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tv   Headline News  RT  February 14, 2013 2:00pm-2:28pm EST

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greek unemployment hits a grim new high according to figures revealing record levels of people out of work in the euro zone after french economic. to set himself. the u.s. military wants to carry out remote killings to take center stage by giving out battle to soldiers operating american drones. there's been no response from british police one week after a report revealed a shocking culture of neglect. the deaths of hundreds of patients our top stories this hour. live from our new center here in moscow this is r.t. with. twenty four hours a day one out of every four greeks including overhaul the country's young people
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are out of work that's according to the country's latest unemployment figures with the jobless rate more than double the european average former greek m.p. of the center left panhellenic socialist movement even told me earlier that the situation as a result of that failed economic rescue. well it seems that it's getting worse not better this is the famous rescue of greece from the european union they say that will reach thirty percent of unemployment it means that while thousands of people lose their jobs every day in greece this is starting to become a humanitarian crisis and i think it's something that no one expected to see in the european union you see extreme poverty you see people that they tried to get a plate of food from the church we have two hundred fifty thousand people every day trying to get to the church to find food we are talking about the young people that
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they want to find a job in greece the trying to leave the country we're talking about people that don't have access to primary health services and we're talking about things that no one expected to see it seems that the plan for growth is taking to martin too long to take place so something has to change i do believe that germany has stuck to this plan and doesn't want to admit the mistakes where we listen every day of things that could have big been better for greece if the plan was better if they had made better estimation about what would happen but this is something that's not only numbers it's one thousand people human beings in the european union that lose their jobs every day this is creating a human tire crisis inside the euro zone meanwhile some of being driven to increasingly desperate measures due to the ongoing crisis across the continent
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a french man committed suicide by setting himself on far job center in the city of norms the forty three year old have been refused unemployment benefits in a country which is suffering its highest jobless rate for thirteen years as a senior has the details. it said it reports that he had actually set a letter to some journalists saying that he was going to do this this week so the police had said that they had set of surveillance outside that employment agency but they didn't manage to see him he was already on fire they said he had entered through a side street and therefore this tragedy had happened now the man did this after finding out that he is no longer eligible for those unemployment benefits and this is not the first time it has happened in france in august we know that a fifty year old jobless man had done the same and this is a worrying sign for france for a country that has seen its unemployment rising for the past twenty months and this after a president had been elected on a campaign of jobs and growth so we haven't seen any improvements on this front so
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a lot has declared twenty thirteen as a battle for jobs he said that by the end of the year there would be he would be creating jobs for the french people however statistics show that by midyear the number is set to rise and let's not forget that more than three million french people this number does not include people who have quit the unemployment program because they simply have exhausted all their benefits similar to the case of the man who had just burned himself and also those young people who had never registered or those who were in part time jobs if we look at the trend we've seen a lot of suicides and attempted suicides in countries like greece one of the hardest hit euro zone countries because of this eurozone crisis there's a general feeling of a still in the country a lot of people going out in protest we've also heard of stories of suicides in italy another hard hit country so if we're looking at the trend that's happening in europe we hope it does not continue but we could see a lot more of expressions of dissatisfaction. the pentagon wants those fourteen u.s. wards from
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a fall firmly in the spotlight defense secretary leon panetta has announced the creation of a distinguished warfare medal we handed out wielding drone to wage their battles with food in combat zones not easily in english to explain to my colleagues what it takes to get the award. so you're sister you have a joystick and you point click and they get an award essentially that's all it takes to get it to get a medal which is supposed to rank higher than the bronze medal which is given out to people who actually perform combat duty but according to the pentagon criteria i'm going to cite it here it will be recognizing a single act that directly affects the combat operation does not involve and the act of valor and warrants that award higher than the bronze medal so instead of having to go to the front line and risk the extreme bloody violence there you can just sit in your recliner with a joystick and maybe a couple for example and just wage war from about a thousand miles away i guess perhaps there is a there perhaps there's
