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tv   [untitled]    March 8, 2013 6:30am-7:00am EST

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that this knesset the nineteenth knesset will be much more radical than the eighteenth but i am not sure this impression is a lie to the victory of the party of yes there is a future he shouted is. on the victory of the center. of liberals of the seculars he instilled. in large meant and strengthening the liquid does that mean good news for breakthrough in peace talks i'm not sure of that. usually israelis are in love with the process not with the peace they are talking a lot about peace but doing nothing nothing in order to achieve it there are fascinated with they along with photo op with talking with negotiations as to say that this is the goal but it is their tool not the
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goal and it's to achieve peace meanwhile israel is trying to rearrange the occupation not to in the completion arab parties have won the same number of seats as before but what we have noticed is a decrease in the number of arab voters turning out to cast their ballot of this time we it increased by three percent compared to two thousand and nine still it is very low half of the our waters are not participating why are you not able to get more people to vote we succeeded in stopping the decline and the decline was able to bring us to forty eight forty five but. we are arrived two fifty six this is good this is a given to the direction of increases but
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a good percentage will be seventy or more as a minority a national minority we should vote more than the majority but we are doing the opposite and it's a mistake in this election the extreme right wing israeli party is united why are the arab parties not able to unite as well because we are not extreme but we should have won our beautified least we tried our best to compose and to create it before the elections but in order to created all parties should agree and not all parties agree to our board proposal do you think we'll see a larger number of arabs in the parliament in the future i think yes i think next elections there will be more. mandates than to the more than eleven there is a move now after these elections to get more off a duck's truce to serve in the army this could likely sport over into
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a call for more arabs to serve in the israeli army why are you against this ideological you reconsider the army corp army. fighting against our people our nation it's a conscious it's an ideological reason and the state itself did not ask. to be recruited in the army are you concerned that if orthodox jews eventually have to serve in the i.d.f. so will arab israeli citizens even those who are dealing with it are seeing that they are not demanding army service where i am and they are not demanding obligation of civil service they are just. willing to promote the idea we are against even that because we think that the
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starting point of the arab youth is much lower the understand the starting point of the jewish in israel we should not lose two years in order to enlarge the economical and those who are talking about financial support of composition are lying they are misleading the public how do you predict the second netanyahu term no one can predict that any. no one has nothing to submit and he is in love with the impasse what do you mean to say that there is no partner this is his slogan the things that as a leader of israel he can see saw and convince the israeli public and continue without putting an into a corporation and creating two state solution i am not sure that the future will be
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secure and this is his responsibility some say that netanyahu is policy of building settlements will lead to a one state solution do you agree there are two options or a one state solution or two state solution he should have the choice that's to say the israeli people should have the choice and to decide if to have two state solution there is a partner if not there will be more and more loudly voices talking about one state solution it is a nightmare for israel that's why israel when you are putting two choices in front of israelis they are automatically choose the third choice which is the status quo why because they can. and this is the most dangerous choice for how long can the status quo continue the status quo is the binning of
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the apartheid in the occupied territories the international community is more and more none tolerant for this situation and south africa is a very good example with the new who should learn that model the result can be the same israel is defined as a jewish and democratic states in your opinion is that a contradiction how would you define israel there is. an obvious contradiction between the two values if you are democratic you believe in equal rights for all citizens but if you define yourself as a state by ethnic differences. as a jewish state you are immediately saying that you do citizen is superior to an undue citizen which is a contradiction to the equal equality value that's to see i am seeing is
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a veil is really a jewish and democratic state but it is the most graphic towards jewels and jewish the worlds are ups and this is the difference will you accept as well as a jewish state if it ends the occupation and goes back to one nine hundred sixty seven borders and there is no relation between both i. right of existence of the state of israel there was there was a lot of recognition i am recognizing israel as a state i am a member of its parliament. and i cannot. accept the definition. putting me in an inferior status both legally and biblically. to the jewish majority at any case but in the past you have said that you believe in the nation's right to self to finish and so are you not contradicting yourself
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here no i recognize that since the finish and the jews in israel but in israel there are all saw and mainly indigenous people who were here and did not come for writers or buy a plane or buy a ship i cannot. live. peacefully with the idea that is a belief in the state of the jewish people every dream in every war every place in the world cannot drive you and be immediately citizen when my uncle and mine died in full color or in jordan after being expelled in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight without even having is that right to be buried entirely in my town or in jaffa from where there where the spit it is in justice pure and justice you are
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a member of the parliament since one thousand nine hundred nine as an arab are you prevented from making new laws no i am not prevented from some kind of laws i was prevented from even proposing them to the knesset or to julie i passed five laws in the last knesset but they are saying their clothes which contradict with the jewish. i didn't get the order steered can be prevented as you say lost him you made five new laws but they were general they weren't specifically geared towards arab israelis as an arab member of parliament what kind of influence do you have over israel's policy towards its arab minority we are the elected legitimate leadership of the arab minority we managed to stop or to change some motions other motions
