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yeah. today is international women's day it's being celebrated by millions of people worldwide to commemorate the progress of human rights as well as to reflect on the obstacles that women still face in many aspects of contemporary society while this is an international holiday it's us roots began over one hundred years ago on march eighth eight hundred fifty seven clothing workers in new york held a demonstration against unreasonable working conditions and unfair wages despite a crackdown by police against the protesters the demonstration quickly grew into a movement and eventually the creation of the first women's labor union yes and then their struggle alone women have made tremendous strides toward parity with men but we do remain less than equal the recent report from the institute for women's policy research shows that the wage gap between men and women is increasing still citing that on average women are making one hundred sixty three dollars less per week than their male counterparts in the same position suffice it to say women
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still have a lot way to go we're still locked in politicians that don't understand how the female body works that try to define legitimate rape to try to bring up decades old litigation over reproductive rights leaders that define equality as having binders full of women but this attitude amongst our elected representatives wouldn't exist if it were a reflection of a patriarchal culture culture that's conducive to inequality and is often manifested into violence one point three million women are raped every year in this country and a quarter of women continue to experience some form of violence against them as long as this trend continues discrimination harassment and objectification cannot be celebrated as a thing of the past on this day look women have come an extraordinarily long way and i'm so proud to honor this day in solidarity with countless strong females worldwide in fact. side from celebrating our womanhood there is an international
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protest underway to call to end violence against women it's history tells us anything it's that no change happens without a struggle remember your heart is a muscle the size of your fist it's let's keep loving let's keep fighting. the likes it where you never seen anything like it. oh. this week one of the world's most influential leaders passed away of course i'm talking about the late venezuelan president hugo chavez although we give a voice to the venezuelan people in a way unlike any president before him during his fourteen year leadership he was a polarizing figure on the world stage was both hailed and smeared and most importantly he was one of the lone voices of opposition to u.s. imperialism and though he wasn't revered by all he was known for trying to change
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the country from the bottom up and giving the poor a hope for a better tomorrow today in caracas venezuela that hope was celebrated while his death was mourned all taking place amidst a ceremony that was attended by thirty world leaders including who was. in iran as mahmoud. along with two million others so to tell us about his death is being commemorated how his legacy will be remembered along with the political scene in the post chavez world i'm joined now by our t. correspondent lizzie phelan all the way from caracas what a swell and thank you so much for taking the time lizzie. may i be as a pleasure to be i'm a big fan of the show and happy international women's day yes same to you lizzie i know you've been on the ground since his death and today you were at his funeral talk about the mood is like over there did you get a sense from the people that he was pretty well reviewed in his leadership.
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yeah well it's been i've been here since i wednesday since the first day that his body has been on display in the military academy here and. and it's been a very intense. three days for me hour after hour there's been hundreds and thousands of people nonstop streaming into the capital waiting for an opportunity to see the late president hugo chavez for the last time and pay their respects as literally kilometers and kilometers of queues winding through the streets of iraq as you know they seem to know no end it's. like a sea of red in the city as people are wearing the red associated with the p.s.u. chavez's policy and of course the tricolors of the venezuelan flag and pictures of him across the city and you know it's quite. in a way quiet and musing will perhaps a little sadder than that say hey some people in sections of the mainstream media ridicule the fact that millions of people are queuing to just get
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a glimpse of the president you know these are some kind of brainwashed people oh you know it kind of fits into this narrative that hugo chavez is this dictator was tyrant that brainwashed the venezuelan people you know if we wanted to play that game we could it's if we wanted to residual instead people you know we often see in places like the united states or london people queuing for kilometers outside shopping centers when a new sale is about to begin and they wait for hours and hours until the shop opens and then there's a sometimes of violence on peace that we could raise if you will that and instead say well actually it's quite humbling to see millions of people queuing to get a glimpse of the man who actually for them they say transformed their lives you know he did have poverty in venezuela he listed many people out of extreme poverty . excess education funds and millions of people access to basic health care people
