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tv   [untitled]    March 21, 2013 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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protests are expected to greet president obama is here arrives in the west bank with palestinians unhappy a lack of movement from the u.s. and israel towards a two state solution this is obama reaffirms washington's. a bull in a china shop russia's prime minister. over its handling of the cyprus economic turmoil in a cool welcome to the brussels officials who arrive in moscow attempting to calm the financial storm. syria's government and opposition rebels demand an international probe into an alleged deadly chemical attack that both sides are blaming on each other.
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welcome good to have you company you're watching life from moscow. u.s. president barack obama has reassured israel of washington's unwavering support seeking to close a chapter of strained relations between the key allies during his first ever visit to the country as president obama vowed to prevent neighboring iran from obtaining nuclear weapons but failed to offer any solution to the israeli palestinian conflict middle east correspondent brings us more now from the west bank obama's next stop off. president obama certainly saying all the right things to the israeli public he's spoken about the importance of israel's security he's spoken about the close alliance between washington and tel aviv and he's also spoken about extending financial support to israel on wednesday night after he met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu a bonus said that the goal of his visit was to talk with the israeli people no
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mention of the palestinians no mention of the peace process or of continuous israeli settlement expansion in fact during his first address off to arriving yesterday in israel and later after he met with the israeli president shimon peres he did not talk about the palestinians at all now this is in shock in sharp contrast to the address he gave back in two thousand and nine in cairo where he said that one of the top priorities of his foreign policy agenda was the resolution of the israeli palestinian conflict syria has received more attention than the decades old conflict between israelis and palestinians and the american and israeli leadership have been focusing more on what is happening on syria than on this never ending conflict here right on the doorstep it's no secret that a bomb in netanya who don't exactly like each other or see eye to eye and many people feel that this latest visit by the american president is nothing more than a p.r. effort but it doesn't ignore the fact that there is still a great deal of mistrust between the two leaders as was underlined in this comment
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by the israeli prime minister israel can never see the road to defer nurse and to others even to the greatest of our friends this morning thursday the american president will be here in ramallah for talks with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas and the palestinian prime minister salam fayad we don't exactly know what is on the agenda but i can tell you that palestinians are angry sosia bombing is visiting israel palestine for three days but he's going to be visiting the palestinian leadership for just a few hours the rest of the time he is in israel he's not giving any kind of address to the palace. and publicly as later today he will be addressing the israeli public certainly the feeling on the palestinian street is that this is a visit by the american leadership that is a sign of support for the israelis and that it is ignoring palestinian concerns and palestinian issues so certainly lot of anger here in palestine and obama will have a lot of having to make up if indeed he's going to get the palestinians on his side
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ever again but we are getting reports that a total of four rockets have been fired from gaza to landing in israel during barack obama's visit give you more details as soon as we get them you can also check paula sleeze twitter feed fillet for the latest on that now though political analyst says palestinians are angry over an apparent lack of desire on the part of israel and the u.s. to bring peace to the region there's nothing substantial to be expected from this visit the primary goal of this visit is to embellish obama's image. on the our whole personality and so this is mainly a public relations visit that is meant to improve the status of the democratic party in the united states reserve really the israeli lobby and the u.s. congress of all the things that are supposed to be discussed during obama's visit
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to occupied palestine i think the question of where on being a part is probably the most important one on the list obviously we have different agendas here but at the same time let's not forget that of the prominence of iran and the gulf area and across the other bridge of yours also upsetting. the balance of power in the red zone as far as this so-called peace process. there's nothing on the table really all that is being asked of the palestinian authority or so for this to accept unconditional surrender. terms. well the president of the palestinian authority mahmoud abbas also appears to have little hope of tangible results from the bomber's visit the two presidents meet later on thursday and in an exclusive interview with r.t. is arabic channel about says there are plenty of words but little action when it comes to israeli settlement expansion the full interview is coming up
