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it was. syria's president warns of possible retribution after israel strongly against israel's behind the cross border and strike close to damascus. a spanish prime minister visits germany for e.u. budget to look for a brief response from the economic crisis and corruption scandal engulfing him back
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home. and france carries out a series about strikes in north eastern mali and the questions over the leadership and direction of french president francois long. ago and. international news and comments live from moscow this is all t.v.'s me hello and welcome to the program first of president bashar al assad says syria can take on any force that can find said while accusing israel of trying to destabilize his country it was assad's first public statement since and alleged israeli airstrike inside syria last week israel's defense minister has given the strongest indication he gets that the i.d.f. was behind the toc on his point to sleep reports hours. it does come from the
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israeli defense minister a good bloke and he has said that it is proof that when israel says something it means that he did stop short of actually a third being israel's involvement now u.s. officials have said that the strike targeted an arms convoy that was carrying anti aircraft weapons from syria to lebanon according to the israeli defense minister ehud barak he said that we do not think and i'm quoting that syria should be allowed to bring advanced weapons systems into labor it is important to make the point that his comments does not constitute acknowledgement of israel's involvement in the strike but it certainly does suggest the possibility that it took place and it was responsible for it but also said that the syrian president bashar assad's fall is imminent and that it would serve as a major blow to his villa and iran need to look at this israeli strategy and it's a strategy that israel has employed in the past and that is namely a strategy of silence it is strategic it doesn't give any kind of confirmation or any kind of denial of what israel has done in the past as launch an attack then
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leave and it really its response has been a no comment which really leaves the question in opposite of as minds it is a culture lated moves because this silence allows israel's enemies to save face and thus reduce the risk of reprisals and its collation against the jewish state of course the international for now for any kind of israeli strike in syria would create immense arguments in the international community we've heard for example from moscow who says that if indeed israel did carry out the strike it was an attack on a sovereign state and as such it breached international law and the arab league has also condemned the strike saying it is in violation of international law and it is altered against in another sovereign state so israel of course will not want to come out publicly and acknowledge that it carried out such a strike because it would not want to have the kind of diplomatic complications and diplomatic fallout that would follow from such an admission. the middle east expert
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says damascus has means to retaliate against any israeli at. for now i don't believe that there will be all out military warfare although we have to remember that. law is one of syria's allies iran is also one of syria's allies and it's important to note here that the the head of the supreme national security council the iranian supreme national security council side really is currently in syria so paid more not respond directly with the direct you know conventional army to conventional army warfare but there might be other means used targeting for example sort of israeli officials stirring the trouble for israel in general and i think that some that something would syria is an expert at doing syria has been on the side underwater on the his father has been a source of concern for a very long time for the israeli side of his role once before because this will basically break down the iranian possible loss syrian access which is the biggest
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threat to the not to your government. but another round of talks on the e.u. budget looming the leader of the bloc strongest economies meeting the leader over the weekend in attempts to lay the groundwork for a new deal the german chancellor is hosting the spanish prime minister back home in madrid mariano rajoy is battling a corruption scandal and doubts over his handling of the economy oh she's peter only reports now from that lame. it could very well be called a meeting between the euro zone's haves and well quite frankly the have nots as german chancellor angela merkel sits down to talks with the spanish prime minister mariano what. germany still widely regarded as the euro zone's the only real success economically while as many fear that spain could go the way of greece now the spanish prime minister will receive the full welcome of germany including
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full military honors however if he was to turn up at the doorstep of many in his own country he may face severe criticism that's because many spanish citizens still think he hasn't done enough to deal with bankers the same basically the bearings are a huge incredible feats run only by greed the government's not helping the people the topping the bearings it has been at least thirty or fifty times the issue in the last month that there was three people they were going to be if you have to find out how it is but they hang themselves before the police were right there only any i feel really sad when someone is thrown out because he has no one he can take care him. this meeting between the leaders of germany and spain comes ahead of a very important summit taking place this week where european leaders will try and decide on the new budget something which is separated countries within the union
