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tv   [untitled]    January 27, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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deadly clashes across egypt forced president morsi to implement a state of emergency in three cities affected by bale riots. medical workers in bahrain claim they are constant targets for the authorities for treating protesters in a kingdom rife with anti-government sentiment. to seize the russian lawyer sergei magnitsky will be tried posthumously on tax evasion charges is down a detention cell more than three years ago drain relations between moscow and washington.
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this is already coming to you live from moscow with me marina joshie egyptian president mohamed morsi has declared a state of emergency in the cities of port say smiley and they are surrounding areas that's in response to anti-government protest which have resulted in forty eight deaths since friday seven more people died in ports a funeral procession for previous victims with unrest they were initially sparked by death sentence verdicts in a football riot trial local reporter bell true was caught in the epicenter of the clashes in cairo. in a televised press statement for president mohamed morsi so if he sees me that's going to take us to me i hears a clashes continue in cairo. president hundred most he declared a state of emergency for thirty days according to the constitution without means is that is that basically protests will be found security forces will have the rights to arrest. protesters without charge and in addition censorship may be legalized
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across these three count these three cities the misfeature president mohammed morsi also said to be a curfew course the city's between nine pm and six am and he also called for dialogue with the opposition things that just escalated to a great extent tear in cairo the clashes continue between anti government protesters and security forces who are firing an excessive amount to get to the point where even at this height it's almost impossible to breathe but i've seen people wanting parts past me many are unconscious people carrying are injured protesters back into the square it's a safety of course that continues to be violence across the country in serious for example where the army has been deployed as one is the continued bloody scenes in port science which have seen dozens killed and hundreds injured leaving many to question you know how this is going to end with a state of emergency in place this will also mean to be
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a lot of arrests and possible unrest between security force forces and protesters in the next few days. so president morsi has extended his hands to the opposition and search for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing crisis but political activists some authority says the muslim brotherhood led government will look to maintain the status quo unless factions from the entire political spectrum put pressure on them. alist the fear that people in the street. challenge them a challenge that all thirty particularly in terms of going to situational amendment we are hearing all the times that people in muslim brotherhood do not want to change the constitution and seize as a constitution is a pistol over the globe. saw i think is that the more people exercise pressure on them the more they can reacted positively and the try to accommodate all political trends and all political factions within. political system i'm afraid that the
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muslim brotherhood would like to manipulate the state operators for the sake of people speaking about this issue and we have to build a new democratic system built on. neutral state apparatus in egypt rather than a state operator serving one political party particularly you are still in that initial period where bahrain beset by violent anti-government protests those in the medical field seem to be increasingly targeted by the authorities doctors say they're suffering severe interview for treating injured protesters where the government investigating some of those allegations. looks now at whether those helping others in the kingdom are the ones at risk nada dhaif was among a group of doctors who were trying to help the injured during a protest in bahrain she claims that after violently crushing the dissent. turned
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their attention to her and her colleagues who were providing first aid they denied . health care to the patients and protesters. the doctors did not obey the orders for such. decided to punish those doctors i was taking place for ten days that i didn't know where it was. all that time i was blindfolded and handcuffed i was in a solitary confinement for back to twenty one days. and they would just open the door of the cell and beat me up. there was a member of the royal family who directly was responsible of my torch or she she was beating me and she looked at me almost two dozen doctors were arrested back then this for the fuel the anger of the protesters and turned the hospitals grounds into the scene of the rally the salmaniya hospital is bahrain's leading medical
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institution and that's where most of the arrests have been made after those events it now looks like a fortress guarded heavily by the right police and not everybody can get in human rights activists or if you had suffered for speaking out against the regime and decided to come here for treatment you could make matters even worse for yourself anyone who was injured from the protests they cannot go to the hospital because they would be arrested beaten and taking to the jail last year many protester and in jail were tortured in certain money we have a story and testimony of people and protesters being tortured and but in my country protests there were tortured inside. britain not who was charged with treason and sentenced to fifteen years in prison before being acquitted because of what she believed to be international pressure on bahrain's government the fate of many
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other doctors remains unclear the person who allegedly tortured not and others princes. has been. surely charged by police she denies all allegations against her meanwhile the government stands recently at the action it took against the hospital was the right thing to do. these doctors managed to control the emergency unit in the first floor of the hospital and started to perform political acts when a hospital is turned into a base for political ethic work this is a real disaster we had an unbiased committee investigating the hospital eight condemn the acts of these doctors. the case against one of the members of the wall family may seem as an indication that bahrain's government has bowed to the negative global reaction with the doctor scandal being far from the only torture accusation c.c.t.v. cameras have been installed at all prisons in a move to become more transparent according to the authorities but with protests in the gulf states still continuing and accusations of human rights violations
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intensifying the opposition is still wondering what happens in the places where the cameras cannot see. reporting from the kingdom of bahrain. so i have for you this hour here in our team the u.s. to fans its record in the middle east going secretary of state hillary clinton gets praise from president obama has asked washington played a leading role in egypt and libya but remains hesitant on syria. and a big achievement for small business a local village shop in britain is surviving the current financial troubles and has done so throughout the centuries i'll report on that coming a little later in the program to stay with us. the first baby steps joy. folds and bones
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market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our. morning news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images cobol has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are the day.
