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to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i've got so many i mean i have my hands and i know that i'm sitting at the seams really messed up. and we're all really sort of silly. that's. the worst you are going through the white house or the. radio guy minestrone. what clothes were about to give you never seen anything like that i'm told. lots of guys i mean mark and this is breaking the set as the word is a broad range of our freedoms here at home are being curtailed at an alarming rate obama's fixation with maintaining the right to indefinitely detain american citizens under the national defense authorization act is
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a threat to our most fundamental freedoms and while to our name say the least to watch the corporate press ignore this dangerous topic it's really inspiring to learn about local municipalities taking action on the issue earlier this week san francisco passed a resolution against the n.b.a. is indefinite detention the provision of the resolution that endorsements from dozens of bay area organizations faith leaders and civil liberties activists it finally feels like people are waking up there and cisco is now the eighteenth city to make it clear that our local governments will not be complicit in the erosion of our constitutionally protected rights my pill to you is to contact your local representatives and urge them to do the same block indefinite detention in your city saying no to the n.g.a. your freedom just count on and with that said let's go break that set. were you ever seen anything like that.
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so by now i'm sure you've heard about the latest food scandal that has the corporate media in a frenzy take a look. there is a scandal that is rocking europe folks from the e.u. the european union thought they were eating beef burgers and beef was on you only to learn that their so-called beef was actually horsemeat europe's widening horsemeat scandal has spread to ikea according to officials in the czech republic horsemeat was found in packs of the store's popular frozen meatballs ikea says the same batch had got out to more than a dozen countries so what does this case say about the potential for food fraud right here in the u.s. and what should we be paying attention to that could be would be more harmful to us and of course meat talk about all that and more i'm joined by j.d. hanson policy analyst for the center for food safety thanks so much for coming on t.v. . so i just learned that horsemeat actually does pass through u.s. port before arriving at destination in europe i mean how do we know that we're not
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even in this here if it's not spect it well. we don't for the most part. we do know that we shipped a lot of horses to mexico a lot of horses to canada. we get meat back from those countries presumably it's it's labeled correctly but we're not testing for me right well let's talk about something a little bit more serious than horsemeat the u.s. center for food protection and defense recently set up a database of food fraud cases dating i mean we're talking about back decades the worst offenders are fish and seafood and i just saw this article that said fifty nine percent of tuna that we eat is actually miss the label that isn't tuna at all i mean economically this idea that manufacturers are saving money by actually selling us goods that are not the goods that they're presenting it how are they getting away with this. people in the us are amazingly ignorant about what a fish is in the first place. the good news is we're eating more fish which is
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healthy for us the bad news is we really haven't grown up knowing what various fish are supposed to taste or look like and even the chefs don't always know that so. if someone's trying to. pests. and another you know pest a lot. of. snapper or grouper. someone's making a lot of extra money not to do a lot because bad for you right but what about the regulations i mean is there just no oversight i guess it's just that people realise that and complain and that's where the problem is arises but i mean it's just amazing how they can do this i mean fifty nine percent of tuna is just amazing stat but i want to talk about this article which i hope my producers earlier and they were like devastated to hear this really shocked companies serving wood pulp actual wood to fill or i'm talking about everything from sauces to hostile cereal put in the effort is not only deemed
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safe but they don't actually have any sort of limit of how much would a pulp you can put in your food i mean something so bizarre as as would a filler evolve into just being everywhere in the food supply well people are interested in fiber and the this is about the cheapest way these companies can put fiber in people's diet stock it was sawdust you know it's it's you know it's labeled if you look on your food labels and it says cellulose that's wood chips. it's called cellulose and that means of wow that's amazing so it's just it's just another just extra profit making motive just well you know and now. you've got genetically modified sugar beet manufacturers approaching the nation organic standards board saying can't we. use the fiber left over from our genetically modified sugar beets an organic food oh wow so you know that's another form of
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silos that is genetically engineered that is trying to sneak in under the organic label we're going we're working to stop that we don't think that's going to happen good and you know regulations are obviously so lax doesn't seem like a recipe for disaster for someone who like a terrorist i mean if there really was this terrorist threat that they're telling us they could easily if they have nefarious intentions poison that aspect of the food supply and it seems like these these centers just have little to no regulation well we finally got. the peanut corporation of america executives these are the people that deliberately ship contaminated peanuts everywhere in the u.s. and nine people we know died from from that that's more than it's happened in some of the serial killing accidents and incidents. the justice department brought charges for the first time ever against people that deliberately contaminated food
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wow and even shipping abroad as well a lot of contaminated food knowingly passing it off it's just amazing let's talk about genetically engineered fish that you mentioned sugar beets specifically salmon i hear people tell me all the time totally fine no no health effects because the f.d.a. says it's safe so must be safe right i mean talk about what the implications for our health and the environment with this frankenfish that we might be seen soon well i mean the f.d.a. looked at data from the company. allergic reactions is something that people worry about for in fish very common allergic reactions some people have a little bit of an allergy to salmon but can eat a little bit of it but this fish may be fifty percent more allergic. and the the f.d.a. saying that's ok the bad news is the f.d.a.
