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tv   [untitled]    March 8, 2013 9:30am-10:00am EST

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i'm i was well bound by sean hannity's on a rant about what he defines as the mainstream news check it out. appears on this very program we have exposed the left wing media bias the mainstream media and yesterday n.b.c. anchor brian williams revealed how he really feels about this country well who is chatting with his buddy left wing hollywood liberal father of the year alec baldwin on is i'm sure it's highly rated podcast listen to what he said i love this country i love the american idea i have profound disappointments and in my country i feel we ought to be in space i feel the dismantling of the manned space program why she would be in space because it meant so much to us all let me say this is the state run media of let's see david axelrod robert gibbs a propagandist and of course we have ed schultz let's rip dick cheney's heart out stop on it and shove it back at them and let's not forget throw up our like chris matthews well guess what mr williams the rest of the country appears to be disappointed with you because according to
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a new rasmussen poll only six percent of americans view the news reported by the mainstream lapdog obama mania media as very trustworthy and you don't want to know what we find so disappointing the fact that you your liberal mainstream media cohorts the people that work on your network burying stories about how the administrations for example bullies the press. i have no words of is that fox news that the bone to pick with brian williams but truthfully it's hard for me to even fathom what he's saying here that the only the liberal media is the mainstream media so under his logic all liberal media is the mainstream making fox the target for you i think not you know the funniest thing about hannity is incoherent rant is that the report he used to prove his point actually doesn't prove it at all in fact it implicates fox news for the same bias in coverage take a look on. six percent right news media as very trustworthy. i guess somewhere in
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hannity's war little world the broad term the news media is everything except for x. news but there's a logic handy you can't comprehend it says here fifty six percent of likely u.s. voters say they get most of their news from t.v. including thirty two percent who get it from cable news networks and let's not forget that fox news is leaving the ranks as the most watched cable news channel which means that fox is the most on interested news source but i really be that surprised when this is the same news channel that put out this ad in two thousand and eight. movies to provide us with more factual information in a balanced fear presentation actually viewers should make their own judgments on important issues based on unbiased but our motto is we report you decide our job is to give the american people the information they can use to live their lives more
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like their job is to tell the truth where ever that. fox news is fair and balanced interesting considering how two thousand and eleven poll revealed fox news viewers actually know less than people who don't watch any news at all look you know it i know it and clearly others are starting to catch on to it until people stop turning to fox for the truth we still have a lot of work to do. where you are she might be like. oh. i want to talk about an obvious problem that too often flies under the radar homelessness a recent article in the wall street journal found that for the first time a record breaking fifty thousand people spent that. night there are nights in
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homeless shelters in new york city painful reflection of the state of homelessness across the nation and according to the u.s. department of housing and urban development there is exponential growth in the number of homeless families as well in d.c. alone the number of homeless families grew by eighteen percent just last year it's a shocking statistic so how is it that one of the wealthiest nations in the world continues to see a rise and homelessness discuss this and more i was joined earlier by neil donovan executive director of the national coalition for the homeless i first asked him about the rising trend in homeless families and here's what he had to say. despite the fact that that number is a huge number and unacceptable the true number of homosexually many times greater than the number that the annual homocysteine report reports out on are the number of families that are seeking services through the federal government but the reality is that that radar screen isn't nearly as large as the one necessary to
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capture the true three and a half million people of which nearly half of them are now in family units wow yeah exactly the people who are just seeking federal services about who is counted in this right to stick right now there are more than five times the amount of homes vacant homes in this country than there are homeless people how is that even possible and that is an amazing statistic here more of the disconnect right well so in the united states there's a very popular one percent that are very very wealthy and there's one percent that are living in extreme radical forms of poverty and that is homeless and in between there are you know the rest of us and so what we need to figure out is where does the housing stock fit between that group of people and so there is much more housing stock that would be available for people at the higher income bracket and because of the economy worsening over the last ten years. the number of eligible
