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tv   Headline News  RT  March 7, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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using captured peacekeepers as human shields in the disputed golan heights despite calls by the un for their immediate release. the un security council unanimously votes to adopt more sanctions on north korea following pyongyang's nuclear tests last month. bolshoi ballet dancer pavel dmitrichenko could spend up to twelve years in prison for masterminding an attack on his artistic director the soloist admitted his involvement but said splashing acid on his boss wasn't the plan. and venezuelans are in mourning the country braces itself for change after the death of its flamboyant media has examined the prospects of the political transition our top stories this hour.
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this is r.t. can be live from the russian capital with you twenty four hours a day syrian activists are reporting clashes and shelling in the golan heights where a group of un peacekeepers are currently being held hostage by syrian rebels united nations is demanding the immediate release of the twenty one peacekeepers that medicine say they are using the observers as human shields and will hold them until syrian government forces pull back from a nearby village middle east correspondent has the details. all twenty one you in personnel were unarmed they're all from the philippines and we've heard from the philippines foreign office who has demanded their immediate release the philippines government says that they are being treated well that negotiations are underway to try and secure the release of the militants are admitting that they took these u. n. personnel to try and prevent an attack by assad's loyalists in other words what we're seeing is that the rebel forces are using this you emptying as human shields now
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the u.n. has of course condemned this act this action we've heard criticism particularly from moscow at the united nations there is no reason at all under any circumstances any kind of a sick imagination to try to harm or harm those people so clearly gross disrespect for united nations gross disrespect of the international norms of behavior now the united nations is currently also involved in negotiating their immediate release according to the united nations its team were on a regular mission in the area we're talking about an area not far from the israeli syrian border that happened earlier on wednesday when they were taken hostage. there are a new u.n. teams came under fire ten times from the syrian rebels last year and a group also seized near the jordanian border this january talk to these are the new university in jordan says he's not remotely surprised this rebel going is
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behind such illegal actions. it says something about the shade the united church of these so-called rebels that are being promoted by nato countries and g.c.c. at the same time human rights watch said that these same rebels the so-called martyrs of yarmouk group are being investigated for the summary execution of armed groups that were caught surge from a syrian post nearby at the same time out of league countries decided that these rebels are to be armed further afield look at this whole picture. you will find easily that the problem is not with those rebels but with those who are supporting them the ones that are arming them wine and sing them and providing them with political support this makes nato countries g.c.c. of all motors accessories storm out of the kidnapping violation of international
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law what you are dealing with they are as star as i'm pure and simple the more you get of the more they well they mount leading up to the hostage crisis western powers in that arab allies have been stepping up support for the syrian rebels arab league ministers have decided to let member states antigovernment fighters but some like germany have surprisingly want against sending weapons to the minutes and opposition but it is also so far remained hesitant over a training mission unlike britain and france and he has this report. the shift is on the heels of secretary of state john kerry announcing last week that the u.s. would finally provide direct aid to the syrian opposition and help push forward the two year fight to topple president assad the just here the non lethal aid opposition groups despite not being united are already getting plenty of cash arms and training from friends in the region especially gulf states like saudi arabia
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qatar well not only were the rebels disappointed the u.s. isn't being more generous with their weapons they're having a bit of a laugh online check out this video that has emerged on facebook of fighters on the ground trying to survive on so-called non-lethal weapons take a closer look great model a chair even what looks like some kind of sanitizing hand jealousy later in the video you can hear what sounds like actual intent shelling at some point it's really the only defense these silly makeshift weapons surely many civilians on the ground won't find this funny especially with the international community finally realizing the fact that sending more arms especially lethal arms could worsen an already dire situation most recently germany's foreign minister warning against sending arms to militants in syria saying that such a measure would broaden the conflict in the country and throughout the region. anger in egypt for the city of port side once again the epicenter of the troubles.