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a basic knowledge of the territory somewhere in the border between afghanistan and pakistan that's involved but let's compare it just sitting around basically just sitting at a base to doing something like something that was done by sergeant william stacey in two thousand and eleven he received a bronze medal a bronze a bronze star which is considered to rank below this medal that we're talking about now what he did was receiving fire along with his squad from ten or twelve and we fighters from five separate fighting positions though outnumbered stacy in his squad held back numerous flanking attempts and accurate enemy grenades and large caliber fire. was hailed for unquestionably saving the lives of his marines this is a citation from his award so you and he actually died in combat in january of two thousand and eleven so again this man apparently did a lot less than was a person sitting at an army base and pointing a mouse and clicking on. territory somewhere in the middle east you took our
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superstores a bronze stars which as you say has now been running the men awarded with those they must have been praised for some very heroic deeds that the colonel but you are talking about here yes the sergeant that was in question was actually doing something on the ground right now we're talking about drone strikes we're talking about a very questionable by a lot of institutions specially human rights organizations that practice of protecting the united states and the world from terrorism as the pentagon the you know you don't own drone strikes. strikes where they target someone via satellite and via this brilliant camera on the drone they never hit civilians they only hit militants right that is the official version but they even had they had to change that in which was which they have been approved by them i mean the american officials the pentagon officials they stuck by that rhetoric for years until i think roughly two thousand and six when they had to acknowledge that yes indeed at least at the best half of the people who are being killed by the drone strikes are actually innocent bystanders in fact there has been
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a research done by various universities there was a study from from the new york university school of law as well as stanford university law school and they have said that roughly all out of those killed only two percent are actually high importance targets that is those are the only two percent of people who are being killed are known terrorists ninety eight percent happen to be whoever it is very very disturbing numbers numbers are disturbing and i'm like to go back and remind you that now people who are doing this and who are basically responsible for it are going to be awarded a medal that is going to rank higher than somebody who actually lay down his life in the line of duty. he's only going to go to my corner sushi a little earlier well there are no words for cyber spying in the u.s. just yet but big brother is still watching. the largest defense contractor in the u.s.
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developed software that can predict people's behavior by using social networks we report on that in a few minutes. but first security is tight in libya ahead of the second anniversary of the revolution that toppled the gadhafi regime there are growing calls for protests and the threat of possible street violence reports say italian arms and troops are arriving in tripoli former m i five agent annie machon told me earlier it's naive to think western powers want to support democracy in libya. people have invested a lot of hope in the arab spring and i think now they're beginning to realize the harsh reality that a lot of it was backed by the west and the west wants to strip their countries of the mineral wealth and we're seeing the spillover into other areas like mali and niger as well and this is all part of biggest of what they are going between us wanting to secure the minerals or says about africa generally and stop china getting them so in terms of democracy in arab spring you know i think it's very naive to think that that's what the west is trying to help these countries to
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achieve we've seen an absolute mess left behind by the nato invasion of libya which is what happened two years ago let's not mince words and that was problematic on so many levels not just the international legal level where suddenly aggressive war could be justified as humanitarian intervention even though it stabilized an entire country and results in many more deaths than could be prevented and we're also looking at a situation now where the country has lost its stability where there are reports coming out from independent journalists about militias still holding great swathes of the country and their power where we have competing fairly fundamentalist politicians police groups as well fighting over their territory without any of the promised ability wealth and democratic values that were suggested when the nato went in so it's become such a mess and so many levels. question the second anniversary of the uprising in
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bahrain and teenager was killed in protests the rest first broke out the pro-democracy demands a still being ignored. the picture of bad health for still no action following an independent report into hundreds of needless deaths in a u.k. hospital that's coming up after this break. wealthy british style scientists are trying to write. market. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report.
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to speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world's hot spots to feel p interviews intriguing stories. since then try. to find out more visit our big. cool. looking.
