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rockall bomb of promise to close guantanamo bay now we are into his second term and get mo is still open for business in fact some are claiming he's made it worse for people inside of the facility that story ahead. he talks for more than twelve hours on the senate floor about drones but what did senator rand paul's epic filibuster tell us about the u.s. drones policy question more. you always look at the made in label made in the u.s. label there used to be a big push to buy american made products but you'd be surprised to learn that some of the most iconic american brands have been sold to foreign companies are spotlights the outsourcing of america. it's friday march eighth four pm in washington d.c. i'm making lopez and you're watching r.t. starting off this hour the funeral of late president hugo chavez was to happen just
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today earlier today that is a delegates from fifty five countries were in attendance including the low level u.s. delegation members outside the chapel hundreds of thousands gathered to mourn the late president here's what a fellow latin american leaders had to say. it is what up it was minutes were lost its president latin america lost its historic leader and we lost a much loved friend a brother a little bit like you but the best tribute that we can bestow upon. the americans is to follow in his footsteps also in attendance cuban president raul castro iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad chavez was the leader of venezuela for over fourteen years he was reelected back in october but he lost his two year battle to cancer on tuesday after suffering a massive heart attack. well just in today osama bin laden's son in law has been captured and transferred into american custom me solomon obligates was secretly
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flown to new york city pleading not guilty to charges of conspiring to kill americans earlier. he is one of the highest ranking al qaeda figures to have ever been brought to the u.s. to face a civilian trial instead of a military tribunal and that decision was widely criticized by republicans including senate leader senate majority leader mitch mcconnell they want abu ghaith sent back to guantanamo bay or to want on the way in first place and be subject to u.s. interrogation for its part the obama administration did not want to send up to gates to guantanamo bay because of the president's intentions to close the facility one day but more evidence is coming out that proves the president has actually worsen the situation in the detention facility instead joining me now to discuss the current conditions of get low we're tired colonel morris davis he's a professor of law at howard university and a former one tunnel bay official thank you for joining the show so let's start with this latest information that has come out first they chose not to put him in
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a military tribunal and they said that the one of the reason they didn't want to send him to guantanamo bay was because they're trying to close it which is that a likely excuse well i think it's a valid point you know they haven't taken anyone to go into motor number of years now in the population is slowly. thinning out down to one hundred sixty six out of the seven hundred seventy nine and you know there are some point in time so i think not adding to that is a good thing and i think the problem to the abu ghaith is what would you charge him with the kuantan m o i mean the charge in federal court is conspiracy to murder americans and recently the federal courts tossed out the convictions of some former guantanamo detainees convicted military commissions for conspiracy and for providing material support so i think taking him to federal court here in the u.s. was a smart decision on the obama administration's part now some of the critics say that it actually cost the city of new york us so much to protect this man and so the
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cost is it worth it on the other hand you have senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and others saying that they really want him to go to guantanamo bay because he's. already releasing so much information that we just don't know about any of these hold held that allegedly well i think so if you look at the press release yesterday from the justice department when they announced that he was being indicted today in federal court he's given a believe a twenty two page statement without being water boarded or tortured which i think kind of shows the fallacy of the policy that we used a decade ago where we said we had to torture people in order to make them talk apparently obligate is giving up a lot of information about his decade he spent in iran his involvement with his former father in law some of bin laden and he did it all without being tortured or he's being prosecuted in federal court where he was indicted today and he'll probably get tried before collegiate mom it sems been a guantanamo since two thousand and six and we're still arguing over what he can
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wear to court so i think this shows a federal court is the better option than this failed experiment we've had in kuantan among now a lot of the critics that want one tunnel because just say it's just not it's not producing the type of us also want to also hear in this report that says that the obama administration instead of closing it is making it worse so let's talk about your safe first of all your experience personally in guantanamo bay with the things that you saw and what you saw what you know is going on now and kind of juxtapose that you know i think the conditions at guantanamo are better than most people believe me a bail bondsman so i saw a lot of jails in prison here in the us in the conditions at guantanamo compared to a lot of our federal and state and local facilities here are much better but it doesn't excuse this indefinite detention without trial without charge most of people at guantanamo are held in communal living facilities i think you saw where they had a new three quarter of a million dollar soccer field they they built but again we've got people detained
