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insulates iconic leader of the country's president for fourteen years. a long battle with cancer at the age of fifty eight. the commandante his death raises questions over the future of the country's oil industry some of the world's largest reserves now being i'd buy many of the u.s. we look at the prospects. could move in on the town of port saeed president morsi is considering handing them full control following days of fierce clashes between protesters and police they claim lives in both camps. losing its financial clout a new party because. a hailed by taxpayers but also seen as threatening to drive executives away from the city of london.
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you're watching from the heart of moscow it's five pm in the russian capital seven days of mourning have been declared in venezuela following the death of president chavez at the age of fifty eight after he lost a long battle with cancer the charismatic leader had suffered a number of health complications after his latest round of treatment in venezuela tens of thousands of grieving supporters amassed in the streets after the news broke that chavez had passed weeping and chanting slogans the mourners vow to continue their heroes revolution but the commandante his death has left the nation politically divided i spoke about that with. he's recently returned from the country. there you see it was much maligned abroad of course but popular support at home why was chavez such a divisive divisive figure it's quite interesting to see especially on our trip there we were there for his last election and you know it's often been said the
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child this is a very charismatic figure it's been quite clear quite evident on the streets in the campaign rallies when we were there watching him operate what shawn is really did for venezuela is drastically revolutionized the way the country is run and operated before charges came to power was largely seen close u.s. ally seen as sort of embracing the western economic model chavez came from very poor background poor roots and he came to power with his self-styled so-called bowl of aryan revolution where he wanted to bring socialist ideals to the country and change the country what he meant by that is radically and empowering the poor communities that for decades had been neglected in venezuela making them feel that they mattered in a system that for many years was set up in a way that was against them he was often able to sort of connect with people in a way that other politicians you don't often see for example he would play musical instruments at his different press conferences his you know long nine hour marathon
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t.v. appearances may have been somewhat boring by even even at the political rallies for example the last one that he held before the election we were there was pouring rain he was fighting cancer we knew that he was sick and he got right up there on stage you know walked away from his security detail walked up up front and started dancing with the crowd and you sort of love him or hate him you really sort of saw the human being come through and i think that really helped people feel that they can relate to them especially the for you know you talk to his charisma there and you mention the poll in the social programs he introduced usual for some of the projects that helped consolidate his supporters take a look but for people living up in those longs or barrios there used to be no way to get down to the city to find work or go to school simply walking down those hills you think about an hour and. there used to be no public transportation until president bush has built these cable cars a literal lifeline for venezuela's or i was just cable cause was it that led to his popularity of course of course will be interesting thing as what you saw in that
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clip we were sort of driving over riding over the barrio and venezuela as a country with a massively large urban population of some twenty million people about seventeen live in cities and until chavez came to power these people didn't have access i mean they weren't physically able to get down for example into the city to get jobs that's why the cable cars were important they didn't have any social services like health care for example so chavez helped build these pre health care clinics that gave them for the first time access to services that most people in in developed countries are used to he helped create education programs he also got into these sort of micro financing programs for example if you and your friends wanted to start a sewing commune of sorts even the bank would give you money at interest rates that were much lower than typical financial operations and you were able to create businesses that way and so it really it empowered the community but it also led to criticism that he was sort of using petro dollars to win over support with the poor which we talk about how popular the last election the one you were in october the
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one you were there for was one of the most divisive it was an even though he won that election with pretty much the same percentage that he did in his very first the first time he ran for office fourteen years prior to that there were cracks that were emerging because although he won massive support with the social progress programs among the poor there work there was criticism that he wasn't this really building the kinds of institutions that would help venezuela develop economically sure they had a lot of oil dollar wealth that doesn't mean that they were necessarily building the kinds of programs that would sustain economic development and there were also other problems that had pushed supporters away even from the barrios for example the crime rate as well as a country has about twenty million people something like twenty thousand murders in two thousand and twelve just to contrast that with the united states three hundred fifteen minute. people twelve thousand murders that same year the crime rate was incredibly incredibly big issue and so was probably isn't a corruption those were also problems in the country that childlessness trying to battle but you know at the end of the day regardless of how divisive he was he's
