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tv   [untitled]    March 26, 2013 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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fifteen hundred separate students march against the controversial deal saying their future has been stolen that says the chairman of the country's largest bank resigns . death consistent with hanging that's the verdict following a post-mortem on the exiled russian tycoon bodies but is also great for being up suggestions he took his own life. and emerging powers the leaders of the brics group convene in south africa with the summit promising the establishment of a new development bank expected to reshuffle the international financial scene. international news
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a comment from the studio center here in moscow this is with you twenty four hours a day. more than a thousand students have protested in nicosia against the last ditch deal the government struck with its creditors on sunday high school and university students marched to the presidential palace in the separate capital chanting slogans and saying their future has been stolen that's is the chairman of the bank of cyprus the country's largest financial institution resigned while all banks in the mediterranean state remain closed until first day to prevent a massive run on accounts the positives with over one hundred thousand euros and two of the main banks could see about forty percent of the assets taken to raise money for the crucial. senate reports from nicosia. this like is that even back at the heart of the deal that cyprus sealed with its international creditors to get that ten billion euro bailout and what will happen to this back especially as it will be split into pieces and people with deposits of
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more than one hundred thousand euros that. uninsured will have to take a huge here a lost whatever money they have here and many cypriots for the past week have begun to motional rollercoaster wondering what is going to happen to their money to their savings if they look at this example one day it was here the next day it is it and they're wondering is the same thing going to happen to their jobs or their savings to everything else they think they have precisely what did you choose and tonio and manager for the country's biggest bank the bank of cyprus has been thinking all through this roller coaster week for the first time in my life for fifty four thirty years. and the last week and especially. if. i was. just. any more. to stop by. the bank of cyprus according to the deal will function as the good
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bank and will take all deposits of less than one hundred thousand euros from like it will however also absorb the debt nine billion euros in loans which like you receive from the european central bank as emergency funding assistance a detail that angers them. what is this is like that they want to push. through. and while this employee worries about the health of his bank other cypriots worry about when their banks will reopen if at all we have no cash we are just a truth behind him waiting to get something. for hello and while this year a group of a standoff a complete banking meltdown for many cypriots their feeling towards europe is one
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of frustration it's better to go back to the. by the time we get to the piano it was a disaster for us it was. better before we the pounds. from . january two thousand and eight when we enter you all over cyprus upside down so slowly you have to do this kind of situation so. we're such. a situation to have to wait but. it's going to take so long and for now cypriots are forced to wait for banks reopen for cash to start flowing for jobs and life savings to be secure again. does are still there are nicosia cyprus reports say money is seeping out of cyprus despite the freshly installed capital controls with no way of telling just exactly how much cash has flowed out of the country in recent weeks. i mean this is a member of
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a media group called wake up cyprus believes that the actions of the e.u. leaders have jeopardized the cypriot financial system. i don't think that it's correct to speak for the bailout because this is not the bailout it can be best described as an overnight assassination because we've. taken a little group they have pretty much destroyed forty percent of the economy and now they will also add on top of that problem that we have another level and you kind of understand that that might not work but facing a new in the european union this is the first time that it has this has been done but it's like planting a bomb in the structure of the financial system itself therefore i don't see how any any vest or people can teach their mind in the banks when now that we will have a program twice or even more as bad as it was before then obviously there will be a phrase for a new levy on their back from deposits so how are they expected to keep that
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opposes in the banks and if they will not how are the banks supposed to continue well we would like to know what you think about the turbulence situation in cyprus head to our web site r.t. don't come to take part in our latest web poll and today we're asking you what is next for the country now that the bailout deal is sealed well looking at the results on screen at the moment so far the majority almost forty percent say they'll be total collapse of trust in the banks aggravating the financial crisis over thirty percent predict other countries are in line for a similar bailout deal about a fifth think that the terms of the rescue will result in widespread protests while a minority of you believe that cyprus will eventually exit the euro zone had to come and tell us what you think you'd be good to hear from. a post-mortem examination has revealed the death of the russian self exile tycoon