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at guantanamo who are there soley because of their citizenship the yemenis primarily who. we said we don't want to keep it there because we don't want to send them back to yemen and so so there's still a guantanamo after more than a decade in confinement and so unfortunately i think you know a lot of the detainees from what i understand are on a hunger strike because they're largely out of sight and out of mind and the only way to call attention to their plight is to do something like what they're doing which you know unfortunately somebody has to die in order to get attention cold to guantanamo and kind of want to see yes or no do you think that the situation is worse and one time of that was under george bush it's no better and is continuing and the longer it goes on i think the worse it is colonel morris davis a professor at howard university of los thank you so much for joining us rand paul's filibuster on wednesday was nearly thirteen hours of conversation about drones and privacy in the united states for the people who cover the growing use of
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drones of broadband in the skies above this country the speech was a welcome change for the secrecy about that has shrouded president obama's drone program and shed light on the question of drone use against american citizens on american soil but also showed that capitol hill consensus on drones use a broad is pretty concise to say the least the problem is the drone strike program is often not about combat it is about people who may or may not be conspiring but they're not in combat they're in a car they're in their house they're in a restaurant they're in a cafe someone this evening who have supported the use of drones in fighting the war on terror i think they have been very effective in killing terrorist people who want to do harm to the people of this country like he have seen things that the drones can do to protect our soldiers and no one's arguing against that. so should
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people be arguing against that i'm joined in our new york studio by stanley cohen he's an international human rights lawyer and artie's own rachel courtesy as she joins me in the d.c. studio stanley i'd like to start with you why is it that americans have these inalienable rights to life and due process but others don't. well you know once again we find the double standard if your name is stanley or billy well perhaps not me or billy or megan you're protected if your name is mohammed or if your name is rula you're less than a human being under international law you are entitled to the same concepts of due process of formal accusation of inability to confront your accusers you cannot be murdered that's what the use of drones are overseas it's extrajudicial assassination it's a violation of international law it's criminal it's the kind of things which ends up putting people as they should be before the international criminal court the fact that as long as it's done over seas and not in the united states there's
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a red herring it's criminal overseas it's criminal in the united states it's extrajudicial and there was no support for it under international law let alone in the united states where it's all are there any specific instances that you know of where innocent civilians were actually killed in broad just kind of piggybacking off what sally was talking about sure yes the bureau of investigative journalism which to my mind has some of the best numbers on the german strikes abroad said that anywhere between four hundred ten and five hundred twenty one drone strikes have occurred in the countries of pakistan yemen and somalia between two thousand and two and today let it be known that none of these countries are ones that the united states has officially declared war on and during those drone strikes anywhere between four hundred twenty three and one thousand three hundred eighty seven civilians were reported killed and of those civilians killed anywhere from a hot one hundred seventy to two hundred nine of those civilians killed were children so just to put that in perspective for you that's at least eight instances
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of sandy hook's essentially where people have been killed by u.s. drone strikes especially children and i want to highlight one instance in particular this is one of many of this was reported again by the bureau of investigative journalism in december seventeenth two thousand and nine in yemen there was a militant who had just been released from prison. he vowed militant activity allegedly though he was still hit by a drone strike at the time though he was living with a huge number of extended family so that means forty one other civilians people who were not engaged in any militant activity were also killed among them twenty two children and five reportedly pregnant women so we'll never get a chance to either know if this if this militant was someone who you know who will not engage in terrorist activity but we also need to consider is the collateral damage twenty two children killed is it really worth it to get that militant that's a really good point and although you threw out a lot of numbers there you really put it in perspective with that sandy hook