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egyptian army and police struggle to control the city which has been plagued with an arrest and violence for a fourth day we report on that later in the program. but first the bolshoi ballet dancer suspected of masterminding an attack on his artistic director is facing twelve years in jail together with two others involved in the assault he's charge of causing grievous bodily harm at thursday's pretrial hearing in a moscow court of public said he did order the attack but didn't mean for his boss to be splashed with acid artie's tom barton has been following the scandal. on march the sixteenth pavel dmitrichenko was due in the bolshoi theater behind me to take part in another great performance there he will not be there he will be staying in detention and least until april the eighteenth a judge has ordered
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that's when the investigation will wrap up into this case of this acid attack possibly longer that was ordered by a pretrial a pretrial detention hearing today and that was after mr ricci chain co had said that he did admit that he had committed a crime but he had to collude with his two accomplices and paid them about one and a half thousand dollars but he did not plead guilty to ordering them to throw acid in the face of surrogate fill in the direct the artistic director of the bolshoi theater there is a cloud of rumor circling around this case and there will be as long as it is as long as it goes on all of this stuff sort of starts to fall away from hard facts and it's a lot more based around rumor the police have said that as far as their statement goes that there was a lot of animosity between surrogate filin and pavol demitra cenk over and that the
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this attack was likely due to tensions at work beyond that though there is widespread rumors that it may have to do with the puzzle to me to change girlfriend also a famous dancer at the bolshoi who has been turned down by surrogate fill in more than once for lead roles in ballets there and that that may also may have had something to do with this fall out which resulted in this acid being thrown in surrogate felons face the trials will take its time to unravel all of this attention surrounded around these individuals and the bolshoi is making this theater and everyone connected with it famous for all the wrong reasons. entertainment correspondent martin andrews told my colleague matt transit about the
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ugliest side to life on the stage of the bolshoi. in the front seat you see a beautiful production but really the drama backstage is i think it's everyday life in a production house and that's what it is it's a factory from from the problems with the understudies from the problems because thing from the problems of of of management who were dances they were bitter about their faded career it's not an easy world to be in and obviously the the rivalries between companies within moscow and with the mets and the skull and they all want to be at the top of their game and tensions are always high in fraud and this is the first time we've had these sort of things happen right well this is certainly very severe but there been other kind of scandals what is this it's called drama for a reason if a year ago stravinsky's rite of spring was postponed and in fact one of the dances that. she was actually said that she was threatened by various people and she she actually went over to canada in fear of her life in fear of that it would escalate
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beast and shins between the theatrical ballet world would escalate into violence and obviously as we see with the result. that happened in january it happens and this may reduce it down to a level of a cliche but we have this blockbuster movie black swan that claim that's absolutely what it's like with the black swan film nothing portman really highlights the you know the extremities and the tensions and especially with the with the management with the hiring in the firing it's everyday life and it's sometimes it can seem like a wonderful place to work but it they reality is somewhat different. auntie live here in moscow still to come for you we examine venezuela's upcoming political transition after the death of its charismatic leader hugo chavez also ahead for you this breaking with tradition. the shining the mainstream parties opting instead for alternatives we take you closer look at the trend shortly after this break stay
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with us. did any of you seen darth vader and storm troopers trying to make their way into the ukrainian justice ministry as part of a protest well probably a lot of you saw this fun viral video but how many people remember what exactly they wanted and what their protest demands were all about probably not that many trust me i just did it using wacky protest tactics gets media attention and if you are pushing a cause that media attention is critical but when no one even gets what you want or why you are in that wacky costume it doesn't help there seems to be like almost a protest a culture and language like you see people protesting there so satisfied with themselves in their costumes and silly gimmicks but if your protest is actually aimed at people in power then how is it going to cure cost of goods with the opinion of heartless bureaucrats sitting in some soulless office again media
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attention is great but if you want to be taken seriously wearing a rainbow wig and thought while fighting for your rights doesn't seem to send the right message but that's just my opinion. continues here in r.t. in egypt there have been four days of continual breaks of violence no protesters set streets on foreign port saïd and a challenge to the state's authority and security forces were deployed to the scene and rotting crowds are demanding the release. prisoners charge for their involvement in the deadly soccer stadium disaster in the city a year ago. egyptian american journalist of democracy now thinks that these soccer massacre verdicts have a lot to do with the undercover political games. the verdict that came down really was something all seen as
