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any or thirty pounds that is nine to fourteen kilograms medical experts say by day forty five participants can experience potential blindness and potential loss of hearing so what prompted these people to resort to such a desperate move i was a consultant if you were the case. those men would tell their attorney basically i don't want to talk with your what's the point of talking with you i don't want to know the date i'm going to get out of here but there is no date people. oh as many of the detainees have come to believe in this what they say we've heard this from their lawyers that the only way out of guantanamo for them is in a coffin in january a state department shut down the office that was working to close guantanamo more than half of those detainees are sitting there with papers from the who was adopted many fearing them for release and yet with no hope that they're ever going to be free again the officials are certainly trying to downplay the hunger strike but they're pressed for answers and they sure know what's going on and what cost the
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strike in the first place marine corps general john kelly and it's his command that oversees guantanamo he was testifying in congress this wednesday he said the prisoners had launched a hunger strike because they're frustrated take a listen they had great optimism that guantanamo would be closed they were devastated when the president did you know backed off at least their perception of closing the facility that has caused them to become frustrated and they want to get this i think turned you don't get it back in the media on our part will continue to press officials for answers as the strike continues and involves more people in washington i'm going to come. we will cover the job that the mainstream america media around doing little attention there but we've been following it from the beginning we've got a timeline of events on our website as well as comments by u.n. and prison officials detainees lawyers and activists we've had come for the chip. coming up to. move today but it's to eleven o'clock at night it's difficult telling
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a digital clock what would you do these know about they're doing. big business story. ross nerve center completing his fifty five billion dollar merger with gave . me this story's been rumbling on for such a long time right now an end in sight right well now they say it's a done deal and it has major consequences in addition to becoming bitter casualties along the way right well in addition to becoming the world's biggest oil company now ross nast secures the control of about forty some percent of russia's energy sector it's a major big of the details in the business both after a short break. jorge rios an argentinian student at seventeen other similar students from foreign countries all paid
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a private company between three thousand and four thousand dollars so that they get to take part in a u.s. state department work study program he was promised forty hours of work per week at a common fast food restaurant with a decent salary but the reality he claims was quite different he was actually only given around four hours of work per week but was expected to be on call twenty four seven like a surgeon i guess in case of some burger emergency he says he was forced to live in accommodations that were provided by the restaurant real six plane that he had to sleep in a child sized bunk bed in a basement with seven other people in filthy conditions and for this service he had to pay the restaurant three hundred dollars a month overall real swallowed up paying the burger joint to work for them what a way to not make a living though this story sounds funny on the surface many foreigners in work and study and work in travel programs do experience exploitation upon arrival in the usa i've even personally met some of them so i know but more than that in
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a time when millions of americans are struggling to put food on the kitchen table why are companies searching for thousands of exploitable foreigners to work for two dollars an hour cheaper it is corporate greed and their absolute disrespect for americans that allows this to happen just pay the extra two dollars and have americans work for you to cheap corporate pigs but that's just my opinion. almost thirty five minutes past the hour here in moscow welcome to the business program on r.t. russia's oil giant overawes said it completed its fifty five billion dollar merger
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with. the deal gives the state control of almost half of russia's energy sector our tease her for us reports on thursday's historic meeting with the heads of rosneft and b p. rosner's head ego search is meeting with his b.p. counterpart robert dudley today in the british company's london office and the official reason for that meeting is rustiness fifty five billion dollars take a verse that the peace joy in russia invents a ten k. pace that they should do to complete this summer it is going to make the world's biggest oil producer displacing excell moville will not talk sport it's also going to secure move the forty percent of buses will production in the hands of the state so it's but it's a saying it could take two years to fully integrate the two companies into a single synchronized unit so there's lots of joint work ahead that's such an
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incredibly have another difficult task we'll know how this week and that's going to be to make sure that they can iron out their differences and see why and that's going to be especially important now because under the deal b.p. will own roughly twenty percent of making it the largest shareholder of the state now that's quite a reversal of fortunes that dudley who left russia back in two thousand and eight all through this industry between b.p. and a.o. now that was agreed with. the with the russian partners in t.n. k b p now that this benchley pulls people to sell its russian project despite the strong financial results so perhaps then it's symbolic the company has a meeting here in london at the place where the t n k b p deal was signed exactly ten years ago up of the pay that was the start of very rewarding the most truest
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relationship but it looks like that relationship could be being weakened old now. and moving on to the markets rosneft was one of the biggest gainers on moscow's my sex it out of more than want to three quarters in pursuit of finalizing its takeover of. the index itself finished the day slot to positive unlike the r.t.s. which lost some value on thursday on wall street where trade is in full swing this hour it's a day of profit taking all the major indices are in the red this hour the high tech sector is really leading the decline was oracle shedding almost nine percent on weaker than expected results over in europe it was not a much brighter picture shares they're closed in the red after purchasing managers index in germany unexpectedly drop this month of course all this uncertainty in cyprus is not helping its dramatically reducing investors' appetite for risk and
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when it comes to the currencies it was pretty much the same factors at play the euro edged closer to the lowest level in about two more months against the dollar here in moscow the ruble closed mix that was a lower to the dollar but higher to be european currency. and decide has until monday to save itself by coming up with billions of euros in cash if it fails to do so will lose access to emergency funds for its banks and face a default the cyprus finance minister michael sorry spent wednesday and thursday in moscow negotiating russian investments into the island's banking and energy sectors he also discussed restructuring the his country's outstanding debt of two and a half billion euro to russia sorry stressed that he was not asking moscow for a new loan russia has a vested interest of course in helping cyprus it's known as
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a tax haven that sashed billions of euros of belong to russia's businesses and individuals amounts one of the reasons why other european countries are insisting on tough regulatory concessions from cyprus in return for a bailout but if the european union seems unwilling to help it so member should russia step in and offer some support that's the question we asked eagerly your against the head of the institute for contemporary development in moscow. we're not talking about philanthropy if we do something we should receive something in return right so let's see what cyprus is offering us i've heard about gas system or gas deposits in view of the third energy package you have to watch because on one hand you can buy the on the other hand immediately european union will tell you that no you cannot or own gas and you cannot own distribution i philosophically do not understand why should we spend ten billion at the moment for something which will never be strategically without with within our field of influence can you imagine.