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people to move into housing has actually lessened rather than increased so what you're going to find is that there is this housing stock glut and at the same time we're going to be building housing right now but the housing that we're going to be building is affordable housing so there is this disconnect when we experience economic hardship that we like we have since two thousand and seven there's a period of adjustment where wealth has to match opportunity it just seems like it's an amazing example of the system that we live in a reflection that you know where crises stem from surplus not scarcity now where you have too many homes and it's causing you know the bubble to burst that short an incredible fact of life. of the model that we live in like welling up in two thousand we tried to get homeless people into housing first time home buyer program sponsored by the federal government by and large that was a complete failure there were individuals both poor and homeless who were over priced into housing they just didn't have the capacity to do that and so right now
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they're back out. and that housing is available once again so we just need to be careful before we just simply place people into housing for housing sake let's talk about veterans and an astounding statistic seventy six thousand homeless veterans are now in the u.s. probably the most tragic of all just because we're supposed to be providing services for the people who we hailed as heroes or wars and then we kind of discard them when they're back why is this such a persistent trend among veterans well it's it's persistent and it's chronic so the individuals that are on the street right now actually have fallen out into the street after vietnam and after the first gulf war so what we're actually doing is where we're worrying about a problem that has yet to actually hit the street and that is the iraq and afghanistan veteran you're going to see examples of those individuals on the street but by and large the population. it's on the street that's declaring themselves as
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combat veterans are coming from different wars so we really need to make sure that we are not setting a goal and applying those resources to a different population the general shinseki the secretary of the v.a. and president obama have both made a commitment to and veterans' homelessness in five years but the truth is that the housing is going to again people who are not part of their kind of the group that they're worrying about the most which are people coming back from the current campaign. so who is where does the blame why i mean is it the v.a. is it just not treating mental health properly because of course we know almost all homeless people suffer from some sort of mental health disability or maybe not almost all but a lot so where do we really place the blame here well there is lots of blame and so that blame can be spread around and i would be the first one to say that people like me advocates for the homeless certainly deserve
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a lot of blame we have been promising for decades that we are going to end this problem the federal government needs to be hard at blame they are putting forth just about ten percent of the amount of money that we need so that's just an amount of money that we need to manage the problem but not to end the problem if you manage a problem long enough just like taking a small amount of medicine you become treatment resistant so what's happening is the federal government is funding it to such a small degree that we actually have a whole generation of people and providers and services that are diverse to the whole notion of homeless people moving into housing and that's a shame we really need to just fix ourselves differently we need to really commit ourselves both financially and programatic lee to the whole notion of ending homelessness and that means twenty billion dollars a year for about the next five years and that will satisfy the need serious and there's enough money right now to just simply sustain the programs that already exist and set up account. for actually putting forward more to actually solve it
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and deal with the increased numbers that we're seeing year after year that's right that's right. it might be intuitive to think that you know we've had a problem for so long why throwing more of money after bad money but the truth is that if we appropriate the correct amount of money again twenty billion a year for five years what that will do is it will go to a permanent solution and then we won't have to look at two billion two billion two billion. absolutely and i think the problems also stem from a lot of the endless war money being thrown at the defense department which of course causes some of the problems that we're seeing with homelessness thank you so much neal donovan for coming on breaking it down national coalition for the homeless my pleasure. like you see so far go to our facebook page at facebook dot com slash bring the set to do but thousands of already down and give us a like there will be updating their status daily with links to past segments as well as reaching out to you for ideas on what you want to see covered on breaking
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the set and also check out behind the scenes photos we've taken our studio one breaking the set on the road. head to facebook and check out all of that and more in our late took a break from my preaching but think to me you're about rand paul's epic filibuster of john brennan and what it means.
