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tv   Headline News  RT  February 23, 2013 12:00pm-12:28pm EST

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thousands of pro-gun activists in the u.s. are to rally as america braces itself for protests against plans to curb weapon ownership. a week of angry demonstrations in the west bank culminates in fresh clashes with israeli security forces after a march in support of hunger striking palestinian prisoners is met with heavy force . britain loses its cherished top credit rating for the first time in decades with a downgrade branded a catastrophic government failure. and a shift in britain's fashion world as more and more designers bucked the trend of using flawless models opting instead for the ordinary imperfections of every day.
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good evening world news and analysis live from our moscow headquarters i'm to seek out and you're watching our t.v. well thousands of pro-gun activists in the u.s. are ready to take part in a day over resistance and an act of defiance against president obama's tighter gun laws agenda calling his plans unconstitutional he is going to reports it's not just the words they're ready to use to protect the right to bear arms. part of america now favors some form of gun control especially in the wake of tragic mass shootings . while the other is getting ready to fight against any significant regulations they're preparing for what they call the invasion of feds by arming themselves to the teeth. it we actually got two that are very different from what i thought up
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and now that you know we're out of that of course is and i would be really qualified right. if yes that is the basis of. a police chief in pennsylvania mark kessler is training private citizens to become snipers and resist what they call a tyrannical government if need be trust me when i tell you this i mean i will take my uniform off and i will stand with freedom before i stand with the ironical folks absolutely not i will not in any way shape or form support anything that goes against the constitution or the second amendment sheriff associations from eleven states said they would ignore any law passed in washington that would significantly regulate guns we won't enforce federal regulations or federal laws were not required so there's a separation of powers in and we won't there is a tradition in american thought. of states doing what they want despite what the federal government says of course that led to the civil war well now we see a revival of the same kind of philosophy well we don't like what washington says so
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we're going to do our own thing we have the right to do it well no they don't they're part of this country whether they like it or not and and federal laws will be enforced. the obama administration says they're not going to take away people's guns they just want to ban certain types of assault rifles which are more appropriate for war and then for civilian defense but which have become the weapon of choice used in mass shootings in america the administration also wants to enforce background checks on all gun sales currently forty percent of weapons in the u.s. are sold without any background check but gun rights advocates see it as the first step towards disarming the nation there will be more bad like she believes in our belt he or in the future ok the people who got to do that would do that while people like jim are gearing up for the second coming of hitler supporters of gun control points to staggering statistics the gun murder rate in the us is almost twenty times higher than in the next twenty two richest nations
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combined that's unimaginable in any other industrial democracy that an argument would be made in favor of owning guns for the purposes of overthrowing the government and made by a high court solution. making democracy stronger. by guns because i want to strike to curio america's split over priorities according to the pew research center currently fifty percent of americans say controlling gun ownership is the more important priority while forty six percent say it is to protect the right of americans to own guns people choose different ways to stand up for liberty as they see it one owner of a pizza shop in virginia beach offers a fifteen percent. discount to those who come in with guns all they have to do is show me that they're carrying a weapon. or they can show me their concealed weapons permit and then get the
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discount miscellany says eighty percent of his customers have brought guns into the pizza shop since he introduced the deal one even came in with an a k forty seven one question of why is this when people here talk about protecting their freedoms with weapons that are designed for war to these people have such little tossed in their democratic system to the point when they think of boat is not enough to secure their rights and that they need a stack of deadly weapons at home to do that in washington i'm going to show. well guns of certainly sparked heated debate in the u.s. but some places have taken safety precautions to the extreme online we have the story of a ten year old boy who was suspended from school over a toy gun found in his backpack. it's.
