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tv   [untitled]    January 30, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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[000:00:00;00] live live . the u.s. gets a new secretary of state as democrat john kerry wins overwhelming senate approval look at his record in foreign policy decision making and whether there's likely to be any change on key issues. opposition calls for an urgent meeting with president morsi to end the week long deadly violence that's while the leader himself has the e.u. seeking to convince the bloc of these democratic credentials and ask for investment . was israel sets a precedent numbering the un human rights watchdog while fencing off even more from
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its closest neighbors. and the us office working to close guantanamo bay prison is disbanded it comes amid the nine eleven trial at the bases military tribunals and while the defense lawyers demand transparency on cia secret jails the probe into one of them based in poland drags on. it's two pm here in moscow this is coming to live with me and you so now we're good to have you with us our top story this hour the u.s. senate has overwhelmingly approved president obama's nomination of john kerry as the next secretary of state the sixty nine year old democrat will succeed hillary clinton taking over washington's diplomacy him a deepening turmoil in the mideast raging conflicts in africa and complicated relations with russia are going to change
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a can looks at kerry's past foreign policy decisions and what it might signal about the future. the evolution of john kerry's views has been quite remarkable so remarkable that it's hard to pin where exactly he standing on a number of issues he built his career on the reputation of a name to war advocate a vietnam veteran himself he was very vocal as a spokesman of the vietnam veterans against the war back in the seventies then in the eighty's he challenge to the reagan administration's policies on central america in one thousand nine hundred one he voted against the u.s. involvement in the first gulf war but later over the years john kerry has morphed into a pretty much mainstream politician with a record which casts a shadow on the antiwar image that he's been trying to build for himself in two thousand and two he voted to authorize the iraq invasion and since then he has made a slew of conflicting statements which might have cost him the election in two thousand and four when he was running as the antiwar candidate so while criticizing george w.
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bush for the war in iraq in two thousand and four in august of that year when asked if he would still of gone to war knowing saddam hussein did not possess weapons of mass destruction john kerry said yes i would have voted for the authority i believe it was the right authority for a president to have in september that year in direct contradiction to that statement john kerry said we should not have gone to war knowing the information that we know today. these are just some of his other conflicting statements for example on supplemental funding for the troops back in two thousand and three it was an eighty seven billion dollars bill in september that year he was for it in a cold war he voted against it it was at that time when he said i actually did vote for it before i voted against it a phrase which kind of stuck with john kerry on patriot act again he was for it before he was against it on israel's unilateral construction of
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a security fence he called it a barrier to peace at one time but less than a year later he reversed himself calling the fence a legitimate act of self defense. now as far as his present views which he shared during his confirmation hearing last week on you when he said although the u.s. favors diplomacy but washington will act to prevent iran from getting the nuclear weapon whether the preventive action could mean war he did not clarify that he was cautious speaking about syria and that caution is reflective of the white house becoming seemingly more aware of the challenges there and the threats behind a military intervention but it's worth noting that he may ask if there were any conditions under which he would support u.s. or nato led airstrikes on the syrian military john kerry said quote unquote sure but before that in march he also said bombing syria would not be the right thing to do is not necessarily a flip flop but you can see that his actions and views can go either way during the
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confirmation hearing we've heard john kerry pretty much channel a new message that the obama administration is trying to convey and that is in president obama's own words we're not treating from the hips and his nomination of chuck hagel who is known to have been against a strike on iran for example could be part of that message so secretary of state john kerry now channels that we are not going to rush into action message but he's record shows that when the tide turns and that tide can turn very quickly and the drums of war start beating loud and clear again john kerry would probably jump on that. we spoke to brian drove a director of an independent media outlet deep is t.v. who shared his view on how kerry's appointment is likely to affect key international issues. if you look at american policy in the last twenty years even in the last since bush obama what is really change ptrace first strike wars