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he continues her naughty a week off the shocking revelations of needless deaths in a british hospital there are still no signs of action the family and friends of hundreds of patients who died due to neglect according for criminal action to be taken against those responsible and the former chief of another hospital says he was paid half a million pounds not to talk about a similar situation elsewhere sarah firth has been following the scandal. but in the latest twist we've seen an n.h.s. whistleblower come out and say that he was forced to quit after he'd raise concerns
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about issues that he said endangered patient safety but this latest revelation comes on the back of the francis report that we saw last week now that was looking into the scandal that happened in that stuff the hospital where it's thought more than a thousand patients could have died between two thousand and five and two thousand and eight as a result inhumane and degrading treatment warrant food stuff and hospital in september of two cents to date you just a disaster people you know to be you know they're looking for you. that there's that was left and you're really. going to believe the shoes on the floor we've been there to break the story before that so you would describe still. in the most horrible scene still seems. to be she had to go
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through what she went through the n.h.s. whistleblower he says that he was confronted with many of the same decisions and concerns that were raised at mit started to hospital now he was the head of one of the hospitals a united lincolnshire hospital he was facing many of the same problems he claims that government targets that he refused to meet for fear that it would endanger patient safety meant that he then had to quit and was subject to a so-called secret gag to keep him quiet of the whistleblower who spoke out gary walker talked of a culture of fear and oppression and certainly it seems that a lot of these problems have been going on i think many many years now i'm joined by the head one of the members of the n.h. a political party know your political party that's been formed people within the health care profession and they're all very concerned about what's happening. in the n.h.s. right now when the mid staffordshire scandal with rubio's very much the rhetoric from the government was that this was an exceptional case that this was it's not
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a one of it with particularly bad i mean we're seeing one of the hospitals being investigated and it seems that nothing shocks just keep on coming east surprised at this no i'm not surprised at this wild stuff the trip was particularly bad there of always being in the n.h.s. while most of the care has been fantastic over the years in such a complicated organization and such a large organization there will be such incidents and there have been for many years the real problem is that the n.h.s. and the government do not seem to be able to learn from the all the inquiries that have being from thirty years ago the hospital advisory service would report and i think the same things are still going on now because said the chief executive of the n.h.s. david nicholson to resign have so far been resisted he says that he has nothing to be as saying the of and that during his time presiding this is down to systematic
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failures so of course the people who are campaigning have been calling very hard for his resignation as safe by he has resisted that we want to keep you updated online with more stories and videos that are t. dot com and here's what's waiting for you at the moment. real torture doesn't mean just physical pain find out on arab prisoners at guantanamo were driven. by constant heavy metal. forces allegedly used against those they're meant to protect investigation claims some. indigenous girls and women were raped. and. a teenager has reportedly been killed in clashes between police and protesters in
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bahrain like libya the gulf state is marking two years since the start of its own uprising the demonstrators say their demands to end discrimination and release all political prisoners have not been met on the base to activist dominic kavakeb says that despite attempts to hold talks nothing has been done. we're looking at two years in which we've seen no reform we've seen nothing change i mean we started this uprising two years ago and on that day the first martyr of the uprising was killed and now two years later on the same day the fourteenth of february another teenager has been killed and this really shows and displays the lack of reform the continuous human rights abuses the continuous repression taking place on the streets are behind it's good the dialogue has come back on the agenda and there is discussions happening but it seems that this latest latest escalation of the security against the people is going to possibly put dine in jeopardy within the
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ruling family i think of course there are those who simply want to please the international community to say look we're having this dialogue there is not a great thing was continuing the violations on the streets the people have come out on the streets time and time again saying that they they won't go out and they simply will not go home until this reform and i think the fact that they stayed out for two years clearly proves that so the only solution is through dialogue and i think regime has to realize that. big brother may be watching every click you make online the u.s. government's using a defense software able to predict your future behavior and locations in cyberspace a lot of the program only using data submitted voluntarily social networks claims of privacy violations don't stick it out is going to come reports. those of you who are using social networks will find this interesting the world's fifth largest defense contractor raytheon a multinational for him based in massachusetts came up with a software that can map out your life and even predict your moves your behavior
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based on the information that you provide on websites like facebook twitter or foursquare the guardian has obtained a video. where a raytheon staffer explains and shows how it works the program is called raw it someone already branded it google for spice just a few clicks and it creates diagrams charts maps showing who you've communicated with most online your associations and relationships places where you check in most you know over twenty five million people who use this app called foursquare to alert friends of their whereabouts so the program uses that and also the photos that people take on smartphones often have led to today and longitude details automatically invested in them so this riot program at a quick or two can analyze all that data and as the gentleman in the video claims it can roughly predict where to find you at a given time and potentially your behavior based on your interests so this firm
