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really messed up. in the old story so personally. it's. worse cheaper to live in the white house to have a. radio guy and for a minute. i want what we're about to give you've never seen anything like this i'm telling. you all the time abby martin and this is breaking the set so today i want to talk about a very disturbing story the reason non-stock county new york will not be pursuing charges against the gang rape of a fifteen year old manhattan girl that occurred last year a reason local officials at the martin de porres academy and school for special needs kids asked police to drop the case which agreed and get this a spokesperson for the police department said quote it was more of
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a consensual situation with their mental capabilities so basically the gang rape of a fifteen year old girl was consensual because the attackers and the victim had a low i.q. is how that stuff is that thankfully the girl's family has filed a lawsuit against the school for their callous indifference and rightly rightfully so interestingly one of the kids involved was found competent enough by the police to be convicted for robbery yet somehow wasn't deemed mentally fit to be convicted for sexual assault you think this story is crazy stick around because you ain't seen nothing yet. a little hard. to do their job or she's going to be like oh oh . i always talk about what the worst case scenarios can be with the police and surveillance state on the show but have you ever seriously thought about what you would do in the wake of a nuclear war or in the event of a total breakdown of government or any massive natural or manmade disaster well
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there are plenty of people in this country that have been preparing for just about any catastrophe thrown their way are called survivalists or preppers but a survivalist lifestyle doesn't always bode well with the law enforcement case in point as one philadelphia man who went to court over a parking ticket dispute and left in handcuffs after a bomb sniffing dog alerted police to his vehicle check one local news report regarding the incident. with this two thousand and five white crown victoria that looks like a fully equipped unmarked police car was illegally parked along a yellow curb near the summer dale municipal court tuesday night it brought a police response for an initial explosive scare that landed the driver of the car in jail on weapons charges however there's just one problem no explosives were found and what ensued since is a campaign of threats and intimidation against the philly citizen that man as firefighter and activist fernando antonio said
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a ghetto who's joining me now via skype is one of philadelphia's most well known survivalists in fact areas featured on the cover of philadelphia weekly in two thousand and nine thank you so much for joining me fernando. my pleasure so i want to talk about what happened to you walk me through the events of that day they already knew who i was before i got there i said hey fellows what's going on they pointed out i was over the line i said ok you give me and they said let's see your id it's and i handed my id they demanded to search my vehicle i informed them that that was unconstitutional against my principle unconstitutional against my principles and i refuse they said when we get a dog to alert we will issue a warrant we'll get a warrant issued and we'll search. a. had an explosive stalled in camden county new jersey not a drug dog an explosives dog. come out i said i want to be present for the search because oftentimes are false cues cues given to the dogs to give false alerts but i
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was sequestered i was held without warrant for eight hours when they finally got a warrant i offered them my key and said don't do any damage they used a robot with a shotgun blaster and some other mechanisms to blast my trunk open. bay i believe and it's through the grapevine i have many friends in law enforcement and they have informed me that it was a fishing expedition that i was expected to carry my colt forty five thousand nine hundred eleven in my trunk but i know about the nazi state of new jersey and so i left my forty five at home the best that they could do was pay me for three signal flares three cans of pepper spray and one expandable baton i've been charged with ten indictments three those three flares are. destructive incendiary
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devices simple signal players possession of said devices and three tear gas grenades i'm being charged with as illegal weapons as well as a simple expanding baton that i keep to open up. a windshield should i come across a car accident that needs me to effect a rescue so if i am what and they said it was what do they call your tear gas that they found in the car. it wasn't tear gas it was pepper i'm sorry sorry. that's what i meant they called it would have her spray tear gas which is just unbelievable that they could mischaracterize something like that and of course a question like why do you have this well i mean i have pepper spray i carry pepper spray on me i mean so it's just really ridiculous to try to do that to you for now to talk about what's happened since i mean i understand you're still encountered problems the f.b.i. is involved now and are these threats mostly employee and i mean can you really be indicted for anything here. can i really be indicted well we're talking about you
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know an honest citizen up against the court system so i mean i make too many presumptions on that i will say that the f.b.i.'s involvement has been since my involvement in least in occupy philadelphia i open carry it on the northwest corner of city hall during the occupation for seven weeks specifically to empower my fellow citizens and desensitize them to firearms and also to train the police department from the top down which effectively did happen the memo went out across the entire philadelphia police department what the law is versus what the perception of the law had been so that was the extension of the f.b.i. they began souping by the lots of evidence that they've been snooping online my trash collectors inform me that they've been sequestering my trash presumably to
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engaging garbology off site so basically to try to get anything they can to really get you here set an example of in front and of course you're one of the most well known survivalists in the area talk about what was the turning point for you to even turn to this lifestyle to really become prepared and to embrace this sort of preparedness i was raised by a junkie in the worst parts of philadelphia i often lived homeless squatters in houses with as a squatter with houses with no running water no heat in the winter that's the sort of lifestyle that i come from as you can see behind me i'm in a very different place now. but that's where my survival education began tremendous amount of violence lot of drugs which is another thing i'm very pissed off at the f.b.i. and cia for importing raw on each of coke and heroin on to the american streets for decades. so understanding all this you know it wasn't until nine eleven few
