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tv   Headline News  RT  February 22, 2013 2:00pm-2:28pm EST

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diplomatic tension over the syrian conflict rises after a deadly bomb attack in the capital with the country's rebel movement a seemingly on the brink of war with london. russia wants the younger brother of a russian adoptive child who died in the u.s. to return home while there's still a little clarity in the case which has sparked media controversy. and a leading up from the fence new figures suggest david cameron is britain's most indecisive prime minister in recent times having backtracked on more decisions than his predecessors. news and commentary live from moscow this is r.t.
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glad to have you with us. now russia has accused of us of attempting to justify terrorism in syria moscow criticized washington for blocking a u.n. security council statement condemning a string of bomb attacks in the syrian capital there are conflicting reports about the number of killed syrian authorities say the blasts took the lives of fifty three people with human rights groups putting that figure at more than eighty moscow says it is unacceptable to make excuses for terror especially after u.s. diplomatic missions have been targeted in other countries this as the conflict in syria could well spill into neighboring lebanon the rebel free syrian army threatened to attack hezbollah bases demanding that it stops shelling insurgent held areas in syria there has been no response yet to that deadline which expired on thursday activist and journalist chandan believes that foreign powers backing the rebels were behind this show of mind. is the western states particularly.
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really trying to get the americans to arm the serial terrorists for good part of two years but really the agenda is to get revenge on his blog now and open confrontation with hizbollah by means of nato or particularly the white settler state will probably is not the ideal situation for the west is an ideal situation doesn't matter what capacity f.s.a. and the other terrorists are going in syria it's the ideal situation for them to ratchet up tensions against hezbollah and to really not divide and rule but divide and destroy which is the name of the imperialist game currently so like with libya like with a lot like with afghanistan like with syria now i'd like to turn from mali they need to totally knock out these countries totally to devastate these countries to really kind of start merge them into ethnic and civil strife and so they can get the security contracts the military contracts and the essential hydrocarbon and natural resources that they can from these areas so really that's what's going to be because it's a good point lebanon and everyone in the region knows this very clearly r.t.
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has spoken exclusively to the main mediator in the syrian conflict who had some barbed comments for the opposition u.n. peace envoy lakhdar brahimi said that their reluctance to make any concessions to the assad government is one of the major roadblocks to peace. you think the only problem is in assad and he not stepping down and lot of people who are opposed to who are involved in this conflict in syria think that the president is a serious important part of the problem this is a fact and they depict youth every day do you believe that's the problem doesn't matter what i believe doesn't matter what your body of that when you're saying maybe talking to the government but not the president directly. the problem is only in one man in bashar al assad himself the problem is that the opposition is seeing every five minutes they don't want to talk about how. this is the problem it's his future in his own hands at this point should it be in his own hand. i'm talking
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about. i don't want to talk about that. and you can see that full exclusive interview with the u.n. and arab league envoy to syria on our website or to dot com. now the death of a three year old adopted russian child in the u.s. last month has become an emotionally charged international incident moscow is demanding the return of maxime's younger brother with the police investigation still ongoing and he got a piece can offer as the details of the death of three year old much as cause definitely an emotional reaction from russian authorities but first let's look at the facts the boy died over a month ago the exact cause of his that still haven't been established there are reports that american authorities have. received to the polling results of his autopsy but haven't disclosed them yet his adoptive mother as she described what
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happened said that she was in their home while he was playing outside with his brother where she found him on a response of immediately call for help with this brings us to the second sticking point yourself towards themselves to admit that to be investigation into much seems that it was not started immediately unfortunately we get these kind of this particular kind of call but calls for and attended every day we don't put a press release at all unless we start suspecting that something may be out of the ordinary. it wasn't all a little bit later that we started getting some some suspicions of what was going on and that all developed from talking to the parents the people that live there it just took a little more time for us to develop more will run adoption is a. between moscow and washington due to the many cases of abuse and sometimes of even deaths of russian children after they were adopted and brought to the united
