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tv   Headline News  RT  February 17, 2013 3:00am-3:46am EST

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the news that dominated the week here on r.g.p. a once in a century meteor hits the earth exploding with the force of more than twenty year russia bombs in the skies of central russia leaving almost thirteen hundred people injured. fresh of violent clashes overshadowed term said talks in bahrain as police white guess that hundreds of stone throwing activists following the true year anniversary of the start of into government demonstrations. in red rag to the face of the global community north korea's spots outraged by carrying out a third nuclear test by the u.n. ban and international sanctions. a u.s. backed mess in the arab spring countries and nato's to do list in afghanistan r.t. takes a look at the global issues president obama wasn't keen to talk about during his much anticipated state of the union address. and
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news of the pope is to be the first head of the catholic church to step down in six centuries cool shot across the world the pontiff says that his health no longer permits him to fulfill his duties. it's a midday year in a moscow you're watching our tease of the weekly with me to bum and say it's good to have your company with us it was of the media that became a huge media star and no one event that dominated the headlines at the end of this week shooting and flashing across the skies of central russia it's one of the only times a media of such a size has been captured coming to earth residents took photos footage from every.
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angle possible as it fell in the year rolls the guest star from space also stole the spotlight from an even bigger. that made a record close approach to earth on friday which is you got a piece cannot has been tracking this shooting star. it was like a scene from a scythe or a movie but with one exception it was real first the brilliant flash was big bright like he was shining across the sky you know blinding brighter than the sun the skies were lit up by a meteor streaking across the skies above the russian city of over one and they have thousand kilometers east of moscow where not just any usual glare on the floor i thought it all lies from them we went to the window saw this strange cloud and then and then this. would turn around and the wall was gone like someone had moved it the series of
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massive explosions rocked the entire city damaging buildings and shattering windows . nasa said the explosive force of the media were breaking up was the equivalent of twenty here oshima bombs over twelve hundred people were injured including over two hundred children mostly from pieces of shattered glass. the windows just exploded i saw one girl he had and a bring his hand were told to quickly put all clothes on and ran outside and many were able to film the owner of the phenomenon later flooding the web with footage as rumors spread of what it might have been a stricken airplane a satellite that fell out of orbit even the beginning of the and of the world would mrs reported seeing fragments of the crashing all across the region. i saw a small can there was a weird smell but it was not a fire so i think it's
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a piece of meteorite and it's small during there no however most of the sighting sternal to be ordinary peed bug fires because so far officials have not found any fragments of the media or for now the immediate priority. he's to look after the injured and repair the damage to buildings especially the broken windows in schools and residential areas as temperatures at night drop below minus fifteen celsius it's going to take time to clear everything else but for now science like this collapsed factory or a clear reminder no matter how advanced technology gets now days often want to come soon each or we can only watch helplessly and hope for the best. the area to witness a once in a lifetime event as it has become the biggest meteor to hit to the planet in a century basically there you can watch how it approach our planet the ten thousand ton fireball and the atmosphere at the speed of twenty kilometers per second before
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igniting and finally breaking apart not such objects entering the atmosphere are relatively common but usually they don't make it to the surface is said burning up in the atmosphere it was of course the visible from at least four russian regions but it's made appearances right here in. the region where it was on the map you can see the areas that suffered the most from this a fiercely five hundred kilo ton explosion equivalent to more than twenty nuclear bombs that's how big it was so today here with me is our cheese appalls guard who's going to shed some much more needed light to end what's been going on around the world in terms of who's saying what. paul this has been a media frenzy this i mean the story when it when it went viral it went crazy went worldwide what do you make of it it's the story that has everything is there and it's because of these pictures these dramatic pictures that we can see here the it
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has everything it's got the dramatic lights in the sky and it went worldwide it went global almost instantly it's the nature of modern news in the twenty first century you can see here some of the headlines from all over the globe because as t.v. journalists we love good dramatic we love drama we love good pictures and we love stories with human interest and something that's out of the ordinary this happens once every one hundred years we've got the pictures there's human interest angles to it has absolutely everything that's why from germany to the u.s. to south africa it was a truly global story to say you can see some of the headlines that made the world the new york times on the screen now you know what's interesting is that it not only was the. headlines they captured us as an audience but it was also how everybody used the smartphones and social media to actually make fun of what was going on a sense of fun there's a sense of fun i think we're going to see some of the pictures and you can talk through some of the i mean there we go not every reason or as we have
