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tv   [untitled]    February 17, 2013 8:00am-8:29am EST

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and meet your crashes in central russia causing panic damage and leaving over twelve hundred injured. or scenes of violence in bahrain where stone throwing protesters are hit with tear gas and stun grenades in clashes which threaten the times to two years of anti regime unrest in the gulf get. them to bomb or secure washington's expanding counterterrorism efforts in the middle east as he lays out america's global priority than in his state of the union address.
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and more nuclear test shock waves from north korea which detonate a device despite the u.n. that and international sanctions. are there this is our weekly news review with me kerry johnston well the world was why he died this week over dramatic images from central russia plunging me to your exploded with a blinding flash before crashing in the urals early on friday now it's not hard to imagine the shock that people must have felt when they saw this incredible meteor coming over her head and of course it took a while for people to realize what was actually happening to me took last set off a powerful shockwave that was smashing windows and buildings injuring and
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bewildering those inside incredible scenes. takes a closer look now at how it all happened. it was like a scene from a movie but with one exception it was real first the brilliant flash was big bright like he was shining across the sky you know blinding brighter than the sun the skies were lit up by a meteor streaking across the skies above the russians. over want to have thousand kilometers east of moscow where not just unusual glare on the floor i thought it was lines from a car then we ran to the window saw this strange cloud and then and then this. would turn around and the wall was gone and someone had moved it the series of massive explosions rocked the entire city damaging buildings and shattering windows
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. nasa said the explosive force of the media were breaking up was the equivalent of two one to hear oshima bombs over twelve hundred people were injured including over two hundred children mostly from pieces of shattered glass. that the windows just exploded i saw one girl he had and a growing his hand we were told to quickly put our clothes on and ran outside and many were able to film the owner of the phenomenon later flooding the web with footage as rumors spread of what it might have been a stricken airplane a satellite that fell out of orbit even the beginning of the end of the world would mrs reported seeing fragments of the crashing all across the region. i saw a small can there was a weird smell but it was not a fire so i think it's a piece of me to write a nice small during there no however most of the sighting started out to be
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ordinary peter buck fires because so far officials have not found any fragments of the media or for now the immediate priority. he's to look after the injured and repair the damage to buildings especially the broken windows in schools and residential areas as temperatures at night drop below minus fifteen celsius is going to take time to clear everything else but for now science like this collapsed factory or a clear reminder no matter how advanced technology gets nowadays often when it comes to nature we can only watch helplessly and hope for the best. party to go piss off reporting from the year olds there well the meters dramatic strike fighter reaction online almost instantly with video being shared in blogs speculating on fronts joins us now to let's put it more about this was the world wide web when this was happening. it's blowing up there is a lot that can be found online pertaining to this media from the merely factual to
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the over the top and absolutely ridiculous according to some people president putin harness the power of the media and rhetoric to earth more on things like this from me just a couple of minutes. food so that thank you and of course there's one aspect which people didn't really notice but no one seemed to see this thing coming how that can happen who can though it's big what exactly happened why didn't anyone see it going to say that parent only they are on the lookout for things that are flying towards earth in from outer space but they are only a local look out for the big ones and there is too many of them to keep track of everything but this one was actually quite a doozy or how did i miss it was the large one yes it was the scientists are actually saying that it was before it entered earth's atmosphere it was weighing around ten thousand tons it was enormous i know i'm literally being blown away here of course once it entered the atmosphere and you have the speed right there exactly how fast it was going. through the atmosphere. broke into several pieces and
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apparently the evidence of that is the fact that they have fallen several creators because all the regions are these are the reasons yes of the his the screeching and the icy thing that you're seeing right now it's not for ice fishing actually this is supposedly the place where one of the fragments has fallen but once they actually started probing for for remnants of the meteor in these waters they couldn't find anything so we just have to take the scientist word for it that indeed this is the icy hole is actually you know the place where the meteor landed however you have to understand that this actually has been the biggest thing to have earth or in over a century in the last including oh absolutely and the last time that happened this was from nineteen zero eight ok when the. how was the also entered the atmosphere but that is a bit of a miss. because what you siberia was that wasn't severe absolutely something happened something felt from the sky people were describing things that have
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happened very similar to what people are now describing was happening on friday but nobody has ever found any fragments even though thousands of sprinklers a forest fire i doubt they had acid rains they had an. old sorts of changes to the d.n.a. of the plants and trees it isn't actually the the aftermath of the word drastic but again that was over a century ago and we're hoping that nothing like this would happen quite so much of the loosestrife of the i.c.r.c. as people still were rather frightened by it but back to present time back to our. there has been obviously damage done you saw the zinc plant in the the package that we have just shown you but of course people are saying that although this was a rather drastic and very damaging event things actually could have been much worse if history is any indication
