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no sin mondello the political secretary. and his holiness the pope and me the former foreign minister of france know exactly how to rogue's gallery more a gallery of people who had been a thorn in the side of u.s. policy towards iraq during the sanctions period when every six minutes of every night and day an iraqi child was dying as a result of sanctions imposed for possession of weapons of mass destruction which it turned out of course infamously didn't even pose this so it was a kind of bug giovanna. but it was one of my best days you could put it this way the senator in charge is no longer a senator i'm still a member of parliament and they never asked me. or that's what made it so absurd is the fact that you know here the us is having these close close ties with iraq when
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the regime was at its worst and of course trying to make a scandal out of you having you know ties with the regime it's totally absurd but i want to move on to afghanistan i mean the u.s. is claiming that the war's over we know that there is a strategic pact with karzai to keep troops there well past twenty four teen i mean as the troops have began withdrawing last year we saw a record number of drone strikes george three hundred thirty three within the first ten months alone of twenty twelve what do you think about the shift in policy now to drone wars. well drone wars are cheap in human terms because of course although the u.s. has declared the war effectively all of our young american and british soldiers are still coming home in boxes others without their limbs others. have gone crazy in the war zone and most of them their wives or kill themselves or fill the police and prison cells of the respective nations or little the pavements with the
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other homeless people who have been abandoned by the very society they were told they were fighting to protect drones of course. just as many people but they don't run the risk of allied casualties president obama saw fit to make a joke out of all of that he said that you don't you don't see these drones coming that's true you don't until your wife is sitting there beside you minus her head until your children are in pieces literally in front of your eyes until you and your household are blown up you don't know that these drones are coming. president obama thought out was a laughing matter i can assure you it isn't for the populations amongst whom the drones rockets are falling and it isn't amongst the hundreds of millions of the total idjit us around the world who grow out of our more crazy with. the double
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standards and the injustice of western policy towards muslim areas of the world absolutely you just articulated a perfect game in the fact that this is being a joke about the fact that it's even being used as our new counterterrorism strategy is outrageous i mean are counterproductive they create more terrorists i mean that's what it's doing it's radicalizing people who are affected which are of course countless civilians have died it all comes back to the war on terror george though we're unlike any other war at least and in history that i've learned i mean we're fighting a tactic that will always exist there's no end in sight i mean what is the danger of this new mindset of fighting terror. well i said behind me in the houses of parliament just a few days after nine eleven when the house was recalled for the emergency i said i despise osama bin laden the mediƦval just savage the difference i said between me
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and you the rest of you is that i always despised them i despised them when you were giving him guns and money on the moral principle that my enemy's enemy is my friend the enemy at the time of course being the soviet union and the british and the americans brought. into afghanistan in the first place but in the same speech i said if we handle this the wrong way we will create tens of thousands of new bin ladin's and of course underestimated we have created hundreds of thousands maybe millions of new bin ladin's everything that we have done since nine eleven has almost been designed to multiply proliferate terrorism extremism fanaticism around the world and we're at it again of course already in mali where a dictatorship is under pressure from
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a group of opponents some of whom are islamicists some of whom are not and these points are dubbed al-qaeda and we're bombing them and as i said to the prime minister just today in parliament prime minister's question time please tell me the difference between the al qaeda were killing in mali and the al qaida were supporting in syria in order for them to kill thousands of innocent people christians shiites and other religious and ethnic minorities so the whole strategy was doomed and flawed from the start and everything that we in the antiwar movement predicted has come true. bucket loads and yet these people don't seem to learn from their mistakes it was famously of the bull bones whose inattention led to the french revolution and seventeen but they learn nothing they
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forgot nothing but it's true of the lot of the boer bombs who run your country. they don't learn from their mistakes they constantly compound the big swamp of hatred and bitterness out of which islamist extremism climbs is being endlessly deep water with new blood new injustices it does seem that george that it is so outrageous it's so obvious that it really does seem sometimes like it is by design to just keep terrorism. exacerbated and just keep these wars and perpetuity ever really does make me question you just said something about the hatred the anti-american sentiment kind of the anti west sentiment that's growing undoubtedly in the middle east and many many also say that it stems from the palestine israeli conflict you've been very vocal about this you said at one point that you want to dedicate your life to the cause of palestine i mean how much do you think this tight allegiance that the u.s.
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has with israel damages peace and stability in the middle east. well it damages america's interests let me say immediately and that's increasingly recognized by the man who is in line to become the next defense secretary by the former least chief of the armed forces of the united states who described in front of the armed services committee in congress the relationship with israel as a strategic liability for the united states and he was certainly telling the truth in that nothing could be more damaging to the united states than its absolutely unhealthy obsessively. close relationship to a regime in tel aviv which is regarded by most people in the world as a terrorist rogue state yet it's endless later wanted for every crime that it commits and every crime that it commits is paid for by the u.s.