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welcome back you're watching r.t. live from moscow a russian lawyer sergei magnitsky will face a posthumous trial on charges of tax evasion the investigation against him was closed after he died in pretrial detention in a van for two thousand and nine but was later we opened the circumstances of his death sparked criticism in the us affecting relations between moscow and washington was get the details now from our correspondent is it or has cannot there either or hello to you there now first of all sergei magnitsky is not the only man on trial there is also they have investment fund he worked for bill browder however there will be no defendants present today why is that. well definitely this case is not only about seventy one means to you who is dead but about the person who directly worked for william browder who was a u.k. citizen and used to head the russian office of either image capital group fund and said well the prosecution believes that this fund was around twenty million dollars
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sure you would think in its tax payments and so you marketing scheme was directly responsible for the taxes it is believed to that he submitted to speak tax receipts while william browder authorized it so you might mean he was a detainee put under. detention where he died before the court could make a decision on his case about william broad or a left russia and the u.k. has refused to actually do i mean by going to the if you can refuse to cooperate with russian investigators in the sense that they. rejected passing over the information to him that the investigation had come to him and saying that it was a matter of. british national interest and even british national security so the hearing today will be held without a will even broader present there but for the trial. past to go on. quite well the
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monkey case sparked a huge international outcry so why is this trial over the tax evasion is viewed as politically motivated. magnitsky died officially due to problems with its hard to investigation looking into the circumstances of his death to not reveal any evidence that there was some violations from the authorities when he was detained to nevertheless the man is that presented in the west to especially in the state as a victim of various human rights way lesions and in the end of two thousand and twelve american lawmakers passed on the so-called magnitsky act which gives the green light to sanctioning russian official suspected there in the us all for violations of human rights these are travel restrictions economic. business restrictions as well but it's seen by many officials in moscow as an anti russian wall because it's really not
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a one on what grounds this blacklist is put together in fact some of the some of its parts are classified again due to matters of national security but american national security and we have heard yesterday from russia's prime minister dmitry medvedev said that the act is not only politicised but also goes against all international rules and regulations generations. but i'm work of that each country has the right to deny any country citizen an entry visa to his territory this is something normal something that corresponds with international conventions without having to explain the reasons for it the united states could and still can brittanie russian officials entrance to america the same way they can examine their accounts or whatever else they have in america this is exactly what russia can do as well but one. becomes a public campaign with congress saying it will draw up
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a list of individuals who have been involved in a crime would you think it is if not an extrajudicial execution of the convicts these individuals without any trial or prosecution. now when there were just talks about the monkey act in the u.s. moscow warned that there was going to be a major response since it would as an unfriendly act and it released. putting together its own sort of blacklist of several categories of american citizens suspected of violations of human rights there in the u.s. these are officials or former officials connected to guantanamo and those people suspected of violating the rights of russian citizens but also. another thing which followed that was a general ban for all americans to adopt russian children due to the many cases of the why lesion of their rights and sometimes even that it was interpreted by many first as
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a portal for russia's response to the migrants here but what we've just heard from the prime minister going to be of is that although the general ban was passed on the week of the emotional week caused by them i mean to eric to de facto legally these two things are not connected. all right avery thanks very much indeed for bringing us to something you're pissing off reporting there for us. well the midterm event of also spoke about the conflict in syria he says unless the country starts the reconciliatory process it will face an endless civil war moscow remains neutral while maintaining that foreign intervention should be ruled out but the prime minister did say time is not on president assad side. i think there are fewer chances for him to stay on with every new day every week and every month but let me
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repeat it is up to the syrian we've got to make a decision but not up to russia the united states or any other state in iraq now the main task is to launch a national reconciliation process we should think about the future for instance if the opposition which by the way has been formed outside of syria comes to power which the what is it going to do with its members will exterminate representatives of other islamic movements another confessional are already doing this that's why there are two options either it will be a protest of a national reconciliation and you held under the control of the international community or and the civil war and there is no in between. you can see the full interview with prime minister dmitry medvedev on our website. meanwhile u.s. president barack obama and secretary of state hillary clinton have the fan of their foreign policy record in the middle east both appeared in a joint televised interview as america's top diplomat prepares to step down
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responding to critics who urged decisive action in the region obama sided egyptian libya as examples of were his administration played a leading role in aiding regime change saying former leader. probably does not agree with that assessment of a us retreat a both obama and clinton agreed the conflict in syria should be handled carefully what the president hasn't on whether intervention would help resolve the crisis journalist an antiwar activists don de bar says clinton's reign as secretary of state has been a failure. look at the condition of the world right now and know that hillary clinton has been active active for four years really disheartening thing about the show which is what it was shown on sixty minutes exclusively in the states was they spent an awful lot of time trying to explain to people how these two former primary campaign two thousand and eight adversaries could work together for four
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years and barack obama saying if it wasn't for hillary clinton we wouldn't have achieved success in libya the fact that this country free which was bombed for eight months by nato by the u.s. and its allies with thousands of people dying many homes and the infrastructure that was built up in the last forty years being devastated in the form of the people shouldn't surprise anyone that clinton avoided the actual testimony and so everyone else had testified which is what any witness wants to do because then you can't be contradicted by any subsequent testimony and at this point in time she's leaving with glasses we were reminded several times that are consequences of brain injury she suffered that didn't allow her to testify and now she's being you know patted on the back by obama forest success in libya that she still has an account for the failure of as fergie's it's it's like watching teenagers. and r.t.
