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welcome back now a days after claiming to have infiltrated the email account of a fool to the secretary of state hillary clinton an anonymous online. has claimed another victim then she capitalist earlier this week confidential e-mails were leaked linking the deadly attack on the u.s. ambassador in benghazi last september terrorists in the region and puts the pieces of the puzzle together in these e-mails and they go back to september twelfth two thousand and twelve and stretch into february sixteenth of this year and that's a couple of months in the day after the benghazi terrorist attacks and the day after those benghazi terrorist attacks happened but americans still didn't know what was happening and it took days and weeks actually for us the government the united nations the obama administration for everyone to get their story straight but what we see in these documents actually put together a couple pieces of the puzzle if everything proves to be correct the sources that were reaching out to secretary clinton last year and into this year were taking
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insurgent groups of militant islamic groups in algeria and linking them with not just the the attack in benghazi on september eleventh but with the hostage situation that we saw back in january you know this group that would be the most are directly linked with al qaeda and it's really putting together all sorts of pieces that we haven't seen from the benghazi testimonies this group for fellows to actually make up this information he did a very good job because it looks very convincing once you get over the fact that it's in comic sans in. the backdrop but there's lots of reasons he could do that if this is the person who the authorities believe it is there's a very good reason that they they went ahead and did as many things as they possibly could do to cover up their steps such as not forging these documents but copying them into a different font into a different backdrop that it was a very common way to cover up their tracks which really would allude the authorities to some degree. a quick look now at some other international news in
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brief in venezuela's capital caracas several hundred students have clashed with supporters of the late leading hugo chavez the students demanded that the government the election cancel not abuse its position in power in the upcoming election police used tear gas and plastic bullets to disperse the crowds forming a cordon between the two sides the country's elections are scheduled for april the fourteenth aleck's with experts predicting a win for chavez the successor nicholas madore oh. former french president nicolas sarkozy has been placed under investigation for alleged corruption joining the two thousand and seven presidential campaign the ruling follows a three year long inquiry accusing so cozy of taking illegal donations from france's richest woman l'oreal paris liliane bettencourt his lawyers say he'll appeal the decision calling it incoherent and unfair prosecutors will now decide whether to put the next president on trial. the joe the kurdish rebel leader
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held by to which has called for a ceasefire with the government in a message to tens of thousands of kurdish new year celebrations it follows months of secret negotiations with authorities and is seen as a step towards ending the thirty year conflict that has left an estimated forty thousand people dead a week ago the kurdistan workers party p k k d symbolic gesture releasing eight to four stitches. on the first minister of scotland alex salmond has announced that a referendum on scottish independence will be held on the eighteenth of september next year voters will be asked a single yes or no question should scotland become an independent country draft legislation at lining financial inviting details of the referendum as now also being published by the scottish parliament. president obama's middle east tour has resulted in mixed feelings both in his. palestine with no tangible results despite
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his calls for peace palestinians who greeted the u.s. leader with protests were disappointed by his show of unwavering allegiance to israel and lack of pressure over the issue of settlements at a meeting with the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas obama was more strained on the problem than before saying that freezing certain instruction should not be a precondition for peace talks however insisted the expansion was illegal must be stopped immediately artie's middle east correspondent paula slayer was at one of the protests and has more what else was fuming about how the. people here have been chanting is a bomb that you're not black they've also been chanting that the occupation is like a snake and america is being head of the snake they're also saying that this is a nation that cannot be defeated not been talking to several people and what they've been telling me is that first and foremost through this visit a bomb has made it quite clear that america's support is for israel they complain
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that he's been talking to these radios hearing the israelis point of view and then ultimately putting forward the israeli position when it comes to peace negotiations with the palestinians we don't expect anything from obama he met netanyahu in israel and he didn't say one word about the palestinians or the palestinian state that this visit is just not supporting israel they're not considering the palestinians at all. we don't welcome a bomber in palestine he's a partner in killing us palestinians there are prisoners who are on hunger strike in israeli prisons and he doesn't care about them or about this nation. the united states is standing against any attempts to move the peace process forward the last one was the american veto and they refused to let us be part of the united nations this american government that supports terrorism globally killing the syrian nation and the african nations and all around the world there was a request by the palestinian it matters. of palestinian prisoners in israeli jails
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who are currently undergoing a hunger strike it's a massive story here in the palestinian areas but obama declined difficult to meet with them there is again criticism over the american position in syria people i've been talking to say that america is supporting terrorists there and that that position will come to second in the face so a lot of anger a lot of frustration and a lot of disappointment being expressed here in the west bank over the american president barack obama's visit to the region policy r.t. ramallah well as for israel during his two days there to thaw frosty relations with the country's prime minister but signs of disagreement on issues like iran were still apparent she could tell me a senior policy analyst at the reason foundation believes obama's visit won't undo the damage done by previous u.s. foreign policy. the obama administration has actually accomplished a pretty remarkable feat which is that it's managed to be disliked by both sides
