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tv   [untitled]    January 26, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EST

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sentenced to death for their part in a football stadium. the resolution of. the high expectations. with a triple dip. the country's economy shrank. at
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least sixteen people including policemen have reportedly been killed in egypt's port where crowds of attempted to storm a prison and the rampage followed a death sentence verdict for twenty one accused of stirring up last year's stadium violence in the city which claimed seventy four lives. true has all the latest from . it has been perceived as extremely harsh sentence the death sentence for twenty one people this is being met with violent scenes in port side at the moment reports on the ground are saying they're seeing civilians with that automatic weapon. running around the streets attacking security forces here in
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cairo the scenes are actually relatively jubilant as the ultras the hard see this is very much a victory it is of course quite a politicized verdict at the time of the disaster and people said that the security officials themselves had quite a lot to do with the massacre as they let the rival fun club groups meet in the center of the pitch and the blocked access exit routes that for people are saying that really the security officials themselves should be the ones that receive this verdict not just the funds not liking the studios there are. clashes just on the corner of the three on the periphery of to here between protesters and security forces who are throwing rocks at each other here in talk to people still remain in tents they say they will not leave until the president mohamed morsi and makes changes the opposition coalition the national salvation front released for the mind yesterday including asking asking the president to step down and the national salvation government to take over we've seen multiple supposedly multiple deaths in
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places across the country to kill or in suicide so what we're seeing yesterday really was a lot of anger against the president and his government on the second anniversary of the uprising and the protests sit ins and possible violence across the country added to that as well. well at least nine people were killed and nearly five hundred injured as clashes erupted during protests marking the second anniversary of the uprising in the country yeah great crowds one president mohamed morsi out of power saying he's failed the revolution and is only serving the interests of islamists sharlee the editor of the old could on line newspaper says the people of egypt have become increasingly disillusioned with the politics of the muslim brotherhood. we want you for him to be a good chance. at the last resort for most of the people who are out in the streets to the people in egypt now to realize that.
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religion and politics should not be mixed clearly and some patients would use slam and religion to get the support of the people and once the are being would in a very very differently from what the have been promising and that's. one of the reasons of their anger at you seeing to the industry to egypt and americans want to insure and secure their interests in egypt right now and neither the united states nor morsi himself much say in what's happening today the people of egypt who are back in the streets. we saw the fate of the regime. in egypt was at the forefront of the post pro-democracy uprising as in the middle east the us supported the revolts hoping barack obama's promise of change for the
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region would actually bear any fruit however after a wave of anti-american protests all the hopes in its famous cairo speech trying to inspire have been dashed artie's policia investigates why i've come here to cairo to seek a new beginning between the united states and muslims around the world words of promise that field of region with hope. but as obama begins his second term in office his critics failed him want to first him that fell far short of expectations progress on peace between israelis and palestinians remain stalled the promised economic development of afghanistan never took root. and american relations with post mubarak egypt deteriorated as a nine hundred fifty us and eligible community has more or less thought that it was in control of something called the muslim brotherhood and they brought them from egypt into saudi arabia and i think they thought they could just break out of that
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was it all they could have. asked are was or are and they're fighting now that i'm not leaking oil also. in libya the u.s. supported the intervention by nato and its allies touting it as a great advance for security entry and rights but the fallout from it ended with the death of the american ambassador and three other members of his staff the united states was overselling their so-called triumph over al-qaeda. in a way that was really quite dishonest and dangerous because it was essentially setting the united states up for situations where al qaeda elsewhere was still not just strong but getting stronger and was getting stronger because of policies that the united states had followed and it was washington's politics that did little to win palestinians over to obama's side washington was
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against the upgraded status of palestine at the united nations angering but not surprising palestinians i would say that the people in general. stop thinking of him as a somebody who will do. us any favor or any good we realize that all our expectations which were very high turned out to be zero as a matter of fact islamophobia inside the united states is on the increase helped in no small part of by the growing negative portrayal of the muslim world in the media and hollywood recent polls show overall confidence in obama has dropped especially in muslim countries where were declined by nine percent in three years global approval of his international policies is also decreased from a positive rating of thirty four percent in the muslim world in two thousand and nine to just fifteen percent in two thousand and twelve obama came just beautified
