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tv   [untitled]    March 27, 2013 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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fifty days and counting the hunger strike in guantanamo threatens to turn fatal with at least three inmates hospitalized ten being force fed. many of them are ready to die the question is how and when will they die the lawyer for one of the detainees tells our team many hunger strikers prefer the idea of death to indefinite detention. by biggest emerging economies uniting to challenge the world's economic order with a deal set to set up a bank that would rival western backed financial institutions. immigrants who want to become british will have to learn and thousands of facts about the country's history and a quiz that even some members of the u.k. parliament failed to pass.
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ten am in moscow i met très a good having you with us here on r t our top story the biggest hunger strike one time obey is seen in years is entering its fiftieth day with no signs of it coming to an end soon detainees protest over mistreatment and indefinite detention is growing daily with the u.s. military now admitting thirty one inmates are refusing food at least three of them are in the hospital defense attorneys who claim the numbers are higher are increasingly in concern the strike may turn deadly artie's marine important more. lawyers who have recently met with or spoken to their clients still languishing at the island prison say more than one hundred men are participating in the hunger strike and many have lost between thirty and forty pounds those are accounts are in addition to previous reports of the hunger strikers coughing up blood and losing consciousness three of whom have been hospitalized ten of the hunger strikers are
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reportedly shackled to chairs and being force fed through tubes and on sunday activists around the world launched a week long fast to raise awareness of the hunger strike and to protest the existence of the guantanamo prison and america's use of indefinite detention according to the center for constitutional rights the hunger strike began on around february sixth when prisoners decided to protest the alleged confiscation of their personal light arms and the allegedly sacked religious handling of their korans now a u.s. military officials deny that the qur'an is of the inmates have been mishandled in any way archie has reached out to the white house for for comment but a spokesperson for the white house referred us to the pentagon currently there are one hundred sixty six detainees still languishing at the island prison more than
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half of those men have already been cleared for release and many of those men most of them have been held there for more than a decade reporting from new york. party. situation good mo aggravated by the fact that many of the hunger strikers are actually ready to die he says u.s. federal public defender carlos warner were talking earlier with my colleague bill dodd who shared a statement recently made by one of his guantanamo clients and revealing the ultimate desperation he says most of the detainees are feeling. i scare myself when i look in the mirror let them kill us as we have nothing to lose we died when obama indefinitely detained us respect us or kill us it's your choice the us must take off its mask and kill us that was his statement as of today i saw him last week i represent more i have many clients there but i did see him last
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week and it was a shocked to see what i saw he was a man who was down over thirty pounds from less than a month ago he refused all nourishment his cheeks were sunken he was exhausted and could not stand. it was a scary scary meeting for me and his messages respect all kilis will his wish come true or will he now be prepared to die but i think that many of the men in the ones that are indefinitely detained they have zero hope they have no hope because of the ministration i think many of them are ready to die the question is how and when will they die they have no hope of being released from that place and until being has some hope it's very difficult to live everybody in guantanamo is indefinitely detain nobody is being released cleared for release or
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not why nor joy give me shortly to explain the u.s. must have a justified legal reason for keeping these people locked up. yes the reason very simple and it's at the foot of president obama and this is a broken promise one that he has chosen to not abide by it he looks at the republicans in congress he says it's their fault well as of today there's not one person in the ministration i can contact to redress these problems there's nobody in the entire obama administration i could call and say let's stop the hunger strike these are men they're not animals that are people that we have grown to know and respect and i don't want to see any of them die i don't want to see them die over this or any other protest they should get process there at the end of their rope if and it's not if it's when people die if the strike is not ended then sure
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there's going to be more attention but let me tell you as a human being i do not want to see my clients die and the fact that they're in this condition is one of the most heart wrenching things that i've had to experience as a lawyer for the seven weeks thunderous drugs been going on r.t. has been gathering statements from lawyers active his prison officials and international groups head to our online timeline at r.t. dot com for a full picture on the situation there and see what response the protest has gotten so far. cypriots waking up to another day of closed banks as anger grows over the belo deal with the e.u. and the i.m.f. thousands of students have been protesting in the capital against the painful rescue plan and its ramifications the deal to avoid bankruptcy will see large depositors losing up to forty percent of savings seen by many as quote legalise theft author and journalist often written see says the cyprus turmoil is an indication of a fading economic model. the main thing about cyprus is this is
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a clear example of the euro zone elite and let's face it right from the start of the euro zone project was an elite system at the expense of the poor and the poor out there demonstrating in nicosia because they see that the confidence of the banking system is about confidence the initial panacea that they had to hook to the poorest people in cyprus is it has already created panic and that's the name of the bank governor and there is no in the euro countries that we're looking at right now and of course in the united states the government acts as a quasi private entity in itself and along with that kind of private profit idea within the banking system there in mind the bubbles of the intimately because it's summer and destroy the chinese coolie western.
