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tv   [untitled]    January 25, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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exactly two years after egyptians started a revolution that would bring down hosni mubarak they're on the streets again protesting just as fiercely against the islamist regime that replaced the toppled president. a decorated cia veteran and the man who first confirmed america's torture of detainees gets years in jail over his leaks and explains why it's him and not the torturers to take the full. and sanction of the korean peninsula to the brink of war with pyongyang vowing to attack what it called the traitorous south if it joins in with fresh international restrictions. plus a rowdy russian flight where it wasn't just the plane that was flying fists work
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when a boozed up businessman started the scrap in the skies even threatening to kill the pilots and forced an emergency landing. around the world online on screen live from the new center here in moscow this is r t with the twenty four hours a day over one hundred people have reportedly been injured across egypt now as hundreds of thousands rally on the second anniversary of the start of the country's revolution people are out to celebrate their venting anger against the new government which came to power following the eighteen day uprising that toppled the long time leadership of hosni mubarak karo based reporter true has the latest. the scenes here of really become quite chaotic across the country as the january twenty five anniversary rallies turn violent we've heard dozens of industry injuries
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across the country with clashes happening in xandra airport sayit suicide hotline of course cairo in addition there's been reports that the freedom and justice party headquarters which is the political wing of the missing brotherhood has been attacked and it's been a witness to point to violent attack on a woman by the group's a sex attack on her she was stripped and beaten and taken away by ambulance people believe this is people coming to the scratch trying to stop protesters from protesting against the president definitely we're going to witness these scenes go on into the night sky everybody descends into into violence two years ago when john or twenty five people came to the street to have enough of the injustice of the hosni mubarak regime people say that back here because they see no changes they said the situation is unbearable definitely according to january statistics at least a quarter of the population now under the poverty line of course the constitution itself is it a sticking point for people saying dominate is drafted by an islamist dominated
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constituent assembly and does not represent gyptian these rainy a key point is that people saying is the reason why they're here protesting against the president's i calling to change geo political analyst william and bell says the government in egypt is more concerned with keeping its grip on power than having a stable economy. well the problem is this is a minority the muslim brotherhood is the best organized force in the country after the toppling. but the and it's backed by by washington by the obama administration which gives them additional clout the problem is they just ram through a constitution that in effect what's happening is the muslim brotherhood is establishing an islamic dictatorship i think they're so preoccupied with this sure real agenda this islamization of creating this this state which de facto is emerging to be an islamic fascist regime a totalitarian regime that will regulate every corner of life and they're less
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concerned evidently with the real functioning know what comedy so that. you probably need to right now a terror attack alarm in libya's second largest city three european governments call for the immediate situation of their citizens and then fears the city could soon be ripped apart by attacks more on that for you in just a few minutes. also ahead the dismal figures which expose britain's fragile finances there is a country may slip into another recession and lose its top notch credit rating up to g.d.p. shrinks again. as stories told to come but first an ex cia veteran who oversaw the capture of his third in command has been sentenced to two and a half years in jail for leaking classified intelligence john kiriakou was the first to blow the whistle on washington's torture program later revealing the name of an alleged torture at guantanamo bay and he's going to church can report on his predicament. the cia veteran the former chief of counterterrorism operations in
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pakistan john kiriakou will spend thirty months in prison for leaking the identity of an agent but before he was prosecuted mr kitty after had been actively speaking out against torture and now he and his supporters believe that he was prosecuted for coming clean over torture practices in the cia it started with an investigation into how military defense attorneys acquired tunnel bay obtained the names and photographs of cia personnel as ortiz eventually tracked one name back to a reporter who had spoken to mr. rather than risk a far longer prison term and because he could no longer afford his legal fees and stick it out when a cobra agreed to plead guilty to one of the five charges against him violating the intelligence identities protection act by e-mailing the name of a covert cia officer to a freelance reporter who never even published it there's something very disturbing about this case had john key actually engaged in torture he wouldn't be in any
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trouble at all he never even would have been investigated because he talked about torture with reporters he is going to prison the fact of the matter is that the u.s. government has classified everything related to its torture practices which means nobody can be prosecuted for human rights violations that were systematic of systematically committed at one comment here is what mr get out will says about that i never tortured anybody but i'm getting to prison while the torture is in the lawyers people who brood and the people who deceived and the man who destroyed the tapes will never sees justice and that's the saddest part of the story. this of ministration has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all previous administrations combined while protecting those who have committed torture who have ordered torture behind this wall of classification contrary to popular belief president obama didn't stop the united states from torturing he just stopped it from torturing on his watch through an executive order which means that the us could be only another
