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tv   [untitled]    March 15, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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a desperate act of defiance of more than one hundred guantanamo prisoners are on hunger strike putting their lives on the line bodger the u.s. military's trying to play down the scale of the protest. it's an anniversary but nothing to celebrate it's been two years of under assumed syria inspired by the arab spring revolutions but it's resulted in a civil war that has claimed tens of thousands of lives. a peaceful vigil turns violent day in new york demonstrators vented fear real over the police killing of a black teenager blaming the cops for racism and brutality.
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if she pm here in moscow you live with us on r.t. for international news analysis and reports. more than one hundred prisoners at the guantanamo camp have been on a hunger strike for five weeks now in a desperate attempt to draw attention to their plight the strike was launched in protest against the conflict fiske ation of personal letters and the rough handling of their korans their lawyers and human rights activists are sounding the alert over the critical condition but u.s. military officials claim nobody is in danger r.t. has also tried to contact the guantanamo authorities but got no response so far as you can investigate. guantanamo detainees have been on a hunger strike for more than a month now the facility which is now on strike holds most of the inmates there one hundred thirty people out of one hundred sixty six the total number of prisoners at guantanamo the detainees through their lawyers say most of them are taking part in this we cannot verify exactly how many will left
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a message with robert deal ran the media person from guantanamo very much hope he will get back to us the attorneys for the detainees are saying their health is deteriorating we spoke with. her client there says he lost twenty pounds is the beginning of the strike at the beginning of february said she and a number of other attorneys had sent a letter with their questions to the authorities at guantanamo copying the justice department she said they hadn't responded yet. just point the strike is more than thirty days old and by day forty five we understand from medical experts there are serious health repercussions that start happening things like lost hearing chancel blindness and in a couple of weeks worse than that ultimately you know that substantial as they are for this well it strikes continue for weeks we've just no response to that letter so our parties also say they want to response from the authorities more meaningful than the few remarks by the prison spokesperson in the media robert duran i
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mentioned him earlier responded to the allegations that the prisoners copies of the koran had been mistreated and that's what presumably triggered the strike he said it was a routine search for contraband and quote the koran is treated with the outmost respect end of quote it may very well be so from the conversations that we had with the lawyers i got a sense that this act of desperation is not just about the koran the lawyers are saying that these detainees desperately want to get the word out about the situation that they're in not formally accused of anything not knowing whether they're ever going to see their day in court detained indefinitely the u.n. says holding detainees indefinitely at guantanamo bay amounts to torture four years ago president obama signed an executive order to stop torture there but according to the un indefinite detention itself is also a form of torture it's hard to measure the degree of desperation among the inmates there half of them eighty six to be precise are sitting there with papers from the
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u.s. government which can clear them for release and yet they're still there are human rights organizations where port hundreds of suicide attempts at least seven of them were successful a detainee named odd non latif took his own life last september he was cleared for release by both bush and obama administrations and yet never released he had spent eleven years at one tunnel that gives some idea about the level of hopelessness cause. by indefinite detention so it's somewhat obvious that through this hunger strike the detainees want to make themselves heard and it's not easy we're one of very few channels to congress this story there is a desire to kind of forget about guantanamo it's very much reflected in the mainstream media here and in the scarce reporting that we have seen on the issue in washington i'm going to. lawyers representing guantanamo prisoners have sent a letter to the u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel urging him to help end the standoff one of them eric
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montalvo says are running the facility and spending millions in doing so is just upsurge with those kids of all charges by the obama administration still held the for no reason. there are people in guantanamo bay right now that have been determined by the obama administration to be clear of any charges but they languish down there because we have policies of no transport to certain countries like yemen it's really an abominable you know humanitarian situation where you're depriving these people of life and liberty and for no really valid basis president obama in his first term within twenty four hours said you know i'm going to close guantanamo bay because this doesn't need to exist and yet we sit here how many years later and we talk about you know all of the the budget cuts and all the concerns in the millions and millions and millions of dollars that we're
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spending upon this facility the medical care the transportation of personnel to and from the upgrade of the facilities this is just nonsense a call it makes absolutely no sense and somebody needs to go down there make some decisions and clear their place out because it has no purpose other than babysitting a bunch of adult people that have been cleared of any wrongdoing and they just need to be you know sent sent home human rights groups around the campaigning against the torture and inhumane conditions that guantanamo inmates on being subjected team to mock mace and to apologise to studies of the cultural factors behind human suffering says the putting people in an isolation chamber isn't it well for torture . we are social animals very few of us run off to the mountains and live in a cave not at all to be facetious each one of us has very important schuman interactions ranging from our stanley members to communities and
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now quite frankly with the internet we are should not put it this is site is something trivial. and many people in our generation did this day and age and have important contacts people important to more life around the globe so putting people and the isolation chamber alone is is unequivocally torture treatment we have the conditions here where they know they're in indefinite detention and that context where we have individuals incarcerated are isolated from each other and they don't know if they're going to get out tomorrow or never and that sets up a circumstance for extreme a psychological saurus. and on our website a well asking you when will guantanamo bay eventually claes had to r.t.