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a very politicized judgment in the eyes of many especially if you consider in the lights of the fact that over a thousand protesters that have died since the beginning of the revolution no senior police officer has been held accountable for any of their debts and now we have the sweeping judgment that has handed down twenty one death sentences against all of them fans of a soccer team being handed down so i think in the eyes of many especially of course those imports this was seen as a politicized judgment and one that was seen to play can't ultra's a player with the rifle club of whom seventy or more the some took there from start in that soccer riot in february two thousand and twelve so we're still waiting to see what's going to happen in the second part of that verdict that's expected on saturday the british ships coming down on there's over seventy people charged in this case we have twenty one deaths such as that were had the other fifty people who are charged include security officials some members of the ministry of interior
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as well as city officials from port side as well the people working in the stadium and so forth. i think a many people expect that whatever the verdict comes down that some party will be angry either people in port site or people in cairo or both if the security officials are seen as getting off with a very light sentence or getting innocent then i think both sides will be very angry and see and this lingering sense of injustice that is hanging over egypt for the past two years. a good night on the streets of port side and cairo so the government says so what is going to happen exactly when really why i think what goes to the heart of it is that there hasn't been much more any plans for a form on the state bureaucracy on how citizens in the state are dealt with. the will even just switched who was at the top from bottom to mohamed morsi and many people are now protesting against the brotherhood on how morsi saying that instead
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of trying to really reform citizens' visions trying to assert control remember it's not listening. well we can now cross live to egypt to our correspondent in caro bill true. well tell us what do you know what is happening in port side either at the moment. well i'm here in port and what we're seeing is continued if not i think later in clashes between government protesters and the police right by security buildings that have been torched over the course the last few days earlier today i saw at least seven security officers on top of the buildings throwing rocks down on protesters protesters also throwing molotov cocktails at the security forces who are responding with very heavy use of that take us and all.
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about that and if we've lost a belled true there. as it was mistakenly saying is using car as she is indeed in the port side where that violence really is increasing throughout the city and we hope to get contact with bell a little later on today here in our to a little earlier i did talk to a while she's in carson are there she is in port side where it is all happening at the moment so we'll follow those developments and possible the details as soon as we get them here in r.t. . the u.n. security council has stepped up sanctions against north korea in response to pyongyang's defiant nuclear test last month the resolution for more penalties was unanimously approved by all fifteen member states while the u.s. has threatened even more harsh measures if north korea carries out yet another atomic test what is going to come has more. well north korea is definitely paying
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the price for that nuclear test last month the un security council has unanimously condemned the test and now they also unanimously voted on a resolution to strengthen sanctions on north korea yet again the sanctions will target north korean banks and cash core years who might be funneling money to to the regimes nuclear and missile programs the resolution also outlines the measures to step up scrutiny of suspicious sea shipments and air cargo and expense restrictions on several institutions and senior officials in north korea's weapons industry as well as a range of materials and technology known to be used as uranium enrichment this is just yet another round of sanctions on north korea you can say the world is united on that although china is north korea's ally to condemned the test together with all other members of the security council north korea carried out a nuclear test in two thousand and six in two thousand and nine which prompted the
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security council to impose sanctions including a ban on the import of nuclear and missile technology and an arms embargo while two months ago they tightened those sanctions against pyongyang in response to its december rocket launch and now there are some doubts on the effect of those sanctions what's also contributing to the tension the u.s. and south korea started their joint military exercises this week the combination of sanctions and military drills by the u.s. and south korea has sent the isolated regime in pyongyang into a frenzy of threats north korea has called the annual drills an open declaration of war so further military buildup around north korea could actually to the simmering tensions. well for more on the story let's talk to him and he wore it to his brand backer he's from the antiwar answer coalition joining me live from washington brian prior to these sanctions being announced north korea did actually threaten a nuclear strike against the u.s. that's not likely to happen though is it. well it's not likely to happen i think
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the north koreans realize that the u.s. with three thousand operational and seven thousand nuclear weapons overall would as colin powell said in one thousand nine hundred five when he was threatening north korea turn their country into a charcoal briquettes another words the overwhelming power of the american nuclear machine is as great indeed but i think we have to step back and see what's really going on because the north koreans realize that the united states strategy with that right wing government in south korea and pressuring china north korea's traditional ally to go along with the program because i think china fears after the asia pivot that there's a growing danger of an actual war in the pacific to to isolate north korea but what has north korea done north korea has carried out a nuclear test the third but they're doing it in response to major massive u.s.