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a bruce willis there that whole ever get in you know that film that he did i don't even want to say what that is but you know they've killed everybody i mean everybody just taking just a kick out of everything and making this even older. to be taking a hit to add to the i have no idea what will rightly say about that we can say you the truly he's a man of the outdoors very much so i look at these images these pictures that people have talked to date have gone viral instantly that's the nature of as i say twenty first century news and twitter was the way for eyewitnesses people who were there on the scene who were witnessing those bright lights in the sky who were having their windows smashed who were seeing you know their house is literally rocked and they went to twitter as you can see here and again showing a slight sense of humor in a lot in the blazing adversity in the face of travel minus seventeen insurance others went on a slight meteor shower so there was a there was a sense of camaraderie and spirit in amongst the four regions that you've mentioned
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here as a people taking to twitter and that particular story and of course you're right someone yesterday aged yes it did do you think that people would have taken the advantage to go out to the site and actually pick up some of the pieces that were thrown out by the meter right and sell them well we would come on to that in a moment but in a very very shortly but the media itself talking about social networking staying with that for the second it has its own twitter page as you can see here. you were talking about people selling thing here buying pieces the meter has its own twitter page as well so it's a truly all encompassing story you know there you go so literally become a star. it's neither here nor good. but putting the fun you know to one side is really good that the people of chile have in school are able to. see the the bright side of this if you're friends despite twelve hundred people injured it could have been
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a lot worse i mean we can see the the image is that. it was the it was the shock wave that caused the damage could have been a lot worse because it is a region that's known for its nuclear facilities there are dozens of nuclear facilities one of particular the my atomic waste storage and treatment center which is hardly a catastrophe a couple of catastrophes in the past one hundred fifty seven there was one in particular an explosion and the fallout is still being felt from that so there was a real fear among residents unsure of the answer that this could have led to something but thankfully he has made a spokesman for more also tom saying that. the levels of radiation are a normal level last time that a meteorite of the day scale collided with one also coincidentally had to be in russia happened to be in russia in nineteen zero eight it took a decade for research is to visit this area after nine hundred ten years later and the research was it wasn't found maybe it was that world war one of the the civil
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war the russian revolution but whatever research was was discovered was it was lost along the way so the importance of friday's meteorite can't be underestimated let's hear from one of the i guess that we speak to see on our way asteroids come from and all kinds of fascinating things you know what happens next let's listen to this . question for the future must be could be predicted. i would think with more satellite and space research you could get some sort of warming over all these coming provided they can see the two most soon enough thing is there's a lot lot of scar out there and the speed of this thing was it was goes. one of the whole of times around the world in an hour that's the speed it will go about it is going to strike law and so it's really fast you see i mean even if it's some way away it's clearly very slowly in the sky then but the question is when a long way away they look very small but i mean that's an issue might be there
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should be an international effort to exactly scan the scars to prepare for things like this that's incredible all right well we'll leave it right there i'm sure a lot of people still be talking about this meteorite for it's another story have been absolutely. right here in the studio with me. in bahrain have been fresh clashes as police used tear gas against hundreds of protesters armed with stones and firebombs this comes following the funeral of a teenager who was allegedly shot by going to use earlier this week during and. of antigovernment and rest in the country the violence is model week old talks between the mostly shiite muslim opposition and the city dominated government. demanding an end to the ruling family's political domination but london based
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activist dominic cover cap says there are few signs the country's leaders generally one to reform. we're looking at two years in which we've seen no reform we've seen nothing change i mean we started this uprising two years ago and on that day the first monster of the uprising was killed and now two years later on the same day the fourteenth of february another teenager has been killed and this really shows and displayed the lack of reform the continuous human rights abuses the continuous repression taking place on the streets of bahrain it's good the dialogue has come back on the agenda and there is discussions happening but it seems that you know this latest latest escalation of the security against the people is going to possibly put dined in jeopardy within the ruling family i think of course there are those who simply want to please the international community to say look we're having this dialogue and there is not
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a great thing was continuing and with the violations on the street it's been exactly two years since libya was plunged into revolution chaos while the scene brought the change i hated there right. many libyans to live in the highlands and security claim there's no cause of jubilation that's off the shelf play. technology innovations all the developments around russia we. have heard. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule today. we. welcome back you're watching r.t. north korea is reportedly preparing for more atomic tests and despite deep international ngo if they detonated a third nuclear device on choose day during described the move as an effort to show up as national security and say that so venti against what they called outrageous
