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which has been engulfed in violence for nearly a week ahead of a second verdict for those involved in last year's football wired's. life off to the body of an as well as a long time leader is said to be embalmed and put on public display with many wondering about washington's plans are for the oil rich nation and it is political uncertainty. and a. russian scientists who discover a new unidentified a bike teria in antarctica subglacial lake vostok which could allow them to shed light on life forms are from different planets. it was an r.t.a. it's good to have your company with us this evening. fierce clashes into their
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sixth day in the egyptian city. a group of men charged for multiple deaths in a massacre at a football match last year protestors have hurled a stones and petrol bombs at police are demanding the release of the detainees the army has been called in but has so far been unable to put an end to the violence in which seven people have been killed artie's correspondent beltran lines of the latest for us. the clashes continued through the night here in front of the security headquarters in the rest of city of pro-science we had reports that a thirty three year old protester died from his injuries after receiving a gunshot wound to his head yesterday as the violence escalated between anti-government protesters and security forces this comes ahead of a very contentious verdict in the poor saeed football stadium massacre which happened in february last year the remaining defendants are facing trial many people predict that the verdict will not be a good one for the people of poor saeed's sparking further clashes in the first round twenty one people were sentenced to death which sparked weeks long clashes in
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this particular instance of street battles started when the remaining defendants were moved from medication in the prison families were very upset by this and hence the clashes began at the moment the scene is calm however speaking to activists late last night they said they expect to have the funeral of the young man who died yesterday off to prayers today which will of course possibly see further battles between security forces and government protesters as the day goes on last night's protesters threw molotov the police who responded with large amounts of tear gas and birdshot pellets we have no confirmation on live ammunition however that has reportedly been used in the last few days with this verdict on the horizon we expect the clashes just to escalate the situation to deteriorate here in port saeed . stay with us all the latest from the troubled city and you can also follow all
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correspondent a bell true on twitter. so we've could is an egyptian american journalist from democracy now says that the judges in the football disaster case are proving poor referees and are playing political games. many people expect that whatever the verdict comes down that some party will be angry either people are portrayed or people in cairo or both if the security officials are seen as getting off with a very light sentence or if there are getting innocent i think both sides will be very angry at sea and this lingering sense of injustice that is hanging over egypt for the past two years ago really right on the streets of port side and cairo but really right thing what goes to the heart of it is that there hasn't been much more any plans for the former on the state bureaucracy or in how citizens of the state are dealt with the drugs and the women just switched who is at the top from bottom
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to mohamed morsi and many people are now protesting against the brotherhood of mohamed morsi saying that instead of trying to really reform to decisions trying to assert control leverage more recently. the body of venezuela's late president hugo chavez will be embalmed and put on public display after a funeral processions on friday his body is lying in state at a military academy in caracas with huge crowds lining up to pay their respects using feelin a producer of all artes a rocky video agency is a day. i'm standing near the military academy where the late president hugo chavez's body is on display in a half open casket and literally hundreds of thousands of people continue our off the hour to stream ames to pay their last respects now the media here is obviously very somber but as you can hear also people here celebrate the man who they say not
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only gave them a voice but also gave them the opportunity to participate in a society which prior to chavez coming to power in one thousand nine hundred nine was one of the most unequal in the world in terms of the divide between rich and poor and the people here today are very much from the poorest parts of venezuela the poorest parts of the cities known as the barrios and also from the countryside and today they say they're very much united in their collective determination to continue their socialist project their nose bolivarian is them which chavez initiated which they say not only transformed our lives but also changed many parts of the world and the people here say that chavez is very much an immortal kind of figure who will continue to shape venezuela for generations lizzie feelin artsy. more than thirty has a say from all over the world i expected to attend to the us as a state funeral procession among those who have already paid tribute to flooding me
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to pitch in who said this has become a legendary figure across latin america. chavez was a brave and very sorry man who is able to showcase strong character to go through with his plans he genuinely wants to rid the country's poor citizens of their points and improve their lives but his became the symbol of independence throughout latin america while he was still alive he's joined the legendary ranks of simon bolivar fidel castro and shakers are. so java's will become the fourteen the world leader to be embalmed when his buddies left the all the world to see at the museum of revolution which is still under construction that he said ellen looks back at the tradition of making late to prominent leaders at last and symbol many controversial figures live on after their death through legacy but for a handful that's not enough for those they leave behind lines still form on red