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you know even president bush wasn't very popular with the palestinians when he was actually really by the israelis obama's ratings on both sides are down. ten percent in israel and in the twenty's and palestinians so he you know is remarkably for a president who came with so much of goodwill when he came to office has managed to squander it on both sides and i think one reason is that is middle east policy is in complete and total disarray he doesn't know you know which side to lean on you know he let israel continue with the settlement activity at the same time as he keeps giving them it is completely unable to control benjamin netanyahu and on the other side his strategy between you know trying to buttress and abbas against hamas has failed to do so you know i think the u.s. middle east policy has never been in greater disarray and it wasn't great to begin with. and we want to know how you see
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a bomb israel intentions in israel that's what we're asking in our poll and. let's see what the opinions are there right now the vast majority think the whole trip is nothing more than a p.r. stunt almost a fifth bomber is trying to buy time and restrain needs route from striking nearly ten percent think the u.s. media should be focusing more on palestine and a tiny minority actually expected to bring the region closer to pace cost you a vote where you have to do is going to come. up ahead daniel bushell thinks it's a tough questions and he's shy of the truth and. jorge
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rios an argentinean student at seventeen other similar students from foreign countries all paid a private company between twenty thousand and four thousand dollars so that they get to take part in a u.s. state department work study program he was promised forty hours of work per week at a common fast food restaurant with a decent salary but the reality he claims was quite different he was actually only given around four hours of work per week what was expected to be on call twenty four seven like a surgery i guess in case of some burger emergency he says he was forced to live in accommodations that were provided by the restaurant real six plane that he had to sleep in a child sized bunk bed in a basement with seven other people in filthy conditions and for this service he had to pay the restaurant three hundred dollars a month overall real swallowed up paying the burger joint to work for them what a way to not make a living all though this story sounds funny on the surface many foreigners. in work and study and work and travel programs do experience exploitation upon arrival in
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the usa i've even personally met some of them so i know but more than that in a time when millions of americans are struggling to put food on the kitchen table why are companies searching for thousands of exploitable foreigners to work for two dollars an hour cheaper it is corporate greed and their absolute disrespect for americans that allows this to happen just pay the extra two dollars and have americans work for you get cheap corporate pigs that's just my opinion. well. science technology innovation all the list of melons from around russia we. covered. a clear image of the iraq story facing. twenty day taxi trip through the country.
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the roads full of. clear evidence from north to south. the route of iraqi tragedy. after the war waiting for peace. talks e r t. choose your language. we can we know if you. choose to use the consensus you. choose the opinions that you. choose the stories that impact your. child's access to. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture.
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when i've done your bush or we expose the three tricks of war coming up. plans to split the whole middle east into micro states a policy called kill anything that moves. and hollywood goes too far. he ever give up you know not trick me and it always feels like i'm very tails you
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get cool for croy wolf in real life inside as loft how people full full full flags toy off the toy off the toy cars initiations really tough and it's very hard for me to see how the united states. president can get us to war with iraq that explosion on aug seventeenth we could step up the pressure i mean look people iranian submarines pure i can go down some day one of my not come up who would know why. mr roosevelt wanted to get us into world war two was to mention you may recall we had to wait for a harbor some people might think that mr johnson want to send troops to vietnam you may recall we can think were. true one repeat the lie. what health is preferred month for invasion is mulch and this weapon of choice is
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the new york times and almost white house official tells the times iraq spying w m d to mainstream media repeat without question it was a total lie on the second anniversary of syria anonymous white house official says iran is blowing the rings even though all sixteen u.s. intelligence agencies admit iran does not have a nuclear weapons program nor the most white house official told the times iraq's about to use chemical weapons it was a lie anonymous white house official told the times syria's about to use chemical weapons mainstream repeating it without question we're even told things that don't exist iraq supposedly had some chemical agent fifteen it was a lawyer in twenty thirteenth e.i.a. claims a quote compelling case syria is using the same thing now the only problem is there's no such thing as agent fifteen leaked emails as america is trying to plant
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a chemical weapon which washington says would justify invasion we've got a new offer it's about syria again qatar is proposing the track to field that's where the idea is approved by washington will have to deliver a chemical weapon to homs similar to those that assad should have proposed are enormous talk to kevin barrett the same lawyers from iraq chemicals that don't see exist they're not even troy you americans have a terrible time even trying to imagine that their leaders could ever act you know less than morally upright way and for the. reason americans have been repeatedly victimized by leaders who have done all sorts of terrible things to america and american democracy as well as to other countries trick to window resists iran is suing all go direct to ben affleck it was to show cia documents ordering this flick to prepare america to halt the mines to bomb iran. i'm going to.