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u.s. hostility the communist state is already laboring under heavy international sanctions and has been banned from any such activities by the u.n. the country had previously carried out two atomic tests and is believed to possess a small stuff pile of nuclear warheads the u.n. security council unanimously condemned to north korea's action and pledged to beef up sanctions against asia based independent news editor james covered says the timing of the test ways as many questions. really i think going to fall into a lot of diplomatic pressure on china to use its leverage with north korea in this and i imagine that officials in beijing must have known that this this was coming probably in the next few days and it certainly is it couldn't have happened at a worse time internationally speaking it's the lunar new year in china so basically the entire country is on holiday and in the u.s. are you there is no confirmed secretary of defense or central intelligence director
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so it's a very interesting time throw that through into that the wild card of xi jinping we don't know much about him or how he's going to lead china and the fact that kim jong un is a relatively new leader as well you also have the new army government in japan and there's a lot of wildcards in this mix to see how this is going to shake out but i think on the question of china specifically if they have a lot of pressure that they can put on north korea. a new group takes center stage in egypt a street of violence appealing to young testers an encouraging violent tactics refuse the so-called black bloc could end up ruining any possibility of a peaceful resolution to the country's political crisis that's coming up in a few minutes. in the most important speech in the american political calendar president obama looks to get both lawmakers and the the like trade on side in the first state of the union address since his relaxation obama talked about the fate of arab spring countries
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and expensive plans to bring home troops from afghanistan artie's gannets which again has been listening to what the president had to say. in his state of the union speech president obama outlined some of the external threats that the country is facing first of all curve of spreading to different parts of the world for what he said although the u.s. is pulling troops out of afghanistan america's war on terror will continue to listen to this true different kind of affiliates of extremist groups have emerged from the arabian peninsula to africa the threat these groups pose is evolving. but to meet this threat we don't need to send tens of thousands of our sons and daughters abroad occupy other nations we will continue to take direct action against those terrorists who pose the greatest threat to america although there was no mentioning of the word drone everyone knew that's what the president meant when saying direct with no u.s. troops involved what he did not talk about was the limits for this war that is
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waging with a remote control the justification that the administration gave john brennan's words we don't punish people for past guilt strike before they take action that offers a very broad scope for the use of drones to afghanistan president obama wants to leave some troops on the ground twenty fourteen when they're supposed to be all out in the speech you mentioned ongoing negotiations with the afghan government on that issue and it's going to be a hard bargain because the afghan government wrists further spearing anger of their own population over foreign military presence one could sense a change maybe even concern as the president on the results of the revolution in the arab world he said it's quote unquote messy he said the u.s. cannot dictate the course of changing countries like very cautiously very briefly on syria there was a change of tone for those remember how the u.s. was cheerleading for revolutions in those countries just
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a year ago with radical forces gaining momentum in places like syria like libya maybe the changes that we've now in the region are not much to their liking among other threats america faces the president talked about. he said he had issued an executive order to protect government agencies and key infrastructure from cyber attacks but he did not mention is how the u.s. government itself is carrying out cyber attacks like the reported cyber attack on iran's nuclear program while there's no proof that they're building them on this administration said it would view a serious cyber attack a. against the united states is an act of war but apparently when the u.s. carries out the attack it should not be seen as an act of war. until activists eugen prius says it's not to play a weather cyber attack measures would be used to protect the public or invade their privacy when we look at what's going on here with the information sharing between the department of defense the government and others private corporations i think it
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raises significant concerns over whether the issue of defense is actually defending us or weakening us i mean we see recently the three largest papers in the united states washington post new york times wall street journal all had major scandals over the issue of cyber security now if they're sharing information with the government i think that raises a potential question well what about journalist e-mails and things of that nature will that have a chilling effect on whistleblowers in the government and so i think we have to ask ourselves is generalize obviously generalized cybersecurity different is important but ultimately is the way the obama administration is approaching it expanding department of defense type programs and not having safeguards that are very well explained to the people regarding civil liberties in place is that something that actually decreases our security by for example having a chilling effect on whistleblowers or just giving the government more of a big brother overview and really reducing our privacy and on a it's way for you here on our iran says it may finally allow u.n.
