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tv   Capital Account with Lauren Lyster  RT  March 2, 2013 11:00pm-11:47pm EST

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u.s. secretary of state's visit to cairo opens a floodgate of criticism from opposition leaders who say the u.s. is too heavily involved in egypt's internal issues. a boost for the syrian opposition the rebels are preparing to receive millions of dollars in aid plus drug support for on two groups fighting the assad regime after rounds of pickering with their foreign backers. private bradley manning pleads guilty to handing military data to wiki leaks saying the public the true cost of war still the u.s. authorities want to pursue the more serious charges of the enemy possibly landing him behind bars for life. also the catholic world becomes a leaderless with a pope standing down for the first time in six hundred years with the church's reputation spiraling child abuse and corruption accusations. and the sequester kicks in taking a chainsaw to america's economy with eighty five billion dollars and potentially
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hundreds of thousands of jobs to be god thanks to republican and democrat politicking. and live from our studios in moscow this is our teeth with a recap of the week's top stories i'm john thomas glad to have you with us america's top diplomat john kerry has faced a wall of criticism and public protests during his visit to egypt some of the country's opposition leaders accuse washington of interfering in the country's domestic politics that sentiment is being echoed by their supporters on the streets . now reports on kerry's intentions in the region. he says that the purpose of his visit is essentially to discuss regional and international issues have a wide spectrum of egyptian leadership that is refusing to retry him the criticism
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is coming from liberal and secular viewed as they accuse kerry and the united states of siding with the muslim brotherhood and they accuse its leader mohamed morsi of essentially stepping into the same role as the ousted dictator hosni mubarak now it is true that the united states has maintained close ties with morsi but the criticism is that he is failing to implement reforms and at the same time he is turning the country into a more religiously conservative ruling system at least two opposition figures have refused invitations from kerry to sit down and hold talks with him and this follows this week a call by the united states for the main opposition group and that is known as the national salvation front to reverse its decision to boycott parliamentary elections that are due to begin next month john kerry was in turkey on friday telling the turks that they need to improve their relationship with israel the turkish prime minister recently made the comment that zionism was
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a crime against humanity and response to those kerry said that the comments were objectionable this comment could indeed frustrate kerry's attempts to try and create an improvement in a strange israeli turkish relations that has hit an all time low what we essentially see through kerry's visit is an attempt by the united states to try and appease countries in this region resolving israel he wants to sensually ensure a television security but the problem really is that the positions of both israel and the united states in this region are at an all time low they are in the street and in most small part due to the actions of washington and tel aviv and solves the situation in syria has only made things worse you have the rise of islamic extremism across the region following the arab spring and this is something that the united. states directly supported at the same time what we're really seeing is that washington is having to deal with problems that it created and this is essentially the core or at least part of the core of kerry's first visit to this
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region after taking office his policy or reporting for us there now sharmeen editor of the london based arabic newspaper al could be explains why egyptians are highly skeptical about american involvement in the country's internal affairs. is the really ironic. united states that has been the safety net. for the gates. the day after the revolution as the means of. getting you. to buy i mean. that's why did no good for the three united states interfering. for years in favor of the ruling. party is a very difficult time. again. in. egypt
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. to a place now where the u.s. secretary of state was more than welcome britain was the first stop on john kerry's diplomatic marathon this week where he praised warm relations with london some british politicians are cynical as to whether these close ties have actually led to anything positive tony blair formed a very close relationship with george bush took a straight into the war in afghanistan and later on accepted all the arguments bush used about iraq and britain was deeply committed in iraq and i was a result we've been involved in two major wars we lost a very large number of soldiers spent a vast amount of money and made the world an infinitely more insecure place we've also down in civil liberties. as much as the united states has with its to problem of homeland security and all the controls that go with that and i think we need to examine the whole strategy of the west involving itself got a new iraq then later libya and now syria to some extent and wonder if we're not