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years after nine eleven when building seven world trade center seven the third tower that came down that day was never struck by a plane all of my training as a firefighter has informed me that steel reinforced concrete buildings don't overanalyze and molten steel does not come from office fires ignited by jet fuel the reality is that nine eleven was an inside job that it's not a comfortable thing to look at but anyone with the gumption the reality is there for them to find i support a new investigation so that was a big turning point for me once i came kicking and screaming to the realization of nine eleven truth then i realize how much more i was really on my own than i thought before or so from their greed disruption and tremendous distrust of fema and a number of other agencies that are that are linked to the united states government
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so what started me as a survivor it was in my childhood but if we all look around now at our dependency upon the grid whether it's nine eleven services nine one one services or food and fuel transport basically tricity we're all just swinging in the wind if we're not self-reliant. well put i have multiple questions about nine eleven myself and i love that you know you run a meet up group called survive and thrive and i love this you said and the recent article said that the media doesn't fit the confederate flag a hat wearing tobacco chewing racism the screen stereotype and i think that those are a lot of misconceptions that people have about this lifestyle that people who are simply just prepared for disasters on and i think it's really cool that your group is kind of open that up talking about preparedness why it's so important for everyone to really be aware of thank you so much for and get a. for coming on talking about your incident we're definitely following it closely
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because this is crazy that this happened you keep us updated thank you keep up the great work thanks. guys unfortunately i don't have a hero to share with you i'm not going to lie it hasn't been easy to pinpoint truly genuine people doing good things peculiarly politicians of which i was hoping to find just the one to highlight for his or her commendable actions but it doesn't mean that good politicians and good people are not out there that's where you come in write me tweet me or join in on facebook and let me know who deserves the highly coveted hero spot but until then i'm not going to let that spoiled fun because i do have a villain absolutely must be called out today and he's got an easy target just the latest chicago politician to go rogue and terribly embarrass the establishment i
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like to call the united states congress i'm talking about congressman jesse jackson jr who recently pled guilty to grossly misusing campaign funds you're probably thinking who hasn't but just wait check this out for the last seven years jackson and his wife who interest in the enough work for the city council herself were live in law siphoning seven hundred fifty thousand dollars from campaign donations and what did he do with the money while of course he lived like someone who just hit the jackpot starting first by withdrawing forty three thousand dollars to purchase a spanking new gold rolex watch no big deal this little personal gift himself right now details have emerged that show jackson spent over sixty thousand dollars at restaurants and nightclubs and additional sixteen thousand dollars just at sports clubs seventeen thousand at tobacco shops almost six thousand zero. the whole four thousand on a cruise and here's my personal favorite five thousand dollars on first capes and
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parkas first tapes and purpose like seriously who even where there is those particular can't say i'm surprised though coming from a man who also use this money to buy a fedora that used to belong to pop superstar michael jackson. and if that's not the target in take one of his most recent purchases back in two thousand and eleven where he paid taxidermists in montana seven grand for mounted elk heads to be shipped to his d.c. office but wait since it was shipped to his office at most of the for national use right nope that would be giving him way too much credit because you see that was all just part of the cover up just a year later he decided to sell those precious elk heads for five grand a piece and had the money wired right back to his personal bank account in fact jackson was actually very good at crafting skill for cover ups to make his personal
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spending look like official campaign expenses for example a fifteen hundred dollar fundraiser expense from the museum of science and industry really just went to a purchase of porcelain collectibles that's right porcelain collectibles you cannot make this stuff up maybe this obsession of by an extraordinarily lavish things for himself is what led to his medical leave which came out later that he actually been diagnosed for bipolar disorder and surprise surprise his lawyer is hinting at this being a reason for his crimes now look if the man is sick that's one thing and i truly hope he gets better but to use the sickness as an excuse for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of people's hard earned money is a holy and unacceptable is highway robbery is everything that's wrong with our corrupt money driven system a system with a lackluster oversight over the politicians who worry more about feeding their greed than feeding their constituents. and that's why you're jesse jackson jr on my
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villain day. if you're wondering what i'm doing when i'm not on air check me out on the twitter verse at abby martin if you would like what you see you can follow me also find on my tweets linking the segments from the show as well as random thoughts i have throughout the day and also please help us get a break in the such trending on twitter occasional thoughts on how we can get trending on the twitter sphere but only with your help so i had to twitter and check me out at abby martin you know to take a break from my preaching but stay tuned to hear some updates on the jeremy hammond case some are calling the next bradley manning next. we speak your language i mean some of the will not advance. news programs and documentaries and spanish more matters to you breaking news a little too much of angles keep these stories. are you here. to try to alter the spanish find out more visit.