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a bit later on but here's a quick taste. you need statements president obama has repeatedly voiced his opposition to illegal learned. and we think his right now all the tremaine sees to translate words into action but i have always asked americans and europeans to tell me if there has been a single miscalculation on my part in domestic or foreign policies over eight years or well the israel makes mistakes every day so why do you let them know. big talks over a tiny country moscow has become the focal point in efforts to solve cypresses economic crisis e.u. officials arrive in the russian capital on thursday joining the cypriot finance minister who is already in town the ailing euro zone state is running out of time
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to avoid bankruptcy but pressure increasing from brussels after the country's parliament rejected preconditions for an e.u. loan with more on this let's cross to the skin off you got a lot of big names in moscow a lot of big decisions to be made what might be the outcome today. well lots of the e.u. officials are gathering in the russian capital including the head of the european commission as a man of war also they're expected to discuss the crisis in cyprus with the russian of the bodies and this is happening after prime minister dmitry medvedev had some really strong words to say about the whole situation. but the fear so far the e.u. together with the cyprus parliament have unfortunately acted like a bull in a china shop i think all possible mistakes which could have been made in the situation have been made bustled will. the prime minister didn't stop there he also
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compared the approach with which european union officials are ready to deal with private bank accounts through how authorities dealt with the money of soviet citizens meaning expropriation of private property now the cypriot finance minister is also in moscow on wednesday he met with his russian counterpart and also with the first deputy prime minister there is speculation that cyprus is asking russia for a loan the finance minister said that no official offer has been made straightforward he stressed he's not leaving the russian capital until an agreement is reached and now all this is happening despite angela merkel being completely furious with cyprus for even talking to moscow about this earlier she directly called on the country not even to consult with anyone on its current economic problems except for the us also and the so-called troika of investors earlier the cypriot quadrant rejected the choice because bailout proposal which included taxing private bank
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accounts and. the countries or the cypriot media reports that the country's parliament is set to review an alternative plan of trying to resolve the crisis on thursday not many details are normally known but perhaps it could include plans to tap into social funds or like the retirement fund through through which cypriots authorities plan to collect around five billion euros which is pretty much the same amount they would have collected if be introduced this tax for private bank accounts in the meantime time for the country is running out cypriot banking system is still shut down and the country's president has said that the crisis must be resolved before the end of the day. ok you go thank you very much now. live from moscow. now the european central bank says it will have to cut cypresses funding unless the island state gets a bailout soon robert always chairman of the bruges group which is an e.u.
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focus think tank believes the u.s. pressure on cyprus exposes a worrying hierarchy within the bloc it seems that certain countries such as germany are really pushing their own agenda and those countries are small and can we to the larger interest in the your opinion the largest financial interests of french and german banks are really pushed around and are and aboud and do not get a good deal and this is very dark from the e.u. to try and take a percentage of the savings of the p six banks which is actually we could argue that's actually breaching e.u. rules on protection protecting deposits so it's actually very silly and it's also bullying and he's actually counterproductive because it's now threatening the whole banking system in southern europe but because people see you is no brained of those who have tapings in bank accounts he's no friend of protecting deposits and bank
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profits on what actually is safe this really otherwise should be. and next starting next kaiser will give his own unique take on the site suppress crisis. they just keep blowing this. chunks of vomit in people's face people in cyprus are being knocked down with projectile vomit coming out of the mouth of the e.c.b. in the i.m.f. christine lagarde projectile vomiting into the face of the people of cyprus and saying it. and they're saying. i'm not eating vomit and i'm not a proper just either christie and then the new york times all right what's the big deal america ross sorkin i don't see anything wrong here meanwhile you're talking christie's vomit down as fast as you can. syria's government and rebels are both demanding an international probe into
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a deadly attack that both sides claim was with the use of chemical weapons they traded accusations as to who was behind these so near the northern city of aleppo that killed up to thirty one people and wounded dozens of others will. follow the story and joins me now i mean is there any indication if chemical weapons were used and who minds to be behind the attacks actually there is clear indication that chemical weapons have indeed been used but exactly who is behind it that is still for somebody to figure out fact we do have reports that indicate the chemical weapons have been used in syria in a province of aleppo in a place called. and we can you can clearly see people right here they are not showing any visible wounds but they do show signs of suffering from some sort of respiratory problems now with the details are not clear at the moment but confirmed to our team that people have been suffering from effects of what seems to be some sort of gas. it back for people in the hospital