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military exercises that our kids are conducted in a way to stage a mock invasion and bombing of their country a country that was indeed invaded twenty years ago exactly twenty years ago in fact the u.s. strategic command said we're reorienting us hydrogen bombs away from the soviet union this is after the demise of the u.s.s.r. and now targeting north korea and that's when d.p. r. k. withdrew from the nonproliferation treaty and began building with great earnestness its own nuclear capacity and is that nuclear capacity though a threat to the region as well as other parts of the world indeed even the anti missile defense system in eastern europe is being described as defensive action against north korea is it really a threat. well it's not really a threat in the sense that i mean that i said a moment ago the u.s. has such a preponderance of force but the north koreans interestingly in february just a month ago said the lesson of the libyan invasion and the iraq invasion that
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happened ten years ago when the u.s. forces you there invaded or bombed governments that had been targeted was that both of those governments had agreed to disarm that they had abandoned any weapons of mass destruction and the north korean interpretation of that is if you disarm the u.s. won't say think you let's have peace but the u.s. will say thank you now we can prepare more aggressively for an invasion or a bombing campaign north korea is determined not to let that happen and that's how their they view the development of their nuclear arsenal it is strictly defensive it's not a threat. next and these sanctions even tougher sanctions against north korea the previous ones didn't seem to have much effect short of military action what can be done. well i think the economic sanctions are having a very big impact i think the united states is now using their depriving korea basically of access to international banking they're doing to korea and they hope
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if they can break china away that this can be a complete doing to korea what they did to iraq as a precursor to carrying out regime change again i think what needs to happen is that the u.s. needs to stop threatening north korea it needs to sign a peace treaty which it refuses to do it actually ending the korean war rather than just an arm assist which was signed july twenty seventh one thousand fifty three sixty years ago they need to lift the sanctions and they need to normalize relations that almost happened in the last days of the clinton administration that was the beginning of a thaw the united states could go in that road but it seems that the obama administration's act in a lot like george w. bush and so you're saying that donald is really the only way forward but there's been a lot of rhetoric and many traction threat of military action against iran over its perceived nuclear threat we're actually seeing really the same sort of rhetoric over north korea military attack well i actually think the korean peninsula is so hot it's so tense. it's the most heavily militarized
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part of the world i think even though none of the countries none of the parties want a full scale war any small incident in the korean peninsula could lead to both sides stepping up on the escalation ladder that's how war start even when there there is no intention for war so the need now is to reduce tensions in the onus for that is not on north korea which is not really threatening the united states it's the united states should stop carrying out wargames simulating the invasion and bombing of north korea and it should lift sanctions and it is a cool significant problem is that briefly the china has actually cooperated with the u.s. and the u.n. over these latest round of sanctions that's an interesting move is it not yes and i think it's a. china pursuing an appeasement foreign policy with the united states after the obama administration announced that pivot towards asia sixty percent of the
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u.s. navy is going to be in the pacific waters us as militarizing its presence in the pacific china is very worried that the korean peninsula could become a spiral like a larger conflagration right on its own boundaries so they are upset with north korea but north korea isn't listening to china they're not thinking mainly about china they're mainly thinking how do we avoid being collapsed either by economic sanctions or military pressure or a combination of brian thanks so much antiwar activists brian becker from the answer coalition joining us live there from washington we appreciate time thank you . this is our team come to you live from the russian capital with you twenty four hours a day and it's now twenty four minutes past the hour let's return to one of our main stories this hour and that is of course in egypt there have been four days of continual rioting and violence in port side a little earlier we spoke to our correspondent bill true imports and we lost our communication we can rejoin and now bell. telus let's try again what is happening
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now in port st. great timing there thank you very much bell we just lost or have a mind worth a try we're trying to get back to in the next if we can here on r.t. apologies for that other news now underway venezuelans have been paying their respects to the country's late. he's in june a long battle with cancer but it was said to be a heart attack which killed the president of fourteen years his funeral is now set for friday the more the russian president vladimir putin said that chavez will be remembered as someone who always had the people's best interests in mind. the correct total on chavez was a brave and very thorough man who was able to showcase strong character to go through with his plans he genuinely wanted to rid the countries poor citizens of their plight and improve their lives but chavez became the symbol of independence throughout latin america while he was still alive he joined the legendary ranks of simon bolivar fidel castro and shake of our. well questions in the melting of the
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future of the country's political direction vice president nicolas maduro is the interim leader and this would be expected to succeed chavez when snap elections are carried out in a month's time as you feel in the produce of ortiz video agency ruptly gauge the atmosphere in the venezuelan capital. caracas today is the streets are very calm but really very somber gristly the coffin of hugo chavez was taken through the streets today and was finally taken to the military academy where thousands of people have gathered outside the military academy and there's a queue which seems to know no end of people who are waiting to be able to see the body of hugo chavez and pay their final respects people are still very much in a state of shock obviously hugo chavez has been battling with cancer for a very long time at the moment there's a lot of confusion about what kind of coming days and weeks have to bring all of the projects back. over the last fourteen years that he was in power benefited the
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most marginalized sections of venezuelan society of course before hugo chavez came into power in one thousand nine hundred nine when israel was one of the most unequal societies and that gap has been reduced because of a number of social programs that were brought in by hugo chavez thanks to be immense oil wealth that this country has and. chavez came to power in one thousand nine hundred nine much of that oil wealth was obviously going into the pockets of a very small elite in venezuela. and which. supporters today say form the backbone essentially of the opposition that if that opposition they get power then essentially the country would back to pre-one thousand nine eleven stream and quality obviously we know that there's going to be elections in the next thirty days and among the supporters of the people who have been out in the streets today they're very confident that the vice president nicolas maduro is going so comfortably win the next elections but of course you know that remains to be seen.