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challenging the way the world economy is governed that's what the world's five biggest emerging economies are trying to do with the deal to set up a new global development back the so-called brics nations brazil russia india china south africa's a institutions like the world bank and international monetary fund are tapping fast enough to reflect their newfound clout are going to have reports from the south african sun city of durban from their summit. it's the final and most important day of the brics summit here in south africa on tuesday the delegations mostly met separately then today on wednesday brazil russia india china and south africa are all sitting down together to discuss the key issues and challenges facing the organization and there's lots to talk about like the future establishment of a joint development bank possibly with a starter capital of around fifty billion dollars also after last year's a brick summit in new delhi one to five partners decided to conduct all of the payments between each other in their national currencies to protect their economies
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from things like currency wars or the consequences of the change of the dollar rate there is also an idea of forming a joint bank for international payments and also in light of the latest turbulence in the global economy and especially new problems in the euro zone there is also an idea of establishing a joint anti crisis fund of up to possibly of two even two hundred forty billion u.s. dollars now the potential of brics as an organization really can't be underestimated for the last two decades its members have clearly shown to be the most rapidly developing economies in the world in two thousand and twelve the average g.d.p. growth. in the five member states of brics was around four percent if you compare that to g. seven it was less than one percent but it's really not about the economy and nor is it about the fact that the combined population of all the member states of bricks which is nearly three billion people but it's also about politics and the fact that
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all the five member states of brics share the same point of view on the key international affairs including the iranian nuclear program and the crisis in syria russia and china have been constantly defending these positions points of views at the un security council the key idea of brics is not to oppose other international organizations but to work together with anyone willing to do so and to promote the bipolarity of the world actually one of the countries showing strong interest in becoming a member of brics is egypt its president is also here in south africa monitoring what's happening within the framework of this emerging geopolitical giant. professor of economics and finance at new york university and lee believes that many of the brics group's moves are triggered by the establishment of resistance to its growing influence. they certainly are growing more influence they're growing in wells perhaps down the road their political power will also be stronger
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certainly the western countries have been resisting that and this is part of the reason why you see them trying to create their own version of a development bank so that you know they don't have to feel that they're just excluded from the western club that they can now start their own club because they have enough. cohesion enough common interests to do so in the car and the strength to do so. stay with us here on r.t. still to come big brother watching washington seeking ways to track citizens using an increasing number of drones but the move met by stark opposition from individual states. and why the arab league has legalized sending arms to syrian rebels this and more after a short break. when
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sudsy it's so true. i love.
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past the hour now the arab league has given the green light to its members to send arms to syrian rebels despite fears the syrian opposition is being increasingly infiltrated by foreign jihadist fighters the main opposition groups also been granted syria's special official representation in a summit in qatar in a symbolic move. away from the pan african newswire says the arab league is pursuing its own agenda and extending support to the rebels. we also have to understand the political composition of the arab league has been dominated a little last several years by the gulf emirates these elite forces on operating in countries that are not democratic themselves therefore they have no real moral basis for criticism of the government in damascus also on these arab emirates in the gulf heavily with the united states and the north atlantic
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treaty organization so it's really not surprising that in kata you would have a situation where the syrian government i would be attacked and that you would have these opposition forces who are heavily divided themselves who have no real program for the future of syria and who have been reluctant and even obstinate in regard to negotiate any type of political settlement to the conflict in syria to be seated as a legitimate government of syria. the syrian conflict is increasingly spreading beyond its borders fighting itself at the crossroads of foreign interests this on a table for debate if you know about this cross talk in the next hour take a look. supply. supplied with good on site they have to be. saying that iran is not seriously need to drop the ranters amount to settle in the situation it's follow suit just it's not true
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iran's role in the syrian uprising is really negligible because at the present moment there is the western powers of the us france britain and the other not just . getting to the levels i mean the same time that pouring petrol on a fire. in the sky might be the limit for u.s. law enforcement with the aerial surveillance drone set to be used domestically capitol hill there was meeting fierce resistance to its plans artie's guy has more and attempts to fight back against the federal project. one point this documentary on u.s. public television touts the technological capabilities of drones and their new super sensors this image was taken seventeen thousand five hundred feet above quantico virginia and covers fifteen square miles of flu wanted to know what is going on in any spot along the seam i'd say near this building at this intersection
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we can generate a moving image that shows what's going on in the area the state of virginia was the first to stand up against this kind of surveillance in early february the state legislature passed a two year moratorium on the use of drones but the bill is yet to be signed by the state's governor who is known to be very supportive of the spy aircraft. in charlottesville virginia police have never used drones but the city council has nonetheless restricted their use just in case these this technology is already being heavily marketed to local law enforcement agencies and other groups and there's even one county in virginia that already purchased two drones for surveillance and so we know it's coming and we just we want to get out ahead of it at least twenty seven states are now considering legislation to outline how drones can be used by law enforcement or to ground them all together but there are those who believe the lawmakers at first not the rise of the spy planes so they're taking