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we will not be able to stop the arab communist leader tof exulted said that one demonstration is worth more than a year's work inside the israeli parliament what do you think sometimes yes sometimes no when we were here in the knesset and supported the. withdrawal of israel from the settlements in gaza it was much better than thousand demonstrations but both can go together we must ration and parliament and that's what we are doing palestinian refugees in syria are caught in the middle of the fighting there many of them are now becoming refugees a second or third time over there is talk of them coming back to the west bank do you think israel will allow this i doubt that there is a seeing the palestinian president is willing he demanded that he. but those are is a reluctant. there is
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a tragedy for the palestinians in syria as it was in iraq as it was in kuwait we had one not to be in one nine hundred forty eight we're not supposed to continue having knockabout us how is israel managing to avoid the impact of nearby regional conflicts which have a strong terrorist element to them a little low saying that they are upset about what's going there are monitoring following we're going sometime they are interfering. secretly bubbly how by the contact with the american administration. by the clear ations by israeli officials and the concealed operations i don't know in which way do you think egypt should be aiding the palestinians would it go thorough that they're just making announcements for example in terms of gaza egypt is the most greatest country most influential
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country. but egypt can be much more influential we won egypt to be strongest. to be healed from its endearment issued because a strong egypt is strong but i stay. strong egypt is a strong peace. yet the situation is not dr ahmed to be thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. .
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these children. they're serving a sentence just like their mother. the ones born in prison. for the crimes committed by their parents. babies on our cheek. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life you think you understand it and then you glimpse
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something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charged welcome to the big picture. the for. download this. the application to yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television or it just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere.
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you don't have a chance on the new rules to control your moiety coming up. america's worst liar. murdoch's prize for his company's crime. and why this matters more than nine eleven. it just so bring back that power structure has exerted tremendous influence over public opinion in this country through its virtual control of higher education and major segments of mass communications. that human mind is like a computer no matter how efficient it may be its reliability is only as great in
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the information that into it if it is possible to control the inputs to the human mind that no matter how elegant a person may be it's entirely possible to program what he will think you want me to produce should be warm and wag the dog advise this fake a foreign war crimes by the president but in the fifteen years since real life is gold a lot fo the public now expects to be annoyed to on a daily faces since the ninety's trust in the press has elapsed place in mainstream t.v. is even law only true in ten americans now believe what they see on the mainstream screen. people saw a real failure to hold establishment to account as a key reason an industry veteran like wendy how followers this media lovin with goal good people are very very friendly with policy makers many of them have husbands or wives or in the administration or and i do agencies and i've always had
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a problem with that closeness and that privilege is something that distorts and there's correspondence in bed with the people that supposed to be grilling your father was frozen by that you know circle when he refused to keep printing press releases and began telling the truth joe how does it work the obama administration their masters at it because they have the press eating out of their hand the big press the establishment press the corporate press eating right out of there and you have these corporate titans who presided over these you know half a dozen major media enterprises and these guys have to deal with the government these guys are regulated these guys need license approvals from the federal government look at how much money they spend lobbying in washington to get their way for instance and you know with a snap of the fingers you can get those guys to change editorial direction.
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will be. there to be. says media in the pentagon papers should preserve those competing to what else is closed ranks says has been reduced to a few friendly mega-corporations the systematic use. drone bases used to kill americans so food because funding regimes in the role model syria as security kids which drove inconvenient questions to capitol hill favorite said. rupert murdoch's just being filmed guilty of. cool hiking and other crimes in his british media it's over in the states republican chums have successfully lobbied the federal communications commission to have him told media strangleholds use quote no one's network to all police all monopolies in america's key cities if cc's
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changed its rules again to allow murdoch cross ownership t.v. radio and press domination in the same community with no laws or minimum content some cities no longer get any local news just fearless from his entertainment. news vacuum this town hall without scrutiny the result through a movie is gross misuse of taxes and local corruption craig our own media reform group free press in will shape is regional news coverage today everywhere i go across the country people tell me that their local news absolutely must be the worst when we see this kind of media consolidation and concentration and we see owners that don't have ties to those communities. to the political discourse in those communities to congress and government corruption really starts to suffer and i think that's one reason to be very concerned here when you have even more media following and even fewer. facility also funds murdoch's fox news plus
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the biggest loss even their own pundits no longer pretend to be a serious source they simply look at their distortions. that much again we put up on the air that's a flat out lie and the stats rise that you know. yet murdoch's friends in power are trying to complete his grip on the country's information and the low being for rules to be changed again so he can buy a remaining u.s. flagships the l.a. times and chicago tribune craig why can no one stop him at a moment when so much of the rest of the world especially in england is waking up to date. of that much media consolidation in concentration i think is was so shocking about this that we're at a moment where it you know even just this week more journalists working for mr murdoch are being arrested this scandal continues to expand and yet here in the states we're not really talking about that i think so many politicians are afraid