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more news now from around the world starting with italy this hour and former premier silvio berlusconi has been sentenced to one year in jail he was convicted over the illegal publication of a wiretapped phone call in a case related to a two thousand and five banking scandal but it's going to it's already appealing another conviction and he's also facing two other trials connected with tax fraud and paying for sex with underage prostitutes the seventy six year old is expected to appeal against this latest verdict remains free for the time being. this is outside the philippines embassy in kuala lumpur are demanding the arrest of a separatist leader whose groups attempting to claim an area in malaysia thirty two of the separatists sultans government have been killed in an ongoing crackdown on militant elements in the border region of suburb just yesterday an airstrike followed by large scale ground operations were launched in a tent to flush out the insurgents tension is also mounting in the philippines where locals continue to protest against their leader's handling of the situation.
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police and french coworkers have clashed in front of the goodyear headquarters in paris others employees protested in the attempt to save their factory from closure john wants to cut costs by moving production to china four hundred people are said to lose their jobs if the company goes ahead with the location plan. so that brings up the big for the moment kitty she is here and she has all the latest business news for two big oil giants have now just concluded a massive contract on the ross nafta russia's gas major as we know and also america's exxon mobil they're going to be drilling in the gulf of mexico is actually the subsidiary of. the gas and they're going to have thirty percent of the contracts seventy percent will stay with exxon and it's a huge deal as you know two biggest oil companies in the world as this was all details on this one now the two ahead. igor sechin and exxon's steven
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greenly they've signed the papers as seismic analysis is said to be already underway some will retain a seventy percent stake and put three point two billion dollars towards the operation exxon maybelle partnering with the gas america shelf unit will remain the main operator in the blocks covering over one hundred thousand acres in the region and this is just the latest in a series of joint ventures between the two. oil tight now it is indeed a fish surely a woman stay here in moscow now both so from now on the business by the end it's going to be all about women and the celebration of women in business all right ok and no chance for any men to have their say no well nothing in the middle east you know we know that all right thank you very much. be back with more news just put it in about twelve minutes from now.
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wealthy british style. time to. go. to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger the no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on. his power was the envy of employers. he had good reason to trust no one. his body was found on the floor of his huge empty. but did he die of natural causes. the mystery of stalin's day and see.