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example stanley rampal another say that they completely support the drone program abroad is that have a critical considering the fact that all these civilians are being killed are broad as well look it's the twilight zone let's not turn rand paul where the republican party or barack obama is humanitarians these are people who have built their political career on the backs of rhetoric on the banks of military experience not personal experience when i graduate overseas is it hypocritical of course it's hypocritical they view american lives as something very special a low apparently you tourney generals recently said that he believes and i don't know where they find this in the u.s. constitution but the president has the right to murder u.s. citizens within the boundaries of the united states the program is illegal the program is criminal we are killing people whether it is civilians of broad civilians in the united states were and i did stanley unfortunately senator dianne feinstein does not agree with what you have to say i want to play
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a quick clip of her and then we'll get your nigel's opinions in some respects it's a perfect assassination weapon you can see seventeen twenty thousand feet up in the year very personal use. so obviously they agree with most senators and in the u.s. congress agreeing with some sort of drone program does not when it comes to the americans right are using it on u.s. soil i should say right rachel you know it certainly seems that way and i think they're. saying is right when she says that it's the perfect assassination tool the question is who are easier to get in and using it on stanley last last answer look these are the very people that said there were weapons of mass destruction in iraq that initiated an invasion that killed a million civilians you can't believe them you can't trust them we have a judicial system in the united states if you've broken the law you can be prosecuted you get your day in court you get your judge and jury you do not get assassinated the issue isn't whether it's a clean assassination the issue isn't whether you kill three children walking by
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next you you choose assassination is murder it is illegal the president does not have the authority to do it whether it's overseas with a boy named muhammad or here with a girl named sally are to produce a racial courteous and stanley cohen international human rights lawyer thank you guys for your opinion thank you and while we're on the topic of unemployment and where there are jobs and why while we're talking about all the different situations going on around the world let's talk about unemployment and jobs give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free and that was once the american motto but it could soon be in for a major rewrite since this nation's conception the u.s. has called itself a nation of immigrants today it seems that while the tired poor and huddled masses wait in the back of the immigration line to earn a green card president obama and others are hoping to expedite the process for your energetic your engine years your educated masses here's
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a president obama said back in his two thousand and twelve state of the union address that alluded to this matter. we should be working on comprehensive immigration reform right now. but if election year politics keeps congress from acting on a comprehensive plan let's at least agree to stop expelling responsible young people who want to staff our lance start a new business defend this country. and president obama isn't the only one last week new york city mayor michael bloomberg said quote the immigration debate in congress should be an open opportunity not only to fix the problems of the past but also to look forward and create the best the brightest and the hardest workers to our shores to bring them in to their shores that is there is a special type of visa that helps highly skilled foreign workers jump over immigration hurdles quicker it's known as the h one b. visa supporters of these faces say baby boomers are leaving
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a huge gap to fill in the medical and engineering realms that americans simply cannot do critics say it prevents skilled american workers from getting jobs it also allows greedy employers to pay a foreign employee less than their american counterpart so as lawmakers start to consider changes to the country's immigration policy they should take another look at what it says on the statue of liberty. happy friday everyone five o'clock will be here before you know it just about a forty five minutes on d.c. time anyway and for many people that means heading to happy hour with a few friends that now we're kind of stores heard a lot of cool blue last week about the allegations that brewing giant giant and highs are bush was watering down its beers those allegations turned out to be not true so our beer bellies can breathe a sigh of relief but maybe the headline wasn't focusing on the right issue the beer under scrutiny was budweiser and arguably all american brand. has made that it
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wasn't made in the u.s. in fact a lot of our most iconic american products aren't being manufactured here so let's bring in comedian dan wilbur to talk about this hey there dan do you care where your beer is from should it be does it and does it matter really if budweiser was made here in the u.s. or abroad it matters a great deal i drink beer like water and therefore i wanted to taste. a little like water and that's why i drink budweiser but if we move it over to belgium the quality control be all off kilter you know they might start making it taste sweet and delicious and more like beer and then what are we going to drink we're going to actual water i bet you were really disappointed when you found out that they weren't actually watering down that beer now but what is or isn't the only and all american product being manufactured elsewhere and in fact out of all the many of the i can many of our iconic brands share those dirty little secret arty