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a joint force of french and african troops have sustained their heaviest casualties yet in the military campaign against islam a list is pardon me rebels in mali this after thirteen chatty and soldiers were killed in the fighting in the north meanwhile the u.s. has deployed one hundred troops in neighboring nis air saying it's there to assist the french led intervention with intelligence support but the french intervened in their former african colony last month to stop an offensive by islamist rebels who are now waging a deadly guerrilla war the operation has nevertheless one of france's president at peace prize from the year one cultural agency unesco his valuable contribution to stability in mali now social justice activist rosie manji says the award could
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encourage further foreign intervention in africa. but so what is this reward actually encouraging it presumably encouraging others to follow the example of the french or we invade to go for go territories and if you've invasion going to be do with the us troops. will be completely interest. to you from do you think that this is a political crisis and can be resolved only by political means by sending in the warriors the troops the planes and the actually doesn't resolve the problem as we can see it's actually exacerbate the. it and they've claimed that they have been invited to come into mali by a government but it is being an illegitimate government and it's outrageous that the un should censured such or such a policy i guess that unesco feels that this is what what needs to be rewarded.
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fierce clashes between palestinians and israeli defense forces erupted across the west bank town like a week of protests in support of hunger striking palestinian prisoners in israeli jails now dozens of demonstrators reportedly got injuries from tear gas and rubber bullets which were used in response to them hurling stones and burning tires for palestinian prisoners have been on a hunger strike for more than two hundred days now two of them held without trial two others arrested after being released in a prisoner exchange deal and it's very ration in their conditions has led to widespread calls for their release with palestinian officials warning of a bigger crisis if the israeli government fails to listen the u.n. chief has also called on television to act but policy and media analyst funny enough wood says the current international pressure on israel is not enough. immediate solution that comes up to everybody's mind right now is just an immediate
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release of palestinian prisoners you don't have to go through. a process in order to get a fair trial if there was anything let alone most of the prisoners were actually released and. to leave deal last year and they were. kidnapped one more time and put in prison again so the whole thing is unfair. how else in the end of prisoners on the other hand i really wish as every other palestinian which is just more involvement of the international community human rights organization international organization just put more pressure on israel and especially the legal system because it just very unfair. bly a lot of injustice the word the palestinian as we are constantly seen as a lower class or people who don't really deserve any of the rights people enjoy in the world. well treatment of palestinian prisoners isn't the only issue of scored
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a controversy on later this hour we reported on how israel is allowing a u.s. israeli company to drill for oil on land internationally considered to be part of syria also. in syria itself the main rebel group pulls out of key international meetings aimed at helping to end the bloody civil war to look at what's next for the peace process. well in the fashion industry everything revolves around women being tall and slim and men toned and muscular but the people buying the clothes being advertised often don't meet those standards themselves and it seems that some designers are finally starting to realize that you don't need to look perfect in order to hit the catwalk parties probably boyko reports. very. oddly to try to model i say character means five knowledge small or that is anything goes every conic hours
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you can think of this what was a part meets robin he's a successful fashion model he works for london agency i'll be representing over a thousand mortals aged eighteen to one hundred in the most diverse shapes and sizes it's really important to have current suffices in the industry and i think you know there's enough good looking people around. me why i'm not think you know kind of people with quirky you know expressive face has got far more work on the one fashion and advertising is changing to make room for models who look more like real people do you think now there's a strong lead to model so people are using models because people sideboard of looking at the no more you know six foot to have a chisel and all of that looks exactly right you know people's body shapes and faces and. so we should do that and i'm really embrace some really katy green found out all about the pressures of the fashion industry when she was chosen to be the face of wonderbra and signed to a major modeling agency yass new for me thing and then though so me i needed to use
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two stars now i'm five foot ten and the size twelve i wanted to spin about the bones you know i'm perfectly healthy as it is and they wants me to lose two stone and that's a size eight so i called my parents after the maids and just in floods of tears saying that i think i'm too fat to be a model five years on she's not only working as a successful plus size model but is also campaigning to ban underweight models from cat talks and fashion spreads its old pressures the functions are those pressures of big campaigns that also somebody who looks so slow and none of us will no doubt is going to have a peanut butter made here is a very sort of fantasy related industry and it's all based on airbrushing and nothing in these magazines is real the majority of british women now measure in a size. fourteen or above design a sample size that a skinny model was down the catwalk is a minuscule size zero the difference is huge big brands are beginning to realize
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that consumers want to see models that they can identify with major fashion designers a tapping into the changes and introducing largest size says there's definitely some type of shake up going on in the industry enough big you know in the future you will see that this becomes more the norm and we probably won't call it anymore it will be just be fashion it's a profit at the end of the day businesses want to make money so if there's a market there where you haven't actually tapped into and all you gotta do is create a bigger size the numbers show business men business women never do that in the super model is over you know who's one of my models sees the new model is done for you my job campaigns levi days on telling time these classes so there's no obvious a close even done that so you know he's a supermodel for the most halls of u.k. women now officially plus size and individuality suddenly on trend it seems that the fashion industry is finally waking up to reality. i see
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london. more news after the break stay with us you're watching our team. on the money with the business of russia this. you mean speak your language. close programs in documentaries in arabic
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in school here on the t.v. reporting from the world's hot spots the v.o.i.p. interviews intriguing story for you. then try. to find out more visit our big dog called. play. it. play.