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police but as all ski was consistent with hanging his body was found in his u.k. mansion this weekend and official inquest is to be set on thursday sort of as the details. the investigation of course into the death of birth ongoing they've released the results of that post-mortem examination carried out by a home office pathologist this found that the cause of death is consistent with hanging but there's no sign of a violent struggle now you're remembering and earlier statement from the police they said that there was no evidence at that point in the investigation of a third party involvement now they're still toxicology tests to be carried out and the results of those aren't expected for a couple of weeks the forensic examination is still taking place down at boris berezovsky is home and today the formal id procedure is actually going to be carried out as well to identify that body with the heat a controversial character that you had in boris berezovsky those always going to be this huge amount of intrigue and speculation now in
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a previous statement the police had said they're now trying to build up a picture of the state of mind of the man in the last days of his life i think a lot of people di feel that that's pointing towards police looking at the possibility that this is a suicide that of course no confirmation on any of these details safe are now other unconfirmed details that have come out during the course of the last few days that there are reports of a scarf found by the body there are also reports that the body guard in self was actually asked to run errands on the morning then mr boris berezovsky died and so had actually been in the home at the time of course the police had said that the employee had then come back being concerned for his employees welfare and have broken down that bathroom door where the body was then found in separate pieces to this case in the last days of his life he had given an informal meeting to journalists in which he'd spoken of losing the meaning of life and again reiterated
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this longing to return home to russia see quite a sad picture i think really this being built up but of course so many unanswered questions still at this point and i think that's very much what the police are going to be looking to do now is pull all this information together and try and answer some of these questions that remain as the investigation of progress is. over the past decade moscow continually called for london to extradite the ex billionaire so he could be tried for numerous charges of financial crimes but with but it's also his death a massive thorn in u.k. russian relations has been removed so says author and analyst not in a corny i think you go down as a band of capitalist. who was more concerned with power than money is political judgment was very very poor because during the year he seemed to be writing very very hard. because of school do good on there's a man who became a dollar million undercover troth he became
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a billionaire under years but for him tragically misjudged the situation after president putin came to power and ended up perhaps a relatively poor man people a very important interest in fact seemed to come down to the relations between the two countries regarding an individual west remember that better serves call for the physical overthrow of president believe putin when he was in power. that's pretty serious and he made many accusations. that the recess nation attempts against his life he play moscow he blamed russia for that and so on that poisoned relations between moscow and london you could find it always in the english press with his name came up. people expected a scandal and said what it what is he going to say now about moscow and what is what is he going to blame putin again for something else. now with him gone that's
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gone as well hopefully we can move forward and if you like some of the poison has been taken out of the relations. not here mosca probably more still to come for this hour including hungry for the truth the u.s. military admits that the number of hunger strikers guantanamo bay has risen again and continues to deny most of the detainees that are starving themselves. when their own country can't offer them a living even loving mothers sometimes have to leave their children behind. i don't like to wonder just a bit longer. if the dream of millions of migrants that their children might choose their motherland. i was. stunned. oh my room is nice. i want my children to win over moscow.
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russia has become this stepmother land. migrants working hard to find a way home. a new powerful institution the brics joint development bank is set to emerge on the international financial arena that's as the fifth annual summit of the world's
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emerging economies has kicked off in south africa the leaders of brazil russia china india and the host nation this year are joined by egypt's president morsi who's hoping to book a place in the club well to heat it up is going to is in the. hard to underestimate the importance and the potential off the brics nations first of all the combined population all the five states nearly three billion people can understand the potential in that also the average g.d.p. growth last year was four percent while in the g seven it was around it was last than one percent and so while there is big for tension there is big ambition and very similar positions on international affairs russia and china and the un security council but what the key idea of this organization is is that it's not in opposition to other international organizations but is only for international cooperation would be when and with everybody who wants to take part in fact egypt
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has been clearly voicing its desire to possibly join the organization as well what we're witnessing now is the transformation of bricks from a dialogue forum to a full on mechanism for. cooperation and one of the issues you discuss here in south africa currently is a joint development bank possibly with the headquarters in moscow and with a starting capital of around fifty billion u.s. dollars now also last year at the bric summit in new delhi of the five partners the five nations decided to conduct all of the payments between them in their national currencies to protect their economies from things like currency wars or the consequences from the change of the rate of the dollar and in connection with this there is also an idea of forming a bank for international payments now another issue discussed here in south africa is also establishing a joint emergency fund with a capital of around two hundred forty billion u.s. dollars which is very important especially in light of the latest turbulence of the