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and i'm waiting for somebody to say there are going to network operated by nasa the u.s. and what's cosmos and russia the european space agency others that are out there trying to detect the track and asteroids but honestly there's a lot of there's hundreds of thousands and their biggest focus is on the really large ones ones that are hundreds of meters in diameter of a kilometer in diameter that could potentially you know due to the os what happened to the dinosaurs. and the other thing is that the area that you have been scary is kind of a hotspot of all sorts of nuclear research it was like the hotbed of nuclear research during the soviet times so they have a clue seven nuclear facilities there one of them is a major nuclear facility storage facility for the entire country that actually has already had two accidents which could rival that of chernobyl so it could have been a lot worse could have been dealing with a nuclear disaster considering the fact that now after the poll it says that
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supposedly the power of the blast from this meteor was actually equal to twenty times the explosion of the hiroshima bomb that is tremendous so thankfully that sort of disaster was averted so of course we have to wait and see exactly what happens with the aftermath of these of the fragments maybe being found or whatever else whether or not there is any mutation going on right so far there have been no reports of people and you have been six protein wings or. so hopefully this is just a frightening get very colorful very visually pleasant experience incredible or it's ridiculous scott thanks for that explanation and well we have to say that this went absolutely viral online when it happened people putting pictures all sorts of have a look at some of the things that were were going on some people even troy to sell what they claimed were fragments of the crash the media at least expensive being offered for ten thousand dollars so the incredible but of course even if someone
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was willing to dip into their pocket for this there's no way of knowing where they were buying a piece of meteorite or just a lump of stone from someone's garden. from joins us now so it's a bit more about what happened online than utah said it was more it's been funny it's been outrageous and downright odd to see what people are willing to make others believe in a situation like this you know at first everyone is very shocked they see the video coming out of chelyabinsk from all its various angles they hear the audio they're shocked but then you see what people are willing to post and make others believe. about what's happening we go to some tweets here you know tanks have passed on the street citizens are urged to get down to their shelters lunchbox handouts have been arranged vertically that that might not be real and then i think it was the same person here went ahead and tweeted we're being given chemical protection and gas mask the city is almost entirely evacuated we're setting up barricades and invasion is coming which is odd to think that if he's actually tweeting about it
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that the city is being evacuated and things like that just totally fall for these things but then i get the funny actually the twitter sphere was trending heavily with what was going on with the meteor of the funny things such as the citizens of chelyabinsk are already checking to see what superpowers they have because you know obviously radiation was levels were broadcasted right after after this made impact because there's so many nuclear sites in the area and then it's negative seventeen degrees in chelyabinsk there's wind and a slight meteor shower and then of course it being just near valentine's day when this actually made impact near chelyabinsk someone brought up brought up the fact of one of those one liners who who is that you know what who promised to pick a star from the sky on valentine's day because look at all of the havoc it wreaked on everyone else anything is possible when something there of course that is what i have to tell you as well that was an extraordinary prediction of
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a footballing that will come out in a second. this is one of the birds i don't think there are photoshop is also lots of photoshop action happening online you got angry birds writing the meteor down to earth you've got bruce willis weighing in from are made the movie armageddon of course calling me dinosaurs. even my brother maybe this isn't so funny that chuck norris sending it right from the states over to russia and then of course nature loving president putin. is learning tools who can bring. that the minute it had i thought there's going to be some sort of a funny photo shop of putin in this media and i read it and there it is i mention the football the only reaction is come back to that someone and pretty yeah it was a football fan actually explaining how he thought this was actually going to happen actually predicting it saying that when i first need to a playing liverpool the time in gusty is a victory for his in the would be as incredible as a meteor or crashing to work or the meter came to earth and then the one as well if
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i were a betting woman i would have found out taken action on that i think a lot of people were wishing they'd play some money with this guy he's got a future in that but he has a big future earning more than ok what people call a sign people going to iraq for much for that for that or if you missed anything of course that we've been showing on r.t. concerning all this where you can go to r.t. dot com for more pictures and dramatic stuff don't miss or thank you. now the volatile situation bahrain has been exacerbated by the latest clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces this weekend scores were reportedly injured when riot police used tear gas and stun grenades against demonstrators throwing stones and petrol bombs violence broke out when the
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protesters tried to make their way to the funeral of a teenager was allegedly killed by security forces earlier this week during a rally marking two years of the anti-government uprising that incident on the turmoil which followed has jeopardised talks between the sunni dominated government mostly shiite opposition. activists say there are no signs of legal progress pending reforms. we're looking at two years in which we've seen no reform we've seen nothing change i mean we started this uprising two years ago and on that day the first martyr of the uprising was killed and now two years later on the same day the fourteenth of february another teenager has been killed and this means shows and displayed the lack of reform continuous human rights abuses the continuous repression taking place on the streets of bahrain it's good that dialogue has come back on the agenda and there is discussions happening but it seems that you know this latest latest escalation of the security against the people is going to
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possibly put dined in jeopardy within the ruling family i think of course there are those who simply want to please the international community to say look we're having this dialogue and there is not a great thing was continuing the violations on the street. or similar scenes that code in the protests there also marking two years since the deadly uprising like this now we have why the ousting of the market duffy has brought no radical changes for the better to the country. bus the people that could or are choosing the next president with currently there are expected to stay after a break or explain why the results could be little whistled for during the sons.
