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tv   Cross Talk  RT  February 22, 2013 9:01pm-9:29pm EST

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weekend i know i couldn't care less what i do care about though is the high stakes u.s. defense department has in this year's oscars i'm talking about zero dark thirty the latest film to glamorize war just to help out the government's image hate it's not easy to justify torture it takes some careful planning and in this case a major hollywood movie interesting lee enough twenty eight retired u.s. army generals just sent a letter to the filmmakers encourage them to call for the release of the senate intelligence committee's cia torture report this report would be the most comprehensive study on cia enhanced interrogation and detention since nine eleven but something tells me not to count on the release of those documents any time soon so let's bring. i. i from the leaked list memo of the revelation of obama's disposition matrix and recently john brennan's appointment as the new cia director one aspect of the ever
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evolving war on terror that seems to stand out more and more is the increasing use of drone warfare so we've compiled our favorite clips from the past shows that highlight just how deadly these unmanned robots are take a look. here's the latest news on the war on terror front u.s. drones killed three militants in pakistan's taliban controlled region of north waziristan and by militant i mean the term that the white house uses for any human being blown to pieces by u.s. missile. not only has the perpetual use of drones over pakistan yemen somalia killed countless innocent civilians but the operations are planting the seeds of resentment in the us terrorism against the us among the civilian populations of these countries so what the whole day is right around the corner let's talk about what's on president obama's wish list this year my guess is that it's an upgrade of his favorite toy killer unmanned robots which is why i like to call president obama
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the drone carrying and today's hash tag is the drone king a phrase i coined on the show that's picking up some steam in the social media world so keep throwing that into the twitter verse john brennan's nickname is the assassination czar for god's sake and this is the guy who is ushering this country through the next phase of the war on terror so because it will be stuck with this guy at least until he's mired in a sex scandal himself we should probably mention some of his most notable achievements he vocally advocated giving immunity to telecom corporations who participated in bush's illegal wiretapping program he led the signature strikes in yemen which involved targeted assassinations of people without even knowing who they were in fact in several instances brennan himself was the decider of who was marked for extrajudicial executions you know blowing people up without all that messy paperwork we like to call due process and just last year brennan was caught lying about the claim that obama's drone program cause no civilian deaths in
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pakistan over the previous year breaded is what i like to call the counterman responsible for possibly the most counterproductive counter intuitive counterterrorism policy of the last decade drone warfare because if you watch the show then you know that drones do nothing but terrorize innocent civilians create more radicalism in sovereign nations and only have a two percent success rate. that's right men drones have become president obama's weapon of choice but it doesn't end with terrorizing civilians abroad you see drones are being used right here in the good old usa becoming the new norm of the ever more pervasive surveillance state check it out. really hard he was a photographer but in a post nine eleven world he realized that cameras were beginning to take on a new meaning they stopped becoming art making tools and instead became enablers of surveillance societies according to him it was at that time that he started to
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experiment with how to use art mediums to deflect the surveillance state he first began playing around with household makeup and attempt to block facial recognition technology but in the process he became inspired to take on a whole nother tactic of control drones this is the first year that drones will be flown domestically in the united states for surveillance purposes in fact the number flying overhead is estimated to be as large as thirty thousand by two thousand and twenty while i'm sold work and i have a close but i do want to know how do they actually work on the clothing is made with materials designed to thwart thermal imaging and it would shield the type of x. rays that drones used to zero in on targets take a look at this map it was put together by the electronic frontier foundation for a lawsuit against the f.a.a. and shows you the number of licenses the u.s. military has to fly drones in the u.s. air space while there are countless other drone projects in the works i do want to mention what is possibly the creepiest of them all
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a darpa reaper that uses gorgon stare technology which is the find is a spherical ray of nine cameras mounted on a single area drone capable of capturing motion imagery on an entire city landscape so guys what this little drone update should tell you is that if you didn't think that you could fall victim to the surveillance state the wrong you're already have we all have. look. as our goal isn't to scare you into some kind of submission our goal is to inform you so you can see through the lies the politicians tell and look beyond the superficial garbage spewed by the corporate media so do yourself a favor to deeper and establish your own truth. i. want to talk about a subject that we've covered on this show quite a bit and national defense authorization act or and da as you may know under this law us citizens are subject to indefinite detention in
