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tv   Headline News  RT  March 6, 2013 2:00am-2:29am EST

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flamboyant leader who go chavez dies at fifty eight followed with you know most two year fight against cancer. battle over banker bonuses in europe sees britain a routed but still defending the lavish executive pay in london the last great industry. city in protesters in the line of fire israeli security forces are accused of resorting to live ammo was a method of crowd control. eleven am in moscow treasure bringing you our breaking news coverage here on r t venezuela's long standing president who goes chavez died after losing a battle against cancer that lasted almost two years the charismatic outspoken leader suffered a number of health complications after returning from his latest round of treatment
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in cuba seven days of mourning have started in a country where millions are grieving words of condolence of come in from around the world including from traditionally friendly latin american states as well as russia and the u.s. but among the sadness also anger venezuela's vice president nicolas maduro who broke the news and assumed power he didn't mean interim has accused the country's quote historical enemies of having a hand in his passing chavez also held a hard line and two u.s. stance during his fourteen years in power his latest reelection coming last october or marine important as mine. president chavez died around sixteen twenty five that's four forty five pm caracas time a military hospital and now that as well in vice president nicolas maduro accompanied by senior ministers announced that president chavez had passed describing the news as a moment of deep pain that the country's national armed forces also pledged their unconditional allegiance to vice president maduro chavez before he passed many
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weeks ago said that when the time would come he would like for majority to be his successor and the vote for the new president should be held within the next thirty days and will likely pit vice president doro against the prius the opposition leader and state governor who lost a shot this in the october election one recent opinion poll gave him a door as strong lead enjoying much support among many of the working class to previous in the meantime flew over to the united states over the weekend visiting miami new york author and journalist evil interest says it's no coincidence that during a time of instability in venezuela the opposition leader from that country is attending meetings in the united states this is been also typical over the past few years over the past decade really members of the opposition venezuela frequently come into the united states to meet with their either financiers because they get
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multimillion dollar funding from the u.s. government and its different agencies or from its allies their allies here in the united states primarily members. former administrations in the bush administration but also the actual administration and it clearly. was coming to the united states to miami to new york to meet with these individuals to discuss future of venezuela if you want to put it that way and chavez was one of the world's best known socialist leaders and a staunch critic of the united states chavez never held back on. and criticizing what he called the imperialistic motives of the west he ruled his country a country with the world's largest oil reserves for fourteen years he was a powerful player in the world of geopolitics i can tell you when he was visiting new york city for the annual united nations general assembly devika debate everybody anticipated that his speech the international body would be one that made headlines because he never held back he never minces words he always took on
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a challenge and he clearly was not intimidated to take on the united states and its western allies of course. states didn't have good diplomatic relations there's been comments coming from washington with officials expressing that maybe in the future now the u.s. and its well might have better diplomatic relations but google chavez whether you love her or hate him he leaves norma's big shoes to fill but an investigative journalist in asia times correspondent for a lot in america thinks the demonization of chavez in the west may continue after his death. in fact obama's message was a bit ridiculous you know he said that that we're going to stand united with the venezuelan people what kind of people does he mean does he mean that the people who elected and reelected chavez in that search scene out of fourteen democratic
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elections or does he mean these people go to new york and miami to trade martinis endemol nice job isn't a job used as evil danger strawman's this is ridiculous the most important thing in my opinion chavez in terms of a political leader he was always that referring to an international revolutionary tradition from outside to go to chat with he was like a nailed fix of geopolitics of more there geopolitics bigger than now is in fact because of the war on almost all directions at the speed and the saying is why this is the morning edition of showbiz the even boston ended who grow believe me specially in the us first of all venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world so the united states and european union they can say old you need this law forcing all you need is love to those ghastly petrol monarchies in the persian gulf