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some seventy eighty year olds who had never seen a doctor in the poorest parts of venezuela or in the barrios so you know it's very easy for some people to sit in that kind of comfortable chairs and so the walls and ridicule those huge achievements but they're not so ridiculous as achievement for the millions of impoverished people in venezuela of course and of course you could say that about the millions that were there in d.c. when obama was inaugurated for the first time in the waving the hysterically waving of the flags and i mean it's just absurd living in this in this city particularly how dare we criticize another call. or for mourning their president when we do the same exact thing here with the political theater going on in this country was the rumors that actually surfaced that suggested there was foul play and how he died can you talk really briefly about what what it is that's pushing the speculation i mean is there any sort of actual investigation being initiated through this. yesterday both festival i just say this quiet big difference between you know the
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many people who came out for the celebration of obama and the millions of people who are coming out for days on end i mean there seems to be no ins and inside that the government announced yesterday that they're going to keep his body on display for extended period of seven days so that they can literally get every single person he wants to see him a chance and as i said the cues and the ending and the difference mainly between those colleges of thousands of millions of people who came out for the election of obama and chavez is that even i mean it's not really unusual that millions of people are coming out now for chavez because they have come out time and time again over the last fourteen years that chavez has been in power i mean every single time that chavez came out to speak in public in public open space millions of people would come to him and now it's impossible for leaders like the united states president barack obama with a british prime minister david cameron to come out into the open space in front of millions of people is simply too much of a security threat in contra. hugo chavez who is being called a dictator and
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a tyrant who hated supposedly by many people can could come out in front of millions of people with absolutely no security threat whatsoever so that should tell you something quite powerful actually coming to your question about the controversy surrounding the death of hugo chavez of course when hugo chavez was diagnosed with counts he famously accused at the time there were several cases of latin american presidents who are generally following a kind of progressive sort of politics you know and there's generally been. a lot of cooperation between progressive left and american presidents since chavez took power in one thousand nine hundred ninety and chavez said you know that that was no coincidence that so many latin american leaders at the same time had got he said it was against the laws of all probability and indeed you know it is quite strange of course on the day that chavez sighs
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a couple of hours before vice president at the time now he's being sworn in as president today nicolas maduro to once again accuse the united states of being responsible for the cans and the death of hugo chavez and you know of course we don't we have no conclusive information about that but if we look into history that has been a very very long history of the united states interference in this continent in so invest in america overthrowing progressive government off the progressive a problem and from the most recent one in hundreds of course this is there's also you know the united states wasn't too disappointed when there was a recent coup in paraguay the one before that was a very late u.s. green light for the coup in honduras and then prior to that there have been successes u.s. backed coups in latin america totally absent going to have the economic model absolutely you have the economic hitman and you have the jackals are going to and they don't actually convince these leader to go in line with the u.s.
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policy or western peerless and let's talk more importantly about the broader issue here. lucy we just have a little bit of time left but i just want to ask you what you're saying about happy just we just i'm sorry. sorry i just wanted to add one more thing of course in two thousand and two that was a failed coup against chavez that was essentially a u.s. spy who chavez was of course kidnapped and taken from the presidential palace and he was only with tons of the once again millions of people from the barrios from the poorest neighborhoods in venezuela slug it out. i think i can send them on to his great time and of course there was an incident where by nineteen people were shot by opposition snipers and the mainstream media tried to portray that it was so cool to have as thugs who had opened fire on his own people of course a very infamous documentary since then has exposed that what that was completely full of and that the mainstream media distorted the images and that in fact there
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was opposition snipers who had been responsible for those two things so you know there has been blatant at times in the past by by the united states to get rid of chavez and they have made no bones about the fact that they want to see him go and of course there are many prominent us but it's already lazio we're going to have to work out the rabbit up i know a lot of people are concerned about the future of venezuela and the vulnerability of the country now that chavez is going to stand up to western imperialism unfortunately we don't have time to talk about that thank you so much for coming on r.t. correspondent from. feel like we see so far how do our you tube channel at youtube dot com such a break in the set and subscribe we're almost up to twenty thousand subscribers so please go there and help us get to twenty thousand well some of our interview segments tab out if you want to catch those separately encourage everyone to check out our interview with neil donovan on abandoning the homelessness and also look at every segment we've done separately on our tab section on the top of the page big brother watch the weapons of mass distraction check out all that and more at
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youtube dot com breaking the set and i took a break from my preaching for now but stay tuned here some political comedy and some serious issues next. wealthy british style aside some time to.