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dot com to voice your opinion let's take a look now at a what do you think at the moment so far on day five to believe it will only happen if the u.s. runs out of money to maintain the facility almost at the same of feel that to aid would shut if a new prison was set up elsewhere and just at three percent think that it will happen when america defeat the world terrorism the majority of you however think that say it will never happen as the u.s. has no interest in closing guantanamo and we want to know what do you think had to r.t. dot com and cost yo vote. it's exactly two years or since the start of the conflict in syria what began as protests calling for reform and change inspired by the revolutionary fever of the arab spring has turned into a bloody civil war that's killed tens of thousands syria's been torn apart by violence and while some world powers have been trying to settle its future they've
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only helped fan the flames of war my colleague a mattress elsewhere to maria for national use a bench of the country many a times. i always compare today syria with the country i once visited before war and hatred and devastation came to these lands what we see today the country is destroyed. and its heritage is damaged and despair is in the and fight is in the air so it's very painful to look at how the country actually has been changed when you're there when the people see you really want to talk about the culprit of what division i've talked wants to do a father whose son was just killed in a fight in the clashes he was he was so-called process side i was like how you feel about that you just lost your kid and he was like i'm proud to be the father of a martyr because this is this is a fight against forces that. want to destroy our country and
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i want to protect my country and here's my input to this fight the hardest thing for me and my crew was to to understand that to digest if you want. peace and war we're sharing the same reality and gunman killing innocent civilians and children. we had been cutting has of other people and again civilians taking dinners and families walking on the streets in the same place at the same time and me is part of this reality as well there was there was the most difficult thing to understand was the sort of the future for the people there what do they say they want of course they still see the future in syria but not in syria which is right now on the ground but in that syria that they used to
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leave before it's been a country of an amazing diversity it's been it's been one of the strongest points of assyrians and actually and actually it's it's been a very chilly turned to this. serious weakest points and i've been working on these idea and his model portable i thought this part of syria known as mesopotamia between the tigris and euphrates rivers is considered a cradle of civilization has been home to many asked nic and religious groups living in peace and harmony for ages people here believe this diversity is serious strong point but some warn it could also be used against the country and that's something to destroy. and the regime slogans in syria have been repeated to the longest of arab spring countries but assad didn't step down within weeks like the leaders of to measure and egypt nor did his regime fall within months like colonel gadhafi is in libya opposing sides have gone beyond
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demonstrations and clashes killings have become an everyday reality those wanting to go both at home and abroad have decided to target what hurt the most serious diversity pitting people against each other after every massacre and every killing rivers of blood have been joined by streams of mutual accusations and hatred. the first blow was dealt to relations between the country's sunni majority and the ruling she had minority some more ignorant position and sometimes. it was never to make a city and it's not the more the once the one again. we should keep our unity we live in all of all of. it gabriel a point from commercially livin in syria's north east all green sunni dominated turkey and mostly shia iraq says here in about six tarion intolerance is something
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new for syria and very alarming your will feel this pressure from months now especially from gulf countries trying to drag us to this perilous share soon again it's a big threat because a tear society from the inside. and some say it's been feud from the outside it is part of the u.s. strategy and some of the western strategy is to destroy syria by syrians and by arabs and this they are doing successfully another blow followed with an explosion at palestinian refugee camps in syria and the cold blooded murder of palestinian conscripts these drove a wedge between the two arab peoples previously on friendly terms they wanted to both weaken the regime and spread despair among palestinians. with kurdish villages in syria's north east targeted the kurdish syrian peaceful co-existence has also been endangered but
