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tv   [untitled]    March 22, 2013 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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i. panic and frustration in cyprus is citizens struggle to hold on to their cash and politicians racing against time to avoid default. the new chinese president heads to moscow for his first overseas trip as the country's leader with energy deals between two of the world's largest economies the focal point of discussions. and cracks in syria's main rebel group some opposition activists claim the goal is being guided by islamist radicals.
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and i welcome you watching r.t. with me. panic is spreading through cyprus with parliament set to vote on another plan to raise funds in order to secure a vital e.u. i.m.f. bailout loan and avoid a painful default bank employees have attempted to storm the parliament building anxious over possible job losses amid speculation the country's banks won't reopen after being paralyzed for a week and as artie's test said in the reports people are preparing for the worst. all of this panic this negativity started of course on the announcement over the weekend from brussels that in order to get a ten billion euro bailout package cyprus will have to cough up about five point eight billion in the suggestion to impose. on the causes now ninety one percent of cypriots according to a poll have been against. we've seen protests on the streets of people angry really at the e.u. . and specifically
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a germany they feel of the country has been cornered into a position where they really have no choice but to take a very hard decision now here's what some of the cypriots feel right now towards europe. well the mood here in nicosia cyprus remains rather negative it seems of the people feel that they're receiving one bad news after another the latest being that the european central bank will only continue to provide liquidity to the country until monday and after that it will only continue to do so if there is an i.m.f. program in place this means that there really is a problem on the ground cypriots going to really in the morning trying to get as much cash as they could have told me that the limit on their cars of the amount that they could take for the change has been lowered they've also been speaking to some shopkeepers they're really having a problem big losses in their business and it's been a headache for them since this started. my business is down over seventy percent in
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just the last few days. you really read that. and one of the direct effects of the. you can already feel on the ground here the size of it put up only cash no visa cards allowed at this gas station they really want to hold on to as much cash as they could as the banks will be closed until next week and really they're not confident that the banks will reopen when they govern. it said what is it just to be safe because he decides if you don't have cash you won't get what we need. to pay for all our people in the world can't hear somebody play for something we have to pay in cash so we take one look now as the political leaders along with the financial sector here try to figure out a way to maneuver the country out of this predicament that people are simply sitting tight trying to hold on to get to was much cash as they can because really
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for them their main concern is how to get through these next few days when they've already experienced being in limbo for the past week reporting from nicosia cyprus . possible ways out of this limbo is what e.u. and russian officials continue to discuss in moscow so far no deal has been reached even with russia at the table for more on this now let's cross to artie's alexei you. alexi the cypriot finance minister was in moscow he is presumably he was hoping for a quick solution to this but it didn't work out that why did it. indeed it's quite clear that most to remains the so-called at the center of all the attempts to rescue the super corner me but if the cypriot finance minister was looking for a way out for a solution here in moscow it definitely didn't work out for him he said that moscow didn't help he was so much looking for and he has no longer any business here and he is on his way from the russian capital for that of course has been many
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skepticism that moscow would help the separate economy mainly because the finance minister of cyprus was himself saying that he was here not to get another loan from russia but rather to attract investment into the banking sector and to a natural resources. prime minister dmitry medvedev has been saying that this is a very difficult and complicated issue mainly because there are not so many exploration fields of natural resources. and also because this could have could have had serious political implications because those exploration fields on cyprus partly belonged to turkey and said that it would react to any decision by cyprus to allow russia access to the natural resources exploration fields on the island so only the obviously the only remaining solution for the super eight economy is starting to brussels but here it's also not so easy as it could seem because brussels has been saying that the bailout loan that can provide to cyprus will only
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happen if. impose this much maligned deposit tax which has been seriously criticized by ordinary citizens on the island moreover the bailout loan would not completely help the super eight economy. receive only partially of the money needed to save the economy and the rest of the money needs to find by itself it's also interesting here that. brussels has once again reiterated that it doesn't need russia's capital it doesn't need help to solve its internal economic problems so definitely we're in for a very interesting and probably very complicated talks here in moscow between the prime minister and the european delegation and we're expecting the conversation to start at about one pm moscow time and certainly will be updating our viewers with all the latest information as we get it here. live from.
