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tv   [untitled]    March 22, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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live from moscow ten pm. in cairo protesters march of the muslim brotherhood headquarters dozens are reported injured in clashes with islamists. also. cypriots unfrozen savings and lash out of their government job cuts the harsh treatment from europe. and russia's top companies massive oil and gas supply deals. with the visit to moscow his first official foreign trip. officials acknowledge the number of hunger strikers in the detention center is growing well he would write scripts put the figure out over one hundred.
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could even just after ten pm this is not international money as kevin i mean very good to have you company well first as you just heard thousands of anti-government protesters a clashing with riot police outside the muslim brotherhood headquarters in the egyptian capital cairo tonight thirty people so far reportedly been injured troops there first now again we had a message from me earlier on in the last hour. tonight what is the latest. so they can see it's really chaotic scenes here just outside the headquarters of the movement of the head when in the last hour and muslim brotherhood supporters themselves every ten to fifteen from the same main street the street nine in front of. this woman's creek they get attacked to protect him from the other shi'ite protesters were sleeping excessive use of tear gas from the
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committee chairman tom jones in a confrontation with these problems creeps i'm or hearing a gun fire again coming from both sides and shooting at kilcash from civilians as well as police it's very chaotic it's an it's very hard to work out exactly what's going on this of course has been sparked by an angry by some protesters off to a. journalist who reportedly attacked last week by what they said were muslim brotherhood members armed with knives and guns saying what we have seen today is again civilians with weapons in very very violent and chaotic seems. to have been trying to meet it's evening and they will keep the pressure up on. him not intervene cipro for a change in the country to the present moment move to chris comes from that is a mystery i will purchase in saying. this in a group is running the country and really this is not acceptable since it is not
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seen any change in terms of the economy and my own to consider the constitution has been changed. sixty written by i think the most domenica constituent assembly for the moment here in the streets there's many injured people changing from the telecast there's a head injury to lots of blood and again i just mentioned the use of weapons people coming up with on gunshot wounds and. on the security front to back hard to not simply controlling the situation room expecting construction to go on to deny and possibly espionage. things for much for that will be trying to get some more comment as well from from cairo in the forthcoming hour or so and for most of the day riot police of ring the cypriot parliament is angry crowds kept vigil outside the legislature for a fifth day running. we're talking about cyprus now of course these live pictures from sorry about that jump there let's go to cyprus live. all these pictures let me just ask these pictures from cyprus of these pictures from these are live pictures
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from cyprus tonight protesters are urging their government not to bend the repression they're busy news night brussels wants the cypriot parliament to push through a highly unpopular tax that could wipe out ten percent of people's savings the a proposal ready to be rejected once but there's growing concern that cyprus will be forced to accept it the country's banks have been paralyzed for almost a week now and it's tests are still reports people are bracing themselves for the worst. all of this panic this negativity started of course on the announcement over the weekend from brussels that in order to get a ten billion euro bailout package cyprus will have to cough up about five point eight billion in the suggestion was to impose a tax on back holders deposits now ninety one percent of cypriots according to a poll have been against. back tax and there we've seen protests on the streets of people angry really at the e.u. at the troika and specifically a germany they feel of the country has been cornered into a position where they really have no choice but to take a very hard decision now here's what some of the cypriots feel right now towards
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europe. everybody. everybody sees. these. women resume is. one of them. very. well the mood here in nicosia cyprus remains rather negative it seems of the people feel that they're receiving one bad news after another the latest being that the european central bank will only continue to provide liquidity to the country until monday and after that it will only continue to do so if there is an i.m.f. program in place now this means that there really is a cash problem on the ground cypriots going to early in the morning trying to get as much cash as they could as some have told me that the limit on their cars the
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amount that they could take for the bank has changed has been lowered we've also been speaking to some shopkeepers they're really having a problem be seen big losses in their business and it's been a headache for them since this started. my business is down over seventy percent in just the last few days. so you really really. and one of the direct effects of the financial predicament cyprus is you can already feel on the ground here the size of it put up only cash no visa cards allowed at this gas station we really want to hold on to was much cast as the good as the barents will be closed until next week and really they're not confident that the banks will reopen when the government said it would it's just to be safe you can see the signs if you don't have cash you won't get we need. to pay for all our people of the world somebody something we have to pay in cash so we take
