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tv   Headline News  RT  February 18, 2013 2:00pm-2:28pm EST

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this is r t tonight that american woman is accused of killing a russian child and her with an ongoing spat between moscow and washington over russia's recent adoption ban against the u.s. . fury in britain after an out of military college renames a whole from being a former soldier and soldiers tribute rather to honoring the king of bahrain instead because maybe it's a naked millions of pounds but we follow that story of. the world's top breathes a sigh of relief after a rough failed correll gave him shelter in ecuador an embassy secures another presidential.
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hello and a very good evening to if you just joined us this is our t. international money and it's just after eleven pm moscow time here first in this hour russia's child rights boys accusing an american woman of killing her adopted russian son it's the what's to be the twentieth case then of a russian child's death from abuse in american families in the past decade live to artie's one important issues in new york for us we have been talking about this all night what do we know about what happened to three year old maxime. well facts continue coming out hour by hour what we do know so far is that this case unfolded in texas according to officials three year old maxime died on january twenty first at the hands of his adoptive mother the probe conducted by russia's investigative committee revealed that maksim was beaten by his adoptive mother who according to officials also fed him strong psychotropic medication and investigators say that the boy allegedly died before medics arrived at the scene but that it was his
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adoptive mother who had called the medics to begin with an autopsy reportedly show that maksim suffered multiple injuries to his head his abdomen and internal organs prior to his death officials say the three year old boy's arms legs and head were also covered in scratches and bruises social services allegedly allegedly didn't have any record of the abuse surrounding who are not seem only three years old losing his life as you say i mean this is just a few weeks it's come just a few weeks of to russia brought in the new law trying to stop this thing happening from some parents it is a minority of parents but as you say your husband happening in the past banning americans from adopting russian children in case this kind of thing happens again again and. that's right as you mentioned this is just one of twenty cases when a russian adopted child dies in the custody of an american family here in the
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states some examples include back in two thousand and eight a russian boy died after spending nine hours in a car with temperatures reaching up to thirty two degrees celsius but his adoptive father faced up to ten years in jail for manslaughter however he was found not guilty and walked free back in december russian officials also point to the fact that there was a case in which an american mother. boarded her adoptive russian son on a flight to moscow and giving him just a note saying she doesn't want to be his mother anymore now last year russia. i'm sorry recently in the in the few weeks past few weeks russia did adopt legislation banning u.s. adoptions of russian children it was criticized by many saying that it prevents russian children from having a better life in american families russian officials say that the new law is not targeting the u.s. prospective parents or friends it's targeting the u.s.
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legal system that according to russian officials has been treating cases of russian children of cruel treatment of manslaughter with it admissible leniency so russian officials at this point say that the u.s. system protecting russian or is far from perfect and this is a point that was recently underscored by russian envoy and children's rights. given to them fortunately it's usually months although the russian child has done to the american side informs us about it and one case it was five years after a boy died and that's how our cooperation with the u.s. works they did not inform us fast enough or the information is not reliable there are tens of thousands of russian adoptive children living in the us and we haven't got a clue about the lives of most of them there is no confirmation that they're all right and they're not being abused its emotional. an investigation
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into the death of maxime is still ongoing to find out greater details as to how long he was in the custody of his eye darted family abroad clearly this incident is not going to mend it release comes between the u.s. and russia when it comes to the case of russian children in the us and also samaria as well though this case of course about a month ago the details are just coming out tonight with first tweet from the child's own woodsmen tonight thanks ever so much michel moore is going to come out of this very sad unfortunate story throughout the coming hours and thank you. british military academies accused of betraying the memory of first world war heroes one of the holes that sound hearst's that all of those killed in the first major battles of the war will now be named after the king of oil rich bahrain. is in london the skull the latest. the hall was originally named in order of the bottle of mormons which was one of the first major battles of the first world war
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it's for the brits fighting the germans thousands of british soldiers lost their lives that but as critics say it looks like the memory of their heroism has been sold for some three million pounds to the king of bahrain who's made a donation to sandhurst for that amount of course bahrain is a government that we as we know has been accused of waging a violent crackdown against anti-government protesters over the past two years since an anti government top prize in began but nevertheless the british government has very strong links to the bahraini regime just to give you an example of a few of those we've got quite a few bahraini security officers who train. just like the king himself did actually we've also had the top former top boss from scotland yard he's now actually overseeing the bahraini police he's employed by the morning tea over there and of course last but not least we've got the sale of u.k.