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assured me you hear. three. where you're. over. now who could be behind this attack both assad's forces and rebels are pointing the finger of blame at each other but the rockets reportedly fell in areas controlled by the government and syrian rebels have long tried to overrun the weapons plant located in the very same area you can see on the map right there aleppo and then also fear that is the place where some of the country's chemical stockpile is said to be stored in fact the syrian government said in december that rebel forces plundered supplied of chlorine gas and some time ago this video was posted online showing animals purportedly being killed with chemicals those behind this footage affiliated themselves with assad's opponents and threaten to do the same with those
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who support the syrian president yet all of this evidence doesn't seem to convince president obama i am deeply skeptical of any claim that in fact it was the opposition that used chemical weapons. now this is an interesting use of the word skeptical with the stakes being so high since one of the biggest concerns for all is the scenario where syria's chemical arsenal falls into the hands of extremists fighters among the position forces as history has shown there are examples when fighters supported by the west have eventually turned their arms against their backers now let's for a moment imagine that extremists among the rebel fighters could get hold of chemical weapons how bad could for example the the log attacks of two thousand and five have been if that was the case we've already seen images of a chemical attack on a subway before in a huge city in one nine hundred ninety five in tokyo violent during an attack by religious sect now imagine a similar scenario bought staged by people who work throughout the initial conflict
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in syria supported by the west so we're really looking at a situation very clear very clearly getting to that point of no return and getting out of control in syria fortunately i can say all right thank you very much irina. coming up like this powerless and hopeless the condition of guantanamo bay prisoners deteriorate like hunger strike but the first official reaction to it after more than a month of saw the. government world war two to convoy bathrooms and supplies to the soviet union but some consider it a soft. refused to accept russia's award for what's been described as the worst in the world. of. technology innovation. developments
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around. the future avar. we are focusing on the problem. because no one. when you are. local what's not in the local needs you want a community l.n.g. most will be. done for. i was fired i was fired. all fired. all right.
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welcome back a top u.s. general says the hunger strike among prisoners shows that with the government's failure to close the facility rejecting reports of mistreatment and the desecration . the number of participants acknowledged by the pentagon has now risen to twenty five with detainees lawyers it's more than one hundred. what we see here is a small protest in front of the white house one tom oh has been out of the media spotlight for a while now you don't see much coverage on major u.s. news channels even with the hunger strike going on there right now so these people are trying to draw attention to the detainees more than fifty lawyers representing the president sent a letter to defense secretary chuck hagel urging him to help in that letter they said the participants health had deteriorated alarmingly and that some had lost more than twenty or thirty pounds that is nine to fourteen kilograms medical
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experts say by day forty five participants can experience potential blindness and potential loss of hearing so what prompted these people to resort to such a desperate move i was a consultant if you were the case. those men would tell their attorney basically i don't want to talk or if you're what's the point of talking with you i don't want to know the date i'm going to get out of here but there is no date all. being completely are as many of the detainees have come to believe and this is what they say we've heard this from their lawyers that the only way out of guantanamo for them is in a coffin in january a state department shut down the office that was working to close guantanamo more than half of those detainees are sitting there with papers from the u.s. clearing them for with yet with no hope that they're ever going to be free again the officials are certainly trying to downplay the hunger strike but they're pressed for answers and they sure know what's going on and what cost the strike in
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the first place marine corps general john kelly and it's his command that oversees kuantan most he was testifying in congress this wednesday he said the prisoners had launched the hunger strike because they're frustrated take a listen they had great optimism that guantanamo would be closed they were devastated when the president did you know backed off at least their perception of closing the facility that has caused them to become frustrated and they want to get this thing turned you don't get it back in the beat. this week the un commissioner for human rights responded to our inquiry and said they're aware of the hunger strike and that they are trying to confirm the details in the same letter the human rights body says they have quote repeatedly regretted that the u.s. government has not closed guantanamo bay on our part will continue to press officials for answers as the strike continues and involves more people in washington i'm going to check on. them all the mainstream media does play down the issue r.t.