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square here in moscow at lennon's muslim where the former soviet leader has lived in bomb since the twenty's there are still movements and debates today pushing for the tomb to be dismantled and lenin laid to rest stalin was also involved in actually laid next to london for eight years but the communist party congress decided to remove his body and bury him outside the kremlin walls there's a clear communist trend here china of mao zedong is still on display in tiananmen square though he did sign a proposal that calls for all leaders to be cremated ten years before his own death he was embalmed though in one nine hundred seventy six min is on display in hanoi vietnam despite his wish to be cremated as well but latin america has had only one major figure involved and she is. there is quite a story surrounding her remains the argentinean first lady's body was meant to go on display much like a lenin when her husband was overthrown in a military coup in one nine hundred fifty five and fled the country body disappear
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well in one nine hundred seventy one it was revealed that the remains were in fact in milan in a crypt under a different name if it is a body was exhumed and flown to spain where her husband and his third wife kept the remains for a while apparently they kept the corpse in fact in the dining room on a platform then when one of her own came out of exile and returned to argentina. third time and invader was finally returned and buried after his death in one nine hundred seventy four in buenos aires twenty two years in total from death to her final resting place. but as well as our fallen into political uncertainty after the passing of its leader fourteen years with many in washington expressing jubilation overture versus death we also wonder if the u.s. will jump at the chance to gain influence in the region archies the energy can take a look. communities of people throughout latin america are mourning the death of.
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the venezuelan leader enjoyed tremendous popular support in his country as well as the whole region he won four presidential elections and had ruled venezuela for fourteen years so you see this liberation process not only on the venezuelan people but also of all the latin american peoples must continue. chavis allowed us to restore faith in latin america region so that a profound transformation in the region can be carried out the only garcon of the empire will no doubt be happy and celebrating the news empire is the word a host of south american leaders and used to refer to the united states in washington president obama extended his sympathy to the chavis family and heralded quote a new chapter in the history of latin america but the u.s. congress was not as restrained in their reaction to the death of the venezuelan leader the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee had this to say his death then. a us leftist leaders in south america good riddance to this dictator
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in the media a slew of pundits embarked on a search for new opportunities that might now be available for the u.s. in venezuela. so what does this mean now for the united states and all that oil in that country venezuela is a place of enormous opportunity it has by surveys perhaps the largest reserves of oil in the world from the u.s. point of view this has enormous potential implications because a venezuela that moves away from chavez is foreign policy means a venezuela that's less welcoming to iran less friendly to russia less friendly to castro's cuba less friendly to leftwing regimes around the hemisphere which is financed in their campaigns and and other aspects but before america jumps at the chance to explore those new opportunities it might be useful to look back at what washington's previous efforts led to. what the u.s. now calls leftist populist governments in latin america came to power partly in
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reaction to decades of the us recklessly meddling in the affairs of the region for years washington had seen many of those countries as its outposts have to chavez was elected in one thousand nine hundred nine a host of other leaders in latin america followed his example to varying extents including but not limited to ever morales in bolivia rafael correa in ecuador and then your lot in nicaragua charges may not have been as hardened in his views against washington if not for allegations of the tacit support of the bush administration in the coup against him in two thousand and two he met with bill clinton a couple times and they got along just fine it was really only with george bush then when things really were turned sour and especially after the coup attempt within forty eight hours of the start of the cool with the help of the military and vast popular support travis returned to power. but during that short period when he
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was deposed some in the u.s. hurried to celebrate the new york times for example ran this article venezuelan democracy is no longer threatened by would be dictator caracas name provides fifteen percent of american oil imports and with their policies could provide more for years after the coup chavez said expressed his anger at the bush administration in a variety of fiery metaphors. or the other the devil came here yesterday . and it still smells of sulfur here george w. bush has long left office but suspicion and mistrust remain some argue if during these challenging times for latin america washington continues to deal with the region using the same old tactics the hostility could be playing in washington i'm kind of shaken. still. we come here on our team what's ahead in the underneath the
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ice on top to catch we report on the breakthrough you find of russian scientists is a raising paper discovering life on mas all the planets stay with us. did any of you seen darth vader is storm troopers trying to make their way into the ukrainian justice ministry as part of a protest or probably a lot of you saw this fun viral video but how many people remember what exactly they wanted and what their protest demands were all about and probably not that many trust me i understand that using wacky protest tactics gets media attention and if you are pushing a cause that media attention is critical but when no one even gets what you want or why you are in that wacky costume it doesn't help there seems to be like almost a protest a culture and language like you see people protesting they're so satisfied with themselves in their costumes and silly gimmicks but if your protest is actually
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aimed at people in power then how is it going to cure cost of goods with the opinion of heartless bureaucrats sitting in some soulless office again media attention is great but if you want to be taken seriously wearing a rainbow wig and thought while fighting for your rights doesn't seem to send the right message but that's just my opinion.
