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the. struggles to meet the. vital for a bail out ahead of monday's deadline with schools of savers facing the prospect of losing. money for the sake of rescuing the country's ailing banks. u.k. police say there were no signs of any party involvement in the death of russian but as you said to have repented his past for return to his home in the last few days. starving to death in protest definite detention as noise from hunger strike in guantanamo detainees claimed that. the u.s. military. and even wants to expand the facility.
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seven days leading stories and the latest developments this is the weekly. cyprus is stuck between a rock and a hard place ahead of monday's deadline to raise five point eight billion euros needed to secure and void a banking collapse the government has produced a plan that could potentially see schools of people lose up to a fifth of their life savings for the sake of rescuing the banks the prospect caused panic discontent across cyprus this last week with crowds venting their anger on the streets. as this ripple. in a dramatic week of unfolding events cyprus has moved from rejected europe with a resounding no vote on what it saw as an unfair demand for getting a ten billion euro bailout did now bed to go over backwards trying to clinch that money scrambling to put together a package pleasing enough to its creditors the so-called troika now saying yes to
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imposing a twenty percent levy on deposits above one hundred thousand euros in the bank of cyprus and four percent for big deposits in other backs imposing capital controls creating a so we did a fund and a restructuring it's a windex and in that week of dramatic political and economic leverage citizens were on an emotional roller coaster panic cypriots rushed to a.t.m. to try to get their money out of the bank at gas stations and no cash meant no gas agri people took to the streets shocked at what they largely felt was europe particularly germany trying to bring them to their needs but it will stay home how they would pay us and our kids. we don't accept it's a sight all too familiar in next door greece but for the first time with the euro zone string of be allowed to bear it's a red line had been crossed what is going to bite this particular instance is that
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the european union the euro zone have taken a step forward beyond their previous policy where they always said individuals will not be harmed we will not take money out of the moist enchanters and actually they've done that but what we see is that if you are big the member then you will be left alone and you will be below two and you if you are a small member you will be beleaguered iris to further complicate matters banks in the country will remain closed until next week the european central bank had given an ultimatum if there's no deal with the troika by monday the twenty fifth emergency liquidity funding will be cut off causing another round of panic as citizens feared the. first holding on to as much cash as they could most conversations now were about nothing else but the predicament their countries it. went to support for but there are reasons to be able to. say you're.
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still there you know what everybody else or company next. then you go before people see your club. and whenever they could they don't think twice about joining the crowd looks to me with their little. unification into one thing i think those are. all over the past few days maybe cypriots have been telling me that they've seen or read about the impact of the economic crisis on the people of neighboring countries but it's not a really felt feel to them a lot until the past week or so they share similar language or similar culture and other wondering are they going to have to share a similar social tragedy as well. tests or cilia r t nicosia cyprus. and fearfulness a professor of political economy at the university of nicosia believes there would
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be repercussions to the cypriot nation if it complied with the strict but you know terms. there is a political willingness by the government to reach an agreement for the bailout. with the troika but it seems that they're making it more and more difficult with you in new demands they fear that exists is that in case that all demands of the trade got accepted i mean it would be very difficult for these under one of these agreement to be viable in the sense that if we throw the country impeach he's going to prevail and the huge recession and they reach a circle and it will be extremely difficult if not impossible to get out of it this is unprecedented cyprus lost twenty five percent of its g.d.p. almost two years ago when there was the kid a couple of the greek dead and there has been no compensation for that if these ideas of being discussed are implemented there will be another here occurred over
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the cyprus g.d.p. which will be around forty percent it would be impossible i think to get out of such a mess british police say there is no evidence of any third party involvement in the death of self exiled russian tycoon and vocal kremlin critic bodies but his aussie has an expose went to his home near london where he was found dead but they've given it the all clear correspondent sara firth is at the scene. the thames valley police continuing the investigation into the cause of death of course burzynski which still remains unexplained c.b.r. and team that's the team of officers trained in handling radioactive material he had been at the scene joining the investigation they've now given the all clear say they've left the investigation and the cordon the can see behind me here that had spanned two miles around. just to the lane where his home is now is
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a huge amount of speculation surrounding the ski was a larger than life character the russian had made his fourteen after the break up of the save the union we know that in recent years he had been struggling psychologically and financially he had a number of high profile cases in britain the most recent of which he lost against fellow roman abramovich and when you listen to people here in the courthouse at the time of that it certainly seems that that had a very significant impact on him indeed as he said not just psychologically financially as well and it does look like he was struggling with that and a lot of relatives a lot of friends. as of he had come out in speculated about his mental state at the time of his death we've also heard from the russian president's press a cache he said that he months ago a the president received
