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tv   [untitled]    March 17, 2013 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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latest news on the week's top stories u.s. officials continue to deny a mass hunger strike at guantanamo bay more than one hundred detainees have reportedly been starving themselves for forty days. new yorkers revolt against the city's police department on mass after n.y.p.d. officers gunned down a sixteen year old boy in a brooklyn neighborhood. syrian quagmire two years since the bloody conflict began some european states are reaching to put weapons directly into the hands of rebel armies infiltrated by islamist extremists. and the handover of power in china is complete with a new leader is aiming to keep the economy and military investments grimmy says the u.s. continues to build its presence in the region. watching
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our teams weekly news review with me carol. the strike at guantanamo bay is continuing after forty days with more than one hundred detainees reportedly starving themselves in protest of the desecration of the qur'an by prison guards lawyers for the captives claim the state of their health is close to life threatening but the u.s. military has strongly denied the crisis saying only fourteen detainees are refusing all food. reports. u.s. president barack obama began his first term announcing his intention to close the guantanamo bay detention center now just two months into his second term the prison enters its twelfth year of operation with one hundred sixty six detainees still languishing behind bars and a reported one hundred thirty life threatening hunger strike and their hunger
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strikes are the only way they have of even making themselves heard years and years without any hope a release without any real charges this story has been denied by washington and essentially ignored by mainstream media outlets lawyers for the get no prisoners say the men began the hunger strike on february sixth to protest against the alleged confiscation of personal items such as photographs and mail and the sacrilegious handling of their qur'an during cell searches the center for constitutional rights says they've received reports of detainees coughing up blood i'm losing consciousness dropping more than twenty pounds and being hospitalized by day forty five medical experts say hunger strike participants can experience hearing loss and potential blindness and that's in addition to the psychological suffering they've endured for more than a decade that context where we have individuals incarcerated
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isolated from each other and they don't know if they're going to get out tomorrow or never and that sets up a circumstance for extreme psychological stress it's really an abominable you know humanitarian situation where you're depriving these people of life liberty and for no really valid basis the director of public affairs for joint task force guantanamo captain robert duran released a statement to our teeth in it he denies all claims of a mass hunger strike or any mishandling of the koran duran says only fourteen detainees at the detention center are refusing all food. our understanding is that based on previous standards the determination of who is a hunger striker is a discretionary determination that one chinaman makes what those standards are what
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the criteria are are questions that they need to be at you know how are they defining hunger striker and when are they determining that someone needs to be to that and if it is if the definition of hunger striker is entirely in their control and it is a matter of their discretion then i that explains how they are able to say that there are no more than a handful of men on hunger strike lawyers representing get more prisoners have sent a letter to us defense secretary chuck hagel urging him to help and the protest in the meantime organizations like the red cross have made attempts to check on the inmates welfare here's what a representative told r.t. the current tensions in guantanamo bay as far as we can see and as far as we understand are really the result of the uncertainty is made to detainees in guantanamo don't certainty linked to defeat what's going to happen to them you know there is a lack of clear legal framework for detention many of them don't know most of them
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don't know what's going to open and so has been our position and there needs to be a clear legal framework and a transparent process into the procedural safeguards for those detainees but it's to be transparent and fair to alleviate the strains of the emotional mental strain that this uncertainty triggers for the detainees of the one hundred sixty sixty teenie zakk one time obey eighty six have been cleared for release now this week the un said that the u.s. is a violating international human rights law by indefinitely holding prisoners at guantanamo without charge the human rights council is urging washington to quote bring an end to these illegal practices by either process. killing prisoners in civilian court or releasing them reporting from new york marina point nine r.t. . for human rights activists calling for action to resolve the crisis at guantanamo the amnesty international usually a prominent voice hasn't joined the chorus party asked an honesty spokesperson why
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they're not treating the claims of lawyers who recently been to the detention center as fact. not having access to detainees is a problem for a human rights organization is something we raise with your priorities we have access you know when when there is a true so-called military commission trial we're allowed to go and observe. those trials but we have no access to the detail you themselves and yes of course it's a problem so we have to wait until a detainee is released and so we can speak to this of course leads to yes the reporting of. all individual detainee cases and it leads to a time lag because the lawyers themselves are not spent you know they're not there the whole time it requires declassification of information when they do get so it's a really it's a really problematic situation but it's been problematic the whole toy that the
