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tv   [untitled]    March 24, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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balancing on the brink of a breakdown in cyprus again ways a bank deposits struggles to satisfy the e.u. in order to get a rescue package. to head of monday's deadline. british police investigate the death of russian oligarch boris berezovsky was found dead after a portly losing much of his money in recent years. no trial and no food the guantanamo bay hunger strike now entering its forty seventh day i would lower as raising concerns of the denied access to the inmates prison officials played down the scale of the protest.
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it's a pleasure to have you with us here in. moscow with your top news stories from around the week. now the clock is ticking for cyprus it has now until monday to gather the money needed to secure a vital e.u. bailout now in a rather dramatic the government decided that it will try and dip into people's bank accounts those with deposits of more than one hundred thousand euros in the island's biggest bank and the controversial move still has to be signed off by parliament and of course the troika of creditors and. reports the mood in cyprus is simply one of panic and frustration. in a dramatic week of unfolding events cyprus has moved from rejected europe with a resounding no vote on what it saw as an unfair demand for getting a ten billion euro bailout did now bending over backwards trying to clinch that money scrambling to put together
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a package pleasing enough to its creditors the so-called troika now saying yes to imposing a twenty percent levy on deposits above one hundred thousand euros in the bank of cyprus and four percent for big deposits in other banks imposing capital controls creating a solidarity fund and a restructuring it's a living banks and in that week of dramatic political and economic maneuvering citizens were on an emotional roller coaster panicked cypriots rushed to a.t.m. to try and get their money out of the bank at gas stations and no cash meant no gas i agree people took to the streets shocked at what they largely felt was europe particularly germany trying to bring them to their knees but it was a hard on how they would hear us in our kids. we don't accept it's a sight all too familiar in next door greece but for the first star in the euro zone street of be allowed to bear arms a red line had been crossed what is going about this particular instance is that
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the european union the euro zone have taken a step forward beyond their previous policy where they always said individuals will not be harmed we will not take money out of the minds of engineers and actually they've done what we see is that if you're a big member then you will be left alone and you will be below and you if you are a small member you will be beleaguered r us to further complicate matters banks in the country will remain closed until next week the european central bank had given an ultimatum if there's no deal with the troika by monday the twenty fifth emergency liquidity funding will be cut off causing another round of panic as citizens feared. worst holding on to as much cash as they could most conversations now are about nothing else but the predicament they're countries in and of course. you're getting more. and more. support from you but there are reasons
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to be able to. say you. know what everybody else or company next or cup and then you go before people see your club. and whenever they could they don't think twice about joining the crowd it looks to me with your particular. look at people's unification the one thing i think those are. well over the past few days many cypriots have been telling me that they've seen or read about the impact of the economic crisis on the people of neighboring greece but it's not a really felt feel to them a lot until the past week so they share similar language a similar culture another wondering are they going to have to share a similar social tragedy as well. tess are still here r t nicosia cyprus. now the cypriot finance minister was right here in moscow this week in hard so much of a rescue deal however he did return home empty handed russian investors showing no
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interest and moscow does say though the door remains open and is prepared to help the island reach consensus with the e.u. economy researcher lou rockwell he says the european bailout proposals are all about helping the banks are not the people who are always forced to end up paying the bondholders mistakes. why should the members of parliament tax the average guy in cyprus to bail out the rich banks course they shouldn't be doing it they should follow the path of iceland let them go under too much all of europe like all of america's a bangkok recy everything is being run for the banks this is all about bailing out the banks it's not about bailing out cyprus not about bailing out greece or italy or spain it's the banks the banks that went bananas during the during the federal reserve and bank of england an e.c.v. generated boom of two thousand and seven two thousand and eight and so forth they got into bad trouble they have to pay for the mistakes they made and certainly
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nobody in cyprus should be taxed to pay back the bonds they never agreed average guys never agreed to pay those bonds they should repudiate the bonds start afresh and no longer rip off the average guy for the benefit of the rich bankers. now if the bailout deal is not ready by the monday deadline the european central bank will cut off the emergency funding to cyprus and it'll leave the small island economy in a state of ruin pushing it out of the eurozone now it is hoped the bailout will help cyprus to recover but what if things don't go so well well let's have a look here at r t l a see how the stats are break up for you if indeed the cyprus bailout is agreed upon in the worst case scenario investors are pull their money out of other vulnerable countries also or the issue of savers fearing the e.u. will force them into a higher tax havens plummeting bank capital another euro zone financial collapse indeed mounting year zero skepticism and separatism is well all of these numbers
