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tv   Headline News  RT  February 12, 2013 11:00am-11:25am EST

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the u.n. security council holds an emergency meeting after north korea defines international sanctions with its nuclear test then the promise is more decisive measures against what it calls u.s. hostility. iran may allow access to a military complex which is spanked in site of nuclear experiments that's ahead of another round of talks with the un atomic watchdog. also reporting the black bloc rising egypt's opposition becomes increasingly radical with the last movement attracting support he has granted exclusive access to members of the secretive group.
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from a new center here in moscow this is with the online on the screen twenty four hours a day the un security council is holding an emergency meeting after north korea carried out a third nuclear test in defiance of international sanctions russia is among those to condemn the move which pyongyang says was in response to outrageous u.s. hostility details now from auntie's in the. so far strong words from foreign minister sergei lavrov concerning this task by north korea urging the u.n. security council to respond immediately however at the same time warning that caution needs to be taken and escalation needs to be prevented we do this that i would like to stress that north korea's nuclear test deserves condemnations we hold the move will not be used as a pretext to build up a military presence around the korean peninsula lost we believe that flexing military muscles in the region is extremely dangerous this as north korea is
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threatening further measures the reclusive state of saying this is only the beginning the first of several responses to what they call outrageous hostility coming from washington now the main concern is that this puts north korea one step closer to building a nuclear warhead small enough to mount on a not long range missile capable of reaching the united states and so we're seeing and will continue to see strong reaction in the international community you have contras why russia pushing for dialogue and diplomacy and then partners in the west pushing for strong action what is the right way it's not for me certainly to answer it's a question that's on many people's mind is how do we go further and actually get something done this is a longstanding issue today's news of course was. to. get
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you to. egypt opposition is turning more radical as protests become increasingly violent and then of course movement of most men calling themselves the black bloc is attracting more supporters it's threatening is the most authorities and sparking fears of a possible all out street war bill true as in current tells us about the group which has given all of the exclusive access. this mysterious group appeared round the second anniversary of generosity five evolution when they released this statement saying they would fight the missing brotherhood and they would strive for the goals of revolution around about the time we started seeing a young man in black but a car this according themselves said the black bloc and they were heading up the
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moment it's signs of the revolution we saw them making want to talk to my facebook pages they were giving instructions for street fighting it taking responsibility for a number of the acts of civil disobedience such as stopping public transport and also have said they were responsible for the burning of muslim brotherhood headquarters of some of them this of course has sparked much criticism from the authorities including the missing brotherhood and that the t.v. channels the prosecutor general intention of january i said they were terrorists carry on that they would be arrested if they were caught red handed our team managed to secure interviews with this members of the secret organization the black bloc is an idea that came about as a reaction to the negligence of our peaceful demands and also as a reaction against the oppression of the interior ministry which received orders from the regime we stand against the oppressive and tyrant regime we call upon the interior ministry to deliver justice for those who have been killed and we will continue our demands until they are met our actions are in self-defense we are
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protecting ourselves but have never attacked anyone we will always be present in egypt even after or demands are met however we will take on a different form the aim behind our presence is to prevent injustice in any form no one listens to our demands and the proof is the number of people who are being killed of course we have marches to maka this stepping down of the ouster of hosni mubarak this of course devolved into clashes by the presidential palace much take us was thrown up protest as he responded with molotov the similar protests occurred around the country down south in the suit and now we had reports including egypt's second city in alexandria although the focus of the consciousness definitely is most weeks by the presidential palace an indication that the protest is attending to more violent means to push the regime to fill the demands. under the new egyptian constitution the black bloc is considered a violent group ramsey brute and author who writes extensively about the middle
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east thinks organizations like this sprout up because the country is so polarized for the last two years egypt has not been allowed to have a strong central government that is keeble or pushing the political process forward and thus the economy of the country the social cohesion and everything else as a result you have this is huge vacuum and this polarization and that is allowing egyptian society to be open for exploitation what has been happening is not exactly a popular of unified popular uproar against the addictive nature but rather a political polarization that has swept through the country for the last two years reaching the point of both sides justifying violence against one another and as it is you have these this increasing number of casualties some of it indeed due to