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really heading off in a completely wrong direction and as if all this isn't enough a new adventure has broken out in north africa where britain and this time fronts involved in the deployment of forces all across the sahara well it is a serious apparently never ending civil standoff which became the key issue of u.s. diplomacy this week after almost seven days of bargaining and mixed messages syria's a key opposition group managed to get more concessions from washington and its pro-rebel allies the us has agreed to provide direct non lethal support to opposition fighters battling the assad army on the ground it has also promised an additional sixty million dollars in aid but washington has been reluctant to send arms to the rebels citing fears that they could fall into islamist hands opposition fighters however are thought to be getting covert weapons supplies from gulf states john loughlin from the institute of democracy and cooperation in paris says the attempts to beef up the rebels won't bring syria any closer to peace. sixty million
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dollars should not be sneezed at and while the americans are trying to do is basically to prop up a project that so far has failed if we look back to two thousand and eleven when entering clinton was calling for the overthrow of a sats they expected the regime in syria to fall very quickly and that hasn't happened however great the rebels' gains may have been the regime is still fighting back and still shows no signs of collapsing instead is the opposition which is fractured famously the syrian national council is a rag bag of different interests the opposition is breaking out and there are plenty of people within the opposition at least according to my sources in the region who are bitterly disappointed with the west who expected a lot more money they probably wanted to steal a lot of it but certainly they have not received all that they have been promised it'll be interesting to see how much of this sixty billion dollars gets through that the only syrian population is suffering very greatly from this opposition from
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this so-called liberation because this these paramilitary groups clearly cannot provide any basic services they are not the state. bahraini activists appoint to possible hypocrisy and selective justice and they demand the international community pay more attention to human rights abuses in the kingdom after court jails protesters but finds a policeman charged with murder not guilty that's just ahead. and israel could soon get the unique benefit of being america's official major strategic ally the measure to be discussed at the annual pro israeli gathering in washington but the presidents of both countries are absent we've got analysis in just a few minutes time. u.s. military prosecutors will call over one hundred forty witnesses as they look at to prove private bradley manning guilty of the most serious charges he's facing including aiding the enemy something he denies a guilty verdict could mean
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a life sentence and he has already admitted to handing over classified army data to the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks are these marina watched the latest developments. guilty but not sorry more than one thousand days after his arrest u.s. army private bradley manning admitted to being the source behind the largest leak of classified information in u.s. history private first class bradley manning has pleaded guilty to ten of the twenty two charges against him private bradley manning minutes he gave thousands of secret document to the wiki leaks website manning gave his first detailed explanation of why he did it manning said he uploaded tropes of u.s. secrets to the wiki leaks website because quote americans have a right to know the true cost of war and he has the purest form with he had the very sophisticated now a fifth of why he had to do it as a duty. to expose what the government was doing in the name which was in the home around the world so all credit to him he's. the former intelligence analyst said he
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attempted to contact traditional media outlets like the washington post the new york times and politico but failed to get through to them later deciding to pass the documents on to wiki leaks manning said he engaged in a prolonged internet conversation with the wiki leaks member called cox who he assumes was julian a songe i think it's very clear that the risks of street government secrecy are much graver and have already done much more serious damage to the united states and god knows other countries and the risks wrought by whistleblowers and leaks like this one manning pleaded not guilty to aiding the enemy the most serious charge which washington is determined to proof the u.s. government is reportedly planning to call a key witness to testify that osama bin laden actively sought to access material manning passed along to wiki leaks some reports suggest the unknown individual could reportedly be one of the navy seals involved in the about about raid that