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certainly permanently changed the picture of venezuela and also in the region because he has policies you know he didn't just work in venezuela if you try to export those policies to his allies in the region and sort of try to create radical change in that sense i love him or hate him he certainly going to be remembered for an aging legacy for sure thank you very much. well chavez will certainly be remembered but there are concerns that fascination might eventually give way to demonization in some parts of the world that's despite. condolences from the u.s. president was an investigative journalist covering latin america explains. in fact obama's message was a bit ridiculous you know he said that we're going to stand united we're given as well and people what kind of people does he mean does he mean that the people who elected and re-elected chavez in thirteen out of fourteen democratic elections or
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does he mean these people who go to new york and miami to trade martinis endemol nice job isn't a job just as evil dangerous communist this is ridiculous the most important thing in my opinion chavez in terms of a political leader he was always referring to an international revolutionary tradition from outside. he was like a nailed fruits of geopolitics of modern geopolitics bigger than now was in fact because of the war on almost all the elections that were too stupid and the thing is why this demotivation of chavez even foster north to end it will grow believe me especially in the us first of all venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world so the united states and european union they can say old you need this law forcing all you need is love to those ghastly petrol monarchies in the persian gulf but even as well as the leader of an israel a decided to use the oil wealth the benefit of the lower classes
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a bit as well this is something unheard of in the persian gulf now has championed economic reform funding it with a vast oil wealth it's one of the world's biggest oil producers and nations depending on those supplies will became the awaiting what happens next not least of course the u.s. katie pilbeam has more. venezuela is a major player in the world oil trade its deposits are estimated at around two hundred ninety seven billion barrels as you can see just there that's comparable to those of saudi arabia the world's biggest oil producer another country is currently the fifth largest oil exporter amounting to ninety five percent of the country's export earnings but actual production is far behind it that's due to decades of investment since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight or output has fallen twenty five. i swear i can tell you that right now as far as the
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oil markets are concerned the price has been relatively muted and that's because assad is it sounds travis's death was already priced in we are expecting a spike depending on who will take power less than a month's time and where their loyalties lie venezuela is one of the largest buyers of russian military hardware and trade between the two is only up russian firms have a strong presence in venice waiter's energy sector rosset is there our local has worked in the country for almost a decade now on the gas side gas problem has been there since two thousand and eight now contracts with venezuela are all based on duels made with chavez and his government and as we know ross nafs the head eagle searchin he'll actually be attending the funeral which have a says funeral and he'll probably be making sure that those deals stay intact.
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now for more on the legacy of chavez i'm joined by julia buxton senior research fellow at the university of bradford who's also acted as an election observer in venezuela thank you very much for your time do you see chavez's idea for twenty first century socialism surviving him and being continued by his successor certainly i think nicolas maduro who is being designated essentially is challenged . in these elections within the next four weeks which i think no doubt with europe is going to win there will be complete continued see by durham needs to have this continuity with chavez because it's the only way really he's going to maintain the legitimacy of the chappies the project you say you're in no doubt. why is that well the opposition have a number of structural problems they are not as popular as a chevy desire at the moment they have a kind of demographic minority within the electorate and they really have not been able to kind of bridge this gap to the poor which is essential for them to break out of that kind of silo with thirty five percent of the votes by contrast my door
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is going to benefit from the sympathy kind of backlash that we're going to get following chavez's death is going to the funeral coming up you know there's going to be all the grief we have this enormous symbolism around the revolution all of which will play ideally into them a drone campaign do you think the opposition could be aided in any way by outside foreign interference intervention. i think probably the opposition would be catastrophic liam to mind if we had outside its variance when we had for example the united states providing resources to the opposition to the national endowment for democracy that served only to really distance the opposition from the electorate because the opposition is looking to the united states which is providing the money rather than to the popular base that it was trying to build so the more incidents we have in the national political system of the more problematic it will be for the opposition in our shop was won by a narrow margin back in october is not a sign in any way that his or forty was on the way. well now i think it was an astonishing victory for jobs in october it's had
