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to the deployed ranks of military and police on able to control the i'm dressed all reporter brings you an update from the scene. the body of an as well as all good job is to be embalmed and put on public display for years to come as latin america mourns the loss of its loudest voice was social justice. and a north korea scraps it's not aggression pact with the south and response more u.n. sanctions are blaming seoul and washington for ruining neutered is on the mend and conducting war games. in a way over you all in the world are watching r t it's good to have your company with us i'm to be on with say so first egypt's northern city of port side where army and
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police units are desperately trying to protect government buildings from angry antigovernment protesters who have been on the rampage just since sunday it's here the planned a funeral for one of the seven people who have died could fan the flames of dissent even more. is that in the battle city. the caches continued through the night here in front of the security headquarters in the rest of city of pro-science we had reports that a thirty three year old protested died from his injuries after receiving a gunshot wound to his head yesterday as the violence escalated between anti-government protesters and security forces this comes ahead of a very contentious verdict in the four saying football stadium massacre which happened in february last year the remaining defendants are facing trial many people predict that the verdict will not be a good one for the people oppose sayit sparking further clashes in the first round twenty one people were sentenced to death which sparked weeks songs clashes in this
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particular instance all street battles started when the remaining defendants were moved from their location in the prison families were very upset by this and hence the conscious began at the moment the scene is calm however speaking to activists late last night they said they expect to have the funeral of the young man who died yesterday off to prayers today which will of course possibly see further battles between security forces and government protesters as the day goes on last night's protesters three more the tops of the police who responded to the large amounts of tear gas birdshot pellets we have no confirmation on live ammunition however that has reportedly been used in the last few days with this verdict on the horizon we expect the clashes just to escalate and the situation deteriorates here in both sides. sharing with you what she is a witnessing add to the scene and sometimes of at risk you can see here how some
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protesters where you happy with how close up reporting. for the latest from the heart of the action and it makes a little difference what verdict is passed over the death in football why it's unrest will only get worse says so reve who goes and egyptian american journalist from a democracy now. going on when people expect to. whatever the verdict comes down that some party will be angry either people in port side or people in cairo or both if the security officials are seen as getting off with a very light sentence or are getting innocent. i think both sides will be very angry and see and this lingering sense of injustice that is hanging over egypt for the past two years will really ignite the streets of port side i'm cairo but really right thing what goes to the heart of it is called there hasn't been much more any plans for the former the state bureaucracy or no citizens of the state are dealt
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with the drugs and the women just switched who was at the top from the bottom to mohamed morsi and many people are now protesting against the brotherhood of mama morsi saying that instead of trying to really reforms to decisions of trying to assert control leverage power sometimes. the body of venezuela's president will be embalmed and put on public display for eternity and it's office reportedly killed by a heart attack following a long battle with cancer is currently lying in state at a military academy in caracas this is c.n.n. the producer of all artes video agency ruptly stood in line to see him. i'm standing near the military academy where the late president hugo chavez's body is on display in a huff open cosset and literally hundreds of thousands of people within you could our off to our to stream aims to pay for the research that shows how the media here
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is obviously very somber but as you can hear also people here celebrate the man who they say not only gave them a voice but also gave them the opportunity to participate in a society which prior to chavez coming to power in one thousand nine hundred nine was one of the most an equal in the world in terms of the divide between rich and poor and the people hey it's a day are very much from the poorest parts of venezuela the poorest parts of the cities known as the barrios and also from the countryside and today they say that very much united in their collective determination to continue those socialist project their nose bolivarian is them which chavez initiated which they say not only transformed the allies but also changed many pas of the wilds and the people here say that chavez is very much an immortal kind of figure who will continue to shape venezuela for generations lizzie feelin gattaca. russia's president vladimir putin believes on display on not chavez has already
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written his name into the history books. correct to the one who chavez was a brave and very sorry man who is able to showcase strong character to go through with his plans he genuinely wants to bridge the country's poor citizens of them points and improve their lives but it never has became the symbol of independence throughout latin america he was still alive he's joined the legendary ranks of simon bolivar fidel castro and shakers are. the possible personality and. chavez means that we could be hearing about him for a long time to come is involved but he is to be displayed at the military museum in caracas mall we're now joined by allergies and he said. this has become something of a tradition among social is to eat is hasn't it has indeed tabby history has taught us many controversial figures live on after their death through legacy but for a handful that's not enough for those they leave behind lines still form on red