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a british navy base retreated from cyprus interest you in response to your kindness and russian navy installed in what do you what do we need it for. but there are those who say russia's help in bailing out cyprus will only speed up the country's the miles by undermining its value as a banking sector i don't think we should be involved in betting out separatist because if if we start to bail out cyprus it will be expensive and we must understand that if the war want to get there eventually gas field which is a big question mark and the resort. well that's worth it but i mean then we should take in a position the bill but it will be about cyprus against europe and against i mean world bank and against their international financial system it will cease to exist
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as a banking center which is their main very of cyprus internationally. and that's the latest from the business that sco will be back and i'm david less than two hours and right after a short break r.t. brings you an exclusive interview with the president of the palestinian state mahmoud abbas. wealthy british style. time to. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our. choose your language. of holy week you know if. someone.
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chooses to use the consensus here to. choose the opinions that invigorating to. choose the stories that impact your life choose the access to your office. they've been living this way since the seventeenth century. their rituals are strict. their communities and the selling. they clearly distinguish between their own and the alien. and guard their family and things and the treasure.
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when their own country can't offer them a living even loving mothers sometimes have to leave their children behind. i don't like to wonder just a bit longer. if the dream of millions of migrants that their children might choose their own motherland. i want my children to win over moscow. russia has become this stepmother land. migrants working hard to find a way home. mom would have but as i live in our guest today president of the state of palestine mahmoud abbas thank you for joining us. thank you. official u.n. documents will now use a new legal name for palestine it will be the state of palestine instead of the
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palestinian national authority many wonder if this could allow palestine to take the cases of visit rails crimes against the palestinians to international courts for the first time ever what do you say to that and you were. one of our major achievements is the fact that now our territories are officially called an occupied state for many years now israel supported by many western countries has considered palestine disputed territories and leave the territories all disputed they could argue about who these land belongs to and to what extent now israel cannot do this anymore and we now have the right to become full permanent members in any international organization of course we're a little bit behind with this work but hopefully the ongoing negotiations will result in establishing a sovereign palestinian state and finding
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a political settlement. over the past four to five years israel has been very stubborn so we think this decision should be made at the u.n. we're still waiting though we hope that these talks will be successful but then we'll be able to appeal to international organizations at any point even these negotiations failed to yield any results what the palestinian people will have the right to act as they see fit. what i can do and in defiance of international criticism of israel continues with its illegal settlement activity on occupied territories but many members of the new israeli cabinet known for their radical views reside in such territories how can there be any hope for a successful top such condition. that. they. all think that is their legal right to expropriate our land no matter what their actual
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political platforms are or even those members of these really government who don't leave all expropriated territories think that it's their legitimate right we have very much concerned about this kind of perception it doesn't matter if the current government stays or goes the problem of land an exception still remains according to all the international documents all un documents twelve security council resolutions land expropriation and settlement activity are illegal and must be stopped it has been this way since the nine hundred seventy s. and the un human rights council clearly stated that this policy's illegal and demanded withdrawal of all settlers or if the current israeli government continues with this rhetoric or there won't be any negotiations does that mean the palestinians have no other choice but to start another into fatah. my opinion is
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that today there's no need for palestinians to go back to fighting the balance of forces is not in our favor so it will only lead to the country's destruction just look at this second intifada and its ripper questions that our people can achieve their goals through peaceful means like it happened at the u.n. but it's not easy. a way of doing. it today another part of the palestinian resistance how mass is increasingly leaning towards a political solution of the problem rather than a military one if you notice that shift. in the yes we have more over that's something we have agreed on you a number of hamas members support this stance that's what we agreed on during our meeting in cairo and several months ago at this summit of the organization of islamic cooperation we reaffirmed that the palestinian people have the right to nonviolent resistance we're going back to the negotiating process the reason no
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disagreement on this between our senhor mass leaders those some keep saying that they don't consider a peaceful solution the only option and don't rule out a military struggle but all these talk was over and done with the cairo meeting which was sponsored by the u.s. and egypt have that now this is her masses official stance pay no attention to the old hamas members who say different. that that have the the e.u. is said to be considering a move to take how mass off the list of terrorist organizations do you think that this may be an attempt to legitimize the hamas led government that are coming. and i doing things so after the recent developments the chances are quite high that the hamas government may be recognized as legitimate if the masses committed to the