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a percent lead over his nearest rival i think given that this was you know fourteen years that we've had of chavez to still have this honeymoon period in this tremendous of appeal amongst the electorate in this one loss was a remarkable achievement at the time of the election there was significant estimates that the opposition might win and we had opinion polls showing that they went to hide but ultimately childish try and so i think that the results in outside were very very strong and significant for the chinese looking at the wider region how big a blow was the death of chavez to latin america's leftist leaders. well i think chavez obviously there's been a strong emphasis on chavez as the leader of the latin american left but you know these are national governments which also respond to their national priorities and national sensitivities so certainly chavez is going to be a significant loss in terms of the initiatives of the dialogue which has been so binding for the latin american presidents but overall i think that there will be this sense that latin america has to move on the legacy of chavez will remain but ultimately the region will move ahead julia box and senior research fellow at the
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university bradford thank you very much for your time and we're interested in your view and what awaits venezuela next year you can head to our web site r.t. dot com and vote in our poll and you can let us know what you think will happen following the death of who goes chavez and here's how pinion is divided so far almost half believe that country will carry on as. before led by the vice president you can see there in the blue forty six percent around a third say venezuela might fall into the opposition hands which is backed by the us a little less fear that the country will descend into chaos due to an imminent power struggle and finally in the green nine percent i think venezuela will become more moderate under a new leadership you can have your say you can affect that pie chart right there on r.t. dot com. and i will be back with more international news after this break. these
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with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. you're watching a live from moscow. egypt's president mohamed morsi is considering giving the military full control of the rest of town of course following days of deadly clashes at least six people have been killed and hundreds wounded in the latest wave of street battles between security forces and young egyptians ati's cairo correspondent beltran brings us more. president mohamed morsi met with top security officials on tuesday reportedly to discuss pulling the police out of the restive city of science and instead putting the military in place this is because of the four days of clashes between police and antigovernment protesters in this restive city protesters torching the national security agency building with additional
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fires in the governor had courtis and the security directorate this comes of course i had a very contentious verdict on saturday for this point saeed football massacre that took place last year in february and it started when thirty nine defendants were moved from a prison the families of those defendants in this case were very upset with this and so the conscious began between the police and protesters saying hundreds injured and at least five killed meanwhile we have violence here in the capital as well just off to his square by the nile has been intermittent street battles between anti-government protesters and police although the opposition is not cohesive there are definitely similar grievances being expressed across the country that there's been no change since the revolution in two thousand and eleven a feeling that president obama is making very unpopular decisions such as backing this four point eight billion dollar i.m.f. loan which will see subsidies cuts and tax hikes in addition people are saying that
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the constitution was drafted by islamist dominated constituent assembly so people really have a feeling that nothing has changed and there are many problems in the country which means there is very likely this is the violence is likely to continue in the next few weeks. britain has been left a lonely voice in the e.u. by defending bankers' bonuses as the rest of the book aims to rein them in the measures are popular with austerity hit europeans many of whom i say it's the bankers who triggered the financial rollercoaster in the first place well it seems pretty boy explains just why britain is so adamant. it's that time of year again bonus season is in full swing the chief executive of h.s.b.c. is set to pocket a two million pound bonus this month by the way that u.k. bank is get paid could be about to change that's if the european union has anything to do with it at the moment the average bank a salary is just under seventy thousand pounds
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a year but bonuses for top bankers can be many times more than their baseline depending on personal performance the success of the bank and the market as a whole last year the bonus pools of leading city banks went up to as much as two point four billion pounds of b.c. but if the e.u. proposal goes ahead next year banks would be blocked from paying out bonuses larger than double an employee's basic salary much against downing street swishes some banks some teams of people some revenue some profits some tax revenue. and to that extent written for voices inside the city say that big banks in the u.k. might be forced to pay higher base salaries in order to keep the most talented executives there are very few searchers in which united kingdom is a world leading financial services is one of the high basics impose
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a constant overhead which can be adjusted easily from year to year whereas the bonuses can be part of the success of the market has been that element of flexibility you can award a larger bonus in one year. another year and with the european economies still flatlining voters want to see those bonuses down but there are fears that the measure could end up putting london at a disadvantage to the text. coming from because not just in the bonuses but in general is huge estimated to be over and above forty billion pounds a year so the point here is that effectively this is taking away people from the economy this could be forcing people to go elsewhere and the trickle down effect of that will be dramatic overregulation cost the