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a military prison without charge and without due process now a group of journalists activists and attorneys have challenged this law under the lawsuit hedges v obama but it's been an uphill battle so to talk about the latest updates on the n.d.a. case and the chilling effect of this law i'm joined by journalists and plaintiffs in the case alexa o'brien alexa hi how are you it's always good to see you good to see it too so i want to start by talking about the latest updates in the case can you tell us i know that there was an appeal to judge katherine for a ruling is this case going to supreme court or are we not going to see this move forward. well it's in the second circuit right now. recently the supreme court justices denied an application to vacate the second circuit stay that the department of justice requested and the second circuit approved while they're considering the department of justice's appeal in our
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case but that's separate and autonomous from what's actually happening i mean we're waiting for the second circuit to decide on it they said they'd probably decide on it in the summer time and it's good that the justices in the supreme court have had a chance to review the materials because the case is going to go back to them right and just just as a hypothetical though alexa what happens if this case doesn't survive what options do you have as a plaintiff in the case what options do you have to overturn the given that there is so much bipartisan support even in congress for this for this law. what options do i have as a plaintive well you know. i feel like we are at a turning point and chris hedges one of the other plaintiff has talked about this. we always have options because liberty you know resides in the individual's free will regardless of one's circumstances so we can dissent and you can do tons of
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things in relation to this particular egregious law and other laws. but i think that fundamentally this is really the test case for you know the future tarion state of the of america or if we're going to actually return to our values and principles that ensure a stable and just democratic governance sure alyssa do want to ask you i mean indefinite detention without due process in itself is a terrifying prospect but i know that a lot of people like thomas drake john kiriakou are speaking out of against the talk about why the n.d.a. is especially dangerous to whistleblowers people who speak out against government wrongdoing. well you know you were talking about drones at the start of the program you know i think about cluster bombs in yemen and there was a journalist named abdullah who reported that it wasn't in fact yemenis cluster
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yemeni cluster bombs that were falling it was u.s. cluster bombs and that the yemeni government was actually covering for the u.s. in our global war on terror well this gentleman ended up in prison and obama actually requested after wiki leaks releases revealed that he was in fact reporting the truth obama came back and requested that he remain in prison because he had quote unquote you know interviewed al qaeda so the n.c.a.a. and you know whistle blowers in the indefinite detention the way the magnus of the language is very dangerous for journalists like myself or also abdul shi'i because essentially the government. by mere suspicion if they want to take you out all they have to do is try to link you to an enemy combatant affiliated group or an associated force whatever that means and and then you are definitely detained by them i know it's the big language in this bill that's really the most terrifying aspect of this but i did want to ask you about you know raising awareness for this
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do you feel like there is kind of a scene of people coming together to raise awareness of this. really i'm trying to ask is is the mainstream media it's almost been impossible to to get attention from the mainstream media on this i know that you know we cover this topic a lot on the show and on this network as well but can you talk about the struggle this has been to get more attention from the mainstream and given that there are so many implications to this case. well i firstly you know tangerine and andy. scored the case in and from sparrow media has done a tremendous amount of outreach to get it to organizations like yourself but of course the mainstream media in the u.s. hasn't really picked the story up and really it's about. whole of information if they have access to the white house you know to authorize leaks that get them you know their slice of the intelligence pod they can use that to sell that with their