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cease fire and if it openly pledges to stick to the peaceful popular resistance i don't see much difference between their policy and ours in this case there is no need to label them as a terrorist organization. but you didn't target israel with rocket hamas neither we nor hamas did not any longer a second intifada we decided to give up on armed resistance and let me be totally frank with you we didn't want to launch any armed resistance whatsoever. has said the same yes there were clashes in the past but they have stopped and i'm grateful to our law for that. recently a delegation of four foreign ministers of arab countries led by the secretary general of the arab league has it in moscow during the meeting the arab ministers told russian foreign minister sergey lavrov that russia should dissociate from the
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middle east quartet of international mediators the arabs consider it incompetent would you agree with no we think that the quarter it has to assume a more active stance perhaps even include new members if the quarter it ceases to exist though what's going to replace it during arab league summit a lot of arab countries proposed to exclude the arab peace initiative from the existing legal framework for a peace settlement and we were against it because we don't see any alternative just think about it there are three possibilities war no war no peace and peace how do the arabs want to go to war no if the reason no war but no peace it will only bring more misery the arab peace initiative introduces opportunities to secure peace but how can we secure peace we now have a viable initiative for the first time since one thousand nine hundred forty eight
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that israel hasn't responded to it yet and the arabs didn't bother to promote it hammer it's home to these railways and the americans no arab state took the trouble to tell the world well here's the arab peace initiative please read it it's only one page long and then many people could have realized that yes it is in fact a peace initiative but if the arabs had been serious they would have made sure that mass media all over the world buzzed about the arab peace initiative well the idea is simple if israel refused to adopt the initiative it would be crystal clear who is obstructing the peace process in the middle. least the international community could then have cornered israel i. live. the arab brothers are saying that israel is being stubborn and they can't do anything about it and of course.
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that's true these rallies of very stubborn but you can challenge them over it's and there's only one way to do it to use the arab peace initiative for that the whole world is urging israel to withdraw from the occupied arab territories right all arabs and all muslims are ready to have peace with israel arabs are not going to attack israel after it withdraws from the occupied territories we have to make sure that israel and its supporters do not have any reason to continue with the current situation right now israel's president and prime minister have opposing approaches the president says yes we have palestinian partners in the peace process and it is possible to reach a two state solution but the prime minister is against this approach so there are people who we could have a dialogue with that we could try to convince them. but there are also those who
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force us to exhibit a different kind of behavior we need to expose them that it is not enough to keep telling these rallies that they are doing wrong by us not violating our rights but surf on our of brothers just declare that israel is not interested in the peace process therefore we are arabs are not going to do anything about. one of the challenges facing palestinian refugees in syria's yarmouk camp what do you have to do to address the needs we share the same attitudes with the leaders of all palestinian organizations regarding the recent uprisings in arab countries to need. journey libya egypt yemen and syria we do not interfere in those nations domestic affairs when unrest a rock today in tunisia and then in syria all of us were strongly in favor of not
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getting involved in war i met with all the leaders of serious palestinians advising them to stay away from the syrian infighting because this is a strictly domestic issue that first visit of balance produce positive results for about eighteen months serious palestinian camps remain absolutely safe in line with the well known are trends of the prophets he who enters the film's home will be safe palestinian camps acquired a similar reputation he un tis of palestinian camp will be safe but unfortunately on rest and violence suddenly broke out in your camp as split a merge to mung the palestinians and with trouble some people resorted to arms and others chose to move elsewhere. palestinians who are fleeing syria today will not find refuge in any other country they came to syria as refugees to start with and
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now they are supposed to i this stay in this country or go home this is a dangerous situation and we hope that the crisis will be resolved or at least will wind down soon. naming those refugees cannot go back to palestine. the mats right they can't go home right now some did earlier there between one thousand nine hundred ninety four the year the palestinian authority without stablished and the year two thousand and four some one point five million palestinians returned to palestine or is there anyone willing to go home at the moment now that would be a difficult thing to do because of israeli actions exactly because of the israeli actions these railings have seen. the border crossings even though we had previously agreed that they should remain open in doing that israel broke an early arrangements with us for no legitimate reason like it had done so many times in the
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past that we have been unable to persuade them that they're making a mistake we have an agreement on prisoner exchange with these release but they were on hand over palestinian prisoners to us they collect taxes for us and retain a certain share of this money but the perpetually failed to transfer the rest of it to us on time. without bias because the president will thank you one of them before anyone knew there was a thank you. i . i.
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do we speak your language as anybody will not a day of school music programs and documentaries and spanish what matters to you breaking news a little turn it into angles couldn't stories. you hear. detroit all teach spanish find out more visit i to allahabad all tito it's calm. thank. you ed. place
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