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in afghanistan and yemen and pakistan and now they're positioning so-called missiles to fence on the turkish russian border which is essentially a first rate weapon targeted assassinations intensified under obama and his assertion of his right to order the killing of american citizens anywhere in the world is kerry going to stand up an international forums and say no that's wrong we can't do that i don't think so neither did hillary clinton. egypt's opposition has unexpectedly called for an urgent meeting with the country's president just days after forcefully rejecting any chance for dialogue meanwhile mohamed morsi himself is in europe despite the ongoing two mastic turmoil he's meeting german and french leaders hoping to convince them of his democratic intentions to get foreign funding and egypt's been plagued by bloody street battles for a week now with protesters demanding an end to the rule of morsi and the muslim brotherhood blaming them for hijacking and betraying the revolution egyptian
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defense minister warned the country is on the brink of collapse as demonstrators defy the president's curfew and appear undeterred by a new law granting the military power to arrest whatever off may think you've co-founder of the council of trustees of the revolution in egypt says i'm in the chaos the army's role should not be underestimated. the surface interpretation of what's happening definitely there are groups who are willing to sabotage anything and try to embarrass the government specifically morsi and the military. on the surface however there are deeper into positions of what's going on some of the interpretation goes as far as that the military council or the military is behind all of this so that big can have. the grip over this way to intensify their presence militarily over there probably don't want to see an economic development
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of this specific strategic area because it would hand over to civilian oversight of the canard rather than military oversight of the cannot according to the new constitution there's something called the national defense council this council in most countries and previously had an advisory stature right now it has more of an executive branch and it has more military members on this board than civilians which numbers the civilians including be commander in chief. the president which means they can force the president to take certain decisions which we have just seen in the past couple of days when they had the commander in chief say that he will declare martial law or emergency emergency law in those specific areas. the chaos in egypt is also the focus of cross talk here in r.t. where peter lavelle grills his guest over what went wrong in the country that
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spearheaded the arab spring that's coming your way next hour. what's really in the egyptian revolution if it's even a revolution anymore part of the problem with the egyptian revolution is that turned into a form of a spectator sport where outside there is going to have they're saying i mean i shouldn't be saying that i'm a spectator external observer is well but to the extent that it's kind of interfering with this process and unfortunately that form of intervention is egging one side or the other you can also look other than western countries are there all of the countries are playing in supporting certain parties within egypt now when it comes to international intervention or opinions it's the same the international scene is just looking at egypt and trying to secure its interest and i mean the u.s. for example hold still supporting morsi just like it did mubarak and i feel that
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at this moment it's just. you know speculation like like karl said and things are happening on the ground that they need to catch up on. israel's become the first country to shun the u.n. human rights council scrutiny fashion saying the body has a strong biased against it i steer the jewish state claimed it will no longer cooperate with the watchdog after an investigation into its settlements in the west bank r.t. is alexy yourselves if you take a closer look at israel's fencing off policy. if you were allowed to invest your money into israel's construction companies those supplying materials for defensive walls you would have probably made a hefty profit government decision suggests they will never run out of business and . we intend to erect
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a fence along the golan heights we know that on the other side of our border with syria today the syrian army has moved away and in its place global jihad forces have moved in therefore we will defend this border against both infiltration and terrorism. that would make a third defensive wall in less than twenty years along with the one in jerusalem and on the border with egypt barriers with lebanon and jordan are also being discussed all have the same just difficult security reasons israel built a concrete wall in the west bank more than a decade ago to protect itself from palestinian terrorism years on not only it is still dividing the land and the people but the opinions as well supporters of the defensive barrier points to a decreased number of attacks while its opponents say that its existence in the first place is creating more grounds for instability political writer michael believes the west bank barrier may have been
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a temporary solution years ago but it's no longer proving effective just as the march braced friends with the sea knight peninsula that eventually failed to keep out african migrants if building another turns israel into a fortress for shaft he says then it will be a medieval one. holds in the war so if someone is really. to. decision of the government show the craziness or the crazy philosophy which is behind it to create a normality for our children grandchildren. on the fortress completely surrounded by. we are going back to. with this philosophy. behind the war the war building business may seem profitable to some but financial experts say constructing these barriers consumes a sizeable chunk of the defense budget as well as suffocating regional development