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a lie though welcome to the female business by the same program and the on a of international calls over twenty five years ago in one thousand nine hundred seven months forbes magazine began to track the fortunes of billion as wild wise the list only feet to a woman this year the female presence agrees to one hundred in the cia's which is so low when you consider that there are one thousand four hundred twenty six bit as in total on the full list but also hundred full women the last yes so the poll to feel well done i said is still tatts so who all these. power forward in that world the richest woman all on the planet is little boss in court
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a major shareholder in cosmetics giant a l'oreal she replaced wal-mart christy walter now ranked as the ninth richest person on the network of thirty billion u.s. dollars now i'm only self-made women though those who were born with a silver spoon i'm talking about talk show host oprah you can see it just there also harry potter righted j.k. rowling as well and designer tory burch incredibly glamorous lady now alongside these inspiring maid is another eleven women among the planet's one hundred wealthiest now there were no russian women featured on the list which is rather disappointing and puzzled me at least today i asked helen are small and the deputy editor in chief of the magazine brush up on the struggles russian women face
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in business. i have a theory of mind on this matter but i think that our the worst enemy of women nowadays in russia are themselves because you can hear very very often when women they underestimate themselves they try to to seem stupid they try to hide their abilities they're afraid to build their careers because i don't know probably they're afraid no one will marry them that kind of stuff because in my experience i have i have faced some kind of sexism in your everyday life but i never have faced it didn't business and i never do think that a lot of women but i do think that's the biggest challenge that for women what the a business do you think they do you say sexism still and this day and age do you think it's still a real big hurdle for women to jump. i think so i think it's kind of
3:35 pm
a big problem and we just have to work on that and probably it will change someday but then again you experience it and you not to sit very often from women themselves they just they just drop their koreas leave them marriages and kids which is wonderful and i my this are but you don't entirely have to choose between those two and they do but why do you think there is such. a balance in terms of women are men what means to change in order for that to change probably. you just have to understand there's nothing frightening and strong successful women i think this this is the most. the thing that haunts women most because very often russian men perceive this hardworking women as kind of
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i don't know i'm sorry. mannish very frightening. that's just not the role model you want to follow so the more you show are right role models right examples the faster it will change. and on to yet another powerful woman on the global stage russia's presidential advisor casino you dive a she says this ship russia's duty may drop significantly if a mess is if america's sequester situation of the year as i'm problems persist and perhaps even turn more negative russia may stay down to two point five percent and her female v.a. almost hoth of the initial g.d.p. growth low cost of four. course we saw with two frozen need and saw all kind of work to be over who we are no longer going to see this anymore
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in the next. several quarters not because it's a rigid coup you possible but just because politicians love and lots of measures have been implemented to prevent the sit you deep worst of the enormous situation that once countries themselves but i think that while we're already observed the group rates. are in the order of sheet of two two point five percent in the last quarter's and i think that this is the kind of effect we we trigger and can see rate in some kind of one percent decline even. growth rate due to the external situation. gets markets more positive news for the u.s. it keeps on coming that says the number of americans who applied last week for new employment fell to the lowest level in a month and half and hovered just above a five year low offering another sign that the outlook for hiring might be on the
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upswing in the european markets then they. gain this is a soft of european central bank she kept rates on hold as expected all through successful spanish auction to the bank of england also kept their rates on hold as expected as well as check out the currencies and see what the russian ruble did it managed to actually lose out against the us dollar a year ago last trading day of the week actually here russia because of woman check out to see how they finished up then we got the r.t.s. on the my six just the r.t.s. up around two tenths of a percent the my six down just a notch just one basis point or oil was under pressure all day long and that didn't help matters but luke although did she manage to gate around one percent of good financial results. back to women then with one of the most successful ladies in equity trading here in russia
3:39 pm
a woman that made it to the top of international sales of the financial corp you could come says that the financial world would be far more simple if latest strategy is dominating the market she shared with us how it is to work in the ash man's world of bulls is to me it's not a man's world really it's rather a world of those who would like to claim ownership on it man or woman but then there is super success when we talk about power roles and talk about presidents prime ministers c.e.o.'s of global corporations and indeed if you look at those roles the presentation of women is quite small there and you wonder why. i would say that probably it's a matter of choice because if a woman once to act like men to sound like a man to look like men. then for sure the doors open and obviously if you think about these people in these roles immediately the image is of someone who actually
3:40 pm
lex femininity which is a trade off that you have to take but the issue is that it's definitely possible there's no prostitution there whatsoever. but the important thing is that women who get in their power world should not forget that. they should not claim their femininity over there what are the special characteristics a woman should require to be successful in this world it's definitely a pleasure in a way i think and in an environment of mostly predominantly men it's almost cute to be a woman working in the finance environment i can tell you that in my experience in a less stressful system than men than women. women actually deal with emergency situations that are and they're more multitask but at the same time the less a woman concentrates on being a woman versus being men the better in the finance environment for sure and any
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sort of environment. if the world will be dominated by women how different will it be there will be less bubbles many women who are making it in finance are more risk taking versus average women on the street they're still probably less of a gambler versus men and they're more. geared towards preservation rather than rather than maybe. you know well and preservation in many cases strategy of preservation works better than some irrational exuberance and a desire to increase wealth multifold so i guess that's why the habs. will be safer for the world in a way. early business for now i'll be back tomorrow with plenty more up next we got bill with more news here on out a stay for. victims
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multiply here each day. it's very profitable to invest in colombia with the very profitable is a very high return on investment. you'll know me that he has said that i've been working in this area for thirty years and i've always had to pay the armed groups that they needed betis i knew that about a managers who changed their name and strategy about it and just tell the same murderous. high ranking suspects give no comment pretty upset on that mr president you assume. the president putin. but the media. i won't give an interview i'm sorry but no. investigation is a dead. end and he says sick and stop your bullshit and keep quiet
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or else you'll suffer the consequences. even if they're your bodyguards to watch themselves because the same goes for them. blood rivers from gold sink i've never heard of such a case as ours are so much money and gold has been stolen for so many years. for all the gold in colombia on our t.v. . you mean speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks books such as the ip interviews intriguing story for you to. see then try. to find out more visit arabic all teeth dogs call.
