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tv   Headline News  RT  February 23, 2013 12:00am-12:29am EST

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america braces for more than a hundred riders against gun control with action it's the militias and even sheriff's thrashing armed resistance against the government's plans. a week of violence in the west bank escalates as the city and demonstrators clash with trigger happy is really pleased at a protest in support of those hunger striking increases. and britain gets the boot from the elite aaa credit club with a rating agency behind the downgrade predicting yes triple the. cologne welcome to all see twenty four hour news live from moscow my name is our top story now. and it's
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a day of resistance across america with more than one hundred rallies to be held across the nation over gun laws but i'm not coming out and support a weapons control instead they are angry at efforts to regulate americans right to bear arms and as all she's going to come for their resistance may not stop at mia rallies. part of america now favor some form of gun control especially in the wake of tragic mass shootings. while the other is getting ready to fight against any significant regulations they're preparing for what they call the invasion of feds by arming themselves to the teeth. and we actually got two that are ready. for that were you know we're out of that of course it would be really qualified right. against the basement of. a police chief in pennsylvania mark kessler is training private citizens to become snipers and resist what they call it
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tyrannical government if need be trust me when i tell you this i mean i will take my uniform off and i will stand with freedom before i stand with the tyrannical folks absolutely not i will not in any way shape or form support anything that goes against the constitution or the second amendment sheriff associations from eleven states said they would ignore any law passed in washington that would significantly regulate guns we won't enforce federal regulations or federal laws we're not required to there's a separation of powers in and we won't there is a tradition in american thought of states doing what they want despite what the federal government says of course that led to the civil war well now we see a revival of the same kind of philosophy well we don't like what washington says so we're going to do our own thing we have the right to do it well no they don't they're part of this country whether they like it or not and and federal laws will be enforced. the obama administration says they're not going to take away people's
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guns they just want to ban certain types of assault rifles which are more appropriate for war then for civilian defense but which have become the weapon of choice used in mass shootings in america the administration also wants to enforce background checks on all gun sales currently forty percent of weapons in the u.s. are sold without any background check but gun rights advocates see it as the first step towards disarming the nation there will be more bad like believing a belt or in the future ok the people who got to do that would happen while people like jim are gearing up for the second coming of hitler supporters of gun control points to staggering statistics the gun murder rate in the us is almost twenty times higher than in the next twenty two richest nations combined that's unimaginable in any other industrial democracy that an argument would be made in favor of owning guns for the purposes of overthrowing the
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government and made by a high court solution. making to brokers stronger. by guns which imo strike. america's split over priorities according to the pew research center currently fifty percent of americans say controlling gun ownership is the more important priority while forty six percent say it is to protect the right of americans to own guns people choose different ways to stand up for liberty as they see it one owner of a pizza shop in virginia beach offers a fifteen percent discount to those who come in with guns all they have to do is show me that they're carrying a weapon. or they can show me their concealed weapons permit and they can get a discount miscellany says eighty percent of his customers have brought guns into the pizza shop since he introduced the deal one even came in with an a k forty seven one question. why is this when people here talk about protecting their freedoms with weapons that are designed for war to these people have such
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a little tossed in their democratic system to the point when they think of vote is not enough to secure their rights and that they need a stack of deadly weapons at home to do that in washington. rebel forces in syria start bombing has valastro holes on the border with lebanon make the sound we ask what they think showdown could be a part of a wider campaign to destabilize the region and change the balance of power. and also later the french president will get a peace prize for his military intervention in mali examine the message the un is so doing with the nomination in a few minutes. hundreds of palestinian demonstrators have clashed with israeli security forces in a part of the west bank that's already witnessed a week of protests they branch tires and how drugs had police fired stun grenades they fired stun grenades in response injuring dozens protests as part of the streets in solidarity with thousands of prisoners held by israel for which are
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staging a hunger strike one man's deteriorating condition has already drawn some high profile attention with the u.n. chief banking moon expressing can say under challenge of read from a palestinian human rights when i say she says it's time israel took some peaceful . getting began big every day and the israeli continue not to speak to you know the legal obligation under the international law and continue with ignore and ignoring the. visitors rights according to the will i think the protesters will continue there are some short actions of from the high commissioner for human rights but it hasn't enough to know just to pressure israel to respect their obligation and what we are asking for we are asking for more political pressure and really play sure and more actions are not just warts because