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weapons over to bahrain there were restrictions on that last year but they've been very quietly lifted it looks like for the british government the age old adage that money doesn't smell is very relevant in this situation we've had money for the ministry of defense they've defended the move saying that all donations to santo are in compliance with the u.k.'s domestic and international legal obligations and that values as a nation promise to come from pretty quick pledge millions to red. stopping him from funding some boost with a stroke using some of that money. well that's the question that quite a few people here are asking kevin but it's not just the british side that's been getting stake in this situation the bahraini government has been accused of effectively buying silence in order to avert western governments criticism in the situation and the whole deal as i'm calling it it's not the first of its kind we've
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just heard that the united arab emirates reportedly donated some fifty million pounds to sandhurst despite the fact that their government has been accused of human rights abuses as well. reporting there will be time britain is also under fire again for selling weapons to regimes repeatedly accused of human rights violations most recently it's been revealed the u.k. sold millions of pounds with a small arms weaponry and i'm going to. just but is direct quote intruding with time a minority in the suppression of separatists so it's got some to say but this is very gardiner plays in moscow at the moment and joins us live good evening to you sir thank you for being with us pleasure to have you with this start with just talking about the during the decades long civil war britain was. among the loudest to criticize the atrocities of the extrajudicial killings being carried out there by the government now those selling weapons to them what's changed. well i i don't
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believe anything has changed to tall and if you look at the roger parks regime it is quite simply a kleptocracy the family is stealing the wealth of that island in the most disgusting way. and i am appalled that it still appears that the commonwealth will be having its heads of government meeting there later on this year so i believe that we should be having very little to do with that regime at the moment it is being subject to the united nations asking for it to look at the human rights and to address those properly and to address the issue of war crimes that took place at the end of the conflict with the tunnel population. so it's a regime with the a very questionable past that the un is asking for serious reform and so far that hasn't been forthcoming raises an interesting question doesn't it about the relationship between the rich the ratio between politics profit suman right yet
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again. indeed. look i think we can absolutely have no short cuts when it comes to human rights i was disappointed that britain was not more active than it was during the period of the time of conflict with this news coming. i believe that we needed to take far stronger measures obviously it was important that the regional parties did that as well and that was not forthcoming. but it's one of the great tragic conflicts of the past decade and the number of people who were killed in point was supposed to be safe havens there was really quite appalling i want to talk about syria just a moment for a do that let's talk about libya but no other country listed by the u.k. foreign office of being of concern over its human rights record yet britain are sending a warship now to tripoli. show it's
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a floating showcase for defense for questions doesn't it the sensibilities. of sending something like that to a place has been so restive so recently. well you will know the time i opposed british involvement in the syrian conflict i believe that it was for the regional powers too to take action there and not for the u.k. . but that conflict had the fortunate result of saving a number of lives in benghazi and it ended what i think all of us would agree was it was a desperate and tyrannical regime in that country. nonetheless it is a deeply divided and deeply troubled country and the last thing that i think we should be doing his selling on this too it far better that we prefer some of the expertise that we have in infrastructure in the hospitals in the medicines and
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these are ways in which britain could be positively helping the country i think trying to set out our storm as an arms provider is one of the least and official berryville got thirty seconds maybe that much what it's possibly trying to do to help syria let's look on the bright side sure way wants to lift the the arms embargo the e.u. arms embargo but it wants to arm the rebels good news. look at syria is a deeply troubled position and we have spoken before about this i believe russia's position should have changed long long ago over syria as they should have been supporting the people of syria against what was and is a vile regime a decline of what was once tortures positionally let's just talk about oregon it wants to arm the rebels now we're hearing today in a report that the rebels indeed as well as the government are both committed atrocities i guess you could say this happens in war spoilers but what do you think about the british position of wanting to arm the rebels well i think i think
