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welcome to the kaiser report on max kaiser america is a frickin good lag that's right america is becoming a good leg what are steve jobs the founder of apple had done fifty years in prison for his blue box shenanigans in which you use an authorized on authorized advice to make free phone calls instead of hanging out with the president or of mark zuckerberg done thirty years for illegally accessing harvard's computer databases to create the first facebook and stead of hanging out with the president one of america began setting its best its brightest its innovators and celestial
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troublemakers not to the moon or to the nasdaq or to the boardroom but to the goo leg not to university or to the white house but to the gulag when it starts doing that you know then that it is in fact a deadbeat nation a gulag nation and a shell of its former self states you never yes max this is referring to aaron swartz the internet activist the man responsible for stopping sopa the young man twenty six he killed himself a little bit over a week ago now i've been thinking about the fact that tyranny has been in the news it's been on c.n.n. and the young turks m s n b c everybody's covering this story this interview that alex jones gave with piers morgan and then you see here the local news on channel four b.b.c. they're covering the fact that americans are afraid of tyranny and yet when you look at it there's no hate be a score for this there's no due process. the bomb administration says they can assassinate american citizens without due process and there are locking up
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activists such as aaron swartz for thirty forty fifty years some internet activists are facing one hundred and something years in prison and to me that seems like what you used to see with gulags it's an extreme punishment for what are the brightest people in the world sometimes you see these really really really brilliant one thousand nine hundred twenty year olds twenty one year olds and ok they make a mistake maybe they do a minor offense maybe they should be punished a little bit for hacking into some computer system like stratford but should they face one hundred twenty five years in prison. well you know i'm enjoying my interpretation of the second amendment sure ok it's there supposedly gave americans a option to violently insurrection against tearing that's what a gun does
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a gun is not there to pick their nose a gun is supposed to be there as an instrument to fight terror any the threshold over which the us government has passed in terms of tyranny has been passed they passed it when they got rid of a.b.s. corpus they passed it when they went through in the end the way they passed it when they started to murder us citizens extra traditionally they passed it with the bradford manning case that bradley manning the case they passed and that they've already passed a threshold of terry so why are americans sitting there thumb up their strength training talking about well if there are any comes that's why i don't i find it hypocritical but before there's a second amendment there's a first amendment before those amendments before the constitution there's a preamble to the constitution that says we the people in order to form a more perfect union so that's number one reason why they create a constitution number to establish justice there should be a justice system under which all are treated equally so we're going to turn to
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aaron swartz who killed himself because of the u.s. attorney in massachusetts carmen ortiz is office it is the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach that is a quote from lawrence lessig and it's the headline for this piece on hullabaloo written by digg be a member of the blue by the way she named it hullabaloo her site because one function of blogs is to cause a ruckus now remember this is part of the shutting down of the american mind is they don't like ruckus they don't like you know troublemakers they don't like any little inconvenience in their life now she says the behavior exhibited towards torts is more akin to something we might have seen in the eastern bloc during the cold war there is also a badly need the disc. caution about the government's willingness to intercede heavily on behalf of business interests while simultaneously allowing business to go on punished for their crimes that's always been true to some extent but we've
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reached a point at which they aren't even hiding it so who is the king george in this situation well it's the n.p.a. essentially the motion picture association of america and chris dodd they're the ones that have decided that anyone on the internet who dares to challenge their outdated monopoly in the copyright cartel should be executed as aaron's dad said the state killed his son and by extension you could say chris dodd killed our shorts and chris dodd is a radical enemy of the people it is the old fashioned word of corporatism the original meaning of the word according to mussolini is the merger of state and corporation but here we see whether it's hollywood we also see you know animal rights activists facing decades in prison if they film factory farming we see environmentalists who ok some of them do commit crimes but are they punishable by
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fifty years for burning and you know an s.u.v. does that require fifty years in prison no but it's now falls under the patriot act another original. as rouge of constitutional rights and the genius of aaron swartz was that he realized that all those activist rights activists environmental activists they all channel back to the copyright and the copyright monopoly that's being controlled by m.p.'s kristie and that the copyright issue is the linchpin issue of all activist issues as we've been saying for many years i myself have been an activist in this space as well and but getting back to gun rights i mean i don't understand the n.r.a. the national rifle association they're obviously the pocket of gun sellers they're not in the interest of the people of america because they passed a threshold of tyranny a half a dozen to a dozen times already they're just simply sucking the money out of these poor people they're treating american people like like like horses the n.r.a.