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global economy and specially troubled new trouble in the euro zone and analysts say that the way it's going now is that we could also expect. the forming or the funding of a joint headquarters so brics in the near future. well for some analysis let's not talk to neil shearing he's a chief emerging markets economist on the line now from london neal it's a lot of positive talk about these emerging economies but are they not being affected by the current global crisis. well there they have to to assess extent yes i think that the key thing to understand about bricks is that although they're very large economies in some ways the break that there were very different economies china or india much larger the personal and russia was a russian a much richer than china and india perhaps the thing that's behind them all together a year or so is that each of us starts to run into their own growth over the square
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of the challenges russia we know is stagnating badly in year on year terms brazil went through a period of five six months its economy flatlines china had its own problems last year it seems to recover and nikolai but i think this is that this can be a thing we see it the next five years is that growth in the bric economies are those going to help the relative to the developed world is going to be a lot of. what we've seen recently got used to their past decade what are they meaning by establishing a joint development bank what's that all about this is that really the clock ship all those years kites the urban summits and something there was raised in the summit last year. it's fifty billion dollars we know steve kroft so we're not quite sure what's coming through our governance of the states not sure exactly what it will lead to what terms of lending more ice but it's i think we can see this in
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political terms at least it's been a rival to say but well it's going to be a sort of a similar size and magnitude certainly and i think it's going to be focused mainly on lending to to the developed the story of the developing world. particularly to talk for now and of course some of that mending rashmi just replace what's actually already going to take place for the chinese to. be better has gone from china incidents are up again so some of the months are to the stage i think it's probably best to say that this is probably more political development than the next one. developments in practice i suspect that when the eye gets off the ground what led to these starts it won't be for a few years and what it does. worry about now anyway what about egypt president morsi he's expected to be in durban and putting for a place in the brics group is that realistic is the country in a state to be considered as a a fast developing economy well in short no the us who discussed the
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south's disparate brod the country is not much that really needs china or india its aggression on the. poor the obvious that launched in the regions that's these economies themselves so it's. so much much. smaller it's a really dire to school project position at this stage and i think the president mercy's templates it is more probably an attempt castle to egypt if serious it. will leave it there thank you very much and if your thoughts live from on the military thank you. the u.s. military has admitted the number of hunger striking detainees at guantanamo bay has risen to twenty eight but officials continue to deny allegations that most of the
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one hundred sixty six people held at the facility are trying to starve themselves to death in protest at the indefinite detention and the military is now making the facts harder to verify as artie's going to chime explains. despair among detainees grows now even their lawyers are denied direct access to them attorneys say they had a visit scheduled for early next week with one of the clients who lost thirty pounds since the strike began at the beginning of february that visit was approved by the military but the attorneys say they've just been informed by the authorities that they cannot visit the client because the military flight scheduled for next week was canceled also most recently the navy decided to discontinue commercial flights to the camp so tourney's are really struggling to find out the true extent of what's happening in guantanamo now as u.s. officials obviously try to downplay the hunger strike more criticism is coming in from the international community will heard criticism from the u.n. commissioner for human rights very strong words from amnesty international they
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call guantanamo an american gulag this is what the head of their security with human rights campaign said quote instead of justice for the nine eleven attacks one tunnel has brought us torture indefinite detention unfair trials and hunger strikes so i made a very broad international criticism what do u.s. officials do basically nothing if you months ago state department shut down the office that was working to close the prison which effectively means that the detainees are stuck there in this legal limbo indefinitely their attorneys fear that we're going to see more suicides human rights organizations say there were hundreds of suicide attempts at the prison at least seven suicides have been reported so far including a detainee named. he had spent eleven years in guantanamo he was cleared for release by both bush and obama administrations he took his own life in september last year there's no get reaction from law professor who represents clients held the guantanamo facility. recently spoken to your clients who are taking part
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in this hunger strike. told you how bad is the situation. unfortunately of guantanamo and now we are almost every prisoner in camp sponsored six but the overwhelming majority of the prisoners in guantanamo are participating in this hunger strike and it's been going on since february sixth so half how far they want to go how far they're prepared to go are they prepared to risk their lives starve themselves to death of this well they're already risking their lives beyond the first there are some other prisoners who no one are under a stroke or as long as you know who are by pretty was actually one person. or you know six years at this stage the reality is you know half over half of the prisoners at guantanamo been approved were released by the u.s. government's own process and the fact that they're without charges are processed