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executive order away from some other president or vice president deciding to torture again. the thirty month sentence that's being talked about is part of john kerry after his plea deal but the judge could still refuse to settle for that meaning he could potentially face falling prey to jail time now for the accusations former cia officer ray mcgovern believes them to be political is being punished out of range hypocrisy. look at the chronology here in two thousand and seven john kiriakou came out very loudly against torture as being not worthy of the united states and not efficient not a way to get information what happened well the instructions were to get people to confess confess to what confessed for the existence of weapons of mass destruction in iraq confess to the existence of operational ties between al qaeda and saddam
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hussein it was all a crock they had to make this stuff up and you can't get real flyable information from torture but you know what torture works beautifully if you want unreliable information and so they kind you know not only tires not only weapons of mass destruction but ties between iraq and and al qaeda and it was a masterful propaganda performance on the part of the united states on the part of the u.k. . and emotion form m i six officer says that under a bomb america's prosecution of whistle blows has hit record highs and is swirling out of control it does appear to the rest of us are that if you are one report of the crime you were. kept it is not just don't react you will receive the. underpants bomber that who preceded it all has put together that he's really found ways and it's not about time. about some recent number. for
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example this is. that this is due from. i think this is a call really a terrible reaction. a vital anti terror weapon or a deadly threat to civilians u.n. investigators looking into whether the use of drone strikes maybe by the u.s. could amount to war crimes that's coming our way surely. the first alcohol and airplanes is often a dangerous mix and so it proved for one high rolling russian businessman he's hit the headlines after a booze fuelled brawl at thirty thousand feet. tells the tale of. this. it started out as an ordinary flights to one of the popular holiday destinations for many russians egypt so you can imagine the passengers are sitting there in their seats visualizing how they're going to be sunbathing just in a couple of hours but then suddenly the resent is interrupted by one very troubled
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past and. this man there we go appears to have had a little bit too much visualisation if you know what i mean started smoking in a laboratory then he attacked one of the passengers so the flight attendant tried stopping him he started attacking the flight attendant and he announced that he's a former member of the swat team he's also said that he was a member of the deputy of the city duma a businessman all these things in one he was actually warned that his actions could be taken as a hijacking of the plane he said he didn't care if you threaten that he was going to kill all the passengers on the plane he said that he could do it with just his two fingers and then he said that he was going to try to land the plane himself on a water so the plane did land and. the staff staff passed him over to a local police in egypt but he was traveling with his wife and a three year old daughter who he held up and when he was detained the police well basically we released him just in a matter of minutes without actually pressing any charges but the good thing the
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police in russia are now waiting for him to come back since they do have this video they do have reports from all the witnesses so the story's not over yet but this does bring us to the question of how much alcohol should be given to passengers because this is far from the only case of flights erupting on board of flights and in some cases the passengers duty you have to take it in their own hands to calm the passengers down like the one incident when the passengers were also with the passenger was also quite aggressive they had to duck the guy to seat you spent the entire transatlantic flight from iceland to the states like that but it's not always bad sometimes good things happen like this bill of on board of flight i don't know if alcohol was involved in this case but i guess if it was it wouldn't be that bad if every time it happened like that. extraordinary story there another standoff but this time on the ground lawmakers move closer to forcing an
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anti-gay promotion bill while activists both for and against a full outside parliament and arguments the motion is an attack on freedoms details coming up in a few minutes for. those careers warning of war saying it will attack south korea if its neighbor takes part in fresh u.n. sanctions altimeter marks the third day of fiery rhetoric with pyongyang previously vowing more nuclear ballistic tests james corbet editor of a japan based news website says the region is on the brink. joining it is an absolute wild card in this whole situation and it really is just an irrational actor and in the whole scene there in it it's been years now of carrots and sticks and neither of them seem to have any effect there seems to be periods of relative quiet and then periods of threats and violence threats of violence and so far that it's failed to materialize into into very much you know on the korean peninsula but of course it's always possible that some sort of some incident could come out of
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this i don't think anyone even the north koreans really want to see that but i think it is a way of keeping focus on the region and keeping people coming back to the table with north korea but i don't think north korea is ultimately going to be the actor that will have to be involved for a solution to this i think this is going to have to involve china at some point because they are the ones that are keeping with korea on an economic leash and a lifeline renu. tough economic times are forcing people in britain to think outside the box when it comes to making ends meet but one option which is pretty pretty popular is far from savory later this hour we'll talk about how to treat the money land that's a drag on the u.k.'s poorest a much better haul into a web of debt that's join us after the break. mission free accreditation three runs for chargers free. range month
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multiply here each day. it's very profitable to invest in colombia with that every profit of asylum is a very high return on investment. you'll know me and he has said that i've been working in this area for thirty years and i've always had to pay the armed groups that they needed betis i knew the kind of managers who change their name and strategy but just tell the same murderous. high ranking suspects you know coming. pretty upset about that mr president you assume. to president putin. both the media. i won't give an interview i'm sorry but no.