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square here in moscow at lennon's muslim where the former soviet leader has lived in bomb since the twenty's there are still movements and debates today pushing for the tomb to be dismantled and lenin laid to rest stalin was also involved and actually laid next to london for eight years but the communist party congress decided to remove his body and bury him outside the kremlin walls there's a clear communist trend here china's mao zedong is still on display in tiananmen square though he did sign a proposal that calls for all leaders to be cremated ten years before his own death he was embalmed though in one nine hundred seventy six in his on display in hanoi vietnam despite his wish to be cremated as well but latin america has had only one major figure in bob's and she is. there is quite a story surrounding her remains the argentinean first lady's body was meant to go on display much like a lenin when her husband was overthrown in
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a military coup in one nine hundred fifty five five and fled the country a body disappeared well in one nine hundred seventy one it was revealed that the remains were in fact in milan in a crypt under a different name if it is a body it was exuma been flown to spain where her husband and his third wife kept the remains for a while apparently they kept the corpse in fact in the dining room on a platform and then when one of her own came out of exile and returned to argentina he became president for a third time and evade it was finally refer. turned him buried after his death in one nine hundred seventy four in buenos aires twenty two years in total from death to her final resting place and tend to be especially surrounding perot's body there's so many stories a book came out in one thousand nine hundred five that claimed not only have there been tons of replicas made that the actual original and bomb body was destroyed by a hammer but it was abused by some kind of officer sexually i mean really serious
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scandal so if anyone wants to go online and read about it it's really interesting stuff and now we have. to others would you stand in line to see him i would definitely yes i would too out of yesterday and he said thank you. we knew all of this is death has left uncertainty not just in venezuela but across latin america with its money so vocal opponents out of the picture some experts are wondering whether washington will use the chance to increase its influence in the region artie's gannets you can take a look. communities of people throughout latin america are mourning the death of. the venezuelan leader enjoyed tremendous popular support in his country as well as the whole region he won four presidential elections and had ruled venezuela for fourteen years so you see this liberation process not only on the venezuelan people but also of all the latin american peoples must continue. chavis allowed us to
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restore faith in latin america region so that a profound transformation in the region can be carried out those are the only guards and the empire will no doubt be happy and celebrating the new empire is the word a host of south american leaders and used to refer to the united states in washington president obama extended his sympathy to the chavis family and heralded quote a new chapter in the history of latin america but the u.s. congress was not as restrained in their reaction to the death of the venezuelan leader the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee had this to say his death then the laws of the us leftist leaders in south america good riddance to this dictator in the media a slew of pundits embarked on a search for new opportunities that might now be available for the u.s. in venezuela. so what does this mean now for the united states and all that oil in that country venezuela is a place of enormous opportunity it has by survey's perhaps the largest reserves of oil in the world from the u.s.
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point of view this has enormous potential implications because a venezuela that moves away from chavez is foreign policy means a venezuela that's less welcoming to iran less friendly to russia less friendly to castro's cuba less friendly to leftwing regimes around the hemisphere which is financed in their campaigns and and other aspects but before america jumps at the chance to explore those new opportunities it might be useful to look back at what washington's previous efforts to. what the u.s. now calls leftist populist governments in latin america came to power partly in reaction to decades of the us recklessly meddling in the affairs of the region for years washington had seen many of those countries as its outposts after chavez was elected in one thousand nine hundred nine a host of other leaders in latin america followed his example to varying extents including but not limited to ever morales in bolivia rafael correa in ecuador and
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then you know a lot in nicaragua charges may not have been as hardened in his views against washington if not for allegations of the tacit support of the bush administration in the coup against him in two thousand and two he met with bill clinton a couple times and they got along just fine it was really only with george bush then when things really were turned sour and especially after the coup attempt within forty eight hours of the start of the cool with the help of the military and vast popular support chavis returned to power. but during that short period when he was deposed some in the us hurried to celebrate the new york times for example ran this article venezuelan democracy is no longer threatened by would be dictator caracas name provides fifteen percent of american oil imports and with senator policies could provide more years after the coup chavis expressed his anger at the bush administration in a variety of fiery metaphors yet as to who are the other the devil came here
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yesterday. and it still smells of sulfur here george w. bush has long left office but suspicion and mistrust remain some argue if during these challenging times bill that america washington continues to deal with the reaching using the same old tactics the hostility could be put in washington i'm kind of shaken. on the way a new head for the cia john brennan is voted in the as the director of black despite controversy on capitol hill over his endorsement of america's debt the drone program. and how some communities in britain not battling to keep the age old traditions alive that are being put at risk by strict tax policies that's coming up here not.