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a letter from various us k. we can take a listen now to what that said. some time ago maybe some two months ago but it's too little too putin himself saying that he admits that he made a lot of mistakes. to forgive him for these mistakes and also asked putin for a transfer. this letter did exist pretty dismal the man he's wanted by british police on suspicion of the murder of alexander litvinenko. very high profile case that continues his they can about there is a ski describing the key as this arrivals saying he was in constant contact with me to a friend and also giving further insight into his mental state at the time. to let you know in which he was completely alone in the last six months unfortunately burrs off he was not thinking much of friendship himself he was keeping ties only with the men he needed with and when he took everything he could from those men and
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he parted with them that is why his friends have done the same thing to him we were bitter rivals but we were constantly in dialogue through our movie true friends i know for sure that he was in a deep depression and he started to evaluate many things he was missing russia living in london and he always asked people coming to visit him from moscow to bring him local food whiteboard inskeep read during the meeting with a journalist as late as friday burst birdsall ski has spoken about his longing to return home to russia and talks about losing meaning to his life as further insights into the russian tycoon state of mind at the time that he died of course that police investigation to establish the cause of his death right now. according to research i discussed what mark will be left in history by what he said but it's also he would pick the lavelle host to cross talk on. boris berezovsky
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here a man who absolutely made a fortune as they say during the ninety's a total inside you stay in russia you stole it let's be clear here is that all he didn't make what was the event almost manipulated manipulated a manipulator ok he used the system what was happening in russia the political system in collapse the economy had collapsed belief in authority had collapsed everything it was in collapse so he picked up pieces all the all over the place so when he was doing that so yes he didn't generate wealth you store wealth let's be clear about what they can you can you talk about in the end because you know talking off air about the the rule of seven of bankers that came out of this is where the term of darks came in i think was better software that invented it essentially by that in one thousand nine hundred six a small number of people had accumulated enormous wealth but they wanted more and they said to yeltsin we'll get you reelected but you have to give the shares in state institutions and bear off lot of eccentric cetera and he did it he gave the economy away so he ruled over very little had no power and because ascii was at the
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top of the hill so this is how he generated his wealth ok he didn't earn it but now you talk about a wealthy man you've met and there's yes oh i'm arrogant he was full of themself ok but a lot of security around him enormous amount of security he was paranoid for good reason there were attempts on his life and he left because he was worried for his life ok he took his money with him or at least a good part of it is sold a self-imposed exile in london and it was what i saw a sort of sleep it was an escape he left it was he would have been charged with all kinds of criminal offenses reservation self-preservation not going to get out of and then revenge ok what about what about one of the you know one of the high profile cases which had a limousine company then it didn't go the polonium poisoning worked for a bit of skin so litvinenko worked with. in what capacity to look for dirt to look for dirt on politicians on college and yes of course that was his job or let's let's bring it up at his office he meeting up. all of which in court are we talking
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about billions you know massive massive legal disease it was a really huge gamble on the part of better software it was a gamble didn't have one shred of evidence that would one sheet of paper to prove his case of court would not paperwork absolutely why gamble so he would say no i am just coming you know the end is coming he was running out of money you think he was running out of money is broke because a lot of people question how much he was really worth was he worth these three point one billion i doubt it ever you doubt it so do you think it was a court battles with upper mortgage or maybe others that basically by step by step broken down he died alone interesting alone no friends is his wife and had little respect had lost his money had lost the respect he wasn't able to come home because we had heard recently that he had been trying to come back to moscow even penning a little delusional delusion. you think he wanted to come back or not i think he wanted to come back and as for given this no it was never going to happen and
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former criminal advisor alexander nicholas solved things that the twisted coverage of the story by western media threatens to damage russia's image abroad. i was quite surprised to hear that it was publicly announced in the media or basically reported that as well that special units of scotland yard that got trained to deal with chemical and other material swore someone to his house but the moment it was became clear that the thing that obviously the media when these are basically it doesn't really help neither the investigation or generally you know that the major of russia because certain people are trying to portray russia as some sort of a you know place where conflict peace has become regular and even ordered by the thought of being asked around you know television stations or whether i think it was a a hit political hit and i said it just doesn't work like this because this is a broken man who has no more influence he who is of no danger to to to to putin
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those are the russians generally why on earth would they do that at all there will be damage there are some people who will use this to worsen the relations between britain and russia and unfortunately the only thing we can do is help me personally for example is try to explain properly what is going on. well on the way here on the. black album. as u.s. officials continue to downplay the skin of a mass hunger strike. the pentagon now wants to expand the notorious facility. plus pakistani president pervez musharraf steps back on home soil despite death threats and criminal charges against him details and analysis in just a few minutes this is the weak link on all to stay with us.