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on the question now as a political leader is along with the financial sector here try to figure out a way to maneuver the country out of this predicament that people are simply sitting tight trying to hold on against it was much cash as they can because really for them their main concern is how to get through these next few days when they've already experienced being in limbo for the past week reporting for you could see a cyprus yes or so all right now back to what's happening in egypt tonight chaotic scenes there let's speak to worry a spokesperson for the opposition national salvation front coalition that ran against the muslim brotherhood in the last election or so thanks for taking the time to be with us and what we're hearing from our correspondent in cairo at the beginning of the program just couple minutes ago suggest complete chaos in the capital once again tonight this violence is completely i guess the counterproductive. sorry getting it again considering its violent chaotic scenes in cairo tonight what we're hearing from our correspondent anyway we'll start to get some pictures through now it's hardly the
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way to go for dialogue with the muslim brotherhood is it. but there is there is absolutely no chance for a dialogue now when the muslim brotherhood are again activating the militia against the peaceful protesters what we have now in egypt is. but we had today a call for marches for a different a lot of civilian activists i wanted to protest in front of the muslim brotherhood headquarters and they wanted to peacefully demonstrate how they are all posing the policies that are being installed by the muslim brotherhood and how they are protesting the violent attack on the on the on the previous protest against the most of other than front of the headquarters when a man was photographed hitting one of the protesters a muslim brotherhood member who was head hitting one of the protesters when she was trying to draw graffiti with the names of them out of tires that. were best against
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the muslim brotherhood policies today we've seen a very violent clashes we've seen a big march of a huge number of muslim brotherhood members that were attacking and directed attack to an assembly point where a lot of the protesters were still assembling one hundred meters away from the muslim brotherhood headquarters. and they were there with the haven't much to yet mr murray for their peaceful protest against the muslim brotherhood what do we know about the violence so we just made this story the national survey should front doesn't condone this violence does it is it coming from both sides or you pinpointing who this who is instigating this violence so do you think. the neither the national salvation front neither of the civil block. parties are. calling for violence this was a very spontaneous call from different intervention activists
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that were appalled by the former to footage is of women being beaten in front of a. the muslim brotherhood headquarters when they were protesting against the policies and we had clashes all over this week with a follow up of that footage being released and this today was basically a spontaneous response from different independent and regular citizens against this this action that is being being shown in any in any civilization when you have a civilian a civil protest or a woman being beaten down in front of the of the place that she's protesting blessing and speciously i think that was a spontaneous reaction from the people the civilian block parties and the n.f.l. as as not calling for the violence this mob is not condoning the violence but of course is not going to stand down when she sees that the organized militia by the most of the regard as shackling to be a peaceful. protest and it's
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a very what your educated guess tonight sort of but they want your educated guess to not come home and watch these government see this through. well the muslim brotherhood government and morsi government is with standing its position of giving a death a deaf ear to any claims of reform and to any claims of of opposition to the very harmful policies in egypt. the record of what to see till now since he has been in power is a failure of managing the problems of the government of management the problems of egypt it's a total failure of this government through the period of this regime and it just has been stalling they're losing control over parts of egypt like or say the worst they have resigned the the the control over that the government is not in any way in control of the boresight it has handed it out to the army who's communicating
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with the people on the ground i actually and to withstand be a lot of a lot of cities a lot of coordinates in egypt are now rising up against the muslim brotherhood and against the government they do not recognize the government as a lawful government that was. would oversee and manage the day to day of government work and the army is being asked to intervene or not is a question mark because the army has just only intervened in the in the cities adjacent to the so it's kind of the violence is uprising now we're seeing it rising up in egypt and. around the muslim brotherhood headquarters will a lot of activists the language is now recognized as. a place of ruling this that even the house of ruling in egypt that has morsi has really demonstrated how we hear is and how actually stood in significance in the policies of egypt in front of the muslim brotherhood had orders not but i'm afraid we've got to leave it there we're going to time surely we really do appreciate be on the program africa where
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it is thanks very much for your input. or are going. back now to cyprus where chancellor angela merkel was not there but talking about it is now warning the country quote not to test the boundaries of the troika's patients that's after one avenue of rescue deal with russia all but evaporates it can see a moscow failed to agree on a rescue plan for intense negotiations here in the russian capital yesterday at his lecture is yes q picks up the story. prime minister medvedev said that russia will be willing to provide any needed assistance to rescue the cypriot economy only when brussels and the casea find a common language on the ways out of this crisis this came shortly after the cypriot finance minister said that he had not received any help he was willing to get in a moscow and left the russian capital the proposals by the cypriot finance minister off joint company between cyprus and russia on exploring the natural resources
