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tv   [untitled]    January 23, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EST

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ending of the european question david cameron promises britain's a referendum on leaving the e.u. . special favors for the u.k. as a precondition to staying put. and yahoo only wins israel snap election to continue building jewish settlements on palestinian land and pressuring iran over its nuclear energy program. or the rise of foreign investment. i mean it's said to me. that he speaks.
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a very warm welcome to you from all of us who. live here. has been a promised a referendum on ditching the e.u. although it's subject to prime minister david cameron's political fortunes in the next election finally delivering his long awaited speech the pm vowed to win a special deal for the u.k. from brussels blasting the block for quote snuffing out diversity and disagreement . did pledge to hold a referendum on whether britain should be able to leave the e.u. if the conservatives win the next general election in twenty fifteen and then he went on to warn that it was likely that britain could head for the exit if he was unable to renegotiate britain's terms of membership with brussels what it
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effectively he wants is that brussels hands more power back to westminster so the u.k. has more control over its own policies particularly economic ones he said that countries will be coming is weaker because of the current situation with the european union and the eurozone crisis and the fact that countries did not have great control over their own economic policies so he wasn't mincing his words today he also went on to say the british public felt disillusioned with the european union and felt disappointed with the lack of apparently democracy and accountability from all the directives that get handed to other member states from brussels this is what david cameron said there is a gap between the e.u. and its citizens which has grown dramatically in recent years and which represents a lack of democratic accountability and consent that is yes felt particularly acute lee here in britain what are you saying to a lot of people did sound quite confrontational but he was also trying to stress
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the fact that look please don't denounce britain for having nice new style of thinking it should be encouraged and he believes that with this he might be able to make you with a better place. parties and your farm reporting right now europe's leaders have begun to reacting to the prime minister's speech with warnings of worse to come if the u.k. pushes for the exit door or the predominant message seems to be that britain is not in a position to dictate what it rules it will follow and which ones it won't let's get more of what europe's been saying with artie's praeter all of us standing by live join us here on the program peter so france and germany not too happy apparently what's being said. well as you can imagine david cameron's speech was watched very very closely here in mainland europe and it's been greeted with concern pretty much all across the board here in germany the foreign minister it did or face the veil and said that a u.k. exit from the e.u. would be a bad thing he said that germany remained committed to trying to make the union
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stronger and it wanted britain wanted great britain to be part of that want the united kingdom to be part of a to help with their making the stronger but he said that you know germany have their own problems with brussels having too much power in their opinion over domestic policy of member states however the way that david cameron was looking at going about changing not wasn't the way forward a similar type of reaction in france from the french foreign minister he said that well it was that it could be dangerous for the united kingdom if it was to go it's a load outside of europe and in fact he said that he was speaking to u.k. business leaders saying that well if you do leave the u.k. does leave the e.u. we'll take you over in front come on over to us he also with some particular gallic flat put forward an example that he said the british would be easy for to be easy for the british to understand saying what david cameron was suggesting was like
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turning up to play for a football team and then walk upon a rival saying no no let's play rugby essentially it's the moving the goal posts martin schulz the speaker of the european parliament certainly pulling no punches he said it would be and it was ridiculous basically what david cameron was putting forward and in fact pointed the finger at back at the united kingdom saying that the u.k. always complains that decisions in brussels take too long the speaker of the parliament saying well it's the united kingdom that draws these things out and drags them out and makes them take too long essentially though the underlying message from everybody across europe from leaders across europe this seems to be concerned particular in. concern that if cameron is able to negotiate these new terms for the u.k. well can everybody now to go shape their own terms within the union and willis create a twenty eight speed european union whereby everybody just looks out for their own interests and doesn't really look out for the best for the u. s.
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i think one of the ripple effects are certainly spreading quickly just hours after cameron's speech artie's put all of the light thank you. all are commenting on the speech in question tory m.e.p. david campbell bannerman he says that britain stance may serve as an example to other european states it's not just britain that wants more flexibility and more control over our nation's states a lot of countries like the vacuum form of czech republic but. the dark the danish a lot of these countries do want more flexibility within the european union and i think actually this is a trend setter and i think it's right of the prime minister to hold out for this to get a better europe it's too inflexible too rigid too undemocratic at the both worlds. you're watching r t thanks for joining us. the latest nato country to step up support for the french intervention ongoing in mali.