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police brutality and there is a possibility that in fact that the are outside those who are trying to further fuel the. taking over egypt at least in the urban centers from cairo to boresight it's a phenomenon that i think resulted from the frustration disenfranchisement and just the general feeling of betrayal that the youth of egypt are feeling right now the issue is not the black bloc in particular but why would the even appeal to the youth of egypt in the first place unless there was that vacuum and there was that the need that was it created by the lack of sensuality and the lack of confidence in the political process in egypt with her coming from the government or from the so-called opposition. still ahead in the program a magnet for migrants the u.k. is attracting more than any other european countries according to the latest statistics it's a multicultural. white british are becoming
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a minority report that is coming up very shortly for you. also so the big speech with little space for some crucial issues president obama prepares his state of the union address focusing on the prosperity of the average american not that the average drone strike that's an expert opinion after the break . with. technology innovation all the developments from around. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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me it is easy to. get easy. it's. this is is trash to get rid of. but it's also a treasure. that's worth fighting for. and
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the trap was no way out. choose your language call it a killer though in a financial planner say still some of that. choose to use the consensus to. choose the opinions that invigorating book. quote choose the stories that entire books like. choose to access to your office. continues here in r.t. iran said it may allow inspectors from the new n e nuclear watchdog access to a military complex suspected of hosting atomic research although tehran has always denied the parts inside is
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a nuclear facility the i a e a inspectors will arrive in iran for a new round of talks on wednesday and another move aimed at easing the tension over its nuclear ambitions to run said it is converting enrich uranium into reactor fuel that will slow the build up of material which could potentially be used to build nuclear weapons iran denies its developing atomic arms under the cover of a civilian nuclear program but that's not enough to stop severe international sanctions which are hitting the lives of everyday iranians. behind the smile lies pain and despair a bass in their run in with blood a cancer has just received he's made a scene but there is no guarantee he'll get it tomorrow the bass jokes about patients being patient but sadly has no choice. it's so hard to get treatment these days it's not that i don't get any at all but you have to wait a long time and if you get it that only means someone else has missed. the reason
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for the drug shortage sanctions imposed by western countries and the islamic republic they're not directly targeting the pharmaceutical or medical sectors but they heed banks and paced trade restrictions. unfortunately many foreign companies stopped selling us drugs they're not allowed to have creme brulee really around and people predict price some with their lives. iran's officials warn it may have an impact far beyond its borders. if we have a disease appear demick and are unable to vaccinate the population it could spread easily to neighboring countries and affect to many even outside iraq. iran produces ninety six percent of its own medicine but the roma to roles for half of them come from abroad more than fifty vital medicines have disappeared the running farmer says international sanctions came in because the foreign in britain say
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a made from can no longer make their way into iran people with cancer and him ophelia wait often ended with bad news that the drug is not available the chances of survival are getting ever slimmer as sanctions heat patients instead of politicians officials estimate a total of six million iranian patients could be in danger because of the drug deficit in the vendor local and international media reported on the first death apparently caused by the shortage a fifteen year old boy who suffers from him ophelia couldn't get the medicine he desperately needed despite a friend to buy his family and he died in hospital on. the west try to do now they tried sanctions on the military sector they realized we actually started making progress there but they wanted to weaken destabilize the country and the government is their aim this is why they now target people so that
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people get angry and take to the streets protesting i think. and people indeed take to the streets this is a meeting of organ donors and some whose lives have been saved by transplant it's a process now complicated by the like of medicine for that. i thank god and the donor who return me to life i had heart problems and now his heart beats in my chest and i'm again why but the problem is that many. too many are still waiting surgery became extremely expensive and the number of donors decreased will they have enough time. iranian doctors find themselves facing a very hard situation having to decide who will get the medicine and who will not in desperation they wrote an s.o.s. letter to the u.n. chief they're still waiting for an answer brief interruption r.t. from iran. by the way you can check out our website for other stories from around the world here's a look at what we've got for you there at the moment should you log on the deadly
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mysterious call of virus which sparked a global alert last september is back in the u.k. a potentially fatal tainted infection has killed five people so far with fears of more. also online racist amusement park claims find out on r.t. dot com help a white rabbit is led to disneyland facing allegations of bigotry all the details on that plenty of other stories for you all to you dot com. the u.k. is the top destination for migrants in europe recent figures show around six hundred thousand came to live in britain in one year alone it's a trend which worries many with the experts predicting white british people could be a minority within fifty years reports from london where they already are. it's what britain is known for a vibrant multicultural society and it looks like u.k.