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continues here on t. the u.k.'s traditional political parties are losing supporters to their normal mainstream rivals the conservatives suffered a major blow at the recent by election easily beaten into third place by the u.k. independence party they once described by prime minister david cameron as a bunch of fruitcakes loonies and closet racists or the sort of first looks at the shifting shape of british politics. britain's political landscape is changing the stranglehold of the old three party system appears to be listening and it's opened the door to some colorful alternatives to the polls and percentages and opinions from politicians and pundits it can be hard to get a clear picture of exactly what's happening in british politics right now as that
3:45 pm
looking. last week by election in eastley still not three not four not five but full team different candidates of all shapes sizes and colors and all of them willing to take on the mainstream parties to recast government in britain its structure and to turn it from top. parading as democracy to bottom up genuine democracy where the larger all forces have to obey the will of the people they to disillusionment it seems is an all time high something that's backed up by recent polls and there's certainly a bit of a perception that maybe the traditional parties aren't concentrating on some issues particularly around immigration that we know is a big issue for many members of the german public puts can certainly. a hard punch to please it used to be that fed up voters would throw their backing behind the
3:46 pm
liberal democrats but not any more. possibly for us as a party which is good but it doesn't mean the protests would have had to go somewhere else and the none of the above party have a moment as you could many other parties using the sea change in public opinion as a blank canvas on which to stamp their mark. a protest vote as. it has a lot to. keep beating the conservatives to second place in eastley last week might have come as a shock to stun but it's not the first time a small party's stolen the show in a byelection last year and the respect party had a sensational win when george galloway one the profits from labor of course gaining a bit of media coverage is one thing turning that attention into votes in a ballot box and winning seats is quite another something few of the smaller
3:47 pm
parties have yet been able to day but with the general election not say far off and with some polls putting almost half of the recent support the ukip is coming from former conservative voters well you can perhaps understand why the prime minister's not the picture of happiness right now. r.t. . the us is denying it positions it's behind deadly drawing strikes in pakistan last month pakistan's own military could be to blame with the us enjoying a virtual drone monopoly in front of anonymous strikes becoming a real problem not least for the nameless victims of the attacks or reports. america has long been considered the leader of drone warfare dominating the skies in the middle east africa and most recently here in the u.s. in pakistan the cia has reportedly carried out some three hundred thirty drone strikes since two thousand and four but
3:48 pm
a new problem involving the unmanned aerial weapon is emerging the problem of anonymous drones when two drone strikes killed nine people in pakistan's tribal belt last month islamorada filed an official protest with the american embassy however u.s. officials say that washington has not carried out any attacks in pakistan since january instead u.s. officials have pointed their fingers to pakistan's air force it is impossible to know who executed the strikes but some experts believe that the situation can soon open up a pandora's box of anonymous drone strikes around the world as of last month at least fifty countries are reportedly using drones in the united states a new revelation has come to light the attorney general says that washington can authorize lethal drone strikes on americans on american soil without trying and it testimony before the senate judiciary committee eric holder says that under
3:49 pm
extraordinary circumstances like september eleventh the president could order strikes to protect the homeland the same type of drone strikes that have been used around the world to fight the war on terror reporting from new york. r.t. . and in a tone a pilot has told controllers he recently spotted. as he came in to land at j.f.k. airport in new york. told me that with more drones than ever now available they pose new dangers and a greater risk of being misused the report was made just the information is not available as it was a model airplane. and was it a surveillance drone it was reported to be relatively small three four five six feet didn't relate to terms of drone so this morning we don't have the information but what we do know with certainty is that drugs that you're going to be billable
3:50 pm
not only to governments but to individuals and they will diversify in terms of. size are going to be made us air forces already you know this is going to be making drones that are the size. that can assassinate people so these this technology is here well drone strike concerns of split the u.s. senate saranda poll he began a filibuster on the floor of the u.s. capitol making a speech for more than eleven hours reporting on why he was trying to for the confirmation of the new cia director. but also a click away online children suffer from the political games of grown ups a new u.n. report says palestinian boys were cruelly arrested interrogated and detained by the israeli army read more about that at all to dot com. reaching the international space station could not take less time than some