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knows that because the company tested six fish. that's it this is not good enough for high school science project and the f.d.a. has to honest this is the best science available and it's also science done by the company itself the f.d.a. should have looked at the data it got from the company and said go back do what the canadians are doing a study in salmon do it this weeds are doing a study in salmon and he'd had twenty years to work on this is this is good as you can do we shouldn't approve it it's unbelievable really that people are kind of defer to this agency and say you know it's the end all be all if they've approved it then it must be safe i mean here you have michael taylor x. vice president monsanto working on this and this really high up cabinet position in the f.d.a. why do people have such an inherent trust in this in this agency. well i think it's all they know you know. what people tell you you should trust to some extent
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and the the more i study. the practices of the f.d.a. they can't make congressionally mandated deadlines. they don't know how to do basic research on genetically modified fish. yeah people should have some more questions we we sue them to try to get them to do the right thing. thankfully we have independent organizations like yours trying to keep them hold their feet to the fires and certainly the government isn't doing it. let's talk about you know the whole phrase we are what we eat i mean you mentioned this earlier that we're kind of so ignorant about what we're even eating in this country i just feel like americans especially we're so far removed from the source of our food we have no idea what nuts look like in there and they're organic form when you take them out of the earth i mean what is this really doing to us alternately because we really are what we become the nutrients that we're picking to consume and we have no idea
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where they come from we're getting more more and. this food and the unprocessed food we're eating gets shipped all the way from california to the east coast. in an refrigerated trucks that were supposed to be refrigerated so even though. even the good leafy greens comes here as a petri dish experiment with lots of bacteria growing. they're feeding the cows corn when they should be feeding in the grass and then there's the cold light it seeps into all these other i mean it's just like this whole everything is connected you know and even the sequestration that we're we're being told is coming out the coming sequestration that cuts across all these sectors i think is this going to affect even more regulations and food safety workers the f.d.a. says they're basically going to cut about ten percent of food inspectors the.
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u.s. department of agriculture runs the meat inspection program they say they're going to cut about ten percent. hopefully hopefully it just means that well law will eat less and will eat less meat neither of those things are bad for us well you know i think a lot of people watching us right now are like oh my god i can't eat a whole because i knew i wouldn't. feel helpless and i do sometimes too you know if you don't have access to a farmer's market if you don't have a growing your own vegetables outdoors what what advice can you give people to really ensure that they are eating something healthy and nutritious and good for them well the good news is there are now five thousand farmers markets in the u.s. thirty years ago there were two hundred fifty so we're moving in the right direction and you know every time i turn around in my community there's another one that's opened so i can go to farmer's market every single day where i live and that's how it should be yeah and. you know the the best thing you can do. is.
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get to know your farmer if you can't you know i mean people say oh or it costs so much more when my daughter was a college so dad it cost more i say go think they get later on in life you know i said you had up what you're spending. pay you the difference she said i did you know what i figured out. i was i was spending more of the science projects in the back of my refrigerator than it cost me. it's true and even the medical bills and stuff later on in life i mean really knowing your farmer getting to know the local food that's grown all these things are things that you can do j.d. hansen it really appreciate your time policy analyst for the center for food safety and i really thank you. what you like to see so far check us out on hulu dot com slash break in the set there you can watch the latest episode of our show like yesterday's which featured featured the italian election observer tarpley and your
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privacy gone with smart meters will scroll through and watch every show we've done since about the middle of the summer so no one favor us home and to see how we're doing on blue dot coms like breaking the set and right now only take a break from my preaching but stay tuned to hear about the federal charges facing impacted mr barrett brown next. to. the sleep.