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and. his power was the envy of ambrose. he had good reason to trust no one. his body was found on the floor of his huge empty house. but did he die of natural causes. the mystery of stalin's death on a hot seat. to some people extreme cold isn't a chilling threat to life or imminent death it's a cooling if you look you can see that the water in the rates in my body feels
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really warm now and this is good for you. they plunge into icy water to make themselves stronger you can't get used to the cold if you can tolerate it and you can struggle with. people of snow and ice picks as a frost. so i mean the cold turkey. so kentucky senator rand paul made headlines today for giving the ninth longest speech in the history of the senate for his epic filibuster of john brennan the number one spot is held by democratic senator strom thurmond who filibustered for over twenty four hours straight against the civil rights act of nine hundred fifty seven but the whole speech was actually for a good reason because it brought into focus the very important subject of drone oversight namely whether or not the obama administration could use drones to target
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u.s. citizens for assassination on u.s. soil a message well we're thirteen hours each but just today senator paul digressed after receiving this letter from attorney general eric holder but read a quote it has come to my attention that you have now asked an additional question does the president have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an american not to gage in combat on american soil the answer to that question is no so is this a win or what's going on here to discuss this filibuster and what's next i'm joined by political activist and co-founder of code pink medea benjamin thank you so much for coming on and i think it's been my favorite part of last night was seeing the shout out ted cruz gave the code pink and the sooner the better you know i really thought this filibuster would go on and on and on and i thought that paul would be the single opposition to his nomination in this story and i was kind of shocked of just boom he's appointed now was this all political theater. well it's good
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political theater and it's political theater we need because i think the thing that it accomplished the best was getting this out in the open having so many americans learn about things they've never heard about before i mean have americans heard about signature strikes have they heard about us counting every male of military age as a combatant where we're using these drones have they heard about the killing of u.s. citizens overseas i think this was quite a lesson of course in the lesson in civics and unfortunate levison that according to our president and our. attorney general we don't have the right to judicial process as american citizens only define due process so important political and definitely political theater but good if you're going to have theatrical i'd like to see it about you know opposing the civil rights movement did let's talk about what you did today you actually went and met with a bunch of people in congress talk about well first went to thank ron paul of rand paul because we thought it was important to do that but then we thought you know
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why is it that these conservative of tea party favorite candidate said and senators are the ones who are setting the example in being the heroes of exposing this drone program where are these liberal senators so we went to the offices of elizabeth warren and actually met with her we went to the office of tammy baldwin and met with her we met with ron wyden who's actually been quite good in this from oregon we went to the offices of carl levin and say where are you you're supposed to be the head of the armed services committee and you're letting the cia have this rogue drone program that just is killing all kinds of people overseas giving such a bad name to the u.s. causing so much blowback and why are you speaking out against right and that's i think what was really shocking is how is this a partisan issue this should not be a partisan issue our civil liberties our constitution the fact that killing people with drones is counterintuitive and against the law morally and legally i mean all
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of these things it's a legal framework created around this why are we seeing more democrats oppose this is mind blowing medea i want to actually play a portion of last night's marathon news that he kept citing over and over again about the use of drones abroad. i think when you're in a battle you don't get due process if you're shooting at americans drones can hit you any missiles can hit you there is no due process in a battle this is a big debate because many of said the battlefield is here because the battlefield is here the. with the plot of the fifth amendment doesn't apply here the president has said he will use the truth amendment in the process of deciding drone attacks overseas but he doesn't get the option to use it privately ok so here he is he's basically defending the drone program abroad he's saying if you're in the battlefield as we know medea of course we're killing thousands of people who have nothing to do with the battle the signature strikes the double tap strikes and also
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american citizens abroad which he actually didn't address so he's really concerned with target americans here at home but if you really care about national security why isn't he why doesn't he speak out against the complete counterproductive strategy of drone strikes abroad well first he did address the americans who've been killed overseas he talked about where a lucky said this guy what we should have tried him here in shot i'm. here and then he did mention in. the sixteen year old son and i think it was really important that he mentioned him and recognize that it was in a separate drone strike not the same drone strike as his father so that those were good things but you're totally right why is he using the examples of how bad it is overseas and saying well we want this at home but it's not my problem that it's happening overseas and in fact in the end confirmed john brennan the mastermind of this program so that was a problem we had and when we went to his office today we were saying this is nice we don't want people being shot with drones here in the united states but you know
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let's also have the senator speak out for. condemning what the u.s. is doing now and pushing to stop the use of those killer drones against civilians signature strikes double taps where rescue workers are being killed all those kinds of illegal activities you know i can't help but think and of course i do support the filibuster i thought it was awesome but i can't help but think you know he's not his father his support for a harsh iran saying. which is an act of war supporting n.d. two thousand and thirteen endorsing romney blanket endorsement of a candidate that's supposedly against everything that he's for and vice versa how much of all of this do you think was really harnessing the support that his father had to vie for a presidential bid in two thousand and sixteen oh no you know i think that when you're going to talk for almost thirteen hours you've got to have a little bit inside of you i mean he seemed to have some spark in there that was
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cared about the constitutional process cared about due process cared about these issues so i take it for what it is i say thank you for moving us a step further when we met with ron wyden who is on the intelligence committees from where again he is one who pushed during this process of the confirmation to say give us the memos how are we supposed to do oversight if we for two years have been asking for the memos and haven't got right we saw them today and he said this is just the beginning now we're going to ask for these things to be declassified because we want the american public to know about it and he also said something very important that he said and it's not just about memos about killing americans it's about killing non americans too so there's. a real who just and i really hope that rand paul's efforts started this dialogue not so necessary thank you so much for benjamin of code pink thank you.