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inspectors into a military base suspected a place in the country's alleged nuclear activities however i doubt the show will ease the way does things in the country as a nuclear program is just the tip of the iceberg in the come so international pressure on time round. pope benedict the sixteenth announce his resignation in a sharp move at the start of the week he says ill health forced him to make the decision becoming the first pope to resign in six hundred years as papacy has been plagued by scandal most notably eighty's ations of a broad cover up of child abuse within the catholic church and to abuse campaign abubakar as says of the pope didn't do enough to address paedophilia during his eight years in the position. we believe that he order of words he showed there was filth in the priesthood he apologized to the victims but he took no action he didn't discipline
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a single church official for hiding enabling children to predators or you know moving them from country to country from diocese to diocese so until he does that nothing has changed and we believe the words were just empty empty promises we have a bishop in the united states that was convicted of child endangerment and is still being allowed to run a diocese the message is clear if you follow the company line if you keep this secret if you put the reputation of the church above this of the children then you will be promoted what a terrible message to send many people no longer trust church officials like they did in the past and that's a very sad statement that you can't trust your bishops. footballer wagner's love has come clean on why he wasn't always that it is best on the pitch the brazilian spend seven years the major muscle club says too much time between the sheets was to blame for his moments on the field get the details online of our common plots.
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a plan to rebuild or a replica rather over the top of the titanic and save the recreate the transatlantic voyage has caused as some people offering more than a million dollars for it take it you can find out how the ship builders plan to avoid the fate of its pretty says up on our website. chaos and confusion that's how some libyan activists are paying the situation in the north african states two years after it was first in golf by the bloody revolution for and back to rebels eventually achieve the goals of toppling the longtime leader colonel gadhafi but why are they now so few voices hailing the demise of a dictator. has been finding out from her gadhafi has lost legitimacy to lead and he must leave the shoot at their feet to you it's impossible
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to imagine a future for libya with could definitely still in power he must go. well gadhafi is long gone and we don't need to imagine but can take a close look the revolt which began in benghazi was followed by an eight month nato bombing campaign costing thousands of lives and left libya torn apart drowning in conflict and suffocating in stagnation still rich in oil libya economically is a mess despite rampant unemployment and an overwhelming housing crisis huge construction projects are on hold and violence reigns if you look at the country before the bombardment and the invasion by nato and nato support of militias. the country now you can clearly see that the country is suffering from the front problems that the not exist before the country's infrastructure has been destroyed and you have militias running. freely on the streets attacking
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people killing people and doing whatever they want so yes a lot has changed but not for the better amnesty international describes tribalism post gadhafi as armed militias acting completely out of control hundreds of them across the country arresting people without warrant detaining them incommunicado and torturing them all these points gadhafi was accused of by the rebels and the west now the watchdog says this is happening while the government is unwilling or unable to rein the militias in another problem is the south in december libya closed off its borders with algeria niger chad and sudan citing a deterioration of security and declared the region a military zone well recently a video has emerged of representatives of the south libyan tribes declaring independence for the region the federation of south libya they claim the government has failed to secure the inside of the country and borders and this is
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a result of stalled economic activity and discontinue a. and of essential infrastructure projects that have been driven by international partners well it's still not clear how that news is being taken in tripoli but it cambodia well for any chance of stability and finally who is reaping the fruits of this revolution well some analysts say it's an economic powerhouse putting lots of money into the region that the west just doesn't have while at the same time benefiting from their military efforts it's china the chinese have no boots on the ground they have no army is there and they're basically getting a free ride from the military a chance to the west countries like crouch so two years after the revolution for libya the only certainty is still gadhafi is gone the other an expert on the country and that has been speaking to r.t. about lawlessness and insecurity in post gadhafi libya the people in this moment is
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only thinking only only thinking about the safety of the country and trying to bring their people to their have to be able to people go back to their houses can you imagine a country of six million people two of the millions are outside their houses far away some with no money nothing far and they cannot do anything and the was our inside libya there is no safety at all i have friends they have been stolen their houses four times. and the houses when you are in the street never knowing. if you will be shot because always you listen good shots for a problem place to another check out our website for more on this story the timeline of the databank revolution in libya and its consequences as well as more expert and the misses it's all there at our.