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but even as well as the leader of an israel a decided to use the oil wealth the benefit of the lower classes a bit as well this is something unheard of in the persian gulf the main question now will become venezuela's next new leader some analysts suggest it will be hard for u.s. backed opposition to overturn chavez's policies despite his lack of charisma in comparison to china asma duro is in many ways a very very popular figure in venezuela and one who would naturally win election in the new presidential elections. knighted states i do think that there are incoming there coming generation of leaders inspired by and brought up in the system the hope is that the progress that was made under the chavez government has now been institutionalized that it was not simply held together by the power of the character of chavez but rather that it is now forming that bedrock of venezuela and
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that venezuelan politics and institutions will be for ever shaped by chavez rather than simply held together by him and we spoke with an argentinean political commentator who thinks there will be a real challenge to those who want chavez's legacy to live on. my little will be official list candidate and he stands a certain he stands a very good chance of reelection especially with the country's emotional state right now but chavez had those huge enemies within minutes and more important outside of an israel so unfortunately united states in the first instance and other countries such as israel and other countries in the west in western europe will do all the cash to support the opposition candidate a guy by the name of a complete list of own speed and we could copy was rather who came in second in the presidential elections and who will definitely have all the financial political and media support global power structures against mr mugg
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a little less the chavez candidate. chavez was well known for his bum past experiences in a harsh anti u.s. rhetoric but what exactly led to his rise and how did his politics change the face of his country r.t. lucy caffein off takes a look at that. oh god where you are a military man known to many as el commandante that is the but it appears it's a good one is going to work there will be a politician devoted to promoting venezuela's role as a key player on the world stage. often a singer. sometimes a dancer occasionally a joker one some people think i'm unable to speak in public for less than five hours of that were held back no punches from a suppose it was just the day the devil came out here. right here there used to be little and it smells of sulfur still today those may
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have had many faces but it is certain that he was one of the most outspoken and influential leaders of the twenty first century. the world first met him as a young paratrooper with a tank his one thousand nine hundred two coup attempt was doomed to fail but his dream of a radical leftist revolution was not well but there was not and despite a brief prison stint for his actions chavez went on to run for president of venezuela in one thousand nine hundred eight winning the vote in assuming office in one thousand nine hundred nine under him venezuela went from being a major u.s. ally governed by and for the ruling class to a test case for the childless experiment with twenty first century socialism that meant nationalizing key sectors of the oil rich nations economy and pouring billions into welfare and social programs to help the previously marginalized poor opponents fought to remove charges from power including a two thousand and two coup attempt and a two thousand and four recall referendum was but he remained winning another term in office and the two thousand and twelve election after facing the toughest
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electoral battle of his career in his foreign policy spearheaded the creation of today's anti-imperialist left leaning bloc in latin america working to promote his vision of a multi-polar world is the follow but it wasn't all smooth sailing when it came to his dealings. in the west chavez was known to donate free heating oil to poor americans but had little love for their government relations have ranged from tense to outright hostility. then he still is independent and free and will never be a north american. but in twenty eleven childless took up a new battle to fight for his life against cancer just before the new year and after four operations in cuba chavez named his vice president as the preferred political heir the final war waged by al commandante revered by some reviled by others it is undeniable that chavez and his bolivarian revolution left a permanent mark on this country this region and the world. r.t.
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caracas venezuela. and who go chavez is a subject of our online poll on r.t. dot com or us what you think will happen after the death of a charismatic venezuelan president so far a large majority think the country will carry on as before forty two percent second place people think it will fall to the opposition backed by the west eighteen percent think the country will descend into chaos the last of all the responses that say venezuela will become more moderate well what do you think log on to argue dot com and cast your vote. meanwhile a decades long cease fire between north and south korea could cease to exist pyongyang lashing out at its southern neighbor and the u.s. of a looming american backed sanctions we find out why this time china is backing washington over its traditional ally that's still to come stay with us.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images are world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day.
