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tv   [untitled]    January 28, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EST

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more violent andress in egypt is why curfews in a state of emergency declared in parts of the country the opposition rejects calls from the president for national dialogue. and despite the growing turmoil u.s. president barack obama hailed egypt and in libya as success stories for american foreign policy this in a live for t.v. interview where he also praise outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton for helping him out with regime change. and later we'll report from bahrain where doctors say they face of the same brutal treatment as the anti government protesters are trying to say.
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you say eight pm here in moscow you live with us on our t.v. i'm to bang with say we begin in egypt egypt's opposition has refused to attend talks called for by the president to try and stop the turmoil gripping the country the state of emergency and curfews declared in the three provinces haven't stopped egyptians from battling security forces as protesters continue to vent their anger against the government for five days in a row across one bell true has the latest from cairo. this is forces in the uniform of the national salvation front released a statement saying they were seized arnold with the president and he has not accepted responsibility for the violence from the country under the bloodshed they say they will only gauge early and dialogue with him if he takes it seriously what
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they said saying if they want a national salvation government they want the cabinet to resign and the constitution to be revoked in the meantime here in cairo the cabinet i'm sure officer approves the law and not only the armed forces to arrest civilians if this gets approved by the church council it's likely to greet me to look for a position from human rights groups as they worry that many civilians will face military trial at the moment the clashes continue just off the face grab his mind my right between anti-government protesters and security forces pick up spills in over downtown hundred together in syria right now with marches expected from across the capital into central to hurry square against the president's men want to force i.e. there has been a funeral today for those killed during the clashes yesterday during another key route which was for protesters killed the data for sure looks like the violence is yours and any crime scene particularly as that have been called for protest breaking because you president mohamed morsi announced the safety measures to cross
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three fifteen interest to fight if las undercut the first in these areas and said they will break the curfew it will come to the streets to express the defense against the president we're likely to see this evening is several arrests and quite a lot more violence. a great collaboration over the last four yes that's how u.s. president barack obama described his first term in office with hillary clinton is now leaving the post office secretary of state but it's appeared in a joint televised interview as america's top diplomat prepares to step down my colleague on the sonali brings us a review of a time in office. responding to calls for decisive action in the region obama cited egypt as one of the examples of where his administration play a leading role in aiding regime change specifically he said that i think it had if it had not been for the leadership we showed you might have seen a different outcome there we do nobody a service when we leap before we look sounds fair enough but as we've just heard
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from bell true continuing on dress and mass protests are happening in egypt and the president has declared a state of emergency and nightly curfew so violence there reigns president obama who in fact of course like he upheld in this interview promoted change in the country and he used to enjoy quite high approval ratings across the muslim world but if we look at some numbers a recent poll has suggested that there's been a sharp drop in popularity in the region take a look at these numbers in terms of foreign policy international policy so to say thirty four percent back in two thousand and nine now at a mere fifteen percent in twenty twelve well another legacy of obama's first term in office was his handling of the revolt in libya again the president saying washington's foreign policy made a difference well it certainly made a difference but despite criticisms the administration hasn't been proactive enough
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in the region obama quite wittily it seems saying that moammar gadhafi probably would not agree with that assessment let's remember those violent pictures of him being brutally murdered after eight months of nato intervention let's take also this of temper attack on the u.s. embassy in benghazi that was a top rebel stronghold it left four top american officials dead including the ambassador and raise questions that hillary is still in fact answering about about the handling of the situation post gadhafi that obama says we are not going to be able to control every aspect of every to. transition and transformation sometimes they're going to go sideways so a little bit of taking credit for what he sees as plus is saying well we can't control everything when he's answering to criticism now both obama and clinton admit that the conflict in syria should be handled carefully perhaps because of what we saw in libya the aftermath i should say in libya well the president has
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written clearly whether or not intervention would help resolve the crisis there. let's get more analysis now from my age are times correspondent pepper escobar who's on line with us in line with us from brazil. obama called libya a success story but we're hearing reports of oil companies b.p. and shell are pulling out over libya over safety concerns plus german intelligence say al qaeda is planning to kidnap german and british nationals they house the delphic overthrow paying off. i think it was to go bowen and hillary said you know we have to call george all roll for the holy spirit you speak linda that is a stable country now ok it's a country by militias basically with those very weak central government with the salafi jihad this cross crisscrossing the country and linking it with some aussie jihadism in syria and all over the side hell just like we saw him get back at the