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killed bin laden the fear here i think is that you would be sensationalizing the proceedings and it would it would make it nearly impossible for manning to have. a fair trial in a just because we've now been talking about terrorism terrorism and terrorism will get away from the fact that he is charged with the offense of releasing the information and they don't have to show that terrorists received it this will continue the obama administration has ushered in this era of pursuing whistleblowers and making certain that they are prosecuted and they go after them zealously in a manner that they do not go after other individuals that's been the thing i think is the most particularly striking is you can have private contractors and agent weapons smuggling right like the blackwater executives or you can have bankers that engage in financial fraud and they are pursued as jealously as whistle blowers following his arrest in may two thousand and ten manning was kept in solitary
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confinement at a military jail in kuwait then at a marine prison in quantico virginia for the first ten months of his detention the former army analyst spent twenty three hours a day in a six by eight foot windowless cell and was forced to sleep naked without bed sheets treatment that hundreds of legal scholars including president barack obama's former harvard professor claims was cruel and inhumane punishment that may have undermined manning's psychological stability i think he was treated very horrendously and they would be they were very much trying to break him and subject him to horrors and to make it clear to intimidate people around the world who would do the kind of heroic things the bradley manning did to try and it through them from doing that manning himself said he believed that the move would only embarrass but not damage to the u.s. and eventually kick start a public debate the results the u.s. was shamed in front page headlines around the world a nervous superpower launched
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a witch hunt against whistleblowers and wiki leaks became a household name the cost for young private they spend between twenty years and a lifetime behind bars or in a court in i.r.t. new york. icelandic m.p. brigade to yon's daughter is one of those pushing for bradley manning to receive the nobel peace prize she told r.t. why she thinks he deserves it this case has shown us. the influence and the ability of individuals to transform our world so both manning is one of these people and all the activists that are made sure that he would not use people gotten in jail and now finally the mainstream media in the united states can't ignore his story and what he's been going through and i think that this very important and of course it is incredible to hear about that he tries to to take this to other media before he tried to get it to little league some ridiculous was
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the only place that would actually acknowledge the significance of the documents that he was handing over just from what i've heard from his statement just basically been following it on twitter. the only thought that i have in my my mind is that this person is a hero. and the catholic church witnessed history this week as pope benedict the sixteenth officially resigned something that hasn't happened for six hundred years and as the church remains leaderless internal divisions and a marred reputation mean many i was in faith reading the eroding of the church's foundation. reports. it's not just about selecting a new bishop of rome some say but the very future of the catholic church the catholic church is undergoing a very important prizes it is a crisis at two levels it is a government tries these entities
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a crisis of the believers there was a lack of leadership which culminated in the great scandals over about the leaks far from the splendor of the sistine chapel a closer look at the recent events in the vatican to highlight disillusionment and frustration with the church. i distanced myself from the church when i became an adult when i started talking about what had been taught to was a question we have to roll the scandals broke out in the catholic church i realize that it doesn't represent my spirituality but indic the sixteenth may have been the first pope with a twitter account but many argue this measure alone was not strong enough in appealing to the masses of the she's there to transparency the age of the people the churches should be properly. they'd be. considered sacred she went. to great assets well everybody now you see that it would be to be. the problem of the media there would be working on the system he went to change many things about
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the church for people of gabrielli of this inability to face up to and much less to punish those who may be responsible for tainting the image of the church is the deciding factor in abandoning catholicism. there's another scandal with a girl who disappeared in the vatican twenty years ago and they've said. founder remain. police are leading the investigation here but instead of helping them. and on top of all those cases of pedophilia this is just disgusting the list of controversial events involving catholic priests or vatican officials reads like a tabloid reports of sex abuse pedophilia accusations alleged large scale corruption and possible ties with the mafia while the media especially in italy has been having a healed day with the scandals the vatican either stayed silent or rebuffed all accusations but those things may be looking rather grim for the seat of st peter's