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a clear image of iraq after inflation. twenty day taxi trip through the country. the roads full of danger. clear evidence from north to south. of iraqi tragedy. after the war waiting for peace. talks e t.
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continues here in our team skin and bones fainting and even coughing up blood that's how lawyers for the hunger strike in guantanamo detainees describe some of their clients who've been starving themselves since early february some attorneys claim they are no longer given access to the captives while the u.s. military continues to downplay the scale of the hunger strike and despite the crisis the pentagon now wants to expand the facility saying it will be open indefinitely as it is going to reports. despair among guantanamo detainees is growing as now even their lawyers are being denied direct access to them attorneys say they had a visit scheduled for early next week with one of the prisoners who's been on strike since the beginning of february lawyers have been informed by saudis that the only flight to the prison the u.s.
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military flight was cancelled we have. told there are no other options there is no right now we can get on it. and this. is. not only are the turkey struggling to find out the true extent of what's happening in guantanamo now but we journalists are as well this friday captain robins you ran the spokesman for guantanamo responded to our inquiry he wrote us quote we have twenty six hunger strikers with eight receiving and total feeds meaning they get nutrition through a feeding tube last friday robert to rand wrote us there were fourteen people refusing all food while the defense attorneys had been saying there were many more we cannot independently verify any of this at this point we're just relying on what the officials and detainees lawyers tell us we're certainly in touch with their attorneys and will continue to press the officials for answers in addition to the inquiries that we made with the defense department we also asked the department of justice for their perspective on what's happening and they basically told us that
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it's none of their business that the military oversees the facility and referred as back to the department of defense defense attorneys are telling us that these sorties have created conditions which make it nearly impossible for them to do their job and defend their clients so frustrating there is nothing that we can do we have sent e-mails to the department of arms to the commander. asking them. to talk to us about these conditions we have heard oh response we have been told by the department of justice that they will not talk to us they were. part of the. norma's talk to us in the meantime in washington the officials tried to downplay the hunger strike but they seem to have a good idea of why these men resorted to such a desperate move and yet they have no solution to offer they had great optimism that guantanamo would be closed they were devastated when the president did you
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know backed off at least their perception of closing the facility that has caused them to become frustrated and they want to get this i think turn the heat up get it back in the media but it was not on the status of the detainees that general john kelly whose command oversees guantanamo came to discuss in congress he was there asking for money to renovate the prison the upgrade of the camp is estimated to cost taxpayers almost two hundred million dollars as washington schedules renovations at guantanamo the international community continues to call on president obama to comply with his own promise isn't to shut down the infamous prison we have no right to hold people indefinitely without charges without a trial and without people having access to a justice system that's against every principle of law which exists in the world the u.n. commissioner for human rights responded to our request for comment and said they have quote repeatedly regretted that the u.s. government has not closed guantanamo bay four years ago president obama ordered to
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stop tortured guantanamo but the u.s. says indefinite detention itself is a form of torture british resident shocker aamer was cleared for release six years ago yet he's still being held captive here's what he writes please touch me in the old way here they destroy people mentally and physically without leaving marks half of the men now in guantanamo have been cleared for release many others never formally accused of a crime three months ago the state department closed the office in charge of closing the prison there's a growing sense among the detainees there that the only way out of guantanamo for them is in a coffin in washington i'm going to check out. in syria the head of the national coalition for for opposition. this is resigned just months after being elected and his statement was said he was stepping down because some matters within the institution have reached redlines and it's now get the details live from paula slim paula so what is proper to this sudden decision then
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well as you say in his statement was outed said that he was stepping down because some matters have to quote him reached red lines now he hasn't explained exactly what prompted his resignation but he did say that he was designing to be able to work with freedom that cannot be available from official institutions how to kill remember had offered the syrian president bashar assad earlier and negotiated exit by which he said he would have talks with his side if he believed some one hundred and sixty thousand prisoners the syrian national council but rated him for offering aside this deal and later the group went ahead despite his objections to form a provincial government that would further have diminished his authority what we're witnessing within the syrian opposition is deep divisions a lot of anxiety and very far from any kind of united opposition front. and he was perceived as the face of the national coalition by the west so will this be
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a bitter blow. well keep in mind as you say that her to it was someone that both russia and the united states look to as a person that they could negotiate with on the future of syria back in february hunted met with the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov following his claim that the syrian opposition was ready to negotiate with syrian president bashar assad it is important to remember that this was the first time ever that the syrian opposition talked about the possibility of talking to assad although later backtracked by saying that he was willing to talk about the departure of assad with his vice president and his government but not with the syrian president assad himself now tips resignation does raise questions over the integrity of the syrian national opposition coalition it comes on the heels of twelve opposition members pulling out last week over disagreements over the election of a point minister and that follows a meeting over the weekend in which the e.u.