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enormous gas field you know so libya was an absolute disaster and obama and hillary could not see they keep war and i'm not i'm not talking about you speak not blow back every scene that is happening in north and africa now is blowback of this deposition of syria and it will be much worse mali kneejerk everybody's own fault and no one there be be and shall want to pull out and no wonder the salafi jihadists are threatening western as this is evident because that they were the actual fighting force that in b.n. that war on the war on the ground that libya supported by nato of course trained by the qataris of course ending in terms of egypt which obama hillary also said it's not a second best story remain were actually going to talk to you a little bit about that let's i mean we're talking about the blow up in north africa and they've called egypt
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a success story you know as one probably to protest the as he said that there's no bread no free dumb and no dignity whereas a success they absolutely correct because let's backtrack a little bit two years ago you're a member official limit ministration of. reaction to your square do you want it and its transition hillary clinton who went on the record maybe time saying we won't in fact omar celing one will consist of people who weren't that rear square at the time work. and shake torture because he was that he is on between the digits in military intelligence security services with this extraordinary rendition all that very close with the israelis as well trusted by unit and yahoo so this is what the obama administration wanted for egypt in the end after the real square ok let's go with the protesters but with that i mean or was if if baby habe according to
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our florida general in the end there well the destruction was a grace in the for a gentle folk out there which is going to make me crazy got their foreign policy agenda is basically the hood in power all over the middle east and also in also in africa if possible as well so nowadays we have the military in place in egypt the muslim brotherhood in the presidency supported by salafi jihad these were told to by it do any percent at least and the people who actually weren't area square and the real spirit often use square of democratization of workers students last in general the net egypt they're going to leave you marginalized so what kind of success stories that obama also said that the u.s. won't be able to control transitions in nablus and opportunities away intervention can make a difference can we expect mall of the same happening in other parts of the world.
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yes definitely but it's going to be of the shadow war variety so we have to pay attention to what's going to happen here in the next few months when john brennan takes i believe it is yale on his go to expand what david brooks rose was doing now fox which is basically a shadow war and also you know yemen and somalia is going to be expended probably to syria as well where the west doesn't want to intervene with boots on the grown any towards it but the shadow war will be very present over there and also very important for america share the war in this saga this includes lollie new jerry we came in on jury so this is this is the meaning that you know that what obama said what is implied is in fact no we're not going to have boots on the ground are going to have shock and awe which was a disaster by the way we're going to have shadow wars a lot he did not see the evil it seems to asia which is going to be the top three
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in terms of security for obama two point zero administration i want to use the payments into ways that it's basically a new cold war against china and. i want to go back to hillary clinton she's stepping down very soon she's called syria a wicked problem with obama suggesting you know the u.s. should be second specked about ondon to mention anything outside regime proving to be a tough nut to crack all is washington just waiting for the right moment to sleep in . ok let's see she's very important so it's a very good question because we have to go back to something that obama said and lacked the implied in using all the racial b.c. clean if we examine what he said he's going to say look but sheriffs that go broke is going to stay in place and we're not going to intervene with boots on the grow not going to bumps syria so the speeds that the free syrian army gains the sausage you had to use this new coalition that was brokered beachley to washington and all
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that did going to have to fend by themselves and the thirds are having second thoughts so little buddy songs that were just a bed of get a sausage you have the guerrillas the good destabilize a very well organized government like syria ok you can argue it's a police state but it's very well organized and they have the weapons so it's not going to slowly want to tell us it's going to be a long protracted civil war which is by the way what the u.s. and israel want they want to weaken syria with the possibility of balkanizing their nobel prize nation off their country so in terms of their long term american agenda we go back to the same places no intervention shadow wars and let's have all these countries falling apart from the middle east so censorious asia times correspondent beth escobar thank you it's always a pleasure to speak to you thank you very much. behind me authorities said for a new round of talks with the opposition later this week amid the continuing
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crackdown on and to regime rallies across the nation this anyone i came has been why do you accuse my rights groups of using tear gas and torture against protesters and as hakim's unless you have a chef who reports even those who try and treat the injured they say they are being victimized. nada dhaif was among a group of doctors who were trying to help the injured during a protest in bahrain she claims that after violently crushing the dissent the or thora to turn their attention to her and her colleagues who were providing first a they deny. health care to the patients and protesters. the doctors did not obey the orders for such do jean decided to punish those doctors i was taking place for ten days that i didn't know where it was. all that time i was blindfolded and handcuffed i