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i think. if you will palestinian prisoners in a very critical situation and really we have a real concern about their life. it's causing controversy elsewhere too as a u.s. company gets permission to search for all of the occupied golan heights despite the lines being considered part of syria we've got the details ahead for you. don't know what exact facts are liz moved to become the first western country to buy internet pornography has freedom of speech activists worried it's paving the way to more censorship. great britain has been stripped of its prized aaa credit rating with the agency behind the downgrade saying there's here's north trouble ahead for the u.k. economies say fears of a triple dip recession and continued start rationing all fueled rating agency moody's decision london is currently in the midst of a massive
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a stereotype campaign and maintaining its pristine rating is one of the reasons for it reaching to the downgrades the finance minister says it makes cars doubly important but professor of economics jack rasmussen from santa clara university doesn't hold out much hope. this is just the beginning of a continued slowing in the u.k. economy and also its implications not just in the u.k. but elsewhere the quantitative easing it may help your banking system but it doesn't really grow the economy results it was looking. so the long run perspective for the u.k. is even more deficits and debt leaving the e.u. is wales trying to protect the bank. the london bank which is number one priority at cameron of course you know in the euro there's a shift less austerity more financial transaction taxes more tax in the bank system and i think. cameron's these are coming and he's going to try to shield the london page from all that. and coming up the kinds of report delves into one of the most
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lucrative and controversial bank trade tactics high frequency trading and also in today's show marks and stacy learned of a new roller coaster ride which they say is a norful not like wall street. i've just learned there's a roller coaster designed to kill passengers so naturally i thought that sounds of whole lot like wall street. down. the amusement park version of this roller coaster designed to kill passengers call the euthanasia coaster the gravitational forces ten g.'s enough to kill a person by draining the brain of all wired and oxygen cerebral hypoxia yes the financial casino girl aggregate other riders called the flash crash and reg markets ride. on this last week blast every ounce of wealth was drained from your pocket as the gravitational pull of multiple fake trays traveling faster than the speed of light thought for enough g.'s to kill your entire portfolio death by
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financial hypoxia. the u.s. has deployed one hundred troops to france with its intervention in neighboring mali president obama says they are only there to provide intelligence support this comes after a new show as a defense ministry agreed to host a u.s. drone base so far america's involvement in mali has been limited to air lifting french troops meanwhile the military intervention has earned the french president a peace prize from the u.n. cultural organization unesco says francoise lund should be rewarded for his body of a contribution to peace and stability in africa and social justice activist heroes that are giving such a prestigious a rules to the french media will inspire other heads of state to for his example. so what is this reward actually encouraging it presumably encouraging others to follow the example of the french or we invade you go through go broke you played
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her. or trees in africa it's an invasion on behalf of nato and the u.s. and its africa troops and is aimed at the economic and political interests of empire and particularly in france the problem here is that this is a political crisis in monti and can be resolved only by political means by sending in the warriors the troops the planes and the bombings actually doesn't resolve the problem and as we can see it's actually exacerbating all that and they've claimed that they have been invited to come into mali by a government but it is being an illegitimate government and it's outrageous that the u.n. should sanction such a such a policy i guess that the unesco feels that this is what what needs to be reward. covering up critics in the u.k. i saw céline find out how one m.p. accuses britain's national health service of spending millions of pounds to silence
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whistleblowers publicly criticizing the system. also online us scientists develop a normal gani zombie cell that not only copies its living prototype but even out performs it all the details for you at r.t. dot com. serious kill position group the syrian national coalition says it will take no part in upcoming international gatherings over how to resolve the bloody civil standoff there the group will skip the friends of syria meeting in rome and shadow talks in russia and the u.s. over what it sees as lack of international condemnation of the assad government the rebels accuse damascus of multiple killings were the same accusations coming back a ban they were in authorities say opposition militias were behind
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a string of bomb blasts in the capital on thursday which killed dozens of civilians adding to the tension rebel fighters have reported in launched attacks against hezbollah targets on the syrian lebanese crunch here and activist says you can't believe the syrian conflict is being deliberately pushed over the border. what in-service has been trying to orchestrate in syria is also trying to impact on his blog which is of historical revenge especially seeing much of the resistance movement hizbullah expelled the israeli occupation in two thousand and also beat them in a battle in july two thousand and six now an open confrontation with hizbollah by means of nato or particularly the white settlers on the state will probably is not the ideal situation the ideal situation is to get brown skinned people to do it themselves like like they they did. it looked in the in the lebanese civil civil war so for the west is an ideal situation doesn't matter how much what capacity f.s.a. and the other terrorists are going in syria it's the ideal situation is for them to