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dot com right now iran bans oil exports to the e.u. that's the spider found the block all ready for bids any imports from to iran to find out what's behind iran said for tat response more details on our website also online for you today on holocaust remembrance day italy's ex prime minister silvio berlusconi causes our age suggesting the country's former dictator miscellany did well despite his anti-semitic laws find out more on r.t. dot com. please speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the c.o.r.p. interviews an intriguing story for you. trying. to find out more visit our big.
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world. finds technology innovation all these developments from around russia we've got the future covered. welcome back you're watching aren't you coming to you live from moscow now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world found always in brazil are warning loved ones killed by a deadly nightclub fire at least two hundred thirty three people died in santa maria after a firework led by a band performing on stage caused a massive blaze the flames swept through the crowded venue filling the air with
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smoke manny victims reportedly choked on deadly fumes or were crushed as panic and party goers stampeded to the exit some witnesses claim that security guards tampa to keep the only exit of the club shot until they were overpowered. french a lead forces in mali have secured the airport off to book two one of the major northern towns occupied by islamist fires for the last year but they are yet to fully root out what they call qaida linked militants from the area meanwhile the offensive is causing collateral damage claiming the lives of innocent civilians two weeks ago french helicopter attacks and killed at least twelve residents of a nearby village francis faced accusations the campaign is actually a return to its colonial past to secure mollies natural resources. the spies being in a coma for seven years on the former israeli prime minister who has shown
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significant science of brain activity in the eighty four year old was presumed to be in a vegetative state since suffering a massive stroke in two thousand and six the doctors say significant activity was a. served during season had scanned his response was heightened after scientists showed him pictures of his family and played them recordings of his children while the responses did not mean mr sharon was likely to fully regain consciousness scientists say they are encouraging. over one hundred thousand people flooded to the streets of paris in support of a bill loud and gay marriage an adoption by same sex couples strangers wave barriers proclaiming equality is not a threat draft law dubbed marriage for everyone has been high on president francois lon's agenda ever since he's election issue has bitterly divided the nation the french government will start debating the bill on tuesday and it's predicted to easily pass socialist dominated parliament. now despite recent forecasts the
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u.k. sliding into another recession some of the small businesses in britain are managing to weather the financial storms and it's thanks to the selflessness of those saving them from extinction and a battle against supermarket giants artist boy boy go mad volunteers who are helping a story village shop to survive. it's all to the buckingham palace and tower bridge and it's been a local store in the hosts of rural east england for three hundred and seventy years visits as you stumble across the it's your ingham village shop in this remote region of norfolk say that it's like an oasis in the middle of the does it. it was faced with going out of business until twenty five villages stepped in raise five thousand pounds to keep it open and to walk there for free. without. the community in the village with. the free workforce allows it to stay open and
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breakeven i think people. working for free. to come in and do something knowing that your contribution. isn't. continue to the next generation volunteers here say that there are two secrets to success. means that propping up the local economy take for example your free range eggs delivered from a nearby village there's a second. the famous gets. far and wide this treat but even with. the major national chains his immense buying power. with food sold for next to nothing has killed off thousands of independent shops leaving villages and now wait.
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supermarkets and we all use supermarkets but to be able to have a local store which does local produce and. people everybody. here is amazing it would be dreadful if we lost it because once you lose something like this you can never get it back again and they're not alone in getting together to save their small shop from extinction there are three hundred other communities stores in some of the u.k.'s most rural pockets winning customers by knowing that retail means detail. in really difficult economic times but they're really. quite different from what a supermarket. offering for example they offer cafes they're offering postal services they're offering somewhere to go in and talk to your neighbors and your friends and if working for free is what it takes to keep that a touring and shop open and so be it well. i know they do it's
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the kind of spirit that could see this tiny store whether the wost and hopefully stay open for another three hundred years. see north norfolk u.k. well after the short break it's crossed up with people coming your way here on r t don't go away. you know he's a good lover a tour to mccurry was easy to believe in the age most sophisticated rulebook.
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hello and welcome to all things considered i'm peter lavelle facing hard realities are committing an act of selfish political following these are some of the reactions to david cameron's call for negotiated relationship with the e.u. and then a referendum on future membership would britain and the e.u. be better off going separate ways. to cross-talk britain in the e.u. i'm joined by tony helprin in london he's a journalist for the times also in london we have robert oulds he is director of the bruges group and in brussels we crossed two year ago. he is a liberal member of the european parliament and head of the german business association tell me i'd like to go to you first in london it seems to me that the.


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