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a cloak its approval cations appear in very dangerous moment syrian kurds want to be integrated into syrian society have rights and be respected some turkish kurds maybe do as early ones killing his own people we've never been treated like that of course when violence targets us it can't not affect relations. and fears are that those who wanted to see the fall of the regime will witness the country's fall instead. from syria. the leaders of britain and france the one they could well supplied sell weapons to syrian rebels just by the an arms embargo and david cameron and france on lantis that to press the e.u. to lifted the ban russia has responded by saying that any such attempt it would be in breach of international law are to contribute to afshin rattansi believes that it'll eventually backfire on withing countries if the arm and to fight it by definition that would be supplied by the french and british governments would be in
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the wrong hands because they are supplying rebels in a civil war and therefore they are the wrong hands no matter who britain or france and so this is i suppose what's interesting here is that washington is much more nervous about the arming of rebels because they are obviously concerned that the afghanistan scenario is beginning yet again but it is so sad that leaders of countries like france and britain can think of these as a missed because the blowback will be phenomenal. rebel fighters tactics in syria come under international scrutiny human rights over my patience raise the alarm over armed opposition groups resorting to torture summary executions and kidnappings fine of all on line at r.t. dot com.
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coming your way shortly all eyes are on beijing as a china ushers in new leaders we'll bring you expert opinion after this break. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. do we speak your language or not a day of. school music programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news a little turn a tip angles keep the stories. you hear. all
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. thank you i. thank you thank. you.
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thank you welcome back here watching our team people have gathered in the new york district of brooklyn full fourth night venting their anger over the police killing of a black sixteen year old boy the area was packed with police and dozens were arrested when clashes broke out the protesters accuse the n.y.p.d. of systematic racism and brutality is wearing a black man has the details. in a rage crowd split off from the vigil broke out into the streets and subsequently clashed with police officers dressed in riot gear what fuelled all these anger is the fact that the autopsy on kamandi gray was released on wednesday indicating that
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the sixteen year old boy was struck by the seven times by bullets and three of those bullets hit him from behind of this clearly you'll be angry that that has already been boiling for days many new yorkers believe that this is another indication other example of a police brutality of police targeting minorities according to the new york city police department what they say is that on saturday evening to officers out of a car in east flatbush around eleven thirty pm it was an unmarked car and were approaching come on a grade they said and at that point he was shuffling with his pants or his belts and what are you to police they say that gray out a gun and pointed it at the under cover officers and that's when they fired off a lemon rounds at the teenager shooting him seven times by friends and family of
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gray i spoke with one personally told me that this young boy would never ever point a gun at police at any police officer let alone you know two that were there on scene. argy team is not only on screen but online as well and can the price of war that's claimed thousands of lives ever be determined as we report on r.t. dot com a new studies yes claiming the u.s. led conflict in iraq has cost one point seven trillion dollars of figure far greater than previously believed. and another click away for you while already giving intelligence the services access to private data without a court order is a still being pressured into registering as a telecoms agency which would give government snoopers a series of legal loopholes warned that on r.t. dot com. the chinese government has officially reshuffled its top
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posts are sharing in a new premier and president likud chong has become the head of the government while she has assumed to the presidency in a once in a decade transition of poem president she will be leading of the world's second largest economy and as david gossett from the china europe international business school says it will grow further shifting the balance of global powers are seen we are going through a very. important to change easy now world. the chinese renaissance being. change the end of these d. gave the sheets in pins the gate by twenty twenty twenty twenty one china will be the largest economy in the world so the sees a very significant change and we are leaving i would say in one sentence the new world which is increasingly most people are any new which sour
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sauce relations are as much as the norse norse relations and it is why at the end of the mounts mr xi jinping will visit moscow to have discussions with dean on is a way to do fiefs a brief semi to endure a man in selves africa. a trio of russian astronauts from the international space station who were due to land back on earth should a after almost six months and all of it but for good and stormy weather delayed the return for twenty four hours awaiting for its cosmic explorers out from one mission russia is gearing up for an even more ambitious us space adventure excell moss and says for life on the red planet it'll be a joint project a with a european space agency and with russia providing the launch rockets are going off reports. the search for the past or present life on mars screen to news and this