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was in a solitary confinement for back to twenty one days. and they would just open the door of the cell and beat me up and there was a member of the royal family who directly was responsible of my torture she she was beating me and she looked cute to me almost two dozen doctors were arrested back then this for the fuel the anger of the protesters and turned the hospitals grounds into the scene of the rally the sound money hospital is bahrain's leading medical institution and that's where most of the arrests have been made after those events it now looks like a fortress guarded heavily by the right police and not everybody can get in human rights activists or if you had suffered for speaking out against the regime and decided to come here for treatment you could make matters even worse for yourself anyone who was injured from the protests they cannot go to the hospital because they would be interested in getting beaten and taking to the jail last year many
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protester and in jail where torture insults and money we have a story and the similar people and protest are being tortured and the jail but in my country protester were tortured inside. britain not who was charged with treason and sentenced to fifteen years in prison before being acquitted because of what she believed to be international pressure on bahrain's government the fate of many other doctors remains unclear the person who allegedly tortured not and others princes. has been officially charged by police she denies all allegations against her meanwhile the guy. woman stands resumed that the action of took against the hospital was the right thing to do so i went and these doctors managed to control the emergency unit in the first floor of the hospital and started to perform political acts when a hospital is turned into a base for political ethic work and this is
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a real disaster we had an unbiased committee investigating the hospital condemn the acts of these doctors and the case against one of the members of the wall family may seem as an indication the bahrain's government has bowed to the negative global reaction with the doctor scandal being far from the only torture accusation c.c.t.v. cameras have been installed at all prisons in a move to become more transparent according to the authorities but with protests in the gulf states to continuing and accusations of human rights violations intensifying the opposition is still wondering what happens in the places where the cameras cannot see let's you are chefs de azziz reporting from the kingdom of bahrain. so as we come in the program of fighting to stay afloat we take a look at one of britain's local shops on the way to fight against us superstore expansion and the struggling economy. also could do you expect
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a tank to come in front of you on a highway but the details of this road infant and rural russia just ahead. here the reindeer isn't everything for the herders. and when it suffers. people do their best to help. but the distances are. down the roads are. today. well the remedy beyond.
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science technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got the future are covered. you're watching our t.v. live from moscow right now if you're interested in the russian military you can get a closer look at it by taking a drive on the country's rights but already aircraft in heavily armored machinery comes within meters of those driving when russia's highways and air yardies a dumbarton told me what sort of military hardware you could end up see. you can't see anything of the moment is this driver making his way along the road and suddenly screaming out of the distance comes this fighter jet just fifty meters
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above the road this helicopter doing the same thing coming in very very low over a driver who is just changing lanes at the time he was apparently training for search and rescue missions himself and then later on in the city of new gil in the urals we'll see just minor business driving along and suddenly a tank comes across the road someone hasn't worked out how to use the brakes yet i think he was the tank was on his way on the way from the tank factory nearby over to a test range of the side of the road the drivers of that car a little bit shocked to see it emerge at that sort of pace there were some bits of investigations but in each of the cases the aviation authority here found that that was all with procedures low flying trainings quite important we also find for that for the helicopter training that is also very necessary and as the as the local
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authority said of the investigators looking into it said people like seeing helicopters swooping about to know that there are forces is there so i suppose that argument as well and that as far as the tank goes the tank fracture himself said this is totally normal the tanks have to drive across the result of red light that is you can't just see it's just off screen showing drivers perhaps not very well they should have stopped and the tanks actually saying people should watch out their tanks about. you on r g dot com right down after failed run for presidency in russia the billionaire businessman turned politician. if they need a seat in the state duma why don't more online. than the a free pass to the theater well an american performing arts center is offering just sad well you have to do with both live coverage after. performance on twitter find out more on our. prime minister
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dmitri medvedev says that russia may consider swapping some of its your reserves for equities and other currencies hedging its bets against the euro zone week me in the future will bring you the full story later today in our business program but here's a preview. russia's gold in the reserves are estimated at around five hundred billion us dollars that's quite a lot of money which means production especially in the times of global economic turbulence right now around forty two percent of the reserves are kept in euros most of the rest are kept in the u.s. security but according to russia's prime minister this may seem change as russia is looking at other currencies and apparently the euro is a losing fight or more for me what's going on in our business bottom. watch our business bulletin at six thirty g.m.t. here on r.t. . right the search for survivors of