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advertising to control their audiences so essentially you know this is really about fear of losing access and and also just the elite ism i mean they have access you know they're they're not you know concerned about you know the principles of a free press they're concerned about how many papers they can sell or maintaining their control over the audiences in the face of a disruptive innovations like wiki leaks and digital journalism so that's the kind of forces at play that's preventing it from getting into the mainstream media other than just pure cowardice and this is a very important case and we will continue to cover this on on the show unfortunately we're out of time but i do want to thank you for coming on the show to lex o'brien journalist and plaintiff in the case thank you so much thank you. now if you like what you see head to our youtube channel at youtube dot com slash breaking the set and be sure to subscribe to our channel so you don't miss a single episode we'll have all or interview segments tab down if you want to catch
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those separately encourage everyone to check out our interview with a number. from yesterday and also look up every segment we've done separately under our tab section on the top of the page from big brother watch to weapons of mass distraction check all that and more at youtube dot com slash breaking the set we're going to take a quick break right now but stay tuned to hear from one of the most alternative voices we have ever had on our show next potentially deadly blizzard taking aim for the northeast it's expected to hit stunning in a few hours from new york to maine we have team coverage of the storm. but what we're watching is the very heavy snow moving into boston proper earlier today it was very sticky you can see it start to become much more powdery down the line there's still a lot of snow out here and a good place for snowball fight. piece and it is going to pretty incredible day there and even record snowfall throughout what's been like nobody's allowed to be
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought. i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. how to get to do it if you've never seen anything like the trouble. folks you may have noticed we portray some pretty strong opinions on the show especially on the subject of drones the war on terror and the american military empire but you know there's still a lot that can be said. we try our best to provide a very strong platform for alternative voices here so i want to play a very quick interview that we did with george galloway check out. the wars are
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cheaper in human terms because of course although the u.s. has declared the war effectively all of our young american and british soldiers are still coming home in boxes others without their limbs others. have gone crazy in the war zone and mother them their wives or kill themselves or fill the police and prison cells of the respective nations or little the pavements with the other homeless people who have been abandoned by the very society they were told they were fighting to protect drones of course. just as many people but they don't run the risk of of allied casualties president obama saw fit to make a joke out of all of that he said that you don't you don't see these drones coming that's true you don't until your wife is sitting there beside you minus our head
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until your children are in pieces literally in front of your eyes until you and your household are blown up you don't know that these drones are coming. president obama thought out was a laughing matter i can assure you it isn't for the populations amongst whom the drones rockets are falling and it isn't amongst the hundreds of millions of their quota legitimist around the world who grow out of our more crazy with anger the double standards and the injustice of western policy towards muslim areas of the. absolutely you just articulated it perfectly i mean the fact that this is being joked about the fact that it's even being used as our new counterterrorism strategy is outrageous i mean they're counterproductive they create more terrorists i mean that's what it's doing it's radicalizing people who are affected which of course countless civilians have died it all comes back to the war on terror george though
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we're unlike any other war at least and in history that i've learned i mean we're fighting at tactic that will always exist there's no end in sight i mean what is the danger of this new mindset of fighting terror. well i said behind me in the houses of parliament just a few days after nine eleven when the house was recalled for the emergency i said. despiser sama bin laden the mediæval obscurantist salvage the difference i said between me and you the rest of you is that i always despised them i despised him when you were giving him guns and money on the moral principle that my enemy's enemy is my friend the enemy at the time of course being the soviet union and the british on the americans brought. into afghanistan in the first place but in the same speech i said if we handle this the wrong way we will create tens of thousands
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of new bin ladin's and of course underestimate we have created hundreds of thousands maybe millions of new bin ladin's everything that we have done since nine eleven has almost been designed to multiply proliferate terrorism extremism from not to cism around the world and we're at it again of course already in mali where a dictatorship is under pressure from a group of points some of whom are islamists some of whom are not and these points. we're bombing them and as i said to the prime minister just a day in parliament prime minister's question time please tell me the difference between the al-qaeda work killing in mali and the al qaida were supporting in syria in order for them to kill thousands of innocent people christians.
