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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EST

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concerns grow over the human cost of the french led military operation in mali amid a lack of information on civilian casualties have reports of government atrocities . as the u.s. senate prepares to decide whether chuck hagel will become the new defense secretary will look at why to be the most controversial pentagon chief and recent years. the british government raises twice as many taxes as a cut as
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a new study shows how shelling out billions of revenues from people's pockets. it is not i am in the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina joshie welcome to the program. now as french and malian forces make more gains in the battle against islamist rebels in the african country concerns are growing over how the conflict is being fought human rights groups and upin and activists are raising the alarm over the information blackout of the number of civilian casualties during the french led intervention and the western backed troops are now being increasingly accused of war crimes now in the towns liberated by the french army there is also a growing sense of revenge the food filmed by an amateur cameraman apparently shows
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a mob attacking and mutilating the corpse of a young man whom the crowd suspects of lengths to islamist local reporter gonzalo wants to told r.t. about atrocities reportedly taking place across the country. as we continue moving north we find reports of extrajudicial killings and evidence of war crimes that we have heard of the murder of a few citizens by mali and soldiers in the town of survive not only did they kill them they shove their bodies into the drinking water well located in the center of the town making the rest of the population watch we're also hearing of cases where people are being prosecuted for trying to earn a living under the ruling militants sixteen year old adama says it was unknowingly employed as a cook. he's now being accused of terrorism. after i stopped working as a cook in the town of do when i went to surveyor there i met an old man and i asked him for a drink of water on the phone he said that he won't share water with terrorists i said that i was in
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a terrorist and i was just the first down then i was put into prison i am no terrorists i don't even know that i was working with militants i only realized that the rumors i started hearing them and then when everyone went on to the frontline i was just cooking food for that no one even talked to me i think persecution was also reportedly becoming widespread in the arabs until they said to be persecuted on charges of allegedly collaborating with the militants in the government and the french troops are fighting against our contacts in timbuktu also told us that shops belonging to arabs are being looted a lot of a host international consultant and former deputy speaker of the belgian parliament says he's not surprised by the developments in mali. but i hear now is how this surprises me i mean that first of all the million army does hold a grudge against the people who are lost some from the northern part of the country and secondly the soldiers of very low grade and that's very little on them and etc
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as a they're not really a regular army in that sense there's only. hardly a state apparatus functioning how can you really just have people and examine what they do you can't you just ground nic underlying that so the only thing you can do correctly is if you think people might be terrorist is hold them and arrest them and detain them what you certainly will do is say this is kind of actually judicial executions but eternally surprises me that this is going on right now this country needs support yes this country needs i don't know why is it that this help only comes in the form of military invasions that's a basic question usually should ask themselves. and they're also fears of sectarian revenge attacks in mali following the french led military campaign more on this as well as images from the conflict torn country on r.t. dot com. syria says israeli jets have carried out a deadly bombing raid on
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a stair toward destroying a military research center near damascus at least two people are thought to have been killed and five more wounded in the attack while israel has refused to comment on the incident western diplomats and syrian rebels claim israeli forces targeted an arms convoy near lebanon's border our disposal here has been following the developments. the syrian army has said that israeli jets crossed into syria below the radar level at dawn on wednesday and hit a military research center near the capital city of damascus now according to the military they carried out an i'm quoting an act of aggression bombarding the sites causing large scale material damage as what is destroying the building and that was a statement that was quoted on syrian state television the military also added that two site workers were killed in the strike now earlier there were reports that israeli planes had struck a convoy carrying weapons from syria to lebanon the information actually came from the united states as well as regional officials but these reports would later
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denied by syria. are you me as a q. attitude or of pan-african newswire says the alleged israeli air strike in syria is all part of a plan to bring down the assad government. it's quite interesting that the israeli government as well as the united states has not officially responded to this provocation against syria so it is inevitably a situation in which they are opening up a nother front in the war against the government of bashar al assad is part and parcel of a broader strategy part of that strategy of course has been a deployment of patriot missiles in turkey which is also a nato country on the border with syria and then of course with the airstrikes this is designed to create a sense of encircled that in regard to the syrian government i think that the syrian government and those who are want are seeking a negotiated and political settlement to this crisis you know very well that this
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is only designed to weaken the syrian government and that it will not be successful because in the long term on the ground the syrian government has maintained the military initiative against the various a rebel organizations who have been funded now for nearly two years to work havoc inside the country in an attempt to overthrow the government of bashar al assad and it hit the ongoing turmoil has claimed more lives with at least two people shot dead during fresh clashes between protesters and police in cairo stuff career square deadly violence has led to the opposition calling for talks with president morsi but the islamist leader has rejected the call for it ousmane came during more his visit to berlin where he was going german chancellor angela merkel hoping to get investment a plan to visit france next but return home empty had a blogger and journalist while as can there says if morsi had received european backing the egyptian public's outrage one of only increased. i think the
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public the public will be very upset if foreign countries start lending a hand to president mohamed morsi while he is executing these very oppressive measures against his people he has cracked down on a lot of freedoms sidelined editors arrested people and justly and i think that. the sentiment in egypt is basically a rejection of mohamed morsi and the monopoly on power that he that he's he has and this not so much as mohamed morsi he's he's viewed here as a puppet to the guidance bureau so unless he starts taking control and actually doing steps taking the country forward towards a democratic transition i think people will not be pleased otherwise. now coming out this hour absence returns to the battlefield once more police and tear gas hundreds of protesters stormed greece's labor ministry over pension cuts. and
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virtual kidnappings ransoms for your idea and cyber terrorism that's only a glimpse into the future of the internet according to a top boss at google. play .