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britain should keep very well out of people in this part of the world i think our record is not good but i do think that there should be much stronger involvement into. the sanctions coming both from russia and from the e.u. to make sure that the syrian regime does begin to negotiate and we do begin to see a political settlement there because that's what's needed it's not more arms that are going to help the situation it's a political settlement british labor m.p. barrie gardiner on the line indeed tonight from moscow good have you on the program thank you. thank you very. still to come here with me kevin owen tonight putting trouble in frogs as the country demands uses identities are revealed and most being seen as a threat to free speech and a step towards cross borders censorship interesting story coming up you know pulled out one today also russian scientists now say they found first fragments about meteo the crash of a ules last friday causing havoc and leaving hundreds injured you know pulled out
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a new rush it's worth quite a bit this role in a couple of minutes time. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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released be two language you. will use programs in documentaries in arabic in school here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks books that will be our piece interviews for intriguing stories for you if you. can try. to find out more visit our big. dog called. stay with us. no two in victory the world's most famous fool could rest easy tonight after the dorian president secured his job for another term according to exit polls due to the sun is one of the country's diplomatic shield in london right now and that was a decision made by raphael career more inside told more something from artie's in this no rafael correia is paid to win and has already declared victory in this
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first round according to some analysts he was marked to win a third term with this platform seen in ecuador and across latin america as standing up to the u.s. and france but the opposition is more or less seen as pro-u.s. here's adrian south gucci the founder of the second republic project. public opinion for all of latin america is growing very weary with u.s. intervention in u.k. interventions throughout the continent which explains why countries like venezuela or believe you can argentina brazil. are having government keeping very much four of arms from the united states and latin america this very strong popular movement trying to move away from the united states well craig has benefited from the sentiment by pledging to continue down this road now gray a pretty much securing a third term as ecuador's president will be a headache for washington but is very good news for whistleblower julian assange
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and he was of course granted political asylum by ecuador the only country to really stand up for him a small country which doesn't have much leverage managed to do to so far make it impossible for a song to be extradited to sweden for questioning over sex assault charges even with pressure from the u.s. and the u.k. correia has said this that there can be a problem due to asylum it's neo colonialism a silence has been holed up at the ecuadorian embassy in london fearing he will be arrested if he steps outside and so far hasn't been granted safe passage while under house arrest aslan's premier at an interview show right here on r.t. and one of the guests was nonetheless correia take a listen to some encouraging words from the ecuadorian president to assad's who move to go to salute it is really a pleasure to meet you julian least in this way and she wrote to the club of the persecuted. and that seems to have been the beginning of
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a beautiful friendship between us songs and ecuador. russian scientists claim they found the first fragments now of that rare cosmic encounter which saw the meteor crash in central russia friday causing shock and devastation not surprisingly spread devry for miles around injuring more than twelve hundred people at the time his going off in the u. . scientists of confirms that the tiny pieces that be found at a lake sheba cool which is around one hundred kilometers or sixty miles away from chile and or parts of that exact me. fears in several russian regions on friday they say that the pieces are just around one centimeter in size or less that's like a benny was just shows how massive the blast was since it's estimated that the media awaited from ten to forty tons. the blast was equal to around thirty bombs dropped on hiroshima and the media exploded while it was still high in the skies above no radiation was involved nevertheless it still damaged buildings and
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shattered windows the consequences of that can still be seen all across the city like on the sports arena behind me over twelve hundred people were injured including over two hundred children mostly from these pieces of glass flying around . well there was some of the benefit is that it's really started a genuine russian or rock rush groups of people coming from snow and ice for fragments of the meteor that could be worth partly thousands of dollars of ground way. more than gold and we're finding in the. cold. and disturbing results coming out here radioactive reality japanese research is painting a bleak picture of how the fukushima nuclear disasters affect the health of almost ha of the children living in that area.