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is pathetic however in today's world i really think you you will not have the sympathy of the rest of the world if the palestinians fight back people call them terrorists if the egyptian people in cairo ever fall back if they ever used a weapon america was so ready to call these people terrorists but they sat there on armed yemen is the second most armed nation in the world have they been able to stop one single drone no you can't stop the drones but the internet enables you to connect with six and a half billion people around the world and stop. corporatism from happening let's turn to this notion of establishing justice because the u.s. attorney carmen ortiz says stealing is stealing whether you use a computer command or a crowbar so again that's what she's saying it's equal whether you use a crowbar or computer command to steal you should be treated equally in front of the law so let's look to the next headline from her own department of justice how
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they treated h.s.b.c. too big to prosecute this is from december of two thousand and twelve europe's largest bank will avoid a potentially crippling criminal prosecution for its role in moving cash for known terror groups mexican drug cartels and rogue governments such as iran instead agreeing to pay a record two billion dollars settlement u.s. justice department officials announced at a press conference announcement of the immense fine was overshadowed by efforts to explain why in one of the clearest cases of criminal money laundering in recent memory no one would be facing jail time criminal conviction on money laundering violations would have also forcibly prevented h.s.b.c. from doing business in the united states so where's the established justice no there is no justice for banks but that's clear and they. talk about turning and we should mention that they h.s.b.c. and barclays bank are terrorists full stop but i want to talk about this idea of
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stealing as it applies to intellectual property and copyright when the one or two says that stealing is stealing she misses the whole point of copyright and what thomas jefferson argued back again in the formation of the constitution that he was saying there is no basis actually for there to be any copyright law or monopoly protection for ideas they compromise the one for the twenty years protection from but not plea all ideas all creative works come from the public domain and should return to the public domain this idea of a hard. definition of stealing is still very much to be debated are teaser. carmen ortiz is hasn't read the constitution doesn't read anything about law pertaining to intellectual property and as a rogue government official she's a time she's wrote she's just passing unix and laws that are not inherent to any any jersey jurisprudence whatsoever she's a completely out of control role maniac that's the person that deserves to be in the gulag i don't think she's rogue i think she's abiding by how the administration
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behaves this is how they behave towards wiki leaks this is how they behave towards jeremy hammond that's how they're learning but you've. got to judge starr radical. i don't think it's carmen artie's just being rogue i think this is a how the administration her department of justice behaves towards jeremy hammond towards wiki leaks to his bare brown towards environmentalists towards other activists however they have met always let go the financial criminals for the past four years five years of this financial crisis they have always repeat only allowed no crime seems to be too great and this h.s.b.c. case even prompted the likes of jack blome international banking expert in washington d.c. to say quote how much more do you need to know these people managed to cross virtually every line that was crossed it was an astonishing amount of criminal behavior so i ask again there is this point of well like where there openly like
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a moua poll pot in terms of they're not committing mass murder of their own population but they have shot down the ideas the unruly ideas as they call it the the sort of playful cleverness of the internet the young the new generation of this whole so-called knowledge economy where they've just decided to give up well they are causing tens of millions to go back into poverty and those a lot of people will die so it is causing mass death but you know that you were there you just use that's key there is behaviorally this is what they believe in. but the behavior behavior is nothing to the rule of law they're not obeying the rule of law or even the rule of the constitution or even the spirit of the constitution they're just acting out as sociopaths and psychopaths and they are in any time to get caught they rewrite the law they rewrite the rules that's why the u.s. is in a dire straits is that there is no rule of law well finally you know the economist
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magazine even on the death of aaron swartz this is what he says and it's something to think about. contemplate this act of what is happening in the us to call aaron swartz gifted would be to miss the point as far as the internet was concerned he was the gift i remember that is the act that he did he got he ended sopa and they're already trying to come out us again with this new internationally un one but he stopped sopa from happening and we could still do it one individual can stop tyranny and of course they can but gun him down as they pop up unless the society decides to brace. said in the documents and the human rights and the rights of men and the enlightenment of going back to the medieval niel feudalism and be a serf. that's all right thank you harbor thank you thank you max say for the second half we've got alex jones.