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a few.
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thank you welcome back you're watching r.t. barack obama's former concert terrorism adviser an architect of the controversial targeted killing program has been confirmed as the new cia hate but before the senate could vote in john brennan his nomination was held up by questions over his role in washington's drone program once republican lawmakers spitefull a marathon of thirteen hours to get guarantees that the remote controlled planes wouldn't be used on the home front as my right now but my reports. so many u.s. lawmakers have long objected to john brennan's nomination and there's various reasons before even getting to the drone program he's considered to have played a major role in the cia's enhanced interrogation program under george w.
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bush and he's also known as the top cheerleader for america's controversial drone program now that program has been criticized as having a huge lack of transparency last year brought in argued for the legality the morality in the effectiveness of america's drone program and publicly had to acknowledge the cia that cia drone attacks have been taking place in pakistan yemen somalia libya afghanistan and elsewhere now. all spent nearly thirteen hours on the senate floor filibustering brennan's nomination in pursuit of more information about the obama administration's domestic drone policy now confirmation of brennan as cia director that vote came after the obama administration specified limits on the presidential authority to order drone strikes against american citizens in the u.s. senator paul said he was satisfied with the statement that the administration released saying it about the president does not have the authority to use
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a drone to kill an american not in combat on american soil now washington however did not specify what you do in combat and means i know some may say well you might be playing semantics but does combat mean carrying a concealed weapon does it mean carrying a knife does it mean that it has to be a soldier so clearly there are still questions about the wording that the a bottom an obama administration used but clearly those that were opposed to brought in were satisfied enough with that explanation to the point where he was confirmed as the head of the cia. israeli forces appear to have found a way to gag the press tear gas we report in our digital gama now a group of international reporting news including at our two cameramen were dispersed while covering a peaceful protest in the west bank. also while you're online this is what happened to a fifty nine year old cancer stricken man after he spent two years and solitary
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confinement in the american prison even without a trial at all to come to learn how he managed to become a millionaire. reports a twenty one u.n. peacekeepers being held hostage by syrian rebels in the golan heights a could be released within the next several hours several of the services said it was videos posted online that they were safe even as activists are reported clashes and shelling near the israeli border the rebel group has backtracked on earlier claims it took the peacekeepers hostage and human shields it's also not clear whether they're still in precondition for syrian government forces to stop a body in the area and pull back the rebel group involved in the kidnapping is suspected of committing war crimes wife human rights groups the abduction mokhtar the first time since u.n. troops began patrolling an israeli syrian army sees lining in the golan heights nearly forty years ago. the russian foreign minister says the leaders of the
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syrian opposition are finally showing signs of moving towards a dialogue with damascus without preconditions speaking to the b.b.c. sergey lavrov or reiterated that moscow is committed to a diplomatic solution to the two year conflict. it is not for us to decide who should lead syria it is for the syrians to decide and i'm glad that the latest discussions the latest gestures from the opposition and statements from some of those who support that position. that they would be prepared to start negotiations with some negotiating team without asking for president assad to step down and they believe unless they sit down and they could and would discuss i'm sure the future of syria including who is going to lead syria and unless they sit down and start talking we would not know whether this chance could be materialized and. russia's lines has may be on the way to discovering
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a new form of life of course as predictions come off to be found and identified bacteria in the waters of i'm talk to because subglacial lake vostok obvious them or even also has more on the intriguing study. more than three and a half billion years after life first appeared on earth nature is still springing surprises on those who have spent their lives studying it on thursday russian researchers say they've discovered d.n.a. traces of previously unknown bacteria in the waters of the subglacial lake or stalk the bacteria they think they found does not belong to any existent class it's one of the only living things on earth that's managed to survive in such harsh conditions law temperatures no light enormous pressure and high concentration of oxygen with little nutrients talk is a unique and isolated body of water which sits beneath almost four kilometers of ice and is the largest of on top because nearly four hundred known subglacial lakes
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it's named after russia's only station on the frozen continent in february two thousand and twelve russian researchers became the first in the world to reach the lake after more than two decades of drilling through ice they finally managed to read up forty liters of water that had remained untouched for more than twenty million years to avoid contaminating the lake special technology was developed in st petersburg which meant the people of drill automatically we drew as soon as it struck water the discovery of russian scientists could provide an incredible insight into our planet's past. there's exploring on toxic i have to brave some of the most severe and hospitable conditions on earth artie's our son thomas told me what it's like have reported on green says in the icy continent. if you go back to the original research they were working on climate change in fact they were going back through layers of the glacier and trying to get core samples to find out what was happening in the earth way back millions of years ago and kind