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fields on the island did not meet any interest on the russian investment companies and the chance of russia providing an emergency loan to the island was not even considered because cyprus is under a certain limit imposed by the european union of having loans from other countries and by getting this loan from russia it would have violated this limit and of certainly violated the internal iconic agreements within the european union so that's where the talks between cyprus and russia stalled that's why the finance minister had to leave moscow in some way indeed the european union is the final straw for the island for cyprus but here things are not also quite easy because brussels still insists that cyprus must impose the much maligned deposit tax something of course which is causing controversy and protests on the island and also apart from all other regulations analysts are saying that the bailout loan
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itself would not completely rescue the cypriot economy because it's much more money will be needed to rescue this situation and nicosia will have to find the money elsewhere and certainly this remains a big question where it could find the money apart from that certainly there's certain political wrangling happening between brussels and any casea with the head of the cypriot parliament saying that they will vote on the turn it's of good blood . without considering the limitations and regulations of the european union and at the same time angela merkel stressed that i quote cyprus must behave accordingly with the european union regulations and must not test the boundaries of the troika patience end of quote so definitely this is a roller coaster ride and as it stands cyprus may be plunging into a default unless any kind of common language and compromise is found anytime soon all that was the official reasoning of why cyprus left empty handed but. across
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explains next the rivalry of cyprus began when a year ago starts out a russian e.u. summit last year when the euro krotz told russia that cyprus would be their problem to solve cyprus had been racked by the greek economic collapse the russians didn't take kindly to that said it's a euro zone problem and it's not like russians are the only ones availing of time cypriot tax loopholes however russia did stop two and a half billion to help trying to keep the island afloat a change in the cypriot government last year delayed any chance of a resolution most notably russia e.u. summit last december but it crucially brought the timing of any deal into the german election cycle and this is why merkel is playing hardball merkel's in search of votes she's under pressure at home and explains the euro group's decision to back a raid on privately held deposits in cyprus germany's taking a very very hard line on this issue merkel's uncompromising stance backed euro
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group's decision to raid privately held super deposits weekend. and sent the cypriots to moscow looking for help. the russians look at the cyprus approach and say no we're not going to get involved for two reasons one it's a eurozone problem but secondly. merkel is going to drive this into the ground she's taking a hard line on the cypriot issue and nobody is going to touch cyprus or until she has finished the political process or may get into the political capital necessary from this situation to let cyprus off the hook it's going to be a very very long weekend in the halls of process in berlin certainly is and will be covering a four year old r.t. and as germany deals with one of its tax havens then its citizens rick recently popping up in another panama submerged is home to hundreds of shell companies headed by top german bankers car manufacturers an entrepreneur as well as the family's revelation was made by a hacker who published their names and companies online a stimulus and
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a huge of the world economy is now in tax havens people people did do it don't have an easy way to to feel however how this economy works they should be aware that a lot of rich. of our income even and in on some of them legitimately the well as a way to minimize that if that's what a crystal horsetail is director of horse or networks consultancy said for the ultra rich taxes there are only costs to be minimised. it is very clear that for the very rich for the i would for a rich who can buy just anything who billionaires that for them taxes are just costs they have their houses apartments real estate all over the globe for their it doesn't matter where they live so for them it matters we don't want to pay taxes and a part of it is of course and takes haven states usual with them that's their usual business and they do it because they have no mother country to themselves so to say
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it is very clear there is no international or very little to little international corporation on this and of course you know if you have families who would not notice that they lost their one five fifteen million new euro's necessary for one of the big german parties for their whole federal election campaign you know that is nothing that speed out to them so you know democracy is left out in this kind of business. or so with a bit earlier on in berlin there was a say were very much across what's happening in cyprus and the negotiations ongoing r.t. dot com you can keep on top of it as well we're also on top of the pictures of course from nicosia these are the latest pictures smarties new video agency ruptly you can access them as well r.t. dot com now the protesters are urging the government not to bend to weave pressure brussels wants to separate part of the cost to push through a highly unpopular tax it could wipe out ten percent of people savings the proposals already been rejected once but there is growing concern that cyprus is
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going to be forced to accept it some time soon the country's banks were paralyzed for almost a week no latest pictures there from cyprus tonight. when their own country can't offer them a living loving mothers sometimes have to leave their children behind. i don't like to wonder. if the dream of millions of. children might choose their. i want my children to win over moscow. russia has become their stepmother.