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guantanamo detentions have been in operation. let's now get some reaction from our money our coordinator of the london gone campaign what's the latest that you've heard about the condition of the people there in guantanamo. very latest that we've had we've been in contact with some of the lawyers who've been there recently of the last week and they've been reporting that when they have met their clients that their health has been pretty poor and one of the things that the lawyers have complained about in the first letter that they sent to the commander of the prison on the fourth of march was that it was making their job more difficult because they can't communicate properly with their their clients if they happen to be very lethargic in l. and just generally not able to respond to the issues that they're trying to raise with them the latest that we've had is the same as everybody else that on the fourteenth of march the lawyers fifty one of them i've had that ten lawyers have actually been to guantanamo bay and met their clients whereas i don't cooperate to
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the story that there is a hunger strike going on even a sufficiently deny extent to which it's happening and what why why do you think why why do you think it is being officially denied then by u.s. officials. well there's a lot of things we got officially deny that happened at guantanamo bay for example last year when on the t.v. one of the prisoners died in a strange circumstance and it took time for the truth to actually come out he actually died we still don't know exactly what circumstances like in which he did die and then it was made impossible for there to be an independent autopsy because some of his organs when they returned to his family months later. had to generated so much that it would be impossible to know what the actual cause of death was so there's a lot of secrecy surrounding what happens at guantanamo bay if there are requests for information they get covered up by national security issues and also there's just a lack of general interest in actually one is happening on how to move one of the curious things that has come out over the last couple of weeks is that one of the
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deteriorations of the prisons complained about. is that in january the bullets were fired out of prisoners during a protest that they had held and this happened this was corroborated by the pentagon and again it's just it's incredibly curious this has been admitted a couple of months down the line but there has hardly been any outcry about this caustic but generally speaking are riot control procedure and when you say that the secrecy there's been no outcry why is that and the mainstream media seems to be quiet about this really. well the mainstream media. a lot of issues that are often ports and whether it's guantanamo bay whether something to mess take over international with guantanamo bay even with the eleventh anniversary that was just a couple of months ago it was completely just it was completely ignored by the mainstream media it didn't get very much attention at all even last year one would have thought with the presidential campaign in the united states if barack obama had made such a big issue out of guantanamo bay the first time around it was actually kept very
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much hush hush even though it's quite significant things that happened during the run up to the presidential election itself and in the death that effect all yemeni as i said in the period. suspicious circumstances i would say one prisoner was released even that wasn't didn't get much press in the united states and obviously there was the really important use of a mirror to commission appeal was accepted by the united states federal courts and that was major news because that's completely and on the whole military commission system that didn't get much coverage either ok so if we don't tell you what it is that is the biggest you could give me a bit but still open after eleven years is your campaign actually achieving anything. yes it is we're working on a number of things we've been running for seven years and we been working on getting the british residents released we when we started there were seven of them and now there's only one which is shocking who is the saudi arabian national has a family in south london. and he is also on hunger strike and we're campaigning
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with all those in this country to get him returned to this country this is something the british government says that it wants as well and yes we're along with other organizations in the united states or elsewhere in europe raising the profile if if there were campaigns like us and they would be a lot less information out there for the public to know we're actually holding a demonstration later today outside the u.s. embassy here in london to raise awareness about the hunger strike which more or less at least here in britain has been completely ignored by the mainstream media it's got in some of the mall targeted presses have there's been some coverage in the mainstream media it's managed to get a couple of comment pieces but it's not actually being considered as a news worthy item ok. thank you very much doris here a lot to you today. thank you. also on our web site we want to know your take on the issue every voice counts search r.-t. dot com where you can tell us why you think on typos still open after more than
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eleven years well perhaps you think the u.s. is to blame for not keeping its promise to close a facility or maybe cuba should never have leased the base to america in the first place or perhaps you blame other countries for refusing to repatch trick on time or detainees or indeed you may even see the nine eleven terror attacks as the main reason it's still in business where you can head online and have your say right now here's how the voting is turning out so far today with a vast majority of you they are not pie chart eighty one percent saying washington is to blame for failing to keep its pledges almost equally small numbers of you think that others are responsible for what's happening at the detention center do cast your vote if you haven't already today well coming up after the break police under fire protests over the killing of a brooklyn teenager new york police officer iter angry clashes and dozens of arrests that's after the break.