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ratchet up tensions against his will and to really not divide and rule but divide and destroy you which is the name of the imperialist game currently and these are all could be reaping benefits from the conflict next door it has awarded to the first license for oil exploration in the golan heights to u.s. based company the region was seized from syria more than forty years ago and is still occupied by israel even though it's considered syrian territory internationally but as always points clear reports now damascus is too exhausted by its internal battle to deal with israel expansion. israel has awarded its first ever license to drill for oil in the golan heights to an american energy company this is according to sources in the energy sector who say that after israel decided last year to allow for oil and gas exploration in the golan djimi energy was awarded the license to drill but the new jersey based company still needs further work permits for drilling to commence and this is
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a process that could still take several years the company is headed by none other than the golan heights residents and a former general and could cabinet minister the company's shareholders reportedly also include rupert murdoch and one of the company's advisors is former u.s. vice president dick cheney geological tests have indicated the potential for oil and foreign oil discovery in the golan heights which is all captured from syria back in the one nine hundred sixty seven six day war in one nine hundred eighty israel and mixed the area in a move that is not recognized internationally the strategic area has seen exciting extensive israeli settlement construction it is also the signs of a major israeli wind turbine project the golan status has been at the heart of previous talks between israeli and syrian leaders damascus is demanding its full return and there was concern that as the syrian revolt threatens the president
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bashar assad's rule israel is digging in its heels on the golan heights it was also an observation that on the eve of almost every high level visits to israel by american officials the israeli government has without fail angered the americans by coming up for example with announcements of settlement expansion in the west bank president obama is due to visit israel at the end of march and no doubt the state department is likely to criticize this permit as they do not recognize the area as being part of israel. now for official is to rocket parts of three. the printing is started as the next big thing and it looks like we could use the technology to bring someone from history back to life. if you will like lincoln bay who you have walking around his beard good yeah. he be like what the how did you do it this country wow i. so stay with us later this hour when dory oftenest finds out who people in new york would like to see make
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a comeback. and quirky looks often struggle to get mainstream ad time but there are signs that the view on the street could be heading for the screen as well so stay with us here on r.t. from off. iceland could become the first western nation to outlaw internet pornography they government already confronted by freedom of speech of its claims the move is necessary to protect children of the u.k. leader of the pirate party last coyote believes politicians just don't realize how much damage this might cause i think scandinavia has always been seen as a beacon of freedom of speech where the now again we're seeing another area of the world where freedoms are being eroded a sunshiny these proposals the show yet again by lack of technical knowledge of the heart of our kind of politics or politicians out of the real objection to this
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whole proposal is that there is no magic switch that we can push that will actually do what's being proposed we need to set this in the context of a rising attempts to to block and filter and censor the internet right across the world and we've seen just in the last year in the united states for example google reported there was a seven hundred percent increase in requests for takedowns of search results where are we in. what of warning for years now that that there is a move ever increasing move towards into the internet censorship who want to have a reason and when we see that we often hear governments praising internet freedom abroad so for example in the context of the arab spring but are unable to on about at home the point is that if whether our governments whether they're britain and eastern and or russia actually take these kinds of powers for themselves they
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cannot criticize our governments for doing so as well prime minister dmitry medvedev has expressed his concern at the state of the us russia relationship warning dire consequences if the deadlock over america's anti missile defense plans is not a result soon. one of the main stumbling blocks in our relationship with the u.s. is the european anti missile defense shield neither washington nor nato here are concerns about a suit that the system threatens us in our nuclear potential which keeps the nuclear balance in the world they are trying to placate us by saying the shield isn't aimed at us but at some other countries but this doesn't sound convincing unfortunately every month leaves us less time to reach an agreement when i was president i said the time to decide would run out by the end of the decade even a bit earlier if we cannot agree the fallout for international relations could be very unpleasant because we would have to issue our own reply and it would have to
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be issued by any russian leadership. and evaded for speaking at an interview with key but state news agency during an official visit to the country the trip aimed at cementing ties between the cold war allies has seen moscow write off part of cuba's soviet era debt as well as agree a deal to lease jets so russia's prime minister has also paid tribute to saw its soldiers this seven o'clock it has part in a wreath lying ceremony in the capital had the honor president raul castro. now some international news in brief for you this hour in yemen people have been killed while have seen favorite southern independence during the one year anniversary of the president being elected is thoughtful to move were wounded after security forces fired on the crowd in the main square of aden a port city in the south large numbers of police were deployed as authorities try to keep separatists apart from another rally in support of the president.