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religious and ethnic minorities so the whole strategy was doomed flawed from the start and everything that we in the antiwar movement predicted has come true bucket loads and yet these people don't seem to learn from their mistakes it was famously of the bull bones whose inattention led to the french revolution and seventeen a deny that they learn nothing they forgot nothing and that's true of the lot of the boer bombs who run your country and mine they don't learn from their mistakes they constantly compound the big swamp of hatred and bitterness out of which islamist extremism climbs is being endlessly deeper water with new blood new injustices it does seem and george that it is it's so outrageous it's so obvious
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that it really does seem sometimes like it is by design to just keep terrorism you know exacerbate it and just keep these wars and perpetuity it really does make me question you just said something about the hatred the anti american sentiment kind of the anti west sentiment that's growing undoubtedly in the middle east and many many also say that it stems from the palestine israeli conflict you've been very vocal about this you said at one point that you want to dedicate your life to the cause of palestine i mean how much do you think this tight allegiance that the u.s. has with israel damages peace and stability in the middle east. well it damages america's interests let me. immediately and that's increasingly recognized by the man who is in line to become the next defense secretary by the former least chief of the armed forces of the united states who described in front of the armed services committee in congress the relationship with israel as
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a strategic liability for the united states and he was certainly telling the truth in that nothing could be more damaging to the united states than its absolutely unhealthy obsessively. close relationship to a regime in tel aviv which is regarded by most people in the world as a terrorist rogue state yet its endless little war that for every crime that it commits and every crime that it commits is paid for by the u.s. taxpayer but undoubtedly the palestine question is the heart of the matter it's the floor at the heart of western policy towards the east and until there is justice for the palestinian people there will never be peace in the region and if there is no peace in that region there'll be no peace in the world yet netanyahu the serial killer the man who's literally paving the illegally occupied west bank of the
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jordan with illegal israeli settlements will be received in washington and london with the same red carpet no matter what crimes he commits and we know from the overheard conversation between president obama and then french president sarkozy that neither could bear to look at the other look at netanyahu his face they agreed with each other they didn't know the microphones were switched on they said that they could not bear to look at this man and yet when it comes to writing the checks sending the weapons and rolling out the diplomatic and political support they can always be counted on to do that. you were a member of the labor party thirty six years then you joined the respect party in two thousand and four what made you switch and why do you think that america's stuck in this two party dictatorship is what i like to call it so taboo to even talk about socialist ideals which as i know i respect represent.
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well i was expelled by tony blair from the labor party in two thousand and three for my role as one of the leading figures in the war movement against the war on iraq and i founded the respect party which came out of the great antti war movement which organized the biggest demonstrations the british britain has ever seen in its history indeed five times bigger than the next biggest. height and we're almost at the anniversary of that demonstration february fifteenth when we had two millions on the streets of britain representing tens of millions of people i think in opposition to the war on iraq even before people knew what we know nor that the entire thing was built upon a tower of lies but the expulsion was another jaw of on because it was increasingly difficult and becoming impossible to remain in a party led by mr blair who is
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a war criminal and who should be on trial in the hague instead of swanning around the world making millions of dollars as a consultant to all sorts of grisly sovereign wealth funds of various dictatorships and exorbitant fees most often in the united states plus the fees from being a director and a consultant for many multinational corporations so it's been good for business so far as mr bliss concerned he is a religious man and i suspect on the judgement day you'll find it's the question is a little tougher than the british parliament was ever able to hold him. to. the respect party believes. asking poor people to pay for the crimes of rich people the crimes and the mistakes and blunders that lead us off the cliff into recession and worse is unfair unjust and we will not accept it and reclassified
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wars as missions and continuing to cause the deaths of countless people in the form our empire now being recall and eyes again as well as the destruction of the lives of our own service personnel especially at a time when we have no money to keep our old people warm in the winter time but we can always find money to go around the world setting fire to other people's countries this way of organizing things is simply not acceptable it cannot be as good as it gets there must be a better way we try to highlight it and respect is the fastest growing party in british politics and i wish there was respect phenomenon in the united states i have a weekly radio show in the united states on a new york radio station called w b i it's called the mother of all talk shows and it's a constant recurrent theme i was having to defend obama
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least to the extent of saying you should elect him rather than the other guy romney will be even worse than president obama but people ask the legitimate question how come that's the only choice to cheeks of the same backside tweedle dee and tweedle dum tweedle dee tweedle dee and tweedle dum i could have said it better myself again guys that was george galloway u.k. parliament member author and easily one of most profound commentators we've ever had on the show unfortunately that's all the time we have for today thank you for putting up with me and for those of you who are worried about abby don't. she'll be back here on monday for a brand new episode of breaking the set see you guys then. wealthy british style sign some time to.
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market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report. let me let me i want to let me ask you a question from. here on this network is what we're having a debate we have our knives out for. the group is this right to spank staying there again here in a situation where be united way to talk about the surveillance me.


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