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really good public health campaigns if people were really focused on this problem you certainly should be able to what was a lot less human suffering. deadly clashes erupt across egypt on the second anniversary of the country's revolution as tens of thousands express their discontent with the president they helped put in power. while barack obama is losing ground in egypt as he starts his second term with the initial high expectations for his policy and the arab world plummeting. and the u.k.'s economy it could plunge into recession for the third time in four years according to the latest g.d.p. figures drawn down to by debt and the euro zone's plight.
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and around the world this is ours here with me. thanks for joining us at least nine people have been killed and nearly five hundred wounded in clashes with police across egypt on the second anniversary of the revolution that toppled hosni mubarak this time tens of thousands of demonstrators were calling on president mohamed morsi to step down saying his muslim brotherhood bond government is only working for islamists and cairo based reporter bel truett has the latest for us. we have had reports from local news outlets that several people have been killed in addition there have been reports of attacks on muslim brotherhood headquarters in particular the freedom and justice headquarters in dublin who are now down to as well as it's been a year in addition to arson attacks on government buildings and people expressing their anger here in cairo to massive volleys of tear gas coming from the police to protesters pushing people off the square in these create blooms of gas that you
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can't breathe and they came to the streets in generating q five two thousand and eleven we were fed up with the injustices of being called mubarak regime and the returns now because people are saying we've seen no change on the top of the agenda people are saying is that the economy is very hard for people to find. you going to permit rates for example are seventy seven percent which is staggering really high in addition of course there is a lot of anger directed towards the new constitution which people say is written by an islamist dominated constituent assembly and doesn't represent egypt we've heard a lot of chance against the president mohamed morsi and his group calling for changes and also actually for him to leave the pool city of suez has the most violent clashes with the military deployed to try and maintain security so eight people including a policeman and a fourteen year old boy. so this is the mob this is.
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the city of suez a fourteen year old boy was shot so protesters set fire to a building which used to house local government another person has also been shot and killed in the city of is my where protesters also said they had quarters of the muslim brotherhood on fire while tahrir square in cairo has been the epicenter of the rallies much like during the uprising to oust hosni mubarak two years ago alexandria and port say there were also scenes of violent street clashes and. shun me editor of newspapers says the people of egypt have grown increasingly disillusioned with the politics of the muslim brotherhood. people voted for him to be a good chance. at the last. for most of the people who are out in the streets to the people in egypt now do realize that. religion and politics should not be mixed clearly and some.
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would use. religion to get the support of the people and once we are viewed in a very very different view from what they have been promoting and that's. one of the reasons of their anger you are seeing to the industry to egypt. americans want to ensure and secure their interest in egypt but now their pictures and the reality has shown that actually muslim brotherhood does not have they were short of the support of the majority of people in egypt now there is only one quark he that actually will decide what's happening in egypt and that's the people of egypt neither the united states nor morsi himself much say what's happening to the people of egypt who are back in the streets. free of the
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regime today so egypt was one of the first states in the arab world the us are said to have towards democracy is very involved president obama had some of his highest ratings there but has now witnessed a sharp drop in popularity is seen as a sign that a washington has failed to define a consistent policy to navigate a region's conflict his policy and that's now that's why the perception of the u.s. and the muslim world has got so bad. i've come here to cairo to seek a new beginning between the united states and muslims around the world words of promise that field of region with hope will respond but as a bomber begins his second term in office his critics fail he want to first term the fell far short of expectations progress on peace between israelis and palestinians remains stored the promised economic development of afghanistan never
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took root and american relations with post mubarak egypt deteriorated and i didn't see if the u.s. and elegance community has more or less thought that it was in control of something called the muslim brotherhood and they brought them from egypt into saudi arabia and i think they thought they could just break out of the closet how they could have. massed its army was loyal and there are fights now that i'm not least oil also. in libya the u.s. supported the intervention by nato and its allies touting it as a great advance for security entry and rights but the fallout from it ended with the death of the american ambassador and three other members of his staff the united states was overselling their so-called triumph over al-qaeda in a way that was really quite dishonest and dangerous because it was essentially setting the united states up for situations where.