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five hundred demonstrators have so have shown their plans for a mass ejection from a berlin cultural center that doubles as quarter they marched into the center of capital chanting out a capitalist slogans and where with lands and banners around a hundred families currently living there cultural center that will be announced auctioned off i should say and next week. and a massive snow storm is moving into the u.s. great lakes area after paralyzing states from minnesota to i hope the blizzard has grounded about five hundred flights in chicago and st louis sandy is being blamed for numerous accidents where they thought to have caused the crash landing of a medical helicopter in oklahoma which killed two people and injured one more. a quarter woman in the u.k. are now obese according to new statistics from the international health service there that's
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a rise of ten percent interested decades but if you took your cues from the media you'd be forgotten for forgiven by that for thinking that all women were tall and slim and all men turned and well muscled or those of his poor boy can reports now the resize the fashion industry is starting to change with the times as well. it is that is very very hard to model i say character means fat finger knowledge small i don't think there's anything he hasn't got every kind of carrots you can think of that's what we supply meets robin he's a successful fashion model he works for london agency i'll be representing over a thousand models aged eighteen to one hundred in the most diverse shapes and sizes it's really important to her character prices in the industry and i think you know there's enough good looking people around every why i'm nothing you know kind of people with quirky you know expressive price has got far more work on the one fashion and the advertising is changing to make room for models who look more like
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real people do you think now there's a strong the demand for people on your models because people so bored of looking at the no more you know six foot to have a person all of that looks exactly what you know. some places and. we should look at them and i really embrace them really katie green found out all about the pressures of the fashion industry when she was chosen to be the face of wonderbra and signed to a major modeling agency they asked me for me thing and the most told me i needed to muse to start now i'm five foot ten and the size twelve i would have just been about the bones you know i'm perfectly healthy as it is and they wanted me to these two so that's a size eight i called my parents after the meeting just in floods of tears saying that i can come to that to be a model five years on she's not only working as a successful plus size model but it's also campaigning to ban underweight models from catwalks and fashion spreads its old purses the functions are those pressures
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of big campaigns that also somebody who looks so small and none of us know more about ever being that they made here is the very sort of fantasy related industry it's all based on airbrushing and nothing in these magazines is real the majority of british women now measure in a size. fourteen or above design a sample size that a skinny model wears down the catwalk is a minuscule size zero the difference is huge big brands of beginning to realize that consumers want to see models that they can identify with major fashion designers are tapping into the changes and introducing largest size says there's definitely some type of shakeup going on in the industry enough big that you know in the future you're different you see that this becomes more the norm and we probably won't call it flies anymore it probably just be fashion it's a profit at the end of the day businesses want to make money so if there's a market there where you haven't actually talked to too and all you gotta do is create
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a bigger size the numbers show business men business women never do that in this model is over you know who's one of my models sees the only models done for you my job campaign's levi days on telling time these classes so you know obviously most even done so you know he's a supermodel with almost half of u.k. women now officially plus size and individuality suddenly on and friend it seems that the fashion industry is finally waking up to reality. i see london aids might cost an arm and a leg but we now have the technology to actually print three d. objects from shrews to buy eggs to artificial limbs underwater one day we could resurrect someone from the past that way so who would you choose a sportsman a pointer perhaps so nora hoffman stronger the streets of new york to find out just who people would like to see among.
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who would you three d. print from history this week let's talk about that would say that's good he would be amazing it's what our guest bob marley left for us and who is second. from his church i mean reported for and so on the life of a character oh yeah like super mario or. there were elmo you had that oh my god at thirty work michael jackson good one i like my best friend oh someone you know that's a good idea do you think that people would do that if the technology were available they'd start bringing back people making copies. frederick douglass. to
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king. and malcolm x. do you think that they would appreciate where society is today to be honest with true there would be a little disappointed abraham lincoln yeah the classic president right is that we're everybody says no no and said that yes well i guess link to this very popular right now so i could to link it i mean lincoln's pretty hot great no you know people like lincoln him walking around his beard be good yeah yeah and he'd be like what the how did you do with this country wow i've been that boy that's probably thomas jefferson i'd love to know what he was thinking when he you know put together the founding of this country and you know yeah what do you make of the second amendment argument today do you think i hope it would be very sane so that you guys are totally taking it out of god and i think yes i think he would go this is really dangerous it's really crazy. we were talking about something else entirely and there should be gun control and all of the background checks and
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everything else yeah i guess the purpose of these questions is to see you know how the past would deal with the president yeah definitely what do you how do you think they would deal with that i mean how would mozart deal with music sampling you know reproductions of like that that would be amazing to see what he would do he would probably lay off the auto you don't know i don't know maybe he would love it i mean he's you know one of the towering geniuses of her like mathias there's something you know about by computer technology where you're go crazy with photoshop the bottom line is three d. printing technology is developing extremely fast so let's just hope the people in control of it use it for the good of humanity.


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