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and all these facts and illustrations for you are on our t. dot com right now if indeed the cyprus bailout is agreed upon in the worst case scenario i suppose that when you talk about a run on banks in cyprus many fitting their money might be safer in their own hands at this point and that ultimately would devastate the capital which the banks hold possibly triggering another worldwide financial breakdown these are aggravating money troubles while they could fuel more euro skepticism at the moment we're talking though about a sixty seven percent sixty seven percent of cypriots want to leave the e.u. meanwhile though germany's insisting that cyprus revamps its banking system and stops being a tax haven a german economist harry dean says bourbons got its own agenda at play here. but don't forget that we are heading for elections in germany rescue packages that we have gone through in the past have been totally unpopular with the germans have taxpayer and going ahead now with
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a simple solution to what we've had in the past you just cannot sell it to the german taxpayer i guess that's an issue as well also you don't you shouldn't forget that those negotiate goshi ations with cyprus are very healthy every party has to keep up its bargaining power and so. it's like a game theory you know and you have to be on guard you have to bluff and god knows what will happen and the us germans we're not saying that we shouldn't help cyprus but germans told that at the end of the day the money the loans the guarantees whatever you want to call it does not support the people in cyprus it's supporting the banks that's supporting the bank owners it supporting wall street and supporting the people and that's the whole issue here. i could have you with us here in our to you today on real research british police are now looking into the death of the self exiled russian tycoon and kremlin critic of course boris berezovsky biohazard experts i went to their home in london where he was found dead
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on saturday but have now given the clear there's been a suggestion that body could be returned for burial here in moscow let's get an update now from our britain's correspondent. joining us here on this good to see you today what do we know so far about the ongoing investigation into his death obviously it's early days yet. the thames valley police continuing the investigation into the cause of death of boris berezovsky which still remains unexplained the latest update to that investigation is that the. team of offices trained in handling radioactive material he had been at the scene joining the investigation they've now given the all clear they've left the investigation and the cordon the can see behind me here that had two miles around. just to the lane where his home is now. he certainly seems to have struggled in his
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last years with business somebody is being looked at in so far as some suggest that it's possible he could have committed suicide. buku says a huge amount of speculation surrounding the death first person ski was a larger than life character the russian had made his fourteen after the break up of the save the union we know that in recent years he had been struggling psychologically and financially he had a number of high profile cases in britain the most recent of which he lost against fellow roman abramovich and when you listen to people here in the courthouse at the time of that it certainly had a very significant impact on him indeed as he said not just psychologically financially as well and it does look like he was struggling with that and a lot relatives a lot of friends boris berezovsky have speculated about his mental state at the
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time of his death. brushing presidents press a touch say he said the team once again the president received a letter from we can take a listen now to what. some time ago maybe some two months ago but it's sent a letter to putin himself saying that he admits that he made a lot of mistakes. to forgive him for these mistakes and also asked putin for a transfer. this letter did exist. a little suspect elation around this but the police are continuing the investigation and at this time it's still described as unexplained or will discovers unexplained sarah but as you saw there a moment ago the lots and lots of speculation about. did he commit suicide or was perhaps there was something else going on there what about the speculation about barrows off skis dealings with his partners or some are saying you have some shady
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dealings going on hence his worth of billions of dollars what can you tell us about . well it seems thirty four relationships in the last couple of years as i made mention to earlier that those court cases with with his colleague roman abramovich certainly that would have only added to verizon ski's troubles at that time he had a very high profile very costly split with a former lover all of this is thought could have perhaps contributed certainly gives an insight into the life of that man as he said larger than life but somewhat reduced it seems in recent years now the man he's wanted by british police on suspicion of the murder of alexander litvinenko the very high profile case that continues this is what you can about there is a ski describing the tea as bitter rivals saying he was in close and contacting me to friends and also giving further insight into his mental state at the time.