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books videos for your media projects free media. dot com. there are twelve cities in the united states in which half of the people with hiv aids lives within a year of a diagnosis of. over six to two percent of those species i diagnosed with this is a problem that frankly is substantially preventable it was like the big elephant in the room and nobody wanted to talk about they were really good public health campaigns people were really focused on this problem you certainly should be able to walk less a tragedy a lot less human suffering. welcome
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back to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser time now to go to austin texas to talk with alex jones of info wars dot com. alex we have in the united states day abandonment of habeas corpus we've got the patriot act we've got the. n d a we've got extra judicial murders of u.s. citizens we've got bradley manning being held without charge. how would you. define tyranny in america alex jones we are now seeing highway checkpoints without warrants quote looking for gang members where they search your vehicle whether you're for gun control or not they know the federal government announcing we're just going to put pressure and muscle and threats on gun dealers and manufacturers
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outside of law we are seeing just situations where taxes in some cases are being doubled or tripled we're seeing taxes increased on poor people we're seeing the ultra rich basically exempt did i mention you know all of the warrantless wiretapping by the n.s.a. the t.s.a. sticking their hands down our pants now the police courts have ruled can tell user you to make you answer questions there is no more fifth amendment i mean it is insane if you read a distro pick novel or if you go look at what dystopian real countries have done like nazi germany or other cases america is rapidly becoming that and then some but you kind of parallel systems you still have some of the old freedoms left and people think they're free and there's still some first amendment but it doesn't matter the tyrants are just moving forward and both parties are controlled by the very same mega banks that you have exposed max and it just gets worse and worse and
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worse by the minute and now you have germany pulling their gold out a bunch of other countries scale i mean we're going to get to germany a second don't let me just focus on this idea of townie for a second now i've been on your show a few times we've had we've talked about the banks and the mega banks etc and but this idea of tyranny as it relates to the second amendment and gun ownership and gun control and of course this is a huge topic bow cross the country in the united states my point that i made on your show before and i'd like to ask you make the point again if the people who are owning guns are doing so because their top attention of the second amendment is that they need to protect themselves against government and against. sanny and we have just listed fifteen examples of that threshold that has been crossed by that what do they think or what are they waiting for that's right so what what what is why why they've got the guns they've got the imperative from the mandate from the
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constitution what what are they waiting for listen i agree that this country's been occupied by the globalist by the banks for years they've bragged in financial publications they've taken over they have taken over much of europe they're now installing leaders and it's the final straw people going to have their bank accounts stolen had the value of their dollar destroyed they can have their privacy stow and they can have their dignity stolen by the t.s.a. now with highway checkpoints but it is the fact that people remember the you know the stories of the founding fathers and seven hundred seventy six they're like oh now i get it you want me to be under a tyranny show it's kind of that final straw and ron paul was on my syndicated radio show last week the outgoing congressman and he said this will cause a civil war and that's the point the military industrial complex owned by these foreign banks these these offshore banks are going far and they want to start a civil war they want to start
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a conflict because no one's ever stopped up and they're like criminals that ever get caught so they get crazier and crazier you know and start you know leaving their calling card when they rob a bank they are now openly saying all of homeland security is for libertarians and conservatives and gun owners not the conservatives didn't support bush in his care and it's just the establishment sees people who at least say they're pro free market and pro liberty as the enemy we're going into a receivership collectivism implosion by design to bring us to our knees like the people of greece and now italy and other countries we're under the very same occupation the banks are occupation that you've talked about. and it is just a nightmare to behold so when i was on piers morgan and i said if you keep pushing it's going to cost seventy seventy six part two i was just letting them know look i understand the game plan you guys in the internal homeland security documents for
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a decade that have now been public or for years that we got from law enforcement were confirmed to be accurate gun owners libertarians returning veterans land rights activist anti federal reserve activist. occupy wall street people anti-war people anybody who knows the system is corrupt left right or center anybody who's got an i.q. above room temperature anybody who can tie their shoe laces anybody that knows we've got crooks running things in both parties is being listed as the new enemy and they want to kick off this new purge going after gun owner i want to i want to i want to jump ahead because and certainly there's a mental yourself every single day infowars dot com and it's fantastic discussion about this every day i want to talk a little bit about aaron swartz because we paid a tribute to airing on the show an internet activist who committed suicide last week his father basically blamed the government he said the government killed my
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son another act of blatant tourney would seem your thoughts on this and the increasingly aggressive crackdown on alternative media and activist alex jones well what they do is they indict you for going and getting taxpayer paid for research papers over the last thirty years that we all paid for it mit that everybody deserves the city and he put them out as an act of resistance and it was just academic research papers most of it obsolete and they were trying to put him in jail for thirty five years now a lot of times they indict you and then say you're depressed and kill you this is the guy that helped coordinate at the very core the defeat of sopa and cispa this is a guy who was fine. hiding on every level and i don't necessarily believe that they didn't actually physically kill him not just harass him until he committed suicide you know you have a ninety seven percent conviction rate in federal courts because they're kangaroo