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this week a new force emerged in the latest wave of unrest in egypt the black bloc targets young people to join them encouraging the use of violence to bring down the government after the two year anniversary of the toppling of housing mubarak of the group set up a facebook page giving advice and street fighting members of the group say it was started as a response after they have peaceful demands we know what political activists are men of such violent actions may open the way for the military occupation of the country. the true anger behind it it's the frustration from the lack of social justice egyptians by nature not violent and these are tactics being employed so that egyptians grow desperate all the time with all the crises economic crises and all sorts of protests all around the country so that egypt should have collectively
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people start thinking that the muslim brotherhood is doing a lousy job which more or less they are doing a lousy job however it's to push people to beg the military council for a cool so that they can kick out the muslim brotherhood to justify the military overtake of of the government. israel is full of face some embarrassing revelations information on the death of an alleged seafood agent has emerged in tel aviv to lift a veil of secrecy about the now infamous prison next that's a. wealthy
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british soil. but i'm glad. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report. this is iran announced this week that it may allow inspectors from the u.n.
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nuclear watchdog into the persian military base they visit is scheduled for wednesday the facility suspected of housing the country's alleged nuclear weapon development program something strongly denied by to run but the move is unlikely to stop the avalanche of international sanctions which will see end up hitting ordinary iranians the most as marie if national reports. behind this smile lies pain and despair a bass and they run in with blood a cancer has just received his medicine but there is no guarantee he'll get it tomorrow the best jokes about patients being patient but sadly has no choice. it's so hard to get treatment these days it's not that i don't get any at all but you have to wait a long time and if you get it that only means someone else has missed. the reason for the drug shortage sanctions imposed by western countries and baseline equip public they're not directly targeting the pharmaceutical or medical sectors but
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they had banks and post trade restrictions but. unfortunately many foreign companies stopped selling us drugs they're not allowed to have creme brulee with the rent and people paid of price with their lives. iran's officials warn it may have an impact far beyond its borders. if we have a disease appear demick and are unable to vaccinate the population it could spread easily to neighboring countries and affect to many even outside iraq. iran produces ninety six percent of its own medicine but the roma to roast the hop of them come from abroad more than fifty vital medicines have disappeared from the running pharmacist and international sanctions came in because the foreign in britain say a made from can no longer make their way into iran people with cancer and jim ophelia wait often ended with bad news but the drug is not available the chances of
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survival are getting ever slimmer as sanctions patients instead of politicians officials estimate a total of six million iranian patients could be in danger because of the drug deficit in the fembot local and international media reported on the first death apparently caused by the shortage a fifteen year old boy who suffers from him ophelia couldn't get the medicine he desperately needed despite a friend to his family and he died in hospital on. the west apply a new strategy now they tried sanctions on the military sector they realized we actually started making progress there but they wanted to weaken destabilize the country and the government is their aim this is why they now target people so that people get angry and take that the streets protesting i think. and people indeed take to the streets this is a meeting of organ donors and some whose lives have been saved by transplant is
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a process now complicated by the likes of medicine. i think guard and the donor who return me to life i had heart problems and now his heart beats in my chest and i am again why but the problem is that many too many are still waiting surgery became extremely expensive and the number of donors decreased will they have enough time. iranian doctors find themselves facing a very hard to to ration having to decide who will get the medicine and who will not in the spray should they wrote an s.o.s. letter to the un chief they're still waiting for an answer griffin ocean r.t. from iran. in ecuador people are heading to the ballot box to cast their votes in the presidential election poll suggests incumbent rafael correa will be reelected with up to sixty percent of the vote and the fate of whistleblower julian assange
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who is still holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london hangs on the election outcome and then reports. as voters had to pull their president rafael correa looks set to win a third term in office according to the latest who's the left wing economist the heart of the seven other presidential candidates with approximately sixty percent of people backing the incumbent his closest challenger is the right wing with twenty percent after promising lower taxes for job creating companies one person who is especially interested in the outcome of sunday's elections is julian assange the founder of wiki leaks whose fate in some way depends on the results last year after the rules involved in the center of international dispute allow the whistleblower to take refuge in its embassy in london where he had fled to avoid being sent to sweden for question over accusations of sexual assault fearing that upon his execution to sweden he could immediately be sent to the united states
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where he says he made plays the death penalty request political asylum or all those silos granted in the wiki leaks founder still remains at the embassy as the u.k. refused to allow him to leave the country after his earlier in two thousand and twelve. t.v. show the world tomorrow but. in the interview to merge the two men had something in common both songe and korea had on the washington. is really a pleasure to meet you julian least in this way. to the club of the persecuted. thank you. d.c. after releasing thousands of classified u.s. diplomatic cables and footage of american pilots ruthlessly killing journalists in iraq while back in two thousand and eleven accused washington of meddling with only fares and expelled the u.s. ambassador after citing a wiki leaks cable as