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she good leverage or two mccurry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and worry that this is why you should care only. we are facing a lot of problem. because no one thought to think school.
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what's not. done for. him was i must fight. fight. fight right. you know it's been a while since i've talked about the case of jeremy hammond some of coin the other bradley manning a twenty seven year old political activist who's been in new york city christen for almost a year without a trial ham and has been accused of participating in a major anonymous law to hack
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a private intelligence firm strategic forecasting incorporated also known as strapped for it convicted he'll face thirty seven years to life in prison pretty hefty sentence for someone trying to expose an aspect of the surveillance state that's becoming ever more pervasive by the day so give us an update on where this case stands and what this could mean for political activism in the cyber world our to producer web producer and your book you know you know you know you know so talk about the hearing there was just one in new york city had just a reform today of just moment had a little while but it's a really important that what was it about so this whole thing's been going on since last march and that's when the whole anonymous thing this fell apart and so what happened today was the judge in this case it's all right a prosecutor she's a judge in the district of new york and she had decided she wanted to stay on the case so for eight months now the case has been doing nothing jeremy still in prison has been denied bail appeal he has yet to be tried and just recently found out that
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the judge will write a prescott she is married to one of the very people who was victimized in one of the hacks that jeremy him in it is attributed with it's doings not a conflict of interest that's what she said today so this is been going on for a while now a few weeks ago this kind of became on earth and people started going through the stratfor e-mails as he's attributed with it's policing and then they caught it some familiar names started going back in there and they put put this together that we have the judge who has told this man that he can go to jail for the rest of his life and she is in charge of this case meanwhile she has a vested interest in making sure that things work out for her now activists him and other information activists other people it affiliated with wiki leaks. and anonymous this could have liked. major repercussions for the because what it's saying is that anyone who's involved in this stuff whether or how minor the just isn't willing to even you know play by the rules here right they're actually going to just let the why if someone of a victim just decided this worsens favorable today the judge said i'm sticking
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around at least for now and we're going have to wait and see where this progresses from here but at this rate you know soon enough it will be a one year where he's been imprisoned without trial and for that reason alone i can see why people are kind of comparing him to bradley manning i mean what under what law are they holding him without a home for this long i'm not sure how i feel about the president saying it a lot like you know what's happened to p.f.c. manning is is unheard of and it's a travesty and i don't i don't think that what's happened so but at the same time we hear absolutely nothing about you know people are really paying attention to germany and put that one one really big connection here besides the whole you know indefinite detention without trial thing which you see in both cases both have really strong ties to wiki leaks and people don't realize that because what jeremy hammond is alleged to have done was you have stratford he covered all this information and he uploaded it to a government computer and so some people are all saying this is a trap and we get to that later time but so was this information was obtained allegedly by hammond and then handed over to wiki leaks we could weeks publish this
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trove of data from stratfor including personal e-mails credit card information all sorts of crap and so if they can make an example out of him and they're making example out of a alleged source for wiki leaks now even though p.f.c. manning that's been locked up for a thousand days now he has yet to go to trial either so at this rate there's a very good chance that jeremy his trial is actually going to be the first one we're actually going to see perhaps a conviction for a alleged week you weeks or so this could do a whole lot to a whole lot of people we have just across the state down in texas our pal bear brown has been locked up for a few months now and he is going to be standing trial in the coming months and his trial is going to focus also in part participating in the stratfor hack so it has. looking at life in prison for playing a minor role in this someone else is playing a minor role in this was judge is probably not married to one of the victims is also going to have its hard times yeah definitely interesting questions about the entrapment and about what this really means and how it fits into the government's
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war on cyber attacks and cyber warfare all of that we'll get into that later so we're running out of time no thanks and you're sure you're down there. so there's a new m s n b c documentary that's got the online world buzzing it's called hubris selling iraq war and here's a preview. you know some of the great things sounded like a threat to the very existence of our country but none of it was true biological weapons factories weapons of mass destruction a smoking gun could come. join me for the step by step true story of the american government leading the american kids into a war that did not. mazing