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some experts believe france more than it can chew opinion. in a few minutes here. revelations and internet freedom activist aaron swartz took his own life earlier this month the man who had been facing thirty five years in jail for his activities may indeed have been a source. who is just a few minutes away. from now israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu may have won the general election but he's done so only by the skin of his teeth defying almost all predictions the biggest winners were to the center with concern over house prices seemingly trumping that of nuclear threats. reports. desperate enough to turn to the extreme right. the voting here might be in secret but what's no secret is the result there was
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never really any doubt that prime minister netanyahu would win another term in office but the knot on paper isn't matched by the anger on the street. in michigan you know we know that when your whole brought about a deficit of thirty nine billion dollars that's going to cut the welfare social education and health budgets this is what the next four years will look like with you you know and he meant to be part of the new magic but i'm scared to death and really it'll be a disaster quite simply it's going to rob us of the chance to fulfill a true sign is i'm here in israel and i just need to know whose hands will be tied primetime under mystic anger half of his radios are more concerned about the economy then making peace with the past ten years or dealing with iran's nuclear ambitions but it's precisely these issues that see is wrong and the coalition pierced with the international. continuing to build new settlements. daily not weekly. this is really
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a very powerful signal to the palestinians to the. communities that this is not willing to move for the long the road of two state settlement this settlement was founded nearly thirty years ago by just fifteen families it's since grown fifty fold at a rate of about one hundred families a year for the world to tell me that if i'm going to build a summer home or want to have kilometer of course in my house is an obstacle to peace is absurd the sects are such jews came back to their land the facts are such that we as a population are growing i am not willing to the former house for what. for what peace mission yahoo has vowed that the days of uprooting jews are behind he needs the support of the settlers and right wing parties if his coalition is to succeed
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a gamble american president barack obama has reportedly warned will lead the country down the path of isolation it's no secret netanyahu and obama don't see eye to eye and not just on what's happening within israel's borders i think the issue of iran will come back to the it will not surprise i think anyone in israel if we'll see an israeli attack the next year or two for netanyahu always seen as a critical threat do is work into these unable to postpone. the issue of the palestinian issue and so now begins the obvious task of coalition building it could take weeks of bargaining and negotiations before the final makeup of the new government is declared if netanyahu stays true to the polls he could be on course to give israel the most to hard line government in its history policy archie television. well protecting israel from the perceived threat of the iranian nuclear program is among it on yahoo's top priorities he has advocated
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a military attack on iran's facilities in the past however during his third term he'll have very little support for such a move that's according to good ian levy a columnist of the israeli newspaper ha'aretz. to tell you always very devoted to this issue and he believes almost religious way that he's here to see the state of israel in the jewish people from the danger of iranian bomb. but he will have. more difficult this time because at least on this topic he will find fewer partners who would support it because i've seen this kind of adventure with the minister of defense old barak who supported the then we'll look most probably in the coming government. find himself more easily to barack obama second. no doubt that he will not let this happen but you know it does not
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react all raising very racial terms saw i wouldn't exclude the because that then you know is so devoted about it. you're watching r.t. and jordan holds its first parliamentary elections since the arab spring spread but it's not what protestors were exactly hoping for on the way to find out how it's marred by claim to the ballot system is plagued with corruption and the outcome will be decided anywhere but the poll also. breaking this we don't care it's not so great britain so great britain video footage posted online of men trying to enforce shari'a law in london is causing a stir as police arrest two youths thought to be part of a radical group that's coming up just a bit later this hour. but for now here on r.t. the swiss ski resort of davos is buzzing with business right now after the annual world economic forum kicked off there today the prestige gathering is even more
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important for russia this year which is warming up to host the next g. twenty summit and more on the power of davos agreements and handshake deals from r.t. business host katie. but the overall theme is definitely spurring growth in terms of the european sovereign debt crisis also the u.s. fiscal cliff is at the forefront of people's minds here today and as far as russia is concerned we've had the prime minister up on the stage with people about how russia says that all of this on the domestic issues are really the three scenarios that were compiled by the palace today including the former finance minister alexei could today as well as her mcgrath the head of spag as well the sonorities in crude how the price of oil will affect russia so if it remains high it will this mean that institutional reforms start to happen because complacency to come into play if prices go down what would that mean for russia considering it so energy dependent as well is that there was