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a proof of the country's police have been infiltrated after saans lost his last legal battle against the traditions of sweden it did not came a surprise. to apply for asylum and that is why in this election one of ruffo korea's strongest supporters he's an australian whistleblower seething with the london embassy. a scandal has erupted in israel after the country's government was forced to acknowledge that the death of a prisoner linked to israel's a secret service it mission fall is a report in australian media which revealed a melbourne man and himself in prison in twenty ten the man was reportedly held in such secrecy not even through prison guards knew his name as reported that the so-called prison x. was involved in israeli espionage in neighboring countries the story had been originally housetop in the in the israeli media with the order reportedly coming from the top economist and senior correspondent for israel's harat newspaper and
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says the entire situation is a source of embarrassment for the country. on one level it's an espionage story and mystery regarding the foreign intelligence service mossad and the tragic. circumstances under which one of its operatives apparently found his death on another level. government versus press story and the press here has been struggling against various government agencies and gradually has been able to leave at least some of the secrecy surrounding this story even though the israeli press is far from being lazy for the last two years it has waited passively for someone abroad in this case australia to break the story. now for some international news in brief a car bomb through a popular vote in the somali capital mogadishu giving one soldier
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a day and three people will also injured in the blast would use the save a device was that all four by remote control authority has blamed terrorist with the attack but new group has claimed responsibility. at least seventy nine people have been killed and one hundred eighty injured in a marketplace bombing in southwestern pakistan police say they don't know how many victims could still be trapped under the rubble in a band a sunni militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack this comes five weeks after another huge blast in a snoop a whole killed more than one thousand people in the same day. the chief of a major economic and diplomatic organization has been in talks with president putin about russia's potential membership coming up uncle greer speaks to our tears and the doctor about currency wars the robin hood tax and russia's future in the o.e.c.d. . i
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never knew adam lanza in person but i was in the same high school as adam he was younger than me just going to be younger. i always thought he was different i always into something funny he rarely talks and you know he was a shy kid. i don't know anyone who was friends with him i also don't know of anyone who is particularly mean to the what i do know is that it was very clear that this person was not like everybody else.
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can imagine the level of mental illness that would be present to murder children. america's you know so when you go on this there would be an american behind every tree with a gun. i think for kids growing up in this environment is good for them at an early age to least see the gun and respect it because they need to know what kind of damage it can do. this is our first task as a society. keeping our children safe. this is how we will be judged. do we speak your language and not advance the. news programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news
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a little tonight if i. stories. reviving global economic growth is one of the priorities for the g twenty summit that will take place here in russia. but the key to achieving that is setting the right policies to discuss what these policies should be i'm joined by on him. the head of the organization for economic cooperation and development thank you so much for joining me sir during this visit to moscow you had a chance to meet with russia's president vladimir putin was russia's bid to join the always discussed was almost the only topic because we did not have time to
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discuss too many more we discuss the g twenty also the accession of russia into the o.e.c.d. is for us of a game changer and it's going to be very important russia is very large economy it's a very important presence in the world of energy it's a very important presence in all these international fora accent and so we really are very interested very excited about the bus ability of having a member and i think russia can benefit also from being in an institution that is not about lending money is not about giving grants it's not about the fixing economies that are not broken it's about policy discussions about what are the best possible policies and therefore what can be the best practices. that russia can adopt we're not going to tell russia what to do with russia we're
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going to tell the russians what other countries in the world are doing about the same problem of health care the same problem of education the same problem with innovation the same problem with research and development the same problem with the tax structures the same problem with the deficit whatever you just mentioned taxation and that's definitely one of the big issues that you're working on and particular with this. yes. trying to work with this scheme that many companies use to avoid paying taxes and these are big companies we're talking about including google and you know a number of others. what then amazon of course and starbucks and so on these are big names but there are plenty of companies i don't why refer to any company in particular because there are thousands we created the set of rules that are being used legally by these companies to avoid paying taxes ok
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now we have had a big war against tax havens about excessive bank secrecy about the secret counts by people not divulging the names those are to hide away from the taxpayers so that was in a way an easier war because we were fighting illegality ok right now we are trying to combat a legal practice but that is giving absolutely the wrong results why because we wanted to avoid double taxation now we have created double nontoxic ition. and what is happening is that the balance between the multinationals and the states in terms of the states the governments receiving. a certain amount of a.


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