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met with the syrian national coalition of heartache later said to quote him that their meeting achieved nothing the tip has complained that there has been insufficient groundwork to to actually be able to form a government this is supposed to be or at least it's being touted as a government in waiting what we witnessing also is stark division amongst jihadists on the ground so you're looking at opposition that is divided on the political level and also on on the ground so again not a united picture at all and the opposition finding it very difficult to come to some kind of united stance on how to deal with the syrian regime with the tips stepping down is also seen as a sign of internal divisions it is seen as a sign of anxiety and so the question remains what does his resignation mean for efforts to find a diplomatic solution to this conflict or his middle east correspondent paula see that lawyer from tel aviv thanks very much indeed for that.
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for pakistani president pervez musharraf is returned to his country after four years of self imposed exile that's despite the taliban recently threatened to target him with snipers and suicide bombers we should have plans to leave his party amaze general election hoping to regain political influence but he faces a series of criminal charges at home although the authorities have granted him protective bail and freedom from immediate arrest in israel and an assault and holly believes that the sheriff is backed by foreign patrons with their own vested interest in stopping. the west has it to its advantage it looks for avon right into operation their preference is always a military dictator but the situation now in pakistan is that a military dictatorship is possibly out of the question so the next best thing is to prop somebody who was there trusted man and you can find some evidence on it because saudi arabia has in fact approached mr nawaz sharif who was his biggest up
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on and into keeping silent if you notice mr novel should have just returned from a trip and he has not even being called on it versus saying that we cannot deny it person from his it residing in greece or norm so probably there is a method in that madness and the vested interest is that they would like to see their own man in place so that their teddies their practices and it interests are governed as well as ensured by one person and that may be but raised by shadow. a school of mutual accusations has been thrown by rivaling political factions in egypt after a week of brutal clashes outside offices of the ruling muslim brotherhood hundreds of people were injured near the group's h.q. in karachi the scene of some of the worst violence police in militias from the muslim brotherhood try to protect the building from constant raids by opposition protesters the rise in fury began a week ago when members of the brotherhood attacked journalists and activists during peaceful demonstration near the headquarters who had to worry from egypt's
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opposition national salvation front says the government is just a step away from forming into a base. the most important brotherhood government and morsi government is with standing its position of giving at death the deaf ear to any claims of reform and to any claims of of opposition to the very harmful policies in egypt. the record of mostly is a failure of managing the problems of the government of management of the problems of egypt it's all to the field of this government or to the video of this regime and it just has been stalling they're losing control over parts of egypt a lot of cities a lot of governance of egypt are now rising up against the muslim brotherhood and against the government did not recognize the government as a lawful government that would. oversee the matter manage the day to day of government work. you'll be watching the weekly here and i'll be back with
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a news team with more for in about ten fifty three minutes from now in the meantime we follow a filmmaker's dangerous journey across war ravaged iraq that's coming your way of the break. jorge rios an argentinean student at seventeen other similar students from foreign countries all paid a private company between three thousand and four thousand dollars so that they get to take part in a u.s. state department work study program he was promised forty hours of work per week at a common fast food restaurant with a decent salary but the reality he claims was quite different he was actually only
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given around four hours of work per week what was expected to be on call twenty four seven like a surgeon i guess in case of some burger emergency he says he was forced to live in accommodations that were provided by the restaurant real six plane that he had to sleep in a child sized bunk bed in a basement with seven other people in filthy conditions and for this service he had to pay the restaurant three hundred dollars a month overall real swallowed up paying the burger joints to work for them what a way to not make a living though this story sounds funny on the surface many foreigners in work and study and work in travel programs do experience exploitation upon arrival in the usa i've even personally met some of them so i know but more than that in a time when millions of americans are struggling to put food on the kitchen table why are companies searching for thousands of exploitable foreigners to work for two dollars an hour cheaper it is corporate greed and their absolute disrespect for americans that allows this to happen just pay the. extra two dollars and have
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americans work for you to cheap corporate pigs that's just my opinion. on the road to bass where this morning the u.s. army is beginning to withdraw from iraq. in december twentieth of the nine years of occupation.


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