its parliament in two days time and prime minister benjamin netanyahu is predicted to come out on top yet many israelis today don't
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think he's being radical enough polls there are reports why many of netanyahu is right wing allies are changing their minds. he's the surprise success story of campaign one twin millionaire who says a palestinian state would be suicide for israel naftali bennett used to work for prime minister netanyahu but now he's working at taking supporters away from him like this man who used to be a diehard supporter of netanyahu so he could party until these elections rolled around the likud is. a bus full of right wing members of knesset with a lift wing person driving the bus. as far as being i mean. even though i am opposed to it. i would say most members of the likud obviously when a minute is for it the irony is that while the world sees netanyahu as a right wing leader at home he's losing face among supporters for not being focused
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enough this is part of the right wing campaign he's up against there are some things we all know will never happen the sopranos will never return for another season. the marker on our pro and a peace agreement with the palestinians will not happen promises like this have been a jewish home party in food position it's poised to take more than twelve percent of parliamentary seats analysts say netanyahu while still expected to serve another term is running scared he's up his rhetoric i say in the most clear of terms the western wall is not occupied territory i don't care what the un says we will build in jerusalem because it's our right not on your hands we could list has grown even more right wing with radicals like this woman high up in the pecking order. but the likud retain a party is a party with values the state of israel is a state of the jews whose eternal capital.
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but what will be the implications of such rhetoric after the elections many israelis are asking themselves about the day after will netanyahu become more rightwing and risk drawing israel into conflicts with its neighbors or will he back down and risk losing face among his supporters. is hoping for the latter that netanyahu will listen to world opinion and reach a compromise with the palestinians he knows all too well what the current cycle of violence can bring speakers daughter was killed in a suicide bombing seventeen years ago. that we don't have unfortunately in the center and the left. a leader who is significantly charismatic to lead this country and give its people hope the left is also divided but i do think who will find a way to compromise because of world pressure but that compromise won't come easy enough to be bennett's solution to the israeli palestinian conflict is to annex most of the west bank while allowing palestinians limited so few in the richest and
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while that might not seem a possible idea to most of the international community it's exactly what his constituency wants to hear a fact in a time yahoo is acutely aware of policy r.t. television. well the election campaign in israel is drawing to an end if israelis were to cast their votes today this is what the knesset would look like probably that's according to polls if we first look at netanyahu his party of the coup party which is the front runner there projected to get about thirty four seats seventeen seats have been predicted for the labor party that's the far and the far right jewish home run by israel's rising political star and netanyahu his former ally enough tiredly bennett he's surged into third place and he's likely to spend thirteen seats in the parliament that's about as opposed to a former three seats that he had so they are expecting to gain of course this could all change by tuesday r.t. will be closely following this election on the twenty second of january giving you
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in-depth coverage. how will change with to run develop we'll settle it expands just isolate can there be peace with gaza what's next in relations with america will netanyahu survive his snuff election on january twenty second. israel decides on arts or. it's nineteen minutes past the hour still to come in the program lucky to be alive a man five after falling out of a moving train half naked in the middle of a freezing siberian far as you can find out more in just a couple of minutes. in other news british prime minister david cameron this week again postponed a crystal's crucial speech on his country's future relations with the european union but extracts from that speech were released and they gave a little away other than that the pm believes the e.u. must address certain key challenges the media otherwise the union will fail and
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britain could drift towards an exit robert oulds a british conservative party politician and director of the bruce group says david cameron can no longer delay voicing a clear opinion on a long standing issue does he think his home he needs to set a clear course of what he's going to be doing regarding the european you have a clear distinctive workable policy to fail to do that just keeps the speculation going and keeps the infighting in the conservative party continuing so really he needs to get a grip on this policy as soon as possible and perhaps not trying to lie having a referendum until some time after the next general election that's even if yes prime minister but hold it before that would be the best way to end the uncertainty and so we know exactly where we are going britain pays billions each year to the european union we have enormous costs put on the british economy as a result of excessive e.u. regulation and e.u.
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policies they just don't work for this country it's more of a hindrance than it is a help to the british economy and of course it undermines our own democracy and the option is quite simply to either stay in the european union as it is which doesn't work for many different people or of course leave the european union and negotiate a. basis of a relationship that's purely built around trade and the sooner david cameron delivers the wishes of the british people and the town's power or exits the european union the better. mine right now for you conference with the ball gary and political leader jeep after an assassination and i should say storms the stage soon overpowered the whole thing caught on video you can see it here and also out of our car. and sandstorm russians come on tried to dominate the podium the twenty thirteen dakar rally for details on that story and much more head to our team.