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let me let me i want to know what all let me ask you a question from. here on this network is what will happen in the bank we have our knives out. in the fields the scientists say staying there to get here in this great way of being idle a result of surveillance me. says. over the last decade the
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federal government has launched a full blown attack on the civil liberties of u.s. citizens on the name of protecting us from the manufactured threat of terrorism along with the rise of the expanding surveillance state there's a coinciding crackdown on whistleblowers exposing government wrongdoing this climate of censorship has given rise to a new form of dissent activism no group exemplifies this more than the online collective simply known as anonymous by now you've surely heard of activists like julian assange worth and how much you know about barrett brown thirty one year old writer who was arrested last september and later indicted on a dozen different federal charges for disseminating information associated with the stratfor intel wiki leaks release so what threat does brown really pose to the government to merit a potential sentence of over one hundred years in federal prison and should distributing damning information from the clutches of shady corporations be a crime at all to discuss this and more i'm joined now by christian stork of who
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what why dot org from our new york studio thanks so much for coming on christian thank you for having me so talk about the charges brought against brown why is he facing more than a life time in prison. will bear brown was indicted three separate times as you mentioned in your lead up one of those times was for copying and pasting a chat room link or a link between chat rooms from an anonymous internet relay chat to a project pm relay chat project pm being barrett brown's initiative that he had interest in so he was first raided by the f.b.i. on march sixth two thousand and twelve in looking for information related to the hack of strat for a private intelligence firm with significant ties to the american intelligence community and also in relation to the entities his research effort was looking into they couldn't find anything and he sought. fugitives mothers with
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a laptop they then came to the mother's asking for the laptop he didn't give it they returned with the search warrant and were able to obtain it but still couldn't find any sort of a criminal link between him and the hack itself nevertheless they threaten to charge his mother with obstruction of justice which got a poorly worded confession of sorts by barrett online in a youtube video in which he vaguely threatens an f.b.i. agent special agent robert smith you basically threatens them and the f.b.i. took that as a pretext to then the rest of on the spot this was september twelfth two thousand and twelve they took him into custody that night they held him without charge and without bail for a number of weeks until early october when they unveiled an indictment on him in relation to harassment and threatening a federal officer then in december but it simply was december fourth two thousand and twelve they unveiled a second indictment against barrett brown that was the you link copying which i
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just explained which you referred to and then on january twenty third of this year the invalid the finally the third indictment which is the obstruction of justice charges although again not against his mother they are now being laid against him for that initial margaret they usually go for the juggler i'm not surprised that they went after his mom and kind of provoked him into getting this confession quote unquote you know according to think progress aiding terrorists to build a nuclear weapon plans of twenty years in prison what bigger threat could brown be then helping terrorists build a nuke i mean it's just amazing and you know he was charged with trafficking stolen material across state lines is what you're talking about this one indictment of him simply posting a link how much of a slippery slope is this specific indictment should i stop posting links i mean simply posting a link of some of a hack break that specific charge down for me. well that's was
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a charge is actually the most interesting one i believe he as i mentioned he copied and pasted a link from an anonymous i.r.c. it's basically your any normal chat room that your viewers can imagine into a project pm i r c now the link he copied itself was in a generalized the link to the overall cache of documents it was more precise than that although it is in itself it contains massive amounts of data and so i referred to it as a sort of the cache documents and in that data were a number credit with the credit card information of a number of clients and subscribers to strat fours the mailing list and other people who had given them their billing data now that is the essential transgression that the government is claiming is that he gave this data. i mean essentially gave it to himself he was more or less copying pasting it so his researchers could go through it and then assess the data in there and he's actually
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got on record in written statements after the project pm because it started saying that he didn't find the use of credit card information strad for clients to be noble endeavor a worthy one initially when the hack occurred anonymous had advocated that people kill for the billing data and make donations to charities of their choice it turns out in actuality that would be much less feasible considering people would simply call their credit card companies cancel the transaction and eventually the the charities might end up perceiving bad press about it so bad brown was explicitly against such tactics and had only posted that link in terms of trying to make it a research subject for a project pm and talked briefly about project pm what was he able to reveal through this project. churchill project is. is a crowd sourced distributed think tank it's essentially
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a wiki where readers can be editors and those started in two thousand and nine and it really gains its own purpose after they hack a cyber security firm known as h.p. gary in february of two thousand and eleven h.p. gary their h.p. gary federal c.e.o. and barr at the time he was quoted in the financial times piece is outing the top three members of anonymous anonymous in retaliation hacked his servers obtained all sorts of e-mails seventy five thousand plus emails from his account and that was the project's pm research effort was going through those e-mails now in those emails were a number of extremely shady deals or excuse me potential deals that were pitches between these cyber security firms and the law firm and lobbying firm hunton and williams and hunt and williams was soliciting pitches in efforts to destroy wiki leaks in terms on behalf of one client their client being big bank of america they
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were worried that wiki leaks was sitting on a cache of documents from bank of america and also in another case trying to attack critics of the chamber of commerce the chamber is also a client of hunt and williams so those are were potentially illegal and they were certainly the various deeds be. thought out at least in their initial conspiracy stage among the cyber security firms and a cut out for what were their clients for being bank of america and the chamber of commerce all definitely he's just the latest in a long line of people being attacked obama said he doesn't want to look backward to prosecute bush criminals but he's certainly looking backward to dredge up arcane piece of legislation to prosecute whistleblowers thank you so much for coming on would definitely be to pay attention this case christians storch who what why not work.