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at a first glance there is still a chance the catholic church can make a comeback. with the church would. be strong we've come to reform but in spite of that. relations have left me wondering if the holy see has been blind the world is rapidly changing and that the catholic church has failed to keep pace sure it has seen a fair number of ups and downs as well as scandal in two thousand year long history but there is opinion that perhaps taking an unpleasant development sweeping it under the carpet and filling it with people going for secrecy is a tradition better left in the past in rome. david gibson author of benedict the sixteenth's a biography believes the resignation is actually a chance for major change in the catholic church. as
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a theologian which is what he isn't a scholar which is what he is at heart and a churchman he was a very beautiful writer isn't cyclicals the most authoritative documents of open issue but look as an administrator of the church as an evangelizer someone going out to meet the masses meet the people he really was not that successful of course the is lack of administrative skills really you know resulted in all of these crises and scandals and by by resigning the pope has kind of reduced the papacy kind of demystified it which is it time to go for a pope who will represent where the future of the church really lies that's the other three choices facing these cardinals and and that could you know really determine the future of the church i think. nuclear talks between iran and the leading world powers and without a breakthrough just as the u.s. looks to push through new sanctions but as well money dries up hope and tehran comes from an unexpected source that's coming up later this hour. and
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a comedian a communist turned a democrat and a sex scandal survivor face off in a hung parliament with a post-election italy split on austerity corruption and government that after the break. sequester ation cons have kicked in the united states with the government now slashing eighty five billion dollars from its budget following a political deadlock but even as the first snips are made the blame game is raging with democrats and republicans desperate to offload responsibility and economist richard wolfe says the american people should prepare for the worst. republicans and democrats alike are committed to an austerity policy as we do in see it in europe their only disagreement is exactly who gets cut whose axes get raisins and i'm very pessimistic as are most observers in washington that we are about to do what britain italy greece have done with the same dire consequences looming in our
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future if you cut government spending as we're about to do if you raise taxes on average people which we did on january first with the rise in the payroll tax those are a double whammy two hits on our economy they depress the economy they lose people jobs they make people come back and they're spending with less jobs and less spending government tax revenues go down and that you races whatever benefit you might have imagined would comment on the government's budget the irony is the economy gets worse and the government budget gets worse until they wake up and realize that this is an inappropriate way to go at a time of economic crisis. seven bahraini protesters will spend the next ten years behind bars after being found guilty of the attempted murder of a police officer and comes as two policemen were quoted of killing a protester in a separate incident a model from the bahrain center for human rights says the international community
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should listen to the voice of the people we are in the middle of a geopolitical conflict going to unite the united states of america especially we are holding the fleet and iran and saudi arabia and to. you by any people who are middle of this it's like we are a battlefield the international community and the international government western governments should assure that even if they were interested in the security of the region if they do not back the human rights of the people of bahrain if you do not respect the democratic demand of the people tomorrow these people might take over and these people might not like that but the united states or other governments did not support them in one day and us basketball legend has called the north korean leader an awesome kid. that's when he took a trip to the isolated country to film a documentary find out the details of what else he got up to on our website. and
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the filthy rich moscow has more billionaires than any other city according to a new survey get a glimpse of what they spend it on at r.t. dot com. or their washing in texas or from indiana this is our to glad to have you with us now nuclear talks held this week between iran and six world powers including the u.s. ended without a breakthrough and as america introduces a new bill to tighten the economic screws on the country tehran insist it has the right to ensure its energy independence whistleblower todd tells r.t.