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did any of you seen darth vader it is storm troopers trying to make their way into the ukrainian justice ministry as part of a protest well probably a lot of you saw this fun viral video but how many people remember what exactly they wanted and what their protest demands were all about probably not that many trust me i understand that using wacky protest tactics gets media attention and if you are pushing a cause that media attention is critical but when no one even gets what you want or why you're in that wacky costume it doesn't help there seems to be like almost a protest a culture and language like you see people protesting there so satisfied with themselves in their costumes and silly gimmicks but if your protest is actually aimed at people in power then the how is it going to cure cost of goods with the opinion of heartless bureaucrats sitting in some soulless office again media attention is great but if you want to be taken seriously we're a rainbow wig and thawing while fighting for your rights doesn't seem to send the
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right message but that's just my. you're watching our live from moscow it's good to have you company with us this afternoon north korea has officially scraped a hotline and non-aggression pact with the south and also shut down the borders a saying washington and seoul of responsible for ruining nuclear disarmament talks that's not appealing agri threatened america with a preemptive nuclear strike of following a u.n. vote approving more sanctions artie's honest a c.-h. of cuba has more. the fifteen member united nations security council presided this month by russia has adopted a new sanctions resolution against north korea and response to a third nuclear test conducted by pyongyang on february twelfth in defiance of
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existing united nations security council resolutions which basically bad of any kind of nuclear testing by north korea and this latest resolution was drafted by the united states and china during three weeks of negotiations and adopted this thursday unanimously by the security council to give you more a general idea of what this resolution is all about what it basically does is condemns this latest nuclear test as well as any other nuclear activities conducted by north korea including uranium enrichment and also bans any further nuclear tests and calls upon north korea to return to the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and most importantly the security council in this text calls for north korea to return to six party negotiations in terms of north korean reactions we have to say of course that this thursday north korean officials have threatened with a preemptive nuclear launch if young yang were to be attacked by another country and this is of course hints at the united states because this week the u.s.
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has kickstarted joint military drills with south korea on the border between the two koreas something that kyung yang has dubbed an open declaration of war and we have to mention that analysts who of course are saying that north korea is actually far from a while from having the knowledge to be able to set up and aim a nuclear weapon not a specific target but was of the biggest concern here is of course this provocative language that's dangerous in the united nations security council to hopes to achieve is basically for north korea to return to six party negotiations with this latest push of this new resolution from the security council and the. new york. barack obama's home a counterterrorism adviser has been confirmed as the new head of the cia but before the senate could vote in john brennan his nomination was held up by questions over his role in washington's controversial drone program what republican lawmakers spadeful a marathon thirteen hours to get guarantees that remote control strike crofter
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would be used on the home front as marina reports. so many u.s. lawmakers have a long objected to john brennan's nomination and there's various reasons before even getting to the drone program he's considered to have played a major role in the cia's enhanced interrogation program under george w. bush and he's also known as the top cheerleader for america's controversial drone program now that program has been criticized as having a huge lack of transparency last year brought in argued for the legality the morality in the effectiveness of america's drone program and publicly had to acknowledge the cia the cia join attacks have been taking place in pakistan yemen somalia libya afghanistan and elsewhere now on wednesday senator rand paul spent nearly thirteen hours on the senate floor filibustering brennan's nomination in pursuit of more information about the obama administration's domestic drone policy now confirmation of brennan as cia director that vote came after the obama
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administration specified limits on the presidential authority to order drone strikes against american citizens in the u.s. senator paul said he was satisfied with the statement that the administration released saying it about the president does not have the authority to use a drone to kill an american not in combat on american soil now washington however did not specify what you combat and means i know some may say well you might be playing semantics but does combat mean carrying a concealed weapon does it mean carrying a knife does it mean that it has to be a soldier so clearly there are still questions about the wording that the a bottom of a bomb and ministration used but clearly those that were opposed to brought in were satisfied enough with that explanation to the point where he was confirmed as the head of the cia. the russian foreign minister says other leaders of the syrian opposition are finally showing signs of moving towards dialogue with damascus without preconditions speaking to the b.b.c.