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a mess n.b.c. has really dug into how we were all duped by the lives and misinformation all of us support a war against a sovereign nation that posed no threat to us you know this would have been a great exposé ten years ago before a million people were needlessly killed and i'll bet my bottom dollar that there is a very important piece missing from hubris glaring accounts of the corporate media propagating fake or outright staged events to sell war it goes as far back as media itself conic image of marines raising a flag over it were jima an image that came to symbolize american victory in world war two yeah that was actually a second flag and it's well documented that marines had put up a smaller flag beforehand only to be replaced with a larger one for extra dramatic effect but back to this documentary what impressed me the most is that m s n b c covered how the corporate media has served
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as little more than a propaganda arm of the u.s. government and when talking about the iraq war nothing exemplifies this more than the now infamous toppling of the saddam hussein's statue in baghdad's fair dos square in two thousand and three incidentally right across from our hotel was housed several western news agencies that were running the live feeds of the square so a group of marines helped. stage war become one of the most iconic mission accomplished symbols of the war they wrapped cables around the statue and attach them to a military vehicle while one marine covered saddam's head with an american flag the same american flag that was flying over the pentagon on nine eleven. but the flag was quickly removed and replaced with an iraqi flag for the statue was pulled down a group of iraqis are shown sharing in photos behind the toppling statue which the media used to show as proof that iraqis were happy to have been liberated however
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a wide angle shot later release shows a very small group of people cheering on obviously strategically planted considering how the rest of the square was vastly empty other than a few confused iraqi onlookers according to researchers from george washington university the images of the statue toppling aired on fox about every four minutes and c.n.n. played it on average every seven minutes but it wasn't only that these outlets constantly aired this imagery anchors like wolf blitzer and brit hume compared the event over and over again to the tearing down of the berlin wall and thus america's victory over communism yeah because that's a fair comparison. now another famous example is the case of private first class jessica lynch allegedly lynch was captured as part of an ambush convoy and as the story goes she was shot stabbed repeatedly held captive for nine days until the
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most daring group of macho men rescuers'. her from the clutches of her dangerous captors lynch came home a hero decorated and made into a media legend just check out this cover of people magazine. and how about saving private lynch on newsweek. there was a small kink in the story though it's simply a lie i went as accounts reveal that rescuers were met with zero resistance and just as health well no bullet holes or stab wounds to be seen in fact doctors at the hospital where she was being kept actually tried to return her to the u.s. forces themselves on multiple occasions but what if the u.s. forces do well they staged a giant a hollywood style raid of the hospital and turned the event into an afterschool pro-war special about the purtiest bravest blong as a girl serving the interests verify the truth about what happened under oath see
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for yourself. i believe this is not a time for finger pointing it is the time for truth the whole truth versus hype and misinformation i have repeatedly said when asked that if the stories about me helped inspire our troops and rally a nation then perhaps there was some good however i'm still confused as to why they chose to lie and try to make me a legend when the real heroes of my fellow soldiers that day were legendary the up fake fake fake and we all ate it up you know why because it was on t.v. let's give you one last example of the acts of illusion propped up by the media to drum up support for war and it may be one of the most absurd examples of all time the horrifying testimony of a fifteen year old kuwaiti girl who during the first gulf war related the account of the murder of kuwaiti babies by iraqi soldiers this testimony was pivotal in
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creating the outrage necessary for american intervention and majority memory. to die of a close. it was horrifying. oh my god that's horrible but wait it's totally fake the massacre never occurred and you might think wait that's just not possible she's just so convincing look at those tears well this girl was actually the daughter of the kuwaiti ambassador who had been coached by a p.r. firm to give a chilling and convincing testimony and tiredly based on lies look i is i know that it can be hard to accept that the corporate media is complicit in selling the war but if there's just one take away from everything i've just said it's that you have to question everything because the media and government understand how propaganda
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works in fact they've perfected it because they know as mark twain once said it's easier for people that didn't convince them that they have been.
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