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the risk of a nuclear iran is being blown way out of proportion the iranian civilization has been around and for five thousand years certainly longer than most questions let's say sions or any western civilizations and they're not suicidal. they know that's where they. are weapons they would be obliterated washington has pushed them being pushed by israel for a long time to effect regime change in iran. and the nuclear program as an excuse to put pressure on iran to try to cause regime change but i'm not saying that a nuclear armed iran would be a good thing but if they aren't any country it's not a good thing but at the trash now behind pressure on iran and my opinion it comes directly from israel else desire for regime change in iran and why the united states government to make that happen but even with iran on the receiving
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end of more u.s. pressure there are green shoots of hope in the country's economy with the agriculture industry seeing a recovery or is more of an ocean explains. the international ban on iranian oil cost the country around forty billion dollars in two thousand and twelve according to the u. but despite this huge gap in iran's income officials have some good news to meet harsh sanctions normal experts have increased by least thirty percent from ego. so what may look like a bad thing well may actually play a positive role we've been asking our government for many years to decrease dependence on oil to at least fifty percent it was too high up around eighty percent of making our economy too vulnerable now some say today is a historic opportunity to finally get rid of this dangerous oil dependence so you and iran actually has a lot of alternative resources to feed from the well known copperheads to dates via minerals and stones between wanting this tree in particular appears to be thriving
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these days iran's famous discussions have been going through tough times in the last couple of years heavy frosts and terrible droughts have been damaging large parts of the harvest but this year with the country under tough economic sanctions the specials are doing better than ever. our currency rio fell by almost forty percent in october but i sell the statues both at home. the broad and i don't if it had from price rise was not as you read in the stuff shows that exposes him over the hundred countries worldwide but even if farmers cannot send in the broad to competent business who remain great. thousands of industry workers also benefits which has been overcome the country's highest and the inflation that the amount of production and. but me every year he adds ten to twenty percent of my salary busy and i have some bonus to my daily payments but producers seem to be more
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protected than it is while international sanctions don't stand in the target for food industry current measures affected banking systems making financial transactions and hard not to crack the also penalize the banks that. are not in u.s. and europe they may be in china or south america they penalize them for dealing with iraq that that's the main that's the main problem which is actually any good internationally is a black gold the discussion is must be a green one at least for iran locals say these small knots have great health benefits especially for the men wealth of the country but also give strength iran's biggest mall expert has always been a significant source of revenue and as the latest round of sanctions russia's ever bites it's also something iran may have to rely on even more than before. from iran. well it has been a week has since elections italy and its senate remain in limbo with parties across
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the political spectrum so far refusing any talk of coalitions and one party led by an enigma to comedian and now finds itself in the role of king maker betty anti austerity anti-corruption rhetoric rallied millions of italians securing him a quarter of the vote but he was still behind the democrats and a coalition led by disgraced former prime minister silvio berlusconi the presidential now calling on all sides to work together to try and form a stable government or else face new elections and investment advisor patrick young has strong concerns about the financial ramifications of the deadlock. but you're pro crisis that elephant in the room that nobody was talking about so far this year is back and it's back big time because ultimately fifty seven percent of the talents don't like the idea of a stereotype and they don't really want to do the sorts of things that the european union will supposed upon them that's causing us a huge problem because ultimately you've got incredible new parties like betty
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greeley or surf five star movement you've got an incredible wave of support that came back from mr berlusconi a former prime minister and so billy nations and of course not i it plays in the worst possible political limbo there's no clear ike right win or there's no clear government it's going to take weeks on end and if it really is not going to be able to reliable member of the euro zone then there probably is not going to be a euro zone but ultimately should investors lose money because of bad investment decisions well as an investor an advisor i have to say that's what we call capitalism that's what must happen and it shouldn't just be a case of the poor people innocent people are forced to suffer incredible austerity a propos of bailing ict investors and bankers. well there maybe a stalemate in italy but elsewhere in europe. coming up we report on lives of comfort turned upside down in britain with even bare necessities on the chopping block an austerity driven government. and the beauty of the beast as the georgian
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capital transforms amid architectural programs critics say that people's lives are failing to improve along with the city's. short break. well.
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that's. what. that really. is he.