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states that's why shortly after the new soft maxime's that came out several russian officials including russia's children's alderman's men were quick to point the finger of blame at his american adoptive mother also because of reports from u.s. authorities that they found bruises on the kid's body we had information that the. boy had been severely beaten. before death or. led to a conclusion or possibly he had been killed now officials in moscow do acknowledge that the investigation is still ongoing and it hasn't established the exact person to blame for months seems that another issue fueling a nigger in russia is that mark seems that game less than a month after russia introduced a general ban for all americans to adopt russian children not only because of the
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many cases of abuse and sometimes of even deaths but because of a lack of a proper legal reaction from the u.s. authorities including the lack of a proper follow up which apparently we're seeing now again now david cameron may be the most indecisive prime minister in recent british history new figures calculated by the guardian newspaper show he has made more u. turns since taking office in two thousand and ten and his two predecessors are to sarah first try to find out why they've been changing their mind so much number ten . it can be hard to tell what goes on inside the mind of the prime minister say many decisions to be made on a daily basis it's perhaps little wonder that sometimes they change their minds and from buses to badges healthcare to housing case goes caravans charities and circus animals petulant even past these the list of this government's u. turns buried and long in fact there have been so many recently that some wonder if
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this is the most indecisive british government ever it's kind of difficult to get the data right and partly because people change what we call them so after modifier to talk about you turn the low you stop turning your everybody's where do you turn for up top are calling downs all part downs or whatever back then the words you turn carry negative connotations you turn if you want to i thank the ladies not for turning i'm going to the warmest thirty might not have been for turning this prime minister certainly is his coalition's clocks up to getting thirty five if you turned say far roughly for every twenty nine days the coalition's been in power there's been a change of direction a u. turn if you like and i can pass rafferty two days for gordon brown and tony blair
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was much more wrong was less likely to change ration he was awful margaret thatcher you know no use terms i took around four hundred days to get a change or a shot of tony blair's government going back to the coalition then when it comes to why do you think we have seen this government have so many say many more than previous governments i think a lot of it is down to the fact that it is a coalition. that this is a very new thing actually in british politics it's very common in europe embarrassing for them do you think i think it's been difficult from a leadership point of view but i think it's something that. has been accepted going in and during the coalition agreement there will have to be compromises when it comes to this government it's clear that what they say might not always be exactly thing but is the fact that they clocked up so many times a sign that the government is listening or doesn't leave their pledges and promises sounding a little well both it's not good it's not a good thing. if you vote for government in
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aspects of what they say it's going to be good for you actually going to be it's not proper to say well i don't know why i think if it's an issue the obviously people are worried about that it will interest them if it's something people don't have. a bill with equal it's a huge turnabout turn climbdown will back down when it comes to changing your mind in government many think it's a case of you're damned if you day and. this government may well be recorded as being indecisive but he was being indecisive it be attacked for the opposite for being. so ultimately and this is something i often used to say you take your money you pays your money you take the choice. or you're not decisive enough as to what david cameron thinks about who the coalition u. turns well he hasn't given us an answer yet perhaps he hasn't made up his mind.
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london and it's still to come here on our team licensed to drill. a u.s. company with a mission from israel to search for oil in the occupied golan heights despite the region being still considered syrian territory we've got the details a little later in the program. also battle the french president receives a u.n. peace prize for his mali military intervention while leading rights groups campaign a humanitarian disaster will be getting a lot of expert opinion after the short break. new year's celebrations on the move without the traditional t.v. festive food surprising meetings and new adventures stories of love and love lost all russians teach foreigners to celebrate them biggest holiday of the year from moscow st petersburg by train over you give them a b.