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one of the last time you stop to think about the one thing you can't live without no i'm not talking about the internet i'm talking about water without clean drinking water life couldn't go on so it's probably important that we know what's in the water we drink the past sixty five years city governments nationwide have an ad in a substance called fluoride the water supply the practice of water fluoridation started at a time in history want to spend stows p.c.b. is in d.d.t. we're all deemed safe and effective and although all. all of these chemicals have been banned since fluoridation still common practice however it's unique we american the u.s. has more people drinking in florida did water than the rest of the world combined in fact most industrialized nations do not florida their water including japan and ninety seven percent of europe so what exactly is it that we're ingesting it's not the same florid that's in your toothpaste that's been added to municipal water
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supplies is a flooring compound called hydrofluoric acid and it's a byproduct from the phosphate fertilizer industry yes you heard me right we break this down for you gashes fluoride is produced during fertilizer production now use goes straight to the atmosphere from these factories but presently filtration devices are used to contain the toxic chemicals and what's extracted from the filters is then condensed into a water based solution which is packaged unrefined and sold to city governments the purpose of water fluoridation so how did this all start while interestingly in one nine hundred forty four the american dental association themselves published it was not worth the health risk to florida it water supplies too bad no one heeded their warning because the very next year grand rapids michigan became the first community to florida and what happened next would not have been possible without
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a push from the aluminum industry which was looking for a way to safely discard their fluoride pollution and waste in one nine hundred forty seven oscar in a paid attorney for alcoa the biggest aluminum company in the u.s. was picked oversee the public health service which is now known as the department of health and human services he then made clear his lingering ties to the aluminum industry by promoting water for addition as one of the first official policies of the department from there the policy expanded tenfold. eighty seven us cities florida and within the next three years fast forward to today where children are growing up indoctrinated with the notion that florida water is necessary because it prevents tooth decay but is that really the case in one thousand nine hundred seven at the national institute of dental research examined thirty nine thousand school children from eighty four different flora dated and none for dated communities and while the study did find that in florida areas to
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take a decline the most interesting part is that there was a declining trend in to decay in non florida areas to perhaps because of overall better hygiene ok but not only is there no causal link there's also serious health risks for florida over exposure for one in excess of florida causes fluorosis which is the way of the enamel on your teeth this is indicative of what it's doing to your body on a larger scale you see it doesn't just eat away at the tooth enamel only fifty percent of the floor and we consume is excluded the rest is absorbed throughout our bodies our pill glands and our bones in fact an alarming study by the u.s. public health service which was later confirmed by harvard medical school found that a deadly type of bone cancer called osteosarcoma was significantly higher in florida
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communities than in florida communities however the most distressing findings come from eighteen studies done worldwide showing a substantial lowering of i q and over the floor dated areas and there are many more adverse effects than just those not to mention that the f.d.a. admits that florida is a drug not a nutrient multiple ethical codes are being violated here by forcing us to ingest this drug look up. call it like it is water fluoridation has nothing to do with said benefits think about it wrongly getting our fair share of this substance through the dentist and the toothpaste we use every day and little processed foods we're already eating and drinking on a daily basis we get more than enough so the argument that we need to ingest the substance as well is baseless look eyes and matter what you think about fluoride the real issue here is having
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a choice no chemical matter what its alleged benefits are should be forced upon the public without their consent let's not forget as long as corporations are involved our best interest isn't really the priority so maybe we should be looking at water fluoridation as a money making scam the tale that's all too familiar governments and industry colluding to save money instead of saving lives. sick looks like your. experience profitable to invest in
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colombia we did a very profitable so there will be is a very high return on investment. he said but i've been working in this area for thirty years and i've always had to play the armed groups but maybe that is the managers who change their name and strategy but just to the same risk. high ranking suspects you know called. were you upset about that mr president. similar. to president clinton. but. i won't give an interview i'm sorry but no. investigation is it. says you can get stuck in bullshit and keep quiet or else you'll suffer the consequences and leave notes on your bodyguards to watch themselves because the same goes for them. regards from since
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i've never heard of such a case as ours are so much money and gold has so many here. for all the gold in colombia. live. i live. in. the street. i wish i. could.
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sleep. i. might have a little. fifth. they've been living this way since to seventeen century. or strict. their communities. they clearly distinguish between their home and the alien. and gardner family and think pressure. they have said nominees are struggling to end on present what side which has been engulfed.


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