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pay from the left he says pressure which is forcing cyprus to turn to russia for help. it was the mentality troika. come again and again in every country in which they try this he says with these policies and human. and the problems question when are they going to stop and it seems. from the side of troika and so we have to seek for a solution. not with troika but in another direction and one direction that is now they are in front of us we are more confident and you can be safe and reliable thing to do keep keep negotiating with troika which chilled us nine months now but every day when it was she joined coming and going back and back and forth the federal on the end maybe somewhere really out of taking control.
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which is something that a lot this is what we call the people of cyprus at the moment come think of why. the behavior of the troika is the way he has been in the last nine months and exactly in the last week even even even. catching the chinese wind in russia's economic cycle that's what russian president vladimir putin says he's aiming to ensuring that i'm out talks with his chinese counterpart in moscow xi jinping selected russia for his first trip abroad since the early this month by selling multibillion dollar deals to tea while also hoping to bolster their common clout in the world's arena is meeting now he expects. pushing two powers together a common goal to shift global balance is forging a tie between russia and china that could soon be unbreakable for
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a new chinese leader his first stop moscow do something surely washington must notice but is brushing off no they don't take it seriously at their own peril russia and china fellow brics major trade partners and team players at the u.n. security council are there too often stand up against intervention and to gresham moscow and beijing a single really impacts of nato backed attacks and they don't want the instability that washington seeks in the middle east beijing and moscow want to do business china is booming and russia is right next door the potential for gas deals and pipelines are vast as soon as the two can agree on a price russia also sees china as a way to diversify its economy like helping tap untouched water sources in the east and investing in the west now they could join forces on cooperation militarily that is the inevitable life in brazil to of the type of us that asia pacific pivot that
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is is threatening china on one side and the nato increasing military encircled into russia on the other side the more the us pushes its agenda in certain parts of the world the closer they push russia and china together that opens the door for growth and enormous economic ramifications the nations that make up the brics group may be divergent but experts now see they are much more than an acronym coined by a guy at goldman sachs they all agree on the fundamentals we want a multiple of world we want to have more say on never seem to have political and when the world's biggest country finally joins head on with potentially the world's largest economy it could send shock waves straight to the heart of today's global order and this visit might be the start and he's now a r.t. moscow. well prior to his visit to russia paying described moscow as china's main
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am most important partner c.c.t.v. correspondent chan way says beijing is interested in boosting ties as much as moscow. china and russia have already resolved its territorial disputes over the past few decades and also has been taking care of each other's core interests the main well hold trade has been skyrocketing over the past the few decades however having said that though there might be a lot of space for improvement and further promotion of the biological relations in terms of trade and economic ties for example some suggest that the goal of one hundred billion us dollars of bilateral trade by the year twenty two king county which earlier. we will have live reports on the russia china talks here in moscow throughout the day so do stay with us here on r.t. for plenty of reaction and analysis. i will be back shortly with more stories as r.t. is handed classified emails of the former u.s.
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secretary of state shedding light on the deadliest so he will be u.s. ambassador in libya last september's benghazi attack plus. the hunger strike and one on my end is its forty fifth day we take a look at why the u.s. government doesn't close the facility with some inmates held that without charge and tells just a few minutes. to
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hello again the hunger strike among guantanamo bay prisoners has ended its forty fifth day a point that could become critical for inmates health according to doctors rights groups claim more than one hundred detainees are refusing food the mistreatment while the pentagon maintains the number is much lower the strike has brought the prisoners back into the headlines at least one form is being kept there without charge i reports on the british government's response. to the u.k.