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the clique. really happening to the global economy.
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mission. critical three. four charges three.
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three. three. three. three blood video for your media projects free radio dot r t v dot com. welcome back you're watching r.t. the us senate is gearing up for a potentially heated confirmation hearing for the new the fan secretary chuck hagel candidacy is widely viewed as president obama's most controversial pick for a key pose during his presidency the decorated war veteran stance of seeing military force as a last resort and pro israeli foreign policy as a track to both admiration and criticism while the latter has been far more vocal arches get a check out reports. chuck hagel has been under attack since his name was floated as president obama's pick for the defense secretary position it would see attack ads on all major u.s. t.v. channels saying what a terrible defense secretary chuck hagel would be also our december and much of
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january they've been running these ads you know between commercials of beauty products prescription drugs and what dollars so somewhere between those you could catch attack ads like this one secretary of defense chuck hagel president obama says he supports sanctions on iraq voted against legal voted against labeling iran's revolutionary guard a terrorist group and while president obama says all options are on the table for preventing a theory iran legal says military action is not a viable usable responsible option president or secretary of defense chuck hagel is not responsible. that ad was sponsored by the emergency committee for israel so what did chuck hagel do to deserve that as a u.s. senator chuck hagel has been critical of israel's policies he's been critical of the israeli lobby in washington here's what he said the political reality is that
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the jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here i've always argued against some of the dumb things they do because i don't think it's in the interest of israel i just don't think it's smart for israel end of quote among other things chuck hagel dared to say that u.s. interests should trump israeli interests if they conflict he supported direct negotiations with iran and unlike many other politicians here in washington who keep repeating the all options on the table mantra but these publicly they say that chuck hagel has been straightforward in saying a strike on iran should not be an option and he has also been a proponent of a more even handed u.s. policy with regards to these really palestinian conflict and the u.s. has been anything but even handed on the issue it's also for statements like this one that he's been on. take a look this is chuck hagel in two thousand and six the united states will remain committed to defending israel our relationship with israel is a special and historic. but it need not and cannot be at the
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expense of our arab and muslim relationships that is an irresponsible and dangerous false choice some saw president obama's decision to nominate chuck hagel as his message to these really hard liners we actually heard president obama say there is too much war talk going on and maybe nominating chuck hagel is his way of bringing down the tension and not not everybody here in washington likes that message but what's interesting since the beginning of the attack campaign against chuck hagel over these two months or so many of the attackers have sort of withdrawn their objections over charge hagel is nomination some say could be because they received assurances behind closed doors that as defense secretary chuck hagel is not going to make any drastic moves to really challenge washington's foreign policy orthodoxies now from hagar's nomination in the beginning of january to the confirmation hearing we've got plenty of opinion and analysis of us candidates here
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on our web site r.t. dot com. more clashes have broken out in athens with police using tear gas to disperse protesters who broke into the greek labor minister's office the demonstrators were venting their anger over fresh pay and pension cuts all part of the government's hysteria dr laura george says this kind of crackdown on protesters is part of a new approach. the government has decided to follow up on receipt of zero
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tolerance as it sais i do use the that is distance to your state emissions so we have steam to the government to take in medicine measures but they produce another against it he sent it now we have soon door there it will release very violently against a generally peaceful and calm due mostly when we see in the last three or four weeks a campaign of propaganda to try to convince us that now the worst has become this that is i don't believe that this is the is exactly because we had a forum this seems that the fool who says overstated the muses that the fourth ios has condemned good use. of slow death that this recession of the economy complexity of the economy on a third source of measures both by the opening season of the book leads you into assume that there's some sort of it's i think that as far as where the photo in
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this said that. there's no school for us. more national news this hour in the u.s. alabama police have surrounded a bunker where fans been holding a six year old boy captive for more than a day the youngster was kidnapped from a school bus on tuesday after the driver was shot dead the gunman's been identified as a sixty five year old retired truck driver by neighbors. one of the owner of the brazilian nightclub in which more than two hundred thirty people died in a fire has tried to commit suicide while in custody a sonorous force one of the four people arrested after the incident and investigations the blaze has found evidence the club could have been overcrowded fired singer fears were not functional. seven members of a rescue operation have been killed while saving six trapped miners in northeast china it's believed the carbon monoxide. as the cause of the deaths chinese mining facilities have a poor safety record with dozens of employees losing their lives to work each year
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. complicated and offering very little relief that's the assessment of the u.k. government's tax policies figures revealed by the tax payers alliance show the coalition government has raised twice as many taxes as its cut the spike promises to ease the pain. reports by the end of this parliament the u.k. public cuts to some one hundred and nineteen various taxes that all sounds great but for a government that's promised to create a lower tax country needs that they've increased some two hundred ninety nine all the taxes might be somewhat confusing the brits assume going to see an extra levy on carbon dioxide emissions that means energy bills are going to go up they're also going to see an increase. which means more expensive air travel and then some of the recent changes to u.k. tax law quite simply bizarre revenue and customs recently increased.