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from moscow this is the weekly glad to have you back with us now israel could have become the first ever nation to enjoy the official status of america's major strategic ally this among other things could mean an obligation to support an offensive against iran the proposed legislation is to be discussed at the annual american israeli public affairs committee gathering about to kick off in washington right now despite the significant. such a move neither of the leaders of the two countries are attending geo political analyst patrick headings and says this could be a sign the israeli lobby is losing influence as we know the us and some noises coming out of washington there is quite a little contingent within the united states that is looking to perhaps get into
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the batek because she should run and not be talking abrasively as they have in previous years and israel has entered the fray israeli lobby is really putting pressure on those politicians in america to take a more israeli line which is a more hardcore lied to us to do with perhaps an flame war with iran around the big change that we're looking at is a shift there is a shift away from this kind of like allegiance to israel that is on capitol hill in washington d.c. there are splits appearing because americans are realizing that it's not in their best interest it's not in american interest to follow israel's agenda so therefore aipac is not it's not beneficial for aipac to be running the government or want it anymore as they have for the past thirty years the skyline of the georgian capital
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tbilisi is changing to a packed congress this sunday on alt. the skyline of the georgian capital tbilisi his changing with the city going through a massive renovation program but critics argue that although the country may now be more beautiful on the surface it's still ugly underneath with improvement to social and economic issues not given the same attention. it takes up a story. over the past five years georgia has changed dramatically. president mikheil saakashvili is architectural programs but not everyone is in the mood to admire these architectural novelties and his family lost their home several years ago after falling on hard times and had been promised a new flat by the city's authorities but the promise has been kept and now there are a moment group of several others who are homeless forced to find shelter in an abandoned school. this city is building and being painted but we have
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nothing it is supposed to be built for the people we are the people and we have nothing if there's no was then there's no need for all this beauty we have small children here and we live in a house with this building is no heating or electricity improving george's outlook was made a priority by saakashvili his old town has seen more than building spring up including this huge government justice department said to be the world's biggest and this gloss and steel bridge and while the public's response to the modernization has generally been positive there's been some notable criticism as well this peculiar building is probably the biggest example of it is architectural failings millions will board it was meant to become a major entertainment center now the speculation is rife that the new government is planning to scrap its construction and even dismantle the unfinished building. finding the regional advantages and that could be the fate awaiting another high profile project which saakashvili has government described as the city of dream
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structure a brand new poor it was to be built on georgia's black sea coast with its overall cost estimated at nine billion dollars now he wanted to turn into a major regional center but a call just say the whole idea was doomed to fail from the start because. that area wasn't suitable for constructing buildings they call here the area is basically a swamp this region is protected by an international convention and has always been protected we said all along this would be an enormously expensive project because it's difficult to build a skyscraper on unstable soil the first hotel spilled there immediately had problems basements were flooded. the logical plan was eventually scrapped by the new government and the same goes for many other investment plans which economists say have seen huge sums simply squander it. really is not on this
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so. they call it part of the new or development project. the way he made. huge mistakes the pride. in. their methods. it's. important for america power changed hands in georgia after saakashvili sparty lost the parliamentary election it then became clear some fundamental issues like daunting poverty with almost a third of the country's three million population living below the poverty line have largely been left unaddressed the new government hasn't yet made this economic policy clear but the gorge and his family say they could be forced to leave the temporary home at any minute and they're only left to hope that the new political elite takes notice and action of their plight. ski r.t.
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reporting from belief in georgia. let's now take a look at some other international news making headlines this hour. forces claiming they've killed in the islamist militant as it destroyed a terrorist base in the north of mali. star was the mastermind behind the hostage taking operation on a gas plant in algeria that killed thirty seven hostages in january his death has not yet been confirmed. several hundred people have attended a far right protest in the u.k. with fifteen arrested supporters of the english defense league blocked off much of the city of manchester as they marched through the streets escorted by more than three hundred police scuffles broke out between the protesters as different factions within the protest clashed three hundred fifty demonstrators took part in a counter rally against the group later in the day. hundreds of thousands of protesters have rallied in twenty cities across portugal to call for an end to deep