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technology innovation all the developments from around russia. the future covered. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. is easy to. please.
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welcome back borders closed international flights suspended security forces on high alert that's how they be here is marking two years since the beginning of the uprising that resulted in a bloody civil conflict from intervention toppling off a long time. all teas and he said no explains why in a sort of ration song being overshadowed by desperation in the current government in the face of more unrest. margaret coffey has lost legitimacy to lead and he must leave the shoot at their feet what is impossible to imagine a future for libya with good daffy still in power he must go. well
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gadhafi is long gone and we don't need to imagine but can take a close look the revolt which began in benghazi was followed by an eight month nato bombing campaign costing thousands of lives and left libya torn apart drowning in conflict and suffocating in stagnation still rich in oil libya economically is a mess despite rampant unemployment and an overwhelming housing crisis huge construction projects are on hold and violence reigns if you look at the country before the bombardment and the invasion by nato and nato supported militias. the country now you can clearly see that the country is suffering from the front problems the not exist before the country's infrastructure has been destroyed you have militias running. free on the streets attacking people killing people and doing whatever they want so yes
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a lot has changed but not for the better amnesty international describes tribalism post gadhafi as armed militias acting completely out of control hundreds of them across the country arresting people without warrant detaining them incommunicado and torturing them all these points gadhafi was accused of by the rebels and the west now the watchdog says this is happening while the government is unwilling or unable to rein the militias in another problem is the south in december libya closed off its borders without niger chad and sudan citing a deterioration of security and declared the region a military zone well recently a video has emerged of representatives of the south libyan tribes declaring independence for the region the federation of south libya they claim the government has failed to secure the inside of the country and borders and this is a result of stalled economic activity and discontinue a. and of essential infrastructure projects that have been driven by international
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partners well it's still not clear how that news is being taken in tripoli but it cambodia well for any chance of stability and finally who is reaping the fruits of this revolution well some analysts say it's an economic powerhouse putting lots of money into the region that the west just doesn't have while at the same time benefiting from their military efforts it's china the chinese have no boots on the ground they have no army use their. military. the west countries like france so two years after the revolution for libya the only certainty is still gadhafi is gone during his state of the union speech president obama said america needs to boost its help for libya and its neighbors to bring security to the rest of the region or defending his counterterrorism framework he talked about the fate of arab spring countries and
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outlined plans to end america's afghanistan military mission by the end of next year or fourteen he's going to church account in washington in his state of the union speech president obama outlined some of the external threats that the country speccing first of all pear spreading to different parts of the world for what he said although the u.s. is pulling troops out of afghanistan america's war on terror will continue to listen it's true different al qaeda affiliates of extremist groups have emerged from the reagan peninsula to africa the threat these groups pose is evolving. but to meet this threat we don't need to send tens of thousands of our sons and daughters abroad occupying other nations we will continue to take direct action against those terrorists who pose the greatest threat to america although there was no mentioning of the word drones everyone knew that's what the president meant when saying direct with no u.s. troops involved what he did not talk about was the limits for this war that they'd
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ministration his waging with the remote control the justification that the administration gave john brennan's words we don't punish people for past strike before they take action that offers a very broad scope for the use of drones president obama wants to leave some troops on the ground twenty fourteen when they're supposed to be all out in the speech he mentioned ongoing negotiations with the afghan government on that issue hard bargain because the afghan government wrists further spearing anger of their own population over foreign military presence one could sense a change maybe even your concern as the president on the results of the revolution in the arab world he said it's quote unquote messy he said the u.s. cannot dictate the course of changing countries like very very briefly pressure on syria and it was a change of. remember how the u.s. was cheerleading for revolutions in those countries just
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a year ago with radical forces gaining momentum in places like syria like maybe the changes that the administration sees now in the region are not much to their liking among other threats america faces the president talked about. he said he had issued an executive order to protect government agencies. from cyber attacks but he did not mention is how the u.s. government itself. acts like the reported cyber attack on iran's nuclear program while there's no proof that they're building a bomb this administration said it would be a serious cyber attack a. but apparently when the u.s. . should not be seen as an act of war. heading to the polls in a presidential election with incumbent. to keep his job one man who's most probably rooting for him is the world's most famous whistleblower joining the sons who still holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london after korea granted him asylum there.