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a focus on regional differentiation in other words because russia is such a vasa country getting it more on an even kill in terms of competitiveness and attractiveness to invest says i what i found really interesting was that the audience which is full of for some of the world's most influential powerful leaders policymakers they were also what they wanted to most see from russia and seventy seven point seven percent voted for good governance so i'm going to be here all day we're going to be really monitoring the situation and i'll be back six thirty and eight thirty g.m.t. with all the details. artie's ok to feel being there but for now are the high profile internet freedom activist who took his life earlier this month after he was prosecuted for alleged hacking may have had close links to that of wiki leaks and other whistleblowing group came forward with surprise revelations on aaron swartz ultimately on his twitter feed wiki leaks has published several
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statements suggesting that later activists spent some time assisting them and one of the tweets says that schwartz communicated with the wiki leaks founder julian assange for several years and is strongly believed to be a source of information for wiki leaks an investigation into his activities saw him threaten with up to work thirty five years behind bars. i will go for more on the case of aaron swartz so we spoke exclusively to the internet entrepreneur kim dot com he's now fighting extradition to the u.s. over piracy charges that the founder of the maker upload and maker services and a backer of internet freedom told us that the chase going after schwartz was nothing but politics aaron schwartz i mean he stopped sopa with his efforts he stopped soap and he became a target a political target ok and that's why all these things happened to him there's no reason a bore. course behind it going after
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a young like that in the fashion they did it's political. you can see the full interview with kim dotcom here on r.t. this thursday will be an abby martin's breaking the set for now i'm back with more stories after a very quick break. what mystery is hidden deep the nice. visitors the north welcome here. traps laid for intruders. and the supernatural cannot rise from nowhere. can a human be possessed by the water spirit.
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mistress of the cave on auntie. download the official application to yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television well it just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. thanks for joining us here on r.t. today canada is considering extending its commitment to the french intervention in mali that's including sending in troops for logistical support it's after the us italy and the u.k. also boosted their backing for the operation and the morgan an expert on west africa believes piracy clearly underestimated the size of the task in mali. this is
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a very strange and very diverse some very kind of collide scopic coalition of people you have the hard core of the al-qaeda in the islamic magreb fighters now they are very very hard and desert fighters been out there for almost a decade they know the region very very well you know the desert is that absolute home you also have the radicals who basically decided to put their faith in a ghetto garley is this islam this leader this strong man who's basically seduced a lot of to ari into joining his islamist cause now they'll also be at home they know that there's a that's their territory their soup doesn't fighters they specialize in this kind of hit and run the real attack to sell strike very fast and then they'll disappear into the desert possibly even over the borders and we know that the attack on javelin this town about four hundred kilometers northeast of bamako was launched
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from across the border in mark saying that will be a huge problem for the for the for the kind of france and its allies. and libyan based islamists are accused of helping the deadly hostage taking in algeria which came in response to france's actions in mali later in the day here on r.t. people of ellen has crossed all guests discussed whether the west is on a massive campaign against islam islam as a whole or just exactly where it could lead. united states is involved in about fifty four countries on the continent of africa right now finding people that maybe six months to six years down the road turn out to be. the bad guy so we are creating little fires all over africa and i don't think that you knighted states taxpayer is fully aware of this and would fully be on board
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with the idea that our ever dwindling resources are going to pay for all of these. incursions there were relationships. i don't use come in your life from moscow now exactly twenty minutes past the hour here jordanians are heading to the polls in early parliamentary elections announced by the king in response to two years of arab spring arrests this is the first time the prime minister won't be appointed by royal decree but the monarch will only consult the parliament over its choice for the chorus of critical voices so as the country is far from real change is ever claim that the government is likely to rig the ballot or the vote is being boycotted by the muslim brotherhood a move to broad support but incumbent prime minister abdullah and sort of think the prophet has chosen the wrong way to achieve its goal. the muslim brotherhood is
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a party that has been part of the national political process for a long time since the one nine hundred forty s. but it has been actively involved in the political and social affairs of the country it is run for parliament has been represented in legislatures since the one nine hundred fifty s. they're not hostile towards the country or its current leadership but this time they initiated a boycott demanding a change in the election rules on the constitution to better suit the if you opt for boycotts. would anyone change the law if you in the future it would stay just the same it's a catch twenty two that they should have participated in the election i mean forced to change their ask in a foreigner. and you can watch of the full interview with the prime minister of jordan that we are showing are just our eighteen hundred g.m.t. . for now though the bloody civil standoff in syria will see no resolution