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oh. welcome back you're watching r.t.e. i'm lucy half an hour for the u.k. has been stripped of its aaa crown and a huge jolt to the british government moody's rating agency says that there are many years of trouble ahead for the country due to its growing debt the opposition has dubbed the move a catastrophic failure by the british finance chief but he remains adamant that his austerity policy will simply not change professor rodney shakespeare says a strategy is completely ignoring the plight of the people. fact of the matter is too great to go to your own for. a long. well from the gulf population unfold the time is not concerned with whether or not people have jobs or whether or not living standards are declining they claim that
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the independents have something to observations they did not notice the great trap just coming in two thousand and eight and the reason why they didn't use is that they assume that the whole system is working to go only hands off the hands and they can't see this become the family profit things we got out hand and it's going downhill great exegesis are in bed with the global elite and with the existing government in a gigantic conspiracy against the bulk of the feet. as they were the economy later tonight. they think herbert present a madcap yet more bad a way for europeans to escape their growing economic hardships. suicide by roller coaster of course is a european who's invented this aesthetic death machine and that looks like the solution to the economic crisis across europe so it's banker sister. so this is different than police assisted suicide or people run out to
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a hail of bullets hoping to get killed because they have lost all hope here it's banker assisted suicide so you let your braggers perform the glock rollercoaster of financial apply it talks to death machine and with the hope that you won't survive because you'd rather not live in a world where barclays bank runs your government like so many topics on a string. syria's main main opposition group the syrian national coalition says it's pulling out of a series of international gatherings looking to resolve the deadly civil conflict the group will skip the friends of syria meeting in rome as well as scheduled talks and russia and new west over what it sees as a lack of international condemnation of the asada government the rebels and his damascus of multiple civilian killings with the same mark as
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a shows being pinned on vellum position militias are widely suspected of being behind a devastating bomb blast in damascus on thursday that assad have killed about one hundred people syrian problem for america first of all maher what qantas says western powers could be losing their grip on us. we are being told that these sort of contribute to a political solution to all of them they are going to be heavily armed in order to defeat the syrian government and they do not want to have any dialogue with the syrian government because all their strategy you know since the syrian government falling and them i mean as a substitute they do not have a lot of on the ground the also would. for the rebel each one of them the political elite that are called the national council would receive the national commission so all they are interested in is for the government to fall they know that the western society the western countries have invested a lot in them both in money and time and so on in organizing them and they think
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that they could probably make a stand here with regards to what they see is the policy this is a bit funny because now if the choose to get out of this sort of international friends of syria meeting then the western communities really would have no leverage whatsoever in the syrian crisis where some countries could be trying to capitalize on the syria crisis while damascus is fighting a war at home israel has given a us company a license for oil exploration in the golan heights that's land our next from syria but internationally still considered to be its territory artist possibly or has the latest. off to israel decided last year to allow for oil and gas exploration in the goal line genie energy was awarded the license to drill but the new jersey based company still needs further work permits for drilling to commence and this is a process that could still take several years the company is headed by none other