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taxpayer but undoubtedly the palestine question is the heart of the matter it's the flaw at the heart of western policy towards the east and until there is justice for the palestinian people there will never be peace in the region and if there's no peace in that region there'll be no peace in the world yet netanyahu the serial killer the man who's literally paving the illegally occupied west bank of the jordan with illegal israeli settlements will be received in washington and london with the same red carpet no matter what crimes he commits and we know from the all of our hard conversation between president obama and then french president sarkozy that neither could bear to look at the other look at netanyahu his face they agreed with each other they didn't know the microphones were switched on they said that they could not bear to look at this man and yet when it comes to writing the checks
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sending the weapons and rolling out the diplomatic and political support they can always be counted on to do that. stay tuned for the rest of my interview with george galloway right after the break if you like to see so far go to our you tube channel into dot com plus breaking the subscribe to us targets on. break and of but like us on our facebook page at facebook. and follow me on the twitter verse at abby martin i did break for now but stay tuned to go about george galloway's experience in parliament next. to see. a.
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little. let me let me i want to know we're going to let me ask you a question. here on this network is what we're having a debate we have our knives out. in the field this cycle to spend staying there or to get here in a situation where being i don't want me to talk about the surveillance me.
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if you've ever seen anything like that live. here's the rest of my interview with george galloway respect member of the u.k. parliament. george move on to your government you are a member of the labor party thirty six years then you joined the respect party in two thousand and four what made you switch and why do you think that america's stuck in this two party dictatorship is what i like to call it so taboo to even talk about socialist ideals which as i know i respect represent. well i was expelled by tony blair from the labor party in two thousand and three for my role as one of the leading figures in the war movement against the war on iraq and i founded the respect party which came out of the great antti war movement
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which organized the biggest demonstrations the british britain has ever seen in its history indeed five times bigger than the next biggest. site and we're almost at the anniversary of that demonstration february fifteenth when we had two millions on the streets of britain representing tens of millions of people i think in opposition to the war on iraq even before people knew what we know nor the entire thing was built upon a tower of lies but the expulsion was another job on because it was increasingly difficult and becoming impossible to remain in a party led by mr blair who is a war criminal and who should be on trial in the hague instead of swanning around the world making millions of dollars as a consultant to all sorts of good is the sovereign wealth funds of various
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dictatorships and exorbitant fees most of them in the united states plus the fees from being a director and a consultant for many multinational corporations so it's been good for business so far as mr bliss concerned he is a religious man and i suspect on the judgement day. you'll find the questioning is a little tougher than the british parliament was ever able to hold him to. the respect party believes. asking poor people to pay for the crimes of rich people the crimes and the mistakes and blunders that lead us off the cliff into recession and worse is unfair unjust and we will not accept it and reclassified wars as missions and continuing to cause the deaths of countless people in the form our empire now being recall and eyes again as well as the deaths and
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destruction of the lives of our own service personnel especially at a time when we have no money to keep our old people warm in the winter time but we can always find money to go around the world setting fire to other people's countries this way of organizing things is simply not acceptable it cannot be as good as it gets there must be a better way we try to highlight it and respect is the fastest growing party in british politics and i wish there was respect phenomenon in the united states i have a weekly radio show in the united states on a new york radio station called w b i it's called the mother of all talk shows and it's a constant recurrent theme i was having to defend obama least to the extent of saying you should elect him rather than the other guy romney will be even worse than president obama but people ask the legitimate question how
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come that's the only choice to cheeks of the same backside tweedle dee and tweedle dum why isn't a real choice in american politics and authorities are not so ordinarily in georgia americans were are going to have to confront as an issue sooner rather than. later absolutely george unfortunately we're out of time and you know we live in a two tiered justice system but you are such an inspiration for working within the system and really being a voice of reason and here i just applaud you for that thank you so much for taking the time to join us today. thank you of a big fan of yours. to be on your show a big thanks george keep speaking truth to power. with all this talk about president obama's next big policy focus turning to immigration i've been curious about what you could possibly have to say about reform when the policy adopted first first term resulted in
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a record one point five million deportations so well immigration reform posed by the white house be as empty of a promise as was the closure of guantanamo bay or will the millions of undocumented immigrants finally see progressive legislation to help their legal status talk about real madrid and reform in the militarization of the border i'm joined now by r t correspondent ramon the lino from our l.a. studio good to have you on the so vermont i know that immigration reform legislation hasn't been drafted yet but we expect the government to come up with a plan that will actually be fair to the millions of undocumented immigrants in the u.s. especially the ones who are under age no you're absolutely right now we don't have all the details yet but we get a good idea from the framework now conservatives will say that this is not fair that this is just an a c. but the green rights advocates will point out that it's the furthest thing from see there are a lot of punitive elements to do reform efforts both from obama and from the senate