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thanks for staying with us here on r t fourteen minutes past the hour now with every e.u. nation besides britain in agreement that bankers' bonuses need to be curbed the u.k. has taken it upon itself to champion executives greatest perk london fearing smaller checks at the end of the year may drive managers away depriving the country's last great industry of talent archies probably boyko has more from london. it's that time of year again bonus season is in full swing the chief executive of h.s.b.c. is set to pocket a two million pound bonus this month by the way that u.k. bank is get paid could be about to change and that's if the european union has anything to do with it at the moment the average bank
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a salary is just under seventy thousand pounds a year but bonuses for top bankers can be many times more than their baseline depending on personal performance the success of the bank and the market as a whole last year the bonus pools of leading city banks went up to as much as two point four billion pounds of b c but if the e.u. proposal goes ahead next year banks would be blocked from paying out bonuses larger than double in employees basic salary much against downing street swishes some banks. people some revenues some profits some tax revenues my would be britain and to that extent britain would be poorer voices inside the city say the big banks in the u.k. might be forced to pay higher base salaries in order to keep the most talented executives there are very few sectors in which united kingdom is the world's
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leading financial services is one of the high basics impose a constant overhead which can be adjusted easily from year to year whereas the bonuses can be part of the success of the market has been that element of flexibility you can award a larger bonus in one year and a much lower bonus in another year and with the european economy still flatlining voters want to see those bonuses brought down but there are fears that the measure could end up putting london at a disadvantage the tax take coming from banker. not just in the bonuses but in general is huge estimated to be over in the boat full to a billion pounds a year so the point here is that effectively this is taking away people from the economy this could be forcing people to go elsewhere and the
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trickle down effect of that will be dramatic overregulation and although there is has cost the k. many of its manufacturing hubs also new economies coming on board and that has see how it didn't affect bankers might not be the most popular characters in all staring at a second rate thing right now but if you're in the financial services industry it's fine so it's i think you may want to me and a few days make up what they want including charles and george i was going to say that now concerned that it can happen as things going up that it's not just on the sea of nuns and but on the british economy as a whole the rest of europe however is determined to push compensation in the financial sector said down with the final date penciled in from a bonus season next year could end up being an altogether. see london remember also online as well as on air the aerial find energy hungry japan's atomic plants coming back on stream tokyo's plans to relaunch six nuclear
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stations by the end of the year dropping its post because she will policies and resorting to pragmatism over principle. also leading dancer becoming suspect number one behind in the acid attack on the ballet director of moscow's iconic bolshoi ballet and more a click away at our. palestinians say israeli forces increasingly resorting to live ammo during peaceful rallies protest rallies even peaceful ones human rights groups reported dozens of civilian casualties from excessive use of initial israel policy denies all this but those who took part say reality is different parties paullus leader reports. nariman captured on camera the shots that would kill her brother two bullets in his
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stomach and leg. when i came people were shouting he got shot with a live i didn't know who got shot they were shouting in russia. i didn't know what to do i went down the hill where the soldiers were firing and i started shouting press press the soldiers shouted not come down will shoot you i open my camera and i decided that i'm going there even if i die. now remans brother rushdi hadn't even been part of the stone throwing my witnesses say the soldiers fired tear gas and live bullets even before the children started throwing rocks at them rushdie wasn't a part of it he went later to help evacuate the injured out of the images i wanted to throw the camera down and hold my brother in my arms but i kept filming my brother's face was covered in blood my uncle came and the soldier said do not worry it's his leg he's alive from my experience they wanted to help they would have
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called the ambulance from the closest settlement when they wanted him to leave i told them we should give him first aid and they said it is not our problem he could die. and two days later rushdie died the bullet that killed him was fired from ten meters away he was unarmed if you follow the official rules yeah it will be almost impossible to soldiers to use ammunition in these situations but we've all been there we've all done that when soldiers face palestinians on the field the the orders and missions we are getting are very far away from what the army claims officially the north says soldiers can only use live ammunition when their life is in clear danger tear gas and rubber bullets are loaned but only for dispersing crowds from a distance and we're not fired directly on the protesters but these really center for human rights has found that in total is. forces have killed fifty six what throwing palestinians since two thousand and five six were killed by rubber coated