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it's technology innovation all the developments from around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for langley you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harkin welcome to the big picture. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world
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has been seeing from the streets of canada. the giant corporations to rule the day . what about the way the from moscow the killing of a black teenager by the new york police has caused public outrage and evoked a week long protests in brooklyn the activists chanted slogans accusing the n.y.p.d. of racism and cruelty the clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement officials resulted in dozens of arrests. as the story. that was. sixteen year old kimani gray was killed by police shot four times in the front and three in the back the n.y.p.d. claimed the teen had pointed a gun at them however this remains i'm certain that there was
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a weapon that no one saw or not his friends his family didn't know he had a weapon and there were a lot of witnesses outside who were able to see it that this individual to have a weapon on him as these candles burned in memory of yet another killed youth an entire community rises up night after night to demand justice and to police brutality for three nights in a row peaceful vigils turned chaotic clashes broke out. leaving one officer hospitalized after reportedly being injured with a brick a total of forty six arrests were made wednesday. but no violence erupted thursday night tensions however still ran high. i mean this is no different than it was. you know so it's like it's like another country a lot of people are just tired of the period with solutions to stop the violence nowhere in sight deeply seated issues between the police and the community remain unaddressed leaving many worried children parents and children the.
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honest as party new york. a cameraman working for artie's arabic sister channel in egypt has been attacked while filming activists drawing graffiti on walls head to r.t. dot com see footage of the incident which happened next the headquarters of the muslim brotherhood party in the capital cairo. or someone like drastic measures leading the no welfare group says it will use drones to stop illegal hunting in britain and more about the upcoming war in the countryside r.t. dot com. bloodshed civil strife and devastation the state of syria two years after its conflict began the war between the government and rebels has seen seventy thousand people killed and millions homes creating a humanitarian disaster and while diplomatic efforts to bring peace failed many say that foreign countries are fanning the flames with plans to send weapons on his
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roof a national reports. this part of syria known as mesopotamia between the tigris and euphrates rivers is considered a cradle of civilization has been home to many asked nic and religious groups living in peace and harmony for ages people here believe this diversity is serious strong point but some warn it could also be used against the country and that's something to destroy. and to regime slogans in syria have been repeated to the longest of all the arab spring countries but assad didn't step down within weeks like the leaders of to measure and egypt nor did his regime fall within months like colonel gadhafi is in libya opposing sides have gone beyond demonstrations and clashes killings have become an everyday reality those wanting to go both at home and abroad have decided to target what hurt the most serious diversity pitting people against each other after every massacre and every
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killing rivers of blood have been joined by streams of mutual accusations and hatred. the first blow was dealt to relations between the country's sunni majority and the ruling she had minority some more ignorant position and sometimes executed . in order to make a city and it's not the more me once that one again. we should keep our unity we live in all of all of. it gabriel a point from commercially livin in syria's north east all green sunni dominated turkey and mostly shia iraq says here in about six tarion intolerance is something new for syria and very alarming your. will feel this pressure for months now especially from gulf countries trying to drag us to this perilous share soon again it's a big threat because a tear society from the inside. and some say it's been few from the outside it is
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part of the u.s. strategy and some of the western strategy is to destroy syria by syrians and by arabs and this they are doing successfully another blow followed with an explosion at palestinian refugee camps in syria and the cold blooded murder of palestinian conscripts these drove a wedge between the two arab peoples previously on friendly terms they wanted to both weaken the regime and spread despair among palestinians. with kurdish villages in syria's north east targeted the kurdish syrian peaceful co-existence has also been endangered but on a crack it's approval cations a pure and very dangerous moment syrian kurds want to be integrated into syrian society have rights and be respected some turkish kurds maybe do as early ones killing his own people we've never been treated like that of course when violence
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targets us it can't not affect relations. and fears are that those who wanted to see the fall of the regime will witness the country's whole instead. from syria. all this week saw britain and france in a major push to lift an e.u. arms embargo on syria so they can put weapons directly into the hands of militias both nations even warn they're prepared to supply arms despite the bad welty contributor ashleigh tensing believes this could eventually backfire by definition the arms that would be supplied by the french or british governments would be in the wrong head they are supplying rebels in a civil war and therefore they are the wrong hands no matter who and britain or france and so. this is i suppose what's interesting here is that washington is much more nervous about the arming of rebels because they are obviously concerned the