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thank. you know iranians the portrayed like zombies from the one of the dead here who could the cia really control holywood yes of course this may sound like a crazy conspiracy theory to people who are exposed in a regular basis to fox news and c.n.n. the new york times which never talk about these things the cia has been propagandizing the american people through the us media since world war two there's a whole part of the cia called off aeration mockingbird and we have changed the name but i'm sure it's still around operation mockingbird is that operation in the cia they do seem to found the media there were created six seven hundred fairly high level in winchell cia assets getting paid by the sea hey you know the media and so it's not surprising that many news articles and hollywood movies are intelligence operations they just one thing also over war is the law about how can
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a film be a war crime well as did the international covenant on civil and political rights makes it illegal to engage in war propaganda people who have billion dollar media industries at their fingertips are not supposed to be pushing war propaganda and that's what our goal is and more effectively because it's not recognized as such but it's it's packed full of lies that it depicts irradiance as mad issues of human animals one that you cited earlier of putting out false information about. threats from foreign nations through selected misleading leaks out of the government and then broadcasting those through all the media as if they've been created by independent reporting this is done through cooperation with the. the media outlets with chemical weapons are the aluminum tubes and so forth any disuse this is intentionally. false and misleading information aimed at beginning
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a war that is that is war propaganda that is what is banned under international convention trick three were invading to help hundreds of women and babies that may lie with gang rape torture have been murdered by us troops kill anything that moves funds america's only committed messages every month for marine james fits that we see regular atrocities in the rock syria afghanistan is kill anything that moves through policy i have no doubt about it as a former marine corps officer who however did not serve in vietnam the policy was the practice kill anything that moves i have no doubt that it's continued in iraq and afghanistan no doubt all sorts of reports u.s. trained proxies in syria raping and killing women and children three thousand tons of weapons recently lifted to syria terrorists america's training iran's mujahedeen
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and how to risk killing thousands of iranians and americans invested reports of muslim rupa thanks for joining us who's the threat to you we see the delisting of the m.e. k. here in the united states the iranian opposition group we saw mainstream reports of them actually being trained for operations in iran in the united states so in this was when they were still listed as a terrorist organization so the west is really the one threatening here along with israel of course bomb iran. america fingal justification repeated. chinese whispers is that they deliberately full flight quotes in fact iran's president called the court the court you pause of jerusalem israel's occupation of palestine the u.n. rules illegal to face quote regime change exactly what the us calls for throughout the world all to all russian rouge the you brought before truth to public attention
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thanks for joining us you call this the room of the thing tree why is the difference key for speaking of sort of like a velvet revolution of some kind. clearly not threatening to attack anybody it's very tragic and ironic that the iranian population is certainly very pro western and very eager to to be a part of the international community. very pro-american. yet at the same time there is really want only one way that you could screw that up and that is to. to attack that country because it's a very nationalistic country and despite the unpopularity of the regime in power to moment and no one would take kindly to any kind of an attack splitting the oil rich muslim world in control of states is the graham plans there's a leak from friends of syria talks confirmed by top generals and politicians in
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kuwait pakistan and so ok kevin barrett how does the plan work iraq is now broken up into a largely shiite south shrinking in the middle many of us in these have become refugees and left the country and then end israeli occupied kurdish north and likewise sudan has been broken up into two pieces the so-called arab north and an israeli occupied south which is where all the energy resources are interesting when the israelis always seem to grab whatever the energy resources or they may own the south sudan and they own kurdistan in iraq. has been broken up into a solid east and a good after you support. west so that's the strategy is to break up all these countries and syria would be the icing on the cake yell clay design thing israel's enemies one by one how strange the one country never attacks ever israel so this leads you to wonder what the heck is going on you know what kind of radical islamic group is this that smuggle drugs and never attacks israel and whatever it does
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always seems to be in the interests of israel i think it's that they've created a brand with al-qaeda that is designed to siphon off anger in the arab and muslim worlds so roland's mixed who would win well first the chances are that the world would not go well for the us this has been were game to death for instance the atlantic monthly which is a neo con publication serving the interests of israel actually spent a huge amount of money to do a very very elaborate simulation of all of the possibilities for a war with iran and the result was that iran wins every time i mean the only way that iran can lose quote unquote is if the us essentially incinerates all their cities with nuclear bombs any other outcome is an arabian victory. it's it's a very very bad work plan unless of course you're a psychotic israeli like netanyahu and you would be perfectly happy to nuke you
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know every array and city but of course that would be a work crime that would put the us out of its position as the leader of the world instantly the whole world would be you know is just so disgusted by that it would be the end of america's life as as a world power is new but tool to war bill full says us to attack iran if israel does pull it's just too close grossman voted against the then to your own resolution a few years but they will pull and that is christian it's just left office they just one thing you would consider just press secretary is this bike tool toward the . changeover to explicitly give a foreign nation that power to declare war is to push the momentum out of control out of your hands you can't take it back anymore it would effectively give israel the power to declare war on iran for the united states i mean this is a step way beyond this is giving war powers to
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a foreign nation that's in your whose droids to get the public on his soit with a threat to me picture has gone viral even decision makers in washington pressured by his threats you think they hate goldfields quote jewish intimidation so people might be surprised who's the wolf. we are this is a little problem. because no what i'm doing no good school. no permit when you've been south park.
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other local what's a national pride thing is a law in the local needs you want to community i lend you multiple diseased. i don't give a damn. good day done for my properties i was fight back i must fight. i'll fight. fight fight one right. listen. more news today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada.
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corporations are today. look. live both. her mum lives cut. the speed. her. mum will. look. for a missile good. luck. mother just see. her. come out of my mind i'm
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