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which is part of the palestinian state but although. it was excluded by the wall and now it is became. almost. part of the. various sources of his generals on the war. and it is also very much. to their business environment the fence at the border with egypt can be excused for being an international border the golan heights on the other hand is only a cease fire line left from the israeli syrian warfare so not only it would not protect israel from any kind of mordant weapon attack but just like the wall in the west bank it could become another more humans to the indefinite occupation of territory conquered by force. r.t. reporting from israel coming up this hour for you deep rooted divisions northern
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ireland marks the anniversary of the so-called bloody sunday which sparked nationalist tensions still i'm going today that and more stories after a break. with . its technology innovation all the developments around russia we. covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something
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else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you don't. charge is a big. welcome back here with r t y v from the russian capital the u.s. has reassigned the a special envoy tasked with working on the closure of the one ton m obey prison no replacement for daniel fried has been named increasing fears among critics that the notorious jail could remain open indefinitely but friday was assigned to deal with
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repertory aiding and abetting resettling i should say detainees in two thousand and nine shortly after president obama promised to close the jail but with restrictions on transfers of the camp's prisoners imposed by congress he was left with little to do a closer frys office comes as five guantanamo prison printed prisoners are facing trial over nine eleven during the pretrial hearings defense lawyers asked the judge to publicly disclose classified details about so-called cia black sites where they claim their clients were tortured. calls for more transparency on the u.s. keeping at interrogating prisoners overseas are failing to get any response the probe into a cia jail in poland is continuing for five years now with little help from washington and as our teams are going to go to school reports whatever the outcome it could be swept under the carpet guantanamo may hold all the headlines but all
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the interested it means people are moving their focus elsewhere so-called black sites secret prisons were established by the cia during its well publicized war on terror unlike the cause however these secret facilities were never publicly discussed by the authorities the u.s. claimed they could hold prisoners outside the u.s. because then they wouldn't be subject to the geneva conventions to international law and humanitarian law reports suggest such prisons were in existence from two thousand and two but you simply not long after the events of nine eleven the u.s. government denied the existence of these prisons until two thousand and six now the only country in europe which has acknowledged the presence of a secret cia facility on its territory is lithuania and if you were to look at it you will you will see something almost a deliberate site except for the imposing fences surrounding it likewise a suspected secret prison in poland is believed to be located here apparently in
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one of the most beautiful spots in the country according to various reports mostly from journalists or human rights organizations so-called high value detainees were flown in by the cia for interrogation at these polish facilities. i managed to get records from the airport in germany where it's clear that they have learned an aircraft used by the cia very important evidence because until then everyone denied these landings and reported different destinations of these flights to europe controlled however just like their american counterparts the authorities in warsaw have been extremely frugal with the details and investigation into the secret prisons has been dragging on for almost five years now but what earth during its course remains unknown one man who has been charged with involvement is poland's former chief of intelligence and security is big news tonight called ski this first high profile official of any nation to be prosecuted over the issue well as investigators have only one response to all questions concerning their
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investigation all the information has been classified as it involves state secrets which of course they're not allowed to divulge on top of that since the case directly involves u.s. officials one would imagine warse and washington working very closely together yet people who are privy to the investigation say this is definitely not the case the united states or thirty. anyway in fact i can say obstructed the investigation by invoking in my absolutely. article three. mutually glistens treaty between poland and the united states. they've refused to produce any information requested by the prosecutor therefore the extent of their investigations progress just like any information about the torture of prisoners regarding who watch where when and how all of it remains a mystery and the investigation is rumored to conclude next month by the looks of
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it whatever its outcome it may also be a state secrets and swept under the carpet. well there are more revelations about poland's connection with cia prisons online for you today at r.t. dot com we've got a story of whether the investigation into america's shady actions in poland is driving a wedge between warsaw and washington. in other international news this hour u.n. peace and war locks are brahimi has told the u.n. syria is being destroyed we have to warn you mate you may find some of the following footage we're going to show which is evidence of one of the conflicts biggest massacres extremely disturbing scores of bodies of young men have been found on the bank of the river in syria's northern city aleppo activists reported there were at least seventy one while rebels put the number at over one hundred most had their hands tied behind their backs with gunshot wounds to the head at the