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investigation is a dead. end says sick you stop your bullshit and keep quiet or else you'll suffer the consequences. even if they're your bodyguards to watch themselves because the same goes for them. returns from go say i've never heard of such a case as ours are so much money and gold has scope for so many years. for all the gold in colombia on our t.v. . it's.
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just you and it's very warm welcome the news continues here in british german and dutch authorities have called on the citizens to evacuate immediately from libya's second largest city of benghazi its fate it could be the target of an attack similar to the one in neighboring algeria that resulted in dozens of hostage deaths shia political analyst patrick henningsen things off the shelves from the libyan revolution will spread throughout the region it is natural to to have that fear we've had a number of. serious incidents in libya and also in neighboring algeria recently so yes it would definitely be off limits for foreigners the destabilization we see
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right now is a direct result of the nato policies that brought about the situation there with the overthrow could off be and they also have to take europe has to take responsibility as well as america for the spread of any islamic extremism into the neighboring countries there are rumors that were floating around recently that acts could off the chemical weapons were being shipped over to syria and were going to be used to blame assad. the counterterrorism effort by the u.s. is under the microscope the u.n. an inquiry into the legality of using drones worldwide investigation comes amid rising concern that the flurry of what's dubbed terrorist strikes has done little to protect civilians rights activists suggest that in pakistan alone every quarter by cia drone attacks all innocent bystanders start to chicken it reports. what we have going on as a group of top notch international law specialist spearheaded by the un special
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rapporteur on human rights and counterterrorism launching this investigation into the drone attacks carried out by the united states in recent years there are going to be looking into the drone strikes taking place over somalia yemen again to stand pakistan and the actions of israel when it comes to the occupied territories the group plans to look into from twenty to thirty specific strikes one of the areas they're going to concentrate on are the so-called double tap strikes where rescuers for example people running to save victims of a drone strike were attacked by a follow up or are people going to funerals this is been something that's been a big concern lately with dozens of people dying in those incidents so this is what they're going to look into this is something that's going to last a while they will look into the numbers of casualties the identities of casualties and really the legal liabilities that might follow and this is something that we're not really expecting any kind of legal serious accusations to come out of but one
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of the things they're looking into is whether or not work crime is a term that can be used a very strong term so this is something that we're going to have to find out when this report finally revealed in the months to come well is what prompted this investigation is of course growing concerns that the increased attacks and up killing civilians and children on the ground this is something that's been a big concern for years this is something that's causing huge anti-american sentiment in places like yemen specifically where recently in the latest drone strike two children were killed. we saw a group of countries russia china and pakistan addressed the un human rights council and saying look we need to investigate this further so this investigation is now being launched and it's also you know the numbers really speaking for themselves one hundred seventy eight children died just in yemen in recent years eight hundred ninety one civilian since the year two thousand and four just in pakistan so this is something that needs to be addressed and the goal of this particular investigation is exactly that. he's honest as
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a chicken of an era skyscraper being constructed in the heart of moscow's business district goes up in flames at least one person was injured and congress evacuated from the building after the fire broke out around the twenty third floor head online for more pictures and reaction to that and. being online is essential for german media now is a call that a mom's one media company paid compensation for not providing internet services luckily we've got a website where you can find out more on that story and that is. what mystery is hidden deep beneath. visitors a north welcome here. traps are laid for intruders. and the supernatural can arise from nowhere. can
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a human be possessed by the water spirit. mistress of the cave on aunty. here the reindeer is everything for the herders. and when it suffers. people do their best to help. but the distances are. and the rooms are tough and unpredictable. will the remedy be on time. the first baby steps are joined. folds and bones
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are not a big deal. but they can cause terrible trauma. for children can be broken by bare touch. and only the will of life can make old pains and sores way. fragile people on r.t. . economic worries continue to shake police have launched a pre dawn raid on a metro death row in athens to remove transport star striking against drastic cuts to their wages the government had issued an emergency order forcing the employees to go back to work the wage cancer be made by the greek government as part of a sturdy measures aimed at saving the country from bankruptcy meanwhile in the
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belgian capital steel workers have clashed with police and the closure of the keys still company the measure will lead to around thirteen hundred job cuts and the british economy may seem to find itself in the doldrums official figures have shown that g.d.p. shrank more than expected recently and the country's on the verge of a triple dip recession littlewood the richer the institute of economic affairs in london told me earlier that he believes the coalition governments short sightedness is to blame. of course we need to bear in mind when you look back actually a couple of years later often these numbers are revised up or down so we shouldn't really trust them to the very last decimal point what we've seen it appears over twenty twelve is not the british economy absolutely tanking but basically flat lining and that is pretty much been the picture for the last two years and it looks like we've got to be at about zero percent growth for twenty twelve so it's not a crushing recession but it's certainly not apparent back certainly what the coalition government here in the u.k.