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the bush last year it's american interests that lead american presidents the only difference is as well one president smiles the other doesn't and the american system and the american interest in the middle east are the problem it's not that's another issue it is it is a political issue and that's why i didn't have a lot of hope that the arab antipathy has not been softened by obama's support for the arab spring or his military withdrawal from iraq few american presidents have lost their good standing with the arab world as quickly and as significantly as a bomber for him now to renew trust in america he'll have to do more than just promise a new beginning in a cairo speech policy r.t. television. and r.t. is coming here live from moscow a former cia officer john kiriakou has been sentenced to two and a half years behind bars for leaking classified intelligence as supporters of called for a sentence to be reduced saying the real reason for his punishment was because he
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went public on washington's torture tactics details not a white guy in a chicken. the cia veteran the former chief of counterterrorism operations in pakistan john kiriakou will spend thirty months in prison for leaking the identity of an agent but before he was prosecuted mr keating after had been actively speaking out against torture and now he and his supporters believe that he was prosecuted for coming clean over torture practices in the cia it started with an investigation into how military defense attorneys acquired tunnel bay obtained the names and photographs of cia personnel as though it is eventually tracked one name back to a reporter who had spoken to mr. rather than risk a far longer prison term and because he could no longer afford these legal fees and stick it out when a cobra agreed to plead guilty to one of the five charges against him violating the intelligence identities protection act by e-mailing the name of
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a covert cia officer to a for us reporter who never even published it there's something very disturbing about this case had john key actually engaged in torture he wouldn't be in any trouble at all he never even would have been investigated because he talked about torture with reporters he is going to prison the fact of the matter is that the u.s. government has classified everything related to its torture practices which means nobody can be prosecuted for human rights violations that were systematic of systematically committed of one comment here is what mr get out clause says about that i never tortured anybody but i'm heading to prison while the tortures of the lawyers people who root and the people who deceived and the man who destroyed the proof of the tapes will never sees justice and that's the saddest part of the story . this against russia has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all previous administrations combined and while protecting those who have committed torture who have ordered torture behind this wall of classification contrary to popular belief
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president obama didn't stop the united states from torturing can just stop it from portraying on his watch through an executive order which means that the us could be only another executive order away from some other president or vice president deciding to torture again and author and activist or sibel edmonds believes that insiders will be targeted and punished for making a stand as long as the us authorities continue to cover up their wrongdoings we do see this type of witch hunt action against those who leave you formation that exposes either government criminality or government waste fraud abuse so this is a selective behind we haven't had a single case where whistleblowers have been successful by pursuing bill so-called channels reading remedies or solutions to these very big problems or wrongdoings
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so when you have no channels there is only one option and that is to get information and put it before the public whether through websites such as weak you leaks or public citizens journalists because as you know mainstream media they act as the extension of the government here in the united states there are no other channels to go to and the public has no right to know and the gag is a very important point the public and i'm not talking about only people here in the united states but all over the world because people are being a fact that they are doing was were being criminalized. well coming to you live from moscow this is odd to talk about in jordan not just a veil over your own privacy you can check out the clothing that would turn up in the skies if only the drones could see that the cloak of invisibility is coming your way a bit late. and i don't think people take it as serious is
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the government takes it to be but should we should we take it more seriously i think ease up with a new it's you know it's music new york resident downloads local opinion on whether it's right to file share more on that after the. wealthy british style. guide for. the markets i now. find out what's really happening to the global economy for our no holds barred look at the global financial headlines you need to cause a report on our. we speak your language. or music programs and documentaries some spanish matters to you. use
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a little tonnage of angles kid stories. you hear. the spanish find out more visit. it's a pleasure to have you with us here on our to today i'm wrong re sushi i live in moscow. now britain is at risk of slipping into recession for the third time since the beginning of the global financial crisis four years ago and the country's
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economy shrank by a point three percent in the last quarter of twenty twelve and achieved zero growth the decline of the world's sixth largest economy was blamed on the recession in the eurozone bad weather affecting agriculture and a temporary drop in oil and gas output in the north sea the country would find itself in recession if indeed the economy contracts again in the first quarter of twenty thirteen but all the main global rating agencies have placed britain on a negative watch the director of the institute of economic affairs in london mark littlewood says the government should have a different approach to such a burning issue. of course we need to bear in mind when you look back actually a couple of years later often these numbers are revised up or down so we shouldn't really trust them to the very last decimal point what we've seen it appears over twenty twelve is not the british economy absolutely tanking but basically flat