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proposal there's no wording or any mention of stopping any of the deportations and in both plans both the obama camp and in the senate bipartisan crew they came up with their own plan i mean they talk about their first objective being tougher border enforcement so obviously signs that militarization along the border would only increase during you know with any sort of reform effort and let's talk about the militarization of the border i know that there's drones this is obviously affecting the prison industry how. sure well i mean the pretty private prison industry is already benefiting quite a bit now we're talking about the geo group and the corrections corporation of america which already has some very lucrative contracts with with the federal government to. people who are arrested for immigration offenses and we've seen from recent reports that i mean federal federal immigration offenses make up now
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thirty percent of the federal inmate population so given the fact that there doesn't seem to be any sort of reduction in the amount of people who are being a rested we can only assume that these private prison facilities are going to be used more and more as border enforcement gets tougher and tougher and ramona yes definitely the private prison industry is definitely profit out there and a lot of people say that you know obama has effectively secured the border but but drones are so precise and surveillance i mean they're the best surveillance tool that we have and we know that they're being used so is this going to keep increasing the militarization of our borders ramon well right now the customs and border protection is in possession of ten drones over the past seventy years this drone program to patrol the borders on the southwest border florida area and in the canadian border if has cost the federal go emit more than a quarter billion dollars and so far watchdog groups inside of homeland security
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have said that this is an inefficient program yet despite the fact that these drones aren't even working cousins of border protection already into deal with defense kocher defense contractor general atomics for up to fourteen more drones so what we see is you know with any sort of reform effort that we're going to see we're definitely going to see a lot more spending on defense drones usa ramon not surprising at all i mean but how hypocritical is this really and light of the fact that you know here obama is making these zero. toward immigration reform really he's deported a record number of immigrants here yeah as you mentioned more than a million and a half during his tenure more than george bush or any other republican four hundred thousand just in the last year and in this latest reform push he spoke about earlier this week i mean he didn't really make a lot of mention of these families that are being split up he didn't make any mention of the hundreds and thousands of immigrants who have died trying to cross
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the border so way and immigrant rights activists see this push their very rightly so cautious about what reform efforts will bring about. absolutely a lot of questions to bring up especially about human rights with the drones and the deportations thank you so much for among the lino for shedding a light you bet. today marks the fortieth anniversary of what is still referred to as the biggest scandal in washington's history watergate and this very day two members of president nixon's committee for reelection gordon liddy and james mccord jr were found guilty and convicted of conspiracy burglary and attempting to wiretap the democratic party's headquarters at the watergate building right here in d.c. the roots of the watergate scandal can be traced back to nixon's presidency which
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was the tories they secretive a famous example being the release of the pentagon papers which exposed the secrets of vietnam and information about a legal bombings of laos and cambodia without congressional knowledge the pentagon papers hid in the press smeared nixon's image as a result and came even more invasive and distrust of the american public ironically enough as reserved as he was nixon made audio recordings of meetings and personal thoughts he had in the oval office material that would soon lead to his demise he had a group of people working for him and the committee to reelect the president also known as cream these are the guys that got caught breaking into the democratic national headquarters but their connection to president nixon had yet to be made it wasn't until after nixon won reelection that as association with the burglars was discovered which marked the beginning of a formal investigation against him it's important note that nixon and his chief of staff conspired to have the cia bring the investigation to a halt by saying it was
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a national security matter sound familiar needless to say that plan failed which led to these famous words. years of public life. i have never profited never profited from public service i earned every cent and in all of my years of public life i have never obstructed justice and i think that i could say that in my years of public life that i welcome this kind of examination because people have got to know whether or not their president's a crook well i'm not a crook i heard everything i got those words prove to be empty even the nixon claimed executive privilege in that case in one thousand nine hundred seventy four the supreme court forced him to release the tapes and this is a very important decision because sent a message to the president and to the public that said no one is above the law but
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before he was subject to the embarrassment of congressional hearings and inevitably and he just nixon resigned in addition to redeem this country of one of its most corrupt presidents ever multiple pieces of legislation were passed in the wake of his presidency that pushed for more transparency in government watergate helped give rise to a new kind of journalist investigative reporter people and bob woodward and carl bernstein. it's reminded us of the importance of leakers and whistleblowers like daniel ellsberg and mark felt a deep throat people that were vital in bringing dark truths to light. and perhaps the most important lesson of all is that the president of the united states is not above the law and my oh my how much of that changed today aside from the serious lack of investigative journalism done by the same media industry that exposed watergate if you look at the bush and obama presidency these you'll see that there
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is zero accountability for their lawlessness it's amazing to think that nixon was brought down because of the instance of wiretapping look at the state of our government today's world less wiretapping is rampant and now instead of once a war is being applauded they're being imprisoned what happened how did we strayed so part or most importantly how do we go back. you know how sometimes you see
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a story and it seems so for langley you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. wealthy british style. sometimes the title. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's conjure for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cons a report on r g.
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