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that developed the software a major defense contractor has acknowledged that the technology was shared with the u.s. government as part of a joint research and development effort to help build the national security system capable of analyzing quote unquote trillions of entities from cyberspace that reminds me of the conversation that i had with william binney a mathematician aspiring software expert who had worked for the national security agency for decades and who told us that the government is spying on people on a much larger scale and that building social networks is part of it take a listen they were building social networks. who who is communicating and with whom inside this country so that your entire social network of everybody of every us citizen was being compiled. over time so they're taking from one company alone or roughly three hundred twenty million records a day that's over time that that's probably cumulated up to close to twenty
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trillion over the years mr binney blew the whistle on this n.s.a. program saying it is a blatant violation of the constitution but with this riot software one can argue that they can see information that individuals have already chosen to make public they put it out there and most people know that privacy safeguards that for example facebook provides don't hold water really and yet people choose to share so if you don't want someone to be able to map out your entire life and to be able to potentially predict your behavior stop checking in everywhere and turn off location services on your phone or maybe you don't want that in that case no worries. some other stories now from around the world at this hour south korean experts say they failed to detect any signs of radiation north korea's nuclear test so far analysis is failed to find evidence that any base device was used but that hasn't stopped south korea unveiling a cruise missile which it says is capable of hitting even the office of north korea's leaders just three months ago the south reached
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a deal with washington to extend its ballistic missile range. i. also know world update this is one of the world's most celebrated sportsman oscar pistorius has been charged with murder after his girlfriend was shot. a man known as the blade runner made history last year after becoming the first double amputee to compete in the games south african is believed to have told police that he shot reeva steenkamp by accident thinking she was an intruder. several hundred protesters have flooded the streets of berlin in a bid to prevent victualling number of families from their homes riot police blocked roads and pepper sprayed activists outraged by skyrocketing prices fifteen people have reportedly been arrested there's been a long running debate over rising rents in britain to the displacement of residents from the city center.
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the un has declared the situation in mali a humanitarian disaster with fears the french intervention could lead to further violence and ethnic reprisal killings allegations of atrocities have emerged following the rapid advance of french led forces across the vast northern areas of the water nation journalist comes out of reports for r.t. from the man in capital. united nations already describes the situation in mali is the disaster the un human rights commission says the country's. caught in a spiral of violence fraught with grievous consequences the situation has been made worse in the wake of ferocious fighting in and around the city of northern mali following four days of fierce resistance from insurgents complete with suicide attacks the french military has been forced to conclude that some of the locals made an extremist that however some of the key areas in this conflict are still off
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limits to international journalists the french army denying us passage saying it was for our own security at the u.n. high commissioner for human rights not people a made it plain in a recent statement that the situation in mali is only deteriorated following the foreign military intervention you know that that the insurgency in mali is aggravated by ethnic clashes. camera crew witnessed instances of executions and brutalities that perpetrated by the mali an army and survived. the military are not the only ones in gage's and hunting down people of arab or quarrel origin who are believed to be part of the insurgency and eventually the locals are going after them as well for some time it has been difficult to find people from either of those ethnic groups anywhere in mali and this brings us back to the fact that more than three hundred thirty thousand people have been forced to flee from their homes because of the crisis of the last straw for all those refugees and indeed for all
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of them ali that's been a statement by al qaida coming out of the arabian peninsula which calls upon every muslim to join the whole war against france a war that is being fought in mali against the will of its people with my own zollo one shot in mali our t.v. . but i have to bring it up today for the moment i'll be back with a news team with more in just over half an hour from now in a couple of minutes a unique take on the world financial headlines with mexico is up and the cars report. helicopters flying through the air day and night rounds of assault rifle ammo popping as the choppers buzz over the land now this unique form of hell of terror is no longer restricted to those in vietnam in the middle east now houston miami
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residents of the good old usa can get in on the fun houston residents in terror called nine one one and scrambled for cover and even to schools put on lockdown as the military helicopters participate in a multi-agency training thrill in miami at night in the middle of downtown onlookers caught video on their telephones of blackhawk helicopters pumping loud blank on to the people below and maybe even as i speak a flexibly scheduled military drill could be happening in jesper county south carolina you know when i was a kid they tell us about how that year old soviet union would parade their tanks around how there were soldiers all over their oppressed country even in one thousand nine hundred four or what made it a point to describe our military helicopters would eternally be overhead and a dystopian nightmare world now we're living the nightmare the united states is a huge country there's plenty of room on remote army bases to do your training also last time i checked afghanistan evil which is don't look like down.


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