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lining and that is pretty much been the picture for the last two years it's not a crushing recession but it's certainly not a parent's back certainly what the coalition government here in the u.k. are doing isn't working if the i used to produce growth rates or two or three percent and indeed the government's independent forecasters suggested two years ago that we would be experiencing those sort of levels and growth in the u.k. economy about now i'm afraid that was turned out to be a part rate but let's be clear about this austerity that you saw a lot just saying that the u.k. government has persuaded itself and most of the media and all of their political opponents to that there is. savage program of spending cuts being undertaken in the united kingdom that's a long way from the truth when you actually look at the numbers rather than the political rhetoric the government is cutting spending by about one percent a year a pretty trivial amount and they are taking far too long to bring the budget back
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into balance they also need i think a clear a plan but what's really going to attract business investment in the u.k. and what's going to make it easier for entrepreneurs. and while the movers and shakers of the money world have been debating the future of the global economy at the annual forum in davos so we caught up with russia's early minium tycoon oleg deripaska for an exclusive interview the full version will air on sunday but here's a little a preview of what he had to say about russia's economic reality. russia not just moscow russia not just resource sector you know russia is a waste to put you into you know from what you are still to some because from my good culture to a tee and of course you know. we should have been a better financial system but no one could grow it's i'm not sure it's not enough to there were a. financial system it's a commitment it was a country coming from the state institutions sent to bankers and people who want to
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grow old proper infrastructure for capital markets for the markets we already have a view on opportunities and begin this is what we should do and it's not for and worse and it's not so you know for you know for foreign media or i know it's our homework and we haven't started yet. all right starting with one as well let's get into it now the update in a brutal prison riot has reportedly left at least fifty people dead in northwestern venezuela and the vice president nicolas maduro has described the incident as a tragedy but there's been no confirmation of the exact number of casualties the riot erupted after local media reported that troops had been sent to you would have been a prison to search for weapons in jail as you know record number of violent incidents and is considered the most dangerous in the country. mali's government has regained
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control of the city of home bored with the help of french troops as they attempt to retake the northern part of the country from rebels a french warplanes earlier bomb the militants near the islamist stronghold gal says the military intervention in mali will continue for as long as necessary. now washington is looking to beef up the number of drone manning the skies over the u.s. tens of thousands by twenty twenty all of this though in the name of national security and a bigger brothers forcing many americans to search for creative ways to protect their civil liberties. as the story. keeping a close eye on civilians with a little help from drones. in a move approved by congress in seven years the u.s. will help thirty thousand mester drones monitoring its territory from the air that opens the door for a lot of uses of privacy. from not just the government but corporations and
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businesses too. in a fight for privacy in this new york designer came up with a counter surveillance clothing line intended to shield people from those watchful lenses a burka a scarf and a hoodie are the key garments in the collection this is a garment that's designed to be thermally reflective of which means that he bounces off it and he does what suits for thermal imaging in particular this technology is used a lot on drones and he would use if there were drawings harboring about manhattan anybody who is out on the streets is clearly traceable the idea of this collection is that putting on something like this. is a bit are. these parts of your body. become very hard to detect. from a potential fashion statement to a technology that could eventually be used in rescue operations or even on a battlefield i think were just thing. a market talent been addressed it's
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a new area and it's sort of a crossover between tactical and fashion it adds a little extra coverage to the face out of harvey calls his consumer market and fashionably paranoid if you appear to me and i can see you i'm quite alright with that but if you appear in an automated systems and how it becomes a little more to your disadvantage because this data can be easily mine tracked and identified another counter-surveillance item in the collection the off pocket for a phone once a mobile device is put inside there are no more signals going in and out the strength of the cell phone signal out of one. hundred goes down to zero in seconds the metalized fabric and that acts as a farraday cage to block the signals from the phone adam says this is a faster way to turn off your phone and block trucking since the introduction of the patriot act and since then there's been a large erosion of privacy i would say is not. confined to the us either this is
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a global problem to start a conversation and make people more aware of the growing trend of surveillance through fashion is adams goal the designer admits the clothing line is not for everybody but those who want to adapt to these new realities could now be a step closer to avoiding the gaze of big brother and stacy if you're going to party new york. russia and kazakhstan have resolved a dispute over their usage of the historic baikonur cosmodrome well around to the middle concerns over the environmental impact that was being made by the russian proton rockets launched from the site will be going to get some on this now i'm told want to say we're going to joining us live here in the studio to say you were to tell us more about that you spewed oh well you know. well you have to understand that for more than fifty years baikonur cosmodrome has been these starting points for soviet and then russian space exploration is in fact man's first ever space