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has been following the story from the beginning and we've got a timeline of events on our website where you we've also gathered comments there by the u.n. prison officials detainees attorneys and activists to give you a full picture of what is going on so you can head to r.t. dot com for that and here is what else you might find there the voyager spacecraft may have just the first manmade object to exit the solar system find out all the details online plus. discover the. most calls to get another meltdown at japan's fukushima nuclear power and find out how close the country came to disaster because of one rodent going through the wires at r.t. dot com. a select group of u.k. world war two veterans have been awarded by prime minister david cameron for their service during the arctic convoys the convoys brought supplies to the soviet union in the fight against nazi germany last year london was criticised for rejecting
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moscow's offer to grant the british veterans especially award and this party boyko reports feelings of gratitude artane nj good scientists and. a quarter of a million men took part in the arctic convoys eva seventy years ago sadly today just a handful of those brave men still survived off to decades of campaigning the case that convoy veterans are at downing street to pick up their new limited medals. but launch a lot of projects will be worth it it's been a long war he'd. bring in a wonderful day long time coming i tried to center on one little bit a sadness as. a ship might has crossed the bow. on fulton to die during the war ninety two year old vic bashford served in the royal air force as an electrical engineer him he was part of
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a secret operation that traveled on board the fust arctic convoy to russia back in one thousand nine hundred forty one. urging mr you to start a second but. into into prague to relieve the pressure on the russians mr churchill so we will soon you some arab allies and we'll soon you're the man the flaw in them will so noble into so buying time and. i will treat you and we will furnish war o'briens so that's how we came to to be in russia during world war two british ships transported around four million tons of supplies food and munitions for the soviet union more than three thousand sailors didn't survive the journey west subzero temperatures and german air raids were a fact of life on earth. on the rigging on the royals on the dirt.
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crash. of the. frogs and of course you got the die after die after your suit can be a bit frightening last year the british government came under fire for blocking veterans from receiving a special commemorative award from the russian government that medal was to be awarded as a symbol of gratitude for all that british veterans did to help the soviet union during the darkest days of the war and we now know we went through. yet despite the opposition of m.p.'s the foreign office blocked the move saying the fight against nazi germany happened too long ago for the men to be recognised effectively leaving some veterans to die without recognition for their service and the thanks state as i think it's disgraceful absolutely disgraceful that the we were not the commode humans i mean all stroy humans are those that ruined the american. dollar
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though being a war movie except one of us normally already knew the russians he was insulting to us. this arctic star is. a little. soft. if you're. not with the pride that i would. the russians. for those who braved the arctic waters and served their country all those years ago it's a day of celebration shaking hands with the prime minister followed by a reception on the h.m.s. belfast with their arctic stars in tow but for many it's a celebration that's left a bitter aftertaste for the owner that's come too late for those who could still wear at. r.t. london. more needs in half an hour next that it set i can see.
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jorge rios an argentinian student at seventeen other similar students from foreign countries all paid a private company between three thousand and four thousand dollars so that they get to take part in a u.s. state department work study program he was promised forty hours of work per week at a common fast food restaurant with a decent salary but the reality he claims was quite different he was actually only given around four hours of work per week but was expected to be on call twenty four seven like a surgeon i guess in case of some burger emergency he says he was forced to live in accommodations that were provided by the restaurant real six plane that he had to sleep in a child sized bunk bed in
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a basement with seven other people in filthy conditions and for this service he had to pay the restaurant three hundred dollars a month overall real swallowed up paying the burger joint to work for them what a way to not make a living though this story sounds funny on the surface many foreigners in work and study and work in travel programs do experience exploitation upon arrival in the usa i've even personally met some of them so i know but more than that in a time when millions of americans are struggling to put food on the kitchen table why are companies searching for thousands of exploitable foreigners to work for two dollars an hour cheaper it is corporate greed and their absolute disrespect for americans that allows this to happen just pay the extra two dollars and have americans work for you to cheap corporate pigs but that's just my opinion.
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little. good speech. you are laying her. little over a little. slow her a little bit longer misleader a little reluctant just see a little bit in the. summer. time out of mind i mean very little. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i got so
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many i mean. i know that i've seen seem to be really messed up. and we're all very so personally apologize and second. worst shurtleff a long flight out of a. radio guy and plugging away minutes from a quick profit i want to clear a budget because you've never seen anything like that i'm telling. the fellow long folks i'm having a heart was breaking the set so president obama arrived in israel today what is now the most well documented trip the president has ever made along with a new mobile app that will let you track obama during his visit the israeli government is helping local contacts that finally trademarks they need relations.


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