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time scientists are digging deep explore mars project is based on and to freeze exploration first in two thousand and sixteen russian proton heavy rocket to usually used for delivering satellites and space station components should blast off from lack of a cosmodrome in kazakhstan sending a european orbital pool and a stationary test lander to the red planet to his plan for two thousand and eighteen one a second proton rocket will deliver a rover named paster after landing it will then begin three single life on mars this includes drilling two meters deep into the ground that's around six and a half feet to collect samples the mission's other objective is to study mars a surface to find out what dangers there may be for future manned missions powerful dust storms extreme temperatures radiation and so on are not exactly your ideal working conditions the european space agency has already invested over four hundred
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million euro into the project which was initially supposed to be conducted with nasa but it backed out due to financial constraints russia on the other hand was happy to jump in and the science providing delivery vehicles including the a landing pod will also develop some of these scientific equipment so far the red planet has only been visited by u.s. vehicles eggs on mars will be europe's first visit to the red planet this kind of arty. now to some other news of making headlines around the globe thousands of shia protesters clashed with white police in buffering on the second anniversary of the saudi support a crackdown on the nations of pro-democracy uprising protesters burning tires and hopes joined up police who responded by firing stun grenades at least thirty five people were wounded buff rain has been logged in political and religious turmoil over the brawls few years with the shia majority demanding
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a greater voice of english from. a block start getting the office of a television network in the pakistani city of karachi has left three dead and five wounded the remotely detonated bomb was planted near the office gates in a poor area in the east of the city no group has claimed responsibility for the attack at the mic and political tensions in pakistan are running high as a country had she was a general election in may. ten thousand people marched in brussels as e.u. leaders got together to discuss a fresh austerity measures that he says stepped into a recipe tess's off to one hundred and fifty activists from belgium denmark and germany and italy stormed into the european union headquarters the demonstrators demanded that the blocks lead is a refocus on employment and rubble and raising taxes and cutting spending. coming up we had to our washington studio for breaking the sat with haste that's
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next here not. a you're an investigator been emerson has decided to not let the sins of the recent past go he's demanding that the u.s. government release documents about the cia's program of addition and secret detention of suspected terrorists and recent believe that there is now credible evidence that shows that cia black sites were used to extradite suspected terrorists with neither charges nor access to a lawyer you know nothing says protect a democracy like snagging people in foreign countries without even charging them with a crime this huge investigator may have good intentions but the thing is that no matter how much he and his u.n. pals urge the u.s.
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to prosecute officials connect with torture or expose classified information they really have no power to do anything if you haven't noticed the un is very happy to section and punish certain countries birdie if you out there are naive enough to think that they will sanction the usa or send a peacekeeping mission to stop the human rights violators in washington not a chance the un really has no business meddling in the affairs of sovereign countries but they do it all the time but there is a zero percent chance that the un will stand up to the bad behavior from the us government or how much it's a vest of yours whine and plead and beg but that's just my opinion. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i got so many i mean the towns i believe that i've seen the scenery really messed up. in the
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old very slow motion leopoldo the. worst you're going to see in the white house superman the radio guy in fort lauderdale minutes from a clear profit i want to watch close to good use never seen anything like good times roll. call most thousands of this so i have a guy in martin and this is breaking the set so if you watch the show yesterday you know that i covered the case of c'mon and gray the sixteen year old african-american male who was shot dead in brooklyn this past weekend that undercover cops for the last three nights have been massive protests in brooklyn where community residents are outraged at what they call a similar case of police brutality an injustice that will likely see no accountable .


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