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as long as rebels overwhelmingly supported by some foreign powers stick to the idea of regime change and that's according to russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov as he summed up the key diplomatic ups and downs of the past year. in office. one of the issues talked about said the very start of this conference was the conflict in syria and according to russia's foreign minister it's been going on for around two years now but there's still no evidence after it from the international community to get its sides to put their weapons down actually said you know i would of said that the a one sided approach seen by most western states is only encouraging the rebels to gauge in more violence which will use to more bloodshed now another issue or actually another conflict also talked about its conference is france led military intervention in mali and russia she diplomat said that what's happening there now is actually a consequence to how many western states dealt with other conflicts in the region for instance the weapons clearly used by islamists in the fight against government
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forces other scene weapons which were supplied to libyan rebels by western states but of course it's not only about libya syria and mali according to the foreign minister the whole region is a trouble spot and the lack of a unified approach by the international community and double standards are only worse in the situation where terrorist groups including al qaeda are beginning to gain more and more influence now the foreign minister also mentioned iran saying that it is a very very important player in the region and any military attack on it would lead to severe consequences. and iran's foreign minister has said that he wants talks on his country's nuclear program to be held in cairo egypt will be welcome to suggest tehran and the other six nations involved in the talks including russia china and america all say they want the dialogue to start again more powers are calling for
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on iran's nuclear program but the islamic state wants its right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes to be recognized. reports from yemen indicate that al qaeda is deputy leader in the country and one of saudi arabia's most wanted man has died according to the site. intelligence group monitoring terrorism. was declared dead by another prominent you hardest he reportedly passed away from injuries sustained during a u.s. drone strike in december. police in the u.k. have arrested two men who are said to be part of a vigilante group calling themselves the muslim patrol clips posted on you tube show youths walking around east london confronting people and telling them to obey shari'a law some muslim organizations have condemned their actions but have sara for reports simmering that this can happen on the streets of the british capital in the first place. and islamic long take grief that's what they call themselves a small number of people who are growing up to members of the public in areas of
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fronting and saying that they were implementing the whole this was a muslim area and they were demanding people throw away the alcohol they were insulting to women telling them to cover up the spot uploaded on c.t. tens of thousands of people saw it the original video the police investigation started but once again you know that goes around so it's still on you tube right now and again tens of thousands of hits one of the people in the video said this is the miss america as a serial little bit of a c we've seen that this is a debate that really does. pensions and causes a lot of control this i think the muslim community core c.-k. really. what this. done to try and distance themselves from the east london must say that it is designed to stick up tension so there's very much i don't this is on distancing themselves from that's life behavior but certainly this is part of
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what why did the base in the area of london where the police think that this video was filmed in east london is an area that see this argument come up a number of times in the past couple of years with fundamentalist leaks in these areas making a lot of noise about wanting to hear a lot implemented and it is a very touchy subject for a lot of people as we said very threatening behavior in those videos. our time for you to get involved from r.t. dot com we're asking in our poll what will result from the actions of the muslim patrol in london here the choices that you can also mostly true is from would it cause a rise in religious tensions in the u.k. that's the first one there are three more coming after it will cause an increase in muslim fundamentalism that's a choice for you otherwise it might cause more reprisal attacks from groups like the national front or perhaps it will just create more growing discord in mixed london communities where here's are you voting for this hour let's bring up the numbers from r.t. dot com as they do continue to fluctuate from hour to hour but we are still taking
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all of your votes and it is still the same though at number one the top most big result here what will result from the actions of the muslim patrols in london a growing discord in mixed communities they were going to be followed here by our prize although vigilantism that is rising religious tensions and oh hold on a second down to the bare minimum an increase in muslim fundamentalism and we continue to monitor the fluctuating numbers of r.t. dot com your input is always very important to us so do stay with us here to keep taking your pulse on this for now though our special report a mistress of the cave starts in just a couple of minutes here on. something was wrong with.
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well. out of sight but still on our minds radiation from this still exceeds the norm let's try to live smarter with smartphones you never know what some people are hiding things can't be sure to prove down to the molecular level learned that what the doctor ordered is often based on secrets under our skin let us shine the light on a kid in world. politics update we've got the future of coverage. so
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the project is called the mistress of basically she looks like the silhouette of a woman on the wall. in the cave. she lives there it's true she does exist and you'll get the chance to meet her and . be sure it's the longest gypsum crystal cave in the world. five kilometers long and it's the longest water cave in europe. some say it might even become the longest of europe.


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