3:51 pm
international journeys by plane the next crew is expected to reach the i assessed in just six hours instead of the usual two days it's all thanks to a new docking plan which will be tested at the end of the month. has more on the fast track to space. the thirty fifth mission to the i assess flying off to space in about three weeks' time in an unprecedented slide which will take eight times less than it usually does and the men to talk us through this flight is one of the members of the crew chris cassidy from the united states the american austin on many thanks for joining us you know sometimes you know if it's like your center here my first question to you this is the first flight which would take six hours instead of two days as it usually has been for for many years now how is this technically possible can you tell us well you know practically adar actions are essentially the same as what we do on a two day profile normally we'll go to bed and have it have a period of time on that second day where we just monitor the vehicle and then sort
3:52 pm
of do a few burns that we call them to set us up for a run over the next day today i mean on our mission i'll have been in a tight sequence of six hours we have here is about forty five minutes or so in between these maneuvers where there's a little bit of a downtime but technically that's how it's possible we just have to launch there's tighter constraints on where the space station can be on launch time on it and on a typical profile the space station has a little more leeway and where it can be at the time of the launch we work tremendously well as a crew impossibles tremendous experience like you just alluded to and he shares that experience with the two of us and together as a crew we really work well and and particularly with this short profile you need to be in sync and. making sure all the actions are happening in when they need to and we back each other up and make sure that all happens when appropriate time so i'm really happy to be with them a very big pro program there six months or up there there is forest brush and space walks we'll have probably two u.s.
3:53 pm
spacewalks and many visiting vehicles delivering cargo will be arriving i've personally involved with several medical experiments particularly those associated with bone health and bone how to prevent bone loss and i do very much. they're watching on t.v. with the twenty four hours a day i'll be back with more headline news in about seven minutes from now stay with us. wealthy british style. time to ride with. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. saying these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. for some people the extreme cold is the chilling threat to life or imminent death it's a cooling if you look you can see that the water in via the rates in my body feels really warm now this is good for you. they plunge into icy water to make themselves stronger you can't get used to the cold it but you can tolerate it and you can struggle with. people of snow and ice picks as a frost. surviving the cold. see.
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my juggling job. do hack work and get caught when lobbyists money and lawmakers are combined together that's where the problem of corruption comes from. i don't the document's. keep up a smart look. there is also. another world behind that which is how to influence the institutions steer clear of provocations don't answer any question. came into the office and found banners hanging around the office and lots of strange faces around so i
3:56 pm
said what's what's happening will somebody please tell me what's going on and they said oh we've come to occupy your building. possibly they want to do a confrontation possibly they wanted me to ring up the police have the police come in through the man that didn't seem to be a good idea to learn the european way with brussels business and. it's one person one fault but in brussels based. this it's one euro one fault. league. club live little each.
3:57 pm
leg live. league please. clint. victims multiply here each day. it's very profitable to invest in colombia with that very profit at a time when there's a very high return on investment. which is good though i mean he has said that i've been working in this area for thirty years and i've always had to play the armed groups when they come i mean that is i knew the managers of change their name and
3:58 pm
strategy about it and just tell the same budrus. high ranking suspects give no comment pretty upset on that mr president soon. to president putin. but the media. i won't give an interview i'm sorry but no. investigation is a dead. end he says sick stop your bullshit and keep quiet or else you'll suffer the consequences. even if they're your bodyguards to watch themselves cured because the same goes for them. blood rivers from gold sage i've never heard of such a case as ours where so much money and gold has been stolen for so many years. for all the gold in colombia on our t.v. .
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lead coming up next on our team u.s. senator rand paul's my.


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