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you know old i mean years after the prisoner in the prisons over again is a big problem and that's why that's one of the main reasons that the prisons are going strong but why you as a lawyer have you failed not to get them released if they deserve to be said. well the reality is that you know the the process kuantan of. you know reliable and it's fair we would want to keep the american border and you know the fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of prisoners at guantanamo not. about this i think we've i think we've lost the sound here sorry about this regime ramsey we've actually lost you so we'll see if we get back to you at a later hour but in the meantime thanks very much for your efforts for talking just live there from london law professor ramsey cassim. the taliban says it's behind attacks that killed five afghan army officers and wounded
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four others in eastern afghanistan earlier on tuesday this comes after afghan president hamid karzai said he's ready to talk with the group when he visits qatar in a few weeks washington's been pushing the country towards peace negotiations ahead of the u.s. handover in twenty fourteen but political analysts have been hakimi believe that talking would achieve little amid the taliban's growing influence carries a has been willing to bring the taliban. to negotiation terrible sense many years and still here is where he is willing for willing back to the problem is the taliban has refused to negotiate with the government of afghanistan the problem here is that the taliban still are strong going to get in this country and this to believe that he finally can defeat the united states and the government of afghanistan and can back to the earth to the power as the war and nine hundred. ninety s. if the united states leave afghanistan in this situation. here is
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a free jell government india is a poor and weak security forces in the areas for its interference in afghanistan and this situation if this is leave afghanistan it will pay more and more in the future and it would be extremely costly for a far for the united states' interest in the future because the taliban the taliban is gaining ground in the taliban is growing and insurgency in many parts of the country is growing at the same time the support of. foreign countries and regional countries still is of the way to the taliban because of this it is absolutely complicated situation and i believe it is very difficult for the you made to sit to leave this country in this situation. more news now making headlines around the world a suicide bomb attack targeting a military supplies office in the syrian capital has left at least three people killed and scores injured meanwhile the syrian opposition in exile has taken the
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country seat at the arab league summit in doha syria's membership of the body was suspended in two thousand and eleven after the start of the uprising against president assad the opposition delegation is led by. the president of the national coalition who attempted to resign as its leader at the weekend the t.v. is yet to comment on his role as a national representative. leader of rebels occupying the capital of the central african republic says he has suspended the country's constitution and dissolve parliament the militants captured the city on sunday forcing the president to flee the diamond rich country reports say the south african troops who've been helping government forces are also being pulled from the region the rebels actions are being condemned by the united nations. update for the moment of a bout with the news team with morphine at the five minutes from now in the meantime we look at the lives of migrants here in russia working towards a better future that's after the break.
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almost since the new pope was chosen the calls for reform are analysts everyone wants the new pope to allow this and to allow that but the problem is that the catholic church is a religion not a product and people don't like the way a pepsi bottle looks while the company will have to in theory change it to meet public demand but the pope claims to represent the will of the creator of the universe the pope supposedly holds and protects an ancient an eternal truth so how can you expect this eternal truth just up and change because of public demand even though they pretend like they're dull to religions do change over time but how can you expect the pope after hundreds of years of saying that people would be condemned to the fires of hell and eternity in a charred walls of the damned for certain sins just now say well i guess those sins
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are ok if you are catholic and you want your religion to change constantly then why do you believe in it why bother having principles and rules in the first place supposedly given to you by the almighty if you're just going to change them whenever you feel like it i don't get this but that's just my opinion. no.
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some account as the oldest city in central asia. times it was a prosperous humble on the silk road. today. a former soviet republic.
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the average monthly wage here is one hundred dollars if someone wants to go to a european country they need the government's permission but not if they want to go to russia. the mother of these twin boys. is heading to moscow to find work. is no different to thousands of others in many former soviet republics which have experienced almost total economic collapse. spent the past ten years working on moscow construction sites he's back in the russian capital after a week's holiday to his home country. where he just had enough time to marry his young bride. but rather than enjoying it she's joining him in moscow to get a job the couple will need all the money they can to build a home in their native land for their future children.


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