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often the case is that sometimes what's acceptable in one country isn't ok you know this and indeed getting twitter into trouble right now front says order the microblogging site revealed a personal day two of you posted what would seem to be hate messages or i have to find the tweet is an american family writing under u.s. laws. examines the implications of a move which could open the censorship floodgates. two democracies stumbling over the concept of freedom the french court has called on twitter to help censor hate speech on the website in france because it violates its laws the tweeter is an american company and the american constitution sets no limits to freedom of expression given that the french worked as we wired to do that
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the question is how can the french enforce this judge those decision when the union of jewish students of france took the issue to paris cotton october they wanted to stop away with and to semitic messages posted under the hashtag on bones we are a good jew it was the third most popular tagged subject at the time the number of insulting jokes reach thousands but these people all of whom had at least once been attacked for being a jew also wanted to punish those responsible people. we don't want to prosecute or treat these people but just to draw the attention of the northeast to such cases to let them decide whether or not it's a case of racism. or when a special twitter agreed to remove offensive content but the authors were anonymous and punished so french jews brought the popular micro-blogging site to trial the court decision in january asked the company to divulge the names of people behind
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the tweets the fight against racism has nothing to do with the violation of freedom of expression it is an american concept and it cannot be applied in france in the way it is understood in the us we just wanted this part of our life to obey this country's legislation which prohibits public racism but not everyone agrees if freedom is limited they say it's no longer freedom jeremy of jewish origins himself is one of them he says greater liberty shouldn't bring more restrictions but a different approach to controlling the internet you have twitter a private company that may be acting as a judge. deciding what is legal and what is not and removing content which is censorship so i agree that this content should be combated but i don't agree that the private companies such as twitter should implement private or censorship of free speech online this is a major risk today this story has sparked broda discussion of the violations of
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freedom and privacy in france there are at least one hundred ninety pan-european laws allowing authorities access to internet users personal information caption web storage is and surveillance. china tomorrow although we are concerned that france the us britain and some other democratic powers are helping to produce internet surveillance technologies for china syria libya egypt and tunisia will if they allow the governments of these countries to use it against their people is there any guarantee that france will not use it against its own people one day. but this tweet to dispute has gone far beyond the borders of the u.s. and france and any greenland reached will affect subsequent cases skeptics warn that france may be happy to let personal freedom slide the birthday party at liberty equality fraternity france's most famous motto and three peers the country has been resting on since the french revolution and today they face new challenges with
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racism been one of them and it has many fear and whether both intolerance itself and the fight against it may see those hard fought principles swept aside. or if not from paris. british prime minister's on the charm offensive in india one of the world's fastest growing economies he follows france's president to try to boost his country's ties the two no on which way and they will move in this post-colonial anglo-french rivalry has put some perspective on it with the approach of parties on a research fellow at the university of roehampton in london joining us now now that the perk david cameron is in india then as i just said with the largest trade delegation he's ever taken on a visit whitehall is this partnership to him these days i guess the size of the delegation says it all we're. the size of the delegation certainly shows the aggressive nature of far right mr cameron's drive to seek trade abroad
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i think there are two factors here. as. prime minister cameron and bust on this is it first of all the domestic economic situation he wants india to buy the go to fight over. the consortium of several european come companies one of them is the e.u. system of britain song there are thousands of jobs dependent on a deal of this kind. and at a time when the indian the indian economy is growing and the british economy is in serious difficulties that makes sense secondly there is a domestic factor in that there are problems the mystical not to say you know the latest one which is about the haass. contamination
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of meat now it doesn't sound very serious but i think it is serious and at a time when prime minister cameron is abroad he is getting positive headlines out of the euro fighter jet the whole competitor for the euro fighter jet is the french craft isn't it i guess that was the reason why the french share lot with her previously how do you see this putting out to e.u. states are supposed to be united you think in tough crisis times don't seem to be there certainly go in their own hands to reach their own best ends all way. well right now prime minister cameron is not the best friend of the rest of the you especially france and germany so i think the interests of the two countries france and britain are quite separate and britain feels that because of the historic.
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relationship with india. britain can. perhaps but where the indian government i would i would say this the historical memory of colonial rule. doesn't sit very well with the indians still. after about you know sixty years sixty five years so who saw who is making the rules and setting the rules for it these days than which show would show photos the boat almost sort of speak well i think india is a large country it has got money its economy is growing so i think after china india is probably not a better place in its dealings with smaller countries let's face it like britain india. you know takes more interest in arms deals and other things when countries like the united states in turn.


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