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many of its manufacturing hubs also new economies coming on board and that has obviously had an effect i think is might not be the most popular or it is in all sincerity stricken we're seeing right now but if we're in the financial services industry it's fine so it's i think you hate me and don't you think one thing that is leading child said george osborne say that they're concerned that it could happen i think that it's not just on the city of london but on the british economy as a whole the rest of europe however is determined to push compensation in the financial sector down with the final penciled in from a bonus season next year could end up being an altogether more. see. now both on and off the stage one of the bolshoi theatre is top dog who recently played ivan the terrible has admitted he was behind a shocking acid attack on the company's director. police say pavel dmitrichenko was
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linked to a personal dislike for his boss two of the suspects who were detained also admitted they were involved in the assault it was in january when he was attacked by a man who threw acid in his face leaving the ballet chief nearly blinded for more on the behind the scenes in fighting at russia's main theatre you can visit our web site r t v dot com. to other international news this hour europe's largest active volcano has erupted in a stunning display of sprouting love and weaving small small villages residing on the slopes of mount etna said to be at risk over a number of roads in the area helping blocks the volcano which is situated on the it's hardly an island of sicily rises more than three thousand meters above the ground in a runs a number of times each year. huge crowds have rallied in the philippines after one of the country's muslim groups was attacked by security forces a territorial dispute in malaysia yes strike was carried out on tuesday in the
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state of some the hundreds of thousands of filipino settlers protesters accuse the country's president of abandoning his people in the territorial struggle and a peaceful resolution to the struggle. the sixty people have been arrested following a huge student through canada's city of montreal protesting a three percent hike intuition face police in riot gear used tear gas and sound bombs to disperse the crowds the students claim they have been cheated off to believe in a promise to be made to freeze the freeze at a summit last month. israeli troops are increasingly resorting to live gunfire against protesters in the west bank that's according to palestinian reports officials in tel aviv deny the misuse of crowd control weapons before the i.d.f. soldiers and human rights groups say the practice is only being brushed under the carpet. nariman captured on
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camera the shots that would kill her brother two bullets in his stomach and leg several holes so when i came people were shouting he got shot with a live bullet i didn't know who got shot they were shouting russia. i didn't know what to do i went down the hill where the soldiers were firing and i started shouting press press the soldiers shouted not come down will shoot you i open my camera and i decided that i'm going there even if i die. now remans brother rushdi hadn't even been part of the stone throwing eyewitnesses say the soldiers fired tear gas and live bullets even before the children started throwing rocks at them rushdie wasn't a part of it he went later to help evacuate the injured but of the militias i wanted to throw the camera down and hold my brother in my arms but i kept filming my brother's face was covered in blood my uncle came and the soldier said do not worry is his leg he's alive from my experience they wanted to help they would have
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called the ambulance from the closest settlement where they wanted him to bleed i told them you should give him first aid and they said it is not our problem he could die. and two days later rushdie died the bullet that killed him was fired from ten meters away he was unarmed if you follow the official rules yeah it will be almost impossible to soldiers to use ammunition in these situations but we've all been there we've all done that when soldiers face palestinians on the field the the orders and missions we are getting are very far away from what the army claims officially the law says soldiers can only use live ammunition when their life is in clear danger tear gas and rubber bullets are allowed but only for dispersing crowds from a distance and when not fired directly on protesters but these really center for human rights has found that in total israeli forces have killed fifty six rock throwing palestinians since two thousand and five six were killed by rubber coated
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missile bullets and two gas canisters forty eight were killed by live ammunition power of the variations show a wide and systemic culture of the misuse of crowd control weapons by the israeli security forces in the west bank this means that the army violates its own open fire regulations regarding the use of rubber bullets tear gas it's quite a well known practice and the army denies that it exists but in addition replied requests for an interview the i.d.f. say that the bestseller porter presents a biased narrative relying primarily on incidents that are too old or still under investigation by the military police the i.d.f. went on to say that the i.d.f. does everything in its power to ensure that the use of white dispersal means is done in accordance with the rules of engagement we're talking about five six hundred one thousand tear gas canisters a day are being shot and these protesters as it's way beyond our imagination there
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would be about clouds of tear gas on a village. palestinian anger and defiance an act of despair in the face of his radio military might rushdie's and. thirteen year old i had to meet faces the soldiers after they whisked her brother in prison to father and killed her cousin three months off to this confrontation and beloved uncle vashti would die. to have it. stay with us for our latest documentary called jail baby starts coming up after this break and. all. wealthy british style. sometimes it's classified.
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