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elsewhere was still not just strong but getting stronger and was getting stronger because of policies that the united states had followed and it was washington's politics that did little to win palestinians over to obama's side washington was against the upgraded status of palestine at the united nations angering but not surprising instance i would say that the people in general. stop thinking of him as a somebody who will do and will do us any favors or any good and they looked at him that he was very honest to the american interest and to other interests maybe the israeli lobby but not to us. we realized that all our expectations which were very high turned out to
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be zero as a matter of fact islamophobia inside the united states has only increased hope to no small part of by the growing negative portrayal of the muslim world in the media and hollywood recent polls show overall confidence in obama has dropped especially in muslim countries we were declined by nine percent in three years global approval of his international policies is also decreased from a positive rating of thirty four percent in the muslim world in two thousand and nine to just fifteen percent in two thousand and twelve obama came just beautified the ugly face that bush left its american interests that lead american presidents the only difference is that while one president smiles the other doesn't and the american system and the american interest in the middle east are the problem it's not a personal issue it is a political issue and that's why i didn't have a lot of hope the arab antipathy has not been softened by a bomb the support for the arab spring or his military withdrawal from iraq few
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american presidents have lost their good standing with the arab world as quickly and as significantly as a bomber for him now to renew trust in america he'll have to do more than just promise a new beginning in a cairo speech policy r.t. tel aviv. a former cia agent who oversaw the country of the month to bail kiters certain command has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison for leaking classified intelligence john kiriakou was the first to blow the whistle on washington's torture program later revealing the name of an alleged torture tried gun time obey the cia denies there is asians referring instead to enhanced interrogation techniques. has the details for us. the cia veteran the former chief of counterterrorism operations in pakistan john kiriakou will spend thirty months in prison for leaking the identity of an agent but before he was prosecuted mr keating after had been actively speaking out against torture and now he and his supporters believe that he was prosecuted for
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coming clean over torture practices in the cia it started with an investigation into how military defense attorneys acquired tunnel bay obtained the names and photographs of cia personnel as ortiz eventually tracked one name back to a reporter who had spoken to mr. rather than risk a far longer prison term and because he could no longer afford these legal fees and stick it out when a cobra agreed to plead guilty to one of the five charges against him violating the intelligence identities protection act by e-mailing the name of a covert cia officer to a freelance reporter who never even published it there's something very disturbing about this case had john key actually engaged in torture he wouldn't be in any trouble at all he never even would have been investigated because he talked about torture with reporters he was going to prison the fact of the matter is that the u.s. government has classified everything related to its torture practices which means
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nobody can be prosecuted for human rights violations that were systematic of systematically committed upon him and here is what mr get out clause says about that i never tortured anybody. but i'm getting to prison while the torture is in the lawyers people who group and the people who deceived and the man who destroyed the tapes will never sees justice and that's the saddest part of the story. this of restriction has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all previous administrations combined while protecting those who have committed torture who have ordered torture behind this wall of classification contrary to popular belief president obama didn't stop the united states from torturing can just stop it from portraying on his watch through an executive order which means that the u.s. could be only another executive order away from some other president or vice president deciding to torture again kiriakou supporters praise him for exposing the
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extent of the cia's use of torture in prisons and missed and or sensible adman says the u.s. classifies too much data sometimes to cover up wrongdoing and that means insiders making a stand will keep going to trail we do see this type of witch hunt action against those who leave you formation that exposes either government criminality or government waste fraud abuse so this is a selective behind we haven't had a single case where whistleblowers have been successful by pursuing bill so-called channels reading remedies or solutions that these very big problems are wrongdoings so when you have no channels there is only one option and that is to get information and put it before the public whether it's through our website such as we all are partly citizens journalists because as you know mainstream media they
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act as the extension of the government here in the united states there are no other channels to go to and the public has their right to know and they give back is a very important point the public and i'm not talking about only people here in the united states but all over the world because people are being a fact that they are doing was were being criminalized. on to become a fashion a u.s. design unveils clothing that protects privacy lation of progress will be showing outfits and make you invisible to surveillance drones and also ahead. i don't think people take it serious is the government takes it to be put up should we should we take it more seriously now i think ease up on the news you know it's music. president nouri hoffa as people in the big apple whether they file sharing at the scene or aware. at.