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is that a lot rob bridge rated moscow is committed to a diplomatic solution to the two yet conflicts but this is not for us to decide who should lead syria it is for the syrians to say and i'm glad that the latest discussions the latest gestures from the opposition and statements from some of those who support that position. that they will be prepared to start negotiations with some negotiating team without asking for president assad to step down and they believe unless they sit down and they could and would discuss i'm sure the future of syria including who is going to lead syria and unless they sit down and start talking we would not know whether this chance could be materialised . the great survival of italian politics a finds in itself convicted and sentenced to one year behind voz find out whether there is any chance of silvio berlusconi
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actually being sent to prison why he was on trial in the first place at our web site. also here they online a group of international reporters including an artsy camera on them not caught up in an attack by israeli forces while covering a peaceful protest in the west baghdad head to our to dot com for the details. russian scientists have discovered a new type of live in the water talk to because subglacial lake researchers found the bacterial outstanding samples of the ice we see from the depths of almost fall kilometers late last year the project in one of the most remote places on earth that has a climbing meet ecosystem is believed to have been secured it from the surface for millions of yes' hours his son thomas has the details this all started back in the seventy's when russian scientists decided they wanted to drill and do global
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warming core samples to kind of test the glacier and see if they could kind of reimagined how the earth changed in years passed through the layers of ice but then they discovered that the ice itself changed meaning that there was a lake down there so they then started hey we're going to go and see if we can actually find some water they did some sonic research and said yeah there is liquid water down there it's thermally heated from down below if that's the case then there might be life if there's heat then there could be life down there so they decided to go forward then they got to this position where they said hey guess what we can actually break through and find out and then there was an ethical debate to do we introduce this atmosphere to this untouched pristine environment which hasn't been touched for billions of years so very intense research and finally they broke through last year and now they're still doing the research to find out exactly what type of life it is. you know not much of information has become available to us but very exciting find that's for sure this is a place in one of the most remote places on the planet and the you have to do
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a lot of preparation to actually even go to this place tell us more about that certainly to get to actual fosdike itself it takes two weeks of a climate has ation it is the coldest place on earth in fact victim a highly bitch who is the station chief where i stated buildings cows and station he was part of the expedition in one thousand nine hundred three that brought drilling equipment to restock of most of station he was there when they recorded minus eighty nine degrees centigrade the coldest recorded temperature on earth reliably recorded temperature and these people go through extreme conditions they weather the elements they go through sickness themselves because your body to such an extreme environment is difficult as well just for the benefit of scientific research and for all mankind so goes out to these people but definitely extreme in harsh big find under extreme conditions a traditional british pint could soon become a luxury in the last five years with a tax on every b.s. going up a sudden much pop so going out of business in their thousands. reports on one
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community that found an unconventional way to keep up and running. something is brewing in britain with the need budgets around the corner beer is set to rise again a third of the cost of a point where he goes to the tax man campaign is have said enough is enough and a calling for a freeze forces drinkers hang around ten times as much as drinkers in germany so we have just the right to hold up. hold on the no increase the charge yessica and keep down the cost for a consumer's pulps every time oh tradition in person but fully understand their appeal we have to go three hundred miles from london here to hesketh new market a village in the heart of england's countryside and steeped in history ten years ago when the only pub in this but it was put up the sale the people who lifted
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a rather than risk seeing it for into the hands of a big chain and the if you need character the side it's the something a little bit different think masses into their own hands. together and pull the pub turning it into a cooperative believed to be the first of its kind in the ek i have called. it is kind of corporate tart the steamroller that frightens everything in its path around the supermarket on our very roundabout so i did every time and every high street and every time. the pub spun lever thirty by locals as a comfy old slipper and his previous a hit with tourist infinity isn't like closely and you might even supposed to be famous faces sampling the local breweries the pulp wasn't about money but it does turn a profit but even here the big g.t. hikes are felt every time the price goes up because of duty or whatever reason or
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the reason it's another this just makes it to. very well the corner and the microbrewery that supplies the. it is all say a co-operative but see who is doing well in the case full of pros pay halt the taxes the major companies best get new markets being lucky a mixture of good business sense and strong community spirit has been the brewery and the pub have avoided the slide caused by the big g.t. escalator across the u.k. they and many others have been say lucky while big businesses can afford to pick up the tack pad its small independent pubs that suffered in the last four years nearly six thousand pumps that closed resulting in tens of thousands of job losses i mean very little sector is the only woman is actually doing well at the moment for actually going against the trend not falling sales will go gradually you know here increases as we. get many times the prices the service will tend to be
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a proper. role for their school think string savings of just really loving and super individual basis in an environment way from whichever somebody in the world. and beyond profit it's the risk of losing a partition stitch this pretty things that she's savoring fool crossing so for this work is a community it brings people together. it's more of a difference between social networking and meeting something in real life there is no substitute for this kind of career outside the old crowd might be unique in britain these days harking back to a time of community that many of us have now gotten but it's a reminder to be a voice some traditions of best preserved sarah ality has kidney market in cumbria. coming up at the danielle bush shell and the truth seeker but first r.t.m.
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to he's an arab member of the israeli parliament about the color struggle in the region you're watching r.t. . his power was the envy of embryos he had good reason to trust no one. his body was found on the floor of his huge empty house. but did he die of natural causes. the mystery of stalin's day on earth see. some people the extreme cold is the chilling threat to life for women of the if it's a cooling if you look you can see that the water is outwards and my body feels really warm now this is good for you. they plunge into icy water to make themselves stronger you can't get used to the cold if you will but you can tolerate it and you
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can struggle with. people of snow and ice victims of frost. surviving the cold i don't see. what we have to be an arab member of the israeli parliament and also the lead to the arab movement for change dr thank you very much for joining us here on our what is your reading of the recent elections is weighty seem to have voted more same to and not as far right as was earlier predicted would you agree with us we thought.


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