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so guys last week on the show i brought up one of the most secretive trade negotiations in history it's called the trans-pacific partnership or the t.t.p. currently being negotiated among eleven countries including australia and i chile malaysia new zealand peru's singapore the us in vietnam but now canada and mexico are joining the talk of japan planning to come on board as well not surprisingly people are calling it nafta on steroids i wish i could tell you more about it but even u.s. trade reps are forbidden from scene techs and others over six hundred corporate advisors helping draft legislation those virtually zero transparency to the public what a shock to talk about the lighter side of this issue and bring some levity to the most of recent news headlines of during my comedian and political activist leak can't for moments of clarity and who better no plane or train you know. well you have to do is show which is great too i do i do it's not as nice as this place if
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it's been there i don't know how you do that walk and talk thing i can handle that ok on. t.v. i mean are you are you surprised at how shady this is lee it's incredibly shady and what makes it so evil is boredom boring evil is the best kind because they get away with because you know i mean if you try to talk to someone about this you get like you get to the pacific part of trans-pacific partnership and they pass out there sooner or later you can't it was really you know what we're seeing a global corporate coup because of honey boo that's what's causing it like people can't stay on the channel right trade is for the most boring subject and it really is a corporate i mean we're talking about corporations international conglomerates implementing international courts to essentially override national sovereignty and our trade laws i mean it's just absurd and if they don't get the profits they seek they can then bring it to it to an international tribunal of like corporate judges which was the bet would had with the bad guys did in star wars look more noble to start. i
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work level evil and i'm sad that i even know this but you know honey boo-boo mayonnaise for dinner is more important and i don't even know why i know that when i go to the big celebrities it's a lovely culture it gets in your head and. it's got to make room so it kicks things like p.p.p. out and then you go and matt you lose t.p. in madison so you don't understand anything you just know that on the manic that's where you're left. with their economy recently and dow jones hit an all time high of course i mean we're doing so well right now all that means everything's fine everything's great i mean corporate profits rising exponentially twenty times faster than workers incomes i mean does it help the corporation to help their cause we're all sad we did people who should have been through the boards or whatever people do when they're happy i don't know but you know it's like new york city just announced the homeless numbers apparently the most homeless since the great depression and i don't know if people remember that one that was the one where people to burn prosthetic limbs just firewood because things weren't going so well so the most holistic in decades and yet corporate profit because corporations they
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measure their profits by how little they can pay workers so there's such a bad job market right now that they don't have to raise wages they don't have to give people benefits so basically it's like it's like measuring the health of an ant colony by the health of the ant eater standing over and it's like oh well he's doing pretty well so things must be fine but at least one dollar minimum wage that's enough to live i mean in new york yeah i see. that it's the income of the power of the dollar and status and not just inflation but the income distribution has stayed the same since one thousand sixty eight that one dollar and like sixteen cents or sixty cent minimum wage would now be twenty one dollars but instead it's eight and i think like this should be common sense like i don't care if you have the worst job if you work full time you should be able to feed and clothe you kids i mean first of all it's the right thing to do and secondly with the size of our kids none of us want to see them have posed right if they did not have for dinner how do you think the most of us is going to have quote none of us know. well the
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say a ten year old boy says about an up and down the same sort of ok we get together society and by that boy some pay steves or something. the rand paul thirteen hour talking filibuster you know that you need chocolate the ted cruz rap and i mean well i got it i love this i think reason to go back to that i want to not just this little vote do we have the votes for a filibuster i want to see them stand there and talk and pee in a bottle whatever it is that's how much of what and the most really the story around this should be the fact that one democrat still does not have one democrat now our government saying they can assassinate american citizens on our soil with no trial or charges and one democrat has the nads to stand up like that's that's mind blowing i mean it's the same with n.d.a. and indefinite detention like this and people think this is only for hardcore terrorists like it says in the bill you could be locked away forever with no trial charges for suspected acts of belligerence that's all i do know literally that's
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your career my dream i might well have to be belligerent cantankerous and telling you little doilies and gets us the only other thing i have and even brennan's response to him was saying oh no only in terms of combat would we kill americans and us and you're like what the hell are you defined as combat that we define as combatant anything i mean it absolutely absurd i really want to get this right has been this war that is going on forever right the war on terror the war on emotions that were attacked and it's a tears an emotional well you know we do with it and when is that going to end when people going to stop being scared and never leave that's why you exist and i were trying to shed some light and so we do like to have over at the end is in effect we can't comedian political activist moen of clarity web series everyone check it out thanks. do you know that there is a plastic i'm sorry a plant strong enough to replace plastic oil and building materials that the same