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least be told language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the c.o.r.p. interviews intriguing story. in trying. to find out more visit our big. secret laboratory to mccurdy was to build a new most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans in the world this is why you should care only on the. wealthy british style holds. on to the tirelessly.
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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines joining to cause a report on our. this is our sea welcome back the u.k. may be sliding back into recession for the third time in four years later as g.d.p. figures are even was not expected the british economy shrank zero point three percent in the fourth quarter of twenty twelve and achieved is zero growth for the whole year the u.k. steinitz minister george osborne described it as a very difficult economic situation and set up with debts building up at home and problems with the u.s. the u.k. has to confront station the director of the institute of economic affairs in in london that i'm marking a little word says the british government is not doing enough. of course we need to
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bear in mind when you look back actually a couple of years later often these numbers are revised up or down so we shouldn't really trust them to the very last decimal point what we've seen it appears over twenty twelve is not the british economy absolutely tanking but basically flat lining and that is pretty much been the picture for the last two years it's not a crushing recession but it's certainly not a parent's back certainly what the coalition government here in the u.k. are doing isn't working if the game is to produce growth rates of two or three percent and indeed the government's independent forecasters suggested two years ago that we would be experiencing those sort of levels in growth growth in the u.k. economy about now and i'm afraid that has turned out to be a part but let's be clear about this austerity but use a lot just saying that the u.k. government has persuaded itself and most of the media and all of their political
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opponents that there is some savage program of spending cuts being undertaken in the united kingdom that's a long way from the truth when you actually look at the numbers rather than the political rhetoric the government is cutting spending by about one percent a year a pretty trivial amount and they are taking far far too long to bring the budget back into balance but you also need i think a clearer plan but what's really going to attract business investment in the u.k. and what's going to make it easier for entrepreneurs. russia's spawn of and gives the first not only a promotional homosexuality among children scuffles outside the stadium in moscow between gay rights supporters planning approaches case saying. that it's closely following a bounce at all to. line was child getting somewhere in san francisco it means somebody is watching this it is streetlights are being equipped to spy on passes by. which is german and dutch authorities
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have all called on their citizens to leave the libyan city of benghazi immediately they fear the country's second largest city could soon become the targets of militant at times similar to last week's deadly hostage crisis in neighboring algeria political analysts patrick having some things up to shank's on the libyan revolution are spreading islamic extremism through asked the region pretty is natural to to have that fear we've had a number of. serious incidents in libya and also in neighboring algeria recently so yes it would definitely be off limits for foreigners the destabilization we see right now is a direct result of the nato policies that brought about the situation there with the overthrow could off and they also have to take europe has to take responsibility as well as america for the spread of any islamic extremism into the
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neighboring countries there are rumors that were floating around recently that. could off the chemical weapons were being shipped over to syria and were going to be used to blame assad. was drones monitoring americans from the skies in the name of national security and many of course the you are so seriously concerned about protecting their privacy it's projectors up to thirty thousand drones will be patrolling the nation by twenty twenty luckily there could be a trained solution for those unwilling to be watched. what the designer of counter-surveillance fashion. keeping a close eye on civilians with a little help from drones. in a move approved by congress in seven years the u.s. will help thirty thousand domestic drones monitoring its territory from the air that opens the door for a lot of duces of privacy. from not just the government but corporations and businesses too. in a fight for privacy this new york designer came up with
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a counter-surveillance clothing line intended to shield people from those watchful lenses a burka a scarf and a hoodie are the key garments in the collection this is a garment that's designed to be thermally reflective of which means that he bounces off it and he does what's use for thermal imaging in particular this technology is used a lot on drones and he would use if there were drawings harboring about manhattan anybody who is out on the streets is clearly traceable the idea of this collection is that putting on something like this. music but are. these parts of your body become very hard to detect. from a potential fashion statement to a technology that could eventually be used in rescue operations or even on a battlefield i think were just thing. a market hasn't been addressed yet it's a new area and it's sort of a crossover between tactical and fashion it adds