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thus far. and economics professor at boston university laurence kotlikoff says the whole banking system needs to be changed and it can more transparent countries here sharing his opinion and exclusive interview to ask he said fisherman at. occupy wall street was concerned about inequality and they were concerned about what wall street was actually doing and i think we need to gradually change our financial system because we have two big problems and this is true in every country including russia. the traditional banking system the model is one of very high leverage banks borrow a lot of money promised to repay and then there's opacity they take their money and they do something with it but they don't tell you what they're doing with it so it's a very unstable situation when you promise people things and then you don't show what you're doing with their money and then and that's what happened in lehman
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brothers and bear stearns and. merrill lynch and all these companies that one on one under one after the other everybody started worrying because they couldn't see the assets so what we need to do is. get rid of this faith based banking we need to have. no leverage and we have to have transparency. and you can catch the full interview with economist laurence kotlikoff at eight hundred forty five chante so i have for you this hour. something coming for a polygraph test now are guilty until proven innocent tens of thousands of americans are forced to undergo a polygraph tests aimed at identifying national security risks and made allegations to be able to know. also that later who's done that babe bonnie
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director of the bolshoi theater says he knows who threw acid in his face severely damaging his eyesight go the details on that in the minutes ahead. french fighter jets have launched air strikes on islamist militant targets the northeast mali as they look to secure the final rebel stronghold of kid down it comes as a leading human rights groups call in paris to investigate allegations of torture extrajudicial killings and ethnic reprisals attacks during this three week comparing takes a look at the realities the modern people are facing in one area of the battle ravaged country and this exclusive report bodies these are the means that in this mob the area we've discovered allegations of the war crimes the information about them is under the control of mali's military government really meant becoming i think it's getting more and more the she called to talk to people
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a lot of. human rights activists who are trying to identify witnesses are saying that people. are feeling the heat they are scared to speak a lot of people here. there is she a fool the malian army seems to be doing whatever it can to prevent people from speaking to opinion when i was there because this government took advantage of the media's interest in a lawn and for the first time visited the city's worst affected by the hostilities in the town of qana we were surprised by the arrival of mom i do see the big the minister for humanitarian action a solid. this was an attempt to bring the bomber called government closer to the people who regard the capitol as remote for them with this visit in this event staged by politicians coincided with the publication of reports by international organizations such as amnesty international and human rights watch alleging atrocities crimes and violence on both sides for instance in qana several civilians
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were reportedly killed in french air force shelling those we tried to interview the injured however were unable to obtain evidence in a community that has until now been strictly regulated by the military authorities he said. the ministry says an investigation is underway so far no evidence has been provided so let the judicial system do its job to list all of these government its people and the military are well aware of current events and we know that we cannot play this game. of the government has been attempting to assort political power despite the infrastructure today we spoke to an army private on his way back from gol told us he hadn't been paid or even properly for. if this war continues there will be a need for justice after a comprehensive internal investigation rather than heartfelt celebrations and demonstration of the power. fronts has meanwhile son to its military
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to any share in an effort to strengthen security at one of the country's biggest uranium mines president says efforts have been made to avoid a similar situation to last month's hostage crisis in neighboring algeria the french military campaign has been in northern mali which is within three hundred kilometers of the mining site the senate is operated by a french mining giant a major player in a country which is the walls fifth largest producer of uranium french have any depends on nuclear power for its domestic an injury that makes up to nearly seventy percent. the total also saw discontent among mine workers lost here who protested against working conditions and wages many believing shay's kaito france's economic and energy security. president francois hollande made a triumphant visit to mali to claim his victory and any political points it may bring he is all the help and get because back in france the economy's bad and
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getting was and there's all his maria you know she reports now from paris many doubt all around as the leader to turn it around. the world president on land is welcomed as a liberator in mali have to france's military operation against the islamists occupation back at home crowds are also gathered but with a starkly different mood where people are fired up over the continued decline of europe's second largest economy despite the president's promises to create at least one hundred thousand new jobs the nation is shedding them at an alarming rate last november about a thousand every day the worst figures in years the country's unemployment is approaching a shocking eleven percent with more than three million jobless the french daily lives and claims the exact situation could be even worse if official statistics included youngsters never registered for the unemployment program or those who left