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plant has been cultivated for industrial purposes for over twelve thousand years it's been classified as a schedule one controlled substance drug by the us government nope not marijuana. recently in kentucky agriculture minister commissioner james corner has requested a legal review of the steps necessary for him regulation the federal ban is lifted on growing the crop that's right kentucky could soon be reviving an industry that only a century ago was considered to be the most important cash crop and vital to the strains of the u.s. economy so let's backtrack a little bit and talk about what actually is a human existence have been used as an important source of fuel clothing shelter and even food for people all over the world in this country and widely cultivated since america's first settlers arrived in the early sixteen hundreds and in fact even our founding fathers acknowledged enormous benefits george washington john
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adams and thomas jefferson all grew them on their private farms and jefferson was even quoted once as saying hemp is one of the greatest important substances of our nation the declaration of independence itself was even drafted on paper derived from ham so what happened how did one of the most versatile and adaptable species of crops in the world also become one of the most politically polarizing agricultural resources on the early twentieth century the plant became labeled a threat to so dangerous that it should be wiped out it wasn't dangerous to anyone or anything except the industries that it could phase out of existence so what did the establishment do to ensure their allegiance to the very industries they serve well they did what they do best they lied and smeared hemp to a propaganda campaign that associated the plant with marijuana and in one thousand thirty seven the marijuana tacks. act redefined hemp as in our katic which required farmers to obtain
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a special tax stamp to grow the crop by nine hundred seventy the controlled substances act made growing the crop without a d.n.a. issue to permit strictly illegal because the government crackdown on the crop has a negative association and at this point you still might be confused because of years of being brainwashed to think that hemp is exactly the same as marijuana or that its close association with it must classify it as a drug but this couldn't be farther from the truth just check out the congressional research service report on hemp that states quote although marijuana is also a variety of cannabis it is genetically distinct from industrial hemp and it is further distinguished by its use and chemical makeup so hemp is genetically distinct from the drug marijuana in fact if you smoke an entire garbage bag full of have you wouldn't get high yet the plant remains illegal under us federal law like i said before not because it's a danger to people but because it's a danger to corporations and the early twentieth century have competed heavily with
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the cotton and paper industry because paper made from trees had to compete against environmentally friendly hemp products the paper industry was at risk to suffer so william hurst a new york state congressman and one of the biggest newspaper publishers in america launched a campaign against hemp uses publication to smear the public's perception of the crop which at the same time was threatening a successful paper company in fact this very campaign is where the term yellow journalism derived from but this was in the one nine hundred twenty s. how is the propaganda still working today. because the threat have poses isn't limited to paper reviving the industry could potentially devastate the profits of huge corporations that manufacture lumber fossil fuels steel alcohol and even food among many other things including this one nine hundred forty one henry ford even built a car made almost entirely from hemp the frame of the car was twelve times lighter
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than steel and ten times stronger not only that but the car was powered by hempseed or he'll drive it out to explain the threat that this technology would pose a giant oil companies process have also creates one of the strongest fibers we know of providing all natural materials to build homes ships trains planes and automobiles and practically indestructible clothing furthermore hempseed it will be made into lotions and skin creams the practical applications for this plan are limitless and the reason remains illegal simple is just one giant push to preserve the profits of corporations a poison our planet destroying our forests and bankrupt the world but this all could change of recent efforts in kentucky are any indication and if moves by a few key members in the u.s. senate succeed could soon be removed from the government's list of schedule one controlled substances industry could very well be revived back to being america's
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number one cash crop and that's one step closer to succeeding against a model of profit green and control that sadly defines this country today. something called the extreme job just the chilling threat to louisville we're going to do if it's a cooling if you look you can see that the water if i were in my body feels. this is good for you. they plunge into icy water to make themselves stronger you can't get used to the cold if you can tolerate it and you can struggle with. people of snow and ice picks as a frost. surviving the cold. wealthy
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