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and we've got quite a story for you catching up the train took a bizarre twist in the road in rural russia this week a matter survived after falling out of a carriage barely dressed for a night in a freezing siberian faras in winter now to manage to tell us how on earth this happened and how he's doing is tom barton thanks for being with us tom what happened this occurrence of amazing to say well forty two year old valarie melk of who here is a long haul lorry driver was one of the passengers on this train pretty clocking its way through the forest in russia's far east during the noise because for a cigarette he goes to the vestibule at the end of the carriage smokes his cigarette and then he goes to come back to his cabin and while the train is core is nice yes speeding along through the through the forest and he opens the wrong door
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he ses and rather than going back to the part of the carriage he falls out of the back of the train onto the tracks and into the forest at night and the train speeding away into the distance he then begins to run but he rapidly realizes he's not just running to try and catch the train he's running for his very life because it's about minus forty out there he's wearing slippers some jogging bottoms and a t. shirt that he'd been wearing in the train and he's now running to try and catch the train which he fails to do and then he's just running hoping that something is going to come down. further down the line and he's lucky just from pillar of luck there is a station several kilometers away he gets there they give him some tea and he's all ok however he seems to be a little bit embarrassed about this whole episode he tried that he looks like a very tough guy he looks at the deficit in a lot of the cold respects however how tough you are but he tried not to tell anyone and eventually his wife found out through from journalists we managed to get hold of ourselves earlier here's what he had to say
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when i fell out i only had parents slippers and t. shirt i ran for seven kilometers i didn't curse money tap and i just saw the train was gone so i came quickly to my senses and started running so that i didn't freeze i ran on the railway track for about twenty or thirty minutes when i go to the nearest station their eyes popped out after they saw a man with almost no clothes on women there quickly gave me tea and reported what just happened i didn't tell this to anybody my wife found out about the incident only after journalists called her. so i would imagine that he got a rather difficult phone call from his wife have to see found that he had been in the situation and trying to keep it secret from i was going to favor any fall out at home because the earth's any kind of frostbite or damaged housing holding out i think he's ok he's back at work all right he didn't nice to keep it secret everyone
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knows about as little mistake never mind valarie but there is there will be an investigation into perhaps one of the train guards had left the door at the end of the train unlocked which was a bit of an oversight apart from that's all ok we have covered a story recently your cooter is having a big problem. in the far east of a big problem lately with lots of wolves there so perhaps another motivation for him to run rather fast to try and get back to that train so lots of lessons in the story one of them make sure you look before you step after opening a door in a russian train i remember that thanks a lot for that. ok well beijing has slammed washington for its latest comments on china's territorial brawl with jets head in the south china sea the chinese foreign ministry says the u.s. should be more careful with its words and stay away from the region's matters it's a reaction to statements made by u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton who reassured tokyo of american support and
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warned china against any unilateral action i would dispute beijing and tokyo both lay claims to a string of uninhabited islands that are said to be rich in natural resources. thousands have marched through the greek capital athens parading the coffin of a pakistani immigrant who was stabbed to death earlier this week the country has seen a surge in anti immigrant anger and racist attacks since the start of the economic crisis three years ago demonstrators accuse the right wing party golden dawn of racism and exploiting public discontent during financial difficulties to gain popularity. and barack obama is due to be sworn in for a second term as u.s. president at a private ceremony in the white house as it falls on a sunday he will repeat the inauguration on monday in a public ceremony on a much larger scale during his speech obama is expected to lay out the country's political course for the next four years gun control immigration reform an energy
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policy are likely to be top priorities in his second term. in a few minutes the challenges of single fatherhood here on our stay with us. sometimes you see a story. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought. welcome to the big
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picture. so. it's. good leverage or. was able to build
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a most sophisticated robot with. anything mission to teach me. to care about humans and. this is why you should care only. those. with. the type of yeah. all weather. now if you want to sleep here. we go out in the morning to walk and run winter a start of so we can go and scrub ourselves with snow. they haven't been ages i can't remember the last.


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