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of aggravating fox news and becoming targets there and i think that mr murdoch has expressible amount of lobbying power and clout here in the states that how to keep this scandal out of the national conversation. on the tenth anniversary of invading iraq this flagship n.b.c. program called claims to reveal who gains from the media what the bill below is the provoked war but it doesn't mention one of the chief gave us embassies oh no bull manufacture of general electric in fact ten days off to the biggest antiwar protests in history instead of talking about those rallies and putting the war risk and b.c. took its critical program off the phil donahue show produce the jeffco in gifted you trace the paper trail to the top memos leaked out internal and see memo leaked out to make sure there were no problem by the bush administration when so much of
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the media is in lockstep and you start asking skeptical you'll likely be taken off the air general electric just sold it b.c. to comb calls leaving a couple of cable providers in one of the world's biggest countries craig room will to fix his that had comcast eighteen t.v. arise in time warner. hose leak competing with each other but in reality just dividing up territory across the country so that they can maintain incredibly high profit margins and where they don't feel that in the pressure to invest in new technologies and new services and the result has been then. mckeon's pay far higher prices for far slower service than a lot of the rest of the world gee selling else a small movie many ways with floyd big trust comes crushing few a ship so megacorp so found a much more sinister way to get in the minds of the i'm suspecting the stealthy
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sentinel provide a crucial intelligence in the republic service brought close to p.b.s. back strong spying on americans just because the show's on and by the make of the sentinel drone located molted. punishment for anyone who steps out soiled this establishment is a collective job mainstream continues to claim a cell just scoops a puts in the law of the risk even though that's been denied even by the defense that christie himself a soldier's croy is he's exposing evils exactly the job the mainstream media should be doing but so-called is the column is ted rolls and to work has made him a regular school gets for the mainstream media is there any evidence that americans actually want this choice to lead to vision the mainstream gives them by how to talk radio show where just for fun to make fun of ignorant uninformed americans i used to do breaking news from central asia and because i figured it's the most
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remote place no one would care about it well the joke was on me because it became the most popular segment of the show people really wanted to know what was going on in central asia people are very very hungry we never ever get to see what it's like to be an ordinary afghan or iraqi living under us occupation we never ever get to see what it's like to be a european for example and what they think about us we don't talk to many people on the street unless they're right outside the american network studio in manhattan or in washington and i think americans really are they're not any stupider than anyone else inherently we're just stupider because no one's letting us be so. is it possible to stalk me deal goli go vote for the establishment i mean these corporations should really shouldn't be permitted it shouldn't be possible for a media company to be owned by a company that's engaged in another form of business but media coverage which pretty much is anything media should be independent opponents of media own just
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being frozen else they now fear for their lloyd's pentagon papers hero. is one of the horror profiled groups. for grouping opens this should reporting as terrorism invest journalist madison brew put the supreme court just ruled again it up almost favor where does that leave us under the national defense authorization act this event read the indefinite detention. right in the middle rare journalists can be treated as terrorists for carrying out in their activities and that means indefinite detention without charge or trial unfortunately most people in the united states by sheer numbers would rather read about. card ashley and baby i don't even know her last name. her baby then a decision saying that the obama administration came claimed their legal right to assassinate american citizens local and federal government getting away with
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corruption the few who still expose it togas for assassination but mainstream ropes the way they live a moments of soil it's full of kim's most of those plastic surgery amersham we're like ok we can turn the camera and you know what i thought it was such a great idea this is the truth. juggling geog. do hack work and get caught when
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lobbyists money and lawmakers are combined together that's where the problem of corruption comes from. i don't know the document's. keep up a smart look. there is also. another world behind that which is how to influence the institutions to steer clear of provocations don't answer any question. came into the office and found banners hanging around the office and lots of strange faces around surveillance and what was happening will somebody please tell me what's going on and they said oh we've come to occupy your building. possibly they want to do a confrontation possibly they wanted me to ring up the police have the police come and threw them out that. didn't seem to be
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a good idea to learn the european way with brussels business. in the uk risky it's one person one fold but in brussels business it's one euro one fault. victims multiply here each day. it's very profitable to invest in colombia with that very profitable there's a very high return on investment. is good though me and he said but i've been working in this area for thirty years and i've always had to pay the i'm good. maybe that is. change their name and strategy but the same. high ranking suspects you know coming. pretty upset about that mr president. the president. by the media. i won't give an interview i'm
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sorry but no. investigation is it. says sick stop your bullshit and keep quiet or else you'll suffer the consequences and if you get enough tell your bodyguards to watch themselves because the same goes for them. regards from. i've never heard of such a case as ours are so much money and gold has been stolen so many. and for all the gold in colombia. they depend on these us struggling to end to undress imports which has.


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