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a little extra coverage to the face out of harvey calls his consumer market unfashionably paranoid if you appear to me and i can see you i'm quite alright with that but if you hear an automated systems and how it becomes a little more to your disadvantage because this data can be easily mine tracked and identified another counter-surveillance item in the collection the off pocket for a phone once a mobile device is put inside there are no more signals going in and out the strength of the cell phone signal out of one hundred two. down to zero in seconds the metalized fabric and that acts as a farraday cage to block the signals from the bottom says this is a way to turn off your phone and block trucking since the introduction of the patriot act and since then there's been a large erosion of privacy i would say is not. confined to the us either this is a global problem to start
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a conversation and make people more aware of the growing trend of surveillance through fashion is adam's goal the designer admits the clothing line is not for everybody but those who want to adapt to these new realities could now be a step closer to avoiding the gaze of big brother and state you're going to party new york. let's not shout some other news from around the globe in that as well at least fifty people have been killed in a prison crash in the city of blocky some eight or ninety others were reportedly wounded by gunshots the riot was sparked by a local media t.v. news report that troops have been sent to rebranded prison to search for weapons the jail has seen a record number of violent incidents and is considered the most dangerous in the country. clashes broke out on the trail on capitol santiago between demonstrators and police had a latin american caribbean and economic summit was used to disperse thousands of protesters who threw rocks and declared their own alternative people summit they
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were demanding a wide range of reforms and accuse the six nations taking part in not looking after the public's interest. and demand french troops have regained control of the city of hama bori attempt to retake northern mali from rebels french warplanes bombed militants near the islam a stronghold of gaar paris as it won't leave until it's rooted out militants and restore stability but france has faced accusations that campaign is actually a return to its colonial past to secure a man is called and uranium resources. until last year try and file sharing service by the outflow it was one of the most popular on the web allowing millions of users to exchange digital content free of charge before the u.s. shut it down but its founder hasn't given up and is making a comeback now she is resident in new york when told the public stance on the internet file sharing.
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kim dotcom just launched his new file sharing service maggie he says by using it you're saying yes to internet freedom is file sharing the future of the internet this week let's talk about that have you ever stolen a movie or music off the internet i plead the fifth i'll take that as a yes if you think that anything wrong with that you know why dude people get very angry about it and send people to jail that are not the problem is that they're being wrong is that people who need to make money don't make their money. should they just figure out a new way is it up to them or is that up to us to stop taking it. have you never stolen anything off the web for moral reasons or just because you never have never . known how to if it were easy and you did know how to would you do it more often
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if in your house do it i mean. bad things. you know should it be free should music in movies be free. because by you but. i don't think people take it as serious as the government. should we should we take it more seriously hard to ease up and you know it's music but it's not money coming out of your pocket like it has out of the artists or directors or studios i don't know i don't know mobile size of the firm so i think it's been. sort of issue it removes what it was how do we stop people from stealing no if it's so easy i think they need to appreciate the arts and they need and they will appreciate and steal music yeah i think it's better to give a dollar to the arts than you know a politician or your government yeah of course or cigarettes but maybe if some of it will go to some kind of the nation maybe it will inspire people to do so do you
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think though that you know the future is going to have a whole different landscape for intellectual property that will view it differently like it's kind of everyone's i don't know i haven't really thought about it. i mean i guess if you write a song you'd still yours so you should still have get credit for it at least ninety nine cents and you had so much that. you should get something whether or not you think file sharing is the future of the internet the bottom line is enough people do it to pose a serious threat to current business models. and the militants challenging the mainstream media agenda and breaking a sweat. hold. hold
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it hold it. hold it. till. the speed. of.
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bomb exploded. just seemed to. come out of line of a better little. download the official publication to yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from alzheimer's if you're away from your television early just doesn't do so now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. any time anyway.
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you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous i look i got so many i mean the town i know that i'm sitting seems really really messed up. and we're all very so personally appalling the. worst you were going through. my house of a. radio guy in fort lauderdale minestrone. what clothes were about to give you never seen anything like this until a. good day maybe i'm having martin and this is breaking the set so guess what engineers just found about two kilometers underground in australia's coober pedy basin oil of the tensile twenty trillion dollars worth of it and append a report that's more.


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