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mostly people would never do in which he was completely alone in the last six months unfortunately he was not thinking much of friendship himself he was keeping ties only with the men he needed and when he took everything he could from those men he parted with them that is why his friends have done the same thing to him we were bitter rivals but we were constantly in dialogue through our moods through friends i know for sure that he was in a deep depression and he started to evaluate many things he was missing russia living in london and he always asked people coming to visit him from moscow to bring him local food like board inskeep read only a person with a yes or no to meet. in a meeting with as late as friday with there is a skit journalist said that. he had described wanting to return to russia and having lost the meaning of life it gets further inside i think into the
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mindset of course that was not to be and worse there is a scheme now the subject of the own going investigation into the cause of his death all right sara live for us thank you. well when. i left russia back in the year two thousand he did become one of the kremlin's fiercest critics let's get more on this now from political analyst and state duma deputy just off nick on offer joining us here live on the program good to see you today thanks for coming on so quickly let's let's discuss the issue of a paris off a financial state there are some saying now that bear is off he was financially almost broke from heavy defeats in certain court cases do you or do you perhaps know anything about his state of financial affairs. well there is off ski was always in the gray zone best i don't think that anyone has any idea about the real state of berezovsky finance of course he had a very unfortunate trial with a mortgage of course he lost
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a lot of money to his ex-wives and lovers and it was also reported that a few days ago he borrowed some money to buy an air ticket that may say something but. anyway even if be resolved pretended he was bankrupt he may not be bankrupt here is a man who was he was a man who was playing games he was a mathematician trained in games theory and there's what he was doing for all his life was certainly the allegations of flying wild already about a man who was worth billions or surely he can't be bankrupt you know as you suggest perhaps did he have certain accounts perhaps stored off shore or in certain secret locations let's discuss if you issues give me if i meet your preschool for president putin's a press secretary of course are saying that one shouldn't overestimate bures soft skills political influence in the year two thousand do you agree with what about
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the turbulent one nine hundred ninety s. . well be resolved skee was really influential in the ninety's he was in charge of channel one of the russian television she was in charge of her flawed he was a secretary of the national security council he was around he was one of the closest members of the so-called yeltsin's family he was quite influential during the real action of yeltsin in one thousand nine hundred six and he was very close to yeltsin's daughter takes you on as for the decision on the successor of boris yeltsin i don't think the results he had any role to play. should remind you that. it was the fourth choice of yeltsin in his search for the next prime minister and the successor. and all the decisions were made by
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yeltsin himself i don't think berezovsky had it any role to play in picking to become president or now are going to feel free if we can every time so if we can just bring it forward for a moment if we can bring it forward from basically two thousand up to present day i certainly want to be intriguing stories we've been hearing here in r.t. it's about the fact that are all the possible fact i should say that two months ago but as i said i had written a letter to mr putin divide move to putin asking for forgiveness and could he return to russia what do you know about that. well i think there was such a letter but i don't think the results he wanted to come back to face the russian courts there were many. of him by the russian force and force and agencies i think the reason for that letter was for berezovsky to increase his political weight everyone turned it to forgive to forget about his existence i
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don't think that he had any role to play in russian politics in the recent months of course having correspondence with the president of russia would increase his political weight and thus increase his chances so they could have been somehow difficult posturing on my results he's gone with him basically asking for forgiveness in russia and a possible to come back if i can if i may mr mcauliffe let's talk about the relationship between moscow and london because ultimately he was convicted in absentia for financial crimes and russia and the u.k. has been harboring him for years how do you see this playing out as the relationship between london and moscow. or well most cool so what got used to that there were two hundred most wanted criminals who are now hiding in london and berezovsky of course was one of them and he was wanted not only by the russian
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court but also by the courts in switzerland to brazil in spain he was internationally known criminal unfortunately london also is known for providing political. refugio for a status for people like very softly. i don't think that. the death of the results he would influence the relationship between moscow and. actually all the damage which could be due to the relationship has already been done in cases like lead which of course be resolved he has very much to do these. various was extremely radioactive. all right to state my deputy if you just love it nic on off i thank you very much indeed for coming on r.t. today a pleasure to have your time. well coming away after a short break here and i certainly hope you can stay with us on this sunday.
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they've been living this way since the seventeenth century. strict. their communities on the silicon. the clearly distinguish between their home and the alien. and guard their family and things in the treasure. i mean so she can only use city in europe the hosts of the twenty fourteen winter the pick a. c. . such. a.