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it and those stuck with part time work the paper says the rate would then triple but didn't. people expected to have a strong president and now they understand that a law on doesn't have enough experience for competence to improve things is too weak as we see it from time to leisurely dance to our silly new believes the strategic mistake was to ratify the e.u. so-called three percent treaty force in france to reduce its budget deficit down from four point five percent by hiking taxes and cutting spending. but while harsh criticism expected from the opposition disapprovals also been. rohene from like minded left wingers or complain but i think the president especially of a country like france one of six e.u. founders should be strong enough to say stop to others and say hey i have my nation behind me and they elected me to make changes instead he surrendered because he's more worried about the country's debt and the ratings the agencies make. in a short video french communists put together some of our lawns major presidential
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campaign vows none of which they say came true but what that. the value added tax increase. i think it's an appropriate and unjustified and unreasonable and too hasty. what happened to well that's to remind the president do you remember you promised to review the european treaty you didn't do that your german bring said a three percent deficit isn't real but now only say it's possible etc etc you can't do what you promised meanwhile recent polls show a little rise in the fringes of the great team into four percent january to december first forty percent the lowest since the launch to office in may. every week that is a new subject to discuss in the french media and to draw people's attention from the real problems like gay monitor deployed you are now in mali the strategy may work but not for long. after all land won the french election last year some
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analysts described his victory as a victory against his predecessor. rather than for long now being seen many from the past that actions have never been. months of a presidency have been anything but sunny opponents and even his one staunch supporters predict even harder times lie ahead for the leader of the country's municipal elections in two thousand and fourteen have historically held great significance and will show whether the voters can forget and forgive. me for. from paris. some shocking stories for you on our website including how dead children have been used for spying in the u.k. for decades that's according to a report saying that british courts have been stealing the identities of dead children and using them to go undercover against political activists from all that have taught it are. also there for you ron is preparing to upgrade its
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nuclear plant in the process giving a political headache to israel's prime minister attempts to build a new governing coalition find out more now this is at our. wealthy british soil it's a time to visit because. i was going to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report on r.g.p. .
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am. able to analyse it's great to have you with us although scientists say lie detectors are unreliable in identifying national identity risks more than seventy thousand of america has a chad tested on them washington is promising to draw up a new national poll to graft policy for the allegations u.s. federal agencies are exceeding their legal and ethical limits to determine who can be trusted elsie's more important i talk to those who believe a point to grab is a tool used to incriminates they're innocent. for more than three decades john sullivan worked as a polygraph examiner for america's central intelligence agency today the retired cia employee is offering some strong opinions about the nation's lie detector
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policy too many honest people are too many people who should be passing their tests aren't and i and there's no there's no accountability for that. last year more than seventy three thousand americans were reportedly required to undergo polygraph tests in order to get or keep jobs with the federal government according to an investigation by mcclatchy newspapers a growing number of u.s. agencies are asking employees and applicants intimate questions that extend way beyond the realm of national security probing matters such as sexual conduct financial matters and past personal relationships a woman was pressured to talk about her experience being molested as a child and when the polar bear for said that he refused to go on with the interrogation he alleges that he was pressured to go back and continue
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interrogating her a decade ago the national academies an organization advising washington on scientific matters urged the feds to stop using polygraphs as a screening technique scientists found that polygraphs aren't reliable enough to prevent innocent people from failing and deceptive candidates from passing i think it's important to understand that the polygraph is not just. for screening it's an interrogation tool. there's a question that they trip that leads to. the drilling down. question that they get asked may well be quite true over the past ten years. at least fifteen federal agencies including the n.s.a. and f.b.i. have reportedly continued or expanded their polygraph screenings with nearly five
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million people having access to classified information or washington maintains that polygraph testing is the most effective way from preventing secrets from being leaked lisa ribicoff is an independent polygraph examiner and investigator who uses the polygraph program designed by homeland security she contends that it's ninety eight percent accurate i do think that there are some questions pertaining to some emotional aspects and personal situations should not be included but i do understand why they're included on the basis of that the government needs to see how exactly what their breaking point is what are they willing to discuss what are they not willing to discuss however applicants who are denied a coveted position after failing a polygraph are prohibited from accessing the records of their interrogation and are often barred from contesting the results were filing complaints in federal court in two thousand and four the cia veteran who conducted lie detector interrogations for thirty one years failed his own screening there was absolutely