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the matter into their own hands a company in oregon says it has developed and will soon start selling to acknowledge that could shield people from surveillance drones over the phone the developer did not offer any details but said this for not disabling their cameras or anything like that we are not doing anything physically to the drones we are simply not allowing their cameras that area. also in the battle for privacy a designer in new york came up with an antisocial and clothing line with a garment of designed to be firmly reflective. which means that he bounces off it and he does what's use for thermal imaging in particular because technology is used a lot on drones and you refuse but it's doubtful that this designers gear however creative could compete with the cutting edge spiked acknowledging now being developed for government use a million terabytes of video
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a day which is the equivalent of five thousand hours of high definition footage so you can go back and say i would like to see what happened in these particular locations three days two hours four minutes ago and what i've seen the show you exactly what happened and you feel what you need there's actually enough resolution to be able to see people waving their arms or walking around with those things where as a number of states try to restrict the use of drones at a federal level there is a great push to expend their use the federal aviation administration projects that in seven years there will be thirty thousand you avi's flying over the u.s. there's absolutely no way of knowing if we are being filmed at the moment so we might as well wave to big brother up there in washington i'm going to. live for you battered and bruised but the wounds self-inflicted an autopsy report
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shows that adopted a russian child mean suffered repeated injuries before his death in the u.s. but a medical condition led him to self harm find out the details on r.t. dot com. poles apart a lucky chinese driver miraculously look at that escapes death when a lamppost smashes through the windshield of his bus full video online and much more starting footage on our youtube channel. immigrants who want to become british now have to study hard after the u.k. government introduced its citizenship test requires applicants to know as many as three thousand facts about the country's history and
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a test that many british natives fail to pass or to sarah ferguson more from london . than the famous in london to. commemorate that he died in the past. in a. clip from one of the questions. since it. but the size of focusing too much on who they are the information and not enough on practical knowledge it's become a standard joke i mean you know for something which is supposed to be taken seriously and you know when it was fast announced we were involved in a few little quiz sessions where even you know prominent members of the people who were in the past have been prominent members of the government were being asked questions like who was the the british king who expel the danes. i'm guessing completely and hopelessly wrong and you know that his discipline so these. they
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must first say that by putting british culture and history at the heart of the system they're ensuring that those who want to settle in britain permanently fully understand british life but the criticisms about the test being overly complex and focusing too much on historical information do the questions really represent what it means to be british let's find out we put some of these questions to members of the press public to find out how they fare which landmarks a prehistoric monument which stands in the english country of will. the name of the admiral he's got a monument here in trafalgar square below the notion yes that's right ok we've got another one feet because this is an assistant ship ties what you call the second largest party in the house of commons conservatives it is the opposition. hugo one of the to the name of the admiral he died in battle in one thousand nine hundred five and has a monument here in trafalgar square. but. then you give you
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guys it's a. there's all sorts of questions i've gone through them it's not as if these questions are good. people it's going to be done online and they could have plenty of opportunity to look through a very thorough. frankly for it if they can't do that then i think that's a little bunch they see once the pot the testimony the eighteen to twenty four questions correctly and the needs lengthy thousand backgrounds if they want to become. and many people did last year more than one hundred fifty thousand people since it. almost eighty thousand of which were here in london. now to some other international stories sectarian violence continues escalating in myanmar where more curfews have been imposed as attacks on muslim communities edged
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closer to the largest city rangoon a state of emergency is in force in central regions where some forty deaths have been reported since unrest started a week ago trouble broke out after a reported argument in a shop between a muslim and a buddhist at least twelve thousand muslims have since fled the predominantly buddhist area. north korean long range missiles and artillery have been put in combat ready posture and are targeting the u.s. mainland along as well as hawaii and the pentagon is condemning the threat saying it's ready to respond to any contingency tensions between washington and pyongyang remain high following u.n. sanctions on the communist state after north korea's third nuclear test last month . former director of the cia general david petraeus has apologized for the conduct that led to his resignation last year the trail stood down after details of an extramarital affair were revealed he made the apology during his first public appearance at the university of southern california the audience including many
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military veterans. still to call r.t. takes a look at the life of a man who spent thirty years behind bars and now lending a helping hand to those who are just like him stay with us. you know sometimes you see
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a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. wealthy british style it's time to. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with my next concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our.
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the board before they just released me from prison. come here from the colony. i spent nine years there in the far north. it was for robbery under article one six two. i only have one son but he doesn't need me one for he's already an adult. that i'd like my life to be normal. like everyone else go to work come home find a woman start a family. and just live. the
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course i'm scared. i haven't been here in nine years i don't know what's waiting for me. or they are there this is me as a baby or ball team in my mother's arms i look dumb record i should be a kindergarten i was such a well behaved boy then wore a sailor suit it was a fashion in those days and these pictures are from penal colonies but there's me as a youngster this is comes out. of all the pictures were black and white but again these are just some of the things to show that i was once on hard times too i also lived in a refuge. what i'm saying is that you can break out of it too if you just need the will.


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