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of isolate different temperature changes in the earth for global warming and what have you but then they discovered that the ice itself changed in it was not a glacier ice anymore that they were coming in front of but actually smooth lake ice which means hey there's water there's a lake down there and then they said wait if there's water then possibly there's a chance for life that has not seen the light of day in millions and millions of years which is what drove them to go forward with this i mean it when you think about scientists say you always think like a man you know why it's internet or something like that but i mean you know in the harsh conditions it must have taken a lot of time not only for you being there but also for the scientists to get used to these house because this is how do they do how do you deal with will certainly it takes two weeks to a climatized actually to lagos of itself now i did not go to the actual station so like i didn't go through that process but it's severe stream but the work that you do is very important to finding this new bacteria even though we're still trying to find out exactly what it is it can give us
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a look into where we came from how we've evolved it can take us into the future in fact it can give scientists an idea of how bacteria might survive on other planets like mars for example in extreme conditions people are fascinated by what the scientists are going to find but also in life they entertain yourself i mean you know so away from everything that is so used to what do you do is certainly well concentration it's. in a very unique location it's kind of the doorway to the rest of the continent so there's a chinese base a chilean base the russian base the americans the brits everybody and they're all there and everybody works with each other to make sure that they all survive because you don't have the formalities of international treaties you're all working there under cooperation so it's. there was one time where we actually. we're born in food so that our bodies could survive but they needed russian oil so that they could survive so working together to make it all happen. more news from around the world now starting with the u.s.
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or where osama bin laden's a son in law and foremost spokes man has been arrested and the set to be tried by federal court for his role in plotting the nine eleven attacks through the mind of a guy either resurface in the usa today after being detained in jordan on his way to kuwait american officials are unwilling to release details as to the second stances of his capture but decided to try be osama family member in a federal court rather than to send him to one time the more has also raised many eyebrows. and unexpected eye of flexion has led to silvio berlusconi in the hospital forcing him to cancel all complicate appearances his lawyers a say it could delay his court case later this month the way he's accused of exchanging money for sex with underage prostitutes the xa tell you the crimea made the headlines just yesterday after being sentenced to a year in prison for illegal wiretapping. coming your way the tangled nets
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of lobbying p.r. and foul play behind european politics that's coming up next. technology innovation. developments around russia. the future. for some people extreme cold is the chilling threat to life a women of death it's a cooling if you look you can see that the water
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a vital rates in my body feels really warm now and this is good for you. they plunge into icy water to make themselves stronger you can't get used to the cold or what you can tolerate it and you can struggle with. people of snow and ice victims or frost. so i mean they go. through it. every six months there was in the u.s. on that and every six months that your team that's just a few days before. they were kept confidential the booking was made two years and it's. left behind was a clear message to the following you summit on the heads of governments a few days later. adopt the single market the monetary union infrastructure projects flexible labor markets deregulation downsize public services austerity measures and so on and so on the whole neo
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liberal agenda for them basically are picture confirmed by american scholar stepping into the topic maria green call's i was interested in doing something about europe and something about the european union i started talking with some of the c.e.o.'s and in particular the corporate affairs managers of these firms to ask them what happened and everybody had a little piece of the story and then i met with keith richardson. keith and. talk about different things and he would give me some ideas and i'd go and i'd talk with other individuals and then i'd come back with more questions and sometimes have the answers and sometimes they didn't and finally i believe it was on my seventh meeting with keith when i said to keith you know i can write up out there so i can have all these different interviews but i really want to see the pieces of
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paper think you've said to me well you know i have a bunch of cardboard boxes in the basement of the we haven't opened them they're from the earlier days we just we just put this material in the boxes and of course you know in the back of my mind i was very excited thinking this is it. came across or tell x. . it was from visit decker see your philips. december ninety five he wrote to the heads of state just before the signing of the single european which started the process of the single market. the crux of the tallackson is as follows you know we don't know what you're going to do but we want you to act you can act one way or another if you choose not to have a single market program then.


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