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for hairdressers renting a chair and a cylon and then who can forget the recent. good scandal when u.k. tax stated that pasty would only be taxed if it was sold at above ambient temperatures critics say the system is simply too chaotic it's clear that the british government is in desperate need of cash to deal with dismal public finances which means that by trimming a little bit of tax hair and adding more tax burden that by twenty fifteen the u.k. treasury hopes to get an extra eighty four billion pounds in tax compared with the year before they came to power but critics say that once again is the british public which ends up out of pocket. london while later today max kaiser is facing her would focus on the british government and the
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tricks used to distract the public's attention from its financial mishandling. the chairman of web giant google has set out his vision for the future of the internet in a gloomy forecast eric schmidt suggests people's online id could be taken hostage and an online form of kidnapping. has more. the image of a human future liberated by technology and to hunger teleportation and so on just got a reality those from a guy who knows eric schmidt who is worth one point five billion dollars and the chairman of google voiced his views on in the internet and the dangers that lurk within it warned that as technology becomes cheaper and easier to use cyber terrorists could use the web to run a drone war a century or nerd in california could fly a drone strike a target in
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a remote part of the world in fact schmidt says hackers will be known as cyber terrorists could well become the targets of the same drones but it's not only about potential terrorists states and governments can use cyber technology to isolate and distort the lives of their critics call this online ethnic cleansing moreover a cyber identities that's your online avatar in social networks could be taken hostage for ransom actually there are already cases of hackers remotely blocking personal computers and demanding cash stolen or feet cyber identities me soon also form a global black market where users will be able to buy an identity the always dreamed of in real life schmidt also pointed to the record so much of our lives is stored on servers now any past mistakes will be there for all the world to see typically at the worst possible moment when you're applying for that job mortgage making the marriage proposal or running to become president in fact the lines of everyone will
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be so public turns will have to teach children about cyber safety before safe sex well these are only predictions but depressing vision for the internet is a reminder to be careful whatever you post and do online may bite you back when you least expect it. well he can still ahead to our t. dot com safe in the knowledge our stories are doing no harm to you. and with god's glory of a gang of russian youngsters brought a suburban train to hold but why it wasn't what they were after all we've got all the details and i would as accounts online. find out why that's good school grades earned muslim pupils an excuse for a couple minutes prayer during class time. after a short break it's our special report the fragile people to stay with us.
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science technology innovation all the moves developments around russia we've got the future covered. here the reindeer is interesting for the herders and when it suffers people do their best to help. but the distances are. and the roads are tough and unpredictable.
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live. please please please please. please. please please. please. please. please it was born doctors told us she had multiple fractures they also said lisa would be a difficult child to handle she was bedridden the first you know. she had to eat and sleep on a cushion because she would cry when we touched her. yet i probably fell from the chair and i from the sofa and that didn't hurt at
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all but then i fell off the arm chair and i broke my leg. i cried for a while. and then at those sleep tonight but why why why why did it have to be us. but. you. need to simper factor is one of the most common congenital bone disorders affecting children if we're talking about those that are present from birth to believe i suppose the sufferers have brittle bones and are at risk of multiple fractures but there mineral
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metabolism is in good order the ailment is due to faulty college information. as the main protein in connective tissue college in is the basis of the human skeleton more. skinny a. portman wiley's even some adults don't become aware of the fact that they are affected until they give birth to a child that suffers from a more severe form of the disease in its worst form it changes the shape of the child's chest to build fractures make their arms and legs shorter and in this state even something as light and insignificant as a blanket can cause fractures. there's a swelling beneath the eye here did you hit something you know as a brother can hit her maid with willing ear.


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