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than the golan heights residents and a form of id if general and it could cabinet minister the company's shareholders reportedly also include rupert murdoch and one of the company's advisers is former u.s. vice president dick cheney geological tests have indicated the potential for oil and foreign oil discovery in the golan heights which was all captured from syria back in the one nine hundred sixty seven six day war in one nine hundred eighty israel and mixed the area in a move that is not recognized internationally the strategic area has seen exciting extensive israeli settlement construction it is also the signs of a major israeli wind turbine a project the golan stymies has has been at the heart of previous talks between israeli and syrian leaders damascus is demanding its full return and there was concern that as the syrian revolt threatens the president bashar assad's rule israel is digging in its heels on the golan heights it was also an observation that
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on the eve of almost every high level visits to israel by american officials the israeli government has without fail angered the americans by coming up for example with announcements of settlement expansion in the west bank president obama is due to visit israel at the end of march and no doubt the state department is likely to criticize this permit as they do not recognize the area as being part of israel. well french movie star gerard is now a fully fledged russian citizen he's formally taking up residence in the in the capital of russia's republic of more dove telling r.t. exclusively why there. are. several. far are not on r.t. dot com we have more on more to produce ambitious in his new homeland rahm's complaining of right over there is love on to our web site for that exclusive interview. also online for you u.s.
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scientists develop a non-organic zombie cell that's not only copying it's a living prototype but even outperforms that all the details for you are. well on line but off limits iceland could become the first western nation to introduce a web censorship as it aims to outlaw internet pornography the government claims the move is necessary to protect children but is already being challenged by free speech activists loz kaye from the u.k. party or parties says the ban could be used for an all out clampdown on the web. in another area of the world where freedoms are being eroded a century these proposals show yet again the lack of technical knowledge of the heart of our kind of politics our politicians and of the real objection to this whole proposed or is that there is no magic switch that we can push that will
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actually do what being proposed is actually using the same kind of technology which is indistinguishable from other kinds filtering the bible systems used in news around the world now there's quite a high bar for installing it but once you do it can be used for any purpose but we often hear governments praising internet freedom abroad so for example in the context of the arab spring but are unable to all know about home. well i'm just some international news stories for you right there. on the margaret thousands are gathering in madrid for the latest show of discontent over austerity cuts and the way the crisis is being handled there what you're watching seeing there on the screen right now are live pictures from the spanish capital and people from all walks of life are expected to join the protesters in dozens of cities across spain the country is going to struggling to reduce the budget deficit and has introduced
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several rounds of austerity measures spain also has one of the highest jobless rates in europe with one in four only out of. chickening out of your paycheck if you do i'll be. moving on to yemen troops have reportedly reportedly shot a protester dead and wounded nearly ten more during clashes in the city of aden this comes out days after four people were killed during a demonstration of the country marked the one year anniversary of their president's election that rally was disrupted by southern a yemeni activists who are fighting for independence from the north. six underground tanks storing nuclear waste are leaking in washington state the government says the report is disturbing but insists there is no immediate health risk humans the site with two hundred aging tanks holding millions of leaders of radioactive material is the most contaminated nuclear area in the united states.
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at least two people have been killed as heavy floods wreaked havoc across australia's northern coast and evacuation order has been issued for residents saying the bad weather is likely to last and put lives at risk the countries frequently hit by severe weather during the summer season with swings between heat waves and torrential rainfall. where recent study of the use of three d. printers for. biomedical use proves parts of the human body can actually be recreated with just some injectable gel made of living cells and what about using such technology to reason rect a complete human being from the past well arty's laurie harf an assistant wonders decided to take a wonder on the streets of new york to find out what people would like to see brought back to life.


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