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are reports. as voters have to prove their president rafael correa looks set to win a third term in office according to the latest who's the left wing economist the heart of the seven other presidential candidates with approximately sixty percent of people backing the incumbent one person who is especially interested in the outcome of sunday's elections julian assange the founder of wiki leaks whose fate in some way depends on the results last year after there was embroiled in the center of an international dispute allow the whistleblower to take refuge in its embassy in london where he had fled to avoid being sent to sweden for question over accusations of sexual assault fearing that upon his to sweden he could be done immediately be sent to the united states where he says he made plays the death penalty the son's request political asylum from ecuador earlier in two thousand and twelve korea future t.v. show the world tomorrow but r.t.
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in the interview to merge the two men had something in common both songe and korea had washington's tone as he. is really a pleasure to meet you julian least in this way. welcome to the club of the persecuted. thank you. although seiler was granted the wiki leaks founder still remains at the embassy as the u.k. refused to allow him to leave the country after he skipped bail and that is why in this election one of rough strongest supporters he's an australian whistleblower seething with the london embassy. more of the international news for you now a series of car bomb blasts in baghdad killed at least twenty eight people left dozens more injured explosions occurred in mainly shiite areas of the iraqi capital shoppers attended outdoor markets group as yet little beate blasts brought the number of deaths in the region to more than two hundred fifty since the stone to
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near. recent warsaw have crossed with demonstrators protesting against the independence of kosovo officers used basons against crowds who fought back by throwing flares at police of events started as a march raid activists carrying banners saying kosovo is serbia the slogan was popularized by the serbian government after the self declared republic insolvent in two thousand and eight. career is reportedly preparing for more atomic tests despite the widespread international fury after it detonated a third nuclear device on tuesday and described the move as an effort to shore up its national security inside got its sovereignty against what it called outrageous us still to protest prompted warnings from washington and its allies of more sanctions leaving for the communist state. based independent user to james covert says the timing of the latest one couldn't have been any worse. really i think
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going to fall into a lot of diplomatic pressure on china to use its leverage with north korea and it's and i imagine that officials in beijing must have known that this this was coming probably in the next few days and it certainly is it couldn't have happened at a worse time internationally speaking it's the lunar new year in china so basically the entire country is on holiday and in the u.s. there is no confirmed secretary of defense or central intelligence director so it's a very interesting time throw that throw into that the wild card of xi jinping we don't know much about him or how he's going to lead china and the fact that kim jong un is a relatively new leader as well you also have the new army government in japan and there's a lot of wildcards in this mix to see how this is going to shake out but i think on the question of china specifically if they have a lot of pressure that they can put on north korea. but up next an in-depth look at gun control in united states stay with us.
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helicopters flying through the air day and night rounds of assault rifle ammo popping as the choppers buzz over the land now this unique form of hell of terror is no longer restricted to those in vietnam in the middle east now houston miami residents of the good old usa can get in on the fun houston residents in terror called nine one one and scrambled for cover and even to schools put on lockdown as the military helicopters participate in a multi-agency training for ill in miami at night in the middle of downtown onlookers caught video on their telephones of blackhawk helicopters pumping loud blank on to the people below and maybe even as i speak a flexibly scheduled military drill could be happening in jesper county south
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carolina you know when i was a kid they tell us about how that you have all soviet union would parade their tanks around how there were soldiers all over their oppressed country even in one thousand nine hundred four or will meet in a point to describe our military helicopters would eternally be overhead and a dystopian nightmare world now we're living the nightmare the united states is a huge country there's plenty of room on remote army bases to do your training also last time i checked afghanistan evil which is don't look like downtown miami just who are you training the kill anyways knock off the terror trainings but that's just my opinion.


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