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no question in my mind the test was wrong it's this was a terrible test sullivan lost his security clearance and was denied a job with a federal contracting agency he claims his examiner falsified the results possible retribution for sullivan his book detailing america's polygraph system subject for polygraph tests now are guilty until proven innocent and i think that's a. corruption and an abuse of the process the obama administration is now promising to draft a new national polygraph policy that would prevent agencies from pushing legal or ethical boundaries during screenings but at the moment the program has no oversight or accountability meaning tens of thousands of u.s. citizens will continue getting personally probed in the name of national security bring up or not our team new york. and now to some other stories from around the globe in bahrain government says how once again why would i want to bring in
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protesters in rural areas tear gas was used against the crowds hurling petrol bombs the rain has suffered almost daily violence since an uprising began two years ago and the public call for greater freedoms from their monarchy garth ortiz are accused of oppression and a severe crime down an opposition activists allegedly illegally trailing and torturing some to keep quiet. an adoption man who was beaten naked in the streets of cairo during demonstrations on friday says riot police are to blame a happy reflect used opposition protesters of being behind that footage of her suburbs treatment at the hands of uniformed officers were shown on state t.v. for the infuriating the clouds storming the presidential palace ali the president morsi to quit. u.s. and south korean military forces have started war games in the east china sea they will last three days with this sole deploying ten warships and antisubmarine
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aircraft able to intercept the north call but vessels exercises come amid rising tension in the region and seen as a warning to pyongyang which is planning a said nuclear test in protest at international sanctions imposed after the last one. and ailing cuban leader fidel castro has voted in parliamentary elections making a surprise public appearance after months of not being seen higher and has kept a low profile since an illness in two thousand and six and in the last three elections voted for his home and speaking on state t.v. have praised the policies of venezuela's president hugo chavez who's currently recovering from cancer surgery in havana for the first time in two decades cuba will elect a new parliament which. the artistic director of moscow's a world renowned bolshoi ballet's says he knows exactly who was behind the acid. face sergei filin will fly now to germany and if this time now is doctors trying to
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save his eyesight. as well. it certainly is a strange and bizarre story under exposing the deep and dark underbelly of the world of ballet if you believe it or not a feeling has the artistic director says he doesn't know exactly who did it he says he's certain he knows but he won't say anything until the police have released their statement regarding the situation and have made an official announcement a little bit about the attack that actually happened about two weeks ago sergei filin was coming from his car to his home here in moscow where an unknown assailant splashed acid in his face. then suffered from third degree burns in his eyes has undergone the multiple surgeries in fact he will be going to germany for further treatment but about the investigation itself while he won't say exactly who did it even though he says he knows he says he is certain that it is to ruin his reputation and of the reputation of the ball. in an interview listen to
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what he had to say about the investigation itself. so all i can say is that i'm amazed by the amount of effort they've put into the investigation i think in the first future get the answers we're looking for. but do your own suspicions match the facts that will voiced by the police. are you afraid to come back to the bolshoi. for one main reason i still don't feel that i have ever left now ballet believe it or not is notorious for having this jealous dark side to it dancers and artistic directors thinking that they should have their way of the artistic direction of the community in fact the bolshoi theater just reopening after a six year long multimillion dollar renovation feeling being the artistic director ever since that renovation took place a lot of people who are not happy with the draw. sure and it has taken in fact actually an entire movie was made about this jealous side if you recall the black
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swan about dancers not liking the parts that they're getting to doing anything that they could take to go and get the parts that they need so one thing about the bolshoi itself though. to know who is one of the prima ballerina is all of this a great stage she has fled to canada and they are saying that she has received threats also not sure that they're connected but it's talks about what's going on behind the scenes at the bolshoi. and out next to report on the occupy wall street movement in the you asked and whether it has brought any change in our american autumn special report.
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the news that she could leverage to lead to mccurry was able to build a new age most sophisticated rowboat which on fortunately doesn't give a dollar amount anything tunes mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and ingredients this is why you should care only on the dot com. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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my name is dennis i made this movie and there are a few things you should know about me right from the jump i'm not an expert on the economy climate change or foreign policy i'm also not an expert on sustainable farming systems the history of social movements or lego's the occupy movement has experts on all those things and more not really want to i'm happily married husband the father of truth and past the children i live on a main street in a small new england town with actual white picket fences i made this movie for you me and everyone we know in the hope that we can create a world where human need comes before corporate greed so why does it feel almost un-american to say that think about it this way.


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