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budget cuts protesters in the capital lisbon held up the banners and chanted slogans against austerity measures put into place as part of an e.u. and i.m.f. bailout under the terms of the rescue portugal has to make an extra four billion euros worth of cuts over the next two years. and the rate that wages are falling in britain it's a merged is one of the fastest in europe surpassed only by three other states but while the government steams on with austerity the opposition's warning that time is short for the u.k.'s embattled middle middle class but for some as artie's reports it has all but run out. for a large part of her life liz hoggard has been tapping away building a life for herself as a freelance journalist she's been part of britain's middle class clearing credit cards pay their mortgages on time and they thrived during being but then came the
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bust and with the decline of opportunities there were for so long a middle class perk i didn't get a contract we knew because budgets were being cut and so all those little things you have in place you always live slightly on credit you know you go into interest in anticipation get paid quite soon that got much to low incomes coupled with high living costs staking fears of a shrinking little in britain is backed up in a report by the resolution foundation think tank it looked into what the future holds the ten million adults in low to middle income households and it forecast another decade of hardship well unfortunately it's a bit of a grim prospect prices have risen faster than earnings for quite some time now and what that means is that people. simmer about perhaps a little more but they can't buy as much with a stark example of this is housing
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a couple of decades ago you've had to save for a couple of years maybe three or four years to get a deposit on a house if you're a later middle income first time buyer at the moment you're looking at about twenty to say middle class trimmings like foreign holidays meals out in home improvements or on hold for the time being as liz has found out she's having to sell off possessions to pay for centuries like dental treatment. packing up the required. is quite emotional at times and you have a rush of memory and then you think for ten years and probably something really important i can find online that has revolutionized it but i also think. these books are. my face meant in a way it's really inching exhibition catalogues that i bought back if not very much money just just a normal price and then of course they become rare as the years go by so in some ways my stocks and shares been sitting on my shelves which i hadn't known about
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when you look online and i was something that was confronted so there is a sense of well at least i can pay for my newspaper and also treating that. you know you have to not be a snob in something you cannot make times that can be hard to keep up the parents says is why schemes like the one run by this store here any thought that's proving so popular you bring along a designer clothes the clinic's things at the credit which could be in the store. but it was a bit of a further structure where the first person to actually combine the dress exchange element with the charity element. and introducing the exchange voucher system rather than buying stock in. that's the kind of give and take element as more and more families look for ways to make their money go further the government's being warned that without shared growth britain risks becoming a country of two halves the rich getting richer and the middle classes increasingly
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losing out. meanwhile isn't a generation like a facing up to the reality that the britain's middle class is the next chapter is looking pretty fully fit. meanwhile welfare might be backfiring in the u.k. coming up next hour claims that government payouts prove to be more lucrative than finding a job some of those unemployed simply give up on work. and in just a couple minutes libya's interim prime minister during the civil war tells us what the future holds for his embattled country.
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these children. they're serving a sentence just like their mother. the one who's born in prison. not only for the crimes committed by their parents. kill babies on our teeth.
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is proud it was the envy of interests he had. good reason to trust no one. is flawed he was found on the floor of his huge empty house. but did he die of natural causes. the mystery of stalin sticking it out see. why would you really be in politician former high ranking official with a cut off a garment and also the former leader of the libyan revolutionary council in two thousand and eleven it's great to have you again with r.t. sir. libya has made progress after the revolution and problem into elections were held. your party won by your party the national forces lions but then the constitution your house to be drafted and country remains still much under control
11:45 pm
of the revolutionary groups and malicious who you tell us who holds real power right now in libya. well. power and in the theoretical and fishes since the trysts with their lives lead to buddy in with the government you know but realistically speaking who holds power is who holds guns you know so in a sense so there is still. this deckard to me between real power. and official policy in hopefully you know with the with the progress that we are involved in right now with those developments that some sort of compatibility between the two can be complete struck me as probably the only example of the arab spring country that was able to pick up its economy after the revolution if you look at the other countries that underwent the arab spring we get the sense that instead of prosperity they got rather in security why. well
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first of all libya did not pick up that cyclone of its economy did not pick up only the oil production was resumed you know. it's a pity you know because the. foreign countries you know. rushed into libya immediately know to start pumping oil again because it's connected to their way of life to their economies you know while the rest of the projects all over the country are still intact there are still as they were left in the seventeenth of february you know so. if it was not for this drop of oil it libya would be in the same situation like egypt and tunisia today you know so it's always the libyan economy in general. i think libya because of this oil was the subject. of being target by too many countries because this. is needed not libya maybe in.


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