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and. i. and live from moscow this is our team welcome back. now the french president will
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receive a peace prize from the u.n. for his military intervention in mali the u.s. go cultural organization says for us while and should be rewarded for his valuable contribution to peace and stability in africa for more on this we're now joined by france based independent journalist and author robert harness mr harness thank you very much for being with us. now the violence in mali shows little sign of slowing down how can a whole lot to receive such a prestigious peace prize if he's engaged in a military com flecked with the outcome not even being clear yet well i suppose putting oneself in the position of the jury who awarded this prize they must be thinking well it might have been we're going to be i don't necessarily agree with that but i suppose that's what they think but it sends a very quick yuliya message to the world of the man who never said a word when south cozy reduced libya to ruins and bloodshed and who is at the moment trying to do the same to syria and has intervened militarily in mali gets
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a peace prize is pretty astonishing really and when you look at some of the people who have been awarded this peace prize nelson mandela and declare who was the two men who handled the transfer of power in south africa. without bloodshed. it really is pathetic. now you have to question the motivation on some level because human rights groups have labeled campaign a humanitarian disaster amnesty international goes on to say that the whole thing should be condemned because of the killing of children and other alleged atrocities during the fighting was any of this taken into account by you know asco. well i'm not i'm not party to the secret to a consultation is clearly not i mean it seems to be a move by those people who are in favor of international intervention in africa rather than african states conducting their own affairs and what we don't know who's going to see the solution was taken by a majority or unanimously now has been
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a vocal supporter of the rebel movement in syria a different area but a different conflict if you will what does it mean for the reputation of the un award when someone who's fighting to overthrow another head of state in a different location receives it. well i think it's a i said on your channel before if they wanted to discredit themselves they couldn't do more than some of the apparently absurd things that they do to give a longer peace prize as they gave the european union of peace prize the other day may make them feel better but i don't think it convinces the third world and the rest of the world who are watching now this is a prize as supposedly for our contribution to peace in africa what exactly are these specific contributions well they're talking about the central african republic where france took a sort of referee role to make sure that things didn't get too wildly out of hand.
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which i think that that that's part of it and of course as i say that their view is that the european on what one has to see as a new colonialist intervention is better than letting the terrorists take control of the whole country but it's beginning to look as if that whole suggestion that that's why france into being used is a little smoky because there is actually no proof that that's what happened is very very difficult to get any clear evidence as to what's going on in mali because there's a complete all press club. and the thing that seems to have triggered this campaign was actually the fact that algeria allowed french planes and international aircraft to fly across its territory first time and that's when the fighting started because without that it would be very difficult i suspect that they were looking for. a reason to intervene and they claimed it was the terrorists moving to take over the
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whole of the country that may be true it may not we just have no where knowing but what we do know is that suddenly the algerians changed their mind and allowed west america after clark crosses territory for the first time for a very long time now you touched a bit on this just a second ago but if you go by. u.s. president barack obama received the nobel peace prize a few years ago while the u.s. was heavily involved in iraq and afghanistan then the european union gets the peace prize and is there now i guess a new definition of what peace means. well it's terribly easy to mock isn't it i mean i really don't know what they're thinking as you say obama was given the peace prize the european union. people aren't aware that most european union nations are members of nato and so on and it's very difficult to understand the motivation of the people concerned all right thoughts on the subject france based journalist and author robert harness thank you very much for your time thank you now israel has
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awarded the first license for oil exploration in the golan heights to a u.s. based company the region that was seized by force from syria over forty years ago and is still occupied by israel even though it is considered syrian territory by the international community and as our policy or explains the drilling permit could raise serious concerns especially from the u.s. . israel has awarded its first ever license to drill for oil in the golan heights to be an american energy company this is according to sources in the energy sector who say that often it's all decided last year to allow for oil and gas exploration in the golan djimi energy was awarded the license to drill but the new jersey based company still needs further work permits for drilling to commence and this is a process that could still take several years the company is headed by none other than the golan heights residents and a former general and could cabinet minister the company's shareholders reportedly
