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tv   Capital Account with Lauren Lyster  RT  February 21, 2013 8:30pm-9:00pm EST

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oh and welcome to technology update while the palm trees may not immediately scream winter olympics the clock behind me shows that time is ticking. transforms itself from a sunny summertime resort into a cutting edge winter sports complex. in fact the final countdown is on. not so little reminders were placed in a smattering of the country cities announcing that the next winter olympics are fast approaching and that it's time for the final push. and adding fuel to the nation's olympics was the recent unveiling of official uniforms and torch for the run up to the games really the torch is meant to resemble a feather conjure up the image of a firebird or phoenix from russian folklore the torture edition began at the one
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nine hundred thirty six olympics has been kept alive in every one since the initial iterations are relatively simple each host country has tried to use a torch with something special from the nation itself. carrier for the one nine hundred sixty games in the u.s. was designed by engineer. dynamic enough to allow it to be delivered via. the torch is even been transmitted via satellite that was transported underwater at the great barrier reef before the two thousand sydney games. for the most recent winter olympics in vancouver the torch was built by plane and train maker that year. the ninety five centimeter tall torch has been specially designed with the low center of gravity for a more ergonomic the shape the body is made of aluminum and weighs a total of one point eight kilograms the. blame is powered by propane tucked inside
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the system for which it was designed by rocket engine maker machinist to eat only plant given the stakes designers and engineers want to make sure everything works exactly as it should. first of all the torch has to stay late under any condition and it must light immediately it has to function twelve minutes in temperatures lower than forty five degrees below zero it has to work properly whether there is wind blowing from the left from the right behind the front and so on it has to work in the rain snow or any other whether. the torch has to function in a high mountain where there is low pressure which is important but in my limited number of torches it will be produced especially for this purpose. before the torch can be used to light the cauldron in sochi next year it's got quite a busy travel schedule ahead of it it will make its way all over russia being carried by many of the country's biggest and brightest personalities the list of
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those carrying the flame will likely include summer olympians who will have to sit on the sidelines as their cold weather compatriots carry the national banner into competition. over seven the torch will be lit in greece and flown over to moscow from there it will be taken on a whirlwind one hundred twenty three day tour around russia is slated to pastor nearly three thousand cities and to cover around sixty five thousand kilometers in the process but fifteen thousand olympic and paralympic torches will be built specially designed to deal with whatever the russian winter throws at it rain wind or snow the olympic flame and ideals it represents simply won't be extinguished. the journey to this point started five and a half years ago when precious and vicious plan was chosen. the olympic park and a company to rename the water's edge amid sochi subtropical weather.
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the first. time. all of the olympic projects. expert review to make sure that they don't
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unnecessarily threaten the environment or spectators. off in the distance russian technology is being used for that very purpose. the longest track in the world. in the whole of russia. it was built from the ground up. to make sure everything is working smoothly in anticipation of the world's attention the technology required to create such breathtaking displays is. just the right temperature and is a major part of the task. so far the results speak for themselves. i like to track the ice is getting better every day is becoming. i think the track was designed properly. in the case safety on the course is really priority number one. there are three inclined to
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help keep over the top speed. keep an eye on the potentially dangerous chemicals used to make the track traditionally ammonia and freon have been the two main ways to keep big things cool refrigerants have always been valued for the relatively low cost as well as better cooling stats that's been balanced against their overpowering smell and serious toxicity freon on the other hand lower toxicity levels and is totally odorless which actually may make three leaks more difficult to spot it's uses waned in recent decades as destroying qualities have become better known a major reason. for doesn't have. any kind of smell. it's a heavy gas and in case of major leaks it settles down to the ground.
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presence there so if they enter a room with a freon leak they can experience oxygen deficiency which may result in poisoning or even death. so while the sun keep track doesn't use the dangerous freon. pumping throughout. the company responsible for producing first. in case of a leak they have three levels of warning depending on the concentration of whole sections of the piping can be closed off. prior to implementing the system so it would take fifteen to sixty minutes for information about emergencies to reach those who needed it at times it was even covered up now it's impossible to conceal this kind of data. the company actually develops and produces a wide array of different detecting sensors they run the gamut from electro chemical catalytic to acoustic heart they all have fast acting technology after
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going through calibration and testing here at incomes office they're ready to be plugged in for round the clock contamination monetary. if you need to magically it's constantly running constantly doing what it's supposed to. the case of an emergency within forty seconds. transmitted to trigger the warning system and allows the necessary measures to be taken it all happens very quickly. with. all the data from such sensors. and branches of the country's emergency services ministry. information from the connected sensors. stations like this. and another pair of. monitors. those in the local and federal watchdog should be able to react in real time. to record breaking feats. or the ongoing
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construction and coming influx of sports mad. power grid was in need of much more. transmission. substation was built in two thousand. construction on the surrounding area. for all the other substations popping up in the area after it given the sometimes twenty degrees below zero temps engineers house and much of the machinery behind closed doors. including the federal grid company has increased the number of substations many times the. transformers are already hooked in and deliver the right voltage to the mountain venue sites while under construction is said to be ready for action this march at the same time six
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more have been built provide the juice to the coastal. and surrounding areas if that weren't enough existing substations have been updated to ensure the lights don't go out on the olympics. over the past few years. constant. projects have been completed and. the. safe. stations have to give an extra. capacity to. produce. that the clean. is a fuel for generators. one hundred seventy two kilometers about one hundred sixty of. about four and
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a half kilometers. the gas makes its way to the. station. absolutely. operational capabilities. but the cutting edge kid. from the equation. it gives. to the. station.
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after the paralympic games.
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fifty fifty.
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this is is able to generate. to compensate for spikes in energy consumption. the. choice is head which is currently. the company is a joint venture between. the. solar power technology. and the past decade the new head. which are able to harness.