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dog days and. days it. makes common. sense it's so true. a pleasure to have you with us here on r t to diane reul re sushi in moscow the hunger strike at guantanamo bay has now crossed forty seven days that's the critical point when serious health repercussions could occur and the president's lawyers are sounding the alarm at a struggling to draw attention to a protest they describe as unprecedented in scope and duration and determination officials and sisters to how to full of detainees are involved and as artie's guy nature can explains it's getting harder to verify this kind of information. despair
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among one tommo detainees is growing as now. even their lawyers are being denied direct access to them attorneys say they had a visit scheduled for early next week with one of the prisoners who's been on strike since the beginning of february lawyers have been informed by saudis that the only flight to the prison the u.s. military flight was cancelled we have. told there are no other options there are no flights we can get on. and this is why it's. not only are the attorney struggling to find out the true extent of what's happening in guantanamo now but we journalists are as well this friday captain robert zubrin the spokesman for guantanamo responded to our inquiry he wrote us quote we have twenty six hunger strikers with eight receiving and total feeds meaning they get nutrition through a feeding tube last friday robert to rand wrote us there were fourteen people refusing all food while the defense attorneys had been saying there were many more we cannot independently verify any of this at this point we're just relying on what
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the officials and detainees lawyers tell us we're certainly in touch with the attorneys and will continue to press the officials for answers in addition to the inquiries that we made with the defense department we also asked the department of justice for their perspective on what's happening and they basically told us that it's none of their business that the military oversees the facility and referred as back to the department of defense defense attorneys are telling us that these sorties have created conditions which make it nearly impossible for them to do their job and defend their clients so frustrating there is nothing that we can do we have sent e-mails to the department of berms to the commander. asking them. to talk to us about. her oh response we have been told by the department of justice that they will not talk to us they refer back to the partner that. no one has talked to us in the meantime in
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washington the officials tried to down. play the hunger strike but they seem to have a good idea of why these men resorted to such a desperate move and yet they have no solution to offer they had great optimism that guantanamo would be closed they were devastated when the president did you know backed off at least their perception of closing the facility that has caused them to become frustrated and they want to get this i think turn the heat up get it back in the media but it was not on the status of the detainees that general john kelly who's command oversees guantanamo came to discuss in congress he was there asking for money to renovate the prison the upgrade of the camp is estimated to cost taxpayers almost two hundred million dollars as washington schedules renovations at guantanamo the international community continues to call on president obama to comply with his own promises and to shut down the infamous prison we have no right to hold people indefinitely without charges without a trial and without people having access to
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a justice system that's against every principle of law which exists in the world the un commissioner for human rights responded to our request for comment and said they have quote repeatedly regretted that the u.s. government has not closed guantanamo bay four years ago president obama ordered to stop tortured guantanamo but the u.s. says indefinite detention itself is a form of torture british resident shakur aamer was cleared for release six years ago yet he's still being held captive here's what he writes please touch me in the old way here they destroy people mentally and physically without leaving marks half of the men now in guantanamo have been cleared for release many others never formally accused of a crime three months ago the state department closed the office in charge of closing the prison there's a growing sense among the detainees there that the only way out of guantanamo for them is in a coffin in washington i'm going to check in. or at a live from moscow this is our time to jump into it now the r.t. world update some of the global headlines for you in brief this hour starting with
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israeli troops that have guided anti missile into syria after shots were fired towards the israeli occupied golan heights fighting is still thought to be ongoing into syrian soldiers have been wounded so far tensions began on saturday when a round of syrian fire hit an i.d.f. jeep during an evening patrol israel has promised immediate responses to any military actions in the area or there was unclear whether the latest fire was deliberate. pakistan's president pervez musharraf has been whisked away by security forces off the returning to pakistan if the taliban threaten to assassinate him push it off end of his self-imposed four year exile to take in may's parliamentary election but he quit as president four years ago amid a growing political backlash and calls for his impeachment however as the poll draws closer deaths and terrorist threats continue to mount
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a seventeen soldiers which was killed in a suicide bomb attack in the. heart of just a couple of minutes here anoxia we have a close look at the lives of a community which turned its back on society centuries this is on the scene. jorge rios an argentinean student at seventeen other similar students from foreign countries all paid a private company between three thousand and four thousand dollars so they get to take part in a u.s. state department work study program he was promised forty hours of work per week at a common fast food restaurant with a decent salary but the reality he claims was quite different he was actually only given around four hours of work per week but was expected to be on call twenty four
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seven like a surgery i guess in case of some burger emergency he says he was forced to live in accommodations that were provided by the restaurant real six plane that he had to sleep in a child sized bunk bed in a basement with seven other people in filthy conditions and for this service he had to pay the restaurant three hundred dollars a month overall real swallowed up paying the burger joint to work for them what a way to not make a living though this story sounds funny on the surface many foreigners in working. study and work and travel programs do experience exploitation upon arrival in the usa i've even personally met some of them so i know but more than that in a time when millions of americans are struggling to put food on the kitchen table why are companies searching for thousands of exploitable foreigners to work for two dollars an hour cheaper it is corporate greed and their absolute disrespect for americans that allows this to happen just pay the extra two dollars and have americans work for you to cheap corporate pigs but that's just my opinion.
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