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moment there is no information on who carried out the killings. residents in malaya and towns of go into iraq to have hunted down and killed some of the remaining rebels who recently lost control of the city's local businesses along with suspected insurgents who didn't flee when french and malian troops secured the area earlier this week on wednesday french troops entered the city of could seen as the last standing militant stronghold in the country's north. at least four people have died and thousands more were forced to flee their homes in australia after heavy floods hit new south wales and queensland military personnel have been sent to the region to help deal with the aftermath australian summer weather conditions are a constant threat to the region more than thirty people died during floods in two thousand and eleven. south korea has for the first time successfully launched
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a rocket as part of a mission to put a satellite into orbit similar attempts in two thousand and nine and ten along with an effort earlier this year were aborted due to technical problems wednesday's launch comes amid rising tensions with their neighbors north korea conducted their own rocket launch just weeks ago on this thing to continue further tests in response to new u.n. sanctions. and don't forget our cheesy you tube channel where the best videos are available for you twenty four seven including proof that residents in southern china have been on shaking ground quite literally that's after a whole building complex collapsed and caved in in front of dozens of passer bys
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head on to youtube and search for archie for this and other eye catching moments. it's a painful anniversary for the u.k. forty one years since. protesters in northern ireland fourteen people were killed on what's become known as bloody sunday which stirred up nationalist tension. and as. divisions. so far i am still there walking the pavements when i can to drink in the smell sound and smiles of the street and sharing joy and pride and progress and pain this is the story of life
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living and working in a loyalist community that was such a narrative of violence and dysfunctional relationship every level of that community politically in the community leaders as well as in their homes and their families written by a former youth worker harriet long's writing struck a chord with many trying to make sense of the recent rising on the surface and the latest trouble was with the decision to limit the number of days the union flag would fly from belfast city hall in northern ireland and the flag has an important political and cultural meaning a reminder for loyalists that the province is part of the day but also that it must remain say the catholics though a reminder of a less equal past youth worker mark davies tells me that despite this new young generation having been brought up in peace times social issues have made it easy to
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fall back on old narrative. they are generation. who have grown up in peace times but that doesn't mean that the tensions on the issues are deep seated within their families or within this community haven't gone away with the recent rioting political divisions to have once again become apparent we have to also asked to unionist party p. and u.u.p. for their action of distributing forty thousand leaflet to inflame the situation to whip up tension in loyalist areas you seem very emotive language the leaflets and is referring to by name means a cause of the riots but only example of the war of words. that many feel contributed to an already volatile situation. with this lead yes a lot of the student said that there is a responsibility that the d.v.d.
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had contributed to what we've seen play out on the street know the latter are. you thinking that's a no we asked the question read the leaflet the. advance of the vote to contact the alliance party and ask them to change their mind very difficult to tallaght child not to hit somebody when you may may be in their community leaders are using violence to keep control and but that politicians and maybe aren't using violence but they're using violence it's all they're using with our own helpful we've come having returned to northern ireland for the time being wasted now in agreement that the peace process here needs to evolve he must go in seeking so when political level but what many say is needed now is a solution that works at a grass roots level amongst the community who got things because it's
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a followings. that wraps up our main news walk here in r t after a break it's a special report fragile people. the. whole . mission. couldn't take three years for charges free. arrangement free. free. free. download free broadcast quality video for your media project free media oh god r.t.
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dot com you. download the official tea application to your cell phone choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television or it just doesn't work so how would your mobile device if you could watch your t.v. any time and he was. asked to use it was born doctors told us she had multiple fractures they also said lisa would be a difficult child to handle she was bedridden the first often she had to you didn't sleep on
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a cushion because she would cry when we touched her. yet i probably fell from the chair and. right from the sofa and that didn't hurt at all but then i fell off the arm chair and i broke my leg. i cried for a while. and then at those sleep. but why why why why did it have to be us. but. you still need to simper factor is one of the most common congenital bone disorders affecting children if we're


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