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between one hundred twenty five and one hundred fifty five such panels could eventually have. panels. just. silicone inside. edition's. produce will be able to capture the whole spectrum of sunlight into energy to. allow them to harness both in. the form and some thirty percent. of course. very close cooperation with. we do have sophisticated. scientists working on the premises of. choice when you consider that the campus has long been. an innovation new facilities have
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sprung up including a special. energy technologies so by the time. may be in the position. wealthy british scientists and some time to practice in. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cons a report on a potentially deadly blizzard taking aim for the northeast it's expected to hit stunning in a few hours from new york to maine we have team coverage of the storm. but
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what we're watching is the very heavy snow moving into boston proper earlier today it was very sticky you can see it start to become much more patrie down to the bottom line there is still a lot of snow out here a good place for snowball fight the fire. place and it is going to pretty incredible day there and even record snowfall throughout what's been like nobody's luxury driving lessons to them urgency here exceptions. he used to be.
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you to meet. a fellow hard road to tom brady out the sun here in russia at an experimental exercise in our modern rigorous training regimen. it seems cruel but despite all the hard work blood sweat and tears the majority of aspiring athletes will never reach these peaks of professional sport with that in mind researchers working with the university of physical culture and sport in moscow
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a looking to harness the latest technology to get aspiring athletes over that hump is potentially dangerous and illegal doping isn't an option the new secret to success may lie in element ever present in the air we breathe but longer overlooked xenon was discovered over one hundred years ago by sir william ramsey and morse travers' a novel finding certainly but practical applications for it were fleeting until the one nine hundred thirty s. what it found used in high speed flash photography and a bit later as an anesthetic in operations however is prohibited lehi costs prevented it from being adopted more widely in medicine that all could be changing . thanks to work being carried out here at the institute of medical and biological problems xenon could be on the verge of a major revival. amongst the hyperbaric chamber. as were many of the countries divers in astronauts have gone through pressure chamber tests and training docs are taking a look at just what xenon has to offer. in recent years what used to
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be observable favorable side effects of seen on base and has become objects of inquiry in their own right. exactly how the gas interacts with receptors is still under study initial trials and experiments have shown that xenon and its neuroprotective properties can relieve stress anxiety and even help addicts get over withdrawal symptoms. and if we talk about the production of xenon in russia there's no better place to look in the business for over twenty years it ships its goods all over the globe company officials placed their market share at around one quarter of total demand. for most of their history though the company has primarily dealt with so-called technical xenon that is not for human ingestion but over the years as the gases and medical benefits have grown the demand for peers has followed accordingly.
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other gases are all around us all of the time they just in such small quantities that getting our hands on them require sophisticated machinery and no small dose of know how as a result there's a very limited number of countries currently able to capture and put it to use for human kind. you know if for me to of course there were only producers worldwide extracted from air but there are only five countries they produce it commercially the united states france germany russia and ukraine. is a byproduct of production it's mental or physical factories it's plants special air separating machines single out oxygen and also generate as an encrypted mixture as a byproduct of the next of those to gases. it is then shipped to us before the refining which we manufacture zenon for medical purposes. requires extra
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cation. and they will produce is ninety nine point nine nine nine nine percent edition only we also limit the share of harmful impurities in the gas our refining technology is in paid indeed unique and allows us to remove all these impurities entity in pure medical xenon it can further be used for surgeries and all kinds of other treatments and. at the end of the process they get and nearly ready to be sent on to clinics and hospitals under the brand name med at the moment is still rather expensive especially when compared with other and statics. proponents argue that when you take into account problems in complications associated with other knockout gases the prices come closer together but before the medical xenon gets into the hands of a qualified doctor every batch is tested and checked for purity. requires them to control for six kinds of impurities they go the extra mile and control for
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a full tin as a result the level of impurities in the medical xenon produced here is around two to three times lower than regulators demand. every year we discover new particular overusing xenon as in an authentic as a result we're figuring out absolutely new ways to play zenon this is a truly unique medicine it is totally harmless to humans but at the same time it is still very powerful and it can be used to treat just about any organ in the body there pending the problem is with the. medical xenon has many potential applications researchers here are specifically interested in how it can improve the performance of athletes they recently organize an experiment to lay the groundwork for future use. to be a very strong. in other words cases involving stress whether it
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be acute a chronic stress the best way to deal with it is small therapeutic doses of this substance and when we talk about spilled before competition and needs to relax sleep well unimproved he's a functional capacities with this experiment we're trying to see just how. a group of young athletes were given a controlled. and had a healthy. scientists to better understand how the actually interacts with the body's organisms as well as working out the best way to incorporate into one's workout after taking in the gas. in a controlled environment. more closely. to see what the results. like from the athlete side of the coin.
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training across the country. in two thousand and fourteen in his mind. and a noticeable effect. after the experiment in the chamber it was much easier for me to train and i was able to recover much more quickly afterwards. during the test trainings at my ski club i posted the best results. more experiments are planned for later this year. to get. results and researchers hope that they've done their part to bring hardware back home this time next year. this is it's a complete old to be used in professional sports. it's going to be passed on to two
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physicians and hopefully they will be able to use it to help athletes get. back at the olympic park venues like the bolshoi ice palace are already completed and starting to host their preliminary test events earlier this month the main hockey arena was packed to the gills not for any competition but to mark the start of the final countdown. decent amount of entertaining performances as well as speeches by international sports chiefs and national leaders there's not a minute. much less a second to waste. on. people like you're counting until the ceremony you. are telling you don't wait that long to take. those the next time to join.
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worst journalist they. slide out of the day the radio guy and pull up a minute to click and. what it was quite a good look at you never seen anything like this in color. led mission free cretaceous three sons four judges three
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