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this month marks the seventy first anniversary of a very dark chapter in american history page in our history books that is too often glossed over i'm talking about the forced internment of one hundred twenty thousand japanese people during world war two this tragic march shouldn't be discussed without giving it proper context the internment was the result of japan's attack on pearl harbor now if you ask the average american how the us got involved in the war will undoubtedly say pro harbor but he asked that same person why the japanese attacked pearl harbor you'll undoubtedly be returned with a blank stare. why because when we learn american history we learn half truths peppered with the lies of omission disinform ation and jingoistic propaganda the real truth doesn't fit neatly into the narrative that paints america as the greatest force of good instead similar to what is going on with the wrong today the
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us provoked japan into attacking first the escalation began when president roosevelt installed a bout of harsh economic sanctions against the asian nation hoping to bait japan into retaliation kickstarting the pretext the us needed to enter the war when japan could no longer withstand the hardships the response from the japanese empire was to strike militarily it's even alleged now that u.s. cryptographers had broken japan's naval code which gave them the foresight of the attack on pearl harbor yet instead of the warning the attack almost three thousand americans were seen as the necessary collateral damage to justify americans and valmont in the war f.d.r. said was a day that would live in infamy that's when the war hysteria began tensions were heightened within the us and distrust ran high similarly to a post nine eleven america fear and racism was rampant and the climate of panic and
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suspicion led to a regrettable decision two months after pearl harbor f.d.r. decided to circumvent the constitution by issuing executive order nine zero six six which forced the evacuation and internment of one hundred twenty thousand people of japanese descent two thirds of which were american citizens the rest mostly permanent residents half were children there due process was stripped away by their own government to which they served average people that were once looked at as friends neighbors and colleagues became the enemy overnight the japanese were forced out of their homes and mandated to enter war relocation camps or detention centers they were given only six days to gather their per. belongings and provide arrangements for what they left behind their homes jobs farms and families the government allowed each japanese family only one suitcase everything else was abandoned people were given identification tags and were forced to live like cattle
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for up to four years in bleak prisons surrounded by giant barbed wire gates and armed guards many committed suicide from humiliation and depression while trapped inside the confines of the camps others died from lack of medical care or refusing to follow orders from the guards those who survived return home to the remnants of their lives that once were now completely vandalized in the steroid and after all that was said and done not one person was ever proven to be a spy or have committed any form of espionage against the u.s. government and it wasn't until forty three years later and one thousand nine hundred eighty eight that president reagan signed the civil liberties act better known as the japanese american redress bill which entailed a measly reparation of twenty thousand dollars to the surviving victims along with the signed apology from the president but despite the attempt at making amends those who lived through this traumatic and a horrifying period are still feeling the effects to this day. and at this point
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you're probably thinking that this country has learned from such a horrible error and that we will never repeat such a travesty such as that but ponder this. arab and muslim americans today are the modern day japanese prisoners one just has to look at their treatment since nine eleven constant entrapment and rampant spine in mosques across the country the only reason that muslims are not sitting in camps right now is because of the technological advancement of the surveillance state a grid so powerful that we're all under the thumb of its control think about it why would the government need camps when they can monitor and track our every move but what's even more scary is that unlike the. anees who are issued their due process after this four year period there's no end in sight for ours this is an ongoing systemic process that far exceeds one tragic event it's subtle and it could last forever.
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there are twelve cities in the united states in which half of the people with hiv aids lives within a year. over a six to two percent on. the list with this is a problem that frankly is substantially preventable it was like the big elephant in the room and nobody wanted to talk about they were really good public health campaigns that people were really focused on this problem you certainly should be able to a lot less h i think a lot less human suffering. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harkin welcome to the big picture.
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download the official publication to you so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television well it just doesn't matter how would your mobile device if you could watch your t.v. anytime anywhere. potentially deadly blizzard taking aim for the northeast it's expected to hit stunning in a few hours from new york to maine we have team coverage of the storm. but will why. it is the very heavy snow moving into boston proper earlier today it was very sticky you can see it start to become much more patrie down the line there's still a lot of snow out here place for snowball fight. piece and it is jennifer.


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