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correspondent on a stasi a church going to actually did a report about this and i'd like you to watch it dan ok. warming the hearts of generations of americans they are symbols of true american. however these icons have long been made of broad or owned by foreigners budweiser and other american beer companies are owned by. an international conglomerate the famous and glamorous barbie doll the. reverse mischaracterise. dream like the. no five made in hong kong barbie is america i want the eating disorder. and the warped body images and all the terrible thinking that comes from barbie i want that to be created in america levi's jeans you are. like. the self described icon of american culture with only one line left made of its homeland security
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james dean because you know we think of all the rock n rollers and and now that's they're not leave the united states there is something incredibly wrong about that most of the vice clothing is in fact sewn overseas the fact that levi's jeans which are the symbol of american heroism or anti heroism are being outsourced. that they were the game of monopoly that makes capitalism a fun family activity has some pieces made in ireland the green and red houses the green houses make sense to outsource to ireland and baseball rawlings the official maker of major league baseball's baseballs has long had its iconic products made by coaster weekends on their homeland all this a painful truth to the american heart i don't know what america is anymore. i don't know where america is anymore i don't know why america is anymore but it doesn't and there according to the washington post three point two million dollars worth of
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american flags were imported from china in two thousand and ten the biggest irony is that the american flag is being made by the chinese i mean is the chinese flag being made by america i don't think so while it may be disappointing it's a reality that's here to stay what we're seeing is the truth you should between the old twentieth century in which the united states was a manufacturing superpower in the twenty first century in which the united states is just bringing cheaper labor and manufacturing costs abroad make outsourcing of american products and the ceci while america drowns in a joblessness of its own we need to create jobs here making these quote american products with americans that would be nice truly american is a ship that has long sailed the question now is whether made in america will be forgotten as a stamp on products left to become just a term for the history books and. art. and i want to bring comedian dan well back into the conversation so dan i understand you have
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a number of products to tell you what did you bring and why well if it's not american made then i want no part of it so i brought a certain beer that well we've covered up the label so we don't get sued. now it's it's just as delicious as budweiser but in order to drink it you have to start listening to animal collective and a couple other hipster bands if that gives you any clues i actually brought some ahead oh you know which one it is no go ahead says the surprise may. well i brought some free you know budweiser is moving to belgium and i just want belgium to know that they can't step all over america because we've got these we figured out the formula first twinkies and now this so we've got these belgium. and we also got a couple of these you're not going to you can't fix what what i broke belgium. i have
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a couple of products of my own i have a barbie barbie i you would think is made in the u.s. it's not i also have a can of budweiser's a bunch of my wiser bears these are not new in the u.s. and also american flags thing again not made in the u.s. we also have extra sketches it's not made in the u.s. and as a monopoly of ours and i just want to show you what exactly it says on the monopoly board it says that it is made in the u.s. with dice and tokens made in china dan is this a travesty it's a sad sad day but the people that are really doing this to us i think budweiser has it the worst budweiser is the king of beers and like a king we can't democratically decide what he does so we really are getting squashed by him it's not the first time a beer has betrayed america my friend at a party the other day opened up a coors light and
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a train came by and killed thirty seven people it was very it was tragic it was awful and i just want to stay in america so that. we can enjoy the deliciousness without the politics then really quickly we only have about thirty seconds left but i hear you have some vellum jokes. oh i don't have any jokes i just have a message lego my go go joe i'm sorry comedian dan wilbur thank you so much for joining us. this is just another reminder to check what is made in america make sure it actually is now the u.s. jobs report came out today with higher than expected gains in the private sector here's what we found out two hundred thirty six thousand jobs were added in february bringing the unemployment down to seven point seven percent that's the lowest unemployment has been since december of two thousand and eight so there are some positive news in terms of economic growth but we want to concentrate on the people who are still looking for work out there of the people who are unemployed