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also include rupert murdoch and one of the company's advisors is former u.s. vice president dick cheney geological tests have indicated the potential for oil and foreign oil discovery in the golan heights which is all captured from syria back in the one nine hundred sixty seven six day war in one nine hundred eighty israel and mixed the area in a move that is not recognized internationally in the strategic area has seen exciting extensive israeli settlement construction it is also the signs of a major israeli wind turbine project the golan stymies has has been at the heart of previous talks between israeli and syrian leaders damascus is demanding its full return and there was concern that as the syrian revolt threatens the president bashar assad's rule israel is digging in its heels on the golan heights it was also an observation that on the eve of almost every high level visits to israel by american officials israeli angered the americans by coming up for example
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with announcements of settlement expansion in the west bank president obama is due to visit israel at the end of march and no doubt the state department is likely to criticize this permit as they do not recognize the area as being part of israel. supposedly reporting for us there now we're also keeping you updated online with more stories and videos that are to dot com here's what we've got waiting for you there right now. staying silent on the drone warfare barack obama refuses to reveal the legal justification for america's secretive aerial assaults on people in pakistan afghanistan and yemen. plus drug deadline sentencing for georgia state prison inmates now depends on the expiration date of a new lethal medicine used for execution full story r. t. dot com. from prizes for peace to awards for
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movies an oscar nominated film director has been stopped at the los angeles international airport and threatened with deportation he says it's because he is palestinian and authorities couldn't believe he was in the running for a top movie accolade r.t. caught up with him to find out exactly what happened. when started questions me and the dog. they all want me to give them more abreu and invitations and why why i came to united states i thought of them that i am on all scott nominees so for them to understand that the palestinian and also have no money is very was very difficult i give them their i had their visa and i had the vision the fly i was trying to assure them the e-mails from decade to me award the invitation by their immigration lady their office she she did in to be at the inn she. told me
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what was i saying to her and she told me if you. come up with. more documents we would send you back sap and often to palestinians will be able to. support and i had these problems this is speeding it's in different countries in europe for us also and we have all those this problem and we cannot just live like this we are a humanoid so and we are the only. one all the award that we live on the local bishan and that is that i do. now iceland could become the first western democracy to introduce censorship of the internet the government has been thinking of banning online pornography in an attempt to protect children and reduce violence methods under consideration include the introduction of the same filters used by china as well as making it illegal to use credit cards to access pay per view porn former m i five agent any megan says iceland may be creating a dangerous precedent it's
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a very slippery slope to start going down the path of any sort of censorship for whatever reason because of course once in a position where authorities can look into what is being passed down the wires and then choose to block whatever they want be it violent form to begin with then of course they have the tools to look into other communications and blocked other things in the future so it's a very slippery slope for me to believe it and try to begin to go down the issue of paedophilia the issue of corn and the issue of terrorism has always been used to justify any sort of attempt at censorship in a crackdown on the freedom of the internet and this is crucial for the development of the global society as soon as you start allowing certain technologies to be important to the internet to stop and censor certain information and they will be misused by our police state by our intelligence agencies and as soon as we are aware that the internet is being censored and we might be being watched or monitored at all times then we start to sell censor as well we will not download
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books or information as freely as we might in case it might be deemed to be radical also berthing we go into some domestic extremist hit list and then of course we sell sense of what we say on the internet as well so be very quick to slide into some sort of orwellian big brother dystopia i mean we probably slide down that rabbit hole faster than any of us could say our. this hour israeli forces are showering up palestinian protesters with rubber bullets water cannons and tear gas in an attempt to quell demonstrations in the west bank violent clashes broke out this morning in support of the hunger strikers detained in israeli jails detainees are said to be in a critical condition at this point. police have killed two protesters during violent clashes across bangladesh forty people including twelve journalists have been injured as two separate protests merged in the capital activists angered by what they see as lenient points and are demanding that the death penalty for
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recently convicted more criminals a second protest accuses the government of plotting to ban islamic political party . indian police have revealed that they were warned in advance about two blasts that ripped through the city of hadera bought on thursday in two simultaneous explosions killed at least fifteen people and wounded over one hundred fifteen no militant group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack. oscar pistorius has been granted bail by a south african court he is accused of fatally shooting his actress girlfriend reeva steenkamp on valentine's day. a heated argument in the early hours of the morning paralympic athlete claims he mistook her for an intruder pistorius will appear in court on charges of premeditated murder in june. now up next peter lavelle and his guests are debating the role of western powers into the syrian conflict that's coming up on r.t. .


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