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babies are testimony to it in east london seventy seven percent of new mums were born in britain nicoletta is from romania two thousand and seven i have been here when my husband together so. i'm through him to sit cine recently moved here from sri lanka and it is a big. deal that it's more dear. zahra has three children i was born in bangladesh they get. good living standard of living so here prefer to live in. overseas between the years of two thousand and one and two thousand and eleven nearly four million immigrants came to the u.k. as part of an immigration boom under the former labor government at the time westminster said that britain needed working migrants to propel the economy this is tower hamlets in east london a third of the residents here
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a bangladeshi in fact they outnumber the white brits in this area by two thousand people so if you want to just say that they're baffled at just how quickly the number of indigenous brits has diminished over the past decade there are a lot of genuinely decent people who do have. even the labor party has discovered recently that the vast majority of people is right those who would. actually vote for the labor party have concerns about something that no government could be the leader of the opposition labor party recently admitted that his party got it wrong on immigration and. we were too quick to say. that. the truth is the public were ahead of us in seeing some of the problems of migration because they were seeing in their own communities poll after poll shows
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that the people living here are worried about the speed and the size of the influx . for my opinion i don't think you. need more immigrants over the moment. critics say the government is too frightened to address what britain will look like in fifty years time it's going to look like. it's going to be a complete population. the indigenous population is shrinking anyway the younger generation and the younger generation is becoming increasingly radicalized and i think it's probably. twenty twenty five twenty possibly demographers say that if immigration continues on a similar scale the white british population throughout the country will become a minority after twenty sixty six but with less than half of londoners already
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describing themselves as white british some say that a quiet and irreversible revolution has already taken place in britain. at sea east london. barack obama is preparing for his big primetime speech on tuesday his first state of the union address since reelection his main focus will be domestic issues economic recovery gun laws and immigration foreign policy will not be in the spotlight despite controversy over many issues including secretive u.s. drone bombing campaigns human rights lawyer stanley cohen says these targeted assassinations are actually murder. we're not at war in pakistan we're not it war in yemen we're not at war in lebannon we're not in war in somalia if you want to clear war if you want to follow international law if you want to make your case you play by the rules the fact of the matter is no matter what you call this it's murder it's assassination it's illegal we're talking about murdering civilians we're talking
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about attacks by drones in countries that are our allies if there were persons there that we are want that are wanted american citizens yemeni citizens pakistani citizens somali citizens for crimes here you go to the countries yeah extradite him you charge him you bring him to trial the united states under international law cannot must not enough to no stretch of the imagination is justified in the use of drones in the execution and the extrajudicial assassination of not just americans of anyone overseas for years we have charged people we have extradited people we've indicted people we've convicted many people charged with crimes of terrorism and it's worked before but this is an administration which is a namrud with clean murder with clean killing that's what president obama likes and now we're just trying to clean it up further some of the news in brief this in india at least eleven people being killed off the police to tribal groups angry at
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on going loot connections in the tribes men and women from surrounding villages descended on polling stations armed with swords the locals reject government ruled and sent undermines the rules of the villages. syrian rebels are planning a major push to seize the strategic eastern city of deals or where the big prize is the country's all wealth their commander says the town is surrounded on all sides after government troops were forced from the area rebel forces have now also pushed army units out of key hydroelectric dam more seen as a major setback for bashar assad although the opposition has now offered to open talks with the government to end the country's twenty two month old civil. the organization reporters without borders has condemned the detention of french journalists by french troops in the city of bomb they were taken while filming an assault in the city and released only when their equipment in footage have been confiscated journalists say they have faced huge obstacles to getting information from the war zone in mali with some alleging civilian casualties are being covered
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up and france has been accused of only giving access to reporters traveling with its troops. pope benedict says he will not interfere in choosing his successor after unexpectedly announcing his resignation on monday the eighty five year old has to quit at the end of the month citing old age making the first head of the catholic church a step down in the six centuries the director of the national secular society keith porter's word says there must be more to the official explanation. i think the dark trial side has been an absolute catastrophe for the church it's actually lost. its authority in many parts of the world when you say that you're going to. oppose politicians trying to bring in say same sex marriage laws and you invest or your authority on that and then you lose as if as
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effectively happened in those important catholic countries like spain portugal brazil. and about to happen indeed in england and scotland in france then you actually lose the your authority it's more than just losing the fight so that's been a catastrophe for the church and church attendance has declined it in amazing rate and i think the child abuse scandal has been something that pope benedict has never recovered from he's been involved in it personally through the c.d.f. prefecture for twenty five years and in fact he's brought more into the vatican and tried to cover it up more and more and more so i think his his papacy will be seen as a major setback and a very bad papacy for the church. well
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that brings up to date for the moment i'll be back with a news team with wolf in about thirty five minutes from now in the meantime the ins and outs of the world of big money are under the microscope next on r.t. in because the ripples stay with us for that if you can't. some countries want oil but that's kid stuff who needs oil when you could secure the world's largest supply of trucker darrow so-to located exclusively in sweden and meeting sweden for absolutely no logical reason as a possible you say well supreme commander of the swedish armed forces general sphere guru and son must have watched red dawn too many times because he thinks the
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russians are a common general durance and declared that if invaded by russia sweden wouldn't be able to last a week against the onslaught therefore sweden must immediately join nato he said that currently it is not quite possible to invade sweden but due to the two thousand and eight war with georgia it is possible for russia to somehow push through established european borders bring their forces up to sweden's gates putting the generals country in danger but guess what according to your own council of the european union georgia started the war so by that logic if the two thousand and one with georgia is the example of the future then don't kill russian peacekeeping troops and.


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