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migrants working hard to find a way home. mission. critical free. free. free. free. free. free. video for your media project a free media. high profile visit to moscow today russia and china have signed a number of trade agreements through the new chinese leaders last visit to moscow
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xi jinping picked the russian capital for his first trip abroad since taking office earlier this month. has more on the symbolic material meeting with oil. russia and china's crown jewel energy cooperation have been polished today in the shining brightly after a slew of deals were signed the most prominent probably being one between russia nats recently bought out to yank a v.p. to become the number one oil company in the world moving exxon mobil out of its spot they find a cooperation deal with russia and with china's top energy company this of course is a tremendous step and will have enormous economic ramifications the main want a project between russia and china to deliver gas it's very simple china needs gas russia wants to be that number one provider and russia china thirteen we became one step closer to this on this first day of the chinese president's visit now besides energy cooperation another thing they do share which really brings them together is
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their view of the world they share a lot of points on their stances on many pressing global issues and they are all for pushing the brics to help shift the world to be a more multipolar one. pushing two powers together a common goal to shift global balance is forging a tie between russia and china that could soon be unbreakable a new chinese leader his first stop moscow something surely washington must notice but is brushing off no they don't take it seriously at their own peril russia and china fellow brics major trade partners and team players at the u.n. security council were there too often stand up against intervention and to gresham mosco and beijing a scene we impact of nature back to tax and they don't want the instability that washington seeks in the middle east beijing and moscow want to do business china is
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booming and russia is right next door the potential for gas deals and pipelines are vast as soon as the two can agree on a nice russia also sees. china has a way to diversify its economy like helping tap untouched water sources in the east and investing in the west now they could join forces on cooperation military is the inevitable linking result of the to tell us that each of pacific with that is it is threatening china on one side and the need to increasing military encirclement of russia on the other side the more the us pushes its agenda in certain parts of the world the closer they push russia and china together that opens the door for growth and enormous economic ramifications the nations that make up the brics group may be divergent but experts now see they are much more than an acronym coined by a guy at goldman sachs this again is something that russia and china strongly share
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a belief that brics need to move move forward that they really need to move from being a dialogue based group to a group that sees action there's no doubt that it plays a big role but i think both china and russia would agree and have agreed really today that it's not playing a big enough role the problem here is that it's not quite putting its money where its mouth is and what needs to happen for brics to be able to to propose solutions for widespread global issues like syria to create this brics development bank which they are planning on moving further on in south africa next week for what they need to do is get that on the ground and running so that they can provide a counterbalance to financial institutions like the i am that listen our there will professor joseph chang is a political analyst in hong kong city university he believes the economic alliance between russia and china could serve as a foundation for expanding the global role of the brics group. the brics countries
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next to a need to establish effective mechanisms to get their act together i think there is a lot of company and parity among the brics you commies with china's capital research with. high tab and huge surprise of natural resources and so on and of course their game days are very strong common interest in a sense that all five why to seek a larger role in the international community. we'll have more of the numbers deal signed today on our business bulletin coming up just a couple minutes time with katy probate. officials at the guantanamo bay detention center in cuba have acknowledged more detainee's are joining the hunger strike over alleged mistreatment of human rights groups representing several inmates is reported the numbers now over one hundred the pentagon though claims that the
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figures much lower the protest of the forty fifth day which according to doctors marks a critical point when the body's been deprived of food and he's going to kanas more just this friday morning the spokesperson for guantanamo robards you ran responded to ortiz inquiry here's what he writes as of friday we have twenty six hunger strikers with receiving actual feeds this is an increase from thursday which was twenty five and eight we have two detainees of the detainees hospital for rehydration and observation also one entrails treat last time robert during got back to us was last week also on friday saying there were fourteen detainees who refused all food although defense attorneys had been saying there were many more on our other two and says there are twenty six we cannot independently verify these numbers or any of this so we have to rely on the response that we get from the officials and the detainees lawyers and here's the latest from the attorneys apparently they are now denied direct access to their clients in guantanamo attorney say they had a visit scheduled for early next week with one of the clients who lost thirty
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pounds that's almost fourteen telegrams since the strike began at the beginning of february. military but the lawyers say they've just been informed by the authorities that they cannot visit the client because the military flight scheduled for next week was cancelled also most recently the navy decided to discontinue commercial flights to the camp so tourney's are really struggling to find out the true extent of what's happening in guantanamo now and not just the attorneys but we journalist as well i spoke with a lawyer who was denied access to a client in guantanamo this week she told me there is a so-so among defense attorneys that they're being deliberately ignored by the authorities please take a listen so as to be there is nothing that we can do we have sent e-mails to the. department to burns to the commander. asking them. to talk to us about the detainees condition and we have heard no response so there's a sense of helplessness among the attorneys as well
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a few months ago the state department shut down the office that was working to close the prison and on top of it the u.s. south in command and that's the command that oversees guantanamo has just requested forty nine million dollars to build a new prison building at guantanamo bay for quote unquote special detainees on top of other renovations it says are necessary since washington decided to keep it open indefinitely the military said the potential taxpayer bill for upgrading the deteriorating facilities would be almost one hundred ninety six million dollars and all of this effectively means that the detainees are stuck in this legal limbo indefinitely there is a growing sense among prisoners there half of whom by the way have been cleared for release that the only way out of guantanamo for them is in a coffin going she can one former u.k. resident being kept in guantanamo bay without charge no b.p. from the green party jeanne lambert told us not only is the reluctant to speed up his release but that america.


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