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foreign office for that position and we can have a listen to the statement that we were saved back right now. u.k. has long held that indefinite detention without review of a fair trial is unacceptable and we welcome president obama's continuing commitment to closing the detention facility at guantanamo bay and to maintain the lawful sustainable and principled regime for the handling of detainees there so quite an anodyne tax thread that sounds like it could be in some serious need of updating actually it refers to us president obama's continuing commitment to closing down the prison now the closure of guantanamo bay was actually one of us president obama's main campaign promises back in the two thousand and eight presidential election it's something he's spoken about a lot it's a promise he's made repeatedly yet confident cage later and nothing has happened in
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fact nearly shutting down that's taken place recently is the closure of the government office that's charged with transferring the detainees and closing down the prison so just to recap in case that sounds in any way peculiar they've closed down the office that's meant to close down guantanamo bay and the british foreign office supports this continuing. shutting down the facility shack i am a has been languishing at guantanamo bay for over eleven years now and quite astonishingly this is a man who's never been charged with any wrongdoing he's never been put on trial he's been cleared for release twice yet he's still there the british government's efforts to negotiate his release have been few they've been feeble and most importantly they've been completely and utterly fruitless so the red cross human
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rights watch amnesty international they've all expressed frustration that they haven't been allowed to visit detainees they condemn was been taking place at the facility for over a decade now but at the same time over here in the u.k. there's been a little more than a peep from the mainstream media both about shakar amma and about guantanamo bay in general so with this little awareness of the situation shakar imus future is very much uncertain and will terry cooper psychiatry some consultant to human rights watch explain to our to you some of the reasons why he believes the facility is still open. i believe there is a large media component to this published city part and that is. to demonize a group of individuals as if the problems for citizens living in the united states have to do with the presence of evil people on us and that image of evil people
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who are invading the country is terrorists who are live here as criminals and if we can only capture them and put them in extremely harsh conditions of confinement some time somehow our life will be better and it will actually realize the american dream this is a delusional set of beliefs but i believe that's why the harsh conditions are imposed on people because in fact there is no gain in terms of either security or intelligence from doing this kind of abusive treatment of prisoners. we want to disappear the prisoner mistreatment is not so rare in the us you can head to auntie dot com to see how one inmate was released restrained and then pepper sprayed before being left unattended at a jail in maine there is a link to the footage at a web site that you can find some ten million dollars the well that's how much the u.s. is willing to pay for any information on to its citizens that recently made it to the top of the f.b.i.'s most wanted list having fled to somalia almost on
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a website having a majority but he still does admit to prescribing placebo that to that patients you can find out more about a website are to comb. india's . at least forty two people including a top sunni muslim preacher have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in a mosque in central damascus the blast occurred with the mosque packed with worshippers who had gathered for evening prayers more than eighty people were
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injured in the explosion which authorities suspect targeted to cleric mohammed al a staunch supporter of president bashar al assad it is the first time since the start of the uprising there's been a suicide attack in a mosque reporter abdul xeni has the. most shocking news and most details that after the bomb backed out did what they discovered another bomb which is the daughter of the most. happily the happy news that it wasn't exploded. they managed to dissolve it inside the mosque of mr macdonald beauty which is one of the most important school in syria and one of the most important one in the islamic word he is the one who was targeted mainly because. he was supposed to was considered a supporter of. the syrian government and he made some strong speeches every friday trying to convince people to join the army and the fight for their country and he was he was under
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a lot of threats around the time of the and said i rest in syria but he insisted on his and his position i did not change into becoming one of this one of the people who are. pollution and with the added west. meanwhile cracks are appearing in me and he is sad syrian national coalition after the election of a new prime minister to govern rebel held areas the election of u.s. citizen led twelve members of the body to resign from the umbrella opposition group . who took part in the anti sad movement says the coalition is being guided by islamist radicals. there. you go allusion went too far forming and monochrome government which we can characterize as extremist the reason behind this is the mechanisms that we used in the selection of a head of government were wrong under the ground his coalition wasn't elected he was appointed and radicals make up the majority that does not match the reality of