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afghanistan scenario is beginning yet again but it is so sad that leaders of countries like france and britain can think of. the mists because the blowback will be phenomenal. moscow is preparing a rapid response naval force to patrol the mediterranean and least six russian ships are expected to fly the waters on a permanent basis over there to a guard national interests and transport people that the syrian conflict gets further out of control not easy going person of has more according to the head of the navy moscow wants to have five to six ships permanently beast in the mediterranean that will be controlled to the command of the black sea fleet based in the crimea there's speculation that this group will be put together out of ships taken from the northern the baltic and the scene works in fleet the idea to base
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the navy in the mediterranean was initially voiced by defense minister city last week and of course this comes as the whole region is in the global spotlight due to the gulf with the russian authorities are not winking basing the need either in the region to what's happening in the country earlier he said that the only way the good in the help assist possible future of accusations of russian citizens from the country but actually the idea of moscow basing the needy in the mediterranean isn't something completely new during the soviet times a huge group of up to thirty vessels was growing we'd be there from the late sixty's early ninety's. china as the new president has called for what he described as efforts to continue the realisation of the chinese dream he was giving his first comments of the nation went through a once in a decade shift of power this week as correspondent tellingly reports that change brings both challenges and hope. there used to be
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a superstitious believe almost in china about that eight percent growth rate of the national g.d.p. for that little number has been slowed down to about seven point five percent it has to be a slow down number because china is doing this transition from a growth in quantity to a growth in quality many argue it is extremely important to do reform reform really has been the key word for the new generation of leaders coming into power recently mr leask which outweighs the now the cut chinese premier he's been talking about reform is the largest evidence china can enjoy for its force for the progress i need president mr xi jinping after being elected was calling him a delay to our president obama and he advocated if the two countries could have mutual respect and openness to one another things can be better and he's been talking about a new kinds of relations between new powers and that of course the definition is not being given by the chinese side however it seems that the u.s.
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has already got its own definition for example people to asia or rebalancing and as a result there has been increasing number of territorial disputes and or disputes in other stores between china and some of the asian neighbors with the coming in of the united states by be a backup for them in the region but the china seems always want to have a peaceful neighborhood there seems to be a really believe the chinese have been holding over the history. but economic development will be the top priority for the new chinese leaders and recent forecasts well look promising a report from pricewaterhouse coopers predicts that china which is now really well second largest economy will catch up with the u.s. by twenty seventeen before overtaking it knows the projections of the top spending power it is announce spot in the leadership is defense when it comes amid america's growing military expansion in china's backyard u.s. efforts to gain a stronger foothold in asia and the struggle for regional influence has been
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raising concerns in beijing just days ago the pentagon announced a decision to put fourteen more missile interceptors along america's west coast and deploy a radar tracking station in japan they say it's in response to a north korean nuclear threat john expressed martin zach but he's washington will have to take more notice of china when making these decisions in the future relations with the united states have steadily be getting more complicated and i think the reason for that is because before you know china was very much still a developing country a much weaker global power down the united states but china of course has been growing like crazy. more and more presence around the world different continents in different countries i don't think the chinese are going to be militarily aggressive i mean as not be personally chinese history and secondly actually the tradition of this regime especially since nine hundred seventy eight i mean you know if the
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chinese military i mean we talk about the rise of expenditure but actually compared with the united states china is very very weak militarily what has been great growth to remains it which is the economic development. oscar winning blockbuster aagot has received some less than sparkling reviews from iran the country is threatening to sue the makers of the movie which documents the storming of the us embassy in tehran in one hundred seventy nine calling it an iran propaganda independent filmmaker and book of danny schechter things tehran through it's called it's not really about the film a tool it's propaganda but it's probably given that so much against iran but even that american scope sustain their fear of iran and also works the most political part of it is also with its attack on hollywood which it shows how empty the whole hollywood culture is in coming up with this phony movie that the plot is sort of
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based around you know this is just under a movie with a palpable overlay you know tying it into that is caught in a rock and it basically is is propaganda for the cia more than against iraq because iran has been treated one to me and chablis for years going back to the hostage crisis i think this whole battle is really not a battle argo but it's about policy american policy sanctions against iran the hostility between the two countries which this movie reinforces unfortunately. well how do you think you'd fare if you fell off a siberian train minus forty wearing almost nothing happen to. manage to survive this shooting experience the stories up next turn off.
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