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flight took off from this space and kazakstan but from that a love story is past of course now it's facing a sort of an uncertain future with speculation and sees me that it could even be abandoned in fact most co is currently releasing the cosmodrome for have to annual fee of over one hundred million dollars but it's fears of environmental damage that's causing concern for the cossacks more specifically they're saying that the launch of proton rockets the fuel tanks which are shared by the craft after liftoff contain traces of rocket fuel which would you believe it is highly toxic but for most cost perspective the huge annual rental fee together with the jobs are invited to local people make the leasing arrangement a highly positive one for us to not just days ago both the russian and kazakh foreign ministers tried to gloss over any signs of friction they have assured media that any so-called space war is not happening and a mutual agreement has been reached for the future so i read a bit about it so i mean basically most people know that nasa has gone down the
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drain more or less and now that russia the russian space program is the busiest in the world so they must have some pretty big plans for the near future if not when it's not too distant future what do you know on that well actually yes as a matter of fact russia does have a. humongous plethora of plans i would say actually right now the country's engineers are busy over working overtime on another cosmodrome and that one is actually in russia's own. territory and its name which means eastern russia and you might have guessed it it's located in the far east near the border with china construction has begun in twenty ten so two years ago and they're actually ahead of schedule russia's space agency. should have two of its launch pads fully operational by twenty fifteen and that will mark the beginning of the most vicious for the country's space exploration system in decades to the moon by twenty twenty says us coarseness adding that they want to establish lunar bases and finish it off
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with a manned trip to mars by twenty thirty and if these plans seem to otherworldly to you well they certainly don't seem such to the russian government which has approved a budget of two trillion rubles and that is roughly seventy five billion dollars for the space industry until twenty twenty or it's inching what you say about her getting a moon base of the russian moon base by twenty twenty you've got india china brazil as well i mean why is it the so when the countries around the world are rushing to the moon when america apparently allegedly hasn't been there in decades do you think it's a bit mysterious they are still working on it as a matter of fact i know that i have been to baikonur of course i've seen the rockets and i've spoken for to some representatives from. cape canaveral from nasa and they say they are working on it but they're really want they really want to make significant steps in actually making sure that everything is prepared and once they actually launch it is going to be absolutely top notch program where you say the moon has vast mineral resources to be mined but we'll have to pick up the story
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another time we're going to thank you very much for it we're running out of time here on r.t. but very quickly i can tell you until last year the giant fall sharing service mega upload was one of the most popular on the web millions exchanging digital content for free it's founded now though is getting around the way because the u.s. has made him shut down the web site and he's resident in new york asking the public their stance on the morality of internet fall sharing. kim dotcom just launched his new file sharing service mega he says by using it you're saying yes to internet freedom is file sharing the future of the internet this week let's talk about that have you ever stolen a movie or music off the internet i plead the fifth i'll take that as
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a yes if you think there's anything wrong with that you know why dude people get very angry about it and send people to jail that are not the problem is with it being wrong is that people who need to make money don't make their money so should they just figure out a new way is it up to them or is that up to us to stop taking it. have you never stolen anything off the web for moral reasons or just because you never have never have known how to if it were easy and you did know how to would you do it more often if you knew how to do it i mean criminals every day doing bad things we would expect you know should it be free should music in movies be free no artist because by you but. i don't think people take it as serious as the governmental body else takes its we should we should we take it more serious hard to ease up when you know it's music but it's not money coming out of your pocket like it has out of the artists or directors or studios or whatever i don't know mobile size of the phone
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so i think it's been. sort of issue to me it is what it was how do we stop people from stealing though if it's so easy i think they need to appreciate the arts and media and they will appreciate didn't does and steal music yeah i think it's better to give a dollar to the arts than you know a politician or your government yeah of course or cigarettes but maybe if some of it will go to some kind of the nation maybe it will inspire people to do so do you think though that you know the future is going to have a whole different landscape for intellectual property that will view it differently like it's kind of everyone's i don't know i haven't really thought about it i mean i guess if you write a song you'd still yours so you should still have get credit for it at least ninety nine cents and yet so much as you should get something whether or not you think file sharing is the future of the internet the bottom line is enough people do it to pose a serious threat to current business models. start
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in just a moment on the money. georgian president mikheil saakashvili is military police have been accused by prosecutors of using a very unusual weapon to control members of the government a weapon so unusual that history great villains wouldn't even touch it that weapon was almost sexuality the georgian process.


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