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are doing isn't working if the i used to produce growth rates or two or three percent and indeed the government's independent forecasters suggested two years ago that we would be experiencing those sort of levels in growth for the u.k. economy about now i'm afraid that was turned out to be a part rate but let's be clear about this austerity target that you saw a lot does saying that the u.k. government has persuaded itself and most of the media and all of their political opponents that there is some savage program of spending cuts being undertaken in the united kingdom that's a long way from the truth when you actually look at the numbers rather than the political rhetoric. tough times are pushing people in the u.k. to make hard decisions and more and more families are taking out so-called payday loans with huge interest rates to put money in their pockets or a first look at what's pushing people to turn to these companies. payday loans tools have become a common sight in britain's towns and cities with the threat of
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a triple dip recession hanging over them more and more cash strapped families looking for a quick way to make ends meet with a loan from one go dot com you can borrow up to one thousand pounds for up to thirty one days northeast in particular has seen a big increase rethink in the number of payday loans that are popping up on the high street here in this part of the sunderland you can see there's not just one of these payday loan stores but right next door to. this area is one of the poorest in the u.k. and when you take a closer look at these stores promises of instant cash they come with sky high interest rates. but working providing advice days what takes just moments to approve can lead to years of debt misery what happens is if i haven't got the money at the end of the month to be a repeat then of course the rest will continue war and then we're going. to try and pay off the period. saw the most try one go first go on to quick
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quid i want to hear you clear and it's just a never ending cycle we will be one of the representatives the leading paid a link provided. why the industry seems to be lending so irresponsibly it doesn't make any sense to lend to somebody who can't afford to pay you back so the members i represent spend an awful lot of investment in the best technology to make the best assessment of somebodies affordability but these areas of the united kingdom and some of the poorest communities so that seems quite targeted why are they choosing these areas where you'd expect that people wouldn't be able to pay back that money what you're finding is these lenders are setting up and secondary high streets where the rates are lower they're also setting up where there's a demand the government says it's conducting an extensive payday lending sector with this site on tighter regulation just in the meantime and dave has some clear
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advice for anyone thinking about taking out the payday loan nor. for new or avoid the why. so r.t. reporting from send. to iraq now where police opened fire and sunni protesters in fallujah sixty kilometers north of the capital leaving seven civilians dead and dozens injured shootings happened after worship in the friday prayers two soldiers were later killed by unidentified gunman in what could be related attacks a curfew has been imposed on the city and the government has said it will launch an investigation if the most violent incidents rocks and sunnis started protesting against the shia led government in december. six people have died in a mudslide in a gold mining community in southern ecuador. eighteen others have been injured in the incident triggered by several days of heavy rain the slides of engulfed homes
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and blocked. roads to the area that can only be reached by helicopter. thousands of muslims of flooded the streets of the pakistani port city karate to mark the birth of the prophet muhammad celebrations or several professions merging into one came amid extreme security measures the tens of thousands of police on patrol including paramilitary forces. bombers named national security adviser as his next chief of staff denis mcdonough who has been described by obama as a close and trusted friend to help the president for his latest iraq and afghanistan strategies the moxa reshuffle at the white house as washington prepares to tackle difficult issues such as gun violence immigration reform and budget deadlock. russian lawmakers have passed the first reading of a bill which bans the promotion of homosexuality among children the legislature has already been dubbed by its opponents as anti-gay and provoked scuffles.


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