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missile bullets and two gas canisters forty eight were killed by live ammunition are of the variations show a wide and systemic culture of the misuse of crowd control weapons by the israeli security forces in the west bank this means that the army violates its own open fire regulations regarding the use of rubber bullets tear gas it's quite of a well known practice and the army denies that it exists but in addition to apply requests for an interview the i.d.f. say that the bitset of a porch presents a biased narrative relying primarily on incidents that are too old or still under investigation by the military police the i.d.f. went on to say that the i.d.f. does everything in its power to ensure that the use of white dispersal means is done in accordance with the rules of engagement we're talking about five six hundred to one thousand teargas canisters
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a day are being shot at these protesters says it's way beyond our imagination it would harm and clouds of tear gas on a village below palestinian anger and defiance an act of despair in the face of his radio military might rushdie's nice thirteen year old i had to meet faces the soldiers after they risked her brother imprisoned her father and killed her cousin three months after this confrontation and beloved uncle rushdie would die a police free r.t. to have it be driven out of some other stories making headlines across the globe in egypt's president mohamed morsi considering a military a lockdown in the city of port side after at least fifty people wounded on a third day about arrests protests started sunday made rumors that dozens of prisoners detained over deadly football riots last year could be moved out of the city the list of grievances runs deeper though as unemployment and high energy prices are also hitting hard. in argentina twenty five
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people on trial for a host of human rights abuses including torture committed in south america in the one nine hundred seventy s. it's alleged they were part of plan cond or a scheme coordinated between the continents leaders to catch leftist activists among the twenty five defendants on the stand or argentinean junta leaders rafael the dell and reynaldo be known they are serving already serving life sentences for crimes committed under the former dictatorship of argentina got. a grenade attack in a suburb of kenya's capital nairobi left one person injured two explosives thrown onto the roof of a restaurant police and paramilitary forces later secured the scene vote counting continues in kenya following the presidential election violence after two thousand and two thousand and seven all of more than a thousand people there dead. u.s. secretary of state john kerry says he supports states in the middle east arming syria's opposition if they are sent to moderates not extremists he made the comments on
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a visit to cutter whose government's been supplying weapons to rebels this day after opposition militants overran the city of all right in the north of syria attacking symbols of the national government there in our case to make sure cross talking about five minutes we look at how weapons are getting to the rebels in syria as the conflict starts rolling in neighboring states. there is no states either from the us oh from the european union from to kill from saudi arabia in the sense of supporting them in the way the libyan opposition has supported fuel position once and i think they have the. support that aren't and they're now getting involved in training there into the u.s. is now getting involved in training. the fight that's not supposed and that's not weaponry ok matthew chance but weapon matthew jump in you use. the rebels and then you train them to use them and that's not that's not arm support that's really semantic non-sense.
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north korea has promised to cancel the cease fire deal that ended the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty s. and threatened to attack the united states with small nuclear weapons the south has warned it wouldn't hesitate to strike back pyongyang was angered by washington's plans to impose further sanctions on it by a recently launched joint military drills between america and south korea and the u.s. and the north traditional ally china reportedly want to circulate a draft resolution on restrictions at the u.n. after recent missile test but east asia expert gluten for things beijing is only siding with washington to shield itself from a bigger u.s. threat. the chinese. government is genuinely annoyed with north korea. with this particularly with the third nuclear test because it's a give you an excuse to the united states japan to deploy theater missile defense
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which nobody threatens north korea but threatens china and at the same time gets to the you much more nationalistic incoming government. and an excuse for removing article nine from the constitutions or referendum and actually tries into a degree japan where clearly those troops are no. army and navy and air force are not just for your career but also are there available with the you know the boundary disputes we have been in the region china whatever it thinks of north korea actually prefers north korea rather than the americans are only in the yellow river. crosstalk coming up next stay with us here on r.t. .
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