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syrian society if this coalition was the result of free and fair elections then we would have accepted the results of the vote one should not deprive syrian minorities of the right to produce a bit in political life as one should not. groups of their rights at this stage of rebuilding our own with the coalition should not be about revolutionary power it should be about legitimate government and legitimate government should represent the opinions and interests of the whole syrian nation our position is balanced and we see that what we are seeing now is wrong. days after claiming to have infiltrated the email account of former aide a former aide to the secretary of state hillary clinton and anonymous online hacker known as has claimed another victim venture capitalist john doe or earlier this week confidential emails were leaked linking the deadly attack on the u.s. ambassador in benghazi last september to other terrorists the celts in the region artie's andrew blake puts the paces of the puzzle together. in these e-mails they
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go back to september twelfth two thousand and twelve and stretch into february sixteenth of this year and that's a couple of months of the day after the benghazi terrorist attacks and the day after those benghazi terrorist attacks happened but the americans still didn't know what was happening and it took days and weeks actually for us the government the united nations the obama administration for everyone to get their story straight but what we see in these documents actually put together a couple pieces of the puzzle if everything proves to be correct the sources that were reaching out to secretary clinton last year and into this year were taking insurgent groups of militant islamic groups in algeria and linking them with not just the attack in benghazi on september eleventh but with the hostage situation that we saw back in january you know this group that would be the most are directly linked with al qaida and it's really putting together all sorts of pieces that we haven't seen from the benghazi testimonies this cruise for fellows to actually make
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up this information he did a very good job because it looks very convincing once you get over the fact that it's in comic sans in. the backdrop but there's lots of reasons he could do that if this is the person who the authorities believe it is there's a very good reason that they they went ahead and did as many things as they possibly could do to cover up their stuff such as forging these documents but copying them into a different font into a different backdrop that it's a very common way to cover up their tracks which really would allude the authorities to some degree. quick look at some other international news making headlines in venezuela scaffold caracas several hundred cities have clashed with supporters of the late leader hugo chavez the students demand that the government and the election council not abuse its position power in the upcoming election police used tear gas and plastic bullets to disperse the crowds forming a cordon between the two sides the country's elections a show drew for april the fourteenth with experts predicting
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a win for chavez's successor nicolas maduro. former french president nicolas sarkozy has been placed under investigation for alleged corruption during the two thousand and seven presidential campaign the ruling follows a three year long inquiry accusing so cozy of taking illegal donations from france's richest woman l'oreal heiress leon betancourt his lawyers say he'll appeal the decision calling it incoherent and unfair prosecutors will now decide whether to put the x. president on trial. president obama's middle east tour has resulted in mixed feelings both in israel and palestine with no tangible results despite his calls for peace palestinians who greeted the u.s. leader with protests were disappointed by his show of unwavering allegiance to israel and lack of pressure over the issue of settlements obama was strained on the problem before saying that stopping settlement construction should not be a precondition for a meeting with the leader as for israel during his two days there a bomb
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a seemingly food for us the relations with the country's prime minister are signs of disagreement on issues like iran who are still abundant. senior policy analyst the reason foundation released obama's visit will hardly undo the damage u.s. policies in the region including. the obama administration has actually accomplished a pretty remarkable feat which is that it's managed to be disliked by both sides you know even president bush wasn't very popular with the palestinians when he was actually really by the israelis or bombers ratings on both sides are you know down . ten percent in israel and in the twenty's and palestinians so he you know is remarkably for a president who came with so much of goodwill when he came to office has managed to squander it on both sides and i think one reason is that is middle east policy is in complete and total disarray he doesn't know you know which side to lean on you
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know he let israel continue with the settlement activity at the same time as he keeps giving them it is completely unable to control benjamin netanyahu and on the other side his strategy between you know trying to buttress and abbas against hamas has failed to do so you know i think the u.s. middle east policy has never been in greater disarray and it wasn't great to begin with. i'll be back with more international news in about thirty minutes time but stay with us because it's paid to the battles across told. jorge rios an argentinean student at seventeen other similar students from foreign countries all paid a private company between three thousand and four thousand dollars so that they get
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to take part in a u.s. state department work study program he was promised forty hours of work per week at a common fast food restaurant with a decent salary but the reality he claims was quite different he was actually only given around four hours of work per week what was expected to be on call twenty four seven like a surgeon i guess in case of some burger emergency he says he was forced to live in accommodations that were provided by the restaurant real six plane that he had to sleep in a child sized bunk bed in a basement with seven other people in filthy conditions and for this service he had to pay the restaurant three hundred dollars a month overall real swallowed up paying the burger joint to work for them what a way to not make a living though this story sounds funny on the surface many foreigners in work and study and work in travel programs do experience exploitation upon arrival in the usa i've even personally met some of them so i know but more than that in.


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