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courts and have selected juries nazi germany had juries they were just selected juries i mean if you don't have ninety seven percent conviction rates in a free country give me a break i mean it's turned out with d.n.a. thirty seven percent of people on death row on average are innocent and it comes out all the time they know people are innocent and frame them i know people who've been released from prison who had no criminal record and were put on death row just because they felt like doing it so yeah we have a lot of psychopaths like a pastor and are attracted to government power that's one o one criminology and look gary webb told me he was coming on my show in three months the pulitzer prize winner for dark alliance on cia drug dealing and they tried to discredit him he had a new book coming out doubly proving that he had been accurate and he told people three people i talked to his friends and i talked to me he was being harassed that people were breaking in his house special forces type guys were sliding down the poles you know the drainage pipes i mean like commandos robbing him stealing his
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papers he was being death threat it he moved and they came and shot him twice in the head and the police said that's quite normal so if anybody ever shoots and kills me and then says i did it it is a lie it is a lie it is a lie and they always have a quote friend pop up and go you know i know gary said he would commit suicide but he told me he was the d.c. madam told me on air she was being followed and threatened she would never commit suicide and they whacked her and had a fake suicide note that was even the same handwriting and i got that from her condo manager although i think people need to visit texas and they'll find out that it's a state fall of people like alex jones you are texas you are austin. you are alex jones and the rest the world needs to understand what texas is all about thrill now to ask you about again gang coming back to piers morgan for a second c.n.n. host of course you were on a show recently caused a bit of a stir many american progressive and liberals don't know about piers morgan's past
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in the u.k. of phone hacking publishing fake photos trading on shares which had his tabloid was pumping and dumping what why does piers get a get a go a get free pass in america he's he's an acknowledged dangerous sell that here in the u.k. that's one of the reasons he's in the u.s. to escape prosecution here in the u.k. he is a gangster and when i was with him in person i mean he came off as a cold blooded. you know reptile type person and at the end of the interview i got his face and i said look buddy i know you're a gangster and you're not getting our second amendment you're on notice and he laughed at me and said we'll see he's put out tweets saying i am british i'm better than americans i'm conquering you but czar stuff he's put out tweet saying i am standing on the dead bodies of the children and again he got fired from one newspapers your reporting for publishing fake photos you know all the connections
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him over these hackers he's a he's a hatchet man and that's why i blew up and got this face to go look cut the crap man we know what you're really here you're for but here's the news the guy's got a half million viewers his audience doubled after i was on there for a week now and the writings have gone back down he is a he is a legend in his own mind i mean i have conservatively three million listeners a day on terrestrial radio over a million people on you tube watching one way or another every day that's four million i met all of that brings up an interesting point alex and that he really saved his bacon to some degree because he was about to get canceled. everyone hated him after he came came onboard from larry kang he was a stuck up you know plump brit who seemed to be in league with the worst elements of aristocratic skullduggery and you suddenly made him part of the conversation so
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that looking back now alex do you feel maybe some regret in having made piers morgan part of the american conversation you saved his job alex jones is that it is not a good thing or a bad thing alex. well i don't think i saved his job because they're looking you've got a year left on a three year contract of eight million and they report he's probably going to be moved to ten o'clock slot like a sugar fix yeah you went from five hundred thousand to a million plus viewers for the next three or four days those numbers are already going down back to the ridiculous half a million viewers i mean what a joke larry king you know seven years ago had ten million viewers i mean this guy is a joke but all of the dinosaur media is a joke i mean it got him to be part of the conversation so i think it made alex jones even more a larger part of the discussion i think that's the effect that it had ramming the issue out of look taken our guns is about slavery and tearing the white house responded that night at the end of the show to my petition and quote tonight it to
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deport his butt for the different activities that he's engaged in trying to manipulate our internal our entire old politics and now obama in his speech yesterday undoubtedly said there's these pundits who say it's about tyranny and slave and they just want to make money clearly attacking me so i don't have the white house officially responding in print in huge press conferences to us ok that's the truth piers morgan had to admit yes you have tens of millions of overall listeners every week you shouldn't have this platform you know he had night after night he said somebody needs to shoot this guy he talked about how he wants to kill me if you see that i mean they're panicking they're a bunch of gangsters and their time is running out throughout a time thanks so much for being on the kaiser report max thank you for having me and folks can follow me at real alex jones on twitter and in full force dot com and us a had all your a great crew there for me now i'm fantastic all right that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert i want to
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thank my guest alex jones of info wars dot com if you'd like to contact us please tweet us at kaiser report or on facebook dot com for his last kaiser report until next time next guys are saying. bael. me believe it's. easy to. believe.
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the worst you are going to say oh white house of the day the radio guy and pull out a daily minute from a cricket they all want to watch what we're about to go because you never seen anything like this i'm cold.


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