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a sunday's a russian fishing boat accident in the sea of japan is still ongoing with at least eight to true members confirmed dead the vessel named chance one o one encountered severe inclement weather but didn't send an s.o.s. signal prior to capsizing there were thirty crewmembers on board including nineteen russians fifteen people have been rescued emergency services are looking for these seven people who remain missing it is not yet known what caused the accident. with some more international news in brief right now reports say militants have attacked an oil pipeline in algeria leaving two people did meanwhile in neighboring mali french led troops have surrounded the key city of do after capturing the airport from militant islamists this comes days after the militants seized the rebel stronghold of the offensive has caused a number of civilian casualties as reports are emerging of a french helicopter tagg in quanah that killed at least twelve villagers including
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children french president francois hollande says the intervention in mali will continue for as long as necessary. brazil has declared three days of national mourning for the two hundred thirty three people killed in a nightclub fire in the southern city of santa maria police have arrested the club's owner and members of the band whose fireworks show allegedly caused the tragedy they accidentally set fire to insulation foam in the ceiling the flames are spreading in a matter of minutes or through the packed venue it was also only one exit and panic spread as people tried to get out some witnesses claim that security guards attempted to keep the club's only exit shut until they were overpowered. iran is a step closer to a manned space flight after successfully sending a monkey into space and safely returning it he was searched iran's our space
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program as a cover to develop its long range missile capabilities it all comes amid the ongoing dispute over iran's nuclear research which it claims is peaceful. economists in the u.k. have warned that recent heavy snow four has hyping the risk of britain heading into a triple dip recession and with the country's independent retailers under constant pressure from supermarket chains arteries polly boyko went to see how one small business has managed to turn the tide and even thrive it's older than buckingham palace and tower bridge and it's been a local store in the heart of rural east england for three hundred and seventy years visitors who stumble across the it's hearing a village shop in this remote region of norfolk say that it's like an oasis in the middle of the desert. it was faced with going out of business until twenty five
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villages stepped in raise five thousand pounds to keep it open and offered to work there for free i couldn't live in this village without. the community nature of the village with. the free workforce allows it to stay open and breakeven i think people are happy in their lives by working for free. to come in and do something knowing that your contribution has a meaning and purpose isn't ours it is heritage and we want to make sure he does continue to the next generation volunteers who run the salt say that there are two secrets to success the locally sourced produce means that the propping up the local economy take for example your free range eggs delivered from a nearby village there's a second recess secret that the famous chocolate biscuits. travel far and wide for this homemade treat but even with volunteers staying open is hard
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the onslaught of major national chains whose immense buying power tempts shoppers with food sold for next to nothing has killed off thousands of independent british shops leaving villages and now wait well obviously we're up against supermarkets and we all use supermarkets but to be able to have a local store which does local produce and is something where you can chat to people everybody the gossip that goes on in here is amazing it would be dreadful if we lost it because once you lose something like this you can never get it back again and they're not alone in getting together to save their small shop from extinction there are three hundred other communities stores in some of the u.k.'s most rural pockets winning customers by knowing that retail means detail so operating in really difficult economic times but they really punching above their weight community shops are offering something. very often quite different from what a supermarket is. offering for example they offer cafes they're offering postal
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services and they're offering somewhere to go in and talk to your neighbors and your friends and if working for free is what it takes to keep its hearing and shop open and so be it you enjoy it. you know they do it's the kind of spirit that could see this tiny store whether the was just and hate the stay open for another three hundred eighty is plenty see north norfolk u.k. . and a few minutes away look at the gold mining industry in colombia stay with us here ninety. three fiasco actually caused a fiasco by singing
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a song highly critical of president obama ironically at a concert in honor of his second inauguration according to the huffington post he was thrown off stage by security for insulting the dear leader the sounds really bad like something out of one thousand nine hundred four where thoughts come out of nowhere the second you say something out of line about the party. to the song loop it was singing had been going on for thirty minutes at that point this rant was more like a hip hop filibuster stopping the whole show and dragging on and on and on the so i think security just wanted to silence him in general not silence his anti obama opinions so you know next time when you want to bring up obama's drone usage or total disregard for the constitution then keep it under three minutes everything will be just fine but that's just my opinion.
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for the past ten years colombia has welcomed foreign capital with open arms in his turn the new president juan manuel santos places mining at the center of his development model in bogota the independent expert coolio if you're zero denounces and insist race relationship between the multinationals and the colombian political class. no it's without it it isn't just an impression it's a reality you don't get there exists a very strong link between these companies and the political elites that we have look at they serve the interests of the big multinationals that marked in red on the map of the country the land report.


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