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most have been so for twenty seven weeks or longer and here's a possible indicator as to why more and more employers are running credit checks on potential employees before hiring them in many cases the fact that a person is in debt is actually preventing them from getting a job in order to pay off that debt sounds like a catch twenty two right well joining me now to talk about the trouble he's faced in the job market is job seeker daniel berman daniel thank you so much for being here so having me you have two master's degrees one that i understand one is an iranian studies and the other one is in political science you were accepted to a prestigious ph d. program and yet you're struggling to find a job tell me about the struggles you faced. i mean luckier than most i've had a couple interviews for positions i think part of the problem you have in d.c. and probably in the country as a whole is the tendency whereby a lot of the factors that make it hard to find
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a job reinforce one another for instance i think the credit checks you mentioned is one of them but i think that's one of the side effects of basically when you're going to get a job people want references and if you're currently working somewhere getting five references in twenty four hours is no problem and chances are you going to pass a credit check but if you don't have a job well you have to make a choice like if you're going to one job in d.c. you need a d.c. address and if you're not working that means you go into debt but suddenly if you use that to end up getting a job you find that the choice you have to make to stay in the city and fight for an opportunity get a job ends up undermining the ability actually accept the job when people want to hire her i do want to bring up this graphic that we've made kind of showing how many americans are facing these credit checks when they go for jobs now one in four employees are actually subject to crack to credit checks one of four people i was looking for jobs and one in seven are denying from getting a job due to poor credit have you ever been asked to give
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a credit score. i've been asked couple times mostly for housing only one of the interviews i had asked me for a credit check ok do you think it should be a factor in and hiring someone. i can see for instance jobs especially of a sensitive nature where things like that matter but i think that for the vast majority of entry level positions i don't see a particular reason why it's relevant i mean i can understand maybe you want to make sure people are going to leave the town a town or be more than i could be able to remain but i think as a general matter i don't see why it should necessarily factor in beyond the ability to do the job and some of the people that are supporting this kind of credit checks the employers say that they don't they want to make sure that their employees going to work as hard as they can that they're not going to be susceptible to bribery or theft of the company but i do want to bring up another graphic that we made that shows the number one reasons are not the top ten reasons why americans are in debt today so if you look the number one reason is medical expenses you've also got job
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loss divorce on their student loans so these are all things that you really can't control and yet it's potentially affecting your ability to be hired so you think that this is a kind of catch twenty two where you can't be hired to pay off the debts that you currently have. i think it i mean i think it definitely is and i think it's sort of a side effect of the fact that i think the us in somewhat of a transition i think one of the big impacts at least from what i've seen of the recession is not so much the recession still here we're gain jobs again it's that companies and think tanks in d.c. and in our cities i assume have discovered you can get master's students to war for free as in turns and at that point why should you bring back the old paid entry level jobs you can use internships is basically a six month long job interview and we only have a few seconds left but finally you have fifteen seconds i want you to make your job pitched it to potential employers out there watching go ahead well i think we've
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already mentioned my resume quite a bit what i think is important though is that i can adapt to that and i think that having been unemployed and having gone through the process i can bet i can provide a perspective on what people my generation are going to especially if you're tempted to market to them or adjust your hiring practices to try and reach out to i think what's an underutilized generation in terms of their abilities and experience than berman thank you for coming on the program and next chair and sharing your experiences with us thank you very much for having me it was an honor and that's going to do it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america or check out our web site r t dot com slash usa don't forget to follow me on twitter at meghan underscore lopez see you back here at five.
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juggling job. do hack work and get caught when lobbyists money and lawmakers are combined together that's where the problem of corruption comes from. i don't know the document's. keep up a smart look. there is also. another well behind that which is how to influence things situations steer clear of provocations don't answer any question. came into the office and found banners hung around the office and lots of strange faces around someone and said what's what's happening will somebody please tell me what's going on and they said oh we've come to occupy your building. possibly they want to do
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a confrontation possibly they wanted me to ring up the police have the police come in through the mount but it didn't seem to be a good idea to learn the european way with brussels